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  • trevor
    trevor 31 minute ago

    islam is a death cult that only breeds devils! it is not a religion

  • trevor
    trevor 36 minutes ago

    they're all muslims except the sikh. All muslims are liars.

  • trevor
    trevor 45 minutes ago

    If a stranger muslim walks up to you, they are about to jihad and you need to call the police immediately!!! This advice could save lives. Please spread it. we need to force all muslims to wear identification badges so we can easily tell them apart! they are a devil in disguise!

  • Reaper
    Reaper Hour ago

    Guess who is the muslim? What the fuck is wrong with people these days? Who comes up with stupid shit like this.

  • Soon, Fo Moons
    Soon, Fo Moons 2 hours ago

    11:16 *And this isn't a turban* xD oof

  • Nathaniel
    Nathaniel 2 hours ago

    I'm athiest

  • michael frank
    michael frank 2 hours ago

    Indian Girl so beautiful

  • Ahmed Ali
    Ahmed Ali 4 hours ago

    Its muslim not mozzlim!!!

  • Ahli Judeh
    Ahli Judeh 6 hours ago

    That black gay guy is so damn ignorant LMFAO I have to laugh

  • Aicelax
    Aicelax 7 hours ago

    2:14 'Muslims got a lot of kids' lmao i guess my parents aren't muslims since they only have me💀

  • Vurhse _
    Vurhse _ 8 hours ago

    y’all get mad right bout this shit and it’s sad

    if u don’t like the video just exit out

  • living as Samyra-Ann
    living as Samyra-Ann 8 hours ago

    Come on nowwwww. He had on Timbs aint no way nigga muslim foh

  • Aditia Mokoginta
    Aditia Mokoginta 9 hours ago

    A little correction, the biggest population of moslem is from Indonesia, not India. *Flyaway

  • Houria A. Ansari
    Houria A. Ansari 10 hours ago

    I is Muslim ! HAAAI 🇵🇰

  • Akeu-ba sat-uru
    Akeu-ba sat-uru 10 hours ago

    Everytime theres a terorrist attack the one people are blaming is muslim
    Those people that blamed muslim for terrorist attack are wrong
    The argument for me is that Any Religion doesn't teach Violence.

  • Veatah Ayin
    Veatah Ayin 12 hours ago

    Just remember the true Muslims can't assimilate the culture that they live in .

  • MDE
    MDE 13 hours ago +1

    "oh so your native?"
    "I'm India Indian"

  • Aryaam XX
    Aryaam XX 13 hours ago

    Being Muslim has nothing do do about where you come from or what you look like that black guy was racist as FUCK NIGGA DONT JUDGE PPL OF HOW THEY LOOK

  • サマージェイド ワトソン

    That dark dude is being so over board and racist. At first i disagreed with ppl but now im seeing that he actually if i was there i would keep like the racism behind and stero and all that bc it would be a shaming or rude to bring any of that up to there rude of him

  • MrAzteckgamer
    MrAzteckgamer 17 hours ago

    The black gay dude really bothers me, it’s like he gets a free pass to say some racist stuff

  • Abdul Dawood
    Abdul Dawood 17 hours ago +1

    I am Muslim

  • Giuliana Gambino
    Giuliana Gambino 18 hours ago

    i got them all right in my head. perks of living in new york

  • Jude Abunayyan
    Jude Abunayyan 19 hours ago

    I love this

  • Mix Breed Kayla
    Mix Breed Kayla 19 hours ago

    The chocolate girl is so cute

  • Chaelinn ._.b
    Chaelinn ._.b 20 hours ago

    This is just racist smh

  • tuklplubl
    tuklplubl 20 hours ago

    black is not a race.
    black is a colour and african is a race.

    • Veatah Ayin
      Veatah Ayin 12 hours ago

      You're right but western culture made it like a race .
      I'm south east asian

  • mohamed mustafa
    mohamed mustafa 20 hours ago

    Such activities bring people together 👌

  • Mina Çalışkan
    Mina Çalışkan 21 hour ago

    Muslims don't got lot of kids, my family all muslim and ım an only child. I think thats a incorrect sense;))

  • Idk I like lollipops
    Idk I like lollipops 21 hour ago

    I am a Muslim

  • snowyseN
    snowyseN 21 hour ago

    the Assyrian guy looked turkish af

  • Happyroof
    Happyroof 21 hour ago

    How is it racist if you are guessing their religion

  • Independent Women
    Independent Women 22 hours ago

    I like the white man
    He's really kind

  • Victor
    Victor 22 hours ago

    The handshake cringe was strong in this one

  • Rocket 205
    Rocket 205 22 hours ago +1

    The most toxic comment section I’ve ever seen

  • Josefina Ewins
    Josefina Ewins 23 hours ago

    What’s the guy in the white shirts Instagram

  • V Covers
    V Covers Day ago

    Every religion promotes peace....... it’s the people who claim to be practicing that certain religion and do wrong things which aren’t even part of their religion

  • S P
    S P Day ago

    Karlos is so ignorant apparently. But it seemed like it was a humbling experience for him

  • Ezoism !!
    Ezoism !! Day ago

    the black dude in these videos is s ignorant he always being too stupid with every comment he throws in almost every video.

  • Wissem stargirl
    Wissem stargirl Day ago

    The guy in the yellow shirt is unbelievably disrespectful

  • Jake Craddock
    Jake Craddock Day ago

    Muslim... the religion of peace? Nah don't think so.

  • Sabby Singh
    Sabby Singh Day ago

    That black dude is so annoying. If he was in my school , children would beat the shit out of him just for attending the school. Highly ignorant and irritating.

  • paree Khan
    paree Khan Day ago

    This black guy is really a racist out spoken stupid disgusting man 😡

  • powerfullest killer

    That black motherfucker judjed us

  • Yanicheyanne1
    Yanicheyanne1 Day ago

    I loved this

  • RLpsyd2213
    RLpsyd2213 Day ago

    i’m gonna be the first one to ask who tf “reported” muslim to be the religion of peace ? lmao

  • Purple Zucchini
    Purple Zucchini Day ago

    As soon as the Sikh man stepped out, it was obvious.

  • Savanna Mautner
    Savanna Mautner Day ago

    Mostly people would wear a head scarf only because of there realigeon.

  • SpicySweetLeaks
    SpicySweetLeaks Day ago

    That's what i sound like when i get pulled over

  • Vartika Sibal
    Vartika Sibal Day ago

    My dude looks like Clark Kent

  • Max C
    Max C Day ago

    Most people here hating on Karlos are hypocrites

  • Brigitte Morobise

    Y'all can't be acting like y'all don't judge ppl based on looks..what else do u have to go on if u don't know sum1

  • Monkey D luffy
    Monkey D luffy Day ago

    Sikh not a Muslim

  • Victor Von Doom
    Victor Von Doom Day ago

    When see these people that don't look like muslims make me thinking twice about officially leaving this religion.. i never practice islam.. and i probably gonna get beheaded if talk to someone about leaving islam. .. i think i better just live my life as i want and don't give a single fuck about muslims around me want me to look like or want me to be..

  • HowlOfTheWolves :3

    I am a Sikh and my hair is SUPER LONG

  • Martin James
    Martin James Day ago

    Most Muslims don't live in, or come from, the so-called "Middle East" (quaint Eurocentric term). Most Muslims live in Asia. Indonesia has the biggest Muslim population in the world, followed by Pakistan, India and Bangladesh.

  • Connor Rouse
    Connor Rouse Day ago

    The generic muslim guy: super sigh

  • Connor Rouse
    Connor Rouse Day ago

    The generic gay guy: sigh

    • Connor Rouse
      Connor Rouse Day ago

      most of you shouldn't be here by 'making money'

    • Connor Rouse
      Connor Rouse Day ago

      super naive and super insensitive

  • zill patel
    zill patel Day ago

    I am Indian and I am Hindu

  • AineLynn W.
    AineLynn W. Day ago

    The white guy was trying soooo hard to not be racist

  • fjellyo32
    fjellyo32 Day ago +2

    No Porkistani comments by Indians yet? I am surprised ;)

  • fjellyo32
    fjellyo32 Day ago +1

    Wrong in Kenya it's not split. Majority is Christian but especially at the coast there are lots of Muslims :) I think it's like 80%:20% :). Don't know how few atheists are there.

  • Isabelle Garcia
    Isabelle Garcia Day ago

    I’m a little shook that the liberal (yellow shirt dude that’s gay (not assuming his sexuality, he said it in another video) was so stereotypical ????? But then again shows how liberals can be ignorant& stereotypical, contrary to popular belief

  • мooɴlιɢнт dreαмιɴ

    already knew what the comments looked like before i clicked on the video

  • royaroyap
    royaroyap Day ago

    But shouldn't they not know?

  • Ridds
    Ridds Day ago

    Fucking disgusting muzzies.

  • 박성재
    박성재 Day ago

    3:26 i thought it was Indonesia

  • chittaphrrr
    chittaphrrr Day ago

    oh shit i thought that white looking boy was irish 💀💀💀💀

  • Michael A
    Michael A Day ago

    Man my perception of Karlos really changed in this video... I'm disappointed.

  • Christina Salter

    “aaand I learned that you can be a Muslim even if you don’t have a father” 😂yes yes you can.

  • Aye itz Sky
    Aye itz Sky Day ago


  • Lily
    Lily Day ago

    Laughing out of pity at how uneducated and how Americans can talk about racial/ religious/ cultural (etc.) Identity like the way they do. (except for the white guy he was trying so hard not to be offensive)

  • The Alchemist
    The Alchemist Day ago

    The guy with the braids is a complete utter idiot and he’s just making a fool out of himself and I will never understand why they keep bringing him to these Videos. Even though it’s very likely people might offend each other on this video he’s pushing it to another level by asking if they have both their parents and if they use hair products that. Like what the hell

  • naweed rajput
    naweed rajput Day ago

    Plz tell me I’m not the only Muslim here

  • Elvander Marvelino

    3:24 umm the largest muslim population is indonesia

  • Alzaina 7
    Alzaina 7 Day ago

    Thats so racist. What if i call him black and say thats disgusting whill he be happy frik him

  • Truwolu Sickness Syndicate

    Largest population of muslims is india ? Tf what do u think about Indonesia ?

  • HB Hasib
    HB Hasib 2 days ago

    This channel is the cringiest shit ever.

  • risang songo
    risang songo 2 days ago

    The largest population of muslim is not india its Indonesia, learn the difference

  • moonchild
    moonchild 2 days ago

    3:20: because the largest Muslim popularity are from India
    *no it's not it's from INDONESIA*
    get your facts right

  • cook ies
    cook ies 2 days ago

    She is black so she is not Muslim ? Does he knows about Ethiopia, Guinea, Senegal, Tchad ? Or even people from the desert of Dubai, Algeria, Morroco ?

  • Sofija Saban
    Sofija Saban 2 days ago

    Stupid nigga

  • Kat Love
    Kat Love 2 days ago +1

    I’m sorry but the black guy is really fucking rude and racist. He is basically saying that you can’t be white and Muslim, you have to immediately be Christian. Race and religion do not correlate. You can be Indian and not be Hindu, you can be black and be Muslim, you can be Asian and be Christian.

  • izz ikira
    izz ikira 2 days ago

    10:12 that guy in white shirt 😂😂😂

  • Jomana Helal
    Jomana Helal 2 days ago

    And btw guys for anyone who doesnt know this, u dont have to wear a hijab if ur muslim. im muslim but there are so many close minded people in our religion as there are in every religion. u dont have to wear a hijab. thats a personal choice.

  • Shemiqq
    Shemiqq 2 days ago

    Karlos is ignorant af

  • Jomana Helal
    Jomana Helal 2 days ago

    i really dont like the guy wearing yellow. He obviously knows nothing about Muslims or anyone for that, and coming from a muslim he's being stupidly stereotypical.

  • Noyonica Chatterjee
    Noyonica Chatterjee 2 days ago

    The dude in the yellow shirt is so ignorant my lord

  • Fariza Alifia
    Fariza Alifia 2 days ago

    But middle east is asia :(

  • Ahmed H Bashir
    Ahmed H Bashir 2 days ago


  • Alvido Toro
    Alvido Toro 2 days ago

    Easy. Just say "assalamualaikum" and see who answers it. Done.

  • K Z
    K Z 2 days ago

    That's the fakest and dumbest homo I've ever seen

  • Gita S
    Gita S 2 days ago

    i want to be part of their project

  • Shay Tas
    Shay Tas 2 days ago

    The amount of times I rolled my eyes at the guy in the yellow shirt

  • Tosin O.
    Tosin O. 2 days ago

    The guy with the cornrows is so annoying he really needs to tone it down with the ignorance

  • H.G WT
    H.G WT 2 days ago

    9:10 she’s so pretty

  • ChelseiJonel TV
    ChelseiJonel TV 2 days ago

    Can y’all get rid of Karlos? He’s the only thing that makes me hesitant about watching these videos

  • Starlightmsp
    Starlightmsp 2 days ago


  • Jaleel Hosein
    Jaleel Hosein 2 days ago

    9:37 I have a baby girl cousin that is named Fatimah

  • Jaleel Hosein
    Jaleel Hosein 2 days ago

    I'm Muslim

  • الريم الكندي

    The black guy is just racist and rude and I think he shouldn't be on this series he is disrespectful toward all races on this series