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  • Published on Apr 11, 2017
  • Even with today's knowledge and technologies, some things just CAN'T BE EXPLAINED. Sapphire sheds light on supernatural tales of true crime and unsolved mysteries that have us shaking our heads and hiding behind the covers. Want to hear something scary?
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    SNARLED  2 years ago +3974

    What is you favorite story from Something Scary Vol 2?

    • JD Vaughn
      JD Vaughn 3 days ago

      The elevator game. I don't like elevators, I'm _extremely_ claustrophobic, and elevators make me feel anxious. I also believe in, and hate, the ideas of alternate dimensions. I don't feel comfortable in places I don't know. It's weird, I know, but... yeah.. (Also, sorry if this reply is posted twice. My iPad is glitchy -w-)

    • Raffle V
      Raffle V 2 months ago


    • Sweetcandie 11
      Sweetcandie 11 2 months ago

      Thė ėłėvætør gåmę.

    • Melissa Torres
      Melissa Torres 2 months ago

      Every thing i love somthing acary

    • Idk Idk
      Idk Idk 3 months ago

      Snarled this is not a game

  • Sali Ceesay
    Sali Ceesay 31 minute ago +1

    If I saw someone in a room I was about to run into I would be like"You're too slow!" Sonic speed! You usually have a gut feeling about that kind of stuff.(Or maybe it's just me). Press the like button you think you would react the same or similarly.

  • Shalimar Cha
    Shalimar Cha 3 hours ago

    thay can be defeated by Christ and his the only one who can save everybody from going to hell and believed me fir what i say and if Christ Jesus is in you you will be nayeon unstoppable

    UMMBRELLA COPR 10 hours ago

    Sven what ..................... pewdiepie anyone?

  • Kaito Yang
    Kaito Yang 12 hours ago

    Oh thanks for teaching me something about my tribe now I think I'll never go to arizona ever now (navajo resort in arizona)

  • Wyatt Gubersky
    Wyatt Gubersky 15 hours ago

    I’m from the future and sven is a doggo from minecraft (pewdipie’s dog) woooooosh

  • Paula Nichols
    Paula Nichols 18 hours ago

    Walkers are not real just fake all your videos are fake

  • Angel Zaragoza
    Angel Zaragoza 18 hours ago

    Trey😰: ANGEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Angel😱: OH SHIT
    *Finds the lady from the elevator game*
    Trey😱: *Punches the shit out of elevator buttons and somehow hit the right order of buttons*

  • Just Richard
    Just Richard Day ago

    in chapter 13 squint ur eyes as hard as u can

  • nizar boukhari
    nizar boukhari Day ago

    You doomed us all😡😡😡you will pay for this in 3 days 👹👹👹👹👹

  • Bhonzzz
    Bhonzzz Day ago +1

    11:43 *WHAT!!!!*

  • Mary Elizabeth Schuur-Lussier

    As soon as they said hotel I was like...
    Imagine if it turned out to be Elisa Lam
    “A young women named Elisa Lam”
    Nope nope nope
    I already hate hotels from this

  • Dallon Floyd
    Dallon Floyd 2 days ago

    Wait skinwalkers absorb your soul and body? KAMUI

  • Tina 2019
    Tina 2019 2 days ago

    *28 STAB WOUNDS*

  • Go_Root13
    Go_Root13 2 days ago

    did she say Sven?? Pewdiepies Minecraft dog!

  • September 02
    September 02 2 days ago

    there were no kids named Sven...

    that’s because Sven is a wolf 😱

    ACE RABBIT 2 days ago

    My mom was caught in a glitch from the matrix when we were driving home but when we got back home my cousin dropped off her keys but how did we drive home without any keys

    BABY BEAR 2 days ago

    Did you actually play the elevator game sweet as suga?!?

    BABY BEAR 2 days ago

    I love your videos!!!:)

  • Tlia Tc
    Tlia Tc 3 days ago

    ¡ -¡-@¡!@

  • Justine Njeim
    Justine Njeim 3 days ago

    3:43 what’s wrong with her hand?

  • Sam Bunnita
    Sam Bunnita 3 days ago

    1 like for all the grandmas out there❤

  • snyder arias
    snyder arias 3 days ago +1


  • stephanie almaguer
    stephanie almaguer 3 days ago

    Snarlad instead of warning us you're telling us to play the eleveder game

    BRØKEN DØLL 3 days ago


  • mr razngab
    mr razngab 4 days ago

    Sven the dog?

  • Jordan Schmeichel
    Jordan Schmeichel 4 days ago +2

    Baby's playing with pewdiepie dog

  • Jenni Games
    Jenni Games 4 days ago +1

    Me and my bro:
    DOG going to the door woof woof woof woof
    Me: opening the door there's nothing gets shocked OMG gets bible and cross holy water sits in the closet NO YOU ARE NOT REAL

  • Sem Tempo Irmão
    Sem Tempo Irmão 4 days ago +2

    Actually, Sven is pewdiepie's minecraft dog

  • Secseed
    Secseed 4 days ago

    Yo can I skin walker y’all control of my mind I want to hurt someoek I just don’t have the guts to do it

  • Omg Its Nika!
    Omg Its Nika! 4 days ago +1

    Dont look at her dont talk to her he is...


  • Blue_RoseCX 2006
    Blue_RoseCX 2006 4 days ago

    My friend is native american and they say they can not whistle at night and that they run fast and will scare u to death it happened to their mother and she survived

  • Cute Creeper
    Cute Creeper 5 days ago

    Me:*Eats Chicken Nuggs*

    *Hears Sapphire say Korean website*


  • Gacha_Amy
    Gacha_Amy 5 days ago +2

    My rules
    No rules
    My school rules
    *Don't eat*
    *Don't drink*
    *Don't breathe*
    *Don't exist*
    *Anything you will not do from the above rules we will spank you with our belt*

  • didashine96
    didashine96 5 days ago

    I’m a Navajo and I have heard some stories about skin walkers. 😱

  • TheBlackWolfsSoul62
    TheBlackWolfsSoul62 5 days ago

    She _winked_ , huh? 😏

  • kiwi.uwu걍
    kiwi.uwu걍 6 days ago +1

    11:43 :O SvEn iS alSo hEr frenD (pwede reference)

  • Danielle Mae
    Danielle Mae 6 days ago

    But when we will go back to the lobby but it go to the 13 floor

  • Danielle Mae
    Danielle Mae 6 days ago

    Nothing happend

  • Danielle Mae
    Danielle Mae 6 days ago

    I already tried the elevator game with my cousins we are all 6

  • Beatri •• Luna •• Games

    I don't think i'm gonna sleep good tonight 😥

    Me at 12 pm going to sleep:😐 *hears a noise* 😶 😖

    Me at 2 am: 😳

  • Peterzacky33 MEN
    Peterzacky33 MEN 7 days ago


  • Quinn
    Quinn 7 days ago +1


  • Quinn
    Quinn 7 days ago

    314 = pie

  • Sky_plau z
    Sky_plau z 8 days ago

    Wow a skinwalkers now I live in az so now I might not sleep

  • Vaishali Sharma
    Vaishali Sharma 9 days ago

    what do you mean that the elevator girl acted weirdly she was talking to a girl

  • thuglife gamer
    thuglife gamer 9 days ago +1

    11:48 who's sven
    Girl:pewdiepie's dog

  • i love chaeyoung so much

    shane dawson NEEDS to see this

  • Rayne Laughy
    Rayne Laughy 10 days ago

    i believe skin walkers are real. there is a local story of the hawk lady where i live, she is a weak wich who doesnt know how to complete the spell to become the animal itself so she wanders threw the forest looking for people t help her finish the spell. Shes horble and will drag you away to who knows where if you cant tell her how to become a true skin walker.

  • Matulu Ulu
    Matulu Ulu 10 days ago


  • ChocoDaLil Weirdo
    ChocoDaLil Weirdo 10 days ago

    Sometimes if you hear tapping noises DONT look outside it just might be...a skin walker

  • Kangaroo foot
    Kangaroo foot 10 days ago

    numerous stab wounds

    more like
    28 stab wounds!!!


    6ix9ine likey

  • Karol Chama
    Karol Chama 10 days ago +1

    “Did time stop or was it just slow.”

    So a few weeks ago I was playing with my friend Valerie I was getting a lot of alarms for times some for 1:36 or 8:24.
    But I first noticed that time was passing so fast that I barely noticed it but when I looked at the time it was 4:43. When me and Valerie first started playing together it was 3:53 I never knew what was happening but after that strange event hours felt like a minute seconds felt like NOTHING. This loop of time was stuck minutes,sencond,hours. I woke up.......I don’t have a friend named Valerie.....

  • The Player
    The Player 11 days ago

    God did not make 2 worlds so the elevator game is fake.

  • Lorin Lerma
    Lorin Lerma 11 days ago +1

    Sven, Pewdiepie's dog????

  • Gacha Sam
    Gacha Sam 11 days ago


  • Dian Pol
    Dian Pol 11 days ago

    Who’s sven me: pewds dog

  • Dian Pol
    Dian Pol 11 days ago

    Fact:scream DEUS VULT

  • Kiira Rani
    Kiira Rani 12 days ago +1

    Just her head floating in the screen

  • drb55777
    drb55777 12 days ago

    Helk nah I ain’t talking about that thing that turns into puppies

    • drb55777
      drb55777 12 days ago

      It’s cringe I don’t know wat I’m saying

  • Panda
    Panda 12 days ago

    *starts talking about skinwalkers and the Navajo Nation*
    Me- im part of the navajo nation...
    *starts hearing the dogs barking*
    Me- crap....

  • •Cloudy Teardrops•

    My mom is Native American so I’m Native American, well half Native American.. When I was watching this video and It said stuff about the Yee Naldlooshii, I went to my mom and said “Mama, do you know the Yee NaldloOo- uh.. idk how to say i-“ But my mom cuts me off by saying, “Yee Naaldlooshii?” I was shocked... So then I said “Is it real?” My mom nodded yes...
    I’m going to tell my grandma next to see if my mom was listening to my video and was trying to scare me, or if the skin walker is actually real...

  • Secret Alford
    Secret Alford 13 days ago

    My doll just moved here from to me ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh 😨😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

  • Secret Alford
    Secret Alford 13 days ago

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhh 😱😱😱😱😱😱😫😫😫😫😫😫

  • Mani Mon
    Mani Mon 13 days ago +1

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    You wanna hear somethi
    You wanna hear somethin
    You wanna hear something
    You wanna hear something s
    You wanna hear something sc
    You wanna hear something sca
    You wanna hear something scar
    you wanna hear something scary

  • Shane Dragon1
    Shane Dragon1 14 days ago

    She wink at him funny but scary.

  • Elizabeth Bernal
    Elizabeth Bernal 14 days ago

    I believe in skinwalkers

  • matthew connolly
    matthew connolly 14 days ago

    i like dis

  • Lilcrud
    Lilcrud 14 days ago

    Pewds' dog sven

  • Dark Scootaloo
    Dark Scootaloo 14 days ago

    Something about speaking of skinwalkers?
    And uh-
    Hey, why is volume 3 taking so long?

  • Cherry with cherries ;b

    There’s a real video of the girl found in the water tank

    And yes o wait u Gus have the video😁🤣

  • Purple's Studio
    Purple's Studio 15 days ago

    And thats why I live in a house with *one* room.

  • OneEyedLiger
    OneEyedLiger 15 days ago

    What the Hell...this channel b givin me chills 😈

  • hope is hate
    hope is hate 15 days ago

    In the Navajo language your not supposed to talk about the skin Walker or supposed to say it out loud I know because I'm full navajo and my grandpa is a prayer man

    • hope is hate
      hope is hate 15 days ago

      Well mostly

    • hope is hate
      hope is hate 15 days ago

      Plus what she said Is true the skin Walker used to be good but they turn against us

  • occasional otaku
    occasional otaku 15 days ago

    I live near fullerton..

  • Demi Asmr
    Demi Asmr 16 days ago +1

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  • Kaylee Morgan
    Kaylee Morgan 16 days ago

    ... boi this crap is scary 😳

  • Reyoto gaming
    Reyoto gaming 16 days ago


  • mae
    mae 16 days ago

    I’ve got a real scary story that my friend told me happened to her:
    So my friend (let’s call her h) was playing charades with her family and it was just females in the house because all the males were out. After a few rounds of charades h’s younger cousin (who was about 4) pointed at the corner of the room and said
    “What’s the man in the corner pretending to be?”
    As I told you it was all females in the house as the males went out. H decided to ask
    “What does he look like?”
    Her little cousin said:
    “He’s right there can’t you see him?”
    Right after h’s little cousin started to cry and said:
    “His smile it’s so scary!”
    Then she screamed: “There’s blood coming out of his mouth!”
    After this their whole family just shrugged it off as her just playing around because H’s little cousin watched a lot of TV.
    H told me that her parents told her that a similar thing happened when H was little...

  • Cole Christides 2
    Cole Christides 2 16 days ago

    The scariest thing that happened to me was I was sleeping and woke up went to the toilet and bam there was nothing but.... Oh God..... this is scary....... nothing but the toilet so that means I pissed in my bed and was sleeping in the toilet!!

    It’s a joke obviously Oh my god you rally though it was real

  • Andres Martinez
    Andres Martinez 17 days ago

    It's like cat in the hat 😂

  • Saga Åkesson
    Saga Åkesson 17 days ago

    wanna hear something scary?

    student loans

    IBREATHEforDAEHWI 17 days ago +1

    WiNkEd. Lol she winked. 🤣🤣🤣

  • Elvia Rebecca
    Elvia Rebecca 17 days ago

    Form the the video tape of the witch

  • Elvia Rebecca
    Elvia Rebecca 17 days ago

    are you guys still alive

  • Autumn Russell
    Autumn Russell 17 days ago +2

    I l
    I lo
    I lov
    I love

    You think id spend so much time to do that??? It was I love Sapphire and her stories

  • A&B Music
    A&B Music 18 days ago +2

    I believed Skinwalkers are real but if you want to see them be careful what you wish for

  • The demon hiding in your closet

    6:34 I don't wanna go please I don't wanna go

  • Perlita Fernandez
    Perlita Fernandez 18 days ago

    Cause I was like baby baby baby oohh

  • Becky Wilson
    Becky Wilson 19 days ago +1

    U should make one for momo

  • Sophia Rhoden
    Sophia Rhoden 19 days ago

    i used to live orange..................

  • Hah Ah
    Hah Ah 19 days ago

    i should be watching hunter X hunter but i cant stop watching this

  • Sita Ganesh
    Sita Ganesh 19 days ago

    if the demon wakes up with you go back to sleep and maybe the demon will go back to sleep

  • Melissa Mccormick
    Melissa Mccormick 19 days ago

    In the story of that little girl with "Sven", and when she got that exorcism, her face looked like she was saying: "Da foik"

  • Ward Monster
    Ward Monster 19 days ago

    Do NOT play the elavator game its real

  • Ward Monster
    Ward Monster 19 days ago

    They are real

  • I’m Canadian
    I’m Canadian 19 days ago +3

    Omg the shadow woman, I love how the grandma warns him
    So cute and nice ❤️ ❤️

  • Silvie Jackson
    Silvie Jackson 19 days ago

    Listen up their's is a very old legend but I don't know how l remember it. This is the most common ghost of the school. Along time ago we were under lockdown but none of the others knew what is happening we heard a high level scream each of us had a different story to say here's mine .I felt like something pulled me out of my body and a tall woman who was white started throughing herself at me
    , but it stopped I started being put in my body. Others so a red some see rotting bodies that are somehow living. This story was hard to talk about.

  • XDGrim Human
    XDGrim Human 19 days ago

    and it was looking at me