Voting: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

  • Published on Feb 15, 2016
  • Every American deserves an equal vote. But in some states, access to voting is becoming less and less equal.
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Comments • 16 637

  • ***
    *** Day ago

    So he's all for common sense gun control... But completely against common sense voter ID... Lol just look at that hypocrisy

  • noah
    noah 2 days ago

    You need ID to drive, buy meds, booze, cogs, traveling. You must have ID to vote. If it's too difficult then too bad. Voting is the most sacred value we have in the west. Get real.

  • Neuby Doo
    Neuby Doo 4 days ago +1

    Every single US Citizen should change their registration to Republican Party if they haven’t already.
    Here’s why: The Republicans cheat, toss votes, suppress....endless BS
    My entire adult life I have always been a Republican or NPA ( no part affiliation or Independent) and I know that the Republicans can only win by cheating and they can only know when to flip the machine margins if they know polling. Good luck if everyone is Republican.
    I don’t care who wins the Dem ticket- anyone is better than a RepubliCon

  • Jonathan Wall
    Jonathan Wall 5 days ago

    Looks like the WI and TX state reps featured are both out of a job. Silver lining?

  • allelbows97
    allelbows97 5 days ago

    "an ID is something that White People seem more likely to have……" what does that say About non whites??

  • J McNeill
    J McNeill 6 days ago

    Wow that's so weird you guys don't have ID for voting .....sorry just thought everyone would have to show photo ID 🇨🇦

  • fishbone3333
    fishbone3333 7 days ago

    I have not had to produce voter ID once in 12 years, even though I live in a voter ID state. How? Absentee. No ID required for absentee voting. If you live in the same house for 12 years, you have more rights than people who are transient. By virtue of you owning the house and the ballot addressed to you gets to your house, then that is sufficient. No actual physical ID required. bias in these voter ID laws at all, huh?

  • Matti Kauppinen
    Matti Kauppinen 8 days ago

    From the perspective of an european if you don't have a valid ID you are doing this "adult" thing wrong.
    In our country people usually get passports at a very young age. If you have to travel and you are not in a womb you need a passport so usually people get them at ages 0-5 and then you have an ID with a photo on it

  • Trevor Price
    Trevor Price 9 days ago

    I understand the principle behind requiring ID to vote; I see the merit there, as long as the federal and state governments are prepared to make acquiring identification 100% free of charge and reasonably accessible for every citizen. The last time I went to renew my DL, it cost me around $50. I'm sure a standard ID is in the same ballpark. If ID is a requirement for voting, and it costs money to obtain an ID, then voter ID laws are de facto poll taxes, which is unjust.

  • menace1285
    menace1285 10 days ago

    if you dont have to provide an ID, than what would keep illegal immigrants from voting?

  • Miguel Roldán
    Miguel Roldán 10 days ago

    in Mexico it is required to present a voter ID for voting

  • J A Bristol
    J A Bristol 10 days ago

    Your elitism and ethical superiority complex do so ever irritate a lot of viewers. It brings us great pleasure to see your fascade of "we're the mainstream, anyone who doesn't agree with us is an outlier" come tumbling down during watershed events like the 2016 election. Your stranglehold on the American population is weakening as more and more people are waking up to the truth behind the lies and propaganda you've been excreting into the world of digital media. You can cite all the bullshit studies you want to try and convince people that Trump only won because of racist voting regulations, but it doesn't change the fact that you're desperately grasping at straws to retain control and influence over the American population which is steadly becoming dissolutioned with the filfth you've been contaminating their minds with ever since the initial conception of the sewer-based clown convention known as "Last Week Tonight" Why don't you come out and say it, the reason you're talking about this is because you know that if you succeed in keeping these border hoppers in the country as well as in your efforts to significantly relax the voter ID laws than all these undocumented immigrants with phony IDs will provide a huge boost to the blue votes in 2020. As I said before, you aren't being so ferocious on this issue because of ethics, you're doing it to gain power. And anyone who prioritizes power over justice for all has absolutely no business running a country - especially not a republic or democracy.

  • Hugh Mann
    Hugh Mann 11 days ago +1

    We dont need IDs, we have voter registration.. this is treasonous trying to discourage voters..

  • Love Yourself
    Love Yourself 14 days ago

    3:39 im sorry his name is what

  • SpectroMan
    SpectroMan 15 days ago

    I can't believe you don't have a voter registry. Even India with 900 million people have a voter registry. But we don't neglect people who don't have an ID. There's a system to look to that

  • Bella Nova
    Bella Nova 16 days ago

    Just a thought...why don't you pass legislature to allow legislature to take bathroom breaks.

  • naluzoniro
    naluzoniro 17 days ago

    Nononononooo real question here : why the hell is it so goddamn hard to get an official document certifying your fucking identity ???

    • Chien Yang
      Chien Yang 17 days ago

      Because minorities and the poor tend to vote for Democrats, Republican-dominated states will find ways to limit their voting rights. Think about South Africa during the Apartheid. Who could vote during that time?

  • Rag
    Rag 18 days ago

    At least England used to be honest with how little they wanted the common people to be allowed to vote centuries ago.

  • Heisenberg
    Heisenberg 21 day ago

    You know who else doesn't have photo id: Drug dealers

  • Mr wonderful
    Mr wonderful 21 day ago

    Debbie riddle...riddle me this Batgirl.....stop your ghost voting or go to jail criminal corrupt crooked biatch!

  • Emperor Yongle
    Emperor Yongle 22 days ago

    There are other kinds of ID besides driver license.

    • Chien Yang
      Chien Yang 17 days ago

      If you are talking about passports or military IDs, many has neither one.

  • Hazza
    Hazza 24 days ago

    This guy is so killable

  • craig x
    craig x 28 days ago

    Lol downplay illegal votes.."It's a lot to risk for 1 vote that won't even matter".. That's fine except on this he's full of shit and there are tens of thousands of Illegal votes everyyear

  • Mitch184
    Mitch184 28 days ago

    You vote doesn't matter anyway. It's called "appointments" not "elections", so stop whining.

  • NewKidOnTheBlock YT
    NewKidOnTheBlock YT 28 days ago +1

    You know something is wrong when the voterID card of India is named after an American company 'EPIC' (Electors Photo Identity Card) and USA doesn't have one.

    Yep India's voter ID card is abbreviated as EPIC

  • Jordi Perera
    Jordi Perera Month ago +1

    Just create a National ID like any other country OMG

    • Chien Yang
      Chien Yang 17 days ago +1

      The problem is polling is conducted by the states. Although national IDs can show the holders have the right to vote, state voting agencies can request more evidence from the voters to prove they can vote in the states. Therefore, the problem of voters disenfranchisement still persist.

  • digital/vibes
    digital/vibes Month ago

    I'm from India, the largest democracy on Earth by population, where every voter has an ID.

  • Phat Vegan
    Phat Vegan Month ago

    Wow you caught actual evidence of violation of constitutional law. And nothing will happen

  • Даниил Бережнов

    7:36 South Carolina's department of WHAT? A department of motor vehicles investigates voter fraud?

  • Elementary Watson
    Elementary Watson Month ago

    I am sorry, but the solution is to make sure everyone has an ID, not to allow people without ID to vote. Even in countries like India, almost everyone has an ID. how is it that the US doesn't?

    • Chien Yang
      Chien Yang 17 days ago

      4:35 should answer your question

  • x _
    x _ Month ago +7

    "Everyone's vote should count the same"
    *laughs in electoral college*

  • hellish88
    hellish88 Month ago

    How the f*** do you not have a photo ID-system you «1st World Country»...

  • Mike Sanders
    Mike Sanders Month ago

    all of the states should vote by mail. I vote in my free time on my kitchen table while I smoke a bowl.
    How easy is that?

    • Chien Yang
      Chien Yang 17 days ago

      🤣, but seriously though, good luck trying to convince Republican-dominated states with your idea.

  • E.C. Pieterse
    E.C. Pieterse Month ago

    Anybody older them twelve is obligated to carry an id in the Netherlands.

  • sandrj2341
    sandrj2341 Month ago

    Watch this video Ami Horowitz: How white liberals really view black voters

    • Chien Yang
      Chien Yang 17 days ago

      A conservative describes liberals' view of Blacks. I wonder how unbias is this. 🙄

  • Nina Lee
    Nina Lee Month ago +1

    I once tested our system in Oregon by sending my son's ballot in and signing it for him. I was surprised it was rejected as they said the signature didn't match. I trust the system now.

  • GiacoC
    GiacoC Month ago +1

    stupid idiots want be voting without ID's
    then they are surprised there are votes from people that are dead for several years etc
    and in the end person that had more % will loose the elections because of gerrymandering
    Greatest democracy in the world my ass xD USA is seriously THE laughing stock of the world

  • Mike Reip
    Mike Reip Month ago

    I live in Pennsylvania. I had to register to vote for a college course for an 80pt grade (enough to move up or down a full letter.) It was a chemistry course that, for whatever reason, incorporated voting (it was called Chem and the Citizen) Also, it just so happened that this was a course only offered in the Fall Semester...just in time for midterms. We all registered, save for a minority few who decided to abstain in favor of doing an alternate assignment. In all honesty, the alternative assignment was much harder and required creating a presentation on famous chemists, as well as a separate written assessment. Any lazy college student would much rather just go to the ballots, which I forgot to mention were littered all around campus buildings for the midterm election. I received a voter ID card in the university mail in no time at all and with limited documentation. I basically only went online and entered my name and social security number. I never even went to the mail center to pick the card up since I had my driver’s license to vote with. That event, and a few others while at university, cemented my belief that indoctrination at universities is very real and very forced. Because I struggled in the course, had I not went to the polls I would’ve failed. Had I taken up the alternative assignment, I couldn’t guarantee myself a 100% grade from a more sophisticated assignment. Think about it. Get 100% for casting a vote or risk getting a 75% for a mediocre presentation/writing piece? Maybe the system for voter ID in PA has improved since this video and maybe the systems elsewhere in the US are lacking...but I can’t help but think that this is good idea to ensure security and honesty in our election processes. With the past 3 years of mass media toting the dangers of foreign election meddling (something that actually has been a issue in our nation’s political history for decades) you would think that making voting easy, as well as secure for those of us who live nationally would be just as important.

  • Patricia Huff
    Patricia Huff Month ago

    In Georgia state ID cards are issued at the DMV the same way driver's licenses are. Currently there is a small charge. I think the state IDs should be free and easily available in every state and they should be required as proof of identity and address to vote.

    • Chien Yang
      Chien Yang 17 days ago

      The problem is Republican-dominated states severely restrict when one can apply for a state ID, which greatly impact minority, poor, or both.
      BTW, can one apply state ID in Georgia's DVM at anytime, or only at certain time such as between 10:00am and 10:05am at the fifth Wednesday within a month?

  • Beta
    Beta Month ago +2

    Eliminate the Electoral College. Eliminate Gerrymandering.

    • Beta
      Beta 17 days ago

      @Chien Yang I understand, and I agree 100%. I have read that there are some formulas that can do it without bias. But, once again, Humans will pick the formula they with to use.

    • Chien Yang
      Chien Yang 17 days ago

      The problem is redistricting is conducted by humans, and humans have biases. People who are not in legislature may introduce their own biases into redistricting.

    • Beta
      Beta 17 days ago

      @Chien Yang Most states let their legislators control the shape of the districts. But there are some that have changed who does it. I sent my representative an email. I told him if he does not show support for the elimination of gerrymandering, I would never vote for him, again. Go to and search for gerrymandering. There is a map lower on the pages that shows how the districts are formed.

    • Chien Yang
      Chien Yang 17 days ago

      The first can be done by constitutional amendment, but how do you eliminate the second?

  • Trenton Pottruff
    Trenton Pottruff Month ago

    I don't get why Americans don't just have more ID. Yet another thing the rest of the world has figured out and the USA can't seem to get on board.

  • Troy Carr
    Troy Carr Month ago

    So what you're really saying, Mr. Oliver, is that a.) your vote doesn't really count, b.) that, despite this, illegal aliens ought to be allowed to vote, and c.) that the people we vote into office are crooks anyway, so why are we voting for them?
    Well, one out of three isn't bad, I guess... #yourslantisshowing

    • LeCheckmate
      LeCheckmate Month ago

      Oh, #yourslantisshowing alright. If that's what you got from this video, your biases supercede reality.

  • TheBayzent
    TheBayzent Month ago

    So...if Jesus comes back, would Americans forbid him to vote for being an immigrant or resurrected? 🤔

  • Warren Raven
    Warren Raven Month ago

    Hey I am a Warren

    • Chien Yang
      Chien Yang 17 days ago

      You should then understand the problem of restrictive voter IDs.

  • Lisa C. Humble
    Lisa C. Humble Month ago

    Looking back wondering how we wound up here....

  • ruben canas
    ruben canas Month ago

    Then how do they buy smokes beer rent a car cash a paycheck or open a bank account, I got my first Id card when I was 13 I needed it to cash my checks if it was easy for a 13 year old to get am Id card in texas then there must be another reason why those adults don't have one

  • Vasilijan Nikolovski
    Vasilijan Nikolovski Month ago +1

    Shouldn't GETTING and ID be made easier, instead of letting people who don't have an ID be able to vote?
    I live in N. Macedonia, and this 'voter-ID problem' really seems like an american problem, it's really weird.

    • Chien Yang
      Chien Yang 17 days ago

      Think about Apartheid in South Africa, and then you will understand why this crap exists in the U.S.

  • SHODAN64
    SHODAN64 Month ago

    Oooh they are scared that illegals can’t vote

    • Chien Yang
      Chien Yang 17 days ago

      Exactly. On the surface, restrictive voter ID is about preventing voter fraud. However, it is about preventing certain citizens from voting because they can vote those in power out of offices. It is no different from South Africa during Apartheid.

    • LeCheckmate
      LeCheckmate Month ago +2

      Illegals can't ever vote. In order to vote, people need to get registered. If an illegal immigrant tried to register, it would become apparent that they've entered the country illegally and they'd be detained and deported.

  • lisa
    lisa Month ago

    Why....why North Carolina.. smh

  • Lukas Prochazka
    Lukas Prochazka Month ago +3

    I am from europe so that is just weird for me but why wouldnt you have id and how else you can prove you can vote?

    • Trenton Pottruff
      Trenton Pottruff Month ago

      And this is the problem with democrat logic on this one. I typically don't agree with republicans but they are right. You need ID to vote in most other developed nations.

    • TheBayzent
      TheBayzent Month ago

      They have to register for vote, and carry that registration for the ballot. Problem is that you can't actually confirm the person voting is who he/she say they are.

  • BRG 0001
    BRG 0001 Month ago

    Fucking hell, Republican politicians are undemocratic, anti American scum.

  • normie x
    normie x Month ago

    If americans don't have standardised, government issued IDs, can anyone pretend to be anyone?

    • Chien Yang
      Chien Yang 17 days ago

      Although there is no standardized IDs, there are government IDs such as passports, driver's license, and state IDs.

  • Josh Freeman
    Josh Freeman Month ago +1

    Stock standard republican bullshit. They have to cheat every single time to get votes.

  • The Lone Wanderer
    The Lone Wanderer Month ago +8

    Love the dislikes from snowflake conservatives on all of Oliver’s videos

  • Bob 357
    Bob 357 Month ago

    A state ID in Texas is not hard to get. Any responsible voter can get one. And any responsible citizen can get one. If they don't want to be responsible, we don't need them voting. So sorry whiners. Be responsible and you can vote.

  • TheSmithersy
    TheSmithersy Month ago

    Brains 2020?

  • Manoush b
    Manoush b Month ago

    Need an ID to vote ??? Shocker!! Of course, you should have one like in every country in the World. The real point here is why americans don't have ID for starter. In France, even babies have ID.

  • biker
    biker 2 months ago

    I'am from Canada , we need photo ID to vote . I see no problem requiring ID.

  • András Fehér
    András Fehér 2 months ago

    In almost all democracies in the world, citizens need a picture ID to vote in elections. Only in the US do liberals and the media characterise this common sense requirement being introduced in different states a nefarious plot by Republicans to 'keep the black man down' and as 'voter suppression'.

    • LeCheckmate
      LeCheckmate Month ago

      In almost all democracies in the world, citizens are issued picture ID's for free from birth onwards. Only shitholes like the USA are incapable of issuing them to their citizens, instead forcing them to present other documentation like their drivers license.
      The fact that this isn't done nor pushed for by people that support this kind of legislation means, that it's indeed a nefarious plot to suppress votes. Because in that case, it has ceased to be about upholding democratic values.

    • Abdul
      Abdul 2 months ago

      In almost all democracies, citizens are required to have an ID. In America, we don't. Republicans even said they think it influenced the election.

  • Jennifer Hilgemann
    Jennifer Hilgemann 2 months ago

    they don't have fucking id