"Don't sigh, don't cry!" Emma Thompson on THAT Love Actually scene, Harry Potter and Late Night.

  • Published on Jun 5, 2019
  • Watch Emma Thompson's Movies That Made Me in full on BBC iPlayer in the UK: bbc.in/2JYPk45
    Dame Emma Thompson talks to Radio 1's Film Critic Ali Plumb about new movie Late Night, and she looks back at her acclaimed career, including Sense and Sensibility, Nanny McPhee and The Remains of the Day. Plus, she reveals what it was like washing a sheepdog with Jimmy Fallon.
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  • BBC Radio 1
    BBC Radio 1  Month ago +66

    Watch the full show on BBC iPlayer in the UK for more on Howards End, Beauty and the Beast and Brave, plus Emma's hidden gems: bbc.in/2JYPk45

    • Dale
      Dale 23 days ago +4

      Why can't I watch it here in the U.S that's so irritating. I would have loved to see the whole interview.

    • Vault Hunter
      Vault Hunter Month ago +1

      No MIB 3 and 4?

    • Kelda Kellie
      Kelda Kellie Month ago +4

      Just the UK?

  • Janet Berry
    Janet Berry Hour ago

    i love her so. Emma is such a treasure

  • susan nezami
    susan nezami 6 hours ago

    Reminds me of something an acting teacher told me once. In real life, people don't just burst into tears. If anything, they try not to cry as much as possible because they don't want to feel embarrassed in public. So on stage or screen, the more you try to suppress the tears when you feel them coming, you will find that what happens is the audience can't take it anymore and THEY start to cry, which is the whole purpose of the thing to begin with. It's to make the audience feel something, not you. It's a gift to the audience, not to yourself.

  • Kim Carmen Walsh
    Kim Carmen Walsh 2 days ago

    I love you Emma Thompson! 🧡

  • Jen mcewan
    Jen mcewan 4 days ago

    Really good interview love Emma

  • Jasmine Yamahata
    Jasmine Yamahata 6 days ago

    I adore her totally and completely!!

  • Jazz Guitar
    Jazz Guitar 7 days ago

    Rewatching the first seconds for the... like... 14th time...

  • Kathleen Vassallo
    Kathleen Vassallo 7 days ago

    I absolutely adore her and have since I saw her. I’ll watch ANY movie that has her in it even if she’s acting with someone o can’t stand! She’s THAT amazing!!!
    Queen Emma!!

  • Janice Allan
    Janice Allan 9 days ago

    I will never forget the Love Actually scene. Heartbreaking. Fantastic acting!

  • Ceelle2
    Ceelle2 10 days ago

    "Thank *you* Darling!" I remember a write up about Cilla Black's funeral. The writer said you could tell the family and locals from the show biz folks because the latter side of the church had a cascade of "Darlings" and air kisses. I love Emma... this was a great interview with her.

  • Jennifer Douglas-Craig

    I want her shirt!!!! I never think about that kind of thing, but I suddenly want it very badly! 😆😆😆

  • Marci Wolff
    Marci Wolff 15 days ago +1

    Emma Thompson seems to have this soulful melancholic default. And when she smiles night turns to day and joy breaks through like lightening.

  • atomic mama
    atomic mama 15 days ago

    she's such a treasure

  • Weimin Li
    Weimin Li 15 days ago +4

    The most powerful scene in Love Actually was Emma Thompson’s crying scene - very relatable and real.

  • Lance Schmidt
    Lance Schmidt 21 day ago

    Emma Thompson, probably one of the best actors of this generation. She was also incredible in Peter's Friends and hilarious in The Love Punch.

    • Lance Schmidt
      Lance Schmidt 14 days ago

      P Boyd: I did not realize that so thank you for that fun fact. Did you know that Kenneth Branagh who was Emma's first husband was also in Peter's Friends with both wife and mother-in-law and all three were also in Much Ado About Nothing as well. According to the rumour mill, Kenneth Branagh had an affair with Helena Bonham Carter during the filming of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein which led to their divorce. Emma and Helena have been in several films together.

    • P Boyd
      P Boyd 15 days ago

      Lance Schmidt: hey fun fact-did you know that Vera in Peters Friends was played by Phyllida Law, who in real life is her Mother?

  • Truth Seeker
    Truth Seeker 22 days ago

    Amazing woman!

  • Tiff Wey
    Tiff Wey 22 days ago +4

    Emma, so well spoken, so talented, so gorgeous and bloody hilarious. Love her to bits

  • Badger Reacts
    Badger Reacts 23 days ago

    Absolutely fabulous and lovely intro, dude! Emma is such a life of the party and with Ali in it?! What more can you ask for. Such a great way to kick-start a new week!

  • wanderer79
    wanderer79 23 days ago +1

    The funniest thing about watching Sense and Sensibility now is seeing how many of those actors ended up in Harry Potter films!

  • Sara Hewson
    Sara Hewson 24 days ago

    I love this woman more and more everyday 😍 she is simply amazing.

  • Savannah Sputnik
    Savannah Sputnik 24 days ago

    She's a very horrible person in real life.

  • Selma Kelly
    Selma Kelly 24 days ago

    Love Emma !! Love S & S !!

  • Julie Saldana
    Julie Saldana 25 days ago

    It was a lovely interview. Thank you.

  • getlauriekor
    getlauriekor 26 days ago

    My favorite actress ever.

  • Erin Tilley
    Erin Tilley 26 days ago

    Never forget that scene in Love Actually don't play again you'll make me cry again

  • KimOlson1993
    KimOlson1993 27 days ago

    I didn't know she was in "Harry Potter."

  • ellenkingsley
    ellenkingsley 27 days ago

    Emma Thompson based her Love Actually scene on her real life break up from Kenneth Branagh

    • Paula Galloway
      Paula Galloway 27 days ago

      Well, I didn't need that scene to make me cry even more. But, that's done it!

  • Obsidian
    Obsidian 27 days ago


  • Arya1999
    Arya1999 27 days ago +12

    It's weird, I never realised that some people think the guy had accidentally swapped the presents. No. He'd bought his mistress a lovely gold trinket and his wife a CD. That's what makes it so sad.

  • TheImpiroGirl
    TheImpiroGirl 28 days ago


  • Francesca Pierl
    Francesca Pierl 28 days ago +1

    Very nice interview, even If i would have loved a question about the book scene in The remains of the day, that I think is one of the best scenes ever acted, also because Emma Thompson and Anthony Hopkins together are dynamite. Said that it's always a pure joy to hear and watch Emma Thompson talking.

  • wintali
    wintali Month ago +1

    It's been said a lot in the comments but this interviewer is superb. You can see how interviewees are pleasantly surprised and refreshed by the insightful questions they get from this guy, not to mention the intelligent responses and sensitive timing.

  • Tahsin Sabah
    Tahsin Sabah Month ago

    She was so good in stranger than fiction too

  • selysia
    selysia Month ago

    Kit Harrington is absolutely right. I only need think of this scene, tears start to well up in my eyes.

  • JustAThoughtMyFriend
    JustAThoughtMyFriend Month ago +1

    When I think of Emma, I think of her Cambridge Footlights days with Hugh Laurie and Stephen Fry, her short lived TV show Thompson, and her Kenneth Branagh couple/collab work days.

  • Guide504
    Guide504 Month ago

    LA best scene ever

  • Zizi Zo
    Zizi Zo Month ago


  • Joshua Vong
    Joshua Vong Month ago +1

    Well that was a very brief 10 minutes.

  • Sharon Browne
    Sharon Browne Month ago

    I just love her!

  • Anna Mäkelä
    Anna Mäkelä Month ago

    This was one of the best interwievs I have ever seen. Very professional, interested, respectful, entergaining and just genuinly kind and intelligent. Emma deserves nothing less

  • Mariam Meliksetian
    Mariam Meliksetian Month ago +2

    I love watching interviews where it's in-depth and they genuinely speak of the persons work.

  • Mariam Meliksetian
    Mariam Meliksetian Month ago

    The Brits and their sass.

  • Linette Low
    Linette Low Month ago

    Love her :) Thank you for sharing ♡ xxxx

  • Sam
    Sam Month ago +1

    Emma Thompson is incredible ❤❤❤ some actors do not get enough credit. But she is amazing

  • Jan Zagorski
    Jan Zagorski Month ago

    What is this "Harry Potter" thing of which you speak?

  • Rach C
    Rach C Month ago +2

    That was the BEST part of the entire movie 😢 Love Actually

  • Silvia Castanheira
    Silvia Castanheira Month ago

    I love this woman 💖

  • H.A. S.
    H.A. S. Month ago

    I love how JK and the Harry Potter series professes to be so open minded and tolerant, but they don't see the line "your heart as shriveled as an old maid" as profoundly intolerant and prejudice. C'mon. Are we STILL pushing that arrogantly false idea?

  • kathyjp17
    kathyjp17 Month ago

    What about JUNIOR with Arnold Schwarzenegger.... she was great in it

  • Midasftw
    Midasftw Month ago

    My crush on this woman is forever!!! Love you Emma

  • A Lee
    A Lee Month ago

    All women can identify w her crying in Love Actually, like she says everybody's been through such...

  • Nicole Alaniz
    Nicole Alaniz Month ago +1

    Emm Thompson is such a beautiful regal woman wearing a T! Perfection👌🏼💋

  • Nicole Alaniz
    Nicole Alaniz Month ago +2

    Emm Thompson is such a beautiful regal woman wearing a T! Perfection👌🏼💋

  • Nicole Alaniz
    Nicole Alaniz Month ago +1

    Emm Thompson is such a beautiful regal woman wearing a T! Perfection👌🏼💋

  • Veronica Nolasco
    Veronica Nolasco Month ago

    I just love her!

  • Mira
    Mira Month ago

    I really love that show♥️Thank you so much!

  • Charlotte Hall
    Charlotte Hall Month ago

    That was a great interview

  • Olivia95
    Olivia95 Month ago +1

    Emma Thompson might only have had 5 minutes of screen time in the entire Harry Potter series but she was undoubtedly the best performance. Such a brilliant actress. I can't contemplate how much talent she possesses

  • J.R. Schwab
    J.R. Schwab Month ago +5

    She named her daughter Gaia?? Could Emma gain even more points? Turns out she can.

  • Kate Armitage
    Kate Armitage Month ago

    Don't sigh is the best advice ever!

  • Stephen Conway
    Stephen Conway Month ago

    It's a bearded collie!!! Sorry... I knew one, and they are big characters. This one looked upset.

  • _Mrs_Sparky_
    _Mrs_Sparky_ Month ago

    I didn't even know she was on Harry Potter! 🤤

    • Sam
      Sam Month ago

      😂 dont worry dear we learn every day😉😁

  • steve sandford
    steve sandford Month ago

    "Traffle-Gar House..." (Don't they TEACH THEM pronunciation at Cambridge?) *LAUGHING!!!* xx SF

  • Byron Smith
    Byron Smith Month ago +1

    She is an AMAZING actress. I do not think there is a movie she has been in that I disliked.

  • Canuckmom1958
    Canuckmom1958 Month ago +1

    Nothing funnier than a sharp Wit, and God Bless the Brits because you rarely find Wit anywhere these days, much less on TV. Excellent interview - like the banter between two good friends. Emma T - you are a National Treasure and a Force of Nature. What a repitoire...and that "Love Actually" scene, with Joanie's jazz version of Both Sides Now in the background ?!...bloody killer. 👏👏👏❤️🏆🏆🏆

  • Guido Anselmi
    Guido Anselmi Month ago +5

    Kit Harington is totally right. That Love Actually moment is one of the greatest moments of screen acting ever, and no should have to apologize for thinking that.

  • Emily III
    Emily III Month ago +1

    Holy crap I completely forgot that Emma Thompson was in Harry Potter

    • tara persad
      tara persad Month ago +1

      I NEVER KNEW THAT! lmao shame shame

  • indiiedreamer
    indiiedreamer Month ago +10

    That scene in love actually is amazing, always made me cry

  • Izzy Cole
    Izzy Cole Month ago +8

    She is so incredibly humble, every time he compliments her acting she gives all credit to the director

  • Kaveh Maguire
    Kaveh Maguire Month ago

    One of my favorite people ever. From the first thing I ever saw her in (Fortunes of War in 87 which I didn't especially like but she really stood out as special to me).