Man's Racist Tirade Caught On Tape | The View


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  • Rita Johnson
    Rita Johnson 6 days ago

    she is a idiot!!!!! she wears a ethnic t -shirt then complains because she got a reaction!!! then don't wear it!!!!!! people are going to notice it on you! you are fat enough!!!!!!!

  • Rita Johnson
    Rita Johnson 6 days ago

    apparently she would not even think of wearing an american t- shirt that says american on it!!! it is not good enough for her!!! why don't she just go back to Puerto Rico?!!!! what's left of it!

  • maravalplayboy
    maravalplayboy 7 days ago

    My God..this panel sucks.

  • Sam Adams
    Sam Adams 14 days ago

    It wasn’t a racist rant it was an ASSAULT... Verbal and physical.

  • Adam
    Adam 16 days ago

    Deport that fucking man

  • Paulie Smrt
    Paulie Smrt 16 days ago

    Good look for Sunny

  • Crazy Crazy World
    Crazy Crazy World 17 days ago

    Is it racist when a Black Cop beats a White guy?

  • Ilovenorcal
    Ilovenorcal 18 days ago

    Of course it ends with a Trump comment

  • haudace
    haudace 19 days ago

    i dont think it was racist - it was just ignorant!

  • HerSupreme
    HerSupreme 19 days ago

    Megan is ALWAYS silent when races issues come up. Interesting

  • HerSupreme
    HerSupreme 19 days ago

    Sunny looks awesome!!

  • Dr Downtime
    Dr Downtime 20 days ago

    Ah yes some more mass media race baiting. That’s what we need.

  • Thelangel
    Thelangel 20 days ago

    Joy 😂😂😂😂

  • Andrea Mcintear
    Andrea Mcintear 21 day ago

    Nothing like an old fool.

  • Wayne Dooley
    Wayne Dooley 25 days ago

    Meghan McCains' silence is deafening.

  • Beverly Hills
    Beverly Hills 26 days ago

    What is it about racists that they just REFUSE to live thier lives and NOT be nosey.
    I mean it's like they go out of thier way to botherrrrr people.
    Like they don't have lives?
    I mean if you hate other humans, fine. Whatever floats your boat man
    But why do you worry about other people so much
    Look at any racist video on youtube, they are ALWAYS being nosey worried about the next person.
    They must be miserable.
    To all the racist: *pleasee answer* this serious question: Why don't you enjoy to mind your own business???
    I want answers

    • Pattie Bell
      Pattie Bell 15 days ago

      They do it because if you hate a person who you don't even know that much you can't bear to see them free and enjoying life. They can't help it because the loathing runs deep.
      Those are the Racists without power and influence get in your face. Those in politics put policies that harm, discriminate, putting people of colour at a serious disadvantage and with the police make it easy for racist to join and kill without consequences.
      This type of racism may be hurtful but it doesn't compare to racism that occurs in courts, board rooms and class rooms

  • izeldin osman
    izeldin osman 26 days ago

    I really wondering y the fucking white cop kept away !!

  • The Scoop!
    The Scoop! 27 days ago

    Did they fire that cop for not doing anything?

  • Welfare Queen
    Welfare Queen 27 days ago

    I sneaked into U.S.A because of Democrats. Working is for stupid people! Gracias

  • Jameson Jones
    Jameson Jones 27 days ago

    Silence speaks volumes & Meghans silence said it all! Smh why is she even on the panel?

  • J P
    J P 27 days ago +1

    Make America great again?? When was it ever great? Slaves? Racism? Discrimination? Smh people need to change their minds

  • Liu Chan
    Liu Chan 27 days ago

    So what?? U dont find any real news??? :D lol

  • Liu Chan
    Liu Chan 27 days ago

    So what?? U dont find any real news??? :D lol

  • john costello
    john costello 27 days ago

    Sure cry for police to help when you want or need them, but other times they are racist killers lol

  • Brian Peters
    Brian Peters 27 days ago

    Blah blah blah whoopi just shut up and sunny also

  • James Baldwin
    James Baldwin 27 days ago

    Whoopi, we teach geography in schools. Some people also teach racism at home.

  • kangie luna
    kangie luna 27 days ago

    I wish one day Meghan McCain uses the same passion she use when she talked about guns to talk about human issues!

  • Pen Meister
    Pen Meister 27 days ago

    immigration fatigue-- temporary loss of self censorship after excessive exposure to brown people

  • Alicia Rice
    Alicia Rice 28 days ago

    Funny...if you pay attention to geography like Whoopi said Puerto Rico is considered part of the USA....hes an idiot. Nobody can take your power from you unless you let them, never (as best you can) let someone bring you out of character.

  • Kenneth Jara
    Kenneth Jara 28 days ago

    are you an American citizen? Well considering yall invaded native land hundreds of years ago, you're an illegal too!

  • Sandy g.
    Sandy g. 28 days ago

    Puerto Rico is u.s. territory though. 😑😑😑wwwooowww it’s sad how dumb people are here.

  • Jeremy Roberts
    Jeremy Roberts 28 days ago

    The officer!! What the heck!!

  • Titanium neck
    Titanium neck 28 days ago

    f esau look it up

  • Eguzzisme
    Eguzzisme 28 days ago +2

    This idiot doesn’t even realize that Puerto Rican’s are Americans. Also, if that was a black guy who was yelling at a white woman, he’d be on the ground in handcuffs! That cop deserves to be fired!

  • TheJergard
    TheJergard 28 days ago

    They do not KNOW that Porto Rico is a territory of the US .... what they BELIVE is not right. And knowledge is lacking.

  • MrMferg240
    MrMferg240 28 days ago

    never on the view have i seen a racists tape that involved black racism on white people. oh, that's right my bad. black people cant be racists.

  • denike
    denike 28 days ago

    Goes to show that Trump supporters are nothing but a uneducated deplorables

  • Bolsheviki
    Bolsheviki 28 days ago

    The SCOTUS ruled in 2005 that police have no constitutional duty to protect any US (or non US) civilians. Cops are a worthless gang of attack dogs for the rich; guarding private property is their only purpose. FTP

  • C W
    C W 28 days ago

    this show is racist

  • laodicea777
    laodicea777 28 days ago

    can we just agree that white people are bad in their souls....

  • C B Taylor
    C B Taylor 29 days ago

    Joy has the best idea and just boot Meghan off the show she goes silent when racism is mentioned and proven

  • im ixALF1ug
    im ixALF1ug 29 days ago +1

    For blacks who face discrimination
    1.) Record situation and don't be too aggressive
    2.) Post on social media and contact news outlets such as fox, cnn, abc etc
    3.) Find programs that benefit you like naacp and Sue
    This will get rid of racist whites who infect our country

  • DC R
    DC R 29 days ago

    Disorderly conduct is breaking the law that police officer ignored his duty...... PERIOD

    LIBERATION UNIT 29 days ago

    Our kids aren't taught states and capitals, let alone U.S. Territories

  • rahul kumar
    rahul kumar 29 days ago

    American Bob joins the battle

    REWARDS SMITH 29 days ago

    Maxine Waters and Nancy Pelosi for president and vice president. That will fix everything, right? I love the crazy... Run MAGA.

  • The Spence
    The Spence Month ago +1

    Independence for Puerto Rico.

  • Geoff Forgie
    Geoff Forgie Month ago

    Another racist? With Trump as President? My, how shocking!! No, I’m just kidding: Trump is a homophobic, racist 💩. Oh, and the officer is a 🐷, too.

  • Klimenta Klimenta
    Klimenta Klimenta Month ago

    Just countries with all black or all white people, mixing is not good.

  • Ray Mak
    Ray Mak Month ago +1

    Fire that cop who's just standing there....

  • Anthony York
    Anthony York Month ago +1

    Meghan is a white supremacist queen She a eastern ⭐whitenight she shouldn't b on Tv at all she code 🖐👌👍✊💅👀

  • Anthony York
    Anthony York Month ago

    Wow!! It's crazy the lady begging pleading the cop 4 HELP he standing there looking dummy i need 2 let my pit bull do his job 😼

  • D L
    D L Month ago +1

    What about the black lady that beat a Hispanic man over the head. Why are you guys not reporting that? Does it not fit your agenda because she was a black woman?

    • Joe Ortiz
      Joe Ortiz 27 days ago

      D L I meant an excuse.

    • Joe Ortiz
      Joe Ortiz 27 days ago

      D L They'll make up and excuse to justify it, like: He called Her the N word or something. They're A-holes.

  • Millie Ahmed
    Millie Ahmed Month ago

    That's a derelict of his duty. The trump swamp is a live and kicking.

  • TheVigi99
    TheVigi99 Month ago

    Meghan meanwhile, but we need equal racist representation on the panel, that were the values i was raised on!

  • Rogue Soldier
    Rogue Soldier Month ago

    White vermin strike again.

  • chael sonnen
    chael sonnen Month ago

    From clip shown it wasn't racist. Maybe some prejudice. Not everything is racism people can be dickheads without being a racist. People having a stupid argument or a drunk giving out. The police shouldn't be used as your private security. You can't tell them to grab someone. Adults should just learn to sort things out themselves non violently

  • 00inwiththenew00
    00inwiththenew00 Month ago

    Why is everyone focusing on that old drunken bigot? The main problem in that video is the backwoods cop standing a few feet away who turned a blind eye to everything going down then walks away and ignores the woman call for help. He didn't attempt to diffuse the situation and he was essentially supervising the old man's harassment. I'm sure that woman would have been arrested for defending herself too.

  • Soumia Shumpert
    Soumia Shumpert Month ago

    Joy lol

  • Steve Winter
    Steve Winter Month ago

    You know I get it. I get we show these clips on The view for ratings, but what's up with the all of the white bashing lately? We showing videos of other races talking sht to white people?I agree it's all horrible and shouldn't be tolerated, but what's up with all of the white bashing videos. We don't show the videos where it goes the other way. any way.. Are white people the only ones that are racist and caught on camera? I dont think so. We just keep perpetuating this idiology that white people are the only racists in the country, because of sht that happened 200 years! ago. Throw up a video on this show of an asian being racist towards a black person or a black person being racist towards a mexican. Anything but this sterotypical white dumb redneck harrassing someone and then i'll be satisfied. I know it's out there and everyone does too.

  • Brandon Gibson
    Brandon Gibson Month ago

    white trash are the biggest problem in America.

  • Sandra Walusimbi Nanteza

    Meghan say something 😂😂😂 these are your conservative Republicans!

  • RadRich
    RadRich Month ago

    If it didn't state _Puerto Rico_ under the star, it would look like a Captain America shirt.

  • Bernardo Perez
    Bernardo Perez Month ago

    real American are the native

  • ScootMagoot46
    ScootMagoot46 Month ago

    Replace Whoopi.

  • Mitch Black
    Mitch Black Month ago

    Sonny is stunning..

  • Christopher Charfauros

    I’m from the US territory of Guam 🇬🇺 and I honestly took this to the heart

  • vsboy 25
    vsboy 25 Month ago

    Real Americans are from the south

  • Alexis Lopez
    Alexis Lopez Month ago

    This dude is a moron Puerto rico is an american territory . It is part of America !! And even if she wants wearing a Mexico shirt or a Ireland shirt she has every right to

  • Kyle Summers
    Kyle Summers Month ago

    wow... i live in cook county IL. This is crazy

  • Acm Scm
    Acm Scm Month ago

    policeman was overweight

  • redta93kwy
    redta93kwy Month ago

    The officer didn't follow proper protocol. He was supposed to shoot the lady because her cell phone looks like a gun that way he would have gotten paid administrative leave. Internal Affairs would've found his actions were justified and the state prosecutor will agree and no charges will be filed. Police Officer goes back to work as a hero.

  • Miss Universe
    Miss Universe Month ago

    I wish it happen to every Latino that voted for him. Cubans and Puerto Rican did! So deal with it🤷🏽‍♀️

  • deliman7203
    deliman7203 Month ago

    So I ain't no yankee, so I needs me sum edumacation. I'm confused, if Puerto Rico is part of America is it the 51'st state, is it part of an Atlantic state.

  • MsGemini444
    MsGemini444 Month ago

    Not one time did that officer think are care about that if this drunken racist man could have time is Lady.

  • Pierre Ferrand
    Pierre Ferrand Month ago

    I bet is that Puerto Rico will be not a United State eventually as the same for Mexico. Trump will act on this sooner thsnbwe think. California is key

  • Darian Domonick Davis

    Jennifer Lopez is Puerto Rican & she lives in the US & was born in the US

  • Dembuckeyes
    Dembuckeyes Month ago

    There'll never be justice on stolen land... Even if the cop gets canned (more than likely not) He'll more than likely be hired elsewhere.

  • Sam Seranda
    Sam Seranda Month ago

    While the man's actions are deplorable, this is an example of xenophobia not racism. The terms are not synonymous.

  • Amy
    Amy Month ago

    Why is this happening now? The man at the top - this nation's leader - sets the tone for the rest of us. But when you preach to the lowest common denominator, they come out like cicadas after a long hibernation.

  • Tiffany Marie
    Tiffany Marie Month ago


  • GarageStudio
    GarageStudio Month ago +1

    The cop literally turned around like "Not my problem, hmm I wonder if the hot light sign is up at Krispy Kreme..."

  • KillerDoc42
    KillerDoc42 Month ago

    Say something about conservative, & she would have tons to say

  • lilli lilli
    lilli lilli Month ago

    Because the officer is a RACIST???🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦YES HE AGREE WITH THE GUY

  • Prince Blizzard
    Prince Blizzard Month ago

    Poorly educated at its best....

  • m_train Gaming
    m_train Gaming Month ago

    Sounded drunk.

  • Brandon Sexton
    Brandon Sexton Month ago

    tRump supporters are just as dumb as a box of rocks. The racist piece of trash in the video is proof. Not that any proof is needed.

  • Lydia Mhir
    Lydia Mhir Month ago

    Isn't Puerto Rico an American territory?

  • orouba14
    orouba14 Month ago

    The cop, it scratches his itch.

  • rodney1279
    rodney1279 Month ago

    You are silly Joy! LOL. I love it when Joy makes jokes but she is telling the truth.

    MAD GRABBER Month ago

    Start by telling Chief Humpty Dumpty that too because he says it separated by ocean of sea.

  • john smith
    john smith Month ago

    This show looooves to show stuff like this! Big ratings.

  • Scott Casey
    Scott Casey Month ago

    Believe vs know Sonny. 90 percent of the country couldn't tell you when the civil war happened. A drunk white trash guy yells something in a park, and it makes the view? The View is race baiting you people.

  • jacen cade
    jacen cade Month ago

    This is what being a retard looks like

  • Shego
    Shego Month ago

    I didn't realize Puerto Rican is a race, thanks The View

  • Michelle Spikes
    Michelle Spikes Month ago


  • Nick DipaoloFan
    Nick DipaoloFan Month ago

    You know how racism isn't that big of a deal anymore? when it is so rare that some random old coot going on a racist rant gets national news attention.
    You know why traffic accidents don't make national news? because they happen all the time. If blacks were getting yelled at by racist old white people all the time, it either would not make the news, or the news would have thousands of videos of it.

  • Terry H.
    Terry H. Month ago +2

    This ignorant, racist bafoon does not realize that this shirt is not the U.S. flag but Puerto Rico's flag and Puerto is part of the US territory...and I'm guessing the redneck police officer doesn't know that also. Trump voters at their best.

  • babyyvie
    babyyvie Month ago +3

    If you want to confuse a racist, all you have to do is speak proper English and use big words🙄🙄🙄

  • Hop Man
    Hop Man Month ago +2

    Why don't they talk about the Black lady that beat a 91 year old Mexican with a brick ? And told him to go back to Mexico !