• Published on Mar 24, 2019
  • It's here!! In love with this car!

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    Tulsa Detail

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Comments • 2 788

  • Declan Brown
    Declan Brown 4 hours ago

    Why mat black?

  • Ryan Collins
    Ryan Collins 5 hours ago

    Do you still have the r8

  • FilmWithTheron
    FilmWithTheron 11 hours ago

    Crazy how he got famous over doing trampoline tricks lol

  • Tyler Ankrom
    Tyler Ankrom 13 hours ago

    I wrecked my car Friday night😭. I wish I had the money to buy another one.

    HARI VLOGS Day ago


  • Madison Shaw
    Madison Shaw Day ago

    Is your spoiler supposed to look like dirt is on it

  • Henry Nitz
    Henry Nitz Day ago

    Tanner you help me get through the sickness because I’m sick

  • Muhammed Rahmaan Essop

    whats happening nowadays coz u not making that much youtube videos anymore

  • Axe Masters Texas
    Axe Masters Texas 2 days ago

    TANNER I have a license plate idea


  • Kuba freestyle fc
    Kuba freestyle fc 2 days ago

    I’m happy for you

  • Stephenson Boys Productions

    Go back to Paris house

  • REX_Hyper 12365
    REX_Hyper 12365 3 days ago

    Ur dream car is a Lamborghini and u bought a r8

  • Zero Cool
    Zero Cool 4 days ago

    my guy holds the steering wheel with one hand and shifts. He def wants to crash again

  • Alex Sherr
    Alex Sherr 4 days ago

    Is he gonna post sometime soon

  • Tiffany Marsh
    Tiffany Marsh 4 days ago

    That Lamborghini is sexy

  • nathan Burns
    nathan Burns 5 days ago

    Why don't you get a black and yellow licenseplat

  • XLG Vlogs
    XLG Vlogs 5 days ago

    You should have made the calibers black

  • Eivind Rue
    Eivind Rue 5 days ago

    you need to lower it!!!

  • xImSauxy
    xImSauxy 6 days ago

    Ummm I live in Tulsa Oklahoma 💀💀

  • Ned Glascott
    Ned Glascott 6 days ago

    Your dogs are going to scratch your car

  • PackersNationChris
    PackersNationChris 6 days ago

    Need new rims ma boi

  • Kemp Edge
    Kemp Edge 6 days ago

    Just came back from the old 2016 clips and damn I miss tanner and the old shenanigans #itaintmyfault

  • Fam0us. Kay
    Fam0us. Kay 6 days ago +1

    I’ve been watching you for 13 years 😍❤️

    • SHIFTY
      SHIFTY 2 days ago

      That’s impossible he joined USclip on 2011

  • Bronwyn Smith
    Bronwyn Smith 6 days ago

    I haven’t watched your vids in a while and lamborscuini brings back memory’s

  • Sebastian Zavala
    Sebastian Zavala 6 days ago

    You got a small wing

  • Connor Sparks
    Connor Sparks 6 days ago

    He should get a custom emblem on it instead of it saying Lamborghini it should say lamborsquini

  • John Dofeliz
    John Dofeliz 7 days ago

    Supercharge it Next Tanner, that will be fun

  • Varonvan Yt
    Varonvan Yt 7 days ago

    Who misses the old tanner when he used to flip 😭 and Paris and all the challenges this dude inspired so many people to flip including me love you tanner😭

  • Robert HD
    Robert HD 7 days ago

    When’s it getting Supercharged and crashed??? 6 months max

  • Filip Milicevic
    Filip Milicevic 7 days ago +12

    I miss Tanner videos with Paris, hiding and seek videos and flips

  • Eli Peabody
    Eli Peabody 7 days ago

    What is going to be the 20 year car??????

  • The Crystal_G
    The Crystal_G 7 days ago

    It's not the bat mobile, it's the tan mobile

  • Bobbijo Perry
    Bobbijo Perry 8 days ago +2

    0 to 60 in like 2.5 seconds your insane

  • Peyton Newgent
    Peyton Newgent 8 days ago

    He's Batman know

  • Giselle Elizabeth Gillim

    Yo, I am new sooooooooooo (;

  • Jdawg5869_YT Fortnite

    He tanner my dad has a stock 2019 GTR should he put an exhaust on it??

  • Hippity_Hoppity DE
    Hippity_Hoppity DE 8 days ago

    This video was good

  • yugioh master
    yugioh master 8 days ago

    You know you could have gotten divorcedDiner body kit that would look absolutely amazing on your lambo

  • Jpro11
    Jpro11 9 days ago

    Why don’t you widebody it

  • Brent Hilliard
    Brent Hilliard 10 days ago

    Looked better stock

  • Shenanigan Broz
    Shenanigan Broz 10 days ago

    You should get a boosted board

  • Michael Nance
    Michael Nance 11 days ago

    Only og people remember the mustang

  • Michael Nance
    Michael Nance 11 days ago

    I miss the Audi

  • Patricia Giesen
    Patricia Giesen 11 days ago

    Guys if i van drive in that car i wil die

  • bobtag75 bobtag75
    bobtag75 bobtag75 12 days ago

    you should off got west cost customs

  • Nick Haviland
    Nick Haviland 12 days ago

    *crashes car*

  • bob linger
    bob linger 12 days ago

    get tire letters

  • andrew hurst
    andrew hurst 12 days ago

    Didn’t get the notification but this was on my bday

  • gameing monster
    gameing monster 12 days ago

    The name should be the Black bullet

    CK DOES STUFF 12 days ago

    sorry but ha you consistant

  • Hyper_ Dino
    Hyper_ Dino 12 days ago

    Get the butterfly wings

  • XxdripxX 31
    XxdripxX 31 12 days ago

    My you tube channel is XxdripxX

  • XxdripxX 31
    XxdripxX 31 12 days ago

    Tanner what about your dad?

  • Keelie Lewis
    Keelie Lewis 13 days ago

    I love the Lambo ever more now!

  • The Sargent
    The Sargent 13 days ago

    Thought I was watching bcc when the music started

  • The Sargent
    The Sargent 13 days ago


  • Cole Hooper
    Cole Hooper 13 days ago

    Now it is time for the superchargw

  • Oliver
    Oliver 13 days ago

    watching this video make me not afraid to speeding more than 70 km/h anymore. Anyways, just stay safe while driving.

  • Levi Jack
    Levi Jack 13 days ago

    I am now on watching your videos

  • Allyson Devenish
    Allyson Devenish 14 days ago

    Is it just me our has Quinton gotton a little bit chubby.

  • clay turtle
    clay turtle 14 days ago +1

    Everyone else has to work for what they have but he just gets it handed to him And everybody's tired of it.

    • Keelie Lewis
      Keelie Lewis 13 days ago

      clay turtle no he has worked hard for his money and payed for this car with his money! So stop being jealous and learn how to work hard for your money.

  • clay turtle
    clay turtle 14 days ago +1

    I hate snobby rich kids

  • Fly Peanut's Channel
    Fly Peanut's Channel 14 days ago

    Dude you just drove by my in town on Kelly st. Nice car.

    • Fly Peanut's Channel
      Fly Peanut's Channel 14 days ago

      That's funny I hope it's not my dad on Custer lane that keeps calling you out. Also I grew up on thunder road good place for pics and videos

  • sabby matters
    sabby matters 14 days ago

    you have the absolute best most supportive mom in the world. watching her share in your excitement is so touching

  • Matthew Lemire
    Matthew Lemire 14 days ago

    Anyone else sad he doesn’t do flips anymore that’s where his Channel originated from with all his tutorials and all the fails it’s kinda sad😪

  • Cole A
    Cole A 14 days ago +1

    Speed limit?
    Screw it😄

  • Ln By
    Ln By 15 days ago

    Why does look Bulletproof

  • Salman 123
    Salman 123 15 days ago

    at least blure the number plate

  • Vhutshilo Tshisevhe
    Vhutshilo Tshisevhe 15 days ago


  • Flipping Kraken
    Flipping Kraken 15 days ago

    Night fury! Get down! 😂

  • WIgga waggaLL
    WIgga waggaLL 15 days ago +1

    2:57 rip Audi

  • WIgga waggaLL
    WIgga waggaLL 15 days ago +1

    1:31 I was dying laughing 😂

  • WIgga waggaLL
    WIgga waggaLL 15 days ago +1

    0:25 Is my screen the only one that’s blurry?

  • American gamer 2017
    American gamer 2017 15 days ago

    It is the bat mobile

  • Alyse Fritz
    Alyse Fritz 16 days ago +2

    Who misses the old P.O. Box openings

  • Norma Rivas
    Norma Rivas 16 days ago

    I love you tanner keep posting more

  • Nathan Vlogs
    Nathan Vlogs 16 days ago

    Race tanner fox again

  • Jaxon Highbarger
    Jaxon Highbarger 16 days ago

    I think u might know my brother he lives in agusta...

  • Harley Mayer
    Harley Mayer 16 days ago

    Love the mat black!!!!!❤️

  • The X Bros
    The X Bros 17 days ago

    Every God damm youtuber has a Lamborghini

  • Jael Veniegas
    Jael Veniegas 17 days ago

    Yo did you remember the kid that drew on your R8

  • Octa TKB
    Octa TKB 17 days ago

    exactly like i'd want all my cars took it right out of mah head

  • AT
    AT 17 days ago

    Sexy ass car 😍😍😍

  • C a l i f o r n i a
    C a l i f o r n i a 17 days ago

    Why do people even argue European cars aren’t the best nothing comes close

  • Ethan Hanlon
    Ethan Hanlon 17 days ago


  • Paige Smith 21
    Paige Smith 21 17 days ago +1

    I like you so much

  • Paige Smith 21
    Paige Smith 21 17 days ago +1

    I'm gonna send you fan mail tomorrow

  • DanThe 69th
    DanThe 69th 17 days ago

    I’m wearing that merch rn

  • slobb Tv
    slobb Tv 17 days ago

    Dude plz upload more I’ve been watching sense 2014 and your vines in 2013 plz your my fav youtuber

  • slobb Tv
    slobb Tv 17 days ago

    Holy shit

  • Steven MartinVlogs
    Steven MartinVlogs 17 days ago


  • 7homas 0wen
    7homas 0wen 18 days ago

    Looked better without being fully blocked out.

  • That one GOD
    That one GOD 18 days ago


  • mrpickleman 5
    mrpickleman 5 18 days ago

    You should put a rose gold rose on the roof

    SLAPPIEZ 18 days ago

    Last time I watched a vid was in 2016

  • ItsMumble
    ItsMumble 18 days ago

    bro i live 15min from tulsa what

  • EnTrent Gaming
    EnTrent Gaming 18 days ago

    10:23 I thought I was watching bcc

  • Celsey Hr
    Celsey Hr 18 days ago

    Why is quinten being such a dick

    BRAEDEN CHAPMAN 18 days ago


  • Tyler Funk
    Tyler Funk 19 days ago

    Congrats dude this is insane! Car turned out amazing