Voting: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

  • Published on Feb 15, 2016
  • Every American deserves an equal vote. But in some states, access to voting is becoming less and less equal.
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Comments • 16 496

  • Bobby's Worlds
    Bobby's Worlds 11 hours ago

    Your all fucking idiots if you listen to this dumb fuck. All he wants is to see our country die.... Fuck you John Oliver youre only out for your sponsors.

  • carguy
    carguy Day ago

    Got to call bullshit on this, Texas has millions of people who are from different countries you legally infiltrating it and you’re saying you don’t want them to have to prove their Americans before they vote for the Texas government? Wouldn’t it be just as hilarious of an episode talking about how you could just walk across New Mexico and vote for a new Mexican government and come back because voter ID doesn’t exist? Before you can vote for a country‘s government it seems pretty reasonable that you have to prove your part of that freaking country.

  • Crystar DeWolf
    Crystar DeWolf Day ago

    I am just getting around to this video in the series. And I do not know a single person who DOES NOT have a photo ID. And if we literally have 500k registered voters in Texas in 2016 without picture ID, how did they register?

  • Keith Richards
    Keith Richards 3 days ago

    What?... jeez ive always been a fan of this show but- you open w its hard to get an ID? wtf is the point of that? No its not, and even if it was-- long bitcoin, short corp tv and media

  • Jacob Watson
    Jacob Watson 4 days ago

    This voter impersonation in legislative buildings is why the UK divides the voters into yay or ney lobbies and they literally count who's in there.

  • Aaron Ingebrigtsen
    Aaron Ingebrigtsen 4 days ago +2

    How do you fix the no-ID-havingnesses? I know! Give people IDs!!! WTF is hard about that?!

  • James Crutchfield
    James Crutchfield 5 days ago

    I usually always agree with Jon. However, as a black man don’t treat us like we’re to stupid to get an ID

  • James Crutchfield
    James Crutchfield 5 days ago

    If you can’t get an ID you’re an idiot.

  • Theophilus Jedediah
    Theophilus Jedediah 5 days ago

    In CA creating and selling false IDs based on a massive sub-economy. I’m personally aware of this

  • Theophilus Jedediah
    Theophilus Jedediah 5 days ago

    On-line because we all know the internet is impenetrable.... but ID programs are simple. Every person SHOULD be able to prove their ID and citizenship! This is an historic norm since 1872.

  • Sergio Bonfiglio
    Sergio Bonfiglio 5 days ago

    It DOES happen a lot, especially in Russia and other great "Democracies" where then the current head of government gets over 70% preferences

  • Alan  Choi Chang
    Alan Choi Chang 6 days ago

    and yet they call it a democracy..... that 11:20 part was utterly disgusting... fuck these pieces of shit... republicans or democrats, i dont care, that shit is disgusting...

    • Alan  Choi Chang
      Alan Choi Chang 6 days ago

      13:20 watching this bitch try to justify the shit she does is really infuriating...

  • JeffAM1986
    JeffAM1986 8 days ago

    Major fail here, there is literally no excuse for anyone not to be able to acquire and ID or some official for of ID. This is the most outrageous and stupid excuse for lack Democrats not being elected. If your to “poor” to get an ID but can go buy a 55” 4K tv or the latest video game then your priorities are wrong. This is such a lame argument. If your this poor then you really have bigger problems then not being able to vote.

  • mngentry
    mngentry 8 days ago

    6:20 I’m sorry but the very tone and inflections in which this woman speaks makes me believe she is a complete full-of-shit politician.

  • Lupe Castillo
    Lupe Castillo 10 days ago

    Where is your f****** donation to Donald Trump I haven't seen it you're a f****** f***** you're not getting f***** up the ass you made a statement that you would give him a donation I haven't seen it shut the f****** or give him his donation you f****** c*********

  • DigitArtClips
    DigitArtClips 11 days ago +1

    How the f.... do you guys even vote without ID? Basicly everyone could vote for anyone.

  • Los V
    Los V 11 days ago

    Maybe a log in system...? But then again it would be hacked or complaints of it being hacked... meh, we just F’d...

  • Jeff Doe
    Jeff Doe 13 days ago

    Oh, that's why Trump won

  • jim twisted
    jim twisted 13 days ago

    Argueing to let unknown people vote is just dumbass you are losing my respect John

  • Gurshan Gill
    Gurshan Gill 15 days ago +1

    How is this a problem? Keep track of your stuff and make a ID. It is basic responsibility. On the bonus side you can drive now depending on the form of ID you picked

  • Spot TheDot
    Spot TheDot 20 days ago

    You mess with the crabbo you get the stabbo

  • Stan Mrak
    Stan Mrak 21 day ago +1

    The sad fact is that your vote doesn't count at all. Both parties represent corporate america - not the voters.

  • B. Porter
    B. Porter 21 day ago +1

    Our votes don’t really count, anyway. Who cares, seriously? Vote or don’t, I don’t think it matters at all.

  • Ata fakheri
    Ata fakheri 21 day ago +1

    I'm from middle east. And even hear almost all of us have I'd. I cant believe it's a problem in USA 😂😂😂

  • ElOlafino
    ElOlafino 21 day ago

    Oh America - The only first world country to have so many third world problems. Wonder where that comes from...

    • ElOlafino
      ElOlafino 21 day ago

      Also, of course you should need a fucking ID to vote! Even if you vote for the student's council at my college you need a, guess what, ID!
      And everybody should have one! Even in Germany the citizen offices are only open 5 days a week and closed in the afternoon but somehow every German has an ID! If it works here, how can it not work in the US? How are you so technically advanced and have such a huge economy but still these kinds of problems? And lots of them! I don't get it!

  • Micah Mach
    Micah Mach 23 days ago

    White land owners

  • Franco Barrera
    Franco Barrera 23 days ago

    That guy that attempted to jump into the frozen swimming pool probably voted for Trump.

  • 501Commando
    501Commando 25 days ago

    Omg your country is made ouf of bullshit ^^

  • roth66ro
    roth66ro 25 days ago

    The mexicans can't vote for hillary because they don't have an ID. That's so sad.

  • 45shfifty
    45shfifty 29 days ago

    Wisconsin doesn't have a meth problem... It's an industry!

  • On to the 5th
    On to the 5th Month ago

    Every person i know have ID and im black who live in a black community shut up with your lies yall just want illegal people to vote

  • Taylor Vance
    Taylor Vance Month ago

    Lmao stabby crab

  • MechanicPluto24
    MechanicPluto24 Month ago

    Mess with crabbo, you get a stabbo

  • Nihil
    Nihil Month ago

    I might be a dunce, but is it really that tough to get an ID?
    Honest question here.

    • MechanicPluto24
      MechanicPluto24 Month ago

      Depends on who you are and where you live.
      _It's 2019 and some people are still fucking living in the Jim Crow Era_

  • SilverWolf1988
    SilverWolf1988 Month ago

    Watching this in 2019, from Pennsylvania, where our fucking drivers licenses are not legal outside of our own miserable state due to said state failing to meet federal requirements, and thus, ensuring I need a fucking passport to get on a jet even if I'm going to Massachusetts, I can KINDA understand the frustration over this. But at the end of the day, because my state is so backwards, I have 2 IDs, one is federally approved. It cost me almost 200 bucks.

    However...the government needs to be able to regulate and track all of us, there's a dude in our local hospital right now, ancient guy, had a medical emergency, can't speak or write anymore. Had clothes on, wasn't homeless, but his wallet had no drivers license, he got sick on public transit, and he's older, and clearly afraid of banks, so all he had was like 2 10 dollar bills in his pocket. No one knows who he is, he's just sitting in the hospital, paralyzed and "alive" with no one coming forward to help. If he had even a card that said "Hi, I'm Greg" you might be able to narrow it down.

    Besides, if you need an ID to buy cigarettes (an activity that will kill you), and an ID to buy alcohol (an activity that can kill you AND people who might hit while committing a DUI), you should need an ID to vote (which as we have seen, is an activity that can get OTHER people killed).

  • ElamCo Inc.
    ElamCo Inc. Month ago There is No Suppression these days. That was yesteryear when the Democratic party and the KKK was killing minorities.

  • Phil S
    Phil S Month ago +1

    I see dead people...

  • Logan Kreisher
    Logan Kreisher Month ago

    Everyone should be forced to get an ID by 18. I have to register for the draft, but I don’t have to get an ID. That’s so weird

  • Brian Williams
    Brian Williams Month ago

    I like LWT however, this is incredibly silly. You can get a non-driver ID for $5-20 so monetarily if you want to vote it should not be that big of a barrier just ask your boss to get another 3 hours and youre set. In the case of not being able to obtain one because of the hours a DMV or what not is open is also preposterous. You should be able to make some time even if you're working full time or with multiple part time jobs. As a centerist its hard to not see this as the left wing trying to create as many votes for their base as possible especially in the case of illegal immigrants. Otherwise an opposition to this makes no sense and the correct thing to do would be to issue IDs to all legal residents

  • Adrian Vasian
    Adrian Vasian Month ago +2

    America does not have an official national id card. nuff said, about the "greatest country" on the planet. =))))

  • Jussi Mattsen
    Jussi Mattsen Month ago

    Obvious solution: Everyone gets a photo ID from the state. Problem solved America, you are welcome.

  • Andrew Quigley
    Andrew Quigley Month ago +1

    So if you don't have the necessary ID then get it. Idk what is so hard about getting an ID

    • Winter Wilde
      Winter Wilde Month ago

      Andrew Quigley he literally explains in the video that getting a voter ID is difficult and problematic. Next.

  • Chris itsmeyay
    Chris itsmeyay Month ago +2

    I believe in voter ID. Don’t want Russians voting in our election

    • MechanicPluto24
      MechanicPluto24 Month ago

      Too late. 3 and a half years - and one orange clown - too late.

  • caro jüng
    caro jüng Month ago

    Here you're required to have a Personal-ID from the age of 16 forward, you get a letter telling you about it. And technically you are required to have a form of ID with you at all times.
    Guess which country

  • Ali Diaz
    Ali Diaz Month ago

    And now we have a president that still complains that people are doing voter fraud even though it was confirmed that no fraud happened. I sure hope that we have enough "voter fraud" to elect him out of office. Please note that I am being sarcastic with using the term: "voter fraud" and I am not suggesting that people do it. It is against the law and the best way to get rid of trump is to legally vote him out.

  • Yinn X
    Yinn X Month ago

    Can't agree with John and team on this one. You need ID to vote

    • serendipidus1
      serendipidus1 13 days ago

      He doesn't say you shouldn't need I'd. He's saying let people get I'd easily cheaply. He's saying let them use what I'd they have instead of denying drivers licence which is used by banks etc so ... Even people who've been in prison are prevented voting. Could be for speeding for not having money to pay a fine they can't vote the ebaurocracu is so corrupt over there. And so armed.

  • Remarkable Rapport
    Remarkable Rapport Month ago +1

    An I.D cost $40.00, buy one.

  • Andrew Gould
    Andrew Gould Month ago


  • Double UU
    Double UU Month ago

    Thanks Oliver, I’ll be sure to vote twice

  • SparklyAcorn
    SparklyAcorn Month ago

    Welcome to Wisconsin, where Scott Walker ruined the whole voting system

  • Remington Bradley
    Remington Bradley Month ago +1

    Lets see so you need a valid ID to drive, buy a drink, ride a greyhound bus, ride an amtrak train, cash a check, fly on an airline, get a job, pick up a prescription, enroll in classes, get into a nightclub, validating a credit card, buy a firearm, to gamble in a casino, buy cigarettes or a vape, get a tattoo, rent a car, buy a car, get recreational marijuana Etc... And now it's racist to require an ID to vote in a Federal election???? Everyone has an ID the people who don't cant do any of the above, and probably will not vote. Come on liberals how far into your ass did you have to reach to pull out this bullshit? Oh thats right, The real reason liberals don't want ID's is because they need votes from illegal immigrants, face it thats their only hope because most American citizens are smart enough not to vote for these nut jobs, think about how despicable and pathetic that is

  • Trill Rizutto
    Trill Rizutto Month ago

    I was looking for a Gravity Falls clip and I came here.

  • MisterCharlton
    MisterCharlton 2 months ago

    I unironically believe that voting should be earned.

  • The 1flym
    The 1flym 2 months ago

    Hell yeah a story about Wisconsin

  • Jeff Gazetti
    Jeff Gazetti 2 months ago +1

    So get an ID. It’s not that hard. Just need a birth certificate and social security number... unless of course you’re NOT a legal citizen then I can see why this would be a problem. Suck it.

  • 1504MBR 1504MBR
    1504MBR 1504MBR 2 months ago

    Oliver can be such a moron sometimes. Its asking too much to ask for ID?... Really?

  • EveryThingGirl238
    EveryThingGirl238 2 months ago

    On the other hand, it's scary how easy it is.
    In my school, I have veterans benefits being the child of a retired veteran. The lady at the office accidentally got one wrong number on my SSN card. And yet, I still got the benefits, and the department hasn't even said a thing to me about my number. And to change it back to normal, I have scan my SSN card and send it through fucking email to them! That's just insane and way to easy to track. I ended up forgetting to do it between all my classes, and still haven't had anything said to me.
    Hell I didn't even know about the mess up until I checked my benefits in the system and found my number was off.
    Thing is the only scanner is at my school, and I don't trust that thing as far as I can throw it, and my computer does get viruses...

    • serendipidus1
      serendipidus1 9 days ago

      @EveryThingGirl238 ah see I live in Europe and we have data protection act here which means if you give your info to anyone they have to provide a way for you to ask them to delete any info they have personal to you. They also have to say how they store the info and make you say yes you give permission for them to use your info. You can also access any records they keep and people can't keep records on you for more than a certaina amount of time without your permission. So say at school for my kids you sign a form and they explain how they store the info. Now I thought that USA had something like this they definitely have to do it if it's an American website like Amazon who are having EU costumers. But maybe internally they don't have to do that. I've had all sorts of wrong information on my healthcare card seems like some random doctor was getting money when I didn't have that doctor for years and then wrong age code for my kids and all sorts of insanity. They gave me my national ID card and I had to answer questions like what was your first employer (I do not remember it was a lifetime ago) she said just guess so I make a guess and after half an hour of questions she said if you ever lose this card you'll have to answer all those questions again exactly the same guesses.i couldn't remember what I had said five minutes ago let alone if I lose my card. They've now made it so you can get a gov I'd online and do all sorts like driver's licence probably voter reg and other things like college grants will be added so it's easy to do online. Here's the thing doing things online is fairly secure . Encryption and security measures are fairly good. The way you can tell if a website is the right website is to check the URL at the top of the page it should exactly match the URL that the college claims as their website. When you are sending any info filling in credit card details etc there should be a little lock on the top of the page showing that the site is secure and you can block any sites from even opening in chrome browser and other browsers. Also having all the as blockers on is a good idea so no thinks pop up you might click on. Having a photo of your card is a way a lot of people take info. Like in a hotel they take a photo of your passport or a scan. You may not have the same data protection laws in the USA but it's likely that your country will get these laws and there's no harm asking the college where they store info how long they store it for if it is encrypted and what other security is used to protect your data. You could look up the European data protection law and use that as a bit of a guide and tell them these laws will be coming to the USA and they need to start updating their system now. Actually if they have any European students there they have to comply with those laws at least for Europeans as far as I know. They should allow you to update information on file acsess info on your file and delete your info at your request. This is how they are able to sell data etc and it was the face book scandle I think that made the EU push that law into being. Because it's so obviously open to manipulation. It's also kinda stupid if you are there with your card in the hallway where the scanner is or office and you are having to scan it and email it when you could just have the receptionist look at it and update your info there in person but this is the stupidity of modern beauroctacy. I'm trying to open a post office account and they want a copy of a bill to my address. The post man is sitting right there I'm looking at him and I say you come to my house every day with my post you don't give me any paper bills cos all my bills are online and you need me to get the ESB (electricity board) to tell you where I live when you are the post man and your job is to know where I live??? Wtf?? But these are the systems they've started building. When somone dies due to these wonderful protection laws, or somone gets sick and you want to pay their bills while they're in hospital unable to speak you can't do so because you are not the person. Now you could so easily just lie and say yes I am the account holder but you stupidly say my. Mom is in hospital I'm her next of kin I want to give you money and they can't talk to you. It's stupid and ridiculous ass they also don't ask people to put their next of kin on the account which would be making sense. It all makes very little sense. But if you think your data is not secure unless people start questioning these things and realising the importance and risk as you do nothing will change. So go in there and raise some questions about it and once you're satisfied it's the right website that the info is encrypted then you can feel a bit better about it. And if it's not safe then maybe a school or college is a good place to start raising awareness of these issues and petitio. Them to make the system compliant with European standards. 😄

    • EveryThingGirl238
      EveryThingGirl238 13 days ago

      @serendipidus1 And you know alot of people, including computer techs, say you should never send your SSN by email...

    • EveryThingGirl238
      EveryThingGirl238 13 days ago

      @serendipidus1 Well what is the paranoia about it is the fact I have to use the colleges scanner to do it. Call me that 'crazy elderly person' all you want, but in the long run at least I bothering to think before doing unlike some people out there.
      Still the fact they have you send it through email to a place you
      A. Have no idea if it's the actual website.
      and B. Can't tell what they do with it.
      Makes it kind of unnerving to me. This place is so badly funded and worked that I don't feel comfortable sending in a copy of my SSN to a guy on the phone who can barely answer my questions about how funding for my college works.

      It's not sending it through email that scares me, it's the fact I don't know where it's going, if it's the right place at all, or even if it's safe, and the fact I'm havin to use a scanner that is in a public setting to do so. Given how they run the place, that makes it even more scary (I don't have enough for a scanner, or at least a good scanner..)

    • serendipidus1
      serendipidus1 13 days ago

      I don't think you understand how computers work. You sound like a paranoid ellderly person who just doesn't get it. Use the scanner send the email nothing bad is going to happen. If you get viruses on your computer take a computer class because there's no reason to be getting viruses, you need mellenial education.

  • Zoey Green
    Zoey Green 2 months ago

    Voter ID laws...because they needed a way to stop black and Hispanic people from voting after the voting rights act stopped them from doing it outright.

  • historical review
    historical review 2 months ago

    my father was a little boy in Italy when he saw Nazis stationed in his village in Sicily harassing old people who didn't have their IDs!
    no centralized anything, no centralized banks, no centralized government and no freaking authoritarian IDs to track your every move.
    Government in my father's and my life has been nothing but an impediment to freedom. rare to find governments that are actually patriotic. our government overrun by authoritarians, Commies and occultists who want to rule over you. read 1984, Animal Farm, Brave New World, people were killed to get the subliminal messages out to the sleeping public decades ago!

  • historical review
    historical review 2 months ago +1

    John Oliver is a bald-faced liar! He was an avowed Communist in College and the last place i would want to hear " truth" from is from the mouth of a traitor Zionist Commie!

  • Uwe Schnellmann
    Uwe Schnellmann 2 months ago

    I like that man's Last name,KLee-German for clover and we know what fish means,however I have never seen fish swim around a clover field.

  • Zero Warner
    Zero Warner 2 months ago

    Oh s*** this one is old

  • Xellos Kaczor
    Xellos Kaczor 2 months ago

    Here in EU its literally illegal to not have ID. And not some shitty drivers license, actual ID.

    How is this shit so hard in US

    also how can you be saying "every vote matters" then turn around and call FIVE of them "not a big deal"

  • Vinicius Gutheil
    Vinicius Gutheil 2 months ago

    How is possible to a country have so convoluted IDs that this became a problem??? Showing an ID should be no big deal, this is fucking absurd

  • 1ledluverjlp
    1ledluverjlp 2 months ago

    I have no problem with requiring an ID to vote, but if that's the case then a location to get an ID should be readily available.

  • sudhir Chauhan
    sudhir Chauhan 2 months ago

  • InputOutsourced
    InputOutsourced 2 months ago

    If people can't vote because they don't have an ID, we shouldn't take away the ID requirement away, we should ensure that everyone has an ID.

  • Lauren Doe
    Lauren Doe 2 months ago

    I find it incongruous to claim that voter impersonation is so rare that it is not a problem while at the same time claiming that every person's vote is important. Either a single vote can make a difference, or it can't. If it can. then a single instance of voter impersonation is a problem. If a single vote cannot make a difference.... then that shoots down every "voter motivation" (aka, "Get out and vote") campaign there ever was or will be. It also nullifies the claim "If you didn't vote, you do not have the right to complain" (not that I agree with this sentiment - all too often we're given a no-win situation).

  • Huskerkid
    Huskerkid 2 months ago

    Why doesn't someone find out how a country with 300 million people has over a billion people voting. Looks like they missed 700 million other cases of voter fraud

  • Clorox
    Clorox 2 months ago

    If you don't have the fortitude for getting an ID then you don't need to be putting your opinion in to who the president is.

    Also in states where ID is not free if you do not have $21.95 to pay for an ID your input is not appreciated

  • Lorenzo Capaldo
    Lorenzo Capaldo 2 months ago

    To be honest it's not much to ask having an Identification; what impresses me is that Usa have to debate about having a simple ID or not, even here in italy we get that in a week and our bureocracy is as slow as a crippled turtle

  • ViralTaco
    ViralTaco 2 months ago

    I'm confused by the USA in Belgium having an ID is mandatory.
    You must have one when you become 12 until death.
    Also voting is mandatory. You don't have to vote. You have to go there, show your ID, go in the booth put your ballet into the box and get your ID back.

  • The Lotus13
    The Lotus13 2 months ago

    The same people who say people don't need I.D to vote are the same people who think Russia posting a MAGA ad on Facebook is the reason Trump won

  • Danny Pace
    Danny Pace 2 months ago

  • vincent7520
    vincent7520 2 months ago

    This ID issue tells so much about the American political culture.
    The American compact is based on the notion that truth is the norm. You don't expect people to lie. If they do it is more than a crime … it is breaking the trust that people had towards them. A politician who's caught lying (particularly under oath) is seen as evil : he put himself out of the community. Therefore a specific ID paper is seen not only as superfluous but as the sign of the state's control over the the individual : a "form of ID" (a notion which would be laughable in Europe : all countries require a formal ID) being necessary in many aspects of daily life.seems to be enough.
    Given this, a voter's card issued by the authorities should be given to all citizens when they turn adult. That should settle the problem. Of course many states wouldn't like it and will argue that it's too costly, too complex to implement, etc… Most likely these states would be the one that legislate against poor people voting by requiring an ID they do not have.

    • Blank
      Blank 2 months ago

      I love the same people that bitch endlessly for socialized healthcare because Europe and canada has it doesnt of course want to replicate any of those countries when it comes to voting. Because they ALL have voter ID laws.

  • Jonah Splittgerber
    Jonah Splittgerber 2 months ago

    eddie redmayne is a minority considering he is a wizard

  • Tim
    Tim 2 months ago +1

    Debbie riddle is one of those despicable beings that do so well in the GOP. All are crooks and tools, but she is a disgusting example ! Her kids must be so fucked up in the head.

  • Hyper Sonic
    Hyper Sonic 2 months ago

    0:15 Unfortunately it only takes 1 gullible voter to cancel out one intelligent voter. Need shows like this to reduce the number of those gullible voters.

  • Julia Kaya Queen
    Julia Kaya Queen 2 months ago

    Or your neighbor who is illegally staying in the US. Makes you think

  • gokul balagopal
    gokul balagopal 2 months ago

    In India you need a voters ID for you to vote

  • Hok Ta
    Hok Ta 2 months ago

    Fking dead people voting on shit they aren't affected by lol

  • Akai Kiseki
    Akai Kiseki 2 months ago +19

    The simple fact of not having a federal ID for everyone is just stupid...
    But in addition, yeah, Ghost voting. A joke of a democracy.

    • Danny Pace
      Danny Pace 2 months ago

      True, but it's not Direct Democracy, which most people think of when they say Democracy.

    • Finn Geraghty
      Finn Geraghty 2 months ago

      @Danny Pace Thats a type of Democracy

    • Danny Pace
      Danny Pace 2 months ago

      We're a Representative Republic... Not a Democracy

    • C M
      C M 2 months ago

      Democracy is a joke dude.

  • game exe
    game exe 2 months ago +1

    how can you not have an ID, what kind of ass backwards third world hole is america? here an ID is a basic right and you are expected to have one.

    • Klobi for President
      Klobi for President 2 months ago

      Where I live it's not just a basic right, but it's actually necessary to own one.

  • serendipidus1
    serendipidus1 2 months ago +27

    You have to have Id to vote that's insane. If you don't have id that would be crazy. But it's also crazy that every citizen is not given an I'd card automatically.

    • Abdul YT
      Abdul YT 2 days ago

      @B Fo did you see what that old woman had to go through?

    • B Fo
      B Fo 14 days ago +2

      Thats also what I found so crazy, I got my ID on my 16th birthday in the mail and didnt spend a dime on it, just sent a photo in a month earlier and that was that. If they didnt have my address I could have just picked it up too. How is this not a non-brainer?

    • Lodiz
      Lodiz 19 days ago +1

      @Clorox That's a bitch to carry around and don't really identify you as a person. It generally has just your gender. So if you get your hands on them it does actually make it easy to do the crime. (No matter how stupid the crime would be). But i also think its wrong that republics probably did it for the reason hinted in the video. To disenfranchise them. If the ID was free to get at the same time the law was implemented i think it would be fine.

    • Clorox
      Clorox 2 months ago

      It's called a birth certificate and it's free. You get it at birth

  • Jude Furr
    Jude Furr 2 months ago

    We shouldn't need IDs for the purchase of alcohol, guns, tobacco, houses, cars, airline tickets, medicine, the opening of credit cards or bank accounts, applying for a job, renting a house, etc.

  • Alicia Gravel
    Alicia Gravel 2 months ago

    Why not do like Canada and have a universal health care, which we have a photo ID for coverage...

  • J Shysterr
    J Shysterr 2 months ago

    Democrats want to abolish the electoral college just because 2 Presidents over the last 230 years didn't win the popular vote, and because it benefits them. The same reason they want 16 year old's and non citizens to be allowed to vote. I only agree with one thing. Nobody should lose the right to vote unless they renounce their citizenship, but also if they fail a basic knowledge test on civics, history and current events. Anyone who wants to vote should have to take a test proving they have basic understanding of these things. It's not a literacy test because a person should be able to request it verbally. If you were on trial would you want the jury to be made up of people who listened to the trial or just anyone walking off the street claiming they have a right to make a jury vote? of course not. Why is how our government run less important than an accused being at risk of losing life or limb?
    They are the one's denying the right to vote by watering down the vote with ignorant and dependent people. How many 16 year old know how to fill out an income tax return or even know how much it cost to rent an apartment or pay utility bills? They don't even pay their own college tuition. They are still in high school for a reason. They don't know basic living skills. Even most adults dont know these things but its far worse with kids. Democrats support these idiotic idea's because they know stupid and ignorant people are most likely to vote Democrat. They can win on policy and logic so they've decided to bribe people for power.

  • Aditya Unni
    Aditya Unni 2 months ago

    If you don't have ID don't vote! It's commonsense around the world. The fuck is wrong these dumb fucks.

  • Wil Pasina
    Wil Pasina 2 months ago

    If you don't have an I.D. you shouldn't be able to vote! We live in America for God's sake!

  • Martin Drkoš
    Martin Drkoš 2 months ago +2

    It kinda blows my mind that Americans don't have country issued ID-cards. Ours even have a chip in them.

    • J Shysterr
      J Shysterr 2 months ago

      @Klobi for Presidentwait you just said it has a chip in it. what kind of chip? potato? If its just plastic then how is it an ID?

    • Klobi for President
      Klobi for President 2 months ago

      @J Shysterr
      Just Humor me for a moment. My ID is nothing but a piece of plastic. That's it. Not quite, actually, it's also got ink on it. That, however, is it. How do computers factor into this?

    • J Shysterr
      J Shysterr 2 months ago

      @Klobi for President they're called computers.

    • Klobi for President
      Klobi for President 2 months ago

      >The government knowing one's every move

      How exactly does a credit card sized piece of plastic allow the government to track my every move?

    • J Shysterr
      J Shysterr 2 months ago

      @Martin Drkoš freedom of the government not being in my business and being able to know my every move.
      "Not having to travel to an office that is open once on every second blue moon to pay for an ID card". What are you rambling about? We dont have national ID, because we don't need it. We have state, city and private forms of ID, many which are free.

  • Francesca Bertoglio Padilla

    It really surprises me that you don’t have IDs. Here in Argentina, you get an ID made when you are born. To do ANYTHING you need an ID. From using your debit card to register in a school

  • Dmitriy S
    Dmitriy S 2 months ago

    Idiotic topic. Of course you must enforce strict ID check for voters to prevent fraud and misconduct. And who the fuck doesn’t have an ID? Everyone should be required to have an ID.

    • savannah Williams
      savannah Williams 29 days ago

      You realize how extremely hard it is to get an ID if you don't have your social security card or birth certificate or a mailing address. In most places that's what you need get any of those things you need an ID so it is extremely hard to get those things and it takes a lot of work and time which most people don't have. I agreed we should probably enforce more strict laws about using identification cards when voting until there's some law where we all get one of those things it's not until there's some law where we all get some type of identification card free it's not going to work

    • Bogwedgle
      Bogwedgle 2 months ago

      If the government is going to deny people their constitutional right to vote if they don't have an ID, those IDs should be given to everyone, for free, on their 18th birthday, and be promptly renewed for free whenever deemed necessary. Any law passed requiring an ID without those measures is just straight up wrong.

    DWYS WYSD 2 months ago

    I never realized how left winged John Oliver is. most of the arguments not wanting an ID so illegal immigrants can vote Democrat.

  • Jeremy Morris
    Jeremy Morris 2 months ago

    Damn dead people...

  • Jeremy Morris
    Jeremy Morris 2 months ago

    Our ballot box has integrity?

  • Ben Peterson
    Ben Peterson 2 months ago

    Read a book...

  • Ben Peterson
    Ben Peterson 2 months ago

    I'm surprised how dumb this guy is sometimes.

  • Fukurouyoujo
    Fukurouyoujo 2 months ago

    they're so worried about dead people but they don't want to make Common Sense gun reform. Why are you only worried about dead people in this context?

  • Fukurouyoujo
    Fukurouyoujo 2 months ago

    So we can get a common sense voter ID law, but we can't get Common Sense gun regulations?

  • Сергей Ягодин
    Сергей Ягодин 3 months ago +2

    doesn't every citizen have a passport?

    • Сергей Ягодин
      Сергей Ягодин 2 months ago

      @Klobi for President interesting

    • Klobi for President
      Klobi for President 2 months ago +1

      @Сергей Ягодин
      Nothing actually.
      In Germany we do the same thing as you and everywhere that's not the USA. Only difference is we don't use a passport (although we could) but the "Personalausweis", which is much smaller and thus easier to carry around. Many wallets here have a place on the inside which is covered in clear plastic. That is for us to put our ID into, so it can be seen and read from the outside.

    • Сергей Ягодин
      Сергей Ягодин 2 months ago +1

      ​@TheSmithersy I mean like in Russia we all have passports from the age of 14. I don't know anybody without a passport. And when we vote we do it using the passports. It's common practice. That's why I don't understand what all the fuss is about. I mean if I don't show my passport then what's stopping me from voting multiple times?

    • TheSmithersy
      TheSmithersy 2 months ago

      Not in America, since the majority aren't aware there is a world outside their borders.