8 Things to STOP Doing When You Wake Up in the Morning


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  • kharungi Sharone
    kharungi Sharone 9 hours ago

    I needed this thanks

  • HighVoltage Gaming

    "Room decor on point" 3:57

  • Esperanca ESP
    Esperanca ESP 2 days ago

    I love your daily tasks. especially the crying part.

  • Kiki Anas Ahmad
    Kiki Anas Ahmad 5 days ago

    Thank you. I noted down these and will stop doing them. I want to become MORE PRODUCTIVE everyday.

  • Kristen Killgore
    Kristen Killgore 5 days ago

    On sundays, tusedays, and thursdays i have work at 3am. But i dont want to or have a good reason to wake up before 6am anyother day of the week...

  • Sia ;P
    Sia ;P 7 days ago

    If you see this in the morning from your little plastic thing hit me a like hahah

  • Jake
    Jake 8 days ago

    What if you lack much dish-ware and by bulk-prepping it takes up dishes you don’t have enough of for other things?

  • Jake
    Jake 8 days ago

    Yeah the nerve damage is hard. I’ve messed the nerves up by my clavicles from bad posture leaning to a side.

  • Jean Gove'
    Jean Gove' 8 days ago

    How long of a morning do you have? If I wake up at 5.30am, I have just enough time to eat a pre-made breakfast, shower, dress, catch the bus and arrive at work by 7.30am.

  • J H
    J H 9 days ago

    sirrrrrrrrrrrrr 😩

  • Young Swagger
    Young Swagger 9 days ago

    I am watching your video in the morning 😂how do you feel?

  • Moon Lover
    Moon Lover 10 days ago

    What happened to his left eye?

  • Suleiman Ibrahim
    Suleiman Ibrahim 12 days ago

    I have a problem I check USclip

  • lifejam
    lifejam 13 days ago

    I love this video. 👍👍👍

    GOLVEL 14 days ago

    "You knew this was coming" X-D

  • Danielle Tabios
    Danielle Tabios 14 days ago

    the video is great and loving the anime room decorations XD

  • Marlan Jn. Baptiste
    Marlan Jn. Baptiste 14 days ago


  • enkibumbu
    enkibumbu 14 days ago

    I don't want to be like this hysterical man.

  • Lara
    Lara 16 days ago

    -Film b-roll for next vid
    -do taxes
    -fail at doing taxes

  • Luke Volgin
    Luke Volgin 17 days ago

    *stop checking social media* - Then the first clip is a guy on his tablet

  • Dennis Aguilar
    Dennis Aguilar 17 days ago

    Like because of the Castlevania poster in the background.

  • Edgar Germano
    Edgar Germano 18 days ago

    I saw "cry" in your tasks?🤣🤣🤣

  • Mr Awesome
    Mr Awesome 18 days ago

    This guy has pewnews music in the background

  • Rey Tan
    Rey Tan 19 days ago

    Played this at max volume just to let my gf listen to it

    ZEZERBING 19 days ago

    When my alarm goes off I usually get right out of bed. Not because I have some kind of self control. But because I have to pee really bad.

  • RustyX2010
    RustyX2010 19 days ago

    Taking long walks in dress shoes

  • RustyX2010
    RustyX2010 19 days ago

    I’m watching this video in bed!

  • Marles Tor
    Marles Tor 19 days ago

    Anyone watching this video because you take your phone first thing in the morning?
    I do

  • I have something to say

    You seem very chill

  • Tabsy Cummings
    Tabsy Cummings 20 days ago

    Do you have the recipes for your egg bakes anywhere? That looked mad good and I’m queen of skipping breakfast because I “don’t have enough time” (hitting snooze and checking social media having taken up my breakfast time)

  • 0noregrets0
    0noregrets0 21 day ago

    Being thankful in the morning sounds all fine and fancy, but nothing is better than my number 1 motivator to get up, S P I T E

  • Fede Cimbaro88
    Fede Cimbaro88 22 days ago

    Good advices

  • Kenya's Decor Corner
    Kenya's Decor Corner 23 days ago

    Just a tip.. add teaspoon if salt to water while boiling egg. They peel perfectly every time!☺ Now, great tips & information! TFS!💕💗💕

  • DuoDynamo
    DuoDynamo 23 days ago

    Automatic like for the Mega Man X poster.

  • Dana m
    Dana m 24 days ago

    you have really beautiful eyes

  • Christie Weyapuk
    Christie Weyapuk 24 days ago

    I have to wake up at 4am for work and if I don't work in the morning I don't want to keep waking up at like 5am or something.

  • sue hempel
    sue hempel 27 days ago

    Coming from an army family, I always wake the same time every day and do the same tasks in the morning, afternoon and night. After work I turn off all social media and emails at 6pm. I prepare lunches for the work week on a Sunday and I make sure I have dinner prepared from freezer to oven each night.
    I always do the housework in the morning in 15 min timeslots

  • Eli E
    Eli E 27 days ago

    You had me up until Barack Obama.

    • Eli E
      Eli E 24 days ago

      +Thomas Frank True, but it seems like, according to your video that Obama needed help dressing himself.
      That's not the stuff that inspiration is made of.

    • Thomas Frank
      Thomas Frank  25 days ago +1

      You can learn from anyone - even people you don't see eye-to-eye with.

  • Steven James
    Steven James 27 days ago

    SPACE IS FAKE, and why would you promote a pot head?
    Its so sad, its almost as if Jesus Christ never existed.
    Wake up and pray, give praise to the Lord, pray for those less fortunate than yourselves and pray God guides you through your day. Amen.

  • rosiethebear300
    rosiethebear300 28 days ago

    Alexa........?! uh oh

  • Saiga Legacy
    Saiga Legacy 29 days ago

    I wake up at 6, drink milk 🥛 and healthy breakfast 🍳 read and on way to school

  • Jade Kaufman
    Jade Kaufman Month ago

    I'm only watching this video to see you. Mwah ahh aaah!

  • Karen Rich
    Karen Rich Month ago

    You mention clearing your living space to neutral. I found that this also needs to include your car and your purse or wallet (especially on errand day). If you've done this you will always be able to find something. In all cases, "clearing to neutral" will mean that you can find anything and OTHER people in your life can find those things as well.

  • qVeen cici
    qVeen cici Month ago

    I like your face

  • Nolan Knight
    Nolan Knight Month ago

    Pew news music

  • Peculiar Jewel
    Peculiar Jewel Month ago

    Az sun

  • Peculiar Jewel
    Peculiar Jewel Month ago


  • Alina Galache
    Alina Galache Month ago

    Clicked for the title, stayed for the babe.

  • Caroline Sachse
    Caroline Sachse Month ago

    *Wakes Up With Sunglasses On*

  • Elena Blu
    Elena Blu Month ago

    Yeahhh I'm not getting up at 0430 on the weekends lmao

  • Cladine Davis
    Cladine Davis Month ago

    Am guilty of checking social media,am trying to stop. That snooze button is a daily thing that’s so hard for me,am trying my best to be discipline. I wake up everyday now trying to be happy,speak positive and stop complaining.it really helps me have a better day.

  • Martin Zagora
    Martin Zagora Month ago

    I finally found someone with the same strange handwriting. Thanks buddy :)

  • stan serilla
    stan serilla Month ago


  • Fatty
    Fatty Month ago

    Watching this video 10 mins after waking up

  • xpirate16
    xpirate16 Month ago

    Mooooorniiiiing? Doesn't ring a bell

  • Hans Peter
    Hans Peter Month ago

    There is no way I can wake up 5 am at the weekend :-(

  • Ayesha Irfan
    Ayesha Irfan Month ago +1

    The only reason I find it hard to delay looking at social media is because I fear I'm missing important updates. One of my favourite celebrities passed away more than a year ago and since then I've been quite obsessive about checking for updates on people I like :(

  • Griffin
    Griffin Month ago

    My problem with this is that he is trying to play life like some game where you need to get the highest score. It doesn’t work like that

  • Angie Bolig
    Angie Bolig Month ago

    You're videos are actually kind of a soothing way to start the day and gain insight into more productive options. thanks :)

  • marcos roberto
    marcos roberto Month ago

    My problem is to Waking up earlier. At 5:30 am I start to work, and it's hard to used to. I want to find a method to help me.

  • Daryldale Mariano
    Daryldale Mariano Month ago

    sorry, but i really disagree for number 5 cause i love cleaning ❤️

  • Lalau
    Lalau Month ago

    Omg his eyes!

  • Muskan Narang
    Muskan Narang Month ago +7

    1. Checking Social Media right after you wake up
    2. Eating unhealthy
    3. Hitting the snooze button
    4. Complaining
    5. Cleaning up your living space and work space
    6. Planning your day
    7. Starting the day with negative news
    8. Getting up at different times

  • Stargazer Lily
    Stargazer Lily Month ago

    Well hello Thomas 😍😍😍

  • Jamesflash
    Jamesflash Month ago

    There is a bit of fluff on your chin that I just can't not look at. .w.

  • J L
    J L Month ago

    Interestingly, I have never complained right after I wake up. Maybe it is just because i am not sober enough yet to identify anything I want to complain about.

  • MythicalRedFox
    MythicalRedFox Month ago

    "I'm actually reading Jordan Peterson's book right now,"
    oof. give me the cool refreshing taste of Yike's: Hard Pass

  • tulipthorn
    tulipthorn Month ago

    6:07 cracked me up!

  • Beth Burnett
    Beth Burnett Month ago

    Well, I had a nap last night... woke up at 4am then watched this video😂

  • SmearedBlackInk Ⓥ

    Since when is Jordan Peterson an expert in nutrition? How are eggs healthy?
    Video idea is cool but guy is severely misinformed.

  • DaredewilSK
    DaredewilSK Month ago

    What if I don't check social media but I check the games I play in order to efficiently use energy that stacked overnight.

  • Young Magnates - Zero To Millionaire

    Great video, definitely agree. In fact I don't just think it's social media, but phones/technology in general we should skip first thing. Even checking email allows other people to dictate how your morning goes, and interrupts your routine.

  • Jodie Clayton
    Jodie Clayton Month ago

    I’m watching this to try wake me up

  • Greg Mattson
    Greg Mattson Month ago

    i'd go further here with the alarm. DON'T HAVE ONE, if you can. If you can get up naturally, it is an order of magnitude more healthy than if you are struggling with tiredness all day.

  • Brooke Lilac
    Brooke Lilac Month ago

    I was here for this until you mentioned Jordan Peterson 😭
    Great tip about scrolling social media in the morning. I knew it was bad but didn’t see it was giving into a craving for novelty. 👌🏻

  • Rad Cliffe
    Rad Cliffe Month ago

    This is helpful 👌

  • Pau Ruiz
    Pau Ruiz Month ago

    It’s challenging to have a consistent wake up time when you are working in a hospitality industry wherein you open/close stores, kitchens, restaurants, etc.

  • remynisce33
    remynisce33 Month ago

    #9 stop fapping every morning.

  • Stef Lee
    Stef Lee Month ago

    I do my motivational post first thing in the morning. This only takes at most 20 minutes then I get up to workout.

  • DiscoDashco
    DiscoDashco Month ago

    I must say that I personally do not agree with #6: steering away from cleaning in the morning and doing it before bed. Chores before bed do nothing but keep me up past my designated bedtime, but what’s important for me is that just like making your bed in the morning, taking on some chores helps me wake up, and by the time I’ve finished a particular chore, I’m awake with the added benefit of being motivated to take on more work immediately. To me, that’s a winning formula to start the day productively.

  • Hanna Wilson
    Hanna Wilson Month ago

    I hate complainers. Don't ruin my day because "it's too early" and "I haven't had my coffee" Fk outta here with your bad attitude.

  • Jordan Diaz
    Jordan Diaz Month ago

    Does USclip count as social media 🤔

  • Essy Chilcutte
    Essy Chilcutte Month ago

    I watched this and realized I dont check stuff before I get up... I actually did check it and wow that messed up my day***
    I was like 1 video no 3
    I was awake over an hour before I moved right wow...
    Anyway >>>it also made my arthritis worse

  • Zavier The Great
    Zavier The Great Month ago

    I use my phone on but by laying on my side turning my neck like I'm sleeping on my back and I put my blanket on my side and I prop my phone up on my blanket with my hand, this sounds like a challenge but it's so comfortable

  • Tiare Mindy
    Tiare Mindy Month ago

    I leave my phone in the kitchen at night to charge☺️

  • exodous02
    exodous02 Month ago

    Obama picking what he was going to wear was a weak version of what Steve Jobs and Albert Einstein did, they just wore the same thing every day. . .

  • Chagrin Valley-Web
    Chagrin Valley-Web Month ago

    very good

  • Jub :D
    Jub :D Month ago

    I’m only 13 and I find your videos really helpful

  • Elizabeth Vigil
    Elizabeth Vigil Month ago

    Sex helps too

  • crazy pants medic
    crazy pants medic Month ago

    Laying in bed in a bad position watching this video at 1am. Not off to a good start

  • Fernando Yévenes
    Fernando Yévenes Month ago +21

    "hitting the snooze button is admitting defeat as your first action of the day"... that really hit me hard

  • 23yidarmy
    23yidarmy Month ago

    Peterson is wrong on point 2. It's all about the carbs. They are your bodies primary energy source

  • Anderson TV
    Anderson TV Month ago

    Does listening to a positive affirmation USclip video first thing in the morning count as a bad habit?

  • Dominique Abram
    Dominique Abram Month ago

    I know the ending was an ad for Audible but he instead convinced me to get an Amazon Echo

  • MOyLes CaHus
    MOyLes CaHus Month ago

    Yous my nig for this .

  • NunsenseStudios2110

    Pro tip for morning alarms: DO NOT set them up next to your bed. Instead, set them up on the other side of the room so you have to physically get up to shut it off. By the time you’re on your feet and have shut off your alarm, you won’t want to get back in bed and sleep more.

  • James Castello
    James Castello Month ago

    Should'a washed before you made this video, your beards kinda dirty.

  • animefreak5219
    animefreak5219 Month ago

    jesus christ hes good looking.

  • cock merchant
    cock merchant 2 months ago

    I set my alarms a bit earlier so I can snooze them. I mentally prepare myself to snooze the morning...

  • Dark Hacker
    Dark Hacker 2 months ago

    I'm so lazy that i wake up in the morning and leave the bed in the afternoon just to come back and take a nap.