Matt Stonie vs 1 MASSIVE Slice of Pizza

  • Published on May 7, 2018
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    Took a 28" Pizza and cut ONE big slice out of it. Results were....
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Comments • 19 634

  • CampingKangaroo
    CampingKangaroo 59 minutes ago

    D I A B E T E S

  • Justin Vazquez
    Justin Vazquez 2 hours ago +1

    How are you not fat xD

  • Sam Starling
    Sam Starling 2 hours ago +1

    3:47 thatssss... what she said
    (Don’t get offended) Issa joke

  • Jerome Eveltson
    Jerome Eveltson 2 hours ago +2


  • Tahmid Arham
    Tahmid Arham 2 hours ago

    Tbh I can easily finish that giant slice.

  • Abigail DeYoung
    Abigail DeYoung 2 hours ago

    Your ads suck.

  • Yoyo Daniel
    Yoyo Daniel 3 hours ago

    every Body love Fortnight. but I hate fortnight

  • your moon
    your moon 4 hours ago

    Guys think he does exercise and eats heAlthy then he does these vids why do you think he takes long post these vidoes

  • Caiden Beason
    Caiden Beason 4 hours ago

    I saw fruity pebbles😱

  • Janet Chambers
    Janet Chambers 5 hours ago +1

    i whish i was with you i whould help you eat it

  • Nathan Lee
    Nathan Lee 5 hours ago

    "I think Im getting tired of pizza" from last video. Hmm

  • GameChasePro
    GameChasePro 5 hours ago

    Advice: Dont watch this while on a diet

  • Kanxi Pun
    Kanxi Pun 6 hours ago

    Oh man😱 I think you don't eat food for a week.
    How hungry are you dude😱
    I am shocked 😨😨😱😱

  • Voycho
    Voycho 6 hours ago

    How often do you puke

  • Ruby Anguiano
    Ruby Anguiano 6 hours ago

    I would love to eat that

  • pr0master
    pr0master 7 hours ago

    One challenge you will never accept: 1kg of raw sugar. I will personally wire money to you.

  • André Augusto
    André Augusto 7 hours ago +1

    Matt Stonie x Corbucci


    why not 1 box man

    ASPHALT INFINITY 9 hours ago

    he waterfasts every 2 weeks so he doesnt get fat.

  • Leon Dagg
    Leon Dagg 10 hours ago


  • Faze Mitchell
    Faze Mitchell 10 hours ago

    Slow we that's amazing Matt x

  • Narjis نرجس
    Narjis نرجس 12 hours ago

    5:18 😂😂😂

  • Phantom Kim
    Phantom Kim 13 hours ago


    ARMY 4 LIFE 13 hours ago

    Kopiras kukuruznu tresnju aj sad reci nam da fi je dosao klovn u kucu

  • Lisette Lisette
    Lisette Lisette 14 hours ago

    Matts toilet: help me😥😖
    Matt:has diarrhea after eating chilly cheese fries💨

  • JRD Gonmei
    JRD Gonmei 14 hours ago

    dindt know u can cook so well😝😝😝

  • Alex Corn
    Alex Corn 16 hours ago

    Пизедц чо творят пиндосы:D

  • teaddybearbae
    teaddybearbae 17 hours ago

    From everything his eating how is he not fat?????!?!?!?

  • TeaR Dizzle
    TeaR Dizzle 19 hours ago

    How did the pizza appear on the other side in the oven

  • Joe Tomas Gallardo
    Joe Tomas Gallardo 19 hours ago


  • faze hneigh
    faze hneigh 19 hours ago

    Did he actually make that pizza him self

  • BlueKix LV
    BlueKix LV 20 hours ago

    Do you have even a soul

  • Shpresa Krasniqi
    Shpresa Krasniqi 20 hours ago

    Is he doing this in heaven? Cause theres no way that hes alive

  • Kaleb Ross
    Kaleb Ross 20 hours ago

    A pizza that size? I can eat that without a problem

  • Iqbal Risnaldy
    Iqbal Risnaldy 21 hour ago

    If you have to sit down,eat

  • Aaliyah Mason
    Aaliyah Mason 22 hours ago

    If i was in this Video with Matt i would quit and go straight to the Doritos and Fruity Pebbles

  • Aaliyah Mason
    Aaliyah Mason 22 hours ago

    Me: *eats a small slice of pizza and is all ready as big as a beach ball*
    Matt: *eats a giants slice of pizza and is still as skinny as a pole*
    Matt: I have a little bit of Belly
    Me: bruh

  • Anthony Taylor
    Anthony Taylor Day ago

    try to eat a hole pizza

  • santiago ortiz
    santiago ortiz Day ago

    The real

  • RiSe Typhoon
    RiSe Typhoon Day ago

    What is the white thing in the middle, where I come from I don't have that on my pizza

  • تحشيش PUBG
    تحشيش PUBG Day ago

    والله شتهيت love ❤😘💞😍

  • Barenn Ghost
    Barenn Ghost Day ago

    You exaggerate your bites way to much when you take one

  • Benjamin Carey
    Benjamin Carey Day ago

    How is this dude not 600 pounds

  • zulfiqar haider
    zulfiqar haider Day ago

    How does this man not have diabetes yet and why is he not in one of those my 600lbs lie shows man like really

  • Jmasterj
    Jmasterj Day ago

    What happened to the pizza at the start

  • Faith Kandu
    Faith Kandu Day ago +2

    Matt Stone doesn't fear diabetes
    Diabetes fears him

    • GamerOnQuack
      GamerOnQuack 3 hours ago

      Faith Kandu You copied the top comment...yet still somehow spelled Matt's surname incorrectly

  • Damiano Toth
    Damiano Toth Day ago

    H j hm) e öl ok

  • RedString of guitar

    Now do the last of those pizza slices xD

  • Matt Eru
    Matt Eru Day ago

    This thing is now inside his stomach... let that sink in

  • SDTvlogs
    SDTvlogs Day ago

    He is one of those guys who eats like an elephant but doesn't gain any weight

  • Hailey Meyer
    Hailey Meyer Day ago

    It only took 4 minutes to cook lol

  • OG Skeleton
    OG Skeleton Day ago

    what happen to the pizza in the oven

  • Gaming Bros
    Gaming Bros Day ago


  • أبا الصومال shesha

    WaW the Bawer

  • Neja H.
    Neja H. Day ago

    that cramp deserved a like

  • 박준석ᄀ
    박준석ᄀ Day ago


  • دايلر Daylar


  • Pokemon Master
    Pokemon Master Day ago

    watching this on an emtpy stomach was not my best idea

  • Resell Cartel
    Resell Cartel Day ago

    Of good, it was starting to annoy me that you weren't folding it in half.

  • Brayden Jackson
    Brayden Jackson Day ago +1

    Imagine a whole pizza that big😂

  • Cris TheGreat
    Cris TheGreat Day ago

    He didn't cook the pizza he buys it this is fake look at the oven the pizza rotates and it has more small pepperoni

  • safa souhib
    safa souhib Day ago


  • palle poke
    palle poke Day ago

    now i have downloaded war robots and its very nice

  • ايثار كاضم

    كذب هاي البيتزا الي سواها مو نفس الي كلاها

  • Дурак Лысый


  • Doms Clips
    Doms Clips Day ago

    Who else just stares at the Doritos the whole time? 😂

  • Armando Acevedo
    Armando Acevedo Day ago

    Do you want cancer

  • Jayda Berg
    Jayda Berg Day ago

    He's gonna die by the age of 40

  • Hward677
    Hward677 Day ago

    the people who disliked are either really fat or are starved

  • Dr. Bleach
    Dr. Bleach Day ago

    War robots tells so many youtubers to sponsor them

  • EZFlix
    EZFlix Day ago

    That looks SO good.

  • tien si tre trau
    tien si tre trau Day ago +1

    An di noi ngoai

  • Gustavo Delgadillo

    How this dude ain't get fat?

  • lil rattle
    lil rattle Day ago

    When ever I eat pizza when I'm almost done I'll leave some pizza and crust so I eat the crust and some of the pizza at the same time and it's way better

  • Nathan Schmick
    Nathan Schmick Day ago

    You really need a sponser with 11 million views on one video? Fuck it I'll play it jus because Matt asked me. Do as Matt says

  • Azahina Koromoto
    Azahina Koromoto 2 days ago

    just how the hell he dont get fat??????????TT,,,,,,,,,TT

  • NX berry
    NX berry 2 days ago +1

    *finishes slice*
    hmm not bad appetizer, now i'm ready for main course

  • Billy Pilgrim
    Billy Pilgrim 2 days ago

    Fuck you

  • Anthony Munoz
    Anthony Munoz 2 days ago

    It wasn't stuffed crust ;C

  • Jax Rogers {Lycan King}

    You are damn good keep it up but i've eaten an large pizza all by myself.

  • Nene G
    Nene G 2 days ago

    Bruh like he cooked the pizza in 4 mins 0:24

  • Emil Nikolaisen
    Emil Nikolaisen 2 days ago

    Who likes grandiosa?

  • Alex Malinowski
    Alex Malinowski 2 days ago

    Too much talking pff

  • Katy Kawaii
    Katy Kawaii 2 days ago


  • Menzy
    Menzy 2 days ago

    I couldn’t do this anyway but if I tried the crust would 100% break my brace

  • Jasmine Goertler DIY
    Jasmine Goertler DIY 2 days ago +1

    He should have rolled up the pizza

  • Arjun Raghavan
    Arjun Raghavan 2 days ago


  • Aishwarya Pradhan
    Aishwarya Pradhan 2 days ago

    Lol I don’t know why but I find this video adorable

  • samo modic
    samo modic 2 days ago

    do you go throw up after such meals or is that all u eat in a day

  • legendary gamer x 53 sonic

    😋 😋

  • Ryan the Beast
    Ryan the Beast 2 days ago

    @ 3:55 he spelled shoulder wrong he said sholder lmao

  • PotatoEater21
    PotatoEater21 2 days ago

    *eats giant slice of pizza*
    Still in shape
    *sees a sprinkle*
    Gains 120 pounds

  • Adelaide Automotive Detailing

    My mum would be like "ure a pig for eating that whole thing" to me but if i showed her this video shed by like "damnnnnnn"

  • Michelle Hines
    Michelle Hines 2 days ago

    It's NOT metabolism he jus works out right after making sure all the calories doesn't give his body more fat to put on💗

  • The Notorious Sheep
    The Notorious Sheep 2 days ago

    Pause the video at 0:29 Matt you should clean your oven

  • GigerRok
    GigerRok 2 days ago

    war robots lol

  • Kerron Doctor
    Kerron Doctor 2 days ago

    I guess he can get a world record for eating the biggest pizza slice in the world

  • Tam myth S
    Tam myth S 2 days ago


  • WolfyKawaii chu
    WolfyKawaii chu 2 days ago

    I can barely eat one slice....