Jack Gray

  • Published on Aug 10, 2019
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  • John D'Amico
    John D'Amico Day ago


  • Paul tar
    Paul tar Day ago

    Yoooo I've seen that shirt before!!

  • sketchi
    sketchi Day ago

    you cant kill the metal!
    the metal will live on!
    The Metal - Tenacious D

  • C Drake
    C Drake Day ago

    The year was 2003. The White Stripes "Elephant" and the eponymous Tenacious D CDs were on steady rotation in my car. One morning while driving a friend to school we decided that Jack Black and Jack White should form a super group called "Shades of Jack". I'm glad to see the prophecy has come to pass.

  • TheBlackenix
    TheBlackenix Day ago

    Jablinski playing guitar hero.
    Nice game

  • Crazy Man Golf
    Crazy Man Golf Day ago

    pretty almost funny and everything

  • ItinerantHobbyist

    Kickin’ the Chickin’

  • lousyPetrolhead
    lousyPetrolhead Day ago

    I just came for sans

  • Endyz
    Endyz Day ago

    This man went to Nashville and I didn’t get to see him...next time he comes to my state I WILL SEE HIM...if it’s a live show.

  • lovin every minute of it

    Have always been a huge fan of jack!!!! Love tenacious D.....his vocals are just freaking awesome!!!! Gray ??? That has caught me off guard lol....and jack white hanging out ...hell yeah !!!

  • Byron Buggy guy
    Byron Buggy guy Day ago

    Anyone know where Jack got that tshirt?

  • Lane Amelia
    Lane Amelia Day ago

    Finallyyyyyyyyy AyyEEEE some of my two fucking faves

  • Angela Junaid
    Angela Junaid Day ago

    this channel not getting more than PewDiePie... no offense

  • Flat as a cueball

    I'm always getting Jack White confused with Jack Black.
    One dreamed of being a rock star and became a comic, the other dreamed of being a member of the Adams family and he became a rock star.

  • Ryan Christopher

    Jack I know you probably won't see this but.... picture this...
    Music Man starring
    Hugh Jackman as Harold Hill
    Jack Black as Marcellus Washburn (Who wouldn't want to see you sing Shipoopi?)
    And Julianne Hough as Marian...

    Think about it...

  • warlock
    warlock Day ago

    Let's ROCK

  • vV listerfiend
    vV listerfiend Day ago

    I'm so glad that other youtubers are being banned but we have this milktoast garbage to watch now

  • Patey
    Patey Day ago

    Is that a carbon fibre acoustic? Love it

  • DoodleBug
    DoodleBug Day ago

    Ok but are we going to ignore the fact that he’s wearing Undertale merch??

  • Nasir Abbas
    Nasir Abbas Day ago

    12:50 - 13.20
    You are a living legend 💩

  • rob duncan
    rob duncan Day ago

    a nice shout out to King Records in my hometown of Cincinnati. :)

  • Doctor Phill
    Doctor Phill Day ago

    Am I the only one hearing the lyrics at 2:24?

  • Dairo
    Dairo Day ago

    racism has ended

  • larry or Sticks
    larry or Sticks Day ago

    It's all for the fans

  • Lynn
    Lynn Day ago

    I fucking love Jack White.

  • John Bruce
    John Bruce Day ago

    I agree with Jack, the other Jack is a bit of an arrogant ass, but I don't have any reason to be around him so to me it's funny.

  • Евгений 1982

    Одни легенды на экране! Джеки красавцы!😈

  • RJ Long
    RJ Long Day ago


  • enter a name here

    Jack is officially the crazy uncle

  • EnzoTheBaker
    EnzoTheBaker Day ago

    Lots of sweat in this video. LOTS

  • Ryan Pruske
    Ryan Pruske Day ago

    Please wear your seatbelts

  • Frederick Green
    Frederick Green Day ago

    Jack Black dude if you hear this or read it you need to do a movie about Lowell George and the group Little Feat dude you look just like Lowell George when your hair is long and you have a beard you spitting image and they got a story so there's some should do a movie about little feet and Lowell George and you should play Lowell George

  • Darren Clougher
    Darren Clougher Day ago

    Music at 15:20

  • Garrett Mangel
    Garrett Mangel Day ago

    I'm sad he didn't say it ooondah pants.

  • x16900
    x16900 Day ago

    Thanks JB. I've had 'Black or White' in my head for days now.

  • Ula Landers
    Ula Landers Day ago

    Awww that was lots of laugh :D JB You're Amazing

  • Amo Is Here
    Amo Is Here Day ago

    This is the mtv show we didn’t know we all needed 🤘🏾

  • zack muniz
    zack muniz Day ago

    Thank the universe for the birth of Jack Black

  • Pablo
    Pablo Day ago

    "Ariana Grande" LOL

  • Oscar Molina
    Oscar Molina Day ago

    Pretentious Jack White

  • 1,000 subscribers before part 6 is Animated

    Nice dragon ball shirt ( seriouslyj

  • Marty Travolta
    Marty Travolta Day ago

    that spoken word pope show sounded pretty sick

  • Lars Sveen
    Lars Sveen Day ago

    Oh, I didn't get it until like halfway through... Jack Black + Jack White = Jack Gray. Duh.

  • nicknicksiren
    nicknicksiren Day ago +2

    Goldeneye 007 throwback at 0:01 :D

  • sculpta
    sculpta Day ago

    ok but play something...

  • Kit Fisto
    Kit Fisto Day ago

    The best part about these vlogs with the band is that they aren’t doing drugs every like 5 seconds. Makes it way more wholesome.

  • Miguel Gomez
    Miguel Gomez Day ago

    Why meeeee? The universal sick-tuation question

  • bashr52
    bashr52 Day ago

    Jack White looks like he's about to go raise a barn

  • Rob Cabrera
    Rob Cabrera Day ago

    I just want to say that I've spent the last three days watching this thumbnail on youtube, I just got the "Jack Gray" joke

  • Rick325kid
    Rick325kid Day ago

    maybe, just maybe, there should be a school of rock 2

  • LeDouxTube
    LeDouxTube Day ago


  • JunkDealer
    JunkDealer Day ago

    Their new album fucking sucked bad

  • johnny cardboard

    wasn't he a bit more subtle 10 15 years ago. now he's completely unhinged.

  • john bohlinger
    john bohlinger Day ago

    I love these guys. The D needs to do a Rig Rundown for Premier Guitar on there next Nashville Slaying showwwwww.

  • 0liverwarren
    0liverwarren Day ago

    4:40 this guy just doesn't get Tenacious D, he's bigging up all the equip when he could be goofing off with the JB.

  • Gustoscustoms gaming

    Can we get a full song cover of call me Al by Paul Simon covered by jack black

  • Adam Philpott
    Adam Philpott Day ago

    @jablinskigames you should come play Dungeons & Dragons in Indiana.

  • Nis McSneeze
    Nis McSneeze Day ago

    13:42 yes you should!

  • SnailKnight 90
    SnailKnight 90 Day ago

    Proof positive that blacks and whites can coexist.

  • johnoflong
    johnoflong Day ago

    Casually wears sans shirt

  • Tim Dead
    Tim Dead Day ago

    watching this i realize that Jack wasnt really acting in school of rock.. he was being himself and i love that shit.

  • GradientPain
    GradientPain Day ago

    That sans tee on jack tho

  • Two Eye
    Two Eye Day ago +3

    It's nice to see Jablinski help lesser known musicians get a start in the music industry.

  • Joris van Dijk
    Joris van Dijk Day ago

    So where is Kage's Vlog channel?

  • Hilitai 671
    Hilitai 671 Day ago

    Maybe next week they will have the DelGado working, and we'll get some gameplay footage

  • Simon Yates
    Simon Yates 2 days ago

    Jack Grey. The best band name ever.

  • Andreas Oloan Sihotang

    4.2 Mil....

  • Velonis
    Velonis 2 days ago

    Why did they have there hands up for ten minutes after Lollapalooza

  • Paul Go Music
    Paul Go Music 2 days ago

    8:39 "If you're thinkin' 'bout being my baby, it don't matter if you're (Jack) Black or White!" 😂😂😂

  • Zeluth
    Zeluth 2 days ago

    Cage is how I try to play my Mom's guitar on key.

  • Leslie Pek
    Leslie Pek 2 days ago

    Can Jack Black get any less funny? Acting like a demented child is not entertaining in my opinion. It’s a shame he’s taken the same route as Jim Carey acting like a simpleton. He’s a likeable guy who could do much better.

  • Caleb Chong
    Caleb Chong 2 days ago +32

    Jack white is probably the only person who could play the joker and the penguin

    • JO 7Z
      JO 7Z Day ago

      Fooking good comment dude ;)

  • Blc ME
    Blc ME 2 days ago


  • Greg Fosdal
    Greg Fosdal 2 days ago


  • Broke At Best Music
    Broke At Best Music 2 days ago

    Jack Black....what a cool guy! That is all. \m/