they're stealing from me

  • Published on Jan 11, 2018
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Comments • 3 873

  • Dimity Chalmers
    Dimity Chalmers 6 days ago

    where do u buy a laurdiy bra

  • Ashley Van Straten
    Ashley Van Straten Month ago

    why is moose so cute!!!

  • cheesecake gaming
    cheesecake gaming 2 months ago

    Who is they?

  • Nikki Wood
    Nikki Wood 2 months ago

    Every like I will add a:🐱

  • Sukumar Seva
    Sukumar Seva 2 months ago

    *meet my fists u poo’s*

  • Avery Avenue
    Avery Avenue 3 months ago

    I'm literally just laying in my bed at seven in the morning on a weekend snuggling with my Doug the pug stuffed animal!!!

  • Tracey Gatehouse
    Tracey Gatehouse 3 months ago

    I have been scammed before and trust me it sucks they stole 10000 dollars from my bank

  • Rebekah Garcia
    Rebekah Garcia 4 months ago

    They have them I ive seen them

  • Hailey Weismiller
    Hailey Weismiller 4 months ago

    My sisters dog does the exact same thing he loves to be covered by a crap ton of blankets

  • PeachesDudeHA
    PeachesDudeHA 6 months ago

    I was like repeating thr intro and it was so funny

  • gagan sidhu
    gagan sidhu 6 months ago

    I love Twilight

  • Daylite
    Daylite 6 months ago

    *Take a shot every time Lauren puts her hand under her chin*

  • Ldog Vlogs
    Ldog Vlogs 6 months ago

    I hate who ever stole from Lauren

  • Pitbull Queen
    Pitbull Queen 7 months ago

    My dog glory she is a gaint doberman pincher and she does the same thing as moose with thebblankets

  • Zoe Doyle
    Zoe Doyle 7 months ago

    so cute mecrh

  • Lexy Rowson
    Lexy Rowson 7 months ago

    What lbe twilight and I live ur merch

  • Samuel Martinez
    Samuel Martinez 7 months ago

    My birthday is January 31st

  • Dog Wolf2124
    Dog Wolf2124 7 months ago

    Omg I love twilight

  • Devan Bahm
    Devan Bahm 8 months ago

    Lauren I'm wearing that exact pink fuzzy blanket w/ the diamond designs

  • Mona Hanna
    Mona Hanna 8 months ago

    l am obsessed with your hair, I WANT YOUR HAIR

  • Dakota Shepherd
    Dakota Shepherd 8 months ago

    I love Twilight so much they are my favorite movies ever. I also love you.

  • R E
    R E 8 months ago

    My dog is affraid of blankets.

  • Annie Sauter
    Annie Sauter 8 months ago

    In Greece they have Oregano chips and they're so delicious but don't sell in the states!

  • Bilin Wang
    Bilin Wang 8 months ago

    I was eating ketchup chips while watching his vlog😆 #Canadian 💜❤🇨🇦🇨🇦😁

  • DEVONisWERID 805
    DEVONisWERID 805 9 months ago

    Lauren I love you I really do but your merch is EXPENSIVE

  • Supitsnoraaa
    Supitsnoraaa 9 months ago

    14:44 to 14:50 Watch the door behind Lauren

  • Melody Kean
    Melody Kean 9 months ago

    PLZZZZZ do a haul of the stuff u bought!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Claire Houts
    Claire Houts 9 months ago

    Do a house tour

  • Irene Lee
    Irene Lee 9 months ago

    Imma threaten whoever makes knockoff merch!Like,Laur-Laur has gotten da good products and peeps ram up and make knockoff merch!!Imma fight em',and destroy em'.Better watch out!! :D

  • Destini Amborn
    Destini Amborn 9 months ago


  • Jerry Batch
    Jerry Batch 9 months ago

    don't know why but I

  • Jerry Batch
    Jerry Batch 9 months ago

    #DIY Squad

  • The Natalie Suggs
    The Natalie Suggs 9 months ago

    I’m going to be getting MERCH

  • Kaylee Fortin
    Kaylee Fortin 9 months ago

    OMG! lol my dog littraly my dog LOVES!!!! blankets she is sleeping on my lao lying under a blankt right now hahah

  • Xxxlilgucci Love
    Xxxlilgucci Love 9 months ago

    Jacob and Edward Bella Alice

  • Cupcake 735
    Cupcake 735 9 months ago

    WA 🅰️

  • Myrna music
    Myrna music 9 months ago

    there’s a scam thing thing next to this video I almost used it but thank goodness I decided no

  • amelia issocool 9
    amelia issocool 9 9 months ago

    i will get my fork

  • Bryanna Campbell
    Bryanna Campbell 9 months ago +1

    My dog always snuggles under the blanket

  • kaycee ellefson
    kaycee ellefson 9 months ago


  • Jamaria Fisher
    Jamaria Fisher 9 months ago

    What time does she start talking about them stealing stuff

  • zoemunky
    zoemunky 9 months ago +1

    Harry Potter is better than Twilight.

  • Ica Francoel
    Ica Francoel 9 months ago


  • Annette Fischer
    Annette Fischer 9 months ago

    Btw I'm 10

  • Annette Fischer
    Annette Fischer 9 months ago

    Yaaas gurl I love ❤️ forever 21

  • Annie and Paisley
    Annie and Paisley 9 months ago


  • Corgi Draws owo
    Corgi Draws owo 10 months ago


  • Anh Hoang
    Anh Hoang 10 months ago +1

    I Love your DIY!!!!!!!!!💖💖💖💖

  • setaeysh fazel
    setaeysh fazel 10 months ago

    The dogs

  • setaeysh fazel
    setaeysh fazel 10 months ago

    So cute

  • setaeysh fazel
    setaeysh fazel 10 months ago

    Yes amazing 😉

  • Sylvia Campos
    Sylvia Campos 10 months ago

    yeah i order a plushie and i didnt come yet THEY SAID IT WOULD BE HERE I JANURAY AND IS IT HERE YET NOOOO

  • Merr Bear
    Merr Bear 10 months ago

    Laur is being stolen from. #TimeToFight!

  • Hi, im anime AF
    Hi, im anime AF 10 months ago

    H💿L💿, Cristine would be proud 5:06

  • Mochi _ Lover
    Mochi _ Lover 10 months ago +1


  • maggie millard
    maggie millard 10 months ago

    I've never herd of Ketchup chips!

  • Pwincess Unicorn
    Pwincess Unicorn 10 months ago

    If every pretty little laur that is subscribed to Lauren watched the vlog shouldn't Lauren get 7.5 million views

  • trillylily16
    trillylily16 11 months ago

    Wow, you're hyper! 😂

  • Ruby Renshaw
    Ruby Renshaw 11 months ago

    Those people r SOO jealous of u

  • Fun Times And A Little Minecraft

    OML why they stealing from like the best youtuber like srsly dude, get some standards

  • Emelia Matthews
    Emelia Matthews 11 months ago

    I have the same cup

  • Girraffe Girl :P
    Girraffe Girl :P 11 months ago

    You look pretter with glasses;-) ;-) ;-)

  • Fiona B
    Fiona B 11 months ago

    Omg I’m half Canadian and I miss ketchup chips so much too!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  • Simfox 18
    Simfox 18 11 months ago

    I LOVE you're glasses

  • Aisling Kelly
    Aisling Kelly 11 months ago

    My dog does that

  • רינה ריצורדסון

    laurdiy go to israel

    MEADOWS DALLAS 11 months ago

    Okay... so.. anyone else still like.. UPER JAM when DIY QUEEN comes on?? Cuz I do!

  • Anna Brown
    Anna Brown 11 months ago


  • System Scar
    System Scar 11 months ago +2

    Hi Lauren love you and Alex

  • Galactic DayDreamer
    Galactic DayDreamer 11 months ago

    Your The Best USclipr Ever

  • Cristal Thepsychic
    Cristal Thepsychic 11 months ago

    Hello laurdiy actually Lauren you know what you're told me how he likes to be treated like this and stuff oh my God that's too and it's Joe and his name is Joe he's happy or after wah wah and he's at our talk so whenever he hears knock on the door he done up parts I love your videos and I'm your biggest fan and a striped and put on the Bell so yay

  • VampDogLover 0503
    VampDogLover 0503 Year ago +12


    • Alexys0706
      Alexys0706 10 months ago

      VampDogLover 0503 Where are you getting your stats?

  • Polka Dot Arrow Productions

    Fist upLove you!!!!!

  • Nyla Santos
    Nyla Santos Year ago

    Omg I'm so proud that I'm Canadian!!!! America NEEDS LAYS!!!!!!!

  • Valerie Perez
    Valerie Perez Year ago +1

    Omg I was gonna buy a onesie from amazon bc it looked kinda like yours I’m so glad I didn’t 👏🏻

  • Daisy M
    Daisy M Year ago

    I love twilight

  • Princess Peyten
    Princess Peyten Year ago

    Nasty ass scammers😠😠😠

  • Camilla Solis
    Camilla Solis Year ago

    He did so good

  • Camilla Solis
    Camilla Solis Year ago

    He did so good

  • Simster Kids
    Simster Kids Year ago +1

    10:05 moose the pug?

  • Jasmin Taylor
    Jasmin Taylor Year ago

    Do you need them glasses to see?

  • Alexandria RUBIO
    Alexandria RUBIO Year ago

    What about bear 🐻 family

  • Peculiar Paws
    Peculiar Paws Year ago


  • Annie Palmer
    Annie Palmer Year ago

    Holy crap. PEOPLE.

  • Keenan Young
    Keenan Young Year ago +1

    I have that Panda thing it’s great!

  • Harper Crimmins
    Harper Crimmins Year ago

    My cat loves to be buried in any blanket

  • melanie martinez is my lifeee

    Thank u so much I was just about to order a plush😂😂😂

  • Kiley Tibbs
    Kiley Tibbs Year ago

    THE UNICORN MUG!!!!! i have one like it and its holographic and omgggg its the cutest thing in the world.

  • Black Fury
    Black Fury Year ago

    She talks way too fast

  • Carine Peña
    Carine Peña Year ago

    plz re stock the x small and small bralette

  • Fuzzy Time
    Fuzzy Time Year ago

    Twilight saga is amazing

  • Crazii Wolff
    Crazii Wolff Year ago

    My dog does the same thing😂🐕

  • bruhhitz nerdy
    bruhhitz nerdy Year ago

    like omg why is some of the cutest guys gay ( what is the world coming to nooooooooooooooo) like if u agree!

  • Queen Samiah
    Queen Samiah Year ago

    you look diffrent girl

  • Crystal Sanchez
    Crystal Sanchez Year ago

    My dog is a couch potato 😊

  • Avery Stockmann
    Avery Stockmann Year ago

    Can you please make puppy mrch because my puppy always lays next to me when I watch you

  • Johansen Luhk
    Johansen Luhk Year ago

    Ur so hyper

  • Missmeadow
    Missmeadow Year ago

    You should make a diy babe blanket

  • Minsugagenius
    Minsugagenius Year ago

    LaurDIY is my spirit animal

  • Audrey Mcshane
    Audrey Mcshane Year ago

    I bye it for fabric