Waluigi in Smash Bros. Ultimate?


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  • Otis Le PoOtis
    Otis Le PoOtis 8 months ago +1548

    Thanks now i’m going to get even more depressed when he’s not in the game

  • MrKikilisica6
    MrKikilisica6 Day ago

    I hope you get hit by a car and die because you don't like waluigi

  • Panda Plaza Playz
    Panda Plaza Playz 4 days ago

    Of course he’s in the game; my favorite assist trophy

  • That Time
    That Time 11 days ago

    0:43 what about fire emblem

  • Shanze Merchant
    Shanze Merchant 16 days ago

    OH MY GOD, SOMEONE ELSE IS HAPPY HE ISN'T PLAYABLE! I thought I was the only one who hated him...

    *Insert waluigi fans killing me*

  • Meme Machine
    Meme Machine 16 days ago +1

    0:39 Pokemon: hold my Super Potion

  • Isaac Fidler
    Isaac Fidler 21 day ago

    Nnoooo ilite him

  • popalopster
    popalopster 22 days ago

    R.I.P the waa

  • Stick Lord500
    Stick Lord500 25 days ago

    That just FUCK UP

  • Brachmin Dunsparce
    Brachmin Dunsparce 26 days ago

    ”There is room for another Mario rep" P L A N T

  • Matthew Brooks
    Matthew Brooks 27 days ago

    to be fair, if you are right, shadow could be in too

  • Kacper Kochanowicz
    Kacper Kochanowicz 29 days ago

    0:38 Two words.

    *F I R E E M B L E M*

  • EPIC Doge875
    EPIC Doge875 29 days ago

    Welp there’s nine, a plant yay

  • shaggy
    shaggy Month ago


  • AnAnimeAndGameGuy
    AnAnimeAndGameGuy Month ago

    Also Rayman can’t be in smash cuz he’s already in brawlhulla

  • Wat is LIFE?
    Wat is LIFE? Month ago

    You Forgot wario on the Mario charter list

  • the hypebest
    the hypebest Month ago

    not in smash

  • Jimmy 2xs
    Jimmy 2xs Month ago

    Me 6 months ago: this could be true
    Me now : wah

  • Moonlight Abadeer
    Moonlight Abadeer 2 months ago

    But, wouldn't it make most sense for him to be represented as a WarioWare rep alongside his brother? I mean, Ik the WarioWare franchise had no trace of him in any of the games but, it could still work!

    • Smash Hype
      Smash Hype Month ago

      Wario isn't waluigi's brother

  • TheElectricRaichu
    TheElectricRaichu 2 months ago

    Except, Sakurai never said that "he felt the fans were insincere". That was a quote someone made up on twitter as a joke. LUL

  • ghost gamers
    ghost gamers 2 months ago

    Fuck you

  • Doge
    Doge 2 months ago

    He smash
    He bash
    But most importantly
    He WAH

  • Kendall Willette
    Kendall Willette 2 months ago

    It’s coming out tomorrow
    And still

  • Birdy_OP Gaming
    Birdy_OP Gaming 2 months ago

    This man has a fucked up point of view

  • Slenderocks Oh yea yea
    Slenderocks Oh yea yea 2 months ago +2

    Piranha Plant has joined the server

  • Agent Kitty3
    Agent Kitty3 2 months ago


  • Jack Bracchi
    Jack Bracchi 2 months ago

    U dare not like waluigi

  • John315701
    John315701 2 months ago

    I saw it in google

  • John315701
    John315701 2 months ago

    Waluigi is in smash as playable character

  • Donald Trump
    Donald Trump 2 months ago

    waluigi is in

  • Nanorod
    Nanorod 3 months ago


  • Mitchell Knowles
    Mitchell Knowles 3 months ago

    I was just called a filthy memer

  • Nicki Thicki queen
    Nicki Thicki queen 3 months ago

    Yoshi and wario are Mario characters don’t tell me they aren’t

  • tkm gggtt


    something suspect.

    DEMARI WATKINS 3 months ago

    The more I think about it, the more you're probably right. Waluigi was mysteriously absent from the demo, and it's been confirmed that Nintendo is well aware that we want his inclusion in the game. Also, Lucas was just a regular trophy in Smash 4, but due to high demand, Sakurai made him a DLC fighter. This being said, it could be possible for Waluigi to change from an assist trophy to a DLC Fighter.

  • Fireball Flareblitz
    Fireball Flareblitz 3 months ago

    Alright, you won Alpharad. Go ahead and gloat.

  • Fireball Flareblitz
    Fireball Flareblitz 3 months ago

    Nope, he’s been completely deconfirmed. I saw a match where he was an assist trophy.

  • FalconBoi
    FalconBoi 3 months ago


  • Brad Sav
    Brad Sav 3 months ago +2

    Looks like it is down to the DLC

  • Ben Tebbutt
    Ben Tebbutt 3 months ago

    And 10 if you count DK and wario 0:40

  • pro at evrything
    pro at evrything 3 months ago


  • ffiiggyy - Minecraft and More


  • jeffrey polachek
    jeffrey polachek 3 months ago

    Sakurai you idiot WaLuigi can have a tennis-based moveset

    VENEMOUSKING 983 3 months ago

    Screw Mario and Nintendo they have humiliated Waluigi and bullied him too much Luigi has also been left out so I wish the best for ONLY Luigi and Waluigi
    (Like if u agree)

  • Mighty Viper
    Mighty Viper 3 months ago


  • Johnny Young
    Johnny Young 3 months ago

    R.I.P this theory. Nintendo hates him. This is sad..............

  • Meh Space Dorito
    Meh Space Dorito 3 months ago

    :( I’m sad to say that it’s not a bamboozle

  • Waluigi Time
    Waluigi Time 3 months ago

    This is the reason why I started the T-pose apocalypse

  • Zane Hm
    Zane Hm 3 months ago +1

    I love waluigi

  • Kintsuta
    Kintsuta 3 months ago

    Still an assist trophy.

  • TheDarknessShows
    TheDarknessShows 3 months ago +1

    It is interesting that Luigi's "L" symbol is green in his waluigi outfit on the smash ultimate website, when it is yellow in all other smash games... It is almost as if they reserved the yellow L for waluigi in ultimate...

  • Afonso Fabiana
    Afonso Fabiana 3 months ago


  • Enzo Wassano
    Enzo Wassano 3 months ago

    The start of the video made me have depression

  • Bluedark Darklin
    Bluedark Darklin 3 months ago

    Either Sakurai is bambuzzling us or Alpha is bambuzzling Waluigi fans?
    That's a win win in my book.

  • นฤสรณ์ อริยสกุลวงศ์

    Why you compare Waluigi with your girl!! Of course Lyn is unique but because it’s too much FE characters. Waluigi doesn’t take risk to die or serious. God Waluigi is toxic.

  • Bestcool5
    Bestcool5 4 months ago

    i like waluigi to be in the game SERIOUSLY I MADE A TRAILER OF HIM WITH IMAGINATION just wow

  • Naminé Vanillia
    Naminé Vanillia 4 months ago +2

    Waluigi for 69th smash member.

  • Naminé Vanillia
    Naminé Vanillia 4 months ago +2

    Played at the Michigan demo, still no waluigi assistant trophy. 👀👀👀👀

  • Cristina Vekos
    Cristina Vekos 4 months ago +1


  • Cristina Vekos
    Cristina Vekos 4 months ago

    Maybe assist trophies can't be ko'd! Maybe that was a cpu Waluigi and they edited out the word floating above his head and the damage indicator!

  • Pedro Barcelos
    Pedro Barcelos 4 months ago

    1:00 I know this is a joke dude, but yOu CaN cLeArLy SeE tHaT wAlUiGi’S iCoN iS nOt DoWn ThEiR, but this theory seems to have proof.

  • sonic fanboy
    sonic fanboy 4 months ago +1

    Fuck you i like waluigi

  • BluePanda
    BluePanda 4 months ago

    Shovel Knight can be an echo fighter for toon link

  • tkm gggtt


    there's still hope.

  • Robotic Games
    Robotic Games 4 months ago

    Why did Sakurai do this, I know he worked so hard on the new game. But I still think it is strange too because he has been in the spin offs games but why not smash? But he might get revenge anytime. I like Waluigi as a character

    • Robotic Games
      Robotic Games 4 months ago

      Well maybe to you but to me I think he does

  • The Masterr Reactor
    The Masterr Reactor 4 months ago +1

    I can imagine it on December 6. Launch trailer is released. Daddy saukari talks a little about the game. At the end he says, “thank you, and goodbye”. Cutscenes plays. It shows several characters battling. One of them picks up and assist trophy, but nothing happens. Everyone stops to look at it. Cracking is heard from the trophy. A hand pops out and a figure in purple. Title card reads, “WALUIGI breaks out”. Gameplay is shown. End trailer.

  • HeckWithIt
    HeckWithIt 4 months ago

    spread the word of this movement to persuade daddy sakurai
    help spread the word...

  • Drew Armstrong, The Glorious Lobster Emperor

    The difference between Waluigi and Ridley is that Ridley is an extremely prominent character. Waluigi, however much you want to believe it, is just a spinoff guy. Ridley was a fucking main villain.
    So yeah, Ridley has more of a reason to be in than Waluigi. Also, Sakurai is right on point when he says only memelords want Waluigi in.
    But if Waluigi does end up in Smash, I will eat my fucking words.

  • James Snow
    James Snow 4 months ago

    Him being killed in the direct, then having him as a retrievable spirit in the new Spirits mode would make sense, but then again I got my tin foil hat on

  • Patrick Harper
    Patrick Harper 4 months ago

    I sincerely feel the same as alpharad and I want Sora to be in smash instead anyway

  • Hikaru Ishida
    Hikaru Ishida 4 months ago

    I know that you're gonna have a lot of hate for not liking waluigi and I understand why (he is made to be annoying) but in my opinion I feel so sorry for waluigi... ... .... yeah that's is

  • Mount Choco
    Mount Choco 4 months ago

    theey already bamboozled us twice with k rool and the what is smash bros the end thing.

  • Woko100 Dan
    Woko100 Dan 4 months ago

    what if waluigi can use the smash ball the only smash assist trophy to be able to use the smash ball

  • Michael The Babybus lover
    Michael The Babybus lover 4 months ago +1


  • Wah 4 smVsh
    Wah 4 smVsh 5 months ago +1

    THE HANDS THEY ARE NOT A BLOCK THEY HAVE MODELED FINGERS UNLIKE WIIU BRAWL AND 3DS that means the model is prepared for him to be a character PROOF: www.models-resource.com/3ds/supersmashbrosfornintendo3ds/model/25594/

  • RJ Hamler
    RJ Hamler 5 months ago

    I agree once we see him on the front off the assists then never veary suspicious that's why I ain't buying he ain't In yet. And him saying he don't got fans well who then uses him in kart, socer, baseball, sports mix, and all the party games who the mouse in the wall especially when he has crazy moves like him in sports mix use his special it hits one hundred percent unless you don't aim at the goal it's crazy. I'm a true fan of him that wants him in smash bros I always liked him he made the equal in the Mario bro vs Wario bro fights I did and saw from Nintendo in tennis theirs multiple clips of them going after the Mario bros he makes thoes games and started that rivalry it was just Mario v Wario but know it's bros v bros. He made history in Nintendo he was even the boss in dance revolution Mario edition he has been their through it all with the rest of the Mario crew he had a hand to help alot of characters Mario, Luigi, Wario, Daisy to name a few. Luigi he is his rival and razed his popularity from tennis on ward Luigi v Waluigi, Wario he was introduced to be his tennis partner that's why he came to be so Wario could try to beat Mario his rival but over time they made a alliance a friendship to beat them together in double dash and their paired together in sluggers for Wii Waluigi is on Warios team Wario mussels in story mode, Daisy is his love interest like how Luigi loves her and in strikers charged you got to beat him in a brick wall mini game type mach and in double dash their name is awkward date, then Mario Mr.Nintendo him selph he helped many times need a baseball player to make a team hes their go karting he's their socer their Olympics he's their to help you verses sonic your biggest rival ever not to mention all thies times you needed a assist in smash bros he was their even thoe sacory rejected him to assist he still helped ya he might be trying to beat you but you would not win if their was no player to play against, and to add on sacory him selph he helped cause if it wasent for him the Mario spin off series probbly would never taken off he was in tennis the first one then from their on he was stuck on WARIO needing a partner for that but he came he was created for a helping role that was used many times over the years in multiple ways he was even the boss in dance revolution Mario edition so ya he made him a boss the most important part to a game sides the main character theirs no game if theirs no one to fight. So he has done a lot so theirs no reason for him to say no one really wants him in cause theirs multiple occasions whare hes rembered and was playable to just say ya hes not rembered and to just put him as a assist again but this time you can hit him is just mocking him for what he's done for you that's probbly why we haven't seen him he probably thinks I try but I just get used and is tiered of it if I was him I wouldn't even go be a assist if I wasent in by know for all he's done it's just disrespectful to him and it's sad. But the brief look then not since is still giving me hope he's finally in he's letting everyone else in why not him it just dosent make sence why. So in all I'm a true fan of Waluigi that respects him for all he has done for the Mario franchise and Nentindo so with pride can say truly I want him for smash bros ultimate.

  • Harley Barba
    Harley Barba 5 months ago

    I honestly thought that he or someone else would get into smash because let's face it, If we can get 7 fire emblem characters into smash. I'm pretty sure we'll get someone else

  • Vishwas Shanu
    Vishwas Shanu 5 months ago

    May be waluigi will not be a playable character in smash Bros ultimate because he is in assist trophy.

  • Hector/Nacho Menendez Sacarias

    Wow Buddy.
    *No saying you dont like waluigi in my youtube*
    (Ofcourse this is a joke, I dont care about your opinion)

  • Guilherme Silva
    Guilherme Silva 5 months ago

    Nathaniel Bandy needs to see this as i seen "NB"

  • James Sandoval
    James Sandoval 5 months ago

    I like Waluigi sincerely

  • signifika l
    signifika l 5 months ago

    i really hope u die plz commit

  • Davidko Google
    Davidko Google 5 months ago


  • Zero Inky
    Zero Inky 5 months ago

    Im just as happy as you

  • Ando Bando
    Ando Bando 5 months ago

    Waluigi will come to 💯%, i know it 😋. Press Г and you will know it too 😂

  • Seth Cottell
    Seth Cottell 5 months ago

    The reason why Waluigi is an assist trophy is because.....HE...DOESN’T...HAVE...HIS OWN......GAME!!!!!
    Mario=super mario bros Luigi= luigi’s Mansion Wario= Warioware Bowser= bowser’s inside story Peach= ??? She had a game though!!! Rosalina= mario galaxy dr. Mario=dr. Mario 😑 bowser jr.= mario sunshine daisy= Super mario land BOOM 💥 so until waluigi gets a game he’s NOT A PLAYABLE CHARACTER!!!!!

    • The Ice Cream Melt
      The Ice Cream Melt 4 months ago

      Mother Fan True, but he hasn't had his own game. Ironically the only game he'd been playable in prior hand was Mario Kart DS - a game that also had Waluigi. Also, when people want Geno for appearing in one Mario game (A side game as well) I don't see a problem with Waluigi: An iconic Mario Character that's been in so many Mario games.

    • The Ice Cream Melt
      The Ice Cream Melt 5 months ago

      Seth Cottell It's not a reason for a character to not be playable. Neither has ROB or Daisy (technically, I mean I think Daisy has evolved so much since then) or basically any of the Pokemon. Since his introduction, he has appeared in almost all of the Spin-Off Mario games and they are very important (A large majority of Mario popularity comes from the Spin-Off games).
      Don't get me wrong, I thank Sakurai for everything that he's done and I have a theory that playable characters can be Assist Trophies via an option. This would make Assist Trophies enjoyable again and no-one would technically be deconfirmed. I'm not gonna cry about the lack of Waluigi but an extra character can't hurt anyone. If you don't like him, don't play as him (If he gets in).

  • DTavs Exe
    DTavs Exe 5 months ago

    Some men just want to watch the world WAH!

  • MegaAntMan1
    MegaAntMan1 5 months ago +1

    One thing I noticed, in more recent directs and stuff, all assist trophies barring shovel knight and other guests have had the series symbol next to them (mega man gear for zero, the triforce with the moon) but waluigi doesn't have that... Maybe I'm reading too much into it but could that mean something else is planned for waluigi to not have the mushroom next to his name?

  • Maui The pug
    Maui The pug 5 months ago

    whats insensitive mean

  • Conn Toons
    Conn Toons 5 months ago +1

    Not gonna lie, starting to regret subscribing......

    Naw.... He’s cool. I won’t unsubscribe....

    Then again.....
    He did talk shit about my boy, Luigi...

  • Justin Pino
    Justin Pino 5 months ago

    0:38 Fire Emblem

  • Guy name allen
    Guy name allen 5 months ago


  • DJ $quid MLG
    DJ $quid MLG 5 months ago +1

    I still believe he Will be playable

  • Ugandan Raven
    Ugandan Raven 5 months ago

    Were you expecting smash ultimate? Too bad Waluigi Time!!(on the expected release of SSBU,Super Waluigi World shows up in replacement)

  • Dean Knapp
    Dean Knapp 5 months ago


  • Sky night the nunk
    Sky night the nunk 5 months ago

    You forgot wario

  • Equilla the Eagle - Anti-Oxigest

    8 characters for mario is needed, considering there are 7
    characters from FE
    more than zelda
    same as pokemon

  • Shaggy Rodgers
    Shaggy Rodgers 5 months ago

    After watching the Smash Direct, I think it's likely...

    That we'll get an eighth Fire Emblem character lol!