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Apple - All iPhone Design Film: 2G - X [4K]

  • Published on Dec 8, 2017
  • The complete list of all OFFICIAL iPhone commercials from 2007 to 2017 (from 2G to X).
    The list includes:
    iPhone 2G 0:06
    iPhone 3G 0:37
    iPhone 3GS 1:07
    iPhone 4 1:38
    iPhone 4S 2:41
    iPhone 5 3:13
    iPhone 5C 3:45
    iPhone 5S 4:18
    iPhone 6 | 6+ 4:48
    iPhone 6S | 6S+ 5:56
    iPhone 7 | 7+ 6:48
    iPhone 8 | 8+ 9:08
    iPhone X 9:42
    - and a BONUS iPhone 😂 10:12
    Special Thanks: Apple Inc. & SciX & TehRoflize
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  • Dong Hai STUDIO
    Dong Hai STUDIO  Month ago +60

    Thanks for your support of my AI Assistants Battle video. I was very happy to hear that I speak like a Siri male voice 😂. In case anyone suspect I am Siri, have a look at my TED Talk.

  • Carlo Montes
    Carlo Montes 56 minutes ago

    I love iPhone

  • Jake Mekker
    Jake Mekker 7 hours ago

    8:50 tho

  • the gamer lol
    the gamer lol 7 hours ago

    What the hell you forgot the iphone SE

  • Omar Ahmed
    Omar Ahmed 9 hours ago


  • Armani black
    Armani black 14 hours ago +1

    2019 ifone XR and ifone XS max

  • Tom playz
    Tom playz 15 hours ago


  • Justin Chong
    Justin Chong 20 hours ago

    That’s why I said I love iPhone

  • apolo50
    apolo50 23 hours ago

    Lol it changed after Steve died from a good ad to BUY THIS FRIKEN PHONE!!!!!!

  • Kuba normální kanál

    Nikdo cz???já mám iphone 5s zlatý.

  • بلو سان_ Blue san

    Iphone seX
    Bad idea

  • BlueRazorGaming
    BlueRazorGaming Day ago

    WTF is the last one

  • Иа Иа
    Иа Иа Day ago

  • Taehyunie luvs
    Taehyunie luvs Day ago

    5:14 my iphone

  • nrJ Sandhu
    nrJ Sandhu Day ago

    Where is iphone SE ??

  • DEAMNやまちゃん

    HELLO( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

  • Tysocool 101
    Tysocool 101 Day ago

    I have a iPhone 6s+
    iPhone 7
    iPhone xs

  • Wan Perak
    Wan Perak Day ago

    Iphone only for use samsung😎

  • Berat Emirhan TR

    İphone 5 to LTE ? WHATT

  • Mathew’s Youtube channel

    The iPhone at 10:12 should be foldable😑😂😂

  • Jamal Mehdi-zada

    what about xs and xs mac

  • Nazif Useini
    Nazif Useini 2 days ago

    I like X MAX

  • Maria Chinou
    Maria Chinou 2 days ago +2

    Iphone x: Buy me loot at me im very beautiful!
    Kid:Mum can i get Iphone x?
    Mum : How much it costs?
    Kid : hmmm..... Sorry mum i dont want this!

  • Overhaul
    Overhaul 2 days ago +1

    cringe in the first few minutes

  • Awais Awii
    Awais Awii 2 days ago

    I love iphones

  • Iuguxyx Uffuxu
    Iuguxyx Uffuxu 2 days ago

    Is IPhone 25 a joke

  • 山田知幸
    山田知幸 2 days ago


  • blink only army
    blink only army 3 days ago

    Samsung is better. For the price, you will not be broke and the quality is good

    • Bleach is gud for u
      Bleach is gud for u 2 days ago

      +blink only army sure thing anything else than iphone is better xD

    • blink only army
      blink only army 2 days ago

      +Bleach is gud for u but iphones are more expensive. But your right..huwawri phones are affordable. But i'll choose samsung better

    • Bleach is gud for u
      Bleach is gud for u 2 days ago

      The samsungs have gotten pretty expensive lately. The huawei phones are still pretty affordable and worth it

  • Shadowboy 235
    Shadowboy 235 3 days ago

    I’m about to get an iPhone 8 yay 😁

  • Only Drinks
    Only Drinks 3 days ago +5

    I will stop meaning to buy iPhone 7. I will wait to the iPhone 11

  • andy wesley
    andy wesley 3 days ago

    I have android and iphone Both awesome

  • gui s.
    gui s. 4 days ago

    the capitalism is CRUEL!


    is good honey

  • Nghox Khang
    Nghox Khang 4 days ago

    2:07 which is film it

  • Rîzwàñ 5048
    Rîzwàñ 5048 4 days ago

    Mine iPhone 6S😁😁!!

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    Gomez Rain 4 days ago +1

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  • P y N Nicole y Pabla
    P y N Nicole y Pabla 5 days ago +1

    I do not think anyone will buy the latest iphone, I'm sorry😂

  • Paritosh Kumar
    Paritosh Kumar 5 days ago +5

    iPhone 3Gs back in the old days: I’m the most powerful iPhone yet!!!
    iPhone X: yeah right

  • Paulo Aldiro
    Paulo Aldiro 5 days ago

    Iphone 25 eu gostei

  • Maravillas Cuz
    Maravillas Cuz 6 days ago +5

    My mom:Iphone 6s
    My dad:Iphone 6s
    My brother:Iphone 6plus
    Me:Iphone xr (I saved lots f money for it)

  • Ayeen Yiyin
    Ayeen Yiyin 6 days ago

    iPhone 25??? Isn't true??? Or fake??

  • Amina Raza
    Amina Raza 6 days ago

    you forget iphone SE

  • Amanda Nady
    Amanda Nady 6 days ago

    I Have iPhone 5s

  • Falah Alkhadher
    Falah Alkhadher 6 days ago

    iPhone 2G recording sucks iPhone 10 is the best because the camera is so awesome

  • Falah Alkhadher
    Falah Alkhadher 6 days ago

    You forgot the iPhone SE and the iPhone one

  • leos_pg3d
    leos_pg3d 6 days ago

    No to iphone

  • Rion Elshani
    Rion Elshani 6 days ago

    Where is Iphone 7

  • Rezqa Himbetli
    Rezqa Himbetli 7 days ago

    iPhone x 2017 no 2019

  • nooh way - im back!
    nooh way - im back! 7 days ago

    I remember being mind blown by the iphone 4. It was my dream phone, and i only got it in 2013 hahahah and it was the 4s, but i got the same feeling

  • Seoung hwan Choi
    Seoung hwan Choi 7 days ago

    Plz come back jobs...

  • Seoung hwan Choi
    Seoung hwan Choi 7 days ago

    아이폰4는 진짜 너어어어어~~~~

  • Seoung hwan Choi
    Seoung hwan Choi 7 days ago

    재발 탈모좀 없애 제발좀 어휴

  • Ira Widianty
    Ira Widianty 7 days ago

    Huawei is the winner.

  • Zein Segaf
    Zein Segaf 8 days ago


  • gamernadm 1234
    gamernadm 1234 8 days ago

    10:27 I laughed so hard

  • Skilled Parkour
    Skilled Parkour 8 days ago

    In the add for the iPhone 3G and the s had a crack in the screen

  • Abdul Mamedov
    Abdul Mamedov 8 days ago


  • Rufino Dark
    Rufino Dark 8 days ago +17

    1853: In the future we will have flying car..
    Future : ............. Welp.. We made a shity iphone 25 😂

  • Antonio Alejandro walas boun

    En español Chicos

  • Maximus !
    Maximus ! 8 days ago

    iPhone 3G мой ровесник

  • Maximus !
    Maximus ! 8 days ago

    Моя история iPhone (My iPhones History)
    iPhone 4 2015-----> iPhone 6 2017------> iPhone XS 2019 -----> ????????? 2020

  • lacrosse gaming
    lacrosse gaming 9 days ago

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    ) • (
    ( ^ )

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  • hello my friend youtube

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  • Omar Msangi
    Omar Msangi 10 days ago

    Hahhaha am whatch this in 7plus 😃😃😃😃😃

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    Antoni Akaharnianka 10 days ago

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  • the man
    the man 10 days ago

    Forgot iphone se

  • Alessandro Ghini
    Alessandro Ghini 10 days ago

    blackberry or you love it or hate it. I love it.

  • Arnab Chakraborty
    Arnab Chakraborty 10 days ago

    Where gone I phone 9

  • Joslyn Torres
    Joslyn Torres 11 days ago

    iPhone 25 💀💀💀💀💀😂😂😂😂😂

  • Joslyn Torres
    Joslyn Torres 11 days ago +1

    The iPhone 7 plus JetBlack is better than any of the X iphones

  • Joslyn Torres
    Joslyn Torres 11 days ago

    The iPhone 5s and se are the most beautiful looking phones, yeah the 5 has the same design but the 5s perfected it.

  • Joslyn Torres
    Joslyn Torres 11 days ago

    The iPhone 3G was crap the 3Gs was legendary

    SZERETLEK Dano 11 days ago

    iPhone se???

  • Sarah S.
    Sarah S. 11 days ago

    whose the iPhone se?

    UNKNOWN 11 days ago +1

    My smartphone history:
    iPhone 4s to iPhone 5s to iPhone 6s to Samsung Galaxy S7 to Samsung Galaxy S8 plus... And now S9 Plus

  • Chris Flasinski
    Chris Flasinski 11 days ago

    I think The iPhone 25 od so dumb thats How Tall it is

  • ivckleg hbu m2bienc u iydb2du v2duh 2fihe

    Where is İPhone SE

  • Esra Aksen
    Esra Aksen 11 days ago


  • FLEX1K
    FLEX1K 11 days ago +3

    My iPhones history iPhone 5s - iPhone 6 - iPhone 6s - iPhone 7

  • SHANN 32
    SHANN 32 11 days ago

    Im still using a iphone 6s plus

  • Marcopolo Alcapone
    Marcopolo Alcapone 12 days ago

    I never having iphone

  • Сергей Межевикин

    Кто из России

  • Amir Alhayani
    Amir Alhayani 12 days ago

    I’m still using the iPad mini 2

  • Amir Alhayani
    Amir Alhayani 12 days ago

    Wall I’m using the iPhone 6 trailer as my Ringtone

  • Amir Alhayani
    Amir Alhayani 12 days ago

    My phone 6s si water damaged😫😩😩😢😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  • Amir Alhayani
    Amir Alhayani 12 days ago

    iPhone 5s is made out of gold water 😂😂😂😂😂😆

  • Amir Alhayani
    Amir Alhayani 12 days ago

    Good memories iPhone 2g to iPhone XR

  • Amir Alhayani
    Amir Alhayani 12 days ago

    iPhone 4 is my favorite

  • Lilly Rose
    Lilly Rose 12 days ago

    iPhone 25 looks stupid. Who’s gonna carry that in public

  • CK Gamer
    CK Gamer 12 days ago

    Or iphone 2G

  • Fija Anna
    Fija Anna 12 days ago

    Song 9:57 ?

  • M201
    M201 12 days ago +2

    3:04 oh god siri, whats with your voice?!?!

  • Goar LOVE
    Goar LOVE 12 days ago


  • Nurcan Calis
    Nurcan Calis 13 days ago


  • Lyric Partee Vlogs
    Lyric Partee Vlogs 13 days ago

    You forgot the se

  • Astro
    Astro 13 days ago

    Anderoid is better!

  • Coronex
    Coronex 13 days ago +1

    the iPhone 5 was my favorite iPhone. Second to that is my iPhone Xr. 3rdly My iPhone 6s plus which I used up until Xr's release.
    Upgrading phones should only be required every 3 years... Most innovations aren't even touched on til 3 years minimally. Apple barely changes designs (see iPhone 6s-7-8) and iPhone X was the last major revision of the models.