Don't Flinch | Extreme Edition!!


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  • Oyin Adeleye
    Oyin Adeleye 16 hours ago +1

    breathing is flinching

  • Tw
    Tw 22 hours ago

    I love these vidios

  • deetysinger
    deetysinger 23 hours ago

    bryan did not flinch by marcus

  • Iz Krankster
    Iz Krankster Day ago

    Joey cheated he said no you have to do the count down then with the head one he didn't and said it counted

  • Hjalmar Jonsson
    Hjalmar Jonsson Day ago

    In war robots i named my caracter mamacita papaja lol

  • Wicked peyyayxx
    Wicked peyyayxx 2 days ago +1

    I’m one of the 20% that watches that isn’t in Alaska (I’m in West Virginia)

  • JLee Webster 2
    JLee Webster 2 2 days ago

    I'm up in Alaska

  • Muhammad Revan Oetji

    6:19 What is Bobby doing

  • JoGi TV
    JoGi TV 3 days ago

    bobby is scariest thing when he want someone in troble in 6:29 he like vampire

  • Josie and Animals,Reptiles

    Where Matthias bfjdjd😭😭😭

  • Josie and Animals,Reptiles

    I'm 11 and I even know who directed jaws! Steven Spielberg duuuhhhh

  • Joseph Geraci
    Joseph Geraci 4 days ago +1

    Bryan at 7:17😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • troller2.0
    troller2.0 4 days ago

    brain didnt do the chair chop thing

  • Aaron Baker
    Aaron Baker 4 days ago

    Blinking isnt flinching

  • TheEpicAlec
    TheEpicAlec 4 days ago

    Am I the only one that feels like Bobby should've been given an exception on the door? I mean.. the door HIT HIM.

    MELENA SILVA 4 days ago

    6:29 dat face doe

  • Christian's Reviews
    Christian's Reviews 5 days ago

    Actually, Avatar IS the highest grossing film of all time. Gone with the Wind is the highest grossing film when you adjust for inflation. However, adjusting it for inflation isn't entirely accurate because there are TONS of other factors that go into that. So, it's just best to go by current inflation.
    Therefore, J-Fred was right.

  • JudtThatGuy
    JudtThatGuy 5 days ago

    Isn't Alaska Canadian?

  • zachkrit312 SCS
    zachkrit312 SCS 5 days ago

    What is the deal with not flinching, flinching is a natural reaction to something that people feel like will hurt them

  • Adam wilkinson
    Adam wilkinson 6 days ago

    Joey did flinch this what his face looked like😂😂😂😂😂😂

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  • Nissanguy1231
    Nissanguy1231 6 days ago

    What happened to your hand Bryan???

  • Nissanguy1231
    Nissanguy1231 6 days ago

    You guys make your self look GAY even though your not apparently.

  • Dan Madine
    Dan Madine 7 days ago

    I love you guys. I watch from the beginning

  • Coooper Metcalfe
    Coooper Metcalfe 7 days ago

    I am Scottish

  • Tillman Widener
    Tillman Widener 7 days ago

    What is the woman’s name in the greatest showman?

  • Charlotte Bachman
    Charlotte Bachman 7 days ago +1

    J-Fred + Bobby = 💘 forever

  • 이이사야이사야

    I like the sound of music movie I thought it was pretty good

  • Grant Allsberry
    Grant Allsberry 7 days ago

    joey is the biggest liar when it comes to flinching

  • Limbo Cat
    Limbo Cat 8 days ago


  • Blarf Nugget
    Blarf Nugget 8 days ago

    watch 11:43 at half speed, drunkest talk ever?

  • Escekar
    Escekar 8 days ago

    I care about BOBBY.

  • Jacob Morton 2
    Jacob Morton 2 8 days ago +2

    11:38 song name pls

  • Tory Vibert
    Tory Vibert 8 days ago


  • Tory Vibert
    Tory Vibert 8 days ago


  • Ultimate Neon Gamer
    Ultimate Neon Gamer 8 days ago


  • Christian Gonzalez64

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    VAT 19 Team Edge

  • Karson Moore
    Karson Moore 9 days ago

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  • jasonx vorrhes
    jasonx vorrhes 9 days ago


  • jasonx vorrhes
    jasonx vorrhes 9 days ago

    Hahaha im jockijnn

  • jasonx vorrhes
    jasonx vorrhes 9 days ago


  • Cabrexada
    Cabrexada 9 days ago

    Congrats for 5 million subs

  • Josh Crusader
    Josh Crusader 9 days ago

    I’m in alaska

  • Cameron Cherubino
    Cameron Cherubino 9 days ago +1

    Dear Bobby,


    scared + terrified

  • Altan Aksu
    Altan Aksu 9 days ago

    6:27 can we look at bobby and say that his got a demon inside that’s making him smart

  • Libby D
    Libby D 10 days ago

    I flinched while watching this 😂

  • Sullivan Daniels
    Sullivan Daniels 10 days ago

    8:38 Yes

  • Delta Sqaud
    Delta Sqaud 10 days ago

    Canada, anyone?

  • Galaxy Kat
    Galaxy Kat 10 days ago

    omg bryan in 11 : 31

  • Logi Timothy
    Logi Timothy 10 days ago +1

    Flinching is a reaction of the human body. Your eyes blink know as flinching to protect its self from getting hurt.

  • Echo Seymore
    Echo Seymore 10 days ago

    I’m in Alaska

  • Gameingcookie 1789
    Gameingcookie 1789 10 days ago

    Whare do where wolves live

    A claw-set closet

  • Alison Kearney
    Alison Kearney 11 days ago

    I live in Alaska and nobody in my scool watches team edge sadly

  • Joe -Bro
    Joe -Bro 11 days ago

    How come, Bobby always gets hurt in these videos?WHY!?!?

  • Andrew Bain
    Andrew Bain 11 days ago

    team 3dge is da best ps notice me t3am 3dge

    • Andrew Bain
      Andrew Bain 11 days ago

      I put 3 on it cause it looks like e kinda sometimes don't hate I'm nine

  • Christian 231zz Time
    Christian 231zz Time 11 days ago

    If you think that getting your fingers slammed by a door you should try to not get your fingers slammed in a car door i did

  • psycho zombie productions

    I’m glad that idiot Matthias isn’t in this video he’s cry like a 2 year old I hate Matthias

  • Vixen Gold
    Vixen Gold 11 days ago

    What happened to bryans hand?

  • Ali Amad
    Ali Amad 11 days ago +1

    What happen to his hand

  • FaZe Predator
    FaZe Predator 12 days ago

    Hey guys why don’t y’all do hide in seek challenge

  • Tristan Wright
    Tristan Wright 12 days ago

    isn't the highest grossing film avatar with like 2 billion dollars

  • FlossyCarp506
    FlossyCarp506 12 days ago

    bobby swallows when he fell.

  • funtimefreddylover 00f

    0:17 damn those pointy af ears damnnn bobby



  • Aaro Pakarinen
    Aaro Pakarinen 13 days ago

    I flinched super hard when a spider appeard in my arm in filnland there is no venomous spiders that can kill humans

  • Creepy creeper xD hanssen


  • Rhyder H
    Rhyder H 13 days ago

    Pause at 5:20 look at Bobby’s face

  • Soccer plays Rocco
    Soccer plays Rocco 13 days ago


  • J.C Moon
    J.C Moon 13 days ago

    "a piece of chocolate hit his shmeckel and he thought someone was hitting him."

  • Carina Umali
    Carina Umali 13 days ago

    In the arrow clip Bryan’s hand wasn’t broken but in door slamming why was it broken

  • Shanna Anderson
    Shanna Anderson 14 days ago

    See on the first challenge why didn't Brian go

  • Beast - Unturned - Agario - More

    7:02 that face dood

  • Hrehan Gupta
    Hrehan Gupta 14 days ago

    well he did not flinch

  • Nicole Zeigler
    Nicole Zeigler 14 days ago

    Did Bryan do the first challenge

  • Carena Butler
    Carena Butler 14 days ago

    J-freds face looked like a grinch XD. 1

  • james porter
    james porter 14 days ago

    dat face though

  • Danielle Anne Calilung

    08:39 Jfred's smile 😍

  • Felicia Bentley
    Felicia Bentley 15 days ago

    Why are you doing China to French challenge

  • Dëad Säbbïé
    Dëad Säbbïé 16 days ago

    I love when J-Fred Screams like a little girl

  • SPRK - nicospa
    SPRK - nicospa 16 days ago

    Bobby ur stupid

  • Lauren Cuchinotto
    Lauren Cuchinotto 16 days ago

    he looks like a giraffe

  • Oreo cheese Cake
    Oreo cheese Cake 16 days ago

    This is North Korea
    He has 1 hp
    Every like he loses 1 hp

  • Alexis Rivera Reyes
    Alexis Rivera Reyes 16 days ago

    8:34 *thump*

  • Kokura
    Kokura 17 days ago

    8:25 the scream made me laugh so loud xD

  • Alphrixx
    Alphrixx 17 days ago

    Lol bobby reminds me of Glenn from the walking dead

  • Elle C
    Elle C 17 days ago

    7:01 look at bryans face, lmao anyone else re watching team edge

  • Lacey Kelley
    Lacey Kelley 18 days ago

    His face tho 🤣😂

  • Pro Bro & Jo
    Pro Bro & Jo 19 days ago

    woow a competition to show who has the worst reflexes...*claps*

  • King Khajiita aka Flo rida

    I’m from Alaska

  • jacksepticcon connor 47

    6:29 was really creepy

  • jacksepticcon connor 47

    Why do ghosts try and avoid the living room

  • Natalie Swanson
    Natalie Swanson 20 days ago

    “80% of our views come from Alaska”
    I live in Alaska 😂

  • dakota chilson
    dakota chilson 21 day ago +2

    they are wrong Avatar is the highest grossing movie of all time gone with the wind is not even in the top 100

    • Leroy Macb
      Leroy Macb 19 days ago

      when you realize your crush likes you

  • Bread W
    Bread W 21 day ago +5

    6:28 I can't even breathe

  • Camilla Boo
    Camilla Boo 22 days ago

    From Alaska and love your show! Loll

  • Blaze Clan - Ogar
    Blaze Clan - Ogar 22 days ago +6

    If it breathes, she

    *F L I N C H*

  • Oceana Chandler
    Oceana Chandler 22 days ago

    11:06 put your giant beachball in there

  • Maina Bernard
    Maina Bernard 22 days ago

    I love when jefred sream

  • Jive Ace
    Jive Ace 22 days ago

    Joey is cool

  • Tai Spare!
    Tai Spare! 23 days ago

    Best vid