• Published on Nov 1, 2017
    here's matt!
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  • Jessika Velasquez
    Jessika Velasquez Month ago


  • Sunflower
    Sunflower 3 months ago

    3:14 current mood

  • Skyler Steiblin
    Skyler Steiblin 3 months ago

    plz date

  • Happy Cupcake
    Happy Cupcake 3 months ago

    7:18 look at Matt’s face as he says “There’s more?!!?!” Subscribe to me and I will sub back guys!!

  • leela YAT
    leela YAT 4 months ago

    fuck I do ship them soooooooooooooooooooo much xoxoxoxoxoxo!!!!!!!

  • Gonermois P
    Gonermois P 5 months ago

    His bed corner bothers me.

  • Taltzi
    Taltzi 5 months ago

    omg i LOVE ur glasses in the beggining!!

  • i made this account by mistake

    gabbie is adorable and she and matt are so cute together

  • Animal Lover
    Animal Lover 5 months ago +3

    The way Matt looks at Gabbie the whole time is so cute I so ship it yass

  • CosmicDevYT
    CosmicDevYT 5 months ago

    I went to a highschool (for like 2 months) and we had dance class as a special which we had to take. It was amazing and horribly awkward

  • Seraina B
    Seraina B 5 months ago

    oh my god gabbie you were so good. I came on this video thinking you would like actually be bad but you were great!

  • Anne van Loo
    Anne van Loo 5 months ago

    they start watching at 4:25
    thank me later 😉

  • Leslie Canales
    Leslie Canales 6 months ago

    Your soo cool. I wish I could be there to. ♡◇☆♡◇☆♡◇☆♡◇☆♡◇☆♡

    RED BABY-G 6 months ago

    Heyyy sorry for sounding like an annoying clout chaser but im an upcoming youtuber about to post my first video in less than a week, sub to mee to watch!! 💛💛 thanks youuu💛💛

  • InhaledExhaled
    InhaledExhaled 6 months ago

    I did the same same but different😂
    I used some of his choreography and changed it a bit for our dance class

  • Kate Gerken
    Kate Gerken 6 months ago

    I need more of you and matt

  • Quami Moore jr
    Quami Moore jr 7 months ago


  • Fullicelunive :
    Fullicelunive : 8 months ago

    I ship you guys

  • Nelson Quarles
    Nelson Quarles 8 months ago

    Yeah I know the whole muscle memory thing I totally get it I’m a junior in high school and I remember all of my choir songs like the notes in the dynamics from fifth grade up till now same goes for band

  • Missy Briggs
    Missy Briggs 8 months ago

    they start reacting at 4:00 for anyone who wanted to skip the intro :)

  • Anna Lee
    Anna Lee 9 months ago

    HOW THE FUCK HAVE I NEVER SEEN THIS?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!?!???!?!?!?!

  • Anna Lee
    Anna Lee 9 months ago

    HOW DID I NEVER SEE THIS!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!??!?!!!!!!!

  • Freya thorpe
    Freya thorpe 9 months ago

    I ship Matt and Gabbie. They’d be so good together😍.
    Their name would be : Gatt or Mabbie 😂

  • Danika Gudorf
    Danika Gudorf 9 months ago

    Ship it

  • Madeline Rivera
    Madeline Rivera 9 months ago +1

    Starts reacting at 4:24

  • Becca_ Paints
    Becca_ Paints 9 months ago

    I don’t care if your just good need to staaaaay gooooood friends because I SHIP IT!!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️ lol😂

  • Madison Carr
    Madison Carr 9 months ago

    Does this remind anyone else of Bring It On?

  • Anika Ramachandra
    Anika Ramachandra 9 months ago +1


  • Marcell Bechel
    Marcell Bechel 9 months ago +16

    I am so shipping Matt and Gabbie

  • Laurie Healey
    Laurie Healey 9 months ago

    He's so bloody dreamy

  • Roxana Melissa Majano
    Roxana Melissa Majano 9 months ago

    Their matching outfits, the way they’re sitting, their everything is just goals😍❤️

  • Sophie Page
    Sophie Page 9 months ago +73

    Who else saw today’s video about her great grandma and the medium and came back to see Matt😂😂

  • Cerys Heaps
    Cerys Heaps 9 months ago

    I ship

  • Maddie Mayhew
    Maddie Mayhew 10 months ago

    IM GONNA FUCKEN DIE HOLD UP, your telling me my favorite dancer, the one me and my sister used to watch all the time and I got addicted and thought he was like the BEST dancer ever! and my favorite USclipr ,all in the same video? Omg 😭

  • VLG_RedYT
    VLG_RedYT 10 months ago

    Its 2010 in video form! 😂

  • jae a.
    jae a. 10 months ago

    gabbie can write poetry, can sing and can dance, she’s also super pretty too GIRL UR SO TALENTED

  • Kayla Walding
    Kayla Walding 10 months ago

    COUPLE GOALSSSSSSS. Thats what I think

  • Madi Beauty
    Madi Beauty 10 months ago

    Omg I LOVE MATT❤

  • Nails Are Life
    Nails Are Life 10 months ago

    "This is rambling. Am I at ten minutes yet?!"

  • Michelle Watson
    Michelle Watson 10 months ago

    If you had any other job it would be a dancer any type but most likely hip hop!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ditto
    ditto 11 months ago

    The Ready Set oh my gosh Gabbie I love you

  • Samantha Nelson
    Samantha Nelson 11 months ago

    Yo does Gabbie have a hickey on her arm

  • Maggie's Lab
    Maggie's Lab 11 months ago

    Gabbie’s actually such a great dancer 💃 Go gabbie GO!

  • April Lockaby Radford
    April Lockaby Radford 11 months ago

    Man he is so sexy

  • HayleyLarissa Long
    HayleyLarissa Long 11 months ago

    Thank you for posting, Your an amazing person please don't stop doing what your doing, keep your head up and the good work! Your content makes so many people thankful to follow you and your journey 😁🤘💕

  • Sharon Shin
    Sharon Shin 11 months ago

    You dance pretty good, Gabbie. Love your shirts, Gabbie and Matt!!!

  • Chaney McCollum
    Chaney McCollum 11 months ago

    okay but like he seems like a good guy who totally isn’t a pathological liar.. or a back stabber.. HINT HINT

  • Jen Ely
    Jen Ely 11 months ago

    GJ 😂

  • art.sthetic _18
    art.sthetic _18 11 months ago

    That’s where Liza’s glasses went...where are they now🤔

  • Anggg ._.
    Anggg ._. 11 months ago +12


  • Lavaqueen Of awesomeness
    Lavaqueen Of awesomeness 11 months ago

    I wish that this kind of thing existed in 2018 where people actually took it seriously

  • Marissa Felix
    Marissa Felix 11 months ago

    You can dance girl!

  • Green buuny
    Green buuny 11 months ago

    Matt and you Gabbie make an amazing couple

  • Just ._. Sham
    Just ._. Sham 11 months ago

    "Oh shit oh shit" 😂😂 deadd

  • Miss T
    Miss T 11 months ago

    I have looked for edits, and cutest moments of the 2 of them AND I HAVE BEEN UNSUCCSESSFUL AND I AM VERY UPSET!

  • Jess _
    Jess _ 11 months ago

    8 months later &&&&&&&& I still SHIP

  • Katelyn Smotherman
    Katelyn Smotherman 11 months ago


  • Danielle La Rouche
    Danielle La Rouche 11 months ago

    he. is. beautiful!

  • Asia Delegacz
    Asia Delegacz 11 months ago

    i ship them

  • Makayla Meyers
    Makayla Meyers Year ago +15

    Who else low-key ships Gabbie and Matt

  • Luca Willins
    Luca Willins Year ago

    Why can’t they be a couple yet😫 I ship it

  • Gabrielle Lindon
    Gabrielle Lindon Year ago

    I wondered if Gabbie was a nickname or not! I’m Gabrielle too😄 did you ever get people that pronounced it wrong? I did all the time in school! Loved this video💖

  • Can I get 1M subs without any videos?

    Man.. this is cringey af! But I still love her😂😂😂😂

  • JennyApostolos
    JennyApostolos Year ago

    ❤💃❤ so many talents.

  • Riley Clayton
    Riley Clayton Year ago


  • Ashley CROZ
    Ashley CROZ Year ago

    I want to lick Matt’s face. And everywhere else.

  • Alexis Smith
    Alexis Smith Year ago

    Okay but jake kodish is so talented and hot 😂 as is Matt but still. Also I don't know if I spelt his last name right but whatever

  • Aliyah Twd
    Aliyah Twd Year ago

    I so freakin ship it!!!!

  • Ana_jizziefan
    Ana_jizziefan Year ago

    Gabbie is funny, has a very good memory and she can also dance and sing! What can’t she do?!

  • MyLyfeThruTheLens

    Gab, I’m pretty sure you need to marry Matt.

  • Disappointed Dads

    You should call us Gabbie Fannas

  • Samantha
    Samantha Year ago

    Is he married ? Y'all would look so cute together !

  • Emma Smith
    Emma Smith Year ago

    That WHOLE time I was like put your hair in a pony tail GIRL!!!!😂

  • alexis thomas
    alexis thomas Year ago

    TWO MINUTES IN AND IM SHOOK! I went to IUP and would steal matt’s choreography and simplify it for Greek sing for 3 years in a row 😂😂 I have a 1st and 2nd place under my belt thanks to him! Small world.

  • Kendall Oakley
    Kendall Oakley Year ago

    4:33 is 100% the random dance studio in the WPU (h2p)

  • Aleeah Muhammad
    Aleeah Muhammad Year ago

    Gabbie! You are reallllyyy good at dancing though! I was surprised! Don't down play your self honey because you're really actually a good dancer and great at remembering the dances!

  • Anijah Franks
    Anijah Franks Year ago

    8:21 ... I mean ... yeah 🤷🏾‍♀️😂

  • Anna Valdez
    Anna Valdez Year ago

    Love the Steelers jersey!

  • Marjorie Trundle
    Marjorie Trundle Year ago

    u guys need to date just date god jesus

  • Sara Ann
    Sara Ann Year ago

    Thought u guys did a great job dancing

  • Brenna MacLean
    Brenna MacLean Year ago

    ARE YALL GONNA IGNORE THAT FACT THAT AT 8:05 MATT SAYS " you're very cute" IK ITS ANNOYING PPL SAYING THIS BUT omg y'all r too cute sorry Gabbie love youuuu💖

  • hello its me
    hello its me Year ago


  • Willow Jehu
    Willow Jehu Year ago

    is it just me who is shipping?

  • Emily0494
    Emily0494 Year ago

    GABBIE please date him you guys would sooooo cute together

  • Mystic Rielle
    Mystic Rielle Year ago


  • Angelina McReynolds

    I love Gabbie so much I saw part two to this and copy the idea to redo one of my routines and I ended up breaking my leg that of course would happen to me Gabbie you are so beautiful and amazing.

  • Silvana
    Silvana Year ago

    I love your videos!I do comedy videos,something close to yours 😆

  • Poppy Robinson
    Poppy Robinson Year ago

    I love ur channel

  • Jessica Santillo
    Jessica Santillo Year ago

    So I stole all your dances and taught them as my own, and its your fault obviously... lol

  • Julio Figueroa
    Julio Figueroa Year ago

    Damn why is he so fucking hot

  • Amber Gray
    Amber Gray Year ago

    Wait are they together? If theyre not then i ship it

  • Sara Alani
    Sara Alani Year ago

    Why thought you WERE good? You are actually good!

  • Kathryn Cheap
    Kathryn Cheap Year ago

    She only has one eye done with eyeshadow

  • Lauren Allen
    Lauren Allen Year ago

    In my family u can dance or u can’t or u dance as bad as me

  • Dallas Stokes
    Dallas Stokes Year ago

    I remember your hate video a dude said I could fit my d*ck in your must be pretty small

  • Ellie Park
    Ellie Park Year ago

    your so so pretty and good and good at dancing xx

  • Dan Dan
    Dan Dan Year ago

    Gabbie:we took is very seriously
    Una minuts later
    Matt:oh shit oh shit

  • Crys Pardo
    Crys Pardo Year ago

    Ahh I saw Matt on the fitness Marshall doing mic droo

  • Aye Sara
    Aye Sara Year ago

    Can y'all date? Cool

  • Safla Begum
    Safla Begum Year ago

    Gabbie so extra but I love it