Bartenders Guess Who's Underage 1 | Lineup | Cut


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  • yes im a sone
    yes im a sone 2 seconds ago

    does someone know 2:35 Instagram? ??

    BICKDIGJAGUAR 2 hours ago

    Goddamn every eposide CUT always has some very hot girls on the show! Who dat Khoe! Her social media please my roomate is dying!

  • Verixs_ Kovacevic._.
    Verixs_ Kovacevic._. 5 hours ago

    3:52 WHAT??!!!!!SHE'S 15??!?!!? BUT HOW???!!!

  • Narnia Dici
    Narnia Dici 6 hours ago

    I died each time they revealed the age as they walked away lmao

  • Princess Thanos
    Princess Thanos 7 hours ago +1


  • Javier Sagarnaga
    Javier Sagarnaga 7 hours ago

    1st guy looks kinda like drlupo

  • kathryn bailey
    kathryn bailey 10 hours ago

    anyone know where marina got her jeans from?

  • do not click this please

    No way she is 15

  • USE Xo
    USE Xo 15 hours ago

    FUCK SHE WAS 15 😂

  • USE Xo
    USE Xo 15 hours ago

    Hahaha I’m Scottish so the age is 16 so I was like oh fuck this is American 😂

  • Jje 53
    Jje 53 21 hour ago

    The 15 year old girl looks like the mom from The Adams Family.😂

    Like if u agree😂

  • C-MC Official
    C-MC Official 22 hours ago

    Bianca is Morticia Adams lmao

  • Blake Sorenson
    Blake Sorenson 23 hours ago


  • Christa Russell
    Christa Russell Day ago

    I’m 23 and I get 17 constantly 😂 I don’t look very mature ( and don’t act like it as well lmao) so I get carded for cigs and alcohol every time without fail 😂 def not complaining , in the future it will be beneficial 🙏

  • Anthony Hemsworth

    The first guy that was trying to be "dead serious", was so cute hehe🤧💕

  • Summer Fase
    Summer Fase Day ago

    Mirina works at hiho kids🤯

  • Mia Tarp
    Mia Tarp Day ago

    Im from Denmark here you can drink when your born and buy alcohol under 16,5% if you're 16 and alcohol over 16,5% when youre 18

  • Θανάσης Καρέζος

    i wonder something.. why americans do everything wrong but they still limit drinking to 21 years? all other counties limit is 18 years and still alcolism is not as bad as america.. America hold your shit together..

  • HeyMizzBellaMAC
    HeyMizzBellaMAC 2 days ago +1

    *if I’m even 24 I’m still underage to my mum*

  • Cierra Fitts
    Cierra Fitts 2 days ago

    WTF how is she 15

  • Silvanys
    Silvanys 2 days ago

    Do more zodiac stuff

  • amelia paradise
    amelia paradise 2 days ago

    Marina is so pretty

  • Megan Rene
    Megan Rene 2 days ago

    I was better then most of them. Lol y’all.

  • Erika T.
    Erika T. 3 days ago +1

    *Khoe has such leg goals...*

  • Hannah S
    Hannah S 3 days ago

    It’s weird them talking about over 21 because in Australia the drinking age is 18

  • Iamsomeoneinlife
    Iamsomeoneinlife 3 days ago

    In Canada most of those kids could drink except for the 15 year old👌

  • kizzy
    kizzy 3 days ago

    I’m almost 24 and people still think I look mayyyybe 16

  • Duke
    Duke 3 days ago

    Everyone is surprised, but the 15 year old girl looks extremely young to me

  • Duke
    Duke 3 days ago

    White people age badly volume 17

  • non so come chiamarmi

    3:49 she is bianca no? Bianca in italian means white, and trust me, she is very bianca

  • Tama JM
    Tama JM 4 days ago

    I got 9/10

  • Camilo Cowo
    Camilo Cowo 4 days ago

    0:01 is that Lachy Dachy?

  • No Mercy
    No Mercy 4 days ago

    The girl who is 15 she's killing the mood but expect her

  • 12345 6789
    12345 6789 5 days ago

    In my Country you can drink beer at the age of 16 and Vodka,Whiskey.... and cigarettes at 18

  • 12345 6789
    12345 6789 5 days ago

    In my Country you can drink beer at the age of 16 and Vodka,Whiskey.... and cigarettes at 18

  • Vlogs With Erynn
    Vlogs With Erynn 6 days ago

    Bianca reminds me of the mother from Adams's Family

  • Skylar F
    Skylar F 6 days ago

    wtf the second one looks like she’s 14

  • __lakiah__
    __lakiah__ 6 days ago

    No joke I got them all right FR FR.

  • kan 31
    kan 31 6 days ago

    the asian and the black girl OMG espacially the black girl just pure beauty

  • DeltaVengeance
    DeltaVengeance 7 days ago

    Frickin young Morticia Addams!

  • Azzy Moore
    Azzy Moore 8 days ago

    that girl was 15????? We're the same age why can't i be as cute as her

  • Zoraya Aguilar
    Zoraya Aguilar 8 days ago

    Everyone talking about everyone except Kennedy who is the one we r supposed to look at her😍😍I feel in love with all of her. Her confidence. Everything. I wish I could meet her at a bar:( let her in:( lol

  • Alyssa
    Alyssa 9 days ago

    I'm going to be 25 this year but I'm often mistaken for 20 😅

  • BexTheBoo388
    BexTheBoo388 9 days ago

    Bianca is the coolest 15 year old I've ever seen

  • Aramusha isn’t Overpowered, he’s D tier

    I'm 14 and i am so fucking calm, i don't do a lot of stuff that would notify me as under aged, and it doesnt help that im 6'4 217lbs

  • SaidJr 11
    SaidJr 11 10 days ago

    What did this kids eat🥺😂😂😂😂

  • Bibber Bibber
    Bibber Bibber 10 days ago

    Yeah she look 15, there's a lot of girls I know that are pretty tall and use a lot of makeup and stuff and look like that

  • Danielle McLeod
    Danielle McLeod 10 days ago

    The legal drinking age in New Zealand is 18 woop

  • September J
    September J 11 days ago

    Dam I'm good at my job 😂 lol I have been a bartender and waitress for about 13 years ... I guessed along with them during the video and I only got 1 wrong!! Which was the very last person. She definitely looks and carries her self at a more mature level then her actual age! I love these videos and so would love to be a part of one as a guesser haha 😂😍

  • Luc Thériault
    Luc Thériault 11 days ago

    Marina 😍😍😍 2:31

  • Inservio
    Inservio 12 days ago

    Only one that surprised me was the adolescent boy that looked too young to be shaving yet...... then turned out to be 28 and a woman.

  • Inservio
    Inservio 12 days ago

    01:29 ...... *siiiiiiiiigh*

  • Cuddlez Da Bear
    Cuddlez Da Bear 12 days ago

    3:30 is invisible!!! 😱

  • Kackja Aka. Mama
    Kackja Aka. Mama 12 days ago

    Bitch Bianca what the fucj

  • cirty_ cj
    cirty_ cj 12 days ago

    there's no way that girl is 15 no offence

  • Calvin
    Calvin 13 days ago

    Bianca’s a stick how did people not see that

  • Its Evelin
    Its Evelin 13 days ago

    That serious 18 year old was cute😍

  • Alan DeVaney
    Alan DeVaney 13 days ago

    15 y.o. has a Wednesday Addams look going on!

  • Jason Wong
    Jason Wong 13 days ago

    That 15 yo girl looks older than my mom and I'm over 21

  • Jennifer Bell
    Jennifer Bell 14 days ago

    Is anyone going to mention that her shirt changes color 2:54

  • Alyssa M
    Alyssa M 14 days ago

    i’m very short and petite and get asked all the time if i’m like 12 or 13, people are always surprised to find out i’m 18. it’s kinda fun lol

  • Crystal Wolf
    Crystal Wolf 14 days ago

    Was that marina from Hiho kids?

  • Sam I am koj
    Sam I am koj 14 days ago

    The girl marina is from a show on youtube called kids try

  • Mason B5 again
    Mason B5 again 14 days ago

    She was a 15 year old skeleton

  • Yuzu Aihara
    Yuzu Aihara 14 days ago

    I really thought that first guy was dr.lupo for a second

  • Yuzu Aihara
    Yuzu Aihara 14 days ago

    I watch anime so i got them all right

  • Limbo Cat
    Limbo Cat 14 days ago

    You either get complemented, or seriously offended if they get you wrong XD

  • Bullet Gaming
    Bullet Gaming 15 days ago

    (I don’t live in America and don’t know much about gun laws and stuff)
    But I always found it kind of stupid that in America you can own a gun before you can drink
    (Feel Free to correct me if you disagree)

  • PantatBuduk
    PantatBuduk 15 days ago

    Marina look younger than it should,amazing

  • Cute Pupperino
    Cute Pupperino 15 days ago

    America is pretty messed up, you can be 18 and risk your life for the country but you cant have a drink here and there.

  • Sinister_Moonlight
    Sinister_Moonlight 15 days ago

    This is so hard seeing how the underage here in Sweden is 18 but common age for going into bars or clubs is 20.

  • yourfavgirl 1
    yourfavgirl 1 16 days ago

    Their is this girl in my school who's 13 (not even that tall) she went to a party and you had to be 17 and no one asked for ID so she got in. (She put on makeup and changed her style of clothes so she would look older.

  • Salvare
    Salvare 16 days ago

    Bianca 😐😐😐😐 my 15 wasn't even close like that

  • Brenden Franey
    Brenden Franey 16 days ago

    I did better than the bartenders😂

  • LapislazuliLaura
    LapislazuliLaura 16 days ago

    got them all right... those girls were just trying way too hard

  • Trash Daddy69
    Trash Daddy69 16 days ago

    Marina from HiHo!!

  • Tracksavvy
    Tracksavvy 16 days ago

    Shoulda had me there, 21 but I look like I'm 16 😂

  • Lost Thoughts
    Lost Thoughts 16 days ago

    The last one phew. But as a father, she's too young for that outfit.

  • ll Moon & Stars ll
    ll Moon & Stars ll 16 days ago +3

    that Girl that was 15 never smiled or something like…😂

  • KJoC
    KJoC 17 days ago

    wow that afro girl is so amazing

  • ThePinkNeko
    ThePinkNeko 17 days ago +5


  • Yeet
    Yeet 17 days ago +1

    In Australia, it's 18 so it's really easier to tell. I guess people change alot between 18 and 21

  • REDDOT -
    REDDOT - 17 days ago

    2:58 I see turquoise lowkey

  • şķąţęŕ Bøi
    şķąţęŕ Bøi 17 days ago

    I'm 15 and I'm better at this than the bartenders

  • Jordan_LFC17
    Jordan_LFC17 17 days ago

    Janell 😍😍

  • Justikman
    Justikman 17 days ago

    They mentioned white hairs, but I've had those since 17

  • Suntex
    Suntex 18 days ago

    1:23 okay what’s her @

  • Sleeping Cinderella
    Sleeping Cinderella 18 days ago

    I'm scared of myself, every time I WAS RIGHT. + - 1, 2 years

  • Jocke Z
    Jocke Z 18 days ago

    Why u guys so suprised she was 15 years old? She looks like 14 in my eyes, Welcome to Sweden

  • dullboy
    dullboy 18 days ago

    in Argentina you need to be over 18 to drink

  • Rein Chan
    Rein Chan 18 days ago

    The 24 year old looked like a teen :o

  • Al3x L
    Al3x L 18 days ago

    3:40 if i was the girl on the right i would b*tch slap the shit out of her for embarrassing me.

  • Matthew Ferrara
    Matthew Ferrara 18 days ago

    The only one I got wrong was the 15 year old that one threw me way off

  • Banana Jess
    Banana Jess 18 days ago

    Pschh i do not have baby face like..i really dont..umm yourvthe only baby face here..

  • Cmoon 9
    Cmoon 9 18 days ago

    15 wow

  • mostafa kdah
    mostafa kdah 18 days ago

    3:05 name ?

  • Nøva -.
    Nøva -. 18 days ago

    all the people under 21 but over 18 are all legal for me xD

  • Toxic Bullet
    Toxic Bullet 18 days ago +2

    Jesus Bianca is 15? How????

  • Avatar Kyoshi
    Avatar Kyoshi 19 days ago

    Everybody talking about the 15-year old girl and here I am not surprised a little bit. 😂 I think when you watch next top model shows, you’ll know. 😁

    BOSSBRENDON3597 19 days ago

    Khoe be there with the 80s lookin jeans