• Published on Jul 9, 2019
  • How far down will we dig this hole before someone gives up and stops digging?? Whoever stops digging first has to bury their iPhone at the very bottom, and the last to stop digging wins.
    We built Ranged Survival Weapons for Trick Shots:


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  • Yoshi Apple1
    Yoshi Apple1 12 days ago +1995

    Last to stop watching wins I'd win that for sure lol

  • Fnaf master
    Fnaf master 12 hours ago

    i love holes

  • Gabriel Gonzalez
    Gabriel Gonzalez 14 hours ago

    cool bmw

  • Camfam2 Playz
    Camfam2 Playz 17 hours ago

    Is tanner fox the camera man

  • Abdul Mohsen Al Amoudi
    Abdul Mohsen Al Amoudi 18 hours ago

    R.i.p jeffs phone

  • Ryan Connor
    Ryan Connor 22 hours ago

    How come morgz has more subs than morgz has 10 mil you have 2.2 mil

  • Candice Smith
    Candice Smith Day ago

    I remember holes!! By the way I was thinking maybe it'd be cool if you all kinda separate and then you make your own bases in secret, and get a bunch of supplies within a time limit. You know kinda like the show survivor

  • Ron Palaca
    Ron Palaca Day ago +1

    Them:dig for 2hours.
    Minecrafters:Hold my shovel

  • Thomas Jefferson

    Omg I loves holes it’s such a good movie

  • Gamer galaxy /gamer galaxy stunts GGS

    Rob cut your hair it’s too long mate

  • Riley Chalmers
    Riley Chalmers Day ago

    1 like=1% of blood for jeff

  • Frederic Liebert

    Only og will remaber cam and jef

  • Connor-TDM
    Connor-TDM Day ago

    Digging up them holes yeah digging up them holes holes starting song

  • Ivan Lin
    Ivan Lin 2 days ago +1

    Lol I just came back from a trip to Disneyland

  • winter
    winter 2 days ago


  • Sebastian kings
    Sebastian kings 2 days ago

    I love holes its my faveret movie to watch and they think heckter zerone /zero is stupid

  • Santiago Hugar
    Santiago Hugar 2 days ago

    Please fix his leggg!!!

  • Vicki Karuzas
    Vicki Karuzas 2 days ago +1

    I am telling yoshi apple1

  • Vicki Karuzas
    Vicki Karuzas 2 days ago +1

    no you woud not.

  • Aracely Montoya
    Aracely Montoya 2 days ago

    Iphone in the dirt


    But sucks

  • dirtgod644
    dirtgod644 2 days ago

    Yes i do

  • Da comic dubber 2000

    They should last to talk gets free breakfast,lunch,dinner,desert for 5 weeks

  • Claire Nolan
    Claire Nolan 3 days ago

    Make Jeff smash his geetar in the fire.💩mate

  • luis gil
    luis gil 3 days ago

    I would tittle the video "Holes Parody"

  • ZXtuber
    ZXtuber 3 days ago

    3:27 eh

  • Harry Glaister
    Harry Glaister 3 days ago

    There's a plastic bottle in the hole

  • H C
    H C 3 days ago +1

    Hi Dangie Bros! You guys are awesome, thank you for taking your time making these videos. You make me laugh and very happy when you post new videos! You guys have came so far. Hope you can read this and maybe it can make you smile 😃 keep up the good work

  • Morph Man
    Morph Man 3 days ago

    I'm watching three grown men dig a hole what's my life?

  • Nathan Thomas
    Nathan Thomas 4 days ago

    Jeff: this is dangie 🏳️‍🌈📱🏳️‍🌈📱⬇️⬇️🍔🍔

  • Abe_92
    Abe_92 4 days ago +1

    Why are you guys do try not to fall 😴

  • Imti Nokdang
    Imti Nokdang 4 days ago +1

    Nubs do a water parkor.

  • Carson McDonald
    Carson McDonald 4 days ago

    Is Kris Kris Bryant

  • Sawyer Kuhne
    Sawyer Kuhne 4 days ago

    Holes the movie the sequel

  • Pulse Mystic
    Pulse Mystic 4 days ago


  • Delilah& Lizzy!!!!
    Delilah& Lizzy!!!! 4 days ago

    Why is their sisters voice like that

  • Catsareawesome 808
    Catsareawesome 808 4 days ago

    I feel bad for Jeff

  • jokat20060123 JG
    jokat20060123 JG 4 days ago

    I remember the movie, and I read the book, just to prove it(some spoilers) I know Mr.Sir, the sheriff is female

  • Lane Longmire
    Lane Longmire 4 days ago

    I am going to Disney world tommorrow if you are there are hope I see you

  • Elia Pizarro-Krichels

    Am I the only one who noticed that they buried a plastic bottle!!!!

  • Maryam M
    Maryam M 5 days ago

    Idk who they are but blonde boy’s voice dosent match his face and I feel scammed

  • ct fadillah Dollah
    ct fadillah Dollah 5 days ago

    Jeff you look handsome🤗

  • Ellacorn
    Ellacorn 5 days ago

    I love the movie holes

  • Jason Young
    Jason Young 5 days ago

    Lol u gotta dig them holes lol look out 4 the lizards

  • shaheena ayyathan veloth

    Liar that’s a broken phone

  • Kaidon Eutsey
    Kaidon Eutsey 5 days ago +3

    So at 6:17 jeff cut his leg but at 5:52 jeff had a bandage on the same spot he cut his leg at how does that make scene he predicted the future

  • I’m dislestic
    I’m dislestic 5 days ago +1

    Holes the book/movie is the best

  • Hannah Murphy
    Hannah Murphy 5 days ago

    Yall I had to watch holes at school

  • Gabe Rempel
    Gabe Rempel 5 days ago

    he just gave up his iphone

  • Major League Pitching

    Who’s voice is behind the camera

  • Roslyn Lingwoodock
    Roslyn Lingwoodock 5 days ago

    I have seen holes I saw it on netflix

  • QwertP
    QwertP 5 days ago

    you aren't that entertaining anymore

  • Cocoprincess _08
    Cocoprincess _08 5 days ago

    Who thinks they should have MERCH

  • Jayden Baron
    Jayden Baron 5 days ago

    Go zero RUN!!!

  • Zachary Kranz
    Zachary Kranz 5 days ago

    Legend says to this day he still has a pebble in his leg

  • Slight Nature
    Slight Nature 5 days ago

    lol. hard digging in that soft soil? hahaha try digging where i live.

  • will pankey
    will pankey 5 days ago

    the rock jeffery hit and got cut on is sed to make arrowheads

  • Justin Weklar
    Justin Weklar 5 days ago

    That’s not his phone cuz I could c its demolished on the back

  • Jemma Ingram
    Jemma Ingram 5 days ago

    Putting an iPhone under mud is wasting your time and money

  • xavier sanchez
    xavier sanchez 5 days ago

    Sun's out guns out

  • Skrejošā ElizabetePriedē

    6:29 he put a bandage on hos leg but its more then 30 seconds tu put the bandage and wash the blood he lost

  • Zeke Street
    Zeke Street 5 days ago

    busting up at the end becuuase it looks like jeff buried the water bottle as well

  • Kelly Lantz
    Kelly Lantz 5 days ago

    I remember holes

  • cori harris
    cori harris 6 days ago +4

    mentioning holes brought back the elementary school memories . im a senior in high school now , CRAZY !

  • Ask to seduce Miss
    Ask to seduce Miss 6 days ago +1

    This looks so fun?

  • Papa lake
    Papa lake 6 days ago +1

    I do know the move

  • phyco wolf pup
    phyco wolf pup 6 days ago +1

    Jeff is such a nub.He always leaves the challenges.He just accepts the punishment.

  • Cool Dude
    Cool Dude 6 days ago +2

    The phone he buried was already broken

  • Kate PIPER
    Kate PIPER 6 days ago +1

    You should do last to leave the pool but every 5 minutes you do a challenge the losers do punishments. Twin say telepathy

  • Hoyt Brown
    Hoyt Brown 6 days ago

    Is that your sister

  • Filippa Amalie Lund Lau

    Why did you burry a waterbottle in the ground?

  • Texas Life
    Texas Life 6 days ago

    Holes is my favorite movie!

  • Charming nowhere to hide

    Sometimes I feel like zero just wanna dig

  • Rocky The French Bulldog

    Y did u guys change ur name to dangle bros I liked cam and Jeff

  • Miguel Canete
    Miguel Canete 7 days ago

    Wannabe mrbeast. But its working lmao

    • Charming nowhere to hide
      Charming nowhere to hide 6 days ago

      Hey you do realize that if you use water to turn the dirt into mud it makes it easier to dig

  • Sidharth Sharma
    Sidharth Sharma 7 days ago +1


  • Stovie Wan Kenobi
    Stovie Wan Kenobi 7 days ago +14

    People said we’d have flying cars by 2019. Nope. Just USclip hole digging videos.

  • Vengefulspoon 84
    Vengefulspoon 84 7 days ago

    I scrolled through 169 USclip notifications just to get to this

  • Jessie Taylor
    Jessie Taylor 7 days ago

    He had bandage on let whole time.. lol

  • Compound Crazies
    Compound Crazies 7 days ago

    I like the movie holes

  • Laura Higgins
    Laura Higgins 7 days ago

    Are u clash with cam because u look like him

  • Faith Joy Sembrano
    Faith Joy Sembrano 7 days ago

    love your vids

    • Leopard Bra Brado
      Leopard Bra Brado 7 days ago

      XD "i dont wanna host this show no more" "keep digging" XD XD XD XD

  • Faith Joy Sembrano
    Faith Joy Sembrano 7 days ago

    Last to stop swimming i did not no what is the price

  • Victor Elizardo
    Victor Elizardo 7 days ago

    But first you have to go to hell down =hell

  • Madeline Svenson
    Madeline Svenson 7 days ago

    We made it to God's thum holes referance

    • Ask to seduce Miss
      Ask to seduce Miss 7 days ago

      Love you so much 😍😘😍😘😍😘🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

  • Truck Spotting
    Truck Spotting 7 days ago

    Who else loves the movie Holes

  • blazemazeplayz Gamez:p

    Ok so no one saw this but the water bottle was buried alive... At 10:00 to 10:03 rip water bottle 2019 to 2019

  • Josh White
    Josh White 7 days ago

    Sad hole there ladies

  • Kimberly Moseley
    Kimberly Moseley 7 days ago

    Jeff is going to win

  • Parisamore XoXoXo
    Parisamore XoXoXo 7 days ago

    What a waste of time

  • Francine Pluecker
    Francine Pluecker 7 days ago

    Hey you do realize that if you use water to turn the dirt into mud it makes it easier to dig

  • Christian goff
    Christian goff 7 days ago

    Sometimes I feel like zero just wanna dig

  • XxEmeraldGaming Yt
    XxEmeraldGaming Yt 7 days ago

    Is it me or does he copy MrBeast

  • James Jones
    James Jones 7 days ago

    Who was the camera man in this vid??

  • Mann Jing
    Mann Jing 7 days ago


  • God
    God 7 days ago

    Holes 2 [Revealed] 2020

  • Nrd Drn
    Nrd Drn 7 days ago

    Real men can dig that same hole in 1 hour for a actual purpose with none of that whining lmao

  • Oliver Metzger
    Oliver Metzger 7 days ago

    Their not free somebody has by the tickets

  • Hussein Alkhafaje
    Hussein Alkhafaje 7 days ago

    It will fall in core of the Earth

  • Chris Hansard
    Chris Hansard 7 days ago

    XD "i dont wanna host this show no more" "keep digging" XD XD XD XD

  • Yeeter Peter
    Yeeter Peter 7 days ago

    He had a bandage on and then he took it off and he was bleeding.