Final Fantasy VII Remake - Official Extended Release Date Gameplay Trailer | E3 2019

  • Published on Jun 11, 2019
  • The world has fallen under the control of the Shinra Electric Power Company, a shadowy corporation controlling the planet's very life force as mako energy. In the sprawling city of Midgar, an anti-Shinra organization calling themselves Avalanche have stepped up their resistance. Cloud Strife, a former member of Shinra's elite SOLDIER unit now turned mercenary, lends his aid to the group, unaware of the epic consequences that await him.
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  • Raeeq Osman
    Raeeq Osman 2 days ago

    Can't wait to see what the Bahamut and Knights of the Round summons look like!!!

  • Bla Blabla
    Bla Blabla 7 days ago

    i can see Devil May Cry here XD

  • ChampionMode314
    ChampionMode314 8 days ago

    Red X Story is gonna be so epic.

  • solo fire
    solo fire 22 days ago

    I loveeee this gameeee my all time favorite final fantasy

  • Spookyboi
    Spookyboi 24 days ago

    Soo... its *not* turn based?

  • Fragment Xion93
    Fragment Xion93 27 days ago

    I mean like Crisis Core did they “To be Continued” it’s here so yeaa I’m ready

  • mr. mine Jacker PJP
    mr. mine Jacker PJP 28 days ago

    Oh my God I want this to come to the switch

  • Bugfeed's Joe Bugstein Trump

    Is that Robert Downy Jr voicing Barret?

  • Maverick
    Maverick 29 days ago

    I hope the ending is different this time like they can't copy and paste the game old game story right.

  • Akira Watari
    Akira Watari Month ago

    Who else getting the collectors edition?🙏

  • Ich heisse Nomad
    Ich heisse Nomad Month ago

    Verdammt. Wurde aber auch Zeit!

  • DarjeelingJelly
    DarjeelingJelly Month ago

    Why do all the woman all look the same in these games. Only Barret makes me happy.

  • Blank _
    Blank _ Month ago

    Beautiful!!!! Want to play asap

  • StrongArm 327
    StrongArm 327 Month ago


  • Shahul Usman
    Shahul Usman Month ago

    Now make chrono trigger/cross remakes :)

    FONTAINE Month ago

    admittedly will be my first ever playthrough of VII

  • inteligence huma
    inteligence huma Month ago


  • Ean Line
    Ean Line Month ago

    Un fucking real. Can’t believe it’s happening

  • Navin Chandra
    Navin Chandra Month ago

    this game is coming on pc yes or no

  • The Goon Family
    The Goon Family Month ago

    Wish it was co-op for once

  • Theoneandonly88able

    The summoning entrances probably wont be as cinematic with the new combat system. There wont be that larger than life presence I felt from the original. Probably be downsized without getting in the way of other characters.

  • Richard Lee
    Richard Lee Month ago

    I love it BUT one thing I would say is I don't really like Sephiroths voice :( Which is super important as he's SO cool.

  • steffan koch
    steffan koch Month ago +1

    Best game ever made ... that will gonna be so awesome

  • Joshua Belisle
    Joshua Belisle Month ago

    plz plz fully equipped gold saucer

  • Danny Simion
    Danny Simion Month ago

    The one game I’ll be down to buy me a PS4 console!!

  • Dillgurt
    Dillgurt Month ago

    Been a fan from the beginning before enix merged with square to make an amazing team

  • Al Capone
    Al Capone Month ago

    Please Square Enix With Original Music.

  • guardian08527
    guardian08527 Month ago

    Aerith: Sebastian!!!^_^
    Tifa: NOT NOW>:(

  • Rick Goyetche
    Rick Goyetche Month ago

    Ultima, my favorite spell to cast should be just nasty looking and devastating

  • Rick Goyetche
    Rick Goyetche Month ago

    Ultima, my favorite spell to cast should be just nasty looking and devastating

  • Angantyr
    Angantyr Month ago

    Arg it's weird to hear english voices

  • Alessio Gerolimetto

    I can’t wait to see Cloud dressed as a woman in HD

  • allypezz
    allypezz Month ago

    They really feminized Sephiroth to almost doll-like. Quite effective in making him look inhuman and the product of numerous Jenova cloning attempts.

  • Maluzius Network
    Maluzius Network Month ago

    So. Let me guess. DLC to increase Tifas breasts ? This game is a joke

  • bad santa
    bad santa Month ago

    Barrett feels a bit off for me other then that it seems like a decent FF

  • kaira Zuñiga
    kaira Zuñiga Month ago +1

    Sephiroth looks soo beautiful 😍😍😘😘

  • Point Mantis
    Point Mantis Month ago

    I hope it has the same pacing, all the locations and hopefully they won’t have the same combat system as XV as that bored me to tears.

  • Michael Doucet
    Michael Doucet Month ago

    GOD I can't wait till FFVII Remake comes out and I get my hands on it. This vid has me even more eager.

  • Midnight Black
    Midnight Black Month ago

    I love the fact that they found a middle ground between action and turn based mechanics. That way, no one will feel let down. Personally, I preferred the ATB, but this system looks acceptable, and the game as a whole looks incredible. Who says lightning never strikes the same place twice?

  • Crimson Karma
    Crimson Karma Month ago

    sephiroth needs a more villainous voice

  • Leo blade
    Leo blade Month ago

    Is it just me or does everyone feel like sephiroth has a baby face? 😅 🤔🤔 mmmmmmm......

    • Sephiroth Crescent
      Sephiroth Crescent 23 days ago +1

      @Leo blade
      Sadly it's not canon to the remake. Or maybe it's just the lighting

    • Leo blade
      Leo blade Month ago

      Mmmmm I guess so but the model of sephiroth from final fantasy 7 crisis core looks much mature and crisis core happened before ff7....

    • Sephiroth Crescent
      Sephiroth Crescent Month ago

      He's still young

  • Kylo Rey
    Kylo Rey Month ago +5

    Anyone remember this line?
    “You are. My living, legacy..”

    Damn zack ur the man 😭

  • Gaming Fluffy
    Gaming Fluffy Month ago

    i don't want to see aerith die here, it will make me cry again.

  • Vincenzo Tropea
    Vincenzo Tropea Month ago

    Hold one but its just for ps4??

  • larioxem
    larioxem Month ago

    Will the first episode finished after escaping Midgard?

  • ORYX X
    ORYX X Month ago

    If this gets released in 2020 I expect it to be the full game.

  • Adrian E.
    Adrian E. Month ago

    Is the first part really only gonna cover Midgar though?

  • Jose Urbina
    Jose Urbina Month ago

    3:03 It’s a Bird... It’s a Plane... It’s SEPHIROTH!!! (See what I did there)

    • Nemesis
      Nemesis Month ago

      Able to burn an entire solar system in a single supernova...and yet only capable of doing 2k damage

  • Jose Urbina
    Jose Urbina Month ago

    3:03 Looks like Superman finally Returns.

  • Saint Satan
    Saint Satan Month ago

    Sony didn't even show up and they beat Microsoft.

  • Alex Mc
    Alex Mc Month ago

    Took more than 20 years..... but it's finally (almost) coming.

  • Gerald Jirau
    Gerald Jirau Month ago

    They should include 2 game modes. Action and turnbased.

    • Gerald Jirau
      Gerald Jirau Month ago

      @Nemesis That is good news, however adding a turnbase mode option would make this oldschool gamer very happy. Give me both worlds Square or else you are fucking up this masterpice!

    • Nemesis
      Nemesis Month ago +1

      Gonna be honest from what i saw it kinda looks like its gonna be a mix of Turn based with the Action fighting mechanics

  • Rick Metroid
    Rick Metroid Month ago +1

    finally we have got to see tifa.

  • DemonsBlade238
    DemonsBlade238 Month ago

    My concern is this: 1.) The pacing will be compromised and the changes will be to the detriment of the game. 2.) The game will never be finished due to episodic releases. After all, they never even really finished FFXV.

  • kahfi bonboy
    kahfi bonboy Month ago

    i never played ff 7, but i think ff 9 is better, why not remake ff 9 instead?

  • Hevey Creations
    Hevey Creations Month ago

    Are summons going to be in the game ? Like Bahamut, Efrit. Odin etc..

    • Theoneandonly88able
      Theoneandonly88able Month ago

      More than likely, but they probably wont be have a cinematic entrance when you summon them, considering the new combat system.

  • Alex Basile
    Alex Basile Month ago

    Man that girl in the pink dress is pretty I hope she sticks around as a permanent party member

  • Breath Of West Borneo

    Aerith is so cute ,I wanna hug her

  • Video Lovers
    Video Lovers Month ago

    Her lips i dont lika

  • Oliver Nanetti
    Oliver Nanetti Month ago

    Whose ready to spend some time at the Gold Saucer!!!!

  • Woodsmoke
    Woodsmoke Month ago

    I really don't like the voice actors 😣

  • vu ngo
    vu ngo Month ago

    Wheres Red?!?!?!

  • johnny Hidalgo
    johnny Hidalgo Month ago

    God I was just kidding

  • TheSanarossOne
    TheSanarossOne Month ago

    I will wait until a few months after release before I buy FF7. Just in case, I'm more careful when it comes to Final Fantasy now.

  • johnny Hidalgo
    johnny Hidalgo Month ago

    (Sigh) I told my girlfriend 13 years ago that before I die I just wanna play kh3 and final fantasy 7 remake if they ever come out with one ....smh I regret those words 😕

  • D Hu55ein
    D Hu55ein Month ago

    Wow I get to spend 3months grinding only for sepiroth to kill my whole party with one attack all over again, yaaaay!!

  • Petra Ral
    Petra Ral Month ago

    Aaaaaaahhh, bring back all the memories

  • Phresh Boii!!!
    Phresh Boii!!! Month ago

    Sephiroth looks like a 17 yr old emo teen in this remake. Lol. He looks about as young as Cloud now

  • FartingSpider12
    FartingSpider12 Month ago

    2:13 Oh the enemies actually take knockback, thank god it's not like the clunky combat in FFXV

    2:30 Oh wait, nevermind

    • Noctem Somnus
      Noctem Somnus Month ago

      Nah, you can see Shinra soldiers getting knocked back in the demo they showed in their conference

  • Hashtag Orion
    Hashtag Orion Month ago

    I miss the voice actors I’ve grown accustomed to hearing.