Steve Lingelbach vs John Doherty - Elite Singles - 2019 Western BCA 8-Ball Championship

  • Published on Mar 24, 2019
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  • Greg Letter
    Greg Letter 4 months ago

    I have lost some of my respect for J.D. because I asked him if he knew how to shoot the circular draw shot and if he did would he show me how, and he said he did and then he showed me a couple ways to shoot it and I told him it was really neat and I thanked him for showing me how to shoot it. Then he walked into another room and some guy asked him what were you doing in there, and he said, oh, I was just showing some stupid country hick how to shoot a shot. Well J.D. firstly I'm not a stupid country hick and secondly, the next tournament that I competed with you in you lost and got put out of the tournament really quickly and I went on to win that tournament against some guy named Dick and he played very well, he put up a very good fight. So you want to be mean and put people down, then you will be exposed for it.