Guess Who's Muslim | Lineup | Cut

  • Published on Dec 26, 2017
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    Guess Who's Muslim | Lineup | Cut
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Comments • 23 214

  • Bloody Rouge
    Bloody Rouge 7 hours ago

    girl with socks and sandals: exists
    Fashionistas: TRIGGERED

  • Jess Rose
    Jess Rose 7 hours ago

    5:36-5:37 he kinda looks like Nick Jonas at that point a little bit 😂💀 is it just me?!

  • Football Analytics
    Football Analytics 18 hours ago +1

    Is this supposed to be racist?

  • Ginkachi
    Ginkachi Day ago

    no offence the guy with a yellow shirt and green pants is really stereotypical and ignorant

  • Russell Martin
    Russell Martin Day ago

    The guy with the pink jacket is hot af

  • Sam- Stiff
    Sam- Stiff Day ago

    The black guy pissed me off

  • Any Valette
    Any Valette 2 days ago

    I'm interested in why Hodan (the Muslim lady guessing) and the Sikh guy's (didn't get his name, I'm sorry) interactions never made the final cut. Was it just not interesting or is it a cultural thing?

  • Manar S
    Manar S 2 days ago

    That yellow shirt guy is so stupid! You are black and not Muslim! Like black is just a skin colour not a religion! He said after that black religion! He doesn't know shit! And about that you are Asian! Asia don't have Muslim! I mean that Pakistani dude is an Asian Muslim right next to you! I felt offended as Muslim Plus I felt he offended the Sikh guy too! And there no Sikhs in the middle east..Wtf dude you need to educate yourself! He's too confident for his ignorance

  • Cat Belle
    Cat Belle 2 days ago

    Race has nothing to do with religion. I'm black and a hellenist. Plus there's atheist and christians all over the world.

  • Giovanni Riemma
    Giovanni Riemma 2 days ago

    there is one race, human race. That’s it

  • Potterhead
    Potterhead 2 days ago

    *did he just say*

    “ *mixed with Middle Eastern and Asian* “

  • Lorr Del
    Lorr Del 2 days ago

    bruh, the black guy is sooo uneducated and ignorant. actually guy with the glasses kinda also gave off that vibe...

  • Gsshja Ricku
    Gsshja Ricku 2 days ago

    The gay guy tried to make a point, turns out that she wasn’t from America.

  • I am RM's dimples
    I am RM's dimples 2 days ago

    The woman from Kenya is gorgeous wow 😍

  • funky fish
    funky fish 3 days ago

    The largest population of Hindus is in India. The largest population of Muslims is Indonesia.

  • Freddie Gonzalez
    Freddie Gonzalez 3 days ago +2

    Black girl with the champion hoodie is absolutely beautiful! 🥰🥰

  • Cameron
    Cameron 3 days ago

    assyrian and muslim? interesting... most assyrians are christians

  • Andeg Punk
    Andeg Punk 4 days ago

    Ez for me....
    Me : Assalamu'alaikum.. Who not answers salam auto kafeeer...


  • Perry Gilbert
    Perry Gilbert 4 days ago +1

    The black dude made me so mad

  • Ibrahim Rishwan
    Ibrahim Rishwan 4 days ago

    To be a muslim, there is 5 pillars that you have to follow. If you don't follow those 5, you can't be a muslim.

  • Mudasser Kamal
    Mudasser Kamal 5 days ago

    “Muslim guys are hairy as fuck” quote of the year

    FACTOID FACTORY 5 days ago

    Indonesia has the largest muslim population.

  • Tehreem Tayyab
    Tehreem Tayyab 5 days ago

    That Syrian guy is 🤩

  • mango cactus
    mango cactus 6 days ago

    I kinda knew that the forth girl wasn't Muslim.
    Isn't there a thing where you shouldn't wear anything over you knees? That's what I learned where I go to school to. (UAE)

  • NewKingBrandon
    NewKingBrandon 6 days ago

    I really want to see the Sikh man's hair now

  • Coolbeans
    Coolbeans 6 days ago

    Did he say he was Assyrian or a Syrian?

  • Brianna Lindsay
    Brianna Lindsay 6 days ago +1

    "Dont have to be dark to come from a MuSLiM CoUnTRy" did you really learn anything bro?

  • Brianna Lindsay
    Brianna Lindsay 6 days ago

    9:25 was hard to watch 🤦‍♀️

  • Mayya Ali
    Mayya Ali 7 days ago

    I'm Syrian too, and I'm proud :3

  • Laila Khan
    Laila Khan 7 days ago

    I spent all my life in America and no one in America even thought I was Muslim they said I look just like an American

  • Raegann Pokornik
    Raegann Pokornik 8 days ago

    Karlos, Sweetie, let the woke speak

  • miss ast
    miss ast 8 days ago

    It was quite easy for that Pakistani guy to recognise Muslims because he is one and it was easy for him to get who are Indians among them because Indians and Pakistanis have 95% similarities among them that's what my friend told.. I like that guy tbh😁😎🙄🙄

  • Veralana Syngkon
    Veralana Syngkon 8 days ago

    Syrian is so handsome

  • Wout Vl
    Wout Vl 8 days ago

    I love Parker. He's a pure and beautiful human being.

  • Niccolò Machiavelli
    Niccolò Machiavelli 9 days ago +1

    0:30 "I avoid pork" Bahahaha. Perfect example of a Muslim.

  • Nam Nam
    Nam Nam 9 days ago

    I love the guy in yellow shirt

  • Keni HD
    Keni HD 9 days ago

    2:15 my mum only has me but go off..

  • mcmic1212
    mcmic1212 9 days ago

    4 right, 3 wrong! I'm learning!

  • tanmay gupta
    tanmay gupta 9 days ago +1

    3:34 she gave it away!!!! Hindu is a religion in itself, she literally told him that she is not a Muslim!!!🙄

  • Bitches And Cream
    Bitches And Cream 9 days ago

    A lot of people say I don't "look muslim" because I'm white lmao

  • Ayah Radi
    Ayah Radi 10 days ago

    The dude that was wearing a yellow shirt,green pants and black boots is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo racist no offense to that guy

    • Ayah Radi
      Ayah Radi 10 days ago

      Btw if you’re on period you can have on nails

  • kassafrass
    kassafrass 10 days ago

    I used to think Carlos was funny but now he just comes off downright rude.

  • Elso Ngugi
    Elso Ngugi 10 days ago

    Kenyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa yesss

  • Khadija Tantaoui
    Khadija Tantaoui 10 days ago

    Dumb not all of the muslims are hairy as f’´&€@!)ck 😡

  • sfdoctorp
    sfdoctorp 10 days ago

    Hodan is terrible -- don't bring her.

  • Ojas Nain
    Ojas Nain 11 days ago

    anybody got the socials fo the first dude

  • Courtney McMurray
    Courtney McMurray 11 days ago

    'and I illustrate for a newspaper" the way he says that is such a mood 0:18 lmao

  • AJ Hargett
    AJ Hargett 11 days ago

    Religion of peace my ass

  • Aziz Mamanov
    Aziz Mamanov 11 days ago

    Isn't the dude with yellow t-shirt the dude from 1000 to 1? So fucking racist and brain closed

  • lou bear
    lou bear 12 days ago

    Syrain being like we need to talk was the best line

  • lou bear
    lou bear 12 days ago

    Syrain being like we need to talk was the best line

  • Han K.
    Han K. 12 days ago

    I get my nails done when I'm on my periods.......Muslims have to do "wuzu",sort of an ablution before praying n its compulsory to have ur nails wet.......thats where "not gettting nails done" comes from......... we dnt have to pray when we're on periods,so I get my nails done,haha....fair enough

  • cheeto
    cheeto 12 days ago

    You can see the pain in the syrian guy when he talked about peace 💔

  • Keepit100
    Keepit100 12 days ago

    This show promotes nothing but homosexuality

  • Florence D
    Florence D 13 days ago

    God! these videos are so entertaining. I literally love Carlos - his personality, sense of humour and altogether just being sweet.

  • Lady Laughter
    Lady Laughter 13 days ago

    1, is Muslim
    2, not Muslim
    3, not Muslim
    4, Muslim
    5, not Muslim
    6, not Muslim
    7, not Muslim
    8, he’s a Sikh

  • EpicMRPancake
    EpicMRPancake 13 days ago

    They needed to ask better and more questions, like with the Caucasian guy about his values - I knew pretty much instantly when he said "Peace, love, family" that he was a Muslim. Not because those are necessarily the attributes of Muslims, but because they keep going on about peace either in a defensive tone (we're not like the terrorists) or in rare cases an offensive tone (only true Muslims deserve peace). That, and a strong emphasis on family (big families, like that other guy alluded to) is very common amongst Muslim communities.

  • yuu seung
    yuu seung 13 days ago

    I think I would've asked if they had a tattoo or if they ate pork

  • Bora Gul
    Bora Gul 13 days ago

    That black guy guessing is so ignorant???

  • Poni Koji Jede Kroasan

    See,in Croatia,most people are Christian.Like me.I do have a friend im class that is Muslim."Muslim".I mean,her family is Muslim but she has no idea about her religion.She has no idea why she belives Allah is her God.Our Gods name is Jahve,wich means i am who i am.In Croatian youd say it "Ja sam onaj koji jesam".And she has no idea why her God is called Allah.I mean,dont get me wrong,I dont really know if there is a spesific reason he is called that way,but when i ask her ANYTHING about her religion she has no idea.She also said she has never been to a Jamia before.I mean,that part is actually common because we dont have Jamias in Croatia,but still,idk should I even call her a Muslim anymore.If some of you reading this is Muslim,can you PLEASE tell me something about your religion.Ive allways wanted to know why do some wear hijabs?And I do know 2 things (correct me if im wrong):
    1 You DONT eat pig meat
    2 Your gods name is Allah

  • Lulu
    Lulu 14 days ago

    If any Syrian wants to reach out and make a new friend....I am here!! ♥️

  • Lulu
    Lulu 14 days ago

    Dude with the cornrows is ignorant as FUCK

  • Amber Acacia
    Amber Acacia 14 days ago

    The black guy is hella irritating and ignorant like he be stating some stuff dumb stuff 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️

  • free holy water and sprite

    Aish not only Muslims wear hijab so it doesn't automatically mean they are Muslim if they wear one...

  • Corri Dragstrem
    Corri Dragstrem 14 days ago

    I'm laughing cause I'm a redhead southern baptist and I've never known any better irony that has directly affected me ever. Honestly, there aren't many so he's only partially wrong.

  • Julia Kaya Queen
    Julia Kaya Queen 14 days ago

    It's a shame two of the Muslims don't actually practice the Qur'an

  • Ashley Bisnett
    Ashley Bisnett 15 days ago

    I’m literally a red head with blue eyes and as a kid I went to a black southern baptist with a family friend so.... 😂🤣

  • Civil Engineering Philosophy

    That guy trying to act funny is so cringy and racist.

  • number15burgerkingfootlettuce

    Black dude was stereotypical adf

  • lulu army bangtan wifiee
    lulu army bangtan wifiee 15 days ago +7

    I'm Syrian too😂 I could instantly tell he was Syrian cuz he has the Syrian vibe to me👌

  • The Oul family
    The Oul family 15 days ago

    Not all moslim dads have more wives.

  • uditi sengupta
    uditi sengupta 15 days ago

    Irony is the white guy is trying so hard not offend anyone and the black guy is being racist so blatantly..

  • SmolClover
    SmolClover 15 days ago

    We say muslim like “mooslim” in the uk so that girl is wrong

  • Zain Jannoud
    Zain Jannoud 16 days ago +1

    I'm Syrian too, and i got his situation immediately.. It's so sad tbh

  • Demis D
    Demis D 16 days ago

    Muslim religion of peace hahahahahahahah :D good one

  • Steffi Delzin
    Steffi Delzin 16 days ago

    Y’all should do guess who’s from the Caribbean

  • Espeon775
    Espeon775 16 days ago

    All these people being mean to the black guy, but I think he's very funny

  • Leyal Aksoy
    Leyal Aksoy 17 days ago

    How do you know that muslum people don’t have manicure or muslum people have a lot of siblings? Idk it is rude for me

  • Shameela Fairooz
    Shameela Fairooz 17 days ago +1

    The two girls who had their nails done, I wouldn't have guessed them to be muslim either. Not because of their entire appearance, but actually because of their nails. You can paint them sure but then you can't pray, and getting them done is much more work so in my head it's more logical to avoid getting them done because you can't pray and it's not like you can take of a manicure amd get them done 5 - 10 times a day. I mean, your nails would be wreck.

  • Arkham Knight
    Arkham Knight 17 days ago

    He's 19? Lmfao

  • Kacie Aldrich
    Kacie Aldrich 17 days ago

    Carlos is such a MOOD! His sense of humor 👌

  • Aish Siva
    Aish Siva 18 days ago

    Seriously are people THIS uninformed??? There are Muslims ALL over the world. Indonesia and Malaysia have large Muslim populations and they look Asian. There are people in Europe who are Muslim and look white like my friends from Croatia and Turkey. Additionally guy with a turban = sikh.

  • The Stammering Dunce
    The Stammering Dunce 18 days ago

    I am from Indonesia, the country with the largest Muslim population (no, not India 3:29). And yet, admittedly, I will probably still judge the religion of my fellow Indonesians based on their ethnicity.
    I do know that the Javanese are predominantly-Muslim with Christian, Buddhist, Hindu and animist minority and the Bataks are predominantly-Christian with significant Muslim minority. Then, not long ago, I found out that the Betawis, whom I thought to be entirely Muslims, have a significant Christian minority. My mind was blown!
    Growing up, I watched TV shows that feature Betawi culture and Islam was the only featured religion. That gave me the impression every Betawi was a Muslim. From what my knowledge, the Betawi Christians were the only Christians in Indonesia whose women wear headscarves in churches. But then, I may be wrong.
    Oh and I was even more weirded out when I found worship songs written in Betawi language just days ago. Anyone who grew up with Indonesian pop culture (prior to the 2000's, at least) would get some exposure to it. It feels weird listening to a song about "the father in heaven" in Betawi language.
    If I find out that there are Malay, Minagkabau and Acehnese non-Muslims, I would also get weirded out. Those ethnic groups are also known for being entirely-Muslims.

  • The Stammering Dunce
    The Stammering Dunce 18 days ago +5

    Actually, the country with the largest Muslim population is Indonesia. The thing is there aren't many people of Indonesian descent living in the US.0

  • Athalia
    Athalia 18 days ago

    sorry but that guy with the yellow shirt was so stereotypical and offensive it was making me sick

  • Zeynep Eryiğit
    Zeynep Eryiğit 18 days ago

    I am

  • U.S.presents 1
    U.S.presents 1 18 days ago

    Aisha is my mom name

  • Rocco siffredi
    Rocco siffredi 18 days ago

    *entire sets explodes*

  • Tiffany
    Tiffany 19 days ago

    No way he asked that girl if she’s American

  • Najla Syed
    Najla Syed 19 days ago +1

    Smart Pakistani Guy!

  • Mirella Petrillo
    Mirella Petrillo 19 days ago

    one of my favorite episodes

  • Fardowsa Salah
    Fardowsa Salah 19 days ago

    wow that black guy who was guessing sounds arrogant as F*CK!!! His logic of what a muslim person is, was so dumb and uneducated and I actually feel sorry for him. He needs to educate himself for real. I'm surprised and Im not sure why people was laughing at his comments.I actually found it to be offensive.

  • whoops
    whoops 19 days ago

    That guy is soooo racist and stereotypical... he is terrible.

  • Jonathan Corwin
    Jonathan Corwin 19 days ago

    Idc what people say Karlos (yellow shirt guy) is hilarious

  • Gulzar Khan
    Gulzar Khan 20 days ago

    If u wear religion in ur heart than how u can't choose to wear it outside with confidence,l mean what is in ur heart should come out right.

  • sally Lewa
    sally Lewa 20 days ago

    I'm Muslim and for some reason I could guess if people are Muslim if I look at them I have this sense but I got some of the those people wrong

    • The Almighty
      The Almighty 18 days ago

      Are you half American, half Arab? or Half Pakistani half British? Or totally Arab?

  • roda Osman
    roda Osman 20 days ago +1

    never judge a book for its damn cover

  • fanOmry
    fanOmry 20 days ago

    So many single kids..
    So much for replacement..

  • Zara Jeon Jungkook
    Zara Jeon Jungkook 20 days ago

    Is it wrong to think that the guy wearing timberland is handsome ?? 😅

  • nikhil pandey
    nikhil pandey 21 day ago

    Pak is son of india if u thought as indian u should be great full...