An Astrologer Guesses Strangers' Zodiac Sign (Ray) | Lineup | Cut

  • Published on Feb 27, 2018
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    Match the Job to the Person (Astrologer) | Lineup | Cut
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Comments • 27 629

  • Ho dee doe None
    Ho dee doe None Hour ago

    The best marketing tool youtube smart guy knows how to use it

  • Puncho Villa
    Puncho Villa 2 hours ago +1

    When I say suckers, I don't mean evil or bad folks. I mean people are suckers for really stupid thinking that people seriously have to be like their "sign." My sign is simply *me.* Compliment me or say something nice because of my "sign?" Sure that's okay with me. What's not okay is saying I got a positive quality I wouldn't have if I was born a different day. Or that I have to with no choice ever be a certain way good or bad. Just *choose* people. All it is.

  • anxious madi
    anxious madi 2 hours ago +1

    *sees Pisces girl*
    *sees same style*
    *sees same color hair*
    me: that's meeee :o

  • Hi There
    Hi There 4 hours ago

    Im sitting here waiting to see if he got this all right .

  • saba mohad
    saba mohad 7 hours ago

    omg the aries girl I was so sure that’s she’s aries because I am turns out that I’m right plus I was born on 19th of April like her she’s soooo me

  • Jemil Manalili
    Jemil Manalili 10 hours ago

    13th zodiac

  • Aribella Parsons
    Aribella Parsons 12 hours ago

    Hey my birthday is April 19 too

  • Rony B.
    Rony B. 13 hours ago

    Comfirmed once more: Astrology is pure BS.

  • Deertail 19
    Deertail 19 15 hours ago

    September 24th is a libra, Libra goes from September 23rd to October 23rd ........ (I know this because me and my father are both Libras and he was born on September 24th)

  • frank a
    frank a 20 hours ago

    WHERE MY CANCERS AT!!! drop ur date: im july 22 :)

  • Christen Leone
    Christen Leone 21 hour ago


  • NF- TØP
    NF- TØP 23 hours ago

    the transgender sounds like tina from bob's burgers

  • Martina Di Carlo

    Me too April 19th 🤩

  • iLimex
    iLimex Day ago +1


  • iLimex
    iLimex Day ago +1


  • iLimex
    iLimex Day ago +1


  • iLimex
    iLimex Day ago +1


  • iLimex
    iLimex Day ago +1


  • iLimex
    iLimex Day ago +1


  • iLimex
    iLimex Day ago +2

    LIBRA??? Anyone... i feel lonely😜😂

  • Puppeh Kun
    Puppeh Kun Day ago

    I never believed in astrology, until a colleague of mine said "you are a Scorpio aren't you?"

  • Justin Potts
    Justin Potts Day ago

    "And that's why the girls run away."
    I feel you bruh:/

  • Hailey Stafford
    Hailey Stafford Day ago

    i knew that leo was a leo, lmao she reminded me of myself

  • Marisa Kirst
    Marisa Kirst Day ago

    Im a leo and when the leo girl started to introduce herself i immediately knew she was a leo😂

  • Zeatrix M.
    Zeatrix M. Day ago

    Lol at how he casually said "he's a magnet"

  • susan the weeb
    susan the weeb Day ago

    “leo’s are like that”
    im offended

  • Lily
    Lily Day ago

    I’m a Gemini, and I saw the redhead and just knew she was a Gemini too lol

  • Gemma McLaughlin
    Gemma McLaughlin Day ago +1

    ray is literally so adorable, i love him

  • Emmanuel Gortarez

    No libras

  • Unique anartist
    Unique anartist Day ago

    The person voice behind camera is irritating 😂

  • Jaylyn Pelcastre

    Fish teeth?

  • Serendipitous Illicit

    Astrology is BS. It is dangerous and should not be listened to.

  • Angelie Noelle
    Angelie Noelle Day ago

    I’m a Sagittarius

  • Joanna Hoang
    Joanna Hoang Day ago +1

    "That's why the girls run away." 😂😭

  • nessy
    nessy Day ago

    Bring him back! We love him

  • Alan Avakin
    Alan Avakin Day ago

    I got hots for the Gemini girl! She is so beautiful!

  • theEXOaudio
    theEXOaudio Day ago

    Do you guys also guess what their zodiac signs are too?

  • shocking
    shocking 2 days ago +1

    Astrologi proof of fake haha

  • Raah
    Raah 2 days ago

    I spotted the Leo ♌️ right away😆💯

  • thebmcandco
    thebmcandco 2 days ago

    I would have thumbs up if there wasn’t a tranny

  • Wesley Tilghman
    Wesley Tilghman 2 days ago +1

    Zodiac signs mean nothing

  • OWO
    OWO 2 days ago

    The trans person was so awkward

  • S. Din
    S. Din 2 days ago

    He is so beautiful as a person. His reading is far better than his guess.

  • Rita
    Rita 2 days ago

    This might be my favorite one

  • Mystical_Alchemist
    Mystical_Alchemist 2 days ago

    The girl who was a Leo was obvious af😭 she screams Leo energy

  • Pat J Matallana
    Pat J Matallana 2 days ago

    Here’s the thing each person has an individual natal chart has to look at the person sun ☀️ sign, moon sign, n rising sign. The rising sign determines your appearance, your moon 🌚 sign determines your emotions n your sun sign determines what people don’t know until they talk with u. Ur natal chart is good to know because it has your blue print to your life n how n what planets affect you , your houses, your mid heaven, by putting your name, date of birth, place of birth n time u could get a free natal chart. Here’s the free natal chart...if you have any questions I would be more then glad to help u...
    N here’s how accurate a natal chart is on yourself..
    N if you go n google free natal charts u will find more information..I learned a lot about myself which I always questioned n it was real interesting...what I know now I which I knew then...moreover, u could find out who are u compatible or not ..n another eye opener...n there’s so much important things there to know about what, why, how, n when u do things n what have u.
    Well I hope I could help anyone on here...🦋🦋🦋🦋💕💕💕💕🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  • Anya Black
    Anya Black 2 days ago +4

    the pisces girl is stunning and as a pisces i have hope for myself

  • fuzzychewbacca
    fuzzychewbacca 2 days ago

    I was born April 19th too. And what he said to the Taurus was beautiful

  • Divine Feminine Tarot

    Anyone guessing their zodiacs along with him?

  • snugbug
    snugbug 2 days ago

    I learned that people outwardly appear to others like their ascendant sign. But will mostly inwardly become their sun sign through out their lifetime. So maybe he got more right then he knows. Only the participants would have to learn what their ascendant signs are and remember his picks for them.

  • Cassandra Lee
    Cassandra Lee 2 days ago

    I'm a scorpio and I had just said the samething she did today. Lol

    KIRAN CHAUBEY 2 days ago

    This man have a USclip channel.. Visit the link below

  • S L
    S L 2 days ago

    the pisces girl is so fucking pretty😭

  • • .•*Clara*•. •

    Protect this man with all of your strength. 🥺

  • Neel J
    Neel J 2 days ago

    When the transgender person gets cancer😂

  • eroshiyda
    eroshiyda 2 days ago

    I didn't see how he got the Libra wrong, either. I mean, he's tall, but like 😂

  • Alli Lewis
    Alli Lewis 2 days ago

    i KNEW he was an aqua as soon as i saw him

  • noX name
    noX name 2 days ago

    I want that guy to guess my astrology sign

  • Lin C
    Lin C 2 days ago

    Lol my ears are different, i wonder what that means

  • Woffey Gacha
    Woffey Gacha 2 days ago +1

    I'm a Leo and I'm kinda shy but at home I'm like bouncing off the walls and I wanna be an attorney when I grow up ;w;

    • Woffey Gacha
      Woffey Gacha 2 days ago

      @crazy girl School already started for me, lol.

    • Woffey Gacha
      Woffey Gacha 2 days ago

      @crazy girlOh, okay

    • crazy girl
      crazy girl 2 days ago

      Woffey Gacha lol what you talking about I just wanted to swear school starting 2weeks gsce no hard feelings

    • Woffey Gacha
      Woffey Gacha 2 days ago

      @crazy girl I'm glad you know the song Idgaf by Dua Lipa, nicee.

    • Woffey Gacha
      Woffey Gacha 2 days ago

      @crazy girl You blamed, all on the ALCOHOL

  • Bts Army
    Bts Army 2 days ago

    We’re are my libra friends

  • Joan
    Joan 2 days ago

    none of them exist.

    *leaves chatroom*

  • Leaw
    Leaw 2 days ago

    [everybody liked that]

  • brudman80
    brudman80 2 days ago

    Just thought it was interesting to add that the lineup videos post were Dr Phil embarrassing a fake psychic on national tv, and to catch a predator after that. Inside the mind of a thief was also there. Might as well call this whole category “deception”. (Con artists) notice that he’s been doing this for 50 years got less than 50% right off of appearance but needed volunteered interaction to manipulate a broad empowering confidence.

  • Jordyne Nygren
    Jordyne Nygren 3 days ago

    Fish teeth😂💀

  • Layne Lawver
    Layne Lawver 3 days ago

    that leo makes me embarrassed to be a leo

  • Abbie Malambo
    Abbie Malambo 3 days ago +38

    To hell with insecurities imagine an old man saying “you’ve got fish teeth” 😰

  • Robert Heath
    Robert Heath 3 days ago

    “You’re transgender I see” “oh yeah cancer”

  • Joline Harris
    Joline Harris 3 days ago +2

    Oh shit as a Virgo writer dang I never knew that...

  • Xpert
    Xpert 3 days ago +1

    not a real thing

  • Tychi Aik0
    Tychi Aik0 3 days ago

    Was it weird that he ask the black man about his childhood?

  • junnie
    junnie 3 days ago +1

    i’m surprised i haven’t seen this comment ONCE but i DON’T KNOW WHY the pisces girl reminds me of cristine.

  • FoodandTravelMom
    FoodandTravelMom 3 days ago

    I got all right

  • Alexandra Niculescu
    Alexandra Niculescu 3 days ago

    Nobody loves libra 😣

  • Desmond Oko
    Desmond Oko 3 days ago

    Where the Libras at?