100 People Tell Us Their Pet Peeves | Keep it 100 | Cut

  • Published on Sep 4, 2017
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    100 People Tell Us Their Pet Peeves | Keep it 100 | Cut
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Comments • 6 274

  • Ece Wilde
    Ece Wilde 4 hours ago


  • Bridget Waight
    Bridget Waight 4 hours ago

    Fo em when teeth scratch together

  • Bridget Waight
    Bridget Waight 4 hours ago

    The girl who sad babies lol that’s so me

  • Nadia Pickett
    Nadia Pickett Day ago

    fucking OBVIOUS lying

  • Vic Hates everyone

    😂😂😂the last part!

  • Sianna Raymond
    Sianna Raymond 2 days ago

    _'When people cut me o~'_
    *Nice one >:3*

  • Hailey Laney
    Hailey Laney 3 days ago

    When people step on the back of my shoes and my sock falls down off my foot.

  • lola turtle
    lola turtle 3 days ago

    When people say dare you

  • Meg Mac
    Meg Mac 5 days ago

    How can I sign up

  • Moon Verse
    Moon Verse 5 days ago +1


  • Green Highlighter
    Green Highlighter 5 days ago

    *wet socks.*

  • Allie 88
    Allie 88 5 days ago

    Ngl I really hope that last girl is watching

  • Donovan Masters
    Donovan Masters 6 days ago

    When people don't text back and I know for a fact that they saw my message. If you're too busy then say so! Takes less than 10 seconds to type "Sorry got a bit busy. Talk later." And hit send.

  • Ella Heller
    Ella Heller 6 days ago

    I love the editing

  • ¿
    ¿ 6 days ago

    I hate loud chewing so much like let me die

  • Aksel 99
    Aksel 99 6 days ago

    1:33. xD

  • Bridget Campsey
    Bridget Campsey 8 days ago +1

    i was chewing gum and blew a bubble right when he said (when people pop their gum)

  • mine.
    mine. 8 days ago

    1. Ppl complimenting me
    2. Ppl asking me questions they already know the answer to
    3. Ppl being affectionate towards me
    4. Annoying ppl
    5. Ppl cOMFORTING ME OFF WHEN IM IN MY ‘DEPRESSED’ STATE ( not like depressed depressed it’s more of me just having mood swings like I could be happy then just flip ppl off for no reason and act sour and sad sometimes and just look sad in general and start being mean to my friends. I just hate it when they try to comfort me when I’m in this state as well )
    6. Songs that aren’t rap, Lofi, relaxin , sad or have no words and are chill
    7. How good my friends are at school and every where else
    8. Heat ( I get painful heat rash in places I can’t reach to make the pain go away )
    9. My voice just dying randomly
    10. My body parts dying randomly
    That’s a lot heh ( ̄▽ ̄)

  • oheverglow
    oheverglow 8 days ago

    PEOPLES KNEES!!!! bahah yaaas charliee

  • Never No Rest
    Never No Rest 8 days ago +1

    Part of my list
    1.People who stop in the middle of a crowded place.
    2.Slow walkers.
    3.When your trying to tell someone a story and someone cuts you off to tell you theirs.
    4.Being cut off when talking in general
    5.People asking stupid questions.
    6.Someone who can't admit their a hypocrite.
    7.People who take a joke out of context.
    8.People who talk about race/racism way too much.
    9.People who can't take a joke.
    10.Not being specific when giving me instructions to do something.
    Ok,I'm going to stop here because I have a lot of pet peeves.

  • gzuzumaki2
    gzuzumaki2 8 days ago +1

    People who cough and sneeze without covering their mouths. Fricking disgusting and I feel like I have to hold my breath!! No one wants to inhale your snot and germs!!!!!

  • eva seiler
    eva seiler 9 days ago

    When someone says what time is it and you're like 3:00 and someone else is just like "actually it's 2:57". Also when people try to get on the train before everyone has gotten off

    JJ SQUAD 9 days ago +1

    She said when people shake their leg under the desk and the whole floor starts shaking honey it isn’t my fault I have very had anxiety and nerves

  • Ant
    Ant 9 days ago

    the last girl is so racist and self centered lol i fuckin hate her from the video to vote who gets 1k

  • youngcliff2
    youngcliff2 9 days ago

    The guy that said when people hold their drinks in their hands while dancing. Watch out for him. Hes trying to date rape you.

  • Farah Dajani
    Farah Dajani 9 days ago +1

    when your zipper gets stuck

  • Farah Dajani
    Farah Dajani 9 days ago +1

    when people did something wrong but dont admit it and blame it on someone else

  • uwu kai
    uwu kai 9 days ago

    I HATE it when people pour the milk in before the cereal.

  • Russian girl
    Russian girl 9 days ago

    When someone reads out loud in front of me...

  • Maya Kushnick
    Maya Kushnick 10 days ago

    When people use bad grammar and English is their first language (honestly if you're going to speak a language, you might as well do it right).

  • That One Hamilton Girl You Know


  • kaity
    kaity 10 days ago

    Literally all of these are what i do

  • Setherract
    Setherract 10 days ago +1

    People who stop in the middle of the halls at school.
    When my bedroom door is left open after someone leaves.
    When people are repetitive with commands.
    When people ask me the same questions over and over again.
    When I have to answer questions over and over again.
    When I hit my head on my bunk bed accidentally.

  • Angelo Shikewa
    Angelo Shikewa 11 days ago +1

    That dude is so random 1:33

  • Blarfy Boop
    Blarfy Boop 11 days ago


  • YFN Tone
    YFN Tone 11 days ago

    people who leave the faucet running when they brush their teeth

  • I couldn't think of a name

    Just people.

  • TaraIsAnExtraTerrestrial

    When the bus is super full and you have to keep repeating, "sorry! Excuse me!" And you almost miss your stop
    I _can't_ be the only one!

  • Petronella Limbaugh
    Petronella Limbaugh 11 days ago +1


  • Ivory J
    Ivory J 11 days ago

    Complaining about something u do all the time

  • Liv101 Davis
    Liv101 Davis 12 days ago

    When you get ur socks wet because someone didn’t dry the floor after they finished using the bathroom 😑

  • stephanie charron
    stephanie charron 13 days ago

    When people block the isle at the store! Especially the grocery. It's so unbelievably annoying 😡😠 like how are you so oblivious gaahh 😥

  • Tidda Gürl
    Tidda Gürl 13 days ago

    This guy: 1:33

  • Kitty Mittens
    Kitty Mittens 13 days ago

    When you and your family share one bottle of toothpaste, and SOMEONE applies it so terribly, that it gets crusty all around the nozzle thing

    JD GAMING 14 days ago

    Smacking while chewing

  • Ashirya Singh
    Ashirya Singh 14 days ago

    When people sneeze/cough into the AIR or their HANDS instead of their elbow.

  • Sky and Oliver
    Sky and Oliver 15 days ago

    My pet peeve is when people go in the exit door and go out the entrance door

  • Davis Suggs
    Davis Suggs 15 days ago

    some of these are reasonable but some are just stupid

  • iconic username
    iconic username 15 days ago

    Mine is when I ask someone a question and someone I DIDNT ASK answers it.

  • Awkward ユニコーン

    When people stare at me I’m uncomfortable af

    JEREMIAH 16 days ago

    I hate it when people stop to talk on public walkways. It annoys me so fucking much 🤬

  • Tiara Nelson
    Tiara Nelson 16 days ago

    People who mispronounce my name.

  • Finka Riz
    Finka Riz 16 days ago

    Me, when people singing a song and repeat it again and again and again. Also when my job chat forum is build up by people who talk about work in holiday, or at the time when people already sleep. My boss seems like he never like us having fun in holiday, or rest too early, he never respect people to have family time in Saturday, when we stop reply his chat, he will mad in monday. I'm stressed out lol. I quit soon.

  • Camila Sierra Ordonez
    Camila Sierra Ordonez 16 days ago

    my pet peev: people that are skinny and say that they are fat

  • syd
    syd 16 days ago

    When people want me to not talk during movies

  • Tropic0 4838
    Tropic0 4838 16 days ago

    I hate knees to

  • Anonymous Anonymous
    Anonymous Anonymous 16 days ago


  • Tara Codling
    Tara Codling 16 days ago

    when my flatmates leave the sponge in the sink after washing up rather than letting it dry on the side

  • Roman Maygard
    Roman Maygard 16 days ago

    Cover your knees if your gonna be walking around outside!!!

  • Richard Bottom
    Richard Bottom 17 days ago

    dude at 3:04 hates the irish handcuffs

  • dacika7896
    dacika7896 17 days ago

    1:48 hmm it's called HYGIENE

  • Kristen’s Crazy adventuress

    Just is just me or does 1:30 look like Garrett Clayton from Teen Beach

  • Louie Johannesen
    Louie Johannesen 17 days ago

    1:31 Charlie looks different

  • RainaAstaldo
    RainaAstaldo 17 days ago


  • Samantha Hernandez Pérez

    When people stare at me
    Chewing gum extra loud ( especially when I’m mad)
    When people stink💀😂

  • sleepingArisu
    sleepingArisu 18 days ago

    people who smoke on a go
    i don't want any of your smoke

  • Gae Elle
    Gae Elle 18 days ago

    Chewing with your mouth open like stop

  • Eliana The goat
    Eliana The goat 19 days ago

    Did anyone realize that last one she said when people cut me off and they purposely cut her off?

  • Faith Nelson
    Faith Nelson 19 days ago

    3:32 did they cut her off on accident or just because she said that 😂

  • Mitchell Dietz
    Mitchell Dietz 19 days ago

    When I just got into a car crash and someone comes and complains about the room temperature.

  • Baby Goose
    Baby Goose 19 days ago

    The blinker thing! Yes. It’s BLINKER BEFORE BRAKE!! I can’t stand people who slam on their brakes and then turn their blinker on. Fucking morons.

  • Taylor Miller
    Taylor Miller 19 days ago

    Was the girl at the end supposed to get cut off ? Lol like literally the last video

  • CVCC
    CVCC 19 days ago

    Dude who hates knees, what is your insta?

  • Robin And Snowbell
    Robin And Snowbell 19 days ago

    My biggest ones are
    Touching me
    Singing with headphones on
    Loudly especially
    Facing speakers towards me
    When a song pauses and people still sing

  • brooke holzhauer
    brooke holzhauer 19 days ago

    i have a lot and some of them were in here but i can’t relate to some of them either..i’m 13 so that’s probably why lmfaoo

  • Lucille
    Lucille 20 days ago

    "People who have tons of cat hair on their shirt." BITCH, I can't control that, take it up wth my cat. Seriously, fucking bitch. That is a retarded pet peeve.

  • To Fabulous For U
    To Fabulous For U 20 days ago

    When instead of tapping my shoulder to get my attention my teacher physically pulls my earphone out, pulling my hair and my sensitive earring with it. Oh man that pissed me off

  • That Syrian Guy
    That Syrian Guy 20 days ago

    1:42 Pusha T in the future

  • Aadam Khan
    Aadam Khan 20 days ago

    As if someone said snoring

  • Anime_ ismything
    Anime_ ismything 20 days ago

    “What’s your pet peeve?”
    “pEoPLes KNeEs”

  • Nadia Khami
    Nadia Khami 20 days ago +1

    when people call negative numbers minus numbers e.g. minus six instead of negative six

  • Nothing G.A.Y
    Nothing G.A.Y 20 days ago

    The guy at 1:43 his pet peeve speaks to me and many men on a spiritual level

  • Jeffrey Kassir
    Jeffrey Kassir 20 days ago +1

    I hate it when people don’t get hints.. like if I’m scooting away then DONT move towards me or if I’m not answering.. I DONT WANT TO TALK TO YOU

  • Simone f.
    Simone f. 21 day ago

    the last one 😭😭💀

  • Arantxa
    Arantxa 21 day ago +1

    I absolutely hate it when someone asks you, for example, " Are you coming? " , but they basically answer for you. It's like, why do you ask me a question, expect ME to answer, and then answer your own question?

  • Ashley K
    Ashley K 21 day ago

    My pet peeve is edited comments.

  • depressed star
    depressed star 22 days ago

    Last woman: when people cut me of-
    Cut: ends

  • dane pinder
    dane pinder 22 days ago +1

    when someone leaves piss on the toilet seat

  • SnackPatrol
    SnackPatrol 22 days ago

    Motherfuckers while driving who stop past the white line at a red light and I gotta make a left turn onto their street and have to navigate around their driving shittiness.

  • nadia rose
    nadia rose 23 days ago

    The last one was the best

  • Perfectly Imperfect
    Perfectly Imperfect 23 days ago +1

    When I sneeze and nobody says bless you

  • Sara Flores
    Sara Flores 23 days ago

    2:06 Is Ironic

  • Alex Kramer
    Alex Kramer 24 days ago

    when people shuffle their feet and their shoes make a squeaky noise on cement and only cement (I'm okay with it if is on like wood like a basketball court)

  • Mackoto Quirke (STUDENT)

    Trying to teach a bassist a guitar part is my pet peeve

  • kekemarie 16492
    kekemarie 16492 24 days ago

    He said peoples knees😅😅

  • Jess Bath
    Jess Bath 24 days ago +1

    When people don’t turn the lights off after they have left the room

  • Castiel Winchester
    Castiel Winchester 24 days ago +1

    When you talk to the opposite gender and people assume you guys are dating or like each other

  • Castiel Winchester
    Castiel Winchester 24 days ago

    When I'm smiley and talkative
    Parent: are you in love?

  • Castiel Winchester
    Castiel Winchester 24 days ago

    1. When people whisper
    2. When people don't flush the toilet
    3. Family members enter my room but don't close the door
    4. Sound of pencils writing
    5. People trying to explain a movie
    6. "I can see your bra strap" or "I can see your underwear line"
    7. People interrupting others
    8. People rushing towards me
    9. Loud laughing in public.

  • Jenna Aliza
    Jenna Aliza 25 days ago

    When people smoke around me. I hate it. Unless it's weed because I'm cool with weed.