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  • Belldandy Rey
    Belldandy Rey 4 days ago

    Wow. She sounds so ignorant. I’m 1 year sober from alcohol and I totally understand now why people don’t drink. The hangovers, the random men, putting myself in danger and making a fool out of myself are not worth it.

  • Belldandy Rey
    Belldandy Rey 4 days ago

    Holy shit this lady is obnoxious. never get along with Pisces women. They will bad mouth anyone behind their backs and full of them selves. I love Leo’s and Capricorn’s

  • Edward O'Sullivan
    Edward O'Sullivan 4 days ago

    "How did I get you wrong???" maybe because the placement of the stars when you were born has absolutely nothing to do with your personality. idk just a thought.

  • Amelia Hughes
    Amelia Hughes 5 days ago

    I feel like she was literally only judging people off experiences she's had with certain people in her life. Like, just because you didn't get along with one person once, doesn't mean you need to hate on that whole sign & apply all that person's negative characteristics to them. Tbh not the usual acceptance & kindness I usually see in pisces, bet she has a lot of fire going on in her chart.

  • fC
    fC 7 days ago

    Shakeras interpreting people too much from her point of view on the signs and not how the signs are

  • Sofi Teja
    Sofi Teja 7 days ago

    Funny how she said she gets along with everyone, but on the 1000 to 1 video everyone hated her, hmmm

  • White Wolf
    White Wolf 8 days ago

    As soon as she said art, music, I knew she was a Pisces
    Edit: also is it weird that I'm a Pisces and my mom's a Leo

  • Emily Bohrer
    Emily Bohrer 8 days ago

    The Sag girl isn't Sag at all. Kinda boring and meh.

  • Noor Madan
    Noor Madan 10 days ago

    Proud of my Gemini sis🖤

  • wolfie lol
    wolfie lol 12 days ago +1

    Ima Gemini why everyone hate me 😢

  • Jamia Murphy
    Jamia Murphy 12 days ago

    I dont care what anyone says I actually like Shakera she was really cool, maybe I like her because we share the same sign. But why are yall mad at her for speaking her mind and letting people know how their signs make her feel. Pisces dont sugar coat anything, yall want to call her rude for having an opinion that is insane.

  • chris toledo
    chris toledo 12 days ago

    You are a picis, you are a picis everyone is a picis

  • M A
    M A 12 days ago

    I'm a Taurus and I'm proud

  • Trip4man
    Trip4man 13 days ago

    There's 2 types of pisces... Those who can handle themselves and those who can't. At first I was like the white girl, now I'm like Shakera xD I likeee her (and fuck Geminis! double faced fake traitors). Pisces will rule the worldddddd!

  • Zion Earle
    Zion Earle 13 days ago

    How is Shakera rude?? Don't see it at all.

  • Maria Lemos
    Maria Lemos 14 days ago

    Jheez, she's kinda rude!!

  • Danica Slavin
    Danica Slavin 16 days ago

    I am a♉️

  • Artemis Baxas
    Artemis Baxas 16 days ago

    Pisces is loyal but can come off pessimistic

  • Such a Wingwong
    Such a Wingwong 17 days ago +1


  • suhaava
    suhaava 17 days ago


  • Giddy Pumpernickle
    Giddy Pumpernickle 17 days ago

    I’ve seen shakera in other videos and she’s so mean and I actually liked to see her be out in her place and she didn’t expect it seems like she walks all over people until they step up to her and she doesn’t expect it

  • Miao Wei
    Miao Wei 17 days ago

    why bring mediocre ones? the masters can tell by one look. try jeffery armstrong, Rao

  • Keeping Up With The Kuethers

    Yes Gemini, giving Shakera the attitude back and she can't handle it but sure can dish that shit out so I'm guessing that's a trait of a Pisces lol.
    Um the whole telling what sign someone is by asking questions is bs cause how she described a Libra is far from how I am 🤷 lol.

  • HedaRhee
    HedaRhee 18 days ago does she like know so much about zodiacs wtf man

  • elena plmr
    elena plmr 18 days ago

    Ginger girl is everything haha

  • elena plmr
    elena plmr 18 days ago

    Everyone dreams every night. That’s what your brain does so you don’t die, it needs to be active. You might not remember your dreams because of your sleeping cycle duh

  • elena plmr
    elena plmr 18 days ago

    I hate her

  • rosie posie
    rosie posie 18 days ago

    For a Pisces, she's extremely heartless. My mother is a Pisces and she has the biggest heart anyone could ask for. Pisces love the outdoors, love to love, artsy, love old timey things and shes just the complete opposite.
    I'm a Scorpio and I would never step foot near her. I don't even like some scorpios cause they act exactly like her. Gag. She's disgusting
    And my cousin is a gemini and she's the weirdest and craziest person ever. She doesn't give a shit what people think. And I love her so damn much, she really is fun

  • Nina A
    Nina A 18 days ago

    So proud that Katalina represented gemini sign✌🏼♊

  • sarah styles
    sarah styles 19 days ago

    shakera is a BITCH

  • denis tremblay
    denis tremblay 19 days ago

    Shakira had a good perception of who this Gemini girl is (she's is in fact very dull) ... air signs are like that sometime.

  • yoanny.espinoza espinoza

    This makes me sad to be a Pisces.

  • nessaboo
    nessaboo 20 days ago

    wasnt a true taurus female i feel like...

  • JustJulia
    JustJulia 20 days ago

    I'm a Pisces too! But, I'm not artsy

  • Eda Demirhan
    Eda Demirhan 21 day ago

    wow the gemini girl is getting me so annoyed I don't feel like most geminis are like that like im definitely not like that

  • Sasha Siregar
    Sasha Siregar 21 day ago

    She is so rude for a Pisces. Ooo that Libra guy is just so attractive ugh

  • Mesha _girl
    Mesha _girl 21 day ago

    Why everybody always hating on the Capricorn. I love my sign

  • Zainub Chaudhary
    Zainub Chaudhary 22 days ago

    I am a Pisces

  • g g
    g g 22 days ago

    Why does everyone think cancer is the transgender cmon

  • Sharone Archaga
    Sharone Archaga 22 days ago

    I love her i am a scorpio AND i dont really know how yall hate her

  • Christian Kish
    Christian Kish 23 days ago

    I'm Pisces too,but I kinda like Aquarius as a sign,and got a lot them as a friends, only hate Libras .

  • Sarah K
    Sarah K 25 days ago

    Shakera is such a huge bitch. she acts like she's better than everyone. she's literally the definition of cunty

  • TyAlwaysLit
    TyAlwaysLit 25 days ago

    I like Shakera fuck what everybody else day

  • laura martinez
    laura martinez 26 days ago

    Am I the only one who loved shakera but hated the Gemini girl??? Which is weird for me bc my best friend for years was a Gemini but she’s exactly like the Gemini in the video...who I hate...???? I’m a Virgo btw

  • Allison Kailey
    Allison Kailey 26 days ago

    Lmao we have the same sun ( pisces ) and both of our moms are Leo’s and our best friends are scorpios.

  • D'Asia Mcinnis
    D'Asia Mcinnis 27 days ago

    I actually like her but I can tell Gemini’s and Pisces don’t like each other😭😭

  • Fatima D
    Fatima D 27 days ago

    she's definitely aries moon ahahaha

  • Skeptics we love you anyway

    I like to research anything related to how astrology is depicted to a broad audience. I watched the video with Ray and I really liked it. But this is just unwatchable.

  • {Sofia }
    {Sofia } 27 days ago

    Shakera YOU SUCK. Watch the 1000 to 1 video people.

  • Edgy
    Edgy 28 days ago

    this girl says a lot of people like her,, like no one likes people who judge them off of their zodiac signs. not everyone believes in astrology and not everyone matches their sign.

    also she actually said the zodiac was boring and dull because she has better life morals than she does by not drinking. not everyone drinks🙄 also she actually judged someone on their hobby of *camping* people have different opinions she’s acting like she’s choosing which people to keep when the world is falling apart

  • robby banks
    robby banks 29 days ago

    shakera's moon and ascendant are reeeaally overshadowing any pisces in her

  • Spenc 100
    Spenc 100 29 days ago +1

    This girl is so rude and full of herself good god I would hate to be around her

  • DuhIts Alondra
    DuhIts Alondra Month ago

    Gemini sis she annoying

  • Song Lyrics In The Commments

    I like the Leo, Gemini, Sagittarius, Virgo, Aquarius, Scorpio,Pisces,cancer, libra,Capricorn all lol

  • Song Lyrics In The Commments

    Shakera is so rude, as a Gemini I don't think we would get along, And I am a Gemini and I am not "dull I don't think like "If somebody's Pisces we won't get along" I don't really believe it's that way any signs could get along.

    IMRAN ALI Month ago

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  • Jordin Neil
    Jordin Neil Month ago

    Gemini power am I right?

  • Nathan
    Nathan Month ago

    I just can't see how people can be grouped together based on birth-date...

  • Rose Moore
    Rose Moore Month ago

    Love this video I am a pieces as well

  • Pineapple Peoplz
    Pineapple Peoplz Month ago

    She messed up a lot on Aquarius

  • Teal Dolphin
    Teal Dolphin Month ago

    The Gemini was so mean and scary, I’d probably cry if she talked to me like that

  • Sophie Nugre
    Sophie Nugre Month ago

    Wow that guesser was horribly judgemental. Not cool.

  • Trash Bag
    Trash Bag Month ago

    Lol, my Gemini girl. ♊️♊️♊️

  • Multifandom Kpop Lover

    7:15 I'm an Aquarius and that's accurate asf

  • jammah.
    jammah. Month ago

    ever since the $1000 video, even the sight of shakera disgusts me

  • Weird Tomato
    Weird Tomato Month ago

    Ok honestly Im a picies but my best friend is a gemini and a sagittarius

  • You’re in my Way
    You’re in my Way Month ago

    This bitch is delusional and annoying ..bye sis

  • Imani Jackson
    Imani Jackson Month ago

    That’s how Aquarius feel about Pisces. Fucking attention seeking and draining

  • Cleone Diorra Kawitan


    " *Thank You Next* "

  • Ceren Daştanoğlu
    Ceren Daştanoğlu Month ago

    oh my god she did not have any bad manners she was just being playful wtf is wrong with you people!?!? Gemini girl was just speaking with an ego and taught she was very smart smh...

  • TypicalPixel
    TypicalPixel Month ago +1

    When both Pisces said they don't like Gemini's I was like,
    "well shit, stay away from me then"

  • Lauren Smith
    Lauren Smith Month ago


  • Zamiyah Romero
    Zamiyah Romero Month ago

    i just wanted to say this I am at Virgo who is a virgin YEAH

  • TerriMatsu
    TerriMatsu Month ago

    Im a capricorn and just a heads up Capricorn men are totally different from Capricorn women. The men tend to have a good amount of opposite traits from the women. Also, this goes for each sign of women vs men.Like I cant get along with male capricorns and male pisces, but I can get along with the female versions just fine. 🙄For the people interested and not to think Capricorns are all cheaters🤗🤗

  • Mayra Morales
    Mayra Morales Month ago

    Really draining?? Who is the one that keeps talking? 🙄

  • pho3nix pls
    pho3nix pls Month ago

    so by not damaging your liver by drinking alcohol is dull.....okay then

  • زهرة معفنه

    4:53 me too girl

  • C K
    C K Month ago

    that was the most obviously aquarius description I've ever heard in my life. how could she get that wrong.

  • yeah whatever
    yeah whatever Month ago +1

    Pisces are always so full of themselves & think they’re right about absolutely everything lmfao.. my mom & best friend are Pisces

  • Kristi Studio
    Kristi Studio Month ago

    Pisces are NOT the best,I wouldn't get along with you. You seem selfish,self concerned,And she trys to hard to be funny. She just always has to be right and most of those "Facts" were negative, I wouldn't be surprised if people didn't wanna talk to you.

  • Gigi Shaw
    Gigi Shaw Month ago

    She basing all people off of people that she's met

  • Gigi Shaw
    Gigi Shaw Month ago

    She's full of herself

  • Queen’s Theme
    Queen’s Theme Month ago

    I would love to participate in one of these video 🎉🎉🎉

  • Corii Mts
    Corii Mts Month ago

    Wow this is bullshit

  • Rishabh Nagpal
    Rishabh Nagpal Month ago

    I'm in love with the gemini girl.

  • Rishabh Nagpal
    Rishabh Nagpal Month ago +1

    2:29: "oh you're a ginger!?" I'm guessinh it would've conjured a riot had a white person called someone black like that. Black people are racist af tbh.

  • Amber M
    Amber M Month ago

    wow.. this loud crazy lady got the same amount of people right as the astrologist......

  • Seren Nagle-Fellows

    I'm a libra with an Aquarius moon.

  • Pisces Sunmoonbossbish roshni walia

    As usual a Pisces in the thumbnail we b getting that attention haha dint get jealous mongs

  • Marshmellow marshmellow

    I'm a Gemini (the best sign) wait SHE HATES GEMINIS FORGET U!!!

  • Danielle Bledsoe
    Danielle Bledsoe Month ago

    God I just can’t stand shakeras fake rude nasty ass.

  • Jay Jr.
    Jay Jr. Month ago

    This bitch rude af

  • Bilily L.
    Bilily L. Month ago

    I’m a Pisces yaaaaas queen

  • Jay Clarke
    Jay Clarke Month ago

    bring back pisces ♓️

  • Sinchana Babu
    Sinchana Babu Month ago

    This girl is so judgemental

  • Cop Me A Korie
    Cop Me A Korie Month ago

    The leo and Aries female did it wayyy good

  • Cop Me A Korie
    Cop Me A Korie Month ago

    And Scorpio takes a piece of every other zodiac sign actually. Every emotion that each zodiac is capable of feeling or being Scorpio has it.

  • Cop Me A Korie
    Cop Me A Korie Month ago

    The guy with the scarf looks like a Virgo

  • Cop Me A Korie
    Cop Me A Korie Month ago

    The best zodiac sign is ... Scorpio .

  • Vanity Truth
    Vanity Truth Month ago

    Pisces we are the best. I knew they would have us do all the guessing. We just cool like that.