Guess My Zodiac Sign (Shakera) | Lineup | Cut

  • Published on Mar 2, 2018
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    Guess My Zodiac Sign (Shakera) | Lineup | Cut
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Comments • 2 126

  • og you can’t sit with us.

    lol shakera tried

  • Namjuice
    Namjuice 15 hours ago +1

    Right off the bat she got the girl in the intro wrong. Scorpio's would've killed em both. (Also, Shakera is really ignorant, I hope you don't include her in videos again).

  • Oh my god, they killed Kenny!

    Big guy: *walking in*
    "He is a cancer, no doubt."
    Big guy: *talking*
    "Yeah, cancer, hands down"
    Shakera: Oh, sagittarius.
    "How the hell did you miss that?!"

  • Blessin yallbitches

    In my opinion, for libras, we often just go with the flow. We are that lowkey mad and angry but doesn't show it. And if someone is being as rude as Shakera, we are mentally judging her but our outer posture is that of a calm, and reasonable persona. But we all know deep down we ain't calm at all. And by saying "Going with the flow", it usually just means that we let other people step over us or order us around until we finally snap. When we got angry, it isnt a nice scene at all:)

  • It’s bread 420

    As a Taurus I fuckin hate going outside...

  • thicc jumpsuit
    thicc jumpsuit Day ago

    i KNEW that short black girl was an Aries. i just knew it.

  • Luthienne Lothlorien

    Yikes. Her behavior is similar to 3 out of 4 Pisces I’ve met in my life. Thinks they know everything and are so rude.
    Not saying all Pisces are like this though.

  • zahra
    zahra Day ago

    Shakera is a bigger bitch in the ‘1000 dollar video’. Ugh

  • Florijana Bućan

    I hate geminies.Im also a pisces.😂

  • Gracie Belsky
    Gracie Belsky Day ago

    Y’all where are my Aries?

  • Amy Williams
    Amy Williams 2 days ago

    “I like Aries” she doesn’t even know you I am but I was like awwwwwwww. That Gemini reminds me of a friend of mine, so does the Capricorn

  • Bad Player
    Bad Player 3 days ago

    We geminis gotta stick together. I'm so proud of the gemini for not taking her shit. You go girl. ❤️ Gemini Gang ♊

  • Ezra is
    Ezra is 4 days ago

    ok but like kocky rude and didn’t actually know shit about the signs soooo

  • Kaliyanei Brinduse
    Kaliyanei Brinduse 4 days ago

    Ayeee pisces gang 🤪

  • forestcatkay14
    forestcatkay14 4 days ago

    The problem is most people don’t take into account the ascendant sign. This is the sign that is most often projected when people first meet a person. The sun sign or sign ur born under is influential in appearance but only after you get to know a person

  • Aine JM
    Aine JM 4 days ago

    Omg I hate shakera from that 1000 to 1 video, she is not a nice person in my opinion, please say she won’t be on cut again

  • Maiden Me27
    Maiden Me27 5 days ago

    As a Pisces myself.. this sucks!!!!!! She does not represent's us at all. 😩😩

  • R b
    R b 5 days ago

    shakera giiirl after the 1 to 1000 video I can not listen to your voice anymore

  • Ariana slays679
    Ariana slays679 6 days ago

    Idk why she’s using this as her own thoughts , she’s kinda thinking there her friends and not them

  • Callista Arts
    Callista Arts 6 days ago +1

    3:40-3:45 I'm a Gemini BITCH FUCK YOU

  • GrandeBeautiana
    GrandeBeautiana 8 days ago

    i‘ve never extolled a gemini that much in my whole entire life. i very much liked how she stood up for herself the same way she was headed of something lol. no offence to shakera but i really felt the girl when she said she was surprised about finding out that shakera was a pisces lmao

  • Sophie L
    Sophie L 9 days ago

    That Gemini gives us a bad name lol. Most geminis I know (me included) will smile and nod to get someone difficult to shut up. I like shakera but it was fucked up for her to say people are boring if they dont drink like damn

  • Manda
    Manda 9 days ago

    "Obviously I got a lot of them right."........ummmmm

  • feelin froggy
    feelin froggy 11 days ago +1

    This bitch really thought she knew something this jus shows u dont matter what ur sign is if u act like a jackass ur a fucking jackass obnoxious ass hoe lmaoo

  • Gea Venise De Lemon
    Gea Venise De Lemon 11 days ago

    But it is true, Pisces are the most dull and emotional one lmao speaking for myself. I wonder what her other planet placements are. Also, I’m certain she has a fire rising 🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️

  • jathan running rabbit
    jathan running rabbit 12 days ago

    I’m a Gemini and I knew as soon as she popped I knew she was one. Then she was always talking when nothing was directed at her. Obvious tbhhh

  • Hoopla Hoopla
    Hoopla Hoopla 12 days ago

    Everybody and i mean EVERYBODY knew a girl like Shakera in high school..

  • Tatiyanna Cole
    Tatiyanna Cole 13 days ago

    She doesn’t even give people a chance to explain their sign

  • laziza R
    laziza R 13 days ago

    I'm a gemini and I could defedently could tell she was a gemini . PS I don't really like pieces

  • Dani Provensen
    Dani Provensen 13 days ago

    Shakera seems like a Leo!

  • Shakera Anderson
    Shakera Anderson 14 days ago +1

    Reading these comments about Shakera...

    I feel ashamed...

  • natividad velasquez
    natividad velasquez 16 days ago

    Omg im a Pisces and my mom is also a Leo.

  • Sneha Thomas
    Sneha Thomas 16 days ago

    shakera needs to take a SEAT

  • Galaxy Dino
    Galaxy Dino 19 days ago

    Whao Mygirl is a pisces

  • Orlane King James
    Orlane King James 19 days ago

    Where all my Sagittarius bros/sis at ?💪🏾💪🏾🇨🇲🔥🔥💘♐. I feel so related to Shakera, she is a Pisces and my man is a Pisces, her man is a sagittarius and I am a Sagittarius😍. Normally Sagittarius and Pisces are not really compatible but WAIT ! That chemistry between us is FIIIIIIRRRRRRREE😂🔥🔥

  • Symphony Music Bengali

    She's kind of a bitch

  • Kracho plays
    Kracho plays 20 days ago +1

    Shakera doesn't seem like a pisces..... kinda annoyed tbh cuz I feel misrepresented(i stole this word from another comment)

  • oli
    oli 22 days ago

    we all know leos are the best

  • Domi Nique
    Domi Nique 22 days ago

    2:35 as she rates him as a leo the real leo girl gets fucked up in the background :D

  • Linz
    Linz 23 days ago

    Shakera definitely used to be a school bully 🤣 and is trying to reform

  • Feisty boos adventures

    shakera is acting like a scorpio

  • Feisty boos adventures

    Shakera likes to show off that pisces are the best and I agree with gemini because air types win every argument♊♎♒

  • Brynn Islo
    Brynn Islo 25 days ago

    My best friend is a Pisces and she’s nothing like Shakera. She’s VERY emotional and is easily hurt but also very sweet and caring and would only be this openly sassy and rude around people that she’s close with in a joking manner. Shakera doesn’t seem like a Pisces at all

  • anonymous user
    anonymous user 25 days ago +1

    Gemini are LITERALLY the best. Sweet at the same time a classy bitch!

  • Kiara Hall
    Kiara Hall 26 days ago

    I'm a Virgo, and I love Pisces lol❤

    EVENS AMV 29 days ago +1

    I'm an aquarius

  • Stacey Idusuyi
    Stacey Idusuyi Month ago

    Where my Aquarians at!!

  • Pearl is the best.
    Pearl is the best. Month ago

    geminis usually suck but ay shakera sucks she got a bad attitude towards everyone

  • 2 shooting stars
    2 shooting stars Month ago +1

    She based her opinion off of people in her life witch probably have different Moon and rising signs she should have based it off of actual knowledge

  • 2 shooting stars
    2 shooting stars Month ago +1

    She is so wrong about Aquarius we are not attention seekers and we are not suffocating we are Known for for being humanitarians and friendly

  • Nia Smith
    Nia Smith Month ago

    I don’t get what the Gemini’s girls problem was becuase Shakera made fun of everyone and not just her😂 The Gemini girl was just stuck up, like Shakera was brought into judge the line up, she was brought in to judge and the Gemini girl knew that when she came in soo...

  • Julia Keeann
    Julia Keeann Month ago

    I really like Katalina tbh haha

  • Rama B
    Rama B Month ago

    The first guy that she guessed as a taurus, wasnt that the guy in that creepy catfish episode where he kept trying to convinced them he wasnt gay even though he'd catfished a guy

  • Rebecca Schulz
    Rebecca Schulz Month ago

    Please don’t bring her back.

  • ƿѧṭȏԀȏ 123
    ƿѧṭȏԀȏ 123 Month ago

    I'm a ♓️ pisces

  • Tragon Lady
    Tragon Lady Month ago +1


  • Miguel Pinto
    Miguel Pinto Month ago +1

    I am a Pisces and I’m just like you , nobody would say I’m a Pisces

  • Shravan Satyanarayan

    I think Shakera might have a dominant fire sign in her moon or rising sun, maybe an Aries or a Leo influence.

  • Kelsy Connor
    Kelsy Connor Month ago

    She totally sounds like a leo tho

  • Beatriz Medina
    Beatriz Medina Month ago

    I can’t stand her

  • Olivia Altizer
    Olivia Altizer Month ago

    3:40 ummm wtf i feel attacked

  • Eye Lash
    Eye Lash Month ago +1

    Omg why are y'all bashing Gemini's they're like the best out of all zodiac signs

  • Emerson Marggraf
    Emerson Marggraf Month ago

    Yo I’m a Gemini!

  • mc houeiss
    mc houeiss Month ago

    I love how the Gemini is being rude to Pisces you go girl I love you

  • mc houeiss
    mc houeiss Month ago

    I am a gemini and before I knew her sign I hated her lol

  • Shazia olabiyi
    Shazia olabiyi Month ago

    I'm proud to be A Gemni because of that Gemni girl!😁

  • Kimberly Kaitlyn
    Kimberly Kaitlyn Month ago

    She definitely has a sagittarius rising or moon

  • Jackson Bianco
    Jackson Bianco Month ago

    I saw that other video with the main lady and she was remarkably malicious and manipulative. Repugnant person, I hope she seeks to develop some compassion and altruism in her life and actions.

  • Chloe White
    Chloe White Month ago

    She has a completely wrong impression of Gemini

  • Zrihan Secrets
    Zrihan Secrets Month ago

    Shakera is kinda savage. I did like her. She funny, enegrtic and get along with people. (Idc about the hate)

  • Pink Llamas
    Pink Llamas Month ago

    I hate shakera, if you saw the 1000$ video you know why

  • Ilia Orfanou
    Ilia Orfanou Month ago

    Look I'm a Pisces and the girl who was guessing wasn't a great example of how Pisces really are. However the girl that was a Pisces on the line is the definition of the sign! Quiet, artistic and emotional!!! The Gemini girl was interesting too. I don't think it's dull not wanting to go out only for drinking.

  • Ignacia Silva
    Ignacia Silva Month ago

    I need Libra and Gemini Instagrams right now.

  • Shotgun barrel nostrils

    I'm Gemini rising with pisces moon does that make it weird

  • Shotgun barrel nostrils

    I knew the ginger guy was def a libra for some reason we cling on our feminine side amd are showy

  • Shotgun barrel nostrils

    Eww I hate having a Pisces moon

  • Add Some Color
    Add Some Color Month ago

    Omg did I find someone who’s kinda the same I’m a Pisces and my mom is a Leo wow

  • Evelyn Boggs
    Evelyn Boggs Month ago

    shakera is a b word lol she is a prettttty low person

  • Mami Chloe
    Mami Chloe Month ago

    Where my Scorpios at? 🔥♏️😏

  • Margaux Quelly
    Margaux Quelly Month ago

    ??? She so wrong, even with the stereotypes

  • Zoi Bresolin
    Zoi Bresolin Month ago

    Yo this Gemini gives us a bad name

  • Max Gorell
    Max Gorell 2 months ago

    im damn proud to be a gemini

  • Brooks2beautyxo XoXo
    Brooks2beautyxo XoXo 2 months ago

    I am a gemini..we love to argue 😂😂😂

  • T M
    T M 2 months ago

    For a Pisces, Shakera has a very energetic personality. I'd be drained and anxious AF with that many people in the room. Especially with the camera on me 😂

  • Mood Potato
    Mood Potato 2 months ago

    Why does everyone hate shakira tf I mean I don’t think she was mean

  • C Novika Maharani
    C Novika Maharani 2 months ago

    Wrong!!! Scorpio will kill both hahahah

  • Belldandy Rey
    Belldandy Rey 2 months ago +1

    Wow. She sounds so ignorant. I’m 1 year sober from alcohol and I totally understand now why people don’t drink. The hangovers, the random men, putting myself in danger and making a fool out of myself are not worth it.

  • Edward O'Sullivan
    Edward O'Sullivan 2 months ago

    "How did I get you wrong???" maybe because the placement of the stars when you were born has absolutely nothing to do with your personality. idk just a thought.

  • Amelia Hughes
    Amelia Hughes 2 months ago

    I feel like she was literally only judging people off experiences she's had with certain people in her life. Like, just because you didn't get along with one person once, doesn't mean you need to hate on that whole sign & apply all that person's negative characteristics to them. Tbh not the usual acceptance & kindness I usually see in pisces, bet she has a lot of fire going on in her chart.

  • fC
    fC 2 months ago

    Shakeras interpreting people too much from her point of view on the signs and not how the signs are

  • Sofi Teja
    Sofi Teja 2 months ago

    Funny how she said she gets along with everyone, but on the 1000 to 1 video everyone hated her, hmmm

  • White Wolf
    White Wolf 2 months ago

    As soon as she said art, music, I knew she was a Pisces
    Edit: also is it weird that I'm a Pisces and my mom's a Leo

  • Emily Bohrer
    Emily Bohrer 2 months ago

    The Sag girl isn't Sag at all. Kinda boring and meh.

  • Noor Madan
    Noor Madan 2 months ago

    Proud of my Gemini sis🖤

  • wolfie lol
    wolfie lol 2 months ago +1

    Ima Gemini why everyone hate me 😢

  • Jamia Murphy
    Jamia Murphy 2 months ago

    I dont care what anyone says I actually like Shakera she was really cool, maybe I like her because we share the same sign. But why are yall mad at her for speaking her mind and letting people know how their signs make her feel. Pisces dont sugar coat anything, yall want to call her rude for having an opinion that is insane.

  • chris toledo
    chris toledo 2 months ago

    You are a picis, you are a picis everyone is a picis

  • o k
    o k 2 months ago

    I'm a Taurus and I'm proud

  • Trip4man
    Trip4man 2 months ago

    There's 2 types of pisces... Those who can handle themselves and those who can't. At first I was like the white girl, now I'm like Shakera xD I likeee her (and fuck Geminis! double faced fake traitors). Pisces will rule the worldddddd!

  • Zion Earle
    Zion Earle 2 months ago

    How is Shakera rude?? Don't see it at all.