Funny Baby Playing With Baby Animals - Funny Fails Baby Video


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  • Mas hudi Hudi
    Mas hudi Hudi 2 days ago

    I need 🐈 cat naila

  • Kiran Jadhav
    Kiran Jadhav 2 days ago

    गंदे लोग

  • Conchita De Pedro-Juan

    Que ambiente mas lindo.

  • cocinando con yaya
    cocinando con yaya 3 days ago

    Vídeos crueles no son juguete los animales esto es crueldad que colera

  • cocinando con yaya
    cocinando con yaya 3 days ago

    No es gracioso que ese patojo haga así a los patitos ellos no son juguete pobrecitos patitos en las garras de esos

  • 247addiction
    247addiction 5 days ago

    That kids kissing the turtle could get ecoli poisoning.

  • Lolita fernandez
    Lolita fernandez 6 days ago

    En algunos vídeos los padres no debieran dejar que tomen a los animales ya que son bruscamente tirados x los niños

  • Reveller
    Reveller 8 days ago

    some of these videos are very cruelty...I can not understand how some parents laugh about it when the animals are treated like this

  • Ssakjiel Ouahafidne
    Ssakjiel Ouahafidne 8 days ago


  • Kir R
    Kir R 8 days ago


  • Pradnya Kamble
    Pradnya Kamble 9 days ago +1

    I dnt find this funny

  • Amit Kumar
    Amit Kumar 9 days ago

    0: 32 very very nice😎👍👍

  • Champa Akter
    Champa Akter 9 days ago

    Miss ok

  • Rosalyn Cabauatan
    Rosalyn Cabauatan 10 days ago

    Unang lunas pg my lagnat na walang nskastock na gamot

  • سعد قيمر
    سعد قيمر 10 days ago

    يعععع 🤢😷 اطفالهم يبوسون الكلاب وهو قاعد يقول good hope !!!!!! Wtf 🤢😨😨😨😨😷😷😷

  • Rifa Zalfa
    Rifa Zalfa 10 days ago +4

    Baby baby 😍😍😍❤️

  • مروه احمد
    مروه احمد 11 days ago +1

    حد عربي.😢😢

  • Daniella Whitney
    Daniella Whitney 11 days ago

    Not cool at all

  • Daniella Whitney
    Daniella Whitney 11 days ago

    Why let your baby bite on dog's 👃? disgusting

  • Neha Dsouza
    Neha Dsouza 11 days ago

    Third one is very cute last one is also good but some animals are cruel

  • meluchis
    meluchis 12 days ago

    Hay gente tan estupida que le pasa animales a los niños que mierds como gente les pasa conejo pollitos patitos y cachorros de gato y perro como la gente no piensan como hagarran a los animalitos y mas conejos bebes o sea

  • Ilene Lee
    Ilene Lee 12 days ago

    I think it is disgusting

  • Marina Brugnolo
    Marina Brugnolo 12 days ago

    Il bimbo non ha i genitori si molte..

  • Kristina Washington
    Kristina Washington 13 days ago

    Thanks for sharing. :)

  • Joan Jones
    Joan Jones 13 days ago

    what beautiful babies! thanks for this.

  • Angel Girgis
    Angel Girgis 13 days ago


  • k.manickam k.manickam
    k.manickam k.manickam 13 days ago

    Super. Super super

  • Miya Ismail
    Miya Ismail 14 days ago

    I cant stand... they r so cuteeeeee... luv babies so much...

  • Imad 20082008
    Imad 20082008 15 days ago

    Is not right to leave you dogs put his mouth in your child mouth. ?... just to make a video please keep your child awy from pets bcz their hair is not healthy for them.

  • Tatyana Cherdanceva
    Tatyana Cherdanceva 15 days ago

    Классно,раз и штанов нет,во как спят в обнимку,подписалась на Ваш канал,жду Вас к себе в гости,спасибо !

  • Flowerfanatic1
    Flowerfanatic1 17 days ago +3

    The turtle ones where the baby licks/sucks/bites it is cause for getting salmonella and then it would the turtle's fault. Shame on most of these parents for letting such little babies handle these baby animals. None of them were old enough to understand how to handle such tiny creatures. I usually love children & animals together but this video showed much too much distress to these animals. Those children were just TOO young to handle any of the animals. You know a child that age will put everything in their mouths and this video was no exception. Sad parenting for sure all for a few laughs they could record. I'm a retired pediatric nurse and I could just envision all the sick babies and also all the scared baby animals with what went on. SHAME SHAME!!

  • Ramesh Nurukurthi
    Ramesh Nurukurthi 17 days ago


  • Sousso Sultana
    Sousso Sultana 18 days ago

    I hate the pig its disgusting

  • Margarita Castaño
    Margarita Castaño 19 days ago

    los animalitos son seres vivos no son los juguetes de sus hijos respetenlos que ellos siente como uno o a ustedes les gustaria que sus hijos fueran los juguetes de los animales

  • Sisi Olortegui
    Sisi Olortegui 19 days ago

    Muy rricos los bebés,pero los animales no son juegos

  • umesh Verma
    umesh Verma 21 day ago

    0.33 no. Pe isse bhi koi cute ho sakta hai

  • Esha Baral
    Esha Baral 21 day ago +1

    You say these videos funny!!!!human babies hurting baby animals and vice versa.......that's can't be funny😬😬😬😬😬

  • No Name
    No Name 21 day ago

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    Africa needs engineers, more USclip Hosts,you are not even a Star!!...Go home & GET an education!

  • Abdallah Oraby 2
    Abdallah Oraby 2 22 days ago

    الكلب يحط فمو فى فم الطفل قرف جداا

  • Abdallah Oraby 2
    Abdallah Oraby 2 22 days ago


  • mike williams
    mike williams 24 days ago +2

    definitely not fun to watch some of this for sure and if this fun to whoever post this video something is wrong with you

  • YouTube Quora
    YouTube Quora 24 days ago

    No cruelty at all both are innocents

  • Chander Naffer
    Chander Naffer 24 days ago

    So cute I love dogs

  • hanyi nikyi
    hanyi nikyi 24 days ago


  • yacine _SD
    yacine _SD 25 days ago

    رووووووووعة ماشفة في حياة اطرف واضحك من هذو الفديوات😘😘😘😘😘😘😘🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆😂😂😂😂😂😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😻😻😻😻😻

  • fabrice Estro
    fabrice Estro Month ago +2

    Oh so cute 😍😍💗

  • mildred masinde
    mildred masinde Month ago +1

    Why do babies feel the need to put everything in their mouth. I love it

    • Madeha Saeed
      Madeha Saeed 12 days ago

      يوميات زوجة مفروسه

  • ranjit kaur kaur
    ranjit kaur kaur Month ago +2


  • ملكه الانكليزي

    😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍رووووووووووووووووعه يجننوووووون اني امووووووت علئ الجهال 😍

  • This is my fashion
    This is my fashion Month ago +3

    I need 🐈 cat

  • Mampy Modhu
    Mampy Modhu Month ago

    Wonderful beautiful lovely 👌💞.

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  • IⱮƦⱭɳ ХD
    IⱮƦⱭɳ ХD Month ago

    Last vedio best 😂😂😂😂

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  • Bobby Kasyap
    Bobby Kasyap Month ago

    soo cute funny babies and animals

  • Tabitha Dye
    Tabitha Dye Month ago

    @ 0:39 AWWWWWWW!!;

  • Saboor Ali
    Saboor Ali Month ago


  • Prince Raj
    Prince Raj Month ago


  • Cr W
    Cr W Month ago +1

    This whole video gave me anxiety. I was either worried about the welfare of the animal or the kiddo...

  • Haimchand Puran
    Haimchand Puran Month ago

    The duck had me going 😂😂😂

  • شروق الشمس نور الحياة

    اروع بشر هم الاطفال

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  • Suhail Bhat Bhat
    Suhail Bhat Bhat Month ago

    cute babies

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  • Erzsebet Csiszar
    Erzsebet Csiszar Month ago

    No good parents to give choice to the baby in their mouth the mouth of the dogs and and kiss the dog mouth. Not funny.Jan .4.2019.

  • Niel andrie Cabrera

    Abc kids song

    • Fun and Fails
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  • Tsaki Hlongwane
    Tsaki Hlongwane Month ago

    i like dogs very much

  • mai malatus
    mai malatus Month ago

    yakk I don't like dog kissing the babies I'm afraid with the rabbies

  • Yolanda Marsh
    Yolanda Marsh Month ago +6

    only few are cute but most of them are cruel too dangerous for babies 👽💀😯

  • Susila Sabar
    Susila Sabar Month ago +2

    Rabbits shouldn't be pet by babies...

  • Алина К.
    Алина К. Month ago

    Дети жестоки, родители смеются,весело....

  • Lyn Truong
    Lyn Truong Month ago +1

    Babies and small animals ought not to be together. 😔

  • Hong Nguyen
    Hong Nguyen Month ago

    Tụi bây cho con chơi ngu dốt quá bệnh vi rút chết người

  • Ayobe Mihfad
    Ayobe Mihfad Month ago


  • Rukhsana Riaz
    Rukhsana Riaz Month ago

    Lovely video likely



  • ida yg
    ida yg Month ago


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    Mr. Amazing Kids Month ago

    very sweet baby nice

  • Kevin Adams
    Kevin Adams Month ago +1

    For my 2nd comment, telling a baby to b gentle is like trying to teach a cat to sit or play fetch. Here's an idea....teach the baby!

  • Kevin Adams
    Kevin Adams Month ago +1

    Poor kitty being carried up like that

  • Rose DE LIMA
    Rose DE LIMA Month ago

    les animaux ont bien compris la complicités avec eux et les bébè dans les jeux.

  • عدي قصي
    عدي قصي Month ago


  • ramu GC
    ramu GC Month ago

    So cute and lovely

  • Dora Peña
    Dora Peña Month ago

    Jente bruta

  • Mokdad houssam
    Mokdad houssam Month ago

    This funny Baby 😍😍😍

  • Sahadeb Barman
    Sahadeb Barman 2 months ago

    I love Animals

  • saroj satpathy
    saroj satpathy 2 months ago

    so cute billi

  • Ana Swell
    Ana Swell 2 months ago


  • Jghthn Hjtjtj
    Jghthn Hjtjtj 2 months ago


  • Paul Marwein
    Paul Marwein 2 months ago

    Poor baby duck........ uncivilized parents......👿they r like satan

  • Claudia Daina
    Claudia Daina 2 months ago

    Bello ma mi da pena che I bimbi piccolini non sappiano che nn si fa male alli animali

  • Shaik Gousiya
    Shaik Gousiya 2 months ago

    Super babyheros

  • Ирина Моторнова


  • Hensley Corey
    Hensley Corey 2 months ago

    wow i love that pig!

  • Creative Poonam
    Creative Poonam 2 months ago

    Wow cute baby beautiful video like to subscribe 👍👍👍👍

  • Vibha Singh
    Vibha Singh 2 months ago

    Most of the video were very cute

  • Hz Qeen
    Hz Qeen 2 months ago


  • Theresa Torrey
    Theresa Torrey 2 months ago +1

    Baby can get very sick from the animal , they 're full of germ ,