Guess Who's Muslim | Lineup | Cut


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  • lane wheeler
    lane wheeler 4 hours ago

    nigga with the cornrows was ignorant as hell.
    hopefully he learned something from this though

  • OT 7
    OT 7 8 hours ago

    I'm so happy after watching this video. As an 18 year old Hindu from India, I try to protect my Muslim friends and the religion as much as I can from people with narrow minds and older generations who still hate on our neighbours. Islam happens to be prone to hate and targeted so brutally and so often when terror strikes. Recently more than 40 Indian soldiers were killed in Kashmir due to a suicide bombing, and now Pakistan and India are against each other again. I just want everyone to remember that this isn't Muslim versus Hindu or however you may want to religiously perceive it. Terror follows it's own sinful religion, they are driven by their self created, self proclaimed messed up ideology. We need to destroy terrorism, not each other. Don't target people who belong from a certain community unless they absolutely, most certainly deserve it by stating that they wish harm upon someone. I hope someday the world and I can stop defending good souls just because they worship a certain god. I wish you good lives ahead.

  • Jevaun Benjamin
    Jevaun Benjamin 12 hours ago

    The gay braids guy is so ignorant. Y'all need to cut him. Muslim don't even have race or Christian

  • Caroline Almasri
    Caroline Almasri 13 hours ago

    I thought Indonesia was the country with the highest population of Muslims

  • Juliet Lee
    Juliet Lee 13 hours ago

    That dark skinned girl with the hijab(?) is soooo gorgeous wow she has the most beautiful glowing skin and amazing smile !!!!! Wow!

  • Tori Collins
    Tori Collins Day ago

    Watching more of these videos, & I think it's more apparent that this is both satire & show how we stereotype & judge each other as a society.

  • 투마Fattouma
    투마Fattouma Day ago

    Such a nice video :D here in Tunisia ( an islamic/arab country) we have all kind of skin color like we have dark tonesd people, and ones with blue eyes and gold hair and sometimes they are from the same family also red heads and people who look asian but don't have any relation with anyone actually asian or russian so it's really mixed up and so nice and beautiful.

  • Komal.A
    Komal.A Day ago

    this was awkward

  • keron Tomlinson
    keron Tomlinson 2 days ago

    is that david de gea

  • Kng_mike
    Kng_mike 2 days ago

    Religion of ‘’peas’’ in the coran it says kill Christians is that the peas? Christianity is the way to go man

  • norandomness
    norandomness 2 days ago

    Gotta love the Syrian guy. Peace my ass
    موفقين حبيبي

  • Pumpkin Gaming
    Pumpkin Gaming 2 days ago

    Guess who’s Muslim? I AM

  • Her Mochi
    Her Mochi 2 days ago

    I find it so funny how ppl have prejudices about what is your religion based on your look... some times yes it is very clear what is someone's religion but most of the time it's not.
    No one would guess that I'm muslim (well when I'm outside my country)
    oh and btw muslim ppl can drink... it's not forbidden to drink. what's forbidden is to pray while drunk. let's say they prefer not to

  • Johy Shaban
    Johy Shaban 3 days ago

    I knew that the cute dude with the pink jacket is muslim and I knew he is syrian I just felt it in my heart😂 I see them everyday in Egypt so I KNOW THEM😂😂

  • IIV II
    IIV II 3 days ago

    The Syrian guy! Hello there😻

  • barbieyoo meta
    barbieyoo meta 3 days ago +1

    Why does that Muslim bitch have braids then

  • jovinie carter
    jovinie carter 3 days ago

    Americans in this video need to be exposed to more types of muslims. Especially the black guy. so embarrassing

  • Afiqah Anuar
    Afiqah Anuar 3 days ago

    How can you say, muslims person are hairy as fuck.. thats called genes. Muslims people are around the world.. in my country, no . They arent hairy as fuck , just a little hair like on top of your head. Smh

  • Alyssa Schlegel
    Alyssa Schlegel 3 days ago

    I am a blond haired, green eyed, Irish-American woman.
    I am also Muslim.
    Things aren't always what they seem. & it's very true that race does not equal culture does not equal religion. They are all separate.

  • Zahra Dwight
    Zahra Dwight 4 days ago

    The black boy should get banned from being on these thing because he's always so close minded and disrespectful

  • Hannah Shappard
    Hannah Shappard 4 days ago

    I am a redhead and I am merthodist

  • Cranjis McBasketball

    The Syrian boy is so cute and hot

  • Meutia
    Meutia 4 days ago

    3:27 uhh what the largest population of Muslim is Indonesia lol

  • Irsyad Mhd Ilham
    Irsyad Mhd Ilham 4 days ago

    if new its a choice...if more than 5 years its not a choice...its should

  • Evergreen Tree
    Evergreen Tree 4 days ago

    I feel like they were trying to make the guessers sound racist by asking questions like 'what makes you think they're muslim?' or 'what does race have to do with being muslim?' which I think is totally unfair because they literally asked them to guess based on appearance alone.

  • mess messy dress dressy

    On behalf of all black people we are not all like him lmao

  • Nayu 2004
    Nayu 2004 5 days ago +1

    Thanks god, I'm muslim and i love all the people 😍❤✌

  • Finka Riz
    Finka Riz 5 days ago

    Hey, those hairy stereotypes and tons of kids. I'm southeast asian half dutch. and barely hairy muslim lol. My friend muslim only has one sibling lol

  • Sarah Baldwin
    Sarah Baldwin 5 days ago

    just ask them if they pork :)

  • Aiman Aiman
    Aiman Aiman 5 days ago

    It's not mazlim it's Muslim.

  • fobudomh
    fobudomh 5 days ago

    When you come from a Hindu family you are definitely not a Muslim. Why is there a doubt .

  • fobudomh
    fobudomh 5 days ago

    largest population of Muslims are in Indonesia.

  • Christopher Garcia
    Christopher Garcia 5 days ago +1

    That one black girl 2:40 hot af

  • Azzom 09
    Azzom 09 5 days ago

    Who is the guy who pray 5 times a day cool bae hhe

  • yahu
    yahu 6 days ago

    damn aisha be pretty as fuck

  • Travel with me
    Travel with me 6 days ago

    what is the guy with the white shirt Instagram?????

  • Papatya Güzeli
    Papatya Güzeli 6 days ago +1

    Hijab is not only headscarf.And.Headscarf can be traditional..

  • fadwa khiyari
    fadwa khiyari 6 days ago

    well m muslim and i do my nails i do my hair i wear what i want not too short but i wear what i want ! and my parents arent together i dont wear hijab ! yes we exist ! 🤷🏽‍♀️🖤

  • lina
    lina 6 days ago

    race and religion are two different things🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Fadly Sonata
    Fadly Sonata 6 days ago

    We need to talk,nice response.

  • forogotten utopia
    forogotten utopia 6 days ago

    what kindda bullshit is this? why the hell are they dramatizing the whole thing? lame

  • anthony styant
    anthony styant 6 days ago

    also sex slaves ,

  • anthony styant
    anthony styant 6 days ago +1

    islam is a death cult read the bloody koran , here are a few rules
    The koran promotes being a
    Rapist ,
    you must Murder all Non-Believers
    death to ALL people who leave islam
    woman have Half the worth of a man ,
    women are Stupid
    men can Beat your wife ,
    you can Rape your wife ,
    must Murder Gay people
    and a Woman that is Raped it is her fault ,and can be put to Death for that
    there is more love like this in the koran .... READ IT

  • acelondon2011
    acelondon2011 6 days ago

    What a dumb thing . The guy has a turban on the girl has a hijab on

  • SharkKilla
    SharkKilla 6 days ago

    Dat black girl in brown sweater is hot

  • Sunniva Sunshine
    Sunniva Sunshine 6 days ago

    The first guy in the line up is so cute wow

  • F is the bomb
    F is the bomb 6 days ago

    " The largest muslim population people is from India "lol its wrong ,even more funny the indian gal said "hey u know some " lmfao

  • hi sisters
    hi sisters 6 days ago

    “come on over here sam smith” GN STREAKS ☠️☠️😭😭😭

  • олен
    олен 6 days ago

    I'm a bit upset they didn't include a convert.

  • Mashitah Razak
    Mashitah Razak 6 days ago

    Hahaha most of Asian Muslims does not have that much hair tho. It's all about genetic yalls 😂😂

  • Khair Luqman
    Khair Luqman 7 days ago

    5:14 she looks like kim kardashian

  • T J
    T J 7 days ago +1

    Islam also hates dogs,

    "In 2014, activist Syed Azmi Alhabshi was forced to seek police protection after receiving death threats for organising an “I Want to Touch a Dog” event to give Malay-Muslims an opportunity to connect with dog owners and pet canines."

    • Finka Riz
      Finka Riz 5 days ago +2

      There's one dog in muslim story that goes to heaven because it's a hero. We basically love animals, we forbid to eat animals with fang (means we won't eat cat or dog or snake, that's evil. Except animal that comes from water ex.shark) but my opinion why we should not have dog, because we very support clean environment, so that dogs are drooling and lick us, is too much. as same as pork, pork is delicious (that's what my friend said, I never try it lol) but pork love playing in dirt, also (I read it somewhere, sorry if I'm wrong) almost has like human DNA, so it's forbidden to eat cause it's unhealthy too. My uncle has dog, I able to have dog but I have to clean my house all the time with water & sands, or even my body, so I prefer no to, even though I love cute dogs.
      For whole of my life learning religions, only muslim that I found-lets say have tons of strict rules- but have logical reason. Sorry not mean to offend you, I just explain it more and that news is stupid non sense.

    • Mothersday Gifts
      Mothersday Gifts 6 days ago +1

      Rubbish. Muslims don't hate dogs. We love animals. We just don't exactly have dogs lick our faces and lips and sleep with their non-washed a-holes with us in bed. Go do some proper reading.

  • Mettt 123
    Mettt 123 7 days ago

    3:27 incorrect largest Muslim population is in Indonesia.

  • Love_yourself_ 123
    Love_yourself_ 123 7 days ago

    1:30 it's because it's haram to shave you hair if you are men

  • Haesty Kim
    Haesty Kim 7 days ago

    seriously the nails throw me off 🤣cuz Muslims (where i'm from) can't pray if they have nail polish on

  • sawe jerobon
    sawe jerobon 7 days ago

    woooopp woop.....Kenya is here we love our Kenyan Muslim!!!

  • angela kilimo
    angela kilimo 7 days ago


  • Barbarian Tim
    Barbarian Tim 8 days ago

    That guy is wrong i am a Muslim and it's not necessary to have a lot of kids and we also have something called divorce in our countries and not all male Muslims are so hairy lol what do u think when u become a Muslim hair start growing all over ur body haha wtf! There is something called hormones u know x)

  • J.jungoo _
    J.jungoo _ 8 days ago

    Laughing even though you are incredibly uncomfortable

  • Yousef Madkour
    Yousef Madkour 8 days ago


  • Corn Cob
    Corn Cob 8 days ago

    Nope, the country with the largest muslim population is Indonesia. Not India.

  • Rabia Khan
    Rabia Khan 8 days ago

    Syrian 😍😁

  • downundabrotha
    downundabrotha 9 days ago

    From a conservative town I didn't see a Muslim person til I was 14yrs old. When i first saw a woman wearing a Burqa all i could think of was... "Isn't she hot?" lol

  • Unkwown123 Ugly321
    Unkwown123 Ugly321 9 days ago

    Shahbaz is very strong a muslim

  • Fatima Farooqui
    Fatima Farooqui 9 days ago +1

    0:37 I can relate 100%

  • creative uploader
    creative uploader 9 days ago

    That black guy is 100 percent gay

  • İvar The bonless
    İvar The bonless 9 days ago

    I can’t resist this American ignorance..They thought always that muslims are middle east or have to be middle eastern.This is bullshit!!! There is lot of muslim country in europe like Turkey, Kosova or Bosna Hersek) or in central asia(Khazakhistan, Ozbekhistan, Turkmenistan etc.)They dont have to be Arab area.Please my friends stop putting people into a group.World bigger than you think..Peace out✌️✌️

  • Syed Hussain
    Syed Hussain 9 days ago

    The black guy is stooooopid

  • eshal idk
    eshal idk 10 days ago

    Christianity originated in the middle east.

  • Sumayo Suber
    Sumayo Suber 10 days ago

    If I had been any of these people , I probably would have snapped QUICK

  • abelynna
    abelynna 10 days ago

    That black dude is fucking ignorant like tf I’m european, I’m white, not hairy abd I’m muslim

  • Victoria Oh
    Victoria Oh 10 days ago

    This is really random but it's time to go back to God.
    I see so many people wandering away from God. It's not about religion.
    I used to be the one who hated God. I didn't believe him. I was bound to alcohol and pleasure.
    I loved money and I thought I was living fine.
    But I was a slave to sin and sin did not leave me. I couldn't control myself, especially lust and temper.
    Then one day, I just searched up a worship song. Then the presence of God overwhelmed me. I was shocked. God was real. God's not dead. God's still alive.
    And I was living like a fool! I was a living a life contradicting the Most High. The outcome of course will be death and eternal fire. So I was ready to change my life. I wanted to be forgiven and be right with God. I was asking him how? how?
    But you know God was really merciful. More than anything. I can cry while writing this. Merciful beyond measure, he showed me a way to live. It was Jesus. We have to realize the mercy that God is giving us now. Jesus died for us because of our sins and he lived again. From the beginning of the earth, we have sinned against God. We always forsaked him and left him. Now we hate to live in his ways. That's why God sent his son Jesus to die for us. So we can start with him all clean! It's time to end life living in sin and pleasure which will never bring satisfaction. It's time to repent, ask forgiveness and believe in Jesus and go back to God. Because we didn't do anything good for him, here's what God did for us.
    Sent his son to die for us. To take our place of judgment and his wrath. Jesus died on the cross because of God's anger toward our sin but his love is fully manifested there. The unmeasurable love of God to save us humanity is in the cross.
    Jesus will come soon and make all things right. He's going to judge everything. These are times of mercy. We have chance to repent and receive what God has done for us. Killing his own son on the cross! That was our penalty of sin! Jesus made a way for us to be right with God.
    Seriously, I'm not lying. When I actually believed and gave my life to Jesus, alcohol and porno addiction disappeared. God gave me a new heart. God's not dead and he keeps his promise. He does what he says. He said he will give his holy spirit freely in the last days. All prophesies came true. Jesus, a promised savior and a judge of the world, came and died for our sins. God gives his spirit to those who repent and believe that Jesus is our savior and lord. Giving your lordship to Him.
    Jesus set me free. I stumble even now. How can worthless sinner like me worship God? By the blood of Jesus Christ, now I can go to Father.
    God acccepted me as his child since the day I decided to follow Jesus. A worthless sinner like me who always hated his words. He's waiting for all of us to come and repent and not perish.
    Please trust him.

  • Brown Girls
    Brown Girls 10 days ago +5

    Guessing a Hindu is super easy
    And I was so happy when Indian girl and Pakistani boy shook hands
    Why can't everyone be like this?

  • Wisdom Dude
    Wisdom Dude 10 days ago +1

    Black guy uneducated afff

  • Armen Ali
    Armen Ali 11 days ago

    Im syrienne and im arab 💓 Arabs

  • Armen Ali
    Armen Ali 11 days ago

    That black girl is so pretty

  • Armen Ali
    Armen Ali 11 days ago

    North africa are arabes and berbers so we are white not black !!! Why so many people think that North Africa are black hhh

  • Ali Pasha
    Ali Pasha 11 days ago

    Coming from a muslim religion and seeing how great the other side is. i can truly say fuck those muslim leaders that brainwash people and fuck liberals

  • Evan Cedric
    Evan Cedric 11 days ago

    Hey largest muslim population is indonesia not india

  • Amina Salim
    Amina Salim 11 days ago +14

    I love how the Pakistani guy asked the questions
    This part got me when he asked the white guy"values" and the guy answered "I value peace, love and family" the Pakistan immediately knows that he is a Muslim because Islam is peace

  • Marva Livia
    Marva Livia 11 days ago


  • sha lovegood
    sha lovegood 12 days ago

    “you dont look like youre from middle east but you look asian” BITCHHHHH MIDDLE EAST IS FROM ASIAN TF

  • Fariz Zulfikar
    Fariz Zulfikar 12 days ago +1

    9:25 dat handshake.. 😂😂

  • César Jeri
    César Jeri 12 days ago

    I loved the honesty from the gay black dude, and I hated how even the pussy soyboy director kept interrupting the taping to get triggered and ask his "so you think all middle easterns are muslim?". This channel made guessing game video, which needs a lot of generalizations to be played, then they get triggered when someone tries to win the game.

  • Brainsandbeauty 12
    Brainsandbeauty 12 12 days ago

    Everyone so angry with the guy that was black and he was having fun calm down and wish I was as confident lol

  • Aya Games
    Aya Games 12 days ago

    I'm Muslim :3

  • Mister Man
    Mister Man 12 days ago

    Fuck Muslim Ragheads

  • Ananya Inchal
    Ananya Inchal 12 days ago +1

    The black dude with the Sikh dude was just insulting. Do rag with a top knot. Racist as fuck.

  • Ananya Inchal
    Ananya Inchal 12 days ago

    Lots of Indian girls don’t use hair product

  • capitano moe
    capitano moe 13 days ago

    This channel's job is to prove how dumb Americans are.

  • {.* ZoZo *.}
    {.* ZoZo *.} 13 days ago

    When he said “Our Cultures Don’t Get Along..”
    He looked like he regretted that so bad.

  • Black_Barbz
    Black_Barbz 13 days ago

    I’m black and muslim. “And he was like she’s black and not muslim” it got me shook

  • nimnim
    nimnim 13 days ago +2

    the black girl wearing jeans she so beautiful ❤

  • Milky Shuppard
    Milky Shuppard 13 days ago +1

    Türkler varmi?

  • ifaeyra roset
    ifaeyra roset 13 days ago

    the muslim's women should wear hijabs !!! dont play with it!! i'm so sad that they didnt wear hijab properly and just play it...

  • Hadjer Tlb
    Hadjer Tlb 13 days ago

    "when I pray" oh honey not with those acrylics, you're not.

  • Chez Blunts
    Chez Blunts 13 days ago +1

    There you go. Islam isn't a race. So, therefore anyone who calls someone a racist for criticizing Islam is an idiot.

  • Lina Benyahia
    Lina Benyahia 13 days ago

    The black dude is sooooo racist and full of stereotypes it’s super annoying

  • Master Troue
    Master Troue 13 days ago

    I like the Syrian guy
    I'm syrian by the way

  • misty daisy
    misty daisy 13 days ago

    wym muslims got a lot of kids? my friend is an only child and shes muslim