8 Things to STOP Doing When You Wake Up in the Morning


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  • Maryem Mahmoud
    Maryem Mahmoud Day ago

    I like that you get all your information from books

  • Adriana Pérez
    Adriana Pérez 2 days ago

    Love that room decor lol :D

  • PhoenixBlade538
    PhoenixBlade538 2 days ago

    I listened to Elon Musk’s biography on Audible and it was really really good! I doubt anyone is gonna put a lot of weight on my opinion, but I’d definitely recommend it too!

  • GamingPizza
    GamingPizza 2 days ago +1

    I press the snooze button 3 times every morning, it’s in my morning system. Is this still wrong?

  • Meek Rodriguez
    Meek Rodriguez 4 days ago

    I like you

  • Carl Wells
    Carl Wells 5 days ago

    Ironically I found your video while sleeping in watching my phone in bed! 😳
    I recently started a new morning routine which has been very good as I recover from time off work.
    I use the word TIBET... the first two letters are medical things compression Tights and my Injection then Breakfast Excercise and Tidy my room. The biggest difference is excercise for helping my activity level giving me endorphins and sunlight.

  • Mohamed Abdullah  Ghoneem

    Good video, Thank you very much

  • Homie Squid
    Homie Squid 8 days ago +1

    I'm 16 and a guy. I've been clean off Coke heroin Xanax viks and countless other benzos and narcotics, I'm really struggling with the physical and emotional aspects of this and I'm not motivated because of it. I used to do sports but my body doesn't work like it did before and I'm having a hell of a time dealing with chronic pain. My confidence is fucked after being clean cuz Coke was my normal and I don't go out much. I smoke what I would say is a lot of weed(thankfully less than before) and would like to cut down on my usage. Probably spend most of my time in bed doing nothing or on my phone or sleeping and when i am up and around I get horrible pain in my knees and back. I'm literally looking for any small peice of advice from anyone. I'm just tryna put my life together and start going back to school (I do independent study) but that's kinda harder said than done.

  • Brooke Butterworth
    Brooke Butterworth 9 days ago

    Video looks great but for some reason it was super distracting and bothersome that he was slightly left of center the whole time :o

  • Satsu Arif
    Satsu Arif 9 days ago

    i'm surprised cz theres actually a proper thing i do, and its when i constantly wake up at a time every morning..... at 10AM :')

  • Eduardo Freitas
    Eduardo Freitas 10 days ago

    I can do all these except sleeping at the same tims everyday lol. Im young and here in Brazil social life at the weekends starts very late.

  • Inspired Tv by Jamilla

    Do you have some recipes on those egg bakes ?

  • theflaca
    theflaca 11 days ago

    I know 1 thing I want to do in the morning but it includes Thomas.....

  • ash canicall
    ash canicall 11 days ago

    Well damn. You rly out here saving my life 😂👌 thanks, man

  • Melanie Saez
    Melanie Saez 11 days ago

    You also turned on my Alexa to read Elon Musk’s biography haha!

  • KOKA M
    KOKA M 11 days ago

    Who the hell sleeps whit his smartphone in his pocket

  • Alexander Colon
    Alexander Colon 12 days ago

    Nerve damage? i think I may have gotten shoulder damage from being propped on one arm for both phone and reading time.

  • Jan_Das_Coves
    Jan_Das_Coves 12 days ago

    why are you blue?

  • Gideon Jura
    Gideon Jura 13 days ago

    My life in 11 minutes and 6 seconds, voiced by Thomas Frank.

  • Stainless M.E.N Pictures

    lol 3:57 Really on point

  • J I
    J I 15 days ago

    So, basically... I none of the stuff I do every day.

  • Maggie Warszycki
    Maggie Warszycki 15 days ago

    OMG at first I thought "Wow a good looking dude who has valuable info, cool." Then you mentioned Jordan B Peterson and I'm 2:40 into this video and I'm swooning.

  • mariahxworld
    mariahxworld 15 days ago

    My university doesn't care about number 8 🙄😭😭

  • Omar Alomari
    Omar Alomari 15 days ago +1

    @0:58, isn't reading a book similar to checking your social media feed in that both are novelty inducing routines?

  • Bien Venice Borlongan
    Bien Venice Borlongan 16 days ago

    New subs great video and quality

  • Sam Santana
    Sam Santana 16 days ago

    "Don't check your phone/social media.... maybe do some other things; like having breakfast (while looking at iPad)" lol

  • Juan Cabrera
    Juan Cabrera 16 days ago

    That’s why I deleted social media

  • clara vadez
    clara vadez 18 days ago

    Make a video about a night routine!!

  • Travis Volosyn
    Travis Volosyn 19 days ago

    i cant look away, hes just so gorgeous... i cant take it!!

  • the queen
    the queen 20 days ago

    I see where Thomas is coming from but I find having things to put away the next morning helps move -->blood pumps=awake

  • LoL ReplayBaby
    LoL ReplayBaby 22 days ago

    I just woke up and the first thing i did was look up this video xD

    IL MOSTRO 23 days ago

    How about just fucking quit all those social media feeds? 🤯 It’s all 100% bullshit and your life will improve without it - the amount of time people waste on social media is astounding. Delete your twitter and Fakebook accounts and find more productive things to do.

  • Ethan Ton
    Ethan Ton 23 days ago

    Hey, I've got that same wallpaper!
    r/wallpapers is one of my favorite subreddits

  • Negan
    Negan 23 days ago

    Hey Thomas, Do you just pull some of these ideas out of your ass or what? "Don't check your phone while your in bed because you'll get nerve damage''
    LMAO that is so funny.

  • Sean Anderson
    Sean Anderson 24 days ago

    Thanks dude!

  • Candylover Molly
    Candylover Molly 24 days ago

    It's kind of hard for me to not use my phone when I wake up in the morning cuz people call me and wake me up when I'm sleeping

  • Chocolate Fudge
    Chocolate Fudge 25 days ago

    'Item 9... ILLEGAAAAAL'

  • Hayk Avagyan
    Hayk Avagyan 25 days ago

    Man, I'm so happy I don't do any of these, it's because of you Tom! My morning routines are killer now, no snoozing ALLOWED. I've kept my sleeping habits in place even after school, sleep at 11, wake up at 6:30, no sleep ins. CoNSsiSTENCY is key

  • Eric Manso
    Eric Manso 25 days ago

    Hey how do you have time to read for pleasure and college
    Ugh I have some many self help/improvement books to read but no time

  • 3APNHA
    3APNHA 25 days ago

    I was watching this on my phone in bed :|

  • emily beaudoin
    emily beaudoin 26 days ago

    Well your making me watch this vid in the morning😂😂😂😂😂

  • Empty Half Productions

    Respect to you Thomas well said

  • Odd Terrific
    Odd Terrific 26 days ago

    Really liked this. Straight to the point. Great

  • Mr.CoyoteTV
    Mr.CoyoteTV 28 days ago

    This videos gold bro👍👍

  • Perez Right here
    Perez Right here 29 days ago

    is "checking social media" be in youtube reading comments and answering some of them?

  • Dennis Diede
    Dennis Diede Month ago

    I get up at 4 am but do NOT turn on anything on till 8am. No internet, no TV, no newspaper. THIS habit changed my life. Thomas is correct on not loading up you head with negative garbage when getting you day together.

  • Claire Coffey
    Claire Coffey Month ago

    Your keyboard is wicked

  • dustinb42
    dustinb42 Month ago

    You can also use Alarmy to force yourself to get up. Set the alarm to shut off when you scan a barcode, put the barcode in another room.

  • MissVasques
    MissVasques Month ago

    I tried an app last year that had you do somehing to be allowed to turn off the alarm.
    Taking a photo or answering math problems.
    The photo didnt really work so I had the math one.
    Except appearently doing math when just waking up wasn’t somehing I was good at. And you Only had a short time to solve each problem and you had to solve 3 to be able turn it off. And you could not cheat and use the phone calcuator either as you were stuck in that alarm app until you solved the problem.
    Which became a real issue when I had a friend Sleeping over who had to endure the annoying alarm sound until I Finally solved 3 problems in a row after failing a couple of times.
    Trying to focous on the math problem while the sound is ringing at a high volume made the problem even harder.
    I deleted the app after that incident and used self-dicipline instead.
    Nowadays I have an added incentive with my new coffe-maker which you can set a time for it to start brewing.

    I pre-load my coffee maker the night before and set a time for it to start which is a few minutes before my alarm goes off. This way I know there is allready fresh coffee waiting for me when I get up plus If I don’t get up the coffee will burn and leave me a mess to deal with when I get up, without coffee in my system.
    Plus I guess maybe a slight fire risk though I don’t think so as my coffee maker shuts itself of after a certain time.

  • Jasper van Keulen
    Jasper van Keulen Month ago

    I have to wake up at 6 am every morning, but my alarm is a radio. At 6 am there's always the news so i set it at 5.50 instead

  • TraumaER
    TraumaER Month ago

    *I'm guilty of #1 so I bought a book light so before I sleep and when I wake up, I will read a book instead. Fuck social media!*
    _Real Talk_

  • 1316Salva
    1316Salva Month ago

    Bro best phone position in bed is belly down, with the pillow under your arms

    JUST JORDAN Month ago

    Its hard to concentrate on what this guy is saying when he's handsome face drowns everything else out!

  • John Buchmann
    John Buchmann Month ago

    If I wake up naturally before my alarm (up to 1.5 hrs before the alarm) and 1) I'm not sleepy, and 2) I don't fall back to sleep in about 5 minutes, then I'll just get up. This way I avoid the grogginess of of waking up with the alarm, plus I have lots of extra time to do whatever before work. Even with less sleep I feel much better doing this, than if I was woken up with the alarm. Been doing this now for a few months, and I just love it!

  • dadapeer tappal
    dadapeer tappal Month ago

    In this video I had observed that you are having your headphones and reading or doing some other things ,why do you prefer to have headphones while you will be doing things like reading book thomas

  • WolfRyder
    WolfRyder Month ago

    Is you tube social media? Cause I don’t have any other thing but I spend hours on you tube.

  • Jason Lashley
    Jason Lashley Month ago

    love the Froggie Fresh

  • Gabriel Rezende Germanovix

    Wow Jordan B Peterson Reference! This video deserves many likes!!! Congrets!!

  • itz teatime
    itz teatime Month ago

    death by phone in bed

  • Horacio Valdez
    Horacio Valdez Month ago

    Thanks brotha. Great material!

  • noukkiedewaard
    noukkiedewaard Month ago

    I watched this video after I woke up... Laying in bed 😅

  • Creater Z
    Creater Z Month ago

    That's Why I Rooted My phone And Uninstalled Fb

  • Belal Elgendy
    Belal Elgendy Month ago

    Woooow, great tips. Thanks Thomas.

  • B Madonna
    B Madonna Month ago

    I am afraid I'm not going to read all 1,290 comments before me so someone might have said this...., but a tip for hard boiling eggs, pressure cooker or on the stove, add a tablespoon of baking soda before you put the eggs in. The shells peel right off. Also note: brown eggs are harder to peel than white. :) Enjoy your videos. Thank you for making them.

  • Anthony Kist
    Anthony Kist Month ago

    I wake up at 7am for work every morning. Every friday and saturday night I set NO alarms in hopes that I will sleep for a longgggg time. I always tell myself "I aint waking up until mid day tomorrow". I always naturally wake up at like 9...its so frustrating but I always end up liking it because I have more time

    PCLHH Month ago

    3:56 there's a Fallout reverence for you!

  • Kieran Monaghan
    Kieran Monaghan Month ago

    12 rules for life*

  • Nhi Phan Hồ Yến

    I don't understand. Are you can listen to all audiobook when you sign up, or you will have to buy them separately?

  • مدري عن شيء

    i quit soical media finally

  • Anmol Manchanda
    Anmol Manchanda Month ago

    I follow all these already and I am living a much happier life than before, it was a great video, thanks for the tips, this video made me subscribe.

  • flying cardinal
    flying cardinal Month ago

    wow your room is so cool

  • Holly Smith
    Holly Smith Month ago

    Hey, just wanted to thank you for always being so positive and awesome and sticking with me in the past few years through my school and up to now where I'm in uni. You have literally had such a positive impact on my (and therefore the people surrounding me's) life xxx

  • Hamza Aman
    Hamza Aman Month ago +1

    Why are these videos so long, should be 5 mins max!

  • Rory Shine
    Rory Shine Month ago

    Alisson Becker is right get outta bed

  • Adèle Monheim
    Adèle Monheim Month ago

    You blew of when you said me and my girlfriend 😂

  • R Singh
    R Singh Month ago


  • SkyWard Guy
    SkyWard Guy Month ago

    Dude, you have got beautiful hair! Do you ever grow it out? You're very fortunate. Oh, and keep an eye on debris in the beard. Very unattractive.

  • Sound Advice
    Sound Advice Month ago

    i wake up, start my PC and youtube for 3 hours straight watching review of products like 1080TI which I can never afford.

  • The True Dark Soul
    The True Dark Soul Month ago

    3:25 actually your alarm clock is not supposed to be set for you to wake up by. You’re supposed to wake up naturally at a time deemed fit by your body. This can be 6 hours 8 hours or 10 hours. Each person varies and finding out your time is best
    The alarm clock is supposed to be a backup after the right REM cycles to make sure your body isnt starting another cycle when there isnt time

  • Larry Kuehn
    Larry Kuehn Month ago

    I'm a full time home student with special needs.I'm a mentally challenged middle aged single man without kids.I'm an adult with add.I'm a visual learner,active learner,hands on learner.I rather watch videos than listen to audio books.I'm not an auditory learner at all.College isn't for me.I'm a big music lover.I'm a homebody,introvert and private guy too.I'm a big learner.My ex friends thinks that reading and education is a waste of time and I don't.One of my ex male friends is a high school drop out.I can't stand high school drop outs at all.They don't make good friends or future boyfriends at all.I'm a gay single man.Do you any good alternatives to audio books?

  • Courtney Shane
    Courtney Shane Month ago

    What do you do if you work the graveyard shift on the weekends but are pursuing your artistic career path during the week which involves being up during daylight hours?

  • Eva Sara
    Eva Sara Month ago

    I've read Jordan Peterson's book too, what do you think about it?

  • BackPack
    BackPack Month ago


  • Deven Loomis
    Deven Loomis Month ago

    Im gonna drink a bottle of water every morning. Also, I never press the snooze button. Ever. It's a curse, it makes me more tired, and it ruins my WHOLE day.

  • Ken DV
    Ken DV Month ago

    Haha, you made my Alexa start reading me that audiobook

  • Eat my shorts
    Eat my shorts Month ago

    What is the first thing I do is read... on my phone?

  • Veve Dehavilland
    Veve Dehavilland Month ago

    I get up a5am feed my kids then go back to bed

  • Josh B
    Josh B Month ago

    Wake-up...coffee, only first thought/action I have.

  • A Random Account
    A Random Account Month ago +1

    I didn't know my phone was a rectangle made up of silicon and plastic. Now I'm really wondering how I typed this comment on my rectangle of plastic and silicon.

  • Fixx Foxx
    Fixx Foxx Month ago

    Also putting your alarm or phone across the room someplace where you can still hear it, but your FORCED to get up to even turn it off. Helps me with this. But you still have to be disciplined enough to set said alarm and place it accordingly...

  • Fixx Foxx
    Fixx Foxx Month ago

    Bulk prepping!!! Genius! I love it, I struggle with morning appetite and sometimes its easy to just skip breakfast altogether, with various excuses of "Nothing sounds good" or "I don't really have time to make anything"...I have no excuse if its already made!

  • Teef Online
    Teef Online Month ago

    best part 9:00

  • Comrade Questions
    Comrade Questions Month ago

    Was paying attention up until 'Jordan Peterson said...' - that man isn't responsible for anything decent in this world.

  • Rose Tinted House
    Rose Tinted House Month ago

    oh my god, as I am watching this, I am
    making some boiled eggs for my son but am having a really hard time deciding what I want for breakfast 😒 I really want a good old fried breakfast but I’ve got date night with hubby in two days and want to be looking smoking hot, lol, dilemmas dilemmas eh

  • Mystery girl
    Mystery girl Month ago +1

    Give me a break! Nobody tells me what to do or not do in the morning.

  • Joel Anthon
    Joel Anthon Month ago

    I agree. I'm the worst with the first point. I need to stop

  • Mag OLag
    Mag OLag Month ago

    Point 8 is void if you have an alternating dayshift - nightshift work schedule. Any advice on that?

  • Ahmad Zia Fateh
    Ahmad Zia Fateh Month ago

    My hero. This video help me more and I am going to get up early and read a book instead of checking my social media.
    Thanks for sharing these fanatic video.
    Totally love this guy♥♥♥

  • William Valentini
    William Valentini Month ago

    I love how my first action of my day was the first action he said not to do

  • Mr Pogi TV
    Mr Pogi TV Month ago

    I’ve been listening and watching your vids for quite some time now and you actually help me a lot bro. Cheers*