I'm a Terrible Uncle

  • Published on Aug 7, 2017
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  • Sam Savage
    Sam Savage 14 hours ago

    So funny

  • Gofer of Magia
    Gofer of Magia 6 days ago

    He lookls like Trippie Redd

  • Leksu45
    Leksu45 6 days ago

    I love this video ive watched it like 20 times in the past 2 years

  • Edvin
    Edvin 14 days ago

    I'm gonna tell my kids this was baloo 0:06

  • Dan Age
    Dan Age 17 days ago +1

    I watch your videos to distract me from my soul crushing depression.

  • Connor Dowdy
    Connor Dowdy 19 days ago

    How is this restricted?

  • ThyHoly Potato
    ThyHoly Potato 20 days ago

    Can we get this person Jaziel.S who still supports him on patreon to this day a medal?

  • ThyHoly Potato
    ThyHoly Potato 20 days ago

    This is age restricted lol

  • Invisible Libra
    Invisible Libra 22 days ago

    So this how he treats Black kids, I wonder how he treats his white ones🤔

  • Todd T
    Todd T 25 days ago


  • SuperiorBun :v
    SuperiorBun :v 27 days ago

    3:06 that old lady blocked dat beautiful ass

  • Gordon Ramsey 2
    Gordon Ramsey 2 27 days ago

    Nobody absolutely nobody
    ‘’ where’s you’re PP Elliot’’?

  • Bluheei
    Bluheei 29 days ago

    Ugly disgusting negro

  • TheFox2019_ 69
    TheFox2019_ 69 Month ago


  • DarkWolf42001
    DarkWolf42001 Month ago

    Oh my god Ross you such a bad uncle XD

  • Austin Stick
    Austin Stick Month ago +1


  • green
    green Month ago +1

    So afraid for this beautiful baby. I hope these people dont kill him!

  • Adernn Nider
    Adernn Nider Month ago


  • Adernn Nider
    Adernn Nider Month ago

    Well this just became my favorite video.

  • Blarshk Blob
    Blarshk Blob Month ago

    How does love live serve have 5 million but vlog creations only has 1 million

  • D
    D Month ago

    4:33 she’s going crazy with her hair

  • Stanger
    Stanger Month ago

    This is so bad but so good

  • Regal Forever
    Regal Forever 2 months ago

    Just like his mother brushes her thin strands she should comb and put some moisture on his hair Please

  • Regal Forever
    Regal Forever 2 months ago

    I thought that was his son but I cant imagine him having kids

  • Kenny Williams
    Kenny Williams 2 months ago

    Elliot should have his on channel

  • Drifty Rifty
    Drifty Rifty 2 months ago

    Dude it’s Age restricted omg XD

  • Monster void 2
    Monster void 2 2 months ago

    Y’all are to funny

  • Tyler Bergen
    Tyler Bergen 2 months ago

    So fuckin cute haha

  • Jason McBeavis
    Jason McBeavis 2 months ago


  • BiGsImY
    BiGsImY 2 months ago

    2:12 what a great mom. 🤦‍♂️

  • Julie W
    Julie W 2 months ago

    elliot is so lucky to have ross as his uncle

  • Parker _Mankey
    Parker _Mankey 3 months ago

    Why is this age restricted

  • Thot Slayer
    Thot Slayer 3 months ago +1

    I always come back to this video if I’m having a bad day. Eliot is the best!

  • Not iiBustt
    Not iiBustt 3 months ago

    His dad looks just like him lol

  • Lourd Bade
    Lourd Bade 3 months ago

    Child abuse

  • I kissed Your uncle
    I kissed Your uncle 3 months ago

    Does anyone have the link for the raccoon costume ? !

  • Felix Carrillo
    Felix Carrillo 3 months ago +1

    Omg that lil guy got me dead laughing 😂

  • A retard
    A retard 3 months ago

    *age restricted*

  • Elliot Sykes
    Elliot Sykes 3 months ago


  • brandon nelson
    brandon nelson 3 months ago


  • Panduh
    Panduh 3 months ago

    Why tf is this age restricted?

  • neoj zekat
    neoj zekat 3 months ago

    M fav video on this whole channel

  • Luke Mariano
    Luke Mariano 3 months ago

    Your going to hell😂😂, I am too

  • Landon S
    Landon S 3 months ago +1

    You're a terrible uncle.

  • Liam Raimundo
    Liam Raimundo 3 months ago +1

    I love this kid 😂

  • Shawna Kalinowski
    Shawna Kalinowski 3 months ago

    We need more videos with Elliot!

  • Keo Nor Phealey
    Keo Nor Phealey 3 months ago

    6:20 he laugh so funny 😂

  • wildcat 7773
    wildcat 7773 3 months ago

    Why is this age restricted lol

  • Master Don
    Master Don 3 months ago +1

    This is his best video

  • Aidan Martineau
    Aidan Martineau 3 months ago

    Why is this age restricted

  • Ian Shingleton
    Ian Shingleton 3 months ago

    8:57 is it just me or is that tjack casually running by

  • Morgan Bounds
    Morgan Bounds 3 months ago

    Shame would be a sure

  • Nathaniel Rosario
    Nathaniel Rosario 3 months ago

    XD that's funny

  • CANitDO
    CANitDO 3 months ago +3

    *ross pokes raccoon elliot with a stick*

  • Brae Borj
    Brae Borj 3 months ago +1

    I’ll never grow upp

  • SkippyTrx
    SkippyTrx 3 months ago

    Age resticted..... FFS

  • Chea kimhong
    Chea kimhong 3 months ago


  • Chea kimhong
    Chea kimhong 3 months ago

    So cute

  • oozie
    oozie 4 months ago

    That kid is going to grow up hating you

  • Septis
    Septis 4 months ago

    It's sad that this got age restricted. RIP USclip revenue.