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  • Published on Oct 5, 2018
  • Monopoly, ruining friendships since 1935
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  • ComedyComedy

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  • Byron Juarez
    Byron Juarez Day ago


  • Byron Juarez
    Byron Juarez Day ago


  • mistro Wallybigdaddy

    5:37 i laughed so hard

  • Danielle Degan
    Danielle Degan Day ago

    And almost the the hole card is shiny

  • Danielle Degan
    Danielle Degan Day ago

    I have the shiny charizard card

  • Jayy
    Jayy Day ago

    The beginning had me dead

  • Olah Stringfellow


  • H2O Joey Gaming
    H2O Joey Gaming Day ago +1

    The happened to me when no one did kown how to play and I stop playing because it was stupid

  • Inner Wintet
    Inner Wintet Day ago

    I feel like this came out yesterday

  • Töxïç Čløüd

    *_I only know how to play Uno_*

  • Morigan Kiernan
    Morigan Kiernan Day ago

    when people were still playing Pokemon at my school, I was the only one who knew how to actually play......

  • bulldust11
    bulldust11 Day ago

    That triangle nose guy reminds me of shempai

  • Mateusz Grochalski

    1:14 is this.....

  • Noel Blaesing
    Noel Blaesing Day ago

    HA brains over brawn try to say that after I sucker punch you in th..... other person: “ punches james" James:THAT'S NOT HOW YOU PLLLLLAAAAAAAAAY!

  • Kelly M
    Kelly M Day ago

    I have a shiny charazard with a 250 hp and it is a big card and a full art as well. Plus i know how to play the card game

  • Tyler Nogueras
    Tyler Nogueras Day ago

    I have 3 shiny chaizard

  • Dylan Plays09
    Dylan Plays09 Day ago

    I WISH I WAS NEVER BORN ( me 2 )

  • Shriya S
    Shriya S Day ago

    why is he in jail

  • Lachlan Alden
    Lachlan Alden Day ago

    i sor harry the moth in your neo pets collection

  • Jai Cray
    Jai Cray Day ago +1

    One of the neopets was Harry the moth buccalck

  • its the Emrald gaming ultimate /TEG

    I'll fight you in neopets

  • Gönül Kurt
    Gönül Kurt Day ago +1

    (☞ ಠ_ಠ)☞

  • Jennifer Wells
    Jennifer Wells Day ago

    3.49 ima punch u in the balls for that

  • jered hilll
    jered hilll Day ago


  • Rg Breed
    Rg Breed Day ago

    Me and my family every game night 0:03

  • jered hilll
    jered hilll Day ago

    I love Magic the gathering!!!!!!!!!

  • Max M.
    Max M. Day ago

    i have the highly coveded shiny charzard card i got it by accedent one day from a two year old
    i have 9,487 magic cards you want them... im talking to james nobody else

  • Great Cornholio
    Great Cornholio Day ago

    Kick Alex Clark's butt!

  • Great Cornholio
    Great Cornholio Day ago

    James screaming is funny

  • Carter Houle
    Carter Houle Day ago

    Who else hears, life noggin?

  • Lunar Skye YT
    Lunar Skye YT Day ago

    woah you play snakes and ladders too? :o

  • Colby Stokes
    Colby Stokes Day ago

    I know how to play

  • Phantom Shoxzz
    Phantom Shoxzz Day ago

    I got 3 shiny charzards LOL

    STRAWBERRY WOLF Day ago +1



  • Daven Stover
    Daven Stover Day ago

    That got stole yesterday

  • Daven Stover
    Daven Stover Day ago

    I do not know how to play but I have a full mega charchard colection

  • CyberCy
    CyberCy Day ago

    d*ck garfield..?

  • Life
    Life Day ago


  • Elle Suzuya
    Elle Suzuya Day ago

    Neopets got you into playing Black Jack?

    Sure :)

  • AuddieTehCat
    AuddieTehCat Day ago

    My friend has a frickin 100-page-binder full of Pokemon cards. He said that he has almost 300$ worth of Pokemon.

  • popdeath heath
    popdeath heath Day ago

    Yo James I'll beat your booty in mtg! Don't test me!


    Who's Ariana?

  • Ayden Checkley
    Ayden Checkley Day ago

    who here is here after Alex and James are going to chess box

  • Quốc Thái Đặng

    i feel so bad for headphone users

  • Brittany Fletcher

    I subscribed

  • Brittany Fletcher

    My sister has a shiny charzard. She loves showing it of

  • Ryder Koch
    Ryder Koch Day ago


  • TALHA Khan
    TALHA Khan Day ago

    Family game night (something secounds earlier ) bird yawning in DAYTIME

  • Starfish Gacha
    Starfish Gacha Day ago


  • Frederick Icban
    Frederick Icban Day ago


  • Buddy Ferguson
    Buddy Ferguson Day ago

    That's no how you,....


  • John Caedric Duque
    John Caedric Duque Day ago +1


  • Asmr with Adeline

    Did anybody see rice gum lols

  • Darkside Playz
    Darkside Playz Day ago

    Oof cards

  • fun game's
    fun game's Day ago +1


  • fun game's
    fun game's Day ago

    5:34 No lol

  • Pranav Ultra
    Pranav Ultra Day ago

    Family game night (let's squad in fortnite)


    When you play the Magic of the gathering 2007 that when I was born

  • Squirtle Squad Guy

    I know how to play the pokemon trading card game.....

    Also charizard is over rated

  • Bronte MCIVER
    Bronte MCIVER Day ago +1


  • Sam Hughes
    Sam Hughes Day ago

    That’s not how it’s PLAYYYEDDD

  • DA KID
    DA KID 2 days ago

    hi guyz i love james and his videos

  • Niels van Huizen
    Niels van Huizen 2 days ago

    James Charles in a nutshell: *SCREAMS IN GAY*
    there you go

  • Ben Dreamer
    Ben Dreamer 2 days ago

    5:57 i see bowser jr and harry

  • Cheryl Yoto
    Cheryl Yoto 2 days ago

    Play mincraft 🤬🤬🤬

  • rageslayer 573
    rageslayer 573 2 days ago

    The doctor sounds like blocko from Life Noggin

  • Gabriela Ibanez
    Gabriela Ibanez 2 days ago

    Mom said a badword

  • my name is name
    my name is name 2 days ago

    Okay, I remember this one time in kindergarten. My friends and I loved Pokemon, and everyday after school (In our after school program), we'd get together and trade them out. Well, while we were getting our things to go home, in my cubby thing I found the shiny Charizard card at the bottom of it. I started freaking out, and I took it. The next day, my friend was freaking out about losing his card. I pretended that I didn't know where it was, but that same day, I was getting my stuff out of my backpack, and the card fell out. I tried to pick it up as soon as I could, but he saw me. He literally screamed at me for a good 30 minutes before he started crying. He never talked to me after that.. ;-;

  • Jesse Hines
    Jesse Hines 2 days ago

    I love black jack.

  • Soveit Womble 788
    Soveit Womble 788 2 days ago +1

    The starting screaming is the best

  • yoyo zhr
    yoyo zhr 2 days ago

    Love your vids :3

  • Bell Lang
    Bell Lang 2 days ago

    I'm dead hahahaha hahahaha 😂😂😂😂

  • Hit The Time Assassin

    "Anything that doesn't involve me getting up & moving around I'm a huge fan of👍" James 2018

  • Cherry Blossom Plays

    james have you ever got married or had a crush befor or dated?

  • Gamercop 1
    Gamercop 1 2 days ago


  • Rachel Zhang
    Rachel Zhang 2 days ago

    Who is ur dad?

  • Fern Boudreaux
    Fern Boudreaux 2 days ago

    i want to fight your neopets

  • the plushie bros 9744

    I know how to play the Pokemon card game

  • BlackHole Lover13666
    BlackHole Lover13666 2 days ago +1

    0:36 to 0:59 sounds like Life Noggin

  • Saman Tieng
    Saman Tieng 2 days ago

    play uno

  • Crystal Hankins
    Crystal Hankins 2 days ago

    What's up James?!

  • C Cherry
    C Cherry 2 days ago

    0:36 hi life noggin

  • SHUGAR Nicolas
    SHUGAR Nicolas 2 days ago

    0:00 To 0:40 HaAHaHAhh!🤣💖✌

  • dumans85
    dumans85 2 days ago

    A wanna see the making of xD

  • Margarita Cruz
    Margarita Cruz 2 days ago

    Kirby is a neopet?

  • Memes are my Waifu
    Memes are my Waifu 2 days ago

    Random guy is Adams vid:ITS GAME OVAR

  • sikerkillz 12
    sikerkillz 12 2 days ago

    In actually selling magic cards I got like thousands of them

  • Bobby Farmer
    Bobby Farmer 2 days ago

    i do!

  • Nancy Park
    Nancy Park 2 days ago

    you are just AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • PoopInACan
    PoopInACan 2 days ago

    I know how to play Pokémon cards

  • JohssaSin
    JohssaSin 2 days ago

    I thought the scientist in the beginning was life noggin apparently its not

  • Mała JR
    Mała JR 2 days ago

    After listening to the thats not how you play remix for the intro it sounds weird to me

  • Ariana The Gamer
    Ariana The Gamer 2 days ago

    0:00 to 0:35 cracked me I was laughing

  • Annie Lewis
    Annie Lewis 2 days ago

    You try your best but you don't sensed

  • Avrap AJ
    Avrap AJ 2 days ago +5

    I'm one of the few nerds who *actually* knows how to play the pokemon card game. Nobody else near me know how so I play against myself even though it doesn't really work Xd

  • Xayrus
    Xayrus 2 days ago

    I got the shiny charizard

  • PsykicSlicer
    PsykicSlicer 2 days ago

    I dare you to play with me buddyfight

  • Sarah yemi
    Sarah yemi 2 days ago

    I love Pokémon cards and yes I actually know how to play

  • Alondra Ramirez
    Alondra Ramirez 2 days ago

    I can watch over and over with no problem with ANY of your videos!!
    Edit: I love ur videos
    P.S. I also suck at table top games.... Before I watched this video I thought I was the only one that sucked at chess lol ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) oh and the dog in my profile pic is a MALE who is just posing(he's also a baby)