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  • Ari Brandt
    Ari Brandt Day ago

    At the start really smooth animation 👌🏻

  • Wilfre
    Wilfre Day ago +1

    Battleship is a hit or miss situation

  • Link And Zelda
    Link And Zelda Day ago

    Hey James ill take you on

  • Floppy fish Productions

    00:23 headphone waring

  • Rodrigo Medrano
    Rodrigo Medrano Day ago

    I know how to play Pokémon it easy but there is some math in it

  • Albert Nuqui
    Albert Nuqui Day ago

    The most savage family game night:
    "How do you play."
    "So roll the dice and what ev--"
    Mom and dad come
    "what are you guys playing?"
    "Why are you sorry?"
    Brother takes out nukee
    "DIEE EVERYONE!!!!!!"
    Brother throws nukee on floor then everyone dies.

  • Natasha Mcclusky

    Childhood memories if pokemon card I love it but didn't know how to play and by childhood I mean last year

  • You is That ok?
    You is That ok? Day ago +1

    The computer did not even beat the best chess player because the chess player changed his stradigy so the computer was not able to read the stradigy

  • Leela Doggo
    Leela Doggo Day ago

    Normal family...
    *plays monopoly*
    My family...
    *take turns to play Fortnite while my parents watch me and my sister's play it*

  • justmyself 1000
    justmyself 1000 Day ago

    3:55 rice gum

  • YourBestFriend 123

    5:58 kirby and bowser

  • Activated Pain
    Activated Pain Day ago

    miss..... hit... hit or miss

  • Sk1llz Heeler
    Sk1llz Heeler Day ago +1

    I went to a pokemon class. Like they taught us how to play the card game.
    It was fun as frik

  • DrunkPie
    DrunkPie Day ago

    Let’s create a story in the comment section, since I’m bored..
    _One word only_
    I’ll begin:

    GCHA GURL! Day ago

    Lol Im born in 2007.😁

  • Amena Akbar
    Amena Akbar Day ago

    put me in too

  • Siti Rosli
    Siti Rosli Day ago

    Omg I and my sister totally have fight when playing everything

  • gacha cat ashley chan

    Ooooh burnn is that rice gum or I'm just over reacting couse rc/rice gum said he challenged James to a fight but idk tho....😎😎

  • Patrick Henderson

    What is family game night

  • Thebutterwolf
    Thebutterwolf Day ago

    0:35 me when I miss a Odd1sout video

  • Double00Music
    Double00Music Day ago

    I have yet to get Gisela, i have Bruna though.

  • Nate F
    Nate F Day ago

    Want all my game cards you can have them all

  • fathimah ramadani

    was that blocko?

  • Shalami
    Shalami Day ago +1


  • Tezzy05 lowkey
    Tezzy05 lowkey Day ago

    I’m really cool 😎

  • Katryna Ranni
    Katryna Ranni Day ago


  • Hercule Pyro
    Hercule Pyro Day ago

    Shoutout to having the Shiny Charizard and losing it.

  • Ryan Lee
    Ryan Lee Day ago

    Wait is that Life Noggin?


  • Tim Chess
    Tim Chess Day ago

    2:24 literally a draw x)

  • xXUltimateDeath97Xx

    Thank you mtg is a good game

  • Aiza Aqeel
    Aiza Aqeel Day ago

    Yes Yes Yes

  • Aiza Aqeel
    Aiza Aqeel Day ago

    Nice :-):-):-)☺️

  • Zeta0013
    Zeta0013 Day ago

    6:44 i dont know why thats so funny

  • zombs gamer
    zombs gamer Day ago


  • Josh Packman
    Josh Packman Day ago

    Kirby? 5:58

  • Brittany Leanne
    Brittany Leanne Day ago


  • Lolleepop
    Lolleepop Day ago


  • Angel Wingzzx
    Angel Wingzzx Day ago

    0:23 free REPLAY BUTTON 0:35 another ONE ;> ( keep playing both of em )

  • Smugleaf Subscribed to PewDiePie

    4:39 the aliens sent a message


  • BugCatcherMookie

    Pokémon cards are dope. Yes I do and in the past did learn how to play.

  • Audrey Whitaker
    Audrey Whitaker Day ago

    Omg he needs to go to Domics GG games.

  • Keith Nichols
    Keith Nichols Day ago

    Im so scared me and my family are having family game night and we're playing chest boxing save me fram my doter Anika HELLP MY !

  • Dianaplays PLAYS PLAYS PLAYS

    I WISH I WAS NEVER BORN best thing ever

  • Animelover210
    Animelover210 Day ago


    Hit or Miss

  • Keith Nichols
    Keith Nichols Day ago

    My dhater

  • Reno Wolf
    Reno Wolf Day ago

    If you need a volunteer to fight and play chess let me know haha.

  • Jen Chi No
    Jen Chi No Day ago

    So the big question is:
    Is the game out yet?

  • CZ Gaming
    CZ Gaming Day ago

    I collect pokemon cards and play the game

  • I’m Tired
    I’m Tired Day ago

    I have Exodia The Forbidden One

  • Krazy Kranz
    Krazy Kranz Day ago

    Yugio is my favriote card game

  • That Boi
    That Boi Day ago

    When I was little I had one of the 9 and I traded it to an older boy cause i didn’t know anything I was doing or how to tell that there rare or something

  • Kurt カート
    Kurt カート Day ago

    4:30 :Miss 4:47 : Hit
    "Hit or miss"

  • Cupcake 3123
    Cupcake 3123 Day ago +1

    Im a master at chess

  • Nicole White
    Nicole White Day ago

    Cut them out of your life forever. >:) Mommy, why is brother screaming?

  • Awesome LPS
    Awesome LPS Day ago

    I love this

  • Purr Power
    Purr Power Day ago

    I know how to play Pokemon

  • alejandra garcia
    alejandra garcia 2 days ago

    I've never poekimon cards before... HOW U PLAY

  • GamingWolf
    GamingWolf 2 days ago


  • René Valladares
    René Valladares 2 days ago


  • René Valladares
    René Valladares 2 days ago

    Yes i have

  • Abdulmalik QTSMCPR
    Abdulmalik QTSMCPR 2 days ago

    rhianna THE ALIENS SENT A MESSAGE it says Miss

    captain hmmm BoI hIT oR mIsS

  • JackABoi
    JackABoi 2 days ago

    Sorry pieces on a monopoly board

  • Toy Time Review
    Toy Time Review 2 days ago

    I know how to play Pokemon

  • Adam Culver
    Adam Culver 2 days ago

    I am pretty sure the way too play Pokémon cards is too do some math like the health you minus depending on what move the enemy does and 2019 anyone

    STAR MIGHT 2 days ago

    I know how to play Pokemon!!

  • #Stitch and Toothless

    This video came out on my b day

  • Tommy Plays
    Tommy Plays 2 days ago

    Roasted KSI and Logan

  • Charles Sanders
    Charles Sanders 2 days ago

    Ancestoral recall can end a close game if your opponent only has 3 cards left. Not a super useful strategy when you can just have a mill deck, but it's funny and unexpected from any other deck.

  • Cameron Fisher
    Cameron Fisher 2 days ago

    Why ia there a ring on saturn because god liked it so he put a ring on it.😂

  • Link the Swellow
    Link the Swellow 2 days ago

    So... What does pot of greed do again?

  • F lynn72
    F lynn72 2 days ago

    It was morning at the start, not game night.

  • Troy Bautista
    Troy Bautista 2 days ago

    I know how to play Pokemon

  • Jean Thomas
    Jean Thomas 2 days ago


  • jack2480 jack2480
    jack2480 jack2480 2 days ago +2

    I know how to play pokemon

  • Josh Fanning
    Josh Fanning 2 days ago +1

    The captions in this video are halarious

  • Connor Gillett
    Connor Gillett 2 days ago

    Me i know how to play

  • L U N A W O L F
    L U N A W O L F 2 days ago

    This cures my depression

  • DatCatDragon
    DatCatDragon 2 days ago


  • Cuddle Butticus
    Cuddle Butticus 2 days ago

    That punch in the face with sorry on it is how that game truly feels

  • YTGamers
    YTGamers 2 days ago

    word of warning dont watch first half with headphones lol

  • Vivian Young!
    Vivian Young! 2 days ago

    Hit or miss.I guess they never miss.

  • Aidyn E
    Aidyn E 2 days ago

    I'm pretty good at chess so I challenge anyone who thinks they're worthy

  • Charles Burchett
    Charles Burchett 2 days ago

    i hav a lot uv pockemon crdz but i do not no har to pla

  • Ronan Banton
    Ronan Banton 2 days ago

    How rare is holomom

  • kobe Gallo
    kobe Gallo 2 days ago

    I know how to pley

  • Tiny Child
    Tiny Child 2 days ago

    When r we gonna get can’t catch Harry again?

  • heroderp 22
    heroderp 22 2 days ago

    play arena


    No wonder why Zane from Ninjago keeps winning. (Except for Nadakahn

  • Eva Owen
    Eva Owen 2 days ago

    this is me and my brothers when playing games

  • KhatAllin
    KhatAllin 2 days ago

    u hav reddit?

  • kendal soapes
    kendal soapes 2 days ago

    I do not know that card

  • Cowboy Spooderman
    Cowboy Spooderman 2 days ago

    Hit or miss 4:27 4:42

  • Red Panda
    Red Panda 2 days ago

    0:00 morning
    family game NIGHT


  • Rainbow _poptart25
    Rainbow _poptart25 2 days ago

    You should have a meet up with your fans! :D I WOULD LOVE THAT THAT WOULD BE THE BEST TIME OF MY LIFE

  • Nicole Lockhart
    Nicole Lockhart 2 days ago

    i Know how to play Pokémon cards

  • Brother Trucker
    Brother Trucker 2 days ago

    James: how was your day
    Person: my dog died
    James: don’t say it don’t say it
    James: yeah they do that

  • ProGamers
    ProGamers 2 days ago

    does anyone else notice that it starts out in the morning, but at 0:40 it says family game NIGHT

  • oh no no
    oh no no 2 days ago

    I love magic the gathering