Waluigi in Smash Bros. Ultimate?


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  • Otis Le PoOtis
    Otis Le PoOtis 4 months ago +1482

    Thanks now i’m going to get even more depressed when he’s not in the game

    • [K]Kop323[P] [SL]SuperLuigi[SL]
      [K]Kop323[P] [SL]SuperLuigi[SL] 27 days ago

      Alright im gonna Hate Nintendo. Beceause WALUIGI IS NOT A PLAYABLE CHARACTER
      i want bomberman too :P

    • gggtttkm
      gggtttkm Month ago

      nintendo should make waluigi pinball be a game!

    • Ugandan Raven
      Ugandan Raven Month ago

      +Zackary martinn no fuck u I don't have the requirements to get mods because gaming computers are so fucking expensive and I'm poor so no that is not working for ME

    • accesky
      accesky Month ago

      Ill main him

    • Garrett Pace
      Garrett Pace Month ago

      French Wine But sadly if you also go to the official site and also look at all the assist trophies page you will see Waluigi as one of them...

  • Bestcool5
    Bestcool5 6 minutes ago

    i like waluigi to be in the game SERIOUSLY I MADE A TRAILER OF HIM WITH IMAGINATION just wow

  • Naminé Vanillia

    Waluigi for 69th smash member.

  • Naminé Vanillia

    Played at the Michigan demo, still no waluigi assistant trophy. 👀👀👀👀

  • Cristina Vekos
    Cristina Vekos 5 days ago


  • Cristina Vekos
    Cristina Vekos 5 days ago

    Maybe assist trophies can't be ko'd! Maybe that was a cpu Waluigi and they edited out the word floating above his head and the damage indicator!

  • Ryan Beyer
    Ryan Beyer 6 days ago

    WAAAAHH!!!!! TRAITOR!!!!

  • Pedro Barcelos
    Pedro Barcelos 6 days ago

    1:00 I know this is a joke dude, but yOu CaN cLeArLy SeE tHaT wAlUiGi’S iCoN iS nOt DoWn ThEiR, but this theory seems to have proof.

  • sonic fanboy
    sonic fanboy 6 days ago

    Fuck you i like waluigi

  • BluePanda
    BluePanda 7 days ago

    Shovel Knight can be an echo fighter for toon link

  • gggtttkm


    there's still hope.

  • Robotic Games
    Robotic Games 10 days ago

    Why did Sakurai do this, I know he worked so hard on the new game. But I still think it is strange too because he has been in the spin offs games but why not smash? But he might get revenge anytime. I like Waluigi as a character

  • The Masterr Reactor
    The Masterr Reactor 10 days ago +1

    I can imagine it on December 6. Launch trailer is released. Daddy saukari talks a little about the game. At the end he says, “thank you, and goodbye”. Cutscenes plays. It shows several characters battling. One of them picks up and assist trophy, but nothing happens. Everyone stops to look at it. Cracking is heard from the trophy. A hand pops out and a figure in purple. Title card reads, “WALUIGI breaks out”. Gameplay is shown. End trailer.

  • HeckWithIt
    HeckWithIt 10 days ago

    spread the word of this movement to persuade daddy sakurai
    help spread the word...

  • Drew Armstrong, The Glorious Lobster Emperor

    The difference between Waluigi and Ridley is that Ridley is an extremely prominent character. Waluigi, however much you want to believe it, is just a spinoff guy. Ridley was a fucking main villain.
    So yeah, Ridley has more of a reason to be in than Waluigi. Also, Sakurai is right on point when he says only memelords want Waluigi in.
    But if Waluigi does end up in Smash, I will eat my fucking words.

  • James Snow
    James Snow 14 days ago

    Him being killed in the direct, then having him as a retrievable spirit in the new Spirits mode would make sense, but then again I got my tin foil hat on

  • Patrick Harper
    Patrick Harper 15 days ago

    I sincerely feel the same as alpharad and I want Sora to be in smash instead anyway

  • Hikaru Ishida
    Hikaru Ishida 17 days ago

    I know that you're gonna have a lot of hate for not liking waluigi and I understand why (he is made to be annoying) but in my opinion I feel so sorry for waluigi... ... .... yeah that's is

  • 산코코아
    산코코아 17 days ago

    theey already bamboozled us twice with k rool and the what is smash bros the end thing.

  • Woko100 Dan
    Woko100 Dan 23 days ago

    what if waluigi can use the smash ball the only smash assist trophy to be able to use the smash ball

  • Michael is a Gamer
    Michael is a Gamer 23 days ago +1


  • Wah 4 smVsh
    Wah 4 smVsh 28 days ago +1

    THE HANDS THEY ARE NOT A BLOCK THEY HAVE MODELED FINGERS UNLIKE WIIU BRAWL AND 3DS that means the model is prepared for him to be a character PROOF: www.models-resource.com/3ds/supersmashbrosfornintendo3ds/model/25594/

  • RJ Hamler
    RJ Hamler 28 days ago

    I agree once we see him on the front off the assists then never veary suspicious that's why I ain't buying he ain't In yet. And him saying he don't got fans well who then uses him in kart, socer, baseball, sports mix, and all the party games who the mouse in the wall especially when he has crazy moves like him in sports mix use his special it hits one hundred percent unless you don't aim at the goal it's crazy. I'm a true fan of him that wants him in smash bros I always liked him he made the equal in the Mario bro vs Wario bro fights I did and saw from Nintendo in tennis theirs multiple clips of them going after the Mario bros he makes thoes games and started that rivalry it was just Mario v Wario but know it's bros v bros. He made history in Nintendo he was even the boss in dance revolution Mario edition he has been their through it all with the rest of the Mario crew he had a hand to help alot of characters Mario, Luigi, Wario, Daisy to name a few. Luigi he is his rival and razed his popularity from tennis on ward Luigi v Waluigi, Wario he was introduced to be his tennis partner that's why he came to be so Wario could try to beat Mario his rival but over time they made a alliance a friendship to beat them together in double dash and their paired together in sluggers for Wii Waluigi is on Warios team Wario mussels in story mode, Daisy is his love interest like how Luigi loves her and in strikers charged you got to beat him in a brick wall mini game type mach and in double dash their name is awkward date, then Mario Mr.Nintendo him selph he helped many times need a baseball player to make a team hes their go karting he's their socer their Olympics he's their to help you verses sonic your biggest rival ever not to mention all thies times you needed a assist in smash bros he was their even thoe sacory rejected him to assist he still helped ya he might be trying to beat you but you would not win if their was no player to play against, and to add on sacory him selph he helped cause if it wasent for him the Mario spin off series probbly would never taken off he was in tennis the first one then from their on he was stuck on WARIO needing a partner for that but he came he was created for a helping role that was used many times over the years in multiple ways he was even the boss in dance revolution Mario edition so ya he made him a boss the most important part to a game sides the main character theirs no game if theirs no one to fight. So he has done a lot so theirs no reason for him to say no one really wants him in cause theirs multiple occasions whare hes rembered and was playable to just say ya hes not rembered and to just put him as a assist again but this time you can hit him is just mocking him for what he's done for you that's probbly why we haven't seen him he probably thinks I try but I just get used and is tiered of it if I was him I wouldn't even go be a assist if I wasent in by know for all he's done it's just disrespectful to him and it's sad. But the brief look then not since is still giving me hope he's finally in he's letting everyone else in why not him it just dosent make sence why. So in all I'm a true fan of Waluigi that respects him for all he has done for the Mario franchise and Nentindo so with pride can say truly I want him for smash bros ultimate.

  • Harley Barba
    Harley Barba 29 days ago

    I honestly thought that he or someone else would get into smash because let's face it, If we can get 7 fire emblem characters into smash. I'm pretty sure we'll get someone else

  • Vishwas Shanu
    Vishwas Shanu 29 days ago

    May be waluigi will not be a playable character in smash Bros ultimate because he is in assist trophy.

  • Hector/Nacho Menendez Sacarias

    Wow Buddy.
    *No saying you dont like waluigi in my youtube*
    (Ofcourse this is a joke, I dont care about your opinion)

  • Guilherme Silva
    Guilherme Silva Month ago

    Nathaniel Bandy needs to see this as i seen "NB"

  • James Sandoval
    James Sandoval Month ago

    I like Waluigi sincerely

  • salesman 7
    salesman 7 Month ago

    i really hope u die plz commit

  • Davidko Google
    Davidko Google Month ago


  • Inky Splatterscope
    Inky Splatterscope Month ago

    Im just as happy as you

  • Ando Bando
    Ando Bando Month ago

    Waluigi will come to 💯%, i know it 😋. Press Г and you will know it too 😂

  • Seth Cottell
    Seth Cottell Month ago

    The reason why Waluigi is an assist trophy is because.....HE...DOESN’T...HAVE...HIS OWN......GAME!!!!!
    Mario=super mario bros Luigi= luigi’s Mansion Wario= Warioware Bowser= bowser’s inside story Peach= ??? She had a game though!!! Rosalina= mario galaxy dr. Mario=dr. Mario 😑 bowser jr.= mario sunshine daisy= Super mario land BOOM 💥 so until waluigi gets a game he’s NOT A PLAYABLE CHARACTER!!!!!

    • The Ice Cream Melt
      The Ice Cream Melt Month ago

      Seth Cottell It's not a reason for a character to not be playable. Neither has ROB or Daisy (technically, I mean I think Daisy has evolved so much since then) or basically any of the Pokemon. Since his introduction, he has appeared in almost all of the Spin-Off Mario games and they are very important (A large majority of Mario popularity comes from the Spin-Off games).
      Don't get me wrong, I thank Sakurai for everything that he's done and I have a theory that playable characters can be Assist Trophies via an option. This would make Assist Trophies enjoyable again and no-one would technically be deconfirmed. I'm not gonna cry about the lack of Waluigi but an extra character can't hurt anyone. If you don't like him, don't play as him (If he gets in).

  • DTavs Exe
    DTavs Exe Month ago

    Some men just want to watch the world WAH!

  • MegaAntMan1
    MegaAntMan1 Month ago +1

    One thing I noticed, in more recent directs and stuff, all assist trophies barring shovel knight and other guests have had the series symbol next to them (mega man gear for zero, the triforce with the moon) but waluigi doesn't have that... Maybe I'm reading too much into it but could that mean something else is planned for waluigi to not have the mushroom next to his name?

  • Maui The pug
    Maui The pug Month ago

    whats insensitive mean

  • Conn Toons
    Conn Toons Month ago

    Not gonna lie, starting to regret subscribing......

    Naw.... He’s cool. I won’t unsubscribe....

    Then again.....
    He did talk shit about my boy, Luigi...

  • Justin Pino
    Justin Pino Month ago

    0:38 Fire Emblem

  • Guy name allen
    Guy name allen Month ago


  • DJ $quid MLG
    DJ $quid MLG Month ago +1

    I still believe he Will be playable

  • Ugandan Raven
    Ugandan Raven Month ago

    Were you expecting smash ultimate? Too bad Waluigi Time!!(on the expected release of SSBU,Super Waluigi World shows up in replacement)

  • Dean Knapp
    Dean Knapp Month ago


  • Sky night the nunk
    Sky night the nunk Month ago

    You forgot wario

  • Equilla the Eagle - Anti-Oxigest

    8 characters for mario is needed, considering there are 7
    characters from FE
    more than zelda
    same as pokemon

  • MattX12
    MattX12 Month ago

    After watching the Smash Direct, I think it's likely...

    That we'll get an eighth Fire Emblem character lol!

  • Oran Moonrazor
    Oran Moonrazor Month ago +1


  • Rosepath
    Rosepath Month ago

    Alpharaf is going to be killed...

  • Your Nintendo Feed
    Your Nintendo Feed Month ago

    Waluigi's gonna be the next character.
    I'm 99% sure Sakurai will add him next, if he's gonna add him.
    He's gonna be character No. 69

  • i regret everything


  • Austin Melton
    Austin Melton Month ago

    Wait wall... waluigi is it possible to be in smash

  • Dari 709
    Dari 709 Month ago


  • etherial umbra
    etherial umbra Month ago

    Play psycho waluigi if you want a good waluigi game. It's about waluigi getting psychic powers and taking over the world.

  • Mr. Fibbles Gaming And Reactions

    Mario isn't that good of a character so why do we eat out of the Mario Train not the Waluigi train

  • Spoopy Ghost
    Spoopy Ghost Month ago

    Does wario not count as a Mario character

  • Rodrigo Gutierrez JR
    Rodrigo Gutierrez JR Month ago +1

    I hate you for saying that waa.

  • xX_Squirtle
    xX_Squirtle Month ago

    Waluigi could represent the Wario series because it needs more rep

  • Waluigi
    Waluigi Month ago +2

    THANK YOU!!!!
    And... No thank you for that that last thing...

    FLASH2TIME Month ago

    its already 9 characters u forgot wario

    PINK EYE Month ago

    Isnt it weird how lyn comes right after waluigi? I think they will both make it.

  • Xn
    Xn Month ago

    wouldn't waluigi be a wario character?

    • Mr.Ridley
      Mr.Ridley Month ago

      +Xn nope

    • Xn
      Xn Month ago

      really? i thought he was in a WarioWare game

    • Mr.Ridley
      Mr.Ridley Month ago

      He's never been in a wario game

  • Sanic the gamer
    Sanic the gamer Month ago


  • C0NN0R
    C0NN0R Month ago

    wait why exactly do you hate waluigi?

  • Alpha
    Alpha Month ago

    I wish he was

  • Pugfan3756
    Pugfan3756 Month ago

    0:00 I agree

  • crazynunz
    crazynunz Month ago

    Umm hello wario is in smash

  • THE CC Channel
    THE CC Channel Month ago

    Why does anybody like him?

  • HartSickle
    HartSickle Month ago

    A total of 8 Mario characters? Don't you mean 10? I know Wario and Yoshi both have spinoff series, but they are still in the Mario universe.

    • crazy mario
      crazy mario Month ago

      HartSickle yes but he is not a mario charater just look at the website

    • HartSickle
      HartSickle Month ago

      +crazy mario That saddle ain't just for show!

    • HartSickle
      HartSickle Month ago

      +crazy mario Yoshi is Mario's mount! His trusty steed!

    • crazy mario
      crazy mario Month ago

      HartSickle hey why is yoshi not mario

  • doggo shook
    doggo shook Month ago +2

    Message from nintendo after watching the vid: STAY WERE THE FUCK YOU ARE

  • Luis Miguel Vélez Toledo


  • FatCat808
    FatCat808 2 months ago

    purple and yellow chairs... O3O

  • Vincent Montreuil
    Vincent Montreuil 2 months ago

    I used to like you, Alpharad...


  • The Gaming Lion
    The Gaming Lion 2 months ago

    These theories are the reason why Waluigi fans are still hoping he isn't an Assist Trophy, unlike several other fanbases like Ashley, Shovel Knigt, Zero or Knuckles who accepted it

  • Monkey Dude
    Monkey Dude 2 months ago

    0:10 So basically they have made assist trophy's weaker so they are not worth anything? Yay +waluigi isn't a fighter!! He Probably would be If people weren't bothering Nintendo all the time about it

  • Angel Sostre
    Angel Sostre 2 months ago

    #Fight4waluigi www.change.org/p/nintendo-add-waluigi-to-smash-bros-switch

    LEGENDS77 2 months ago

    There is also the fact that this is the last ever smash game, and i dont think sakuri would leave the most requested character out. And also the recent direct was mostly full of trolls, soooo.... ye.

  • tyun
    tyun 2 months ago


    mario is dead
    megaman is dead
    luigi is dead
    dedede is dead
    spirits mode allegedly exists...


    pack it up boys, time to ride the hype train

  • Trevor Williams
    Trevor Williams 2 months ago

    Rip waloogee

  • kidcringe 101
    kidcringe 101 2 months ago

    A total of 8 characters? What about wario

    • crazy mario
      crazy mario Month ago

      kidcringe 101 not a mario charater

  • Beth Franks
    Beth Franks 2 months ago

    I love waluigi hes the left out character luigi isnt because atleast he had a year dedicated to him but waluigi isn't just in marios shadow he is also in luigis, warios, peaches, toads, daisies, toaddettes, rosalinas, yoshis, paulines, bowsers, and even king warts shadow and hes mean because hes never a part of anything

  • Greg Warrener
    Greg Warrener 2 months ago

    hi alpha if gaurdeviore was in smash5 and gothitelle was her echo fighter gerations 1-5 would all be in smash 5.....theres a hint for ya check out the pokeballs in smash 5 for another hint............. also is geno japanese for mario 2? you didnt hear this from meeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • electricity overload
    electricity overload 2 months ago

    Alpha waluigi isn't listed as an assist trophy on the official smash ultimate website

  • joey obyrne
    joey obyrne 2 months ago +1

    I actually really like Waluigi as a character, and find both your dislike of him and disregard of fans as "filthy memers" pretty unfair.
    He has one of the most creative and enjoyable character design philosophies in Mario, and in the titles he's in his sort of anti-goofy style really adds a lot to the game. He is much more Luigi's counterpart than Wario is to Mario. His general outgoing nature and flamboyancy, as well as his kind of satirical display of dastardliness is one of the high points in any of the games he's in.
    Just my two cents on the matter.

  • The Sassy Carrot
    The Sassy Carrot 2 months ago

    Wow people are getting desperate about having waluigi in smash

  • TheRealFortran Bootleg
    TheRealFortran Bootleg 2 months ago

    R.I.P. Waluigi
    wah :-(

  • Toast
    Toast 2 months ago


  • BooM Pow
    BooM Pow 2 months ago

    Well guess what alpharad i was glad lyn was an assist trophy cuz I hate her
    And if she ends up being apart of a trailer and crushing your hopes of not being in smash
    And no (sniff) im not crying or in denial about waluigi being an assist trophy and just trying to make you feel bad

  • crash band289
    crash band289 2 months ago

    He's my nigga they need to add him q

  • Lolotov Spocktale
    Lolotov Spocktale 2 months ago

    Y'know I think him not being in any footage is just... how it's been, y'know?
    Like, I tried to get him in WiiU and 3DS, and I got a *few* repeats of various other assist trophies before I even *saw* Waluigi, I guess it's just how it's been in all honesty?

  • mystic mike
    mystic mike 2 months ago

    its not 8 its 9 wario

    • crazy mario
      crazy mario Month ago

      mystic mike wario does not count

  • Memelord Pam
    Memelord Pam 2 months ago

    0:00 to 0:04
    *I am alredy liking this video*

  • Yes '
    Yes ' 2 months ago


  • Herman Manly
    Herman Manly 2 months ago

    We also haven't yet seen a Waluigi Assist Trophy spotlight in the Social media posts

  • Herman Manly
    Herman Manly 2 months ago

    Just as a side but Wario is also technically part of the Mario games

    • crazy mario
      crazy mario Month ago

      Herman Manly but he does not count as mario he does not have the mushroom

  • _T0b14s_
    _T0b14s_ 2 months ago

    K. Rool! WOOHOO

  • Topi S
    Topi S 2 months ago

    Give me 666 likes!

  • Leavanny the best
    Leavanny the best 2 months ago

    Fucking hell

  • Tyrese Finney
    Tyrese Finney 2 months ago

    666 dislikes.

  • Galactic Kong
    Galactic Kong 2 months ago

    Alpharad has 666 dislikes so.....Huh

    ESGxGODLY 2 months ago

    I think until the game is officially released there is still a chance waluigi could be in the game