Black People, Do You Know White Culture? | Black to Life

  • Published on Nov 14, 2016
  • From Taylor Swift to Apple Pie, Centric’s Giselle Gant goes out into the streets to test Black folks on their knowledge of White culture.
    About Black To Life:
    Host Giselle Gant finds out just how much people really know about all things Black in this woman-on-street style quiz show.
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Comments • 2 550

  • The Hypest
    The Hypest 15 days ago

    You Americans need to stop using terms like black people and white culture, I know you guys think you're going through some kind of socialist revolution right now but to the rest of us it looks like both ethnicities are busy trying to drag the country back to the 18th century

  • Jacob Berry
    Jacob Berry 22 days ago +1

    Nothing to do with white culture. This is pop hollywood shit.

  • Berzerk0566
    Berzerk0566 26 days ago

    This isn’t fucking white culture. Centuries of western advancement in music and art from Ancient Greece to the renaissance and you ask wether they know two Taylor swift songs. Fucking idiots

  • HitProof
    HitProof 28 days ago

    Blacks are so arrogant they have mentality of 5 years old child
    No wondet they are so stupid

  • HitProof
    HitProof 28 days ago

    Black arrogance at its best

  • kimmie Wise
    kimmie Wise 29 days ago

    I love how for the Taylor Swift question, the LA life line could only talk about her recent music which is heavily inspired by R&B and hip hop which is black oriented. She didn’t mention her country music roots which would be more associated with white people. Our Song, Love Story, Ours, Mean, Teardrops on My Guitar and her release for the highly anticipated Movie series, based off young Adult Novel ‘Hunger Games’ which had a strong connection to southeastern culture of rural life, hunting, and coal mining, Safe and Sound, were all overlooked in favor of Trouble, Look What You Made Me Do, and we can probably add Bad Blood. Again with R&B, Hip Hop and Pop influence which is definitely not white.
    It’s like being asked to name a famous black entertainer and only knowing Michael Jackson which people debate because of his Vitiligo. It’s not only sad but also pretty lazy.

  • Lawson Flemming
    Lawson Flemming Month ago

    This is just stupid

  • Joelynn Carter
    Joelynn Carter Month ago +2

    How about freeing slaves before any other western nation?

  • Rezene Ftwi
    Rezene Ftwi Month ago

    They don't have culture

  • Ben Singleton
    Ben Singleton Month ago

    Lol even the name Africa is names after a roman general! Haha

  • Ben Singleton
    Ben Singleton Month ago

    Your clothes, glasses, shoes, watch, phone, microphone, camera, your fucking language!!!

  • Battery
    Battery Month ago

    Culture is based on music, food, art, language, tradition, clothing, hairstyles, customs, etc. Technology isn't part of a culture.

    • cam3lopard
      cam3lopard Month ago

      I feel sorry for these people. Does the US not educate its citizens even at basic levels? It's like barely anyone of these people making these videos ever heard of the Renaissance or the Industrial revolution.

  • Truth Spitter
    Truth Spitter Month ago +1

    All the blacks trying to say whites people have no culture 😂
    We invented so many things basically everything you use was made by us whites.
    We invented so many dances and music.

  • heavyrules669
    heavyrules669 Month ago

    white culture is modern tehcnology (computers, internet, electricity, western music, music industry, movies, sports, entertainment ....

  • Ryan Blunt
    Ryan Blunt Month ago +1

    Im white and i knew almost none of this

  • matt
    matt 2 months ago

    Pretty sad, that this is the sketch you came up with for white culture.

  • Erin Smith
    Erin Smith 2 months ago

    anytime a white person makes a video that has anything to do with black people people are in an uproar okay but black people can talk about white people and make videos or do whatever the f*** they want to say whatever the f*** they want to say and it's okay but let a white person make a video like this laughing like making fun of it the f*** out of here man everybody just needs to respect everybody in my everybody do their own thing worry about yourself if they turn us all inside out nobody's going to know what color you are we are all the same on the inside

  • James Lapin
    James Lapin 2 months ago

    White culture build the world! That microphone you’re using the watch on your wrist the camera your cameraman is using that is white culture! Art music civilization! Airplanes telephones plastic! How about y’all stop appropriating my culture

  • Brazen Bull
    Brazen Bull 2 months ago

    People beat me to it. None of this was white culture. Just white people in American culture. Want to learn about white culture? Europe is the place my friends..

  • Petty Panda
    Petty Panda 2 months ago

    Stil looking for American white culture if it even exist... If you are from Europe calm down! When people say. "White culture doesn't exist" they are talking about American...

  • Eric Cartman
    Eric Cartman 2 months ago +1

    The beatles (the best selling musicians of all time)
    Ozzy Osborne
    Ed Sheeran
    One Direction
    Spice girls
    Elton John
    George Micheal
    Amy Winehouse
    Robbie Williams
    Sports that were created from Britain
    Football (Soccer)
    Famous authors
    William Shakespeare
    Charles Dickens
    Jane Austen
    George Orwell
    J.K Rowling
    J.R.R Tolkien
    Roald Dahl
    Famous British comedians
    John Cleese
    Jimmy Carr
    Eddie Izard
    Ricky Gervais
    Tommy Cooper
    Rowan Atkinson
    Russell Howard
    Lee Evans
    Famous British dishes and food
    Fish and chips
    Bangers and mash
    Sunday Roast
    Traditional British breakfast
    Bread and butter pudding
    Cornish pasties
    Sausages rolls
    Chicken tikka masala
    Pork pies
    Britain having pub culture and a lot of the wield talking its language and the whole knights, monarchy and datk ages times mostly revolvonv around Britain.
    England proves that white people DO have culture. One of the richest and most celebrated cultures in history.
    Go fuck yourself racists who say white people don't have culture.

  • David Tinnerello
    David Tinnerello 2 months ago

    I'm not sure how any of this is exclusively white culture. In fact, I'm pretty sure a lot of it was developed after impressions of a melting pot society... So literally almost all of that can be construed as "American Culture".

  • John Wheeler
    John Wheeler 2 months ago +1

    ...and remember...

    ...ITS OK TO BE WHITE 😎👍

  • Jesse Little
    Jesse Little 2 months ago

    Soooo white people are racist apparently...i didn't know half of this shit cause that's not all white

  • Verdent Wood
    Verdent Wood 2 months ago

    Oh dear. You think this is white culture!! American culture minus the beatles.

  • hummingbirdcity
    hummingbirdcity 2 months ago

    Why do people think skin similarity equals culture?

  • sickofthewest
    sickofthewest 2 months ago

    It's dumb to pick one identity when you can take on many. If you paint yourself into an entirely "white" corner or an entirely "black" corner, or an entirely "Kazakh" corner, you should have to suffer the consequences of your mistake all on your own. We are one, and we are many, and we flow back and forth into each other (I suppose that would be momentarily appropriating a hippy identity with occidental-orientalist spices).
    Look at music. Scott Joplin was mainly part of the tribe of people who can read, write, and play music. He was a prince or duke or emperor or something in that tribe. He wrote music intended as "serious" - which simply means, "the product of careful thought", if you prefer a sane interpretation. Anyway, I think the French Impressionists like Debussy were also in that tribe (as well as being in the French tribe, and so on) and read this new music and liked it enough to try it out themselves? I'm almost sure there was some ragtime influence on the impressionists, just like there would have been some baroque influence on the ragtime composers.
    The truly wise would have gone all the way over to full cultural appropriation of any cultural goods they found they liked. This stuff is free, you know? Take as much as you like. Nobody strictly owns it.
    So while writing your rags on a reservation, keep the bust of Mozart on the piano, next to the sacred feathers and the photo of Scott Joplin. That makes you quite rich. You're maybe Obijwa (sorry, I have no idea of whether that's an actual tribe; that's not the point), and then you're African, and you're maybe Baptist, too, and Austrian (without the Catholic part), and maybe white, too, if you like, and the world has become free enough for that.
    Thine mind; thy populatest it as it pleaseth thee. Is this not the whole point of the fight for liberty? Freedom? No thought police. Your choice, and no-one else's. No shepherding or corralling or recruiting into cannon fodder armies to make us useful to those who need a skirmishing line to make use of.
    You could look at other stuff besides music too, but I'd better not, because I'm over the TLDR; limit again. (I am a viscount in the world of the Verbositi, you see?) I also know a Zulu who plays country music in his free time. Because he likes the sound. Because he likes those kinds of lyrics. Because he is FREE, that's why.

  • shamrock.ⰞⰀⰏⰓⰑⰍ

    Black culture is ugabuga spear into antelope, leaf on on a bum, raping a crocodile, wakanda we wuz kangz n shiet.

    • •Dre The Hunter
      •Dre The Hunter 2 months ago

      shamrock.ⰞⰀⰏⰓⰑⰍ your spelling is pretty bad. White people have culture also, for example; yodeling, unseasoned food, incest, suicide, cowboy boots, school shootings, & mayo

  • BuXnAMaN
    BuXnAMaN 2 months ago group all black people together and all white people together in AMERICA as ethnic groups is fucking HILARIOUS . I mean are you kidding me .....? Whites in America are descendants from all kinds of "white" people are blacks , from dozens of ethnic groups in Africa and Asia , descent from so many people from so many cultures .... Being all brainless fat bastards today is a sad outcome . So we got people in the comments arguing about this kind of shit , which "race" has a culture or not , in USA ? :O

  • C
    C 2 months ago

    Omg imagen someone would make such a video about black people

  • Dr. Man of Culture
    Dr. Man of Culture 3 months ago

    What is black culture though?

    • PHNX
      PHNX 3 months ago +1

      talking like a retard and sticking rings around your neck

  • Naeira K
    Naeira K 3 months ago

    OMG MY HEAD! these people never been to europe. FYI, white americans are from europe ;)

  • Curtin 18866559
    Curtin 18866559 3 months ago

    Some actual white pop culture - Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Horror Movies, EDM, Hipsterdom, computer games, coding, skateboarding, surfing, swimming, pizza, pasta, wine, pastries, shitlord trolling, musicals, nerdism, sci fi etc etc etc etc etc etc etc

  • Gerry Berry
    Gerry Berry 3 months ago +1

    AMERICA is the result of WHITE CULTURE. The MODERN WORLD is the result of WHITE CULTURE!
    The HUMAN RIGHTS and INDIVIDUAL FREEDOM and the TECHNOLOGY and MEDICAL ADVANCES you all take for granted are the result of WHITE CULTURE!!
    Oh yeah, and the ENGLISH LANGUAGE (and SPANISH too!) you all speak, guess what.......WHITE CULTURE!!
    You’re welcome btw!

  • scabbyjiz
    scabbyjiz 3 months ago

    White people have no culture. They are subhuman. They can only emulate people with culture. They cause a wake of chaos and destruction. They just can't help it. It's how that scientist guy made them. (This is satirical in nature. If you believe any of what I said you I hope you change. PLEASE PLEASE treat each other as individuals not members of a group PLEASE! !

  • paco ramon
    paco ramon 3 months ago +1

    In Europe there are 54 different "white cultures" American pop artist are not an entire race.

  • bradbla
    bradbla 3 months ago

    She claims that this is making fun of black people but the whole thing is still hella racist towards white people. She's ignorant as f***. She's a stereotype so that means everyone is nothing but a stereotype. If you want prejudice to stop, start with yourself.

  • Manager Hum Ripple
    Manager Hum Ripple 3 months ago

    If you vote your apart of white culture. Not to mention electricity airplanes, cars, trains, NIKE, Gucci, IPhones, cameras, fresh water, indoor plumbing, and again Democracy. Obviously I hate these kind of videos teaching whites and none whites alike to hate the people responsible for so much of what we have in the modern world. I'm white and when I was 15 I hated myself because I beleaved this garbage narrative. I hope this helps some people.

  • åpoi
    åpoi 3 months ago

    Complaining, laziness and twerking are the 3 pillars of black culture.

  • Best Life
    Best Life 4 months ago +2

    The Native Americans taught the Europeans how to speak English. The Europeans didn't know nothing or how to survive in America. They would of died. George Washington journal book Sacred Fire is a great book. This book explains how the Native Americans taught the Europeans about America and how to speak English... You can say Jesus didn't exist to cover but you can't cover George Washington journal. Also, Spanish.

    • Best Life
      Best Life 5 days ago

      It's called rewriting history. Do your own research and read books. Natives Americans already knew how to needle sew with a plant called opuntia. Commonly called a prickly pear, a genus in the cactus plant. Look up I hope you'll read it and it's very educational. Madoc, a Welsh prince who sailed to America in 1170. Madoc's voyagers married with local Natives Americans. Welsh Natives Americans lived throughout Midwestern US.

    • J OneLife
      J OneLife 5 days ago

      Welsh people taught natives how to do needle work. I just saw it on CBC news. It goes back 5000 yrs..

    • Best Life
      Best Life Month ago

      Actually, there was 600 different languages. Navago language which Native Americans spoke. Yupik language in Alaska. Look up an Native American named Squanto who was born in Plymouth, Mass. The Pilgrims were the 1st settlers of the Plymouth Colony in Plymouth, Mass. The book I read said Native Americans taught them. There were several tribes.

    • Anthony Wolff
      Anthony Wolff Month ago

      Fascinating ,so what language were they speaking before that in your opinion?,i only ask because ive spent my career studying 3000 years of the German and Latin origins of modern English.

  • mr pasta
    mr pasta 4 months ago

    White culture is all about porn and gay sex 😂😂😂😂

  • Severa Ravenwood
    Severa Ravenwood 4 months ago

    Anyone who thinks white people don't have culture have never visited a Medieval or Renaissance Fair. All white American culture is just a really cheap bastardization of various European cultures. Also, as a writer I would like to point out that most of the fairytales and folktales we Americans tell our children are actually European.

    KSEGNA 4 months ago

    Not white culture fml

  • TommyFTW
    TommyFTW 4 months ago

    Please someone, just anyone... what the fuck is black culture that whites have stolen? RAP even tho its basically a variant... but what else?

  • IixStarShinexii Xoxo
    IixStarShinexii Xoxo 4 months ago

    “And they say white people dont have culture”

    *shot to me sticking an eraser in my vegita

  • J OneLife
    J OneLife 4 months ago

    Okay it's not white or blacks, it's the person's ethnic background. Whites come in 75 distinct cultures and languages all very different..

  • Roy Driver
    Roy Driver 4 months ago

    Q1. No idea
    Q2. Knew that cos i'm old.
    Q3. Ross Joey Frasier fuck knows........
    Q4. Got that
    Q5. Now i know. This is american white culture. Not proper British
    Q6. Graceland. Cos i'm old.
    Love from England.

  • Miss Anthrope
    Miss Anthrope 4 months ago

    People, it's not that deep. This video is supposed to be funny because it plays off stereotypes like the black culture video did... Learn to take a joke.

  • Libby Jobling
    Libby Jobling 5 months ago

    Well Europe is full of raw culture I live ten minutes a way from a castle built in 1010

    • Ricky Rick
      Ricky Rick 4 months ago

      And in Africa, they still building mud houses. 😂😂😂

  • sebbspato2
    sebbspato2 5 months ago

    I understand that 'White Americans' have NO culture.
    But when it come to the 'real' White people, you gotta think first about Europeans, and Europe is and always has been a culturally rich continent for thousands of years

  • bishap global86
    bishap global86 5 months ago

    Why in all comments hating white people it's always a black women .
    They should stop coming to Europe if they hate us so much

  • Roger  Richey
    Roger Richey 5 months ago

    It's funny how blacks can mock white and it's comedy not racism. The most celebrated party of white culture is not being black. #monkeylivesmatter

    NPC TARD 5 months ago

    Irish,Scottish,greek,russians,italians,english,welsh,australia,CANADA,america-etc naww white ppl have no culture whatsoever-like newton said standing on the shoulders of giant's-ppl who think whites have no culture yurr thick as mince.

  • silver soulja
    silver soulja 5 months ago

    You fucks r lucky our forefathers brought you here. What is your culture. What have you contributed except entertainment and sports. Somebody please tell me

  • Theodore Lewis III
    Theodore Lewis III 6 months ago

    White culture is mass shootings, hate crimes, white lies, child pornography, popping pills herion.

  • pollyhannah estherbriggs

    That is not white culture, that is a bunch of retarded pop culture that has nothing to do with my people's heritage. Are you really this stupid?

  • Axios .king
    Axios .king 6 months ago

    Taylor Swift is not white culture. Vikings Romans goths Saxons Slavs are white culture

  • Lxylonie Kxmxire
    Lxylonie Kxmxire 6 months ago

    The people in the comments needa stfu with this "tHErEs nO wHIte CuLtUrE" thats goes for the black people who saying it, the white people who saying it, everyone has a culture. Do yall even know what culture is?💀 Items, TV shows, food, clothing, music, etc are examples of cultures. You might not know ALL the music ALL the TV shows of your own culture but it's still part of you. So everything said on this video is a part of white culture (PSA. I'm African American, since my race is so important when discussing shit like this🤷🏾‍♀️)

  • Nonbisco, Provider of Cancer

    How is this culture...

  • somebody
    somebody 7 months ago

    fuck y'all. some of these people were trying so hard to dodge the answers they knew. white culture is all people's culture. whites invented way too many things for anyone to keep count. like, the gadgets we're watching this off of, or the camera they recorded it with.

  • Duncan Marshall
    Duncan Marshall 7 months ago

    Lmao this is not our culture

  • Niamh Butler
    Niamh Butler 7 months ago

    This video is so ignorant, clearly none of these people have ever been to actual Europe to see how culturally rich it is

  • Jj Marsh
    Jj Marsh 7 months ago

    ......hail Odin...

    ALIX'S REVENGE 7 months ago

    Everyone in this video lives the white culture and dont even realise it. Dont forget black people in africa are still living in tribes or shitty built houses. Your culture is no where near as developed as ours. If you reply to this comment your using white culture via the internet and youtube

  • Mélissa-Anne Frigon
    Mélissa-Anne Frigon 7 months ago

    "America's pie" isn't even American... it's Canadian. (And if you were asking questions about so called white culture why didn't you asked questions about italians or scandinavian culture?)

  • FutureGameLight
    FutureGameLight 7 months ago

    it is not that the americans have a culture problem they are just idiots for the most part

    • Ken MacDonald
      Ken MacDonald 6 months ago

      The hard thing for people to really digest is Americans are more on the ball than any other people, which means other cultures and peoples are really fucked up.

  • Pournflakes
    Pournflakes 7 months ago

    White sidewalks, white homes . White furniture, white inventions to many to count the Victorians took us into the 21st century or did you forget

  • JokeRmakesPie
    JokeRmakesPie 7 months ago

    This is so fucking stupid.

  • Mike Kraut
    Mike Kraut 7 months ago

    White culture is Greek philosophy, Roman statecraft, and German engineering

  • Erika Hudson
    Erika Hudson 7 months ago

    White American culture not white culture . And Taylor Swift is not white culture 😂😂

  • scribbly dibbly
    scribbly dibbly 7 months ago

    Lmao I thought they were gonna actually do European cultures

  • Amethyst Johnson
    Amethyst Johnson 7 months ago

    Look around you and I’m sure that most of the things you’ll see where invented by a white person or maybe an asian. But black culture is to enslave one another and create shitty “music” about rape drugs and all types of crime. They shouldn’t be talking since they’ve never contributed anything important to this world...

  • Don’t let them take our maymays

    This isn't white people culture. These are stereotypes and trends.
    Maybe base your questions off European culture such as, paintings, artists, musicians, leaders, land marks, and traditional clothing, and food. (Not green bean casserole I've literally never seen one in real life.)
    Ex of answers:
    Eiffel Tower
    Mona Lisa
    George the third. (If you wanna get American friendly)
    White wedding dresses (Victoria did that one)
    Harry Potter (lmaoo)

  • subliminallistener Netherlands

    White culture does not exist. Black culture dods not exist. But european, african, american and asian cultures do.

  • Alexander TheGreatest
    Alexander TheGreatest 8 months ago +1

    This woman is a prime example of why America is so divided.

  • Letizia Sales
    Letizia Sales 8 months ago

    Not to be mean or anything but what's white american culture? I'm just really curious because I can think of cowboys and hip hop only..
    Can you please help?

  • cherryblossom gurugirl
    cherryblossom gurugirl 8 months ago

    I, a white person, agree that Taylor is tragic and do not want her associated with my culture 😂😂

  • Ellen M
    Ellen M 8 months ago

    There isn’t white culture. There is Italian, Icelandic, Russian, French, and etc. Culture but there isn’t culture for races like white just like there isn’t Asian culture but there is Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and etc. Culture. There is only black culture because many black people don’t know what country they are from.

  • Erika
    Erika 8 months ago

    This is not culture, what the fuck. I'm from Italy, and we have a huge culture.

  • jamz jam
    jamz jam 8 months ago

    Thats sad now i understand why white people are scared to be a minority there loseing there sense of culture in america cant even remember a taylor swift song.

  • RevPerdueJosh
    RevPerdueJosh 8 months ago

    Hahahahaha what the fuck is “white” culture? Do you mean like, geography?

  • Bill Johnson
    Bill Johnson 8 months ago

    He does not know the Beatles names?
    Read a book

  • Bill Johnson
    Bill Johnson 8 months ago

    Ask em about science.

  • Germania Kuoni
    Germania Kuoni 8 months ago

    Ooh, ooh I have a question!! Let's turn this around and ask white people about black American culture. "How do you spell (pronounced) "chittlins"? (Chitterlings). "Name the main cast of "Sanford & son"? (That should be fairly easy). Speaking of "As American as apple pie", what are the 2 main staples of a black American cookout? (Fried chicken and watermelon). Now, for every commenter that wants to call me a "racist", don't even bother to be a hypocrit after watching this video about blacks name stereotypical white "culture" (culture in parenthesis because watching a TV show and eating certain fruits and vegetables is not really a culture, in my opinion). I've never eaten rhubarb, green bean casserole is served at quite a few black "soulfood"(a different name for white southern American food, and I don't watch Friends episodes. This video is so dumb, it's a pathetic attempt to put down the white Americans that came here from Europe and fought the natives for this land (and won) and fought the British ,who had the strongest military power on Earth at the time, and won and drew up the most honorable, exemplary constitution and laws of the land that made the United States the most coveted, wealthy, industrious most powerful nation in the world. I, like everyone else should be of their own race, am most proud to be a white American .

  • Wicked Eye
    Wicked Eye 8 months ago

    I think it's funny how black people always say that whites have no culture but what culture do black people actually have ? Like seriously I mean not even one useful invention comes to mind when I think about black people and now don't say hip-hop because that's not proper african culture. When I think about china I see gunpowder and early forms of printing and making paper and art. Japan speaks for itself. Europe in total has basically done the most when it comes to building western civilization and inventing all kinds of useful things like cars and machines for various factories. Even the bookprint by Gutenberg ( who was german). Greek philosphy etc. So what did black people do in history that we can remember and say "Yes that was useful" ? Anything ?

  • J
    J 8 months ago

    there's no such thing as black or white culture. what kind of crap is this, only in the 21 century can a black person be so openly racist, where as a white person could be doing the same thing and get chopped down.

  • Myah Gundersen
    Myah Gundersen 8 months ago

    Who is this white culture?

  • Lady Chrystal Thornton
    Lady Chrystal Thornton 8 months ago

    Im irish and proud

  • # 63G774298
    # 63G774298 8 months ago

    Father's day is part of white culture. Thank you for not stealing it.

  • NPC #456543
    NPC #456543 8 months ago

    This ain't culture, just trivial questions...

  • theo ookami
    theo ookami 8 months ago

    What. The. Actual. Fuck. are these fucking questions...?? There is a Huge fucking history about that called "White" culture since 7.000 BC and you are asking question about FRIENDS AND APPLEPIES????
    And just because Brits, French, Dutch, Espanians and Portuguese made up their minds on fucking up the American continent doesn't mean everyone is at fault too... oh and let me tell you a secret: Greeks who you say stole shit from Egyptians, 7.000 years BC when first Greek civilazation appeared they didn't had connection with Egyptians who were actually a mix of Africans and Arabs and one of Africas greatest civilazation aside "Egypt" was Carthage, which was a Greek colony 2.000 years before it became an Empire oh and Egypt was actually saved by Greeks and Romans from the rest of African disaster...

  • stacuu2222
    stacuu2222 8 months ago

    i felt genuently offended by this. it ain't no "whites" culture. it's fucking popculture. and yeah, i'm white. sue me for that.

  • DreamsRemorse
    DreamsRemorse 8 months ago +1

    And so white people all get lumped together as knowing, and liking, Taylor Swift...Friends...the Beatles and Apple nice to know that those are the only things people think of when they think of White American's. Some people are lacking creativity...really.

  • jack phillips
    jack phillips 8 months ago +1

    That's not white culture, that's white american culture within a tiny time frame. Kinda racist to think that it's the culture of all white people

  • Lenti Louis
    Lenti Louis 8 months ago

    And y‘all wonder why folks don‘t like y‘all

  • Subjagator
    Subjagator 8 months ago

    Dude in the hat absolutely nailed it, congrats to him.

  • NPC #077451
    NPC #077451 8 months ago

    actuelly you spoke about some american series, you have to be more specific in your approach because white country speak many different langages. for exemple you can ask about napoleon bonaparte or magellan (some white people who wrote history) or classic music

  • Noise
    Noise 8 months ago

    Yes very important parts of white culture...

  • Richard East
    Richard East 8 months ago

    Well dumb it down.

  • Aaron Messerli
    Aaron Messerli 8 months ago

    Taylor swift is not fucking white culture