Guess My Zodiac Sign (Shakera) | Lineup | Cut

  • Published on Mar 2, 2018
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    Guess My Zodiac Sign (Shakera) | Lineup | Cut
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Comments • 2 666

  • Mya Parks
    Mya Parks 13 hours ago

    That Gemini held her fuckin own 😂😂so happy to be a Gemini rn haha

  • SeventeenCaratt UwU
    SeventeenCaratt UwU 16 hours ago

    This is what I'm saying pieces are soooo full of them selfs like my freaking siblings lol

    SPICY SUE 17 hours ago

    What about recovering alcoholics? Not everyone has to drink to have fun, that comment was unconscious and rude as hell.

  • Sparklepuppy00 Aj

    On behalf of all Pisces.. we don’t all act like this 😂

  • _Wolfox
    _Wolfox Day ago


  • Suvro Bhaumik
    Suvro Bhaumik Day ago

    She is actually a rude piscean

  • Johanna R
    Johanna R Day ago

    I love her 😂

  • dip fun
    dip fun Day ago

    this girl is so rude lmfao she needs to get fucked up she just based the entire video off her experienced gtfo girl ur rude as fuck so gross

  • Daniel P
    Daniel P Day ago

    The Aries friend saying all her friends are libras SAMEand they're the best people out there. Complementary opposites ♡゙
    Also I feel like Shakera must have a strong fire ascendant probably Sage or Leo


    I think any LEO knows were the BEST and were CONFIDENT about it

  • meguhman
    meguhman Day ago

    The stats have no correlation with your life.

  • millie rose lawson
    millie rose lawson 2 days ago

    It’s bad astrology to base everything off personal experience and previous relationships. Did not like her :/

  • Dorothy Harris
    Dorothy Harris 2 days ago

    Mmm... I like her🤣♏

  • Yarkn Ravenclaw
    Yarkn Ravenclaw 2 days ago


  • Aliss DrunkKid
    Aliss DrunkKid 2 days ago

    Why do i fukin like the pisces girl with a bun lmao as a capricorn i wanna be her best friend loool

  • Andrèa Stringile
    Andrèa Stringile 2 days ago +1


  • Schnell
    Schnell 2 days ago +1

    Lmao the second she guess the guy was a Leo the actual Leo closed her arms as if she was offended he would be a Leo, typical Leo😂

    • Schnell
      Schnell 2 days ago

      As an Aquarius she totally got the description wrong

  • Ana Djordjevic
    Ana Djordjevic 2 days ago +3

    Pisces: Pisces take traits of every other signs
    Gemini: So you're not original enough
    Me a gemini: hehehe 😈

  • kamN
    kamN 2 days ago

    stop talking about sex so much. EWW. came here for astrology, not for audition to pornhub. the fat dude says he's got a high sex drive. yuck. stfu dude

  • Aaron Davis
    Aaron Davis 2 days ago

    So her ruling sign is Picses but she is influenced by Aries, and I mean like alot, the fact that she doesn't like her confidence to be threatened gives this vibe. At least for me anyway.

  • Hillary Loves Kpop MSP
    Hillary Loves Kpop MSP 2 days ago +2

    I am a Chinese Leo ♌ girl born in Canada who has a best friend who is a Virgo

  • Awesome Gemini
    Awesome Gemini 3 days ago

    I'm offended I'm a Gemini and I'm proud don't know why the hate us but I don't mind that much still proud to be me

  • Asha The Best
    Asha The Best 3 days ago

    I wanna do this 😍

  • Tasherra Hogan
    Tasherra Hogan 3 days ago

    Can we not have her in other videos? I get being honest but she was just overall rude/mean as hell. And no I am not just saying that b/c I am am Aquarius

  • Aino Aro
    Aino Aro 3 days ago

    Why does the month somebody were born tell anything about someone's personality wtf. She was kind of mean (sorry about my English)

  • Pig let
    Pig let 3 days ago

    oh honey , you are wrong tauruses are the best

  • Sunthesizzler
    Sunthesizzler 3 days ago +2

    I’m a scorpio , and i think aqua and gemini are the best friends for me lol

  • Abby Zeo
    Abby Zeo 3 days ago +3

    my guesses
    1. sag
    2. cancer
    3. gemini
    4. virgo
    5. pisces
    6. aquarius
    7. libra
    8. leo
    9. scorpio
    10. capricorn
    11. aries
    12. taurus
    i got one right🤩

  • HeyItz Pinky
    HeyItz Pinky 3 days ago

    Shakera is a pisces dat i never seen I’m a gemini and I don’t agree with her choices and Yes i would also fought back like if some one just came up for seconds and not knowing our true self and calling us dull...just nah

  • Essencetials
    Essencetials 3 days ago +2

    This “Pisces” makes me feel ashamed to be a Pisces 🤦🏻‍♀️ my gosh dude

  • RaynaLovesGacha
    RaynaLovesGacha 4 days ago

    Ok I'm new to all this... then she said my zodiac is good at sex.... I'm young... a little to young to think about that.....

  • Nitreonandfun Channel

    Well umm my sister is an Aquarius.....and I'm a

  • peanutbutter & jelly time

    This girl insulted me in a hundred different languages! What's wrong with Aquarius!

  • Otter Woods
    Otter Woods 4 days ago

    Im a gemini and my best friend is a pisces.

  • Punctual Bunny
    Punctual Bunny 4 days ago +4

    she's so pretentious wtf who likes people based off of their zodiac signs? and air signs deal with the mind, something you don't seem to possess :) ~Aqua

  • Anonym
    Anonym 4 days ago

    This girl was fucking annoying I am a Scorpio and I’ll definitely not match with her . Sheeeeesh

  • Jenna Joel
    Jenna Joel 4 days ago +1

    Team Pisces!

  • anchovie gang
    anchovie gang 4 days ago

    I feel insulted bc I am a Aquarius but I hate Pisces but mostly female cancer's

  • Kar Leo
    Kar Leo 4 days ago +1

    I’m a Pisces ♓️... and now ashamed

  • Lina Gutierrez
    Lina Gutierrez 4 days ago +2

    Omg the girl that roasted her was awesome

  • Noah Poelstra
    Noah Poelstra 4 days ago

    She's a bitch.

  • J Costa
    J Costa 5 days ago

    My experience with every Aquarius Sun men I ever met, so far, is that everyone of them was the ultimate SOB.

  • J Costa
    J Costa 5 days ago

    9:18 Pisces don't get along very well with Gemini because they're squaring signs. Pisces is basically emotional, tear-dropping, over-credulous, compassive, dependent and Gemini are over-rational, cynical, egocentric, narcisistic, dualistic, sarcastic, smarty, and sometimes outright cruel, in spite of their apparent instant friendliness... Needless to say Gemini always outsmarts Pisces.

  • Sapphire :3
    Sapphire :3 5 days ago

    GUYS IF YOU ARE NOT HAPPY WITH HER BEING HERSELF,DON’T WATCH THE DAMN VIDEO.Anyways,I feel like at the end of the day,they’re obviously not like arch enemies and fight everyday y’know.

  • xXLovelyPotatoGangXx :3

    Oof I'm a Pisces I swear I'm not like her tho ;^;

  • lauren
    lauren 5 days ago +1

    pisces don't claim her. we claim the pisces in the lineup

  • Kelsie W
    Kelsie W 5 days ago

    Omg for some reason that don’t look like Shakera idk though is that the Waka Waka Shakera?

  • Angela Ramirez
    Angela Ramirez 5 days ago

    I can't stand most Pisces...or Virgos. lol. Just wanna say though, rising sign has a lot to do with the personality.

  • Sarah Ramos
    Sarah Ramos 5 days ago

    Yea I'm a Taurus and I got offended .......camping really !!!that's why she picked that guy as a Taurus .That's just judgment right freaking there

  • RandomKatey
    RandomKatey 5 days ago +1

    Excuse me, Aquarius does not attention seek. Aquarius hates attention and hates conflict. Most Aquarians are flaky and don’t socialize much so.

  • Lebeutiful Buba
    Lebeutiful Buba 5 days ago

    Whats her @ ???

  • maggie volk
    maggie volk 6 days ago +3

    The only Aquarius I’ve ever met is my ex boyfriend so I don’t know if this makes me biased about her opinion on them but they ARE very draining and suffocating🤷🏼‍♀️😂

  • lyra m
    lyra m 6 days ago +1

    I would have guessed 4/12 even if I gave the signs to the people randomly without even looking at them.

  • Zyria Queenz
    Zyria Queenz 6 days ago +6

    I wanna fight her
    Better not be rude to the *gemini*

  • lupe Lopez
    lupe Lopez 6 days ago

    People think they know Cancers, but they don't, clearly by the video. ✌🏽

  • Taylor Reising
    Taylor Reising 6 days ago

    she was so obnoxious we all knew she was a water sign

  • мσσηlιgнт вυввlєѕ

    Idk man, the moment she said she didn't like geminis I kinda flipped?? Props to my gemini girl for clapping back at her

  • Tajjali Fatima Binte Arooj

    I'm a gemini and my best friend is a pisces😂

    • dayma boukil
      dayma boukil 6 days ago

      Omg i m a pisces and one of my best friends is a Gemini 😂😂😂 highfivee xD

  • Deepy K
    Deepy K 6 days ago

    1000th dislike 😂

  • Helga Sigurlaug Helgadóttir

    Does anybody know the name of the Pisces girls

  • RedRiot
    RedRiot 7 days ago +6

    Immediantly knew she was a Capricorn, I'm a Capricorn aswell, and I know a lot about em.

  • the lou
    the lou 7 days ago +2

    Both my parents are leo....
    ... Pray for me

  • asmamaw menkir
    asmamaw menkir 7 days ago +1

    Me and my pisces friends: yay...wE gOoD zOdIaC sIgNs....

  • AnimeFreak Fluffkin
    AnimeFreak Fluffkin 8 days ago

    so at 3:45 i felt offended by the gemini thing bc im a gemini🤣

  • Min Jae
    Min Jae 8 days ago

    the astrologer guy was a better one she doesn't seem like a pisces to me🤨

  • Gilberto Ignacio Rodriguez Mojica

    7:15 I'm Gemini and my girlfriend is Aquarius, and I wish she would seek for my attention more, like this Shakera says Aquarius do 😢

  • Sophia hales
    Sophia hales 9 days ago

    Some People finna be thinking we all weird ass narcissistic alians
    But bitch we are some unique ppl who some basic hoes jealous of 🤪

    *also I love u Gemini’s*

    -your fellow Aquarius ♒️

  • RedRose RM
    RedRose RM 9 days ago +9

    I feel insulted. I'm an Aquarius. But I'm DAMN PROUD, SO ANY FELLOW AQUARIANS OUT THERE? ♒♒

  • Aine Foley
    Aine Foley 9 days ago

    I'm Aquarius with an ascendent in Gemini. I feel a little offended by this.

  • Deborah Rowe
    Deborah Rowe 9 days ago

    She doesn't understand astrology at all...why the hell would someone make a video with her?

  • Ale AG
    Ale AG 9 days ago +1

    Omfg, I can't stand the girl who is gemini. Like, in general I knew she was a gemini when she started talking, so defensive, and always trying to be right, nothing aganist geminis in general but this girl, ooof got on my damn nerves.

  • Azora Gacha
    Azora Gacha 9 days ago +1


  • Mishka Parashar
    Mishka Parashar 9 days ago +1

    Shakera (pisces): Pisces take traits from every other sign, which is why we're a little crazy
    All Geminis: *thinks* Am I a joke to you??

  • Mishka Parashar
    Mishka Parashar 9 days ago

    I felt kind of ashamed when she insulted my sign and said she hated it the most. *But then I realized she was basically trying to insult every other sign besides her own, and I felt a bit proud when the Gemini girl stood up for herself*

  • Dana Dane
    Dana Dane 9 days ago +1

    That phucking ♊️ I love her

  • Kim Maxine
    Kim Maxine 10 days ago

    I just knew the Capricorn from the first step she took 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Lyndaishaa!!
    Lyndaishaa!! 10 days ago

    I bet nobody can guess me because I’m all over the place

  • Arash Mashhoudi
    Arash Mashhoudi 10 days ago

    she hates aquarious and gemeni cause she feels humiliated by their strong personalities ..poor dumb girl

  • Angelina Lord
    Angelina Lord 10 days ago +2

    This is so different from the astrologist one...

  • Yhyhgirl
    Yhyhgirl 10 days ago +2

    U guys there’s something called self love and being honest, have u ever heard of that? She’s a beautiful woman and a great Pisces ✊ proud of her ✊✊

  • mari'npieces
    mari'npieces 10 days ago +3

    She got everything wrong about Aquarius :/

  • Andreia Janeiro
    Andreia Janeiro 10 days ago

    I'm I the only one that does not belive that shit? It's not the month you are born that decides how you are and there's not such a thing as "better sign than others"

  • P3achy
    P3achy 11 days ago +3

    I’m in love with the Pisces chick. I’m a Pisces too and she is just amazing.

  • Amelie Rundell
    Amelie Rundell 11 days ago

    Oh my god she’s such a dick

  • Jazz And Rus
    Jazz And Rus 11 days ago

    I’m a cancer 😂

  • it's me
    it's me 11 days ago +1

    Shes a pisces letting her inside bitch out.. Which they usually hide.

  • Emme Salter
    Emme Salter 11 days ago +1

    I am a Pisces. My mom is a Leo. The girl I dislike the most is a Gemini. My brother is an Aquarius. But I freaking love my mom and my brother and not every Gemini is a bitch. Why did she have to be sooooooo rude?

  • What In Bad Intonation
    What In Bad Intonation 11 days ago +1

    Am I the only person who wanted to punch the Gemini in the why are you so aggressive. Her AND shakera were way too much

  • Angelysse Garcia
    Angelysse Garcia 11 days ago

    That’s crazy I’m a Pisces and we creative and we popular

  • love chan
    love chan 11 days ago

    Me and red head would Benn fight

  • kekemarie 16492
    kekemarie 16492 11 days ago

    The gemini girl makes me Soo proud to be a gemini my self!!💙

  • Mounia
    Mounia 11 days ago +2

    this girl made us pisces seem like such bad people I would never call that girl dull💀🙈🙊

  • Rhonika Hill
    Rhonika Hill 11 days ago

    I can sense my own sign when I see them especially when we brag about being the best and we all got some creative side and vibe.. most of my friends I truly connected was a Pisces

  • pika what
    pika what 12 days ago +1


  • Ghaca Licious
    Ghaca Licious 12 days ago +1

    I'm a pisces and I DONT act like that

  • Tae with a bit of suga And kookies

    "I get alone with everyone "she said.

  • I’m a disappointment. Period.

    As an Aquarius I am offended! I felt so bad for that guy and she was SO rude and when she said that sh*t about Aquarius’ she just seems like an obnoxious b*tch

    • I’m a disappointment. Period.
      I’m a disappointment. Period. 6 days ago +1

      dayma boukil 😂 omg

    • dayma boukil
      dayma boukil 6 days ago +1

      As a pisces i apologize , she was a rude and wrong about Aquarius . As a pisces i really love aquaruis! I have 3 best friend that are born under that sign x)

  • Doggy Playz
    Doggy Playz 12 days ago

    WHAT DID YOU SAY????? YOU HATE GEMINI SIGN???? HOW DARE YOU!!!! nu just kidding feel free to hate what u want just make sure to not regret it and doooooood don't be offended by her saying pisces is dull cause guess what son of a biscuit u said that u hate gemini sign so ye...

  • Gavin Bowen
    Gavin Bowen 12 days ago

    The gemini chick honestly feels like she would be great to hang out with

  • Destiney Bowman
    Destiney Bowman 12 days ago

    gemini’s are actually the ones who take traits from other people’s signs, because we’re very chatty & personable. so jokes on her 🤪

    • dayma boukil
      dayma boukil 6 days ago

      Even tho i like geminis but no pisces are the one that takes traits from all other the zodiacs because they are the last sign . Its a fact not an opnion.