TRUE CONFESSIONS with Shayne, Courtney and Ian

  • Published on Nov 21, 2019
  • Shayne, Courtney, and Ian are spilling their deepest secrets in a game of TRUE CONFESSIONS!
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Comments • 1 791

  • santey97
    santey97 31 minute ago

    man they only need keith

  • -CaLiFoRnIa_o_GaChA-
    -CaLiFoRnIa_o_GaChA- 5 hours ago

    *i helped*

  • Clout Gang
    Clout Gang 10 hours ago

    Damnit Courtney didn’t get wet I think it was on purpose bc she had a white shirt

  • graham romaneschi


  • Random Glitter Potato

    I can read your lives like fRicKin bOokS

  • Burrito Man
    Burrito Man Day ago +1


  • mike anton
    mike anton Day ago

    I'm freaking out!! My first kiss was in Paris on the top of the Eiffel Tower when I was 17! XDXDXD

  • Im Tiffany Nguyen

    Wait isn’t Courtney bi?

  • Sour Aloneness
    Sour Aloneness Day ago

    Ms. Curtis

  • Sour Aloneness
    Sour Aloneness Day ago

    As me

  • Sour Aloneness
    Sour Aloneness Day ago

    You had the same teacher

  • Vanessa Ng
    Vanessa Ng 2 days ago +1

    Ian's "i helped" shirt is EVERYTHING

  • Hailey Dykstra
    Hailey Dykstra 2 days ago

    That’s gay 😱

  • Я был какашкой

    The way Courtney looks at Shayne. You can tell she's in love

  • Gabi Cool8
    Gabi Cool8 2 days ago

    shayne looks so sad and tiered :( i just want to hug him

  • Lea Grace
    Lea Grace 2 days ago

    Ian: I was a boy and she was a girl
    Shane: cAn i MakE iT anYmORE oBViOuS

  • Kat Nuñez
    Kat Nuñez 3 days ago +1

    courtney: i'm terrified!
    every queer ever: bruh same

  • raynieday
    raynieday 3 days ago

    Waitwaitwaitwait... Courtney isn't straight? Why didn't I know this channel had queer icons? Also, the general aura of being terrified and not being able to pick up girls as a baby gay is a whole mood. "I know you wanna believe I can get it but I cant get it." Iconic.
    And this entire episode devolved into a middle school girls' Truth or Dare game composed entirely of truths where everyone gets to talk about their romantic lives.

  • Declan Glover
    Declan Glover 4 days ago

    I’m a lunch boy and I do it cause we are under staffed

  • Rizaldi Rachman
    Rizaldi Rachman 4 days ago

    8:01 all i see is pain just comeback to say, "Hello old friend.."

  • Alex Bounegru
    Alex Bounegru 4 days ago

    They should’ve just said “call Taylor then”😆😆😆

  • Rico Rocks the World

    Why Shane why🤦🤦

  • Judah Wiles
    Judah Wiles 4 days ago

    It’s not speaker’s it’s intercoms

  • Rylee Asmann
    Rylee Asmann 5 days ago +1

    No one:
    Me:still wondering why Anthony left?!
    Also is Courtney Bi?Or lesbian?

  • nico incorporated
    nico incorporated 5 days ago

    Shayne were't in Sam and cat

  • nico incorporated
    nico incorporated 5 days ago


  • Hawamatel Kane
    Hawamatel Kane 5 days ago

    Why does everyone look high in this video?

  • trolled playz
    trolled playz 5 days ago

    It sounds like everone in that room is drunk

  • Sweet Snorlax
    Sweet Snorlax 5 days ago

    Courtney: BUT I CANT GET IT
    Me: wutttttt like every gay girl is all over you

  • another person
    another person 5 days ago +3

    They dont need a laughing track, they just need whoever was behind the camera.

  • KawaiiPanda 907
    KawaiiPanda 907 5 days ago +1

    We were eating the same lollipop colour lol

  • Sushidaisy
    Sushidaisy 5 days ago

    7:52 ( for personal entertainment)

  • Chloe Graham
    Chloe Graham 5 days ago

    All shartney fans are peeing themselves

  • JewishTurtle99
    JewishTurtle99 6 days ago

    You guys should play 3 truths 0 lies

  • Lillie Johnson
    Lillie Johnson 6 days ago +1

    Ian is so gay tho

  • Adam G.
    Adam G. 6 days ago

    was shane in the goldbergs?

  • Julie Kavanagh
    Julie Kavanagh 6 days ago

    Courtney stop queerbaiting challenge

  • faithana Hall
    faithana Hall 6 days ago

    Courtney's outfit is so nice

  • Big Spill
    Big Spill 6 days ago

    Shayne has to be the greatest liar I’ve seen

  • *πGachaPhoenixπ*
    *πGachaPhoenixπ* 7 days ago

    You guys should do that again lol 😂

  • Kuroko Momoka
    Kuroko Momoka 7 days ago

    There was literally a Video about Ians First Kiss Story and I knew it wasn‘t in paris. Why did shayne and courtney not remember did they not just say that right away....why do I remember that 😅😂😂

  • Orion DuBois
    Orion DuBois 7 days ago

    14:53 ah yes the most important question

  • Ghxstyy -_-
    Ghxstyy -_- 7 days ago

    Is it just me or is Olivia, Keith and Noah never in The videos

  • Andrea Holt
    Andrea Holt 7 days ago

    6:56 My whole life summarized in one sentence.

  • Waqaas Ahmed
    Waqaas Ahmed 7 days ago

    We can't ask more questions 😂

  • mya m
    mya m 7 days ago

    I want an Every X Files Ever with Shayne as Mulder and Courtney as Scully. They just resemble them in this video and with Courtney's new hair

  • greekpotato
    greekpotato 7 days ago

    I knew Ian's first kiss one was a lie because he made a storytime about his actual first kiss on smosh pit before

  • Joshua Wood
    Joshua Wood 7 days ago

    We know you never went to high school Shane

  • Caitlyn Stanley
    Caitlyn Stanley 8 days ago +1

    I always see Courtney with a sucker

  • Brian Scantlebury
    Brian Scantlebury 8 days ago


  • maeen hussein
    maeen hussein 8 days ago

    "I was a boy she was a girl"
    When shayne said "can I make it any more obvious" I started to sing skater boi by Avril Lavigne

  • Cadygames _YT 2
    Cadygames _YT 2 8 days ago

    Courtney’s A Lesbian!
    Me:Who Cares She’s The One Making The Good Videos So Lol
    Also It Just Pees me off that almost Every Comment Is Oh my God Courtney’s Gay Oh Courtney’s A Lesbian WHO CARES ITS HERE CHOICE WHAT SHE WANTS

  • couchpotato_0711
    couchpotato_0711 8 days ago

    I just realized that the i helped on ians shirt wasnt edited

  • Amanda Guzowski
    Amanda Guzowski 8 days ago

    Ian was in sam and cat omg🤩

  • grazy emoji
    grazy emoji 8 days ago

    Ian is a sweaty tryhard

  • Mark Young
    Mark Young 8 days ago

    I feel like they wouldn't be going Nips Nips Nips on Courtney. Lol

  • Jasmin Jobson
    Jasmin Jobson 8 days ago

    we call a "lunch kiosk thingy" a tuck shop

  • Sam Anderson
    Sam Anderson 8 days ago

    I’m a seventh grader and my math teacher is ms Curtis. Did Courtney go to my school

  • Rocote 523
    Rocote 523 9 days ago

    I really loved this video and more the part when Shane tried to lie

  • Simone Nagan
    Simone Nagan 9 days ago

    Hi wtf how did Ian literally steal my first kiss story to the detail please tell me when we met and I shared this story