• Published on Mar 24, 2019
  • It's here!! In love with this car!

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Comments • 2 936

  • jonathon white
    jonathon white Day ago

    Haha he got the same song for his outtro as Lance Stewart has on his intro

  • Caymen Barron
    Caymen Barron Day ago

    The old tanner with Paris and flips was cool

  • CHESSEY games 1
    CHESSEY games 1 Day ago +1

    Hey man my name is kolten isaacson and I’m 13 and I think your an amazing person and I really look up to you, some day I wanna do things you have done and it’d be so awesome to be able to meet you, I wish I was able to though:( and I also love your videos they are so amazing and p.s I miss all the flipping compilations but keep up the good work

  • Tristan Keith
    Tristan Keith 2 days ago

    Hey don’t hydroplane in this car

  • Kian YouTube
    Kian YouTube 5 days ago +1

    Should twin turbo it it’s insane you won’t believe your eyes

  • Ash Macfarlane
    Ash Macfarlane 5 days ago

    tanner vs tanner pt2?

  • Snivvy
    Snivvy 6 days ago


  • Derpyturtle Gaming
    Derpyturtle Gaming 6 days ago

    bruh i cried when he talked about the R8

  • Zeeskake
    Zeeskake 6 days ago

    You should race with tanner fox

  • Tyler Caudill
    Tyler Caudill 7 days ago

    you should buy a old er r8 and do a give away

    • Jay colston
      Jay colston 5 days ago

      Why that's stupid he should keep it

  • AB
    AB 11 days ago


  • Andrew Nance
    Andrew Nance 11 days ago +2

    Hey tanner I’ve been hear since 300k ima og boi and I’ve seen your USclip channel grow and I wanted to tell u congrats for your dream car and I hope you enjoy it I know you will and yeah I just wanted to tell you congrats and my dream car is a Lamborghini to. Edit: I’m really jealous to

  • Roni Olguin
    Roni Olguin 11 days ago

    Wach you crash that lambo so take car of it

  • Marcus P
    Marcus P 11 days ago

    I wouldve did a more popping color

  • Tucker Thomas
    Tucker Thomas 12 days ago

    Rip R8

  • Crist 9334
    Crist 9334 12 days ago +1

    Supercharge or Twin Turbo ur lambo like if u agree

  • Leposava Vucetic
    Leposava Vucetic 13 days ago

    Are you going to get the r8 back

  • braxtonwest 15
    braxtonwest 15 13 days ago +1

    Twin turbo the lamborsquini

  • Connor Rodriguez
    Connor Rodriguez 13 days ago


  • SuperFishingTv 1
    SuperFishingTv 1 14 days ago

    This is a new car video not an R8 funeral

  • SportsKid234
    SportsKid234 14 days ago

    let me buy ur challenger

  • Mr. Pengy
    Mr. Pengy 15 days ago

    iv been watching since the mustang. crazy to see how far you have came

  • Brodie Maclellan
    Brodie Maclellan 15 days ago

    So much better than r8

  • Teegan Placker
    Teegan Placker 16 days ago +1

    I live in Oklahoma

  • rtirdy5
    rtirdy5 16 days ago

    he said he had a dirty spoiler, smh forged carbon 🤦🏿‍♂️

  • Robert Cusick
    Robert Cusick 16 days ago +1

    Its the tanner mobile

  • American Gage Gator Gage

    Bagels should flip over the lambo #tanclan

  • American Gage Gator Gage

    I've been watching since you were doing flips on your sisters bed

  • Macayla Mosher
    Macayla Mosher 17 days ago

    if u crash this the world will probably end

  • Jack Slater
    Jack Slater 17 days ago

    You need to race tanner fox

  • Samantha Schlosser
    Samantha Schlosser 18 days ago

    If you ever buy your mom a lambo you a god

  • William Plunkett
    William Plunkett 18 days ago +1

    Do a zero to 60 in it like if u agree

  • Kevin Ngo
    Kevin Ngo 18 days ago +1

    Is it the bat mobile

  • Alyssa Ticali
    Alyssa Ticali 18 days ago

    he ends up crashing


  • Patrick Johnson
    Patrick Johnson 18 days ago

    I can’t hear shit, BECAUSE THE FUCKING MUSIC lol

  • Patrick Johnson
    Patrick Johnson 18 days ago

    Nissan Altima is still faster

  • Jack Knights.1
    Jack Knights.1 19 days ago

    Where has the lambo gone??

  • lively kitty
    lively kitty 19 days ago

    I literally saw that car in person. I told my mom that I want one like that.

  • Galaxy plu ll
    Galaxy plu ll 19 days ago +1

    holy shit this is sick as fuck

  • x Cazumo
    x Cazumo 19 days ago

    Race Tanner And Rug

  • korean at heart
    korean at heart 19 days ago

    Why do i feel proud that tanner had already bought his dream car

  • Luke Owens
    Luke Owens 20 days ago

    Dude I haven’t watched the channel in so long I need to catch up

  • Manie Delgado
    Manie Delgado 20 days ago


  • Shylynn Deering
    Shylynn Deering 21 day ago

    I like when you show your gramps bc he is always so sweet!

  • Jacobrobertone
    Jacobrobertone 21 day ago

    Meanwhile.. im working my ass off and i can barely afford my 2013 nissan versa😂😂 youtube must pay really freaking good. Or he robbed a bank or something. Lol.

  • Courtney Niemeyer
    Courtney Niemeyer 24 days ago

    is your audi totalled

  • Dawson Beranek
    Dawson Beranek 25 days ago

    bat mobile

  • Ava Pullins
    Ava Pullins 26 days ago

    I still miss his r8😢😢

  • Twitch.tv/urbadlul
    Twitch.tv/urbadlul 26 days ago

    I'm new to your channel tanner

  • chip chip
    chip chip 26 days ago

    Batmobile :screw u dylin

  • Spung Bob
    Spung Bob 27 days ago +3

    Better title “what did I did to my Lambo” 😂

  • Nicholas Karpinsky
    Nicholas Karpinsky 27 days ago

    You get your car back and it’s already black and blue

  • TrubbLe
    TrubbLe 27 days ago

    He lost how good he was in 2016 that's why he's not going up in subscribers but I still luv him

  • Layne Bennett
    Layne Bennett 27 days ago

    Y does Q look look stoned out of his mind

  • Adam Lilley
    Adam Lilley 28 days ago

    RIP R8

  • Brandon Doyle
    Brandon Doyle 28 days ago

    I am so fucken speechless 😃😃😃😃😃😃😍😍😍😍

  • MaguireSM
    MaguireSM 29 days ago

    fake perfermante

  • Dakota Nieman
    Dakota Nieman 29 days ago

    Dude just get over it and post

  • Fudgy Fan
    Fudgy Fan 29 days ago

    The BMW i8 is awsome

  • Outdoor Adventures
    Outdoor Adventures Month ago


  • Outdoor Adventures
    Outdoor Adventures Month ago +1

    I live in fort gibson oklahona

  • Alexander Williams
    Alexander Williams Month ago +4

    i saw his lambo yesterday driving from walmart

    • Fuert Neigt
      Fuert Neigt 19 days ago

      Which Walmart do you guys goto ? The one on East Kellogg?

  • zachary boudreault
    zachary boudreault Month ago

    Next thing you know he’s driving a Bugatti Chiron

  • Daddy Drew
    Daddy Drew Month ago

    U need to get a tinted license plate cover

  • Zartic
    Zartic Month ago +1


  • Not_Kluddet
    Not_Kluddet Month ago

    ur hair looks like tik tok

  • PBX 3
    PBX 3 Month ago

    Guys watch this please usclip.net/video/VBzn296M3Rc/video.html

  • Thomas Fitzell
    Thomas Fitzell Month ago

    Makes another flipping over car video then lambo gets windshield kicked in

  • Austin Balazs
    Austin Balazs Month ago

    Quinton looked baked

  • Cullen McNamara
    Cullen McNamara Month ago +1

    Quentin looks high as hell in this

  • Jacob Maxey
    Jacob Maxey Month ago

    There was a Ford Bronco inside the garage with the lambo. If you see it like this comment

  • Carter Newby
    Carter Newby Month ago

    call it th brapp-mobile

  • Matthew Dunn
    Matthew Dunn Month ago

    Can we get a burnt carpet 2.0

  • TJ Long
    TJ Long Month ago

    Congrats on your success Tanner

  • Spar Tin
    Spar Tin Month ago

    Buy some land in california and register it there for a black and yellow plate

  • oh hell noh
    oh hell noh Month ago

    and you need some skull wheels

  • oh hell noh
    oh hell noh Month ago

    super charge it or twin turbo (sheppyrace)

  • InTeNsE YT
    InTeNsE YT Month ago

    Do a vid with paris reacting to your lambo launch

  • kevinstitt1
    kevinstitt1 Month ago

    If I can suggest something. What you can do is get a massive matte rose on the hood of your lambo. Cause we all know how much you love rose

  • Dylan Chalmers
    Dylan Chalmers Month ago

    @Tanner Braungardt i love the lambo and it's sick but i think car #2 that replaces the current challenger should be a hellcat or a camaro zl1

  • Jeepsterdaddy 37
    Jeepsterdaddy 37 Month ago

    Tulsa Oklahoma! I'm just down the road in Claremore! Cool to finally see a big USclipr in the area

  • tom mather
    tom mather Month ago

    OMG Tanner that is so good, well done in life and in general congratulations

  • Subscribe 2 Me
    Subscribe 2 Me Month ago

    Good job buddy, u deserve it

  • Jackson Crouch
    Jackson Crouch Month ago

    4:50 tbh the ford bronco in the back is nice

  • trulyfizz yt
    trulyfizz yt Month ago

    500 dislikes 😇 The best yt ❤

  • Elijah Freeman
    Elijah Freeman Month ago

    Can I remix this for the family friendly fans! It needs to be 100%.Please!Please!

  • Logan Barnett _91
    Logan Barnett _91 Month ago

    Why didn't you wrap it like they R8

  • Fish Slayers
    Fish Slayers Month ago

    No offense but you should have wrapped the Lamborghini rose gold like the R8

  • Drake Millard
    Drake Millard Month ago

    Next video?????

  • beauty101 hi
    beauty101 hi Month ago

    i’m so happy u got a lamborghini go bro you’ve been wanting this so long and deserve everything you have

  • beauty101 hi
    beauty101 hi Month ago

    i miss you so much tanner your videos used to make my days so much better and now your gone

  • MOBN Elixir
    MOBN Elixir Month ago +1

    I miss the old tenur, flips tramplsteen, lambersqueenie, hide and seek.

  • faze sphynx
    faze sphynx Month ago

    It looks li,e a Sesto elemento

  • Ludvig Norwegian
    Ludvig Norwegian Month ago

    Twin turbo it or supercharge.

  • JL Vlogs
    JL Vlogs Month ago

    Nice Lamborskwini

  • FaZe Beastxx
    FaZe Beastxx Month ago

    Are you still gay

  • laylaplaysroblox 123

    Hey tanner whey do you never cover your number plate because idk if this is true actually never mind your a lot older that me I'm only ten your like uhhhh last time I remember u WS when you was 18 or 17 one or the other bye tanner love yah and yah view bye

  • king Redus
    king Redus Month ago

    I miss old tanner🤧

  • Jack Del Buono
    Jack Del Buono Month ago


  • Aiden McFerson
    Aiden McFerson Month ago

    who else lives in Kansas and experienced the weather today and is waiting for him to make a vid on it