Don't Flinch | Extreme Edition!!


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  • Elijah Barnes
    Elijah Barnes 6 hours ago

    Blinking doesn't count as flinching. Just letting u know.

  • Catalina Muñoz
    Catalina Muñoz 7 hours ago +1

    What is your favorite Team Edge Video!
    Mine is "Who Done It: Star Wars Edition"

  • Fortnite funny moments and best Clips

    What’s up hummie

  • Epicgamer2366
    Epicgamer2366 15 hours ago

    bobby cheated on bryan

  • scott simpson
    scott simpson Day ago

    I think Jaws was directed by Steven Spielberg I think

  • Draco Mcfurgestein

    If you win this you dont have reflex andwill most likely die from something that is not old age. Unless you hide inside your house for the rest of your life. YAYYYYYYYY.
    Lol that's probs not gonna happen.

  • sweetypumpkin4
    sweetypumpkin4 Day ago

    Oh my gosh I'm from Alaska

  • Camilla Farias
    Camilla Farias Day ago +1

    “Bobby you’ve never showed this much intelligence ever” 😂

  • Knightfall 25
    Knightfall 25 Day ago

    I don’t really like bobby.

  • Brendan Robinson

    Avatar is the highest grossing movie.... Not Gone With The Wind.

  • StarGirl18
    StarGirl18 Day ago

    How does Joey have such a girl scream 😂😂😂

  • Renee K
    Renee K Day ago

    I'm from Anchorage Alaska

  • Ahmed Ayan
    Ahmed Ayan Day ago


  • Madaline Diaz
    Madaline Diaz 2 days ago

    Do fotnite

  • FlameKing Akinod360
    FlameKing Akinod360 2 days ago

    Edge word of the day: HUMIE

  • Sasae Gugu
    Sasae Gugu 2 days ago

    I’m from Alaska

  • Bailee Randell
    Bailee Randell 2 days ago

    What’s up jfred

  • Advance Gaming
    Advance Gaming 3 days ago

    i give up i'm dying because of laghing

  • Kerry Johnson
    Kerry Johnson 3 days ago

    I like how j-fred laughs

  • Phillip D'Aquila
    Phillip D'Aquila 3 days ago

    Mattias sent me

  • lit man
    lit man 3 days ago

    My phone sais they got 2 million views in one day im not sure

  • theclaridge03
    theclaridge03 3 days ago

    Avatar is tho

  • Rikazo
    Rikazo 3 days ago

    Bobbys head is way too out so the door hitted him.

  • Rob Star
    Rob Star 4 days ago

    People in Alaska

  • Rob Star
    Rob Star 4 days ago

    There are 738432

  • Gabby Wimley
    Gabby Wimley 4 days ago

    Hello everyone

  • Samantha Lindgren
    Samantha Lindgren 4 days ago

    Did Bryan ever sit in the chair that dropped

  • TheHarryPutter
    TheHarryPutter 4 days ago

    I thought it was Matthias

  • oisin wilson
    oisin wilson 4 days ago

    Why did bryan not do the first challenge

  • Ali Spencer
    Ali Spencer 5 days ago

    Alaska people

  • Ali Spencer
    Ali Spencer 5 days ago

    Alaska people

  • JohnEmilbert
    JohnEmilbert 5 days ago

    Matt forever! Hahaha 😂

  • Natalie Bretheim
    Natalie Bretheim 5 days ago

    I love gone with the wind and I’m 14

  • Leo Suttle
    Leo Suttle 5 days ago

    My fav utuber

  • TheDErPYgAMing
    TheDErPYgAMing 5 days ago

    Good video. Also, I subscribed

  • PRO GAMER Savage
    PRO GAMER Savage 5 days ago

    I have a joke. Me:knock knock. You:whos there. Me:robin. You:robin who Me:this is a rob in gi IV e me all your money

  • chase stallings
    chase stallings 5 days ago

    Suddenly leans back flinches.
    Fall all the way back no reaction.

  • Claudia Cullen
    Claudia Cullen 5 days ago

    He really looks like mathiaus

  • Isaac Wallace
    Isaac Wallace 6 days ago

    anyone else notice how late bobby's reaction was to the door hitting him in the face lol

  • The Slerpup22
    The Slerpup22 6 days ago

    For some reason I instantly knew who made the movie jaws

  • Get good gaming Allison

    Only 700,000 people

  • Anne
    Anne 6 days ago

    "Hopfully" lol! I love Bobby!

  • 2KN
    2KN 6 days ago

    I miss the old team edge

  • Keaton Bryant
    Keaton Bryant 6 days ago

    Love you guys

  • Lezlie Williams
    Lezlie Williams 6 days ago

    I live in Alaska!😄...😂😂

  • Amy Ann
    Amy Ann 7 days ago

    Omg...once I saw Brian’s “Edgecutated” shirt, I had to buy it. I freaking love it. I really want to know who came up with that idea. Clever.

  • Caroline Trout
    Caroline Trout 7 days ago

    More than half way through the video I realized he isn’t Matthias

  • Jaysha Brown
    Jaysha Brown 7 days ago


  • Mackenzie Cooper
    Mackenzie Cooper 8 days ago

    Mackenzie sole my name my name is Mackenzie

  • Laurenne 87
    Laurenne 87 8 days ago +1

    Bobby: we're professional idiots.

    Who else is in a group of friends that can relate to this

  • Pierce Price
    Pierce Price 8 days ago

    I live in Alaska

  • Alec Takaki
    Alec Takaki 8 days ago

    I flinched

  • JosephIvoAin Pe
    JosephIvoAin Pe 8 days ago

    I like it when bobby just stared creeply at brian XD

  • Aikamdeep Mattu
    Aikamdeep Mattu 8 days ago

    Joey what a lier

  • Mac Films
    Mac Films 8 days ago

    I binge watch team edge vids and I know a lot of people who do too here in Alaska

  • Morgz life 123
    Morgz life 123 8 days ago

    He looks like mathisa

  • Tj Med
    Tj Med 8 days ago

    In the intro (sections of later on in the video) it looks like j-freds head is on backwards

  • piper ford
    piper ford 9 days ago

    why didn't brian do the 1st 1

  • BobbieAnn Nelson
    BobbieAnn Nelson 9 days ago

    I from Alaska

  • Lissette Plays
    Lissette Plays 9 days ago

    Joey's scream XD

  • Box Kings
    Box Kings 9 days ago +1

    Lol 😂

  • Josue Amezcua
    Josue Amezcua 9 days ago

    bryan forgot to do cuting rope

  • golden wolf
    golden wolf 9 days ago

    why do we have the same lawnchair ;-;

  • Dark Joy
    Dark Joy 9 days ago

    Where is Mathis?

  • James Hampson
    James Hampson 9 days ago

    he did not flinch j-fred at the strings

  • Brandie Schwenk
    Brandie Schwenk 10 days ago

    I am from Alaska

  • The Real Slim Shaylee
    The Real Slim Shaylee 10 days ago

    Anyone else realize that Bryan didn’t do the first challenge?

    ANAMI MASKER 10 days ago

    I like J-Fred just scream like a girl

  • Da Fresh-man At Pax
    Da Fresh-man At Pax 11 days ago

    J-Fred had a little bit if a Spongebob victory screech there

  • GHOSTY 679
    GHOSTY 679 11 days ago

    Bobby soo funny

  • Jesus Ochoa
    Jesus Ochoa 11 days ago


  • Kevin Hastings
    Kevin Hastings 11 days ago

    Shout out to team edge I did this so shout out to you guys thank you

  • Justice Wells
    Justice Wells 11 days ago

    I’m from Oklahoma

  • Czesiek Chester
    Czesiek Chester 11 days ago

    Bobby is cool

  • Bidisha Ranabhat
    Bidisha Ranabhat 11 days ago

    Omg 😂
    Brian: THAT HIT HIS FACE!!!
    J-Fred: did he move?

  • Flurgzdadurgz
    Flurgzdadurgz 11 days ago

    I love bobbys face in the slow mo it was so funny gets me every time and also when you zoom in and the scary music it becomes funnier😆😆😆😆

  • Javier Martinez
    Javier Martinez 12 days ago

    I have the same machete lol

  • Nour ELRashidy
    Nour ELRashidy 12 days ago


  • Rachel Parrish
    Rachel Parrish 12 days ago

    So re-watching this on Independence Day was a good choice. Bobby proves himself an American. :P
    Also, Happy 4th to Team Edge and anyone else re-watching this as well today!!

  • Harley Te Maro
    Harley Te Maro 12 days ago


  • Joseph Ivanoff
    Joseph Ivanoff 13 days ago

    I’m from Alaska!!!!

  • MochaJewel
    MochaJewel 13 days ago

    Joey's screems ara great 😆

  • Cheyenne Burns
    Cheyenne Burns 13 days ago

    J Fred is so funny

  • Mr. Knuckles
    Mr. Knuckles 13 days ago

    Wassup Hummies!

  • Liam Greil
    Liam Greil 13 days ago

    Bobby is such a sissy it barely hit him

  • the dog gamer
    the dog gamer 13 days ago

    The word hummie mean your homie that likes hummus

  • Harry Mims
    Harry Mims 13 days ago

    Gone with the wind is my all time favorite movie

  • Canada Man
    Canada Man 13 days ago

    Bryan didn’t flinch on the cross bow

  • Canada Man
    Canada Man 13 days ago

    I dont think J-Fred flinched in. The first one

  • Brandon Goodman
    Brandon Goodman 14 days ago

    Hey J Fred did not flinch it doesn’t count because he half flinched

  • Bunny Fun
    Bunny Fun 14 days ago

    J_fred needs to scream more it is so funny

  • Fil Am
    Fil Am 14 days ago

    This channel is a lot more fun than Rekt.

  • Landon Kolb
    Landon Kolb 14 days ago

    Hi hi

  • Seenth
    Seenth 15 days ago

    I don't think any of them realise that blinking regurally is not flinching

  • Sport Dude
    Sport Dude 15 days ago

    I have been here since 30k hooray been a fun ride

  • Steph Christmas
    Steph Christmas 15 days ago +1

    OMG!! I love j-freds scream he sounds like a girl! ❤❤❤

  • Jonathan Andrade
    Jonathan Andrade 16 days ago

    i think they said that hit his face:6 times

  • Malika Laamiri
    Malika Laamiri 16 days ago

    J-Fred screams sound like a little. Girl

  • Starbloom 236
    Starbloom 236 16 days ago

    They are so stupid I'm scared for their safety

  • Starbloom 236
    Starbloom 236 16 days ago

    Bobby had one eye open and one eye closed i thought it was so funny i died of lafter (i can't spell good)