Samsung Galaxy S10 - NEW DESIGN IS STILL DOPE!!!

  • Published on Sep 6, 2018
  • Taking a look at the Samsung Galaxy S10 leaks. Current lab design looks dope, 5G Galaxy S10 is coming, Triple Camera Detailed & More.
    Galaxy S10 Lab Design Render By:

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Comments • 967

  • Hamza Siddique
    Hamza Siddique 2 months ago

    I Realllllyyyyy wishh to get S10+ 😭😭😭😭

  • Rade Kurtovic
    Rade Kurtovic 3 months ago

    aaThrough the '10' series, Samsung has to show everything it knows, and this is the only chance to stay on top. If calculated as before, one technical improvement will apply this year, and another year later, he will lose a step, which he will no longer be able to achieve. (There have already been complaints that the series 7, 8 and 9 are almost identical and what started to turn up for sale.) In this way, Samsung will become the manufacturer of high quality, but sub-prime phones, such as the 'A' series now. What does it mean to get off the top, then try to get back, Nokia knows best. This is practically impossible. For example, Huawei already has better batteries and better lenses, and Samsung obviously has difficulty reaching this. I'm charging Samsung with all my heart, but with the Infiniti screen there must be no dilemma, the size of the screen must be bigger, the night shot must be better, and the battery must last for longer ... Of course, this is overcoming the competition, but buyers expect at least another surprise. I am convinced that the '10' will prove that Samsung is still the world's king of mobile phones. Otherwise, in 2020, the track down the hill is inevitable.

  • tombell12
    tombell12 4 months ago

    Not dope enough for me. You know what's really dope? A smartphone with a removable battery design.

  • Rahul Chawla
    Rahul Chawla 7 months ago

    I have s9 plus but i am not a fan of tje curved display, i feel it reduces my display real eastate.
    I would prefer flat screen. I love everything else about it.

  • Rishmaya Mishra
    Rishmaya Mishra 7 months ago

    what will be cost ?..any guess

    AYYOOB KHAN 7 months ago

    Should make full viewing display no notch no chin

  • OpTic HeaVy
    OpTic HeaVy 7 months ago

    I would still love to see the onyx black just like the GS7. That one was a beautiful phone

  • GuldAngut 252
    GuldAngut 252 7 months ago +1

    236 dislikes? Iphone users/Fans

  • Saidin Mamat
    Saidin Mamat 7 months ago

    Green! 🖐

  • Rhythm
    Rhythm 8 months ago

    Samsung fans idk but you know more about us apple users and yall keep saying “apple fans are dying” idk if i should fake act like dying or worried cause thats what you think

    • Rhythm
      Rhythm 8 months ago

      This design looks like an alien dont expect people to use them as profile pic, unless you want to prove something

  • S Varshith kumar
    S Varshith kumar 8 months ago

    Bottom should be like iPhone

  • Ali X
    Ali X 8 months ago

    I'm sorry to say it but it's not beautiful. It's like you're holding your phone upside down. I expected more than this. I have the Galaxy s8 now, and in august I can get a new one. By that time Samsung better step its game up, or I'm not buying. The edge is annoying, the design is mweh, and a glass back is annoying as hell. Someone has to say it, c'mon now.

  • Roland Dawson
    Roland Dawson 8 months ago

    Oooh damn. 👀 I thought the Samsung peeps only went on rants for Apple, but they’re probably even more critical towards Samsung itself. Never thought I’d see that… hateful towards Apple, critical towards Samsung, seems legit.😂

  • jack ryan
    jack ryan 8 months ago

    Meanwhile at apple: we need to do this two.

  • Lormo -
    Lormo - 8 months ago

    I dont get why they dont just get rid of the bezel

  • Fusion Player
    Fusion Player 8 months ago

    Tbh still kind of underwhelming. I was really hoping for co.pletley bezeless or a foldable phone...escpecically for the 10th version

  • Adigun Forest
    Adigun Forest 8 months ago

    I won't be getting the S10 either. Curved displays don't take tempered glass screen protectors well. The battery is still too small and the price is $500 too expensive. Give me the Pocophone.

  • kevin clsyton
    kevin clsyton 8 months ago

    If this is the s10.just imaging the note10 next put all the best tech in there notes models

  • Doggy Doggy
    Doggy Doggy 8 months ago

    "S10 won't be bezleless as of right now." Glad Samsung is being honest, they know the S10 isn't their future. Unlike some other company I know...

  • Aesthe tics
    Aesthe tics 8 months ago

    I really want it but my broke ass can't afford it :c

  • catlox5644 games
    catlox5644 games 8 months ago

    When it comes out I'm going to get green

  • Andy Santos
    Andy Santos 8 months ago

    Can someone tell me how much will the S10 be

  • Andy Santos
    Andy Santos 8 months ago

    Yes I want the galaxy s10

  • John-Adrian Coker
    John-Adrian Coker 8 months ago

    The *Universeice* beyond concept device is what everyone wants, needs.
    If they can't make the display transparent to house the front camera under the display, they should explore having the camera in the line of the top bezel [ ^ ] or motorized like oppo otherwise I would favour keeping the bezeless concept design and have no front facing camera until they figure out a sub-screen solution.

  • Everest
    Everest 8 months ago

    I'm not sure I'm willing to give up a decent quality front facing speaker for a display vibrating one. For the speakerphone? Sure.
    But for the main speaker I think a top/bottom bezel only will become a luxury for phones in 2019.
    Dual front speaker phones with sleek bezels being a rising & needed niche.

  • GDKD14
    GDKD14 8 months ago

    Samsung should also put the burgundy red color from S8 on the S10

  • Ken Kaneki
    Ken Kaneki 8 months ago

    Watching this with s4
    Waiting for s10

  • not AKM
    not AKM 8 months ago

    It used to mainly be the camera and size obviously but now what separates the s10 from the s10+

  • RimuruTV
    RimuruTV 8 months ago

    Watching this on my Galaxy S4

  • RimuruTV
    RimuruTV 8 months ago

    Haha who else got a vivo advertise

  • Hedi5 _
    Hedi5 _ 8 months ago


  • Ramon De Vos
    Ramon De Vos 8 months ago

    I hope they remove the chin completely

  • Brian Mirante
    Brian Mirante 8 months ago

    People need to stop comparing iPhone benchmarks to Samsung ones. They don't translate the same due to the architectural differences between the two platforms

  • Arafat Lincon
    Arafat Lincon 8 months ago

    Copy to Xiaomi Max...!!!

  • Ashley Charles
    Ashley Charles 8 months ago

    Wonder how much it's going to be?

  • Raj Raajes
    Raj Raajes 8 months ago +1

    I 💘 Samsung like only .....
    oppo vivo iPhone
    others China products. Waste media tech arm ic ram Rom China ic waste.👎👎 .

  • ابن الحجاز العظيم

    I got wet

  • Mralabbad
    Mralabbad 8 months ago

    Hopefully they don't call it SX

  • ʙʟᴏᴏᴅ sʜᴇᴅ_626

    ɪs ᴛʜᴇ s10 ɢᴏɴɴᴀ ʙᴇ ʙᴇᴛᴛᴇʀ ᴛʜᴇɴ ᴛʜᴇ ɴᴏᴛᴇ 9?

  • Markus Konradsson
    Markus Konradsson 8 months ago

    Do you know the release date for galaxy S10?

  • keesin
    keesin 8 months ago

    they're gonna put the sensors and cameras behind the glass.

  • Srinivasan M S
    Srinivasan M S 8 months ago

    One more thing is that it will have an unbreakable screen. I will definitely buy it when released.

  • SomeRandomDude YT
    SomeRandomDude YT 8 months ago +1

    IR BLASTER!!!!

  • Nicole Salmon
    Nicole Salmon 8 months ago

    Please bring back the Silver from Note7. The Note8 silver is too gray.

  • H P
    H P 8 months ago

    Welll, much more bettter than Apple's iphone Xs, iphoneXs max and iphone Xr!🔥

  • H P
    H P 8 months ago

    Welll, much more bettter than Apple's iphone Xs, iphoneXs max and iphone Xr!🔥

  • Sander Alphen
    Sander Alphen 8 months ago

    5 G is huge news. He just dropped it there in the end if it is nothing...

  • Jay Cloud
    Jay Cloud 8 months ago

    And I just baught the note 9 smh

  • Another L
    Another L 8 months ago

    Can the camera do 3x zoom?
    Wonder why they didn't out OIS or AF on the third camera

  • dark side
    dark side 8 months ago +1

    Samsung ❤❤❤

  • Misael A Mata
    Misael A Mata 8 months ago

    I'm waiting for this beast?

  • Zero Tolerance
    Zero Tolerance 8 months ago

    don't care much about leaked info. In the end you're still not going to get it until it's launch date or made an early reservation but by that time the official pics and specs have already been shown. Sometimes I don't know why people even bother with making videos of leaks... THE PRODUCT WILL/WILL NOT COME OUT... JUST WAIT FOR IT!!!

  • Theone martes
    Theone martes 8 months ago

    How much will the S10 cost? Any idea!?

  • roodilson ambroise
    roodilson ambroise 8 months ago

    I need ixfinity display motor camera in front full screem

  • Salman I. Mohammed
    Salman I. Mohammed 8 months ago

    Yes green is my fav color

  • ivan moody
    ivan moody 8 months ago

    Wrong wrong wrong....the s10 will be foldable

  • s60polestar fan
    s60polestar fan 8 months ago

    I will havee that green. I said i will have that green

  • Melvin Thomas
    Melvin Thomas 8 months ago

    Green Emerald colour! Can't wait to see one😍🙌💚

  • Dopegamer92
    Dopegamer92 8 months ago

    In geekbench apple always win but in an tu tu whcich measures both cpu and gpu tests it will win

  • Hectors Wild
    Hectors Wild 8 months ago

    Samsungs design is fine it's the glitchy phones that's the issue.

  • Veeina Shriee
    Veeina Shriee 8 months ago


  • Amer Alvarez Jensen
    Amer Alvarez Jensen 8 months ago

    I couldnt take my eyes off for that emerald green color

  • Duane Broussard
    Duane Broussard 8 months ago

    Looking forward to the S10+, can't wait for the upcoming BEAST

  • Tom1k9
    Tom1k9 8 months ago

    Is it bad that the thing i'm most excited about is the return of emerald green?

  • Anon
    Anon 8 months ago

    "futuristic" even a notch looks more futuristic than that😂

  • Kippenoma
    Kippenoma 8 months ago

    The S9 is already an amazing phone; just such a shame their software experience sucks so bad.

  • Muneeb Farooqi
    Muneeb Farooqi 8 months ago

    Learn how to cut your audio dude

  • Pawnstar 365
    Pawnstar 365 8 months ago

    I wish that they had a full infinity display confirmed. That would be it for sure

  • Small Change?
    Small Change? 8 months ago

    on the ss is an energy level of 18% displayed i guess the benchmark was running in kind of energy save mode

  • dudukun huwarezu
    dudukun huwarezu 8 months ago

    Ugh. Should i wait for next years s10 or note 10, or just buy note 9. Im torn. Seems to me being in a hurry is lilke a bad idea bcz of the anniversary next year for samsung...

  • _ ASleepyDragon _
    _ ASleepyDragon _ 8 months ago

    I am excited to see this phone except for the price lol. I am excited about the notes at this price

  • Andres Felipe
    Andres Felipe 8 months ago +1

    Is the S10 gonna have the same camera as the S9?

  • Mxroxr_ X
    Mxroxr_ X 8 months ago

    Howly shit this phone is looking awesome 😍😍😍 I want to buy it now , I cant wait anymore 😭😭😭

  • Edward Shuvalov
    Edward Shuvalov 8 months ago

    Not good enough if it's actually that.

  • SimsForever
    SimsForever 8 months ago

    I want the green

  • Suyog Gaikwad
    Suyog Gaikwad 8 months ago +1

    Your videos are getting bored. Same things I have been watching since 2 years. All leaks are same as S9. Samsung is clearly failing to introduce something new and exciting to consumers. S8 was monumental step ahead. But since then all phones are same. The sales report clearly shows that no one wants to buy the same phone again with different name. Only Samsung fans think that their phones are awesome. I was Samsung user few years before. My S Advance was great that time. But unfortunately I lost it. Then I bought Note 2 and Note 4. I throw those in trash after few months because of freezing and hanging problems. I needed to remove and reinsert battery atleast 50 times a day. I switched to iPhone. Since then I am iPhone user. This is my third iPhone. And in these three iPhones only one of those freezed only one that too about 15-20 seconds. Otherwise no any other problem since then. Working is buttery smooth and with no lagging and animation shuttering. Only thing I like about Samsung is display. Otherwise wastage of Time and Money.

    • Suyog Gaikwad
      Suyog Gaikwad 7 months ago +1

      I'm not apple fan boy. I was before. Now I am getting bored with smartphones. Stopped spending huge money on them. Because all smartphones are more or less the same. I'm currently using Redmi 5A which costs only 80 US dollars. ( if we convert 6000 Indian rupee directly to USD). This phone is awesome. I really love it. Performance, battery and few convenient things in this phone is better than flagships. I'm getting an awesome phone in just 80 USD. Get Redmi 5A and be happy my friend. Let other TECH LOVERS fight and waste time and money.

    • Alex Nijboer
      Alex Nijboer 8 months ago

      Oh and Yeah, Models are the same huh. Apple doesnt do that? Okay go ahead and tell me the difference between the IPhone X, IPhone Xs and iPhone XR, or like the iPhone 6/6s/7/7+/8/8+
      They all look the same!

    • Alex Nijboer
      Alex Nijboer 8 months ago

      Suyog Gaikwad well i have an iPhone and i think it fking sucks! The screen isnt the best, the battery is just awfull and YES iphones freeze really quick, try using airpods on your iPhone and you'll see what i mean. With Apple you just pay a lot of money for budget specs ( except for the camera ) iphones are just bullshit, sorry to crush your dreams Apple fanboy😅 even my old huawei p9 lite works better then my iPhone 8

  • Iam isiam
    Iam isiam 8 months ago

    It’s time for me to try Samsung. Just wait, Iphone, For mean time.

  • Zahid Latif
    Zahid Latif 8 months ago

    Huawei or Samsung.. what should I go for?

  • Kobe Phepp
    Kobe Phepp 8 months ago

    S8 user here,but Im waiting on s10.

  • Aaron Henderson
    Aaron Henderson 8 months ago

    I thought it was supposed to be folding? I don't give a fuck about bezels no innovation here

  • Parzival Gripex
    Parzival Gripex 8 months ago

    Dope? SMH samsung's overrated like apple.. now Different Chinese phone manufacturer's dominating the phone arena.

  • MightiestArm
    MightiestArm 8 months ago

    My only real issue I've had with samsung is the screen burning, I've had the note 8+ and the s9+ and both have screen burning. I'm coming from a long iPhone history and never had that problem. Aside from that I love Samsung

  • shine
    shine 8 months ago

    I can't wait to upgrade to this phone

  • Mantap Djiwa
    Mantap Djiwa 8 months ago

    Only $1500

  • ZeroGHome24
    ZeroGHome24 8 months ago

    I've been finding it so hard waiting for the S10. I almost said fuck it I'm not waiting and I'm just going to get an S9 as the deals are so good right now. I truly hope it's not a let down!

  • Justin Herrick
    Justin Herrick 8 months ago

    That Green tho 💣

  • Bryce TG
    Bryce TG 8 months ago +3

    Android X is the new name of the phone

  • Ken G
    Ken G 8 months ago +3

    I’ll take that over the notch any day!

    • Lord Elmo
      Lord Elmo 7 months ago

      Whats so fucking bad about notches. Its the same thing.

  • Man from Mars
    Man from Mars 8 months ago

    samsung please dont come wit notch

  • Lucas Nunes
    Lucas Nunes 8 months ago


  • Rick Halm
    Rick Halm 8 months ago

    At least it's not an Icrap (iphone)

  • Rick Halm
    Rick Halm 8 months ago

    My next phone will be the S10+ so better make it a good one because my wife said it's going to be my last upgrade for awhile (LOL)

  • Jdogg 4089
    Jdogg 4089 8 months ago

    Galaxy s20 might be truly bezelless

  • Chris G
    Chris G 8 months ago

    The phone we all been waiting for..

  • Kyron Poullard
    Kyron Poullard 8 months ago

    My favorite color on any galaxy was blue topaz on the s6

  • Mailee Vang
    Mailee Vang 8 months ago

    I am getting moist

  • E1yn Dr1ch
    E1yn Dr1ch 8 months ago

    When will they launch s10? Can someone answer?

  • YPO6
    YPO6 8 months ago

    Looks pretty good. Much better than "teardrop" notch, or any notch.

  • ToiletCompanion
    ToiletCompanion 8 months ago

    Please just get rid of bixby button that’s all I want from the new samsung

  • sam b
    sam b 8 months ago +1

    Remove the Bixby button and get rid of headphone jack with bluetooth earphones included in box and I SWEAR I will buy my first Samsung Smartphone.