$1 Bagel vs. $1,000 Bagel

  • Published on Mar 25, 2018
  • "I've grown up today, I hit bagel puberty."
    Food lovers Steven Lim and Andrew, along with their cameraman Adam, embark on the ultimate food adventure in BuzzFeed’s hit series, Worth It, trying delicious foods at three price points: affordable, middle tier, and luxury. At the end of the episode, the gang decides which item is the most “worth it” at its given price.
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  • BuzzFeedVideo
    BuzzFeedVideo  10 months ago +201

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    • Wardoggy Gaming
      Wardoggy Gaming 2 days ago

      If you go to the Hamptons on Long Island the have another bagel shop called goldbergs famous bagels

    • koralie papin
      koralie papin 4 months ago

      BuzzFeedVideo Check your fact Montréal is not the capital of Canada. Ottawa is

    • Taya
      Taya 4 months ago

      Did you guys pooped gold too?

    • Ferhat Kaynar
      Ferhat Kaynar 5 months ago

      Ablam sen bagel degil simit yedirdin cocuklara

  • Erika C.
    Erika C. 12 hours ago

    I’m here for Andrew feeding Steven

  • Agam Plietsky
    Agam Plietsky 4 days ago

    "D A N K"

  • thunder
    thunder 4 days ago

    I'm eating a 3 dollar bagel while watching this 👌

  • Michelle Rogers
    Michelle Rogers 5 days ago

    I should really stop watching these videos at night....now I just want a bagel....
    And I cant have one.

  • Ladream Mallory
    Ladream Mallory 5 days ago

    steven: do not shove that bagel in that face

    andrew: *does the opposite*

  • Nour Charafeddine
    Nour Charafeddine 5 days ago

    i am a 100% lebanese, I eat zaa'tar practicly every day and i live in NYC! yalla means come on, hurry up or, let's go so they got it right

  • Y’all Knowbrother
    Y’all Knowbrother 5 days ago +1


  • Grand Master Yoda
    Grand Master Yoda 5 days ago +4

    I would get the salmon bagel, because Norwegian salmon is the best salmon.
    I can proudly say that as im Norwegian

    • Mirjana Nalbandian
      Mirjana Nalbandian 2 days ago +1

      I am not Norwegian, tho when I go to Norway people think I am Norwegian( green eyes, freckles, blond hair and tall) but for sure the best salmon is the Norwegian one. Cheers man

  • First world problems
    First world problems 5 days ago +1

    I love zaatar. Taste soooo good on Lebanese bread

  • Haylee Moore
    Haylee Moore 6 days ago +1

    I love Andrew. good god. "there's too much sunshine"

  • Srinivasan Venkatesh

    Za'atar is best eaten with kuboos

  • alisaahhz
    alisaahhz 7 days ago

    0:13 *Andrew?*

  • borna asi
    borna asi 9 days ago

    The 1,000$ bagel literally costs 40$ to make. 20$ for the truffle, 1$ for the jelly, 1$ for the bagel, 3$ for the cream cheese, and 15$ for the 15 seconds of time it took for the “eXeCuTe ChEf” to spread the cheese

  • borna asi
    borna asi 9 days ago

    Why is cream cheese always so expensive at restaurants. Don’t pretend your not getting it from a 10$ Costco 5Litre bucket

  • Lance Lee
    Lance Lee 9 days ago

    "memory foam bagel"

  • subject_17
    subject_17 10 days ago

    Isn't bagel just bread?

  • Medibird
    Medibird 11 days ago +1

    Cop : Sir, pull over
    Me : Alright
    Cop : Is that weed in your car??
    Me : No, it’s just Za’Tar
    Cop : Za what...? Are you high

  • hotmandead1
    hotmandead1 11 days ago

    Cool video gentlemen 😎👌

  • Thariq Nilo
    Thariq Nilo 12 days ago

    1000$bagel we start off with some nice New York bagel😂 8:58

  • jinnie cakes
    jinnie cakes 12 days ago

    Tbh that last bagel doesn't even deserve to 1000$ it's not even close to the right price

  • jinnie cakes
    jinnie cakes 12 days ago

    Bagels are the best period.

  • Collection Girl
    Collection Girl 13 days ago

    Guys I’ve noticed that I have never seen a dislike on a comment.......
    Please Dislike This Comment I NEED To Know If You Can Actually Dislike A Comment 🧐

  • RubberDucky
    RubberDucky 15 days ago

    ... Why do I think the last place they visited looks like a funeral parlor?

  • Gilana Sims
    Gilana Sims 15 days ago

    Truffle is a poop mushroom.

  • Typical Nick
    Typical Nick 15 days ago +3

    i think they would return back home and cry😂because of the 1000$ they spent just for a bagel

  • PrinceChris93
    PrinceChris93 15 days ago

    I honestly feel like these two are not only a couple but would make a great couple their just so cute together

  • Mason Collard
    Mason Collard 16 days ago

    For $1000 he should at least make his own bagels

  • kavya singh
    kavya singh 17 days ago

    i had my first bagel with my friend and everyone was mad at me cuz i didn't have a bagel.

  • Joshua Laberge
    Joshua Laberge 18 days ago +1

    Do a bagel episode in Montréal!

  • Jesse Irvin
    Jesse Irvin 19 days ago

    at least that expensive, wack ass bagel helps charity

  • Mike Silverii
    Mike Silverii 19 days ago

    UGHHH I’m tired of TRUFFLES. The first two options are always the best

  • travel
    travel 19 days ago +1

    Go to Montreal and have st viateur bagels. Thats what a good bagel tastes like

  • jack richards
    jack richards 20 days ago

    Bruh that dude who was rolling the bagels... not all heroes wear capes

  • tea4al
    tea4al 20 days ago

    After the first place i was like i dont even need to see more. Thats it

  • NAB :D
    NAB :D 20 days ago

    4:07 he really missed that chance to call it an egg-verything bagel

  • Madelina Nuñez
    Madelina Nuñez 20 days ago

    “Heightens up the color” lol

  • Gacha Angel
    Gacha Angel 22 days ago

    Adam is my favorite, he just sneaks in at the end and finishes the rest of the food 🙇‍♀️

  • Zakalaxo
    Zakalaxo 23 days ago +1

    Yalla does not mean hurry up it means like oh god

  • Jayce sa
    Jayce sa 23 days ago +4

    I never tasted Bagels before, How about You?

  • Jacy Rogers
    Jacy Rogers 24 days ago

    I always critsize the high end foods on this show but I dont mind this one cause it goes to charity

  • GlitchY3
    GlitchY3 24 days ago

    Bagel and weed

  • bob jiang
    bob jiang 24 days ago

    Every 2 videos = 1% to marriage

  • Earlene Dale
    Earlene Dale 24 days ago

    Please post another video of Worth It

  • Reagan720 _
    Reagan720 _ 25 days ago

    I think one of the best parts of living in NY is the food. Anything you want to eat you can probably get in the city (including Queens).

  • Madi M
    Madi M 26 days ago

    Adam should be on the show more❤️

  • Jessica Gerbe
    Jessica Gerbe 26 days ago

    You’re missing out, Long Islands got the best bagels

  • Brooke Miller
    Brooke Miller 26 days ago


  • Ella Schultze
    Ella Schultze 27 days ago

    so they spend $1000 on a bagel but dont have a table?

  • Onome Okotogbo
    Onome Okotogbo 27 days ago

    Not only with bagels but in Canada from what I know burgers and hot dogs can but all dressed with like ketchup mustard pickles lettuce tomatoes onions etc.

  • The nerfed Gamer
    The nerfed Gamer 28 days ago

    0:40 your not alone were here

  • Sleepy
    Sleepy 28 days ago

    As a Jewish person, seeing something that I eat every Saturday makes me really happy.......................
    and In Israel, the 7$ Jerusalem bagel is actually something like 4 shekels which means 1$

  • George Ellis
    George Ellis 29 days ago

    The first guy was baked

  • MelonGurl xox
    MelonGurl xox 29 days ago +1

    ok, as an arab, zaatr is my LIFE

  • TIG3R_K1NG
    TIG3R_K1NG Month ago

    Bagels main ingredient is water. Some states have bad water mainlines which make it hard to make bagels and make them taste good. NY is known for their clean healthy water (despite its dirty reputation). New York will always top in bagels

  • Astro Wolvez
    Astro Wolvez Month ago

    1,000 dollar bagel!?! I could buy a house for that!

  • Tara Sutton
    Tara Sutton Month ago

    I love memory foam, like when I put this in my mouth *CRUNCH* 😂

  • F B I
    F B I Month ago

    As someone from Montreal I can say that Montreal bagels are more of a tear a piece off and dip it. Wear new York bagels seem to be more of a sandwich bagel. Though all bagels are different that’s what I’ve found at least

  • Augustas Mitr
    Augustas Mitr Month ago

    If i got a dollar for every time they say bagel i would be a millionaire

  • billy 201
    billy 201 Month ago +1

    its sad to say.. ive never had one 😢

  • I like Turtles
    I like Turtles Month ago

    1$ bagel adds gold 10,000$ bagel

  • Elaina Smith
    Elaina Smith Month ago

    A good $1000 gateway

  • Jad Najem
    Jad Najem Month ago

    Za ' atar is lebanese

  • Ali Mohammond
    Ali Mohammond Month ago

    at 8:20 the two priest look like criminals from "The Sopranos"!!!

  • Black Noon
    Black Noon Month ago

    First thing... What's "bagel"?

  • Jonathan Uzan
    Jonathan Uzan Month ago

    What I would give to work with these guys.

  • CoasterBoy
    CoasterBoy Month ago

    Right when you said “bagel puberty” I got a boner

  • masoud ahmad
    masoud ahmad Month ago

    Add zatar mixed with olive oil on a steak and cook it on a oven and it tastes heavenly

  • Caleb Kim
    Caleb Kim Month ago

    If Andrew was a food he would be a bagel

  • StormElm177
    StormElm177 Month ago

    Does a vid on bagels, doesn’t go to Montreal...

  • عبد الله
    عبد الله Month ago

    People don't know what Za'ataar is ?

  • apjicot
    apjicot Month ago

    slkjsdlkfj they totally didn't like the $1k bagel

  • Francis Romano
    Francis Romano Month ago

    Go to au cheval in Chicago for the best burger

  • Johanna For Life
    Johanna For Life Month ago

    My favorite part of these is watching Adam eat because he is so awkward..

  • Lisa Helson
    Lisa Helson Month ago

    Watching this while eating a bagel and wishing to eat those bagels from the fact that I live in New York City

  • J - Man
    J - Man Month ago

    It’s not slang and I don’t know where you get your info but it is pronounced yu ulu

  • C Sherman
    C Sherman Month ago

    HOW is that bagel 1,000 dollars!!??? I don't understand the world

  • Raisin Bagelz
    Raisin Bagelz Month ago

    Friggin bagels!!!!

  • diane peck
    diane peck Month ago

    Bro i da live there i go to dance class next door

  • Nctzen Power
    Nctzen Power Month ago


  • Pralay Aryan
    Pralay Aryan Month ago +4

    want to make ur food costly?
    add truffle
    or gold
    or caviar.
    thats it.

  • heng wang
    heng wang Month ago

    Lmao the first bagel fact says that the capital of canada is Montreal... its Ottawa...

  • b00tl3g tut0r1al5
    b00tl3g tut0r1al5 Month ago

    Pause at 7:43 he looks like a demon

    Spam 7:43 and have it paused

  • the spooky bois
    the spooky bois Month ago

    Utopia Bagels is less than two minutes away from my apartment. 😲 I think I'll take the walk!

  • VoidFlame
    VoidFlame Month ago

    The most expensive food is always just the same but with truffle stacked on it

  • Eden Legaspi
    Eden Legaspi Month ago

    I'm still confused. what is the difference of a bagel to a dount?

  • Sweswio
    Sweswio Month ago +1

    Utopia bagels looks badass

  • Jocelyn Cole
    Jocelyn Cole Month ago

    did anyone else hear him say bacon at 0:53

  • Yariv Simhony
    Yariv Simhony Month ago +1

    I’m Israeli also and Zatar and olive oil on bread is the best thing ever we know our foods 🇮🇱

  • XAstro PeepX
    XAstro PeepX Month ago


  • onnie c
    onnie c Month ago

    Bagels is better simple.

  • עופרי קינד

    Im from israel and I LOVE this video!

  • Play4rYt
    Play4rYt Month ago

    Poor Adam... Always so lonely!

  • Marwah Tamim
    Marwah Tamim Month ago

    Once they brought the za'tar out it won my heart

  • ashwhyuleavegreninja


  • Ruby Doomsday
    Ruby Doomsday Month ago

    Usually when the expensive food is just a normal food with gold and truffles tacked on, I get annoyed at out-of-touch rich people, but this guy's kinda flipped it around and found a way to make out-of-touch rich people donate to hungry people, so...
    Can't really fault it.

  • Potato_Aim14
    Potato_Aim14 Month ago +2

    I like how adam takes a bite decides he likes it and takes the rest

  • Ares YT
    Ares YT Month ago


  • BlackCryton 68
    BlackCryton 68 Month ago

    It’s open says me

  • Gorilla Chilla
    Gorilla Chilla Month ago

    And sesame street u missed that out