‘I Don’t Understand You People,’ Dr. Phil Says To Guests

  • Published on Oct 21, 2019
  • A mom says she’s at a loss for how to handle her 17-year-old daughter. Her husband says he disagrees with her parenting style - but doesn’t do anything about it. Dr. Phil says, “I don’t understand you people.”
    Dr. Phil uses the power of television to tell compelling stories about real people.
    The Dr. Phil show provides the most comprehensive forum on mental health issues in the history of television. For over a decade, Dr. McGraw has used the show's platform to make psychology accessible and understandable to the general public by addressing important personal and social issues. Using his top-rated show as a teaching tool, he takes aim at the critical issues of our time, including the "silent epidemics" of bullying, drug abuse, domestic violence, depression, child abuse, suicide and various forms of severe mental illness.
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  • 1,000 subscriber challenge With no videos

    He literally said “you are a failure” then I died

  • Jaimie Mcphee
    Jaimie Mcphee 22 hours ago

    Honestly this isn’t even that bad it’s just that she’s so mean to her mum

  • Nikki Samek
    Nikki Samek Day ago

    Mom says smoking is unhealthy, meanwhile mom is obese.

  • Divine Jasmine
    Divine Jasmine Day ago

    She a tryna be Bhad Bhabie

  • Familia2naughty !

    She wannabe bhad bhabie so bad 😂

  • Andre Moss
    Andre Moss Day ago +1

    “I bUy Her ciGareTtes”
    Also her: “Ahhhhh idk what’s happening”

  • Peter Almqvist
    Peter Almqvist Day ago +1

    The New Bhad Bhabie soon she's gonna start rapping

  • Mr Ginga
    Mr Ginga Day ago

    Dr Phil is the dogs bolloxs

  • Pntngbrn
    Pntngbrn Day ago

    I was a single mother working full time. He may have been getting into stuff, but he was an honor student and graduated from college. Discipline works and you dont need to beat or badger your child to do it. I don't understand people who don't have control over their kids

  • Joanny GV
    Joanny GV Day ago +1

    the mom really out here complaining about her wrongdoing

  • Brooklyn Rine
    Brooklyn Rine 2 days ago

    Let the kid smoke some pot 🙄😂

  • Yoshi Dinosaur
    Yoshi Dinosaur 2 days ago

    “You are a failure.”
    Damn what a savage!!

  • Littlewhisper
    Littlewhisper 2 days ago

    Why they all gotta have red hair

  • Jenevieve Gonzalez
    Jenevieve Gonzalez 4 days ago

    Wow Dr. Phil said "U ARE" "U ARE" A FAILURE "".

  • Michaelmells Slushies

    I want all of dr Phil’s quotes on a shirt

  • Madalyn Swain
    Madalyn Swain 4 days ago

    So this girl has been smoking since she was 12.

  • Kathy B
    Kathy B 4 days ago

    I swear if that was my child it would be over for her. I swear I’m not gonna let no child disrespect me as much as she disrespects her parents and everyone else around her.

  • Mountain Man Reacts
    Mountain Man Reacts 4 days ago

    Kids aren’t afraid of their parents anymore... there is a certain of respect that comes with fear. If the b**** is throwing punches, PUNCH HER BACK. Oh wait, but then she’d probably scream “ABUSE” and the world would prob take her side. Kids need real punishment sometimes, but it seems like parents are afraid of it anymore. When parents are afraid of their kids, we’re going down a slippery slope...

  • Amy Tejeda
    Amy Tejeda 5 days ago

    “You ARE a failure!”😭

  • Muzzy337
    Muzzy337 5 days ago

    Massive parent fail. Some people shouldn't breed. Wait until reality hits.

  • Bazil
    Bazil 5 days ago

    No cell phone, no laptop until they are 18. If they must be on the computer, monitor. Have the computer in a public setting in the home and only you know the password to it. If they don't come home off the school bus, call the police. Lock up all alcohol, all wallets, purses, and keys in a safe that requires code to access. Once 18, kick them out.

  • Samantha deJesus West
    Samantha deJesus West 5 days ago +1

    Dr Phil is turning more and more unprofessional in his shows and it's dissapointing. The only reason I respected this show was because I thought it was to help use people's situations as a teaching tool to people everywhere, and he can't even approach people and their situations respectfully and professionally anymore.

  • Sushi S
    Sushi S 5 days ago

    She only a parent biologically

  • Sushi S
    Sushi S 5 days ago

    Hide car keys and put a lock on steering wheel

  • Sushi S
    Sushi S 5 days ago

    Why not buy her arsenic too? What a stupid mom

  • Sushi S
    Sushi S 5 days ago

    Put your stuff in a safe lady. You are a failure as a parent and need to quit being a doormat punching bag. Anyone punched me abd it woukd be last time and i would call the coos too. Even my own child

  • Dulce Soto-Ezeta
    Dulce Soto-Ezeta 6 days ago

    Do they know what a belt is?

  • Dolly Gallier
    Dolly Gallier 6 days ago

    Next up Danielle bregoi

  • bigbluegpr
    bigbluegpr 6 days ago +1

    If that was my daughter, she would be out of the house quicker than a prom dress hits the floor at midnight!

  • * dyslexia has entered the chat*

    sounds like a normal teen

  • audrey nicole
    audrey nicole 7 days ago

    ew if you’re gonna smoke , smoke weed

  • Vipere
    Vipere 8 days ago

    Oh, I know this type. She's every white girl in your high school who said the N-word

  • Katherine Espinoza
    Katherine Espinoza 8 days ago +1

    This girl really proud of what she does 😂😂?

  • Kenzie Murphy
    Kenzie Murphy 8 days ago

    the way she smiles really gets me

  • Kenzie Murphy
    Kenzie Murphy 8 days ago

    the mom obviously supports her this she has gel nails lash extensions like

  • TaeTae BaeMine
    TaeTae BaeMine 8 days ago

    Dr phil is such a savage i love him 😂😂

  • Why So Serious?
    Why So Serious? 9 days ago +1

    Both parents phoned it in on this girl years ago. Neither one seem to care. The father is so angry in general he doesn't know what to do with himself. The mother isn't as clueless as she plays. She just gave up. I feel for the girl. A child knows when their parents don't care.

  • Deku
    Deku 9 days ago

    Oh she is definitely getting ranched

  • The Griffin
    The Griffin 9 days ago

    I found bringing up my children very easy. I said "no" to the things that they were to young to experience and "yes" to the things they were old enough to evaluate for themselves. Seems to have worked just fine.

  • MultiDarklegacy
    MultiDarklegacy 9 days ago

    These parents dude seriously don't have kids if you aren't prepared

  • Ellie Gordon
    Ellie Gordon 10 days ago +1

    I would rather slowly kill her then help her
    honestly wtf
    Edit: I know those aren’t the exact words

    • Linda Verenice
      Linda Verenice 7 days ago +1

      Ellie Gordon I know right, that’s so messed up

  • Amm Kvr
    Amm Kvr 10 days ago +1

    She is trying to be Danielle brogelio like wtf back off u are not cool

  • Zakkary Galbraith
    Zakkary Galbraith 10 days ago

    It's today's society!

  • Imma Cecere
    Imma Cecere 10 days ago

    You are a failure! .. wow 👍

  • Xan Hunt
    Xan Hunt 11 days ago

    WOW, I can comment on a dr Phil episode! Ok, that’s all I had to say, 👋

  • runway bhabie
    runway bhabie 11 days ago

    i want whatever the mom is smoking bc she’s obviously on some form of crack to be buying her stuff that fuels her bad habits

  • mr thc
    mr thc 11 days ago

    “Does she have your balls in a Dixie cup?” 😂

  • Alex Gervais
    Alex Gervais 12 days ago

    Mom: ur making me feel like a failure

  • Ice Phoenix
    Ice Phoenix 12 days ago

    Moms be retarded like that, weak moms allow this and feed addictions and misbehavior to children, like buying her cigarettes so she’s stay calm or quiet or what ever! NO one thing leads to another! And just because you are supplying her this won’t mean she won’t try worst things now that she sees you’re okay with this! My mom is and was the same with my brother. This is a representation of failure and weak parenting. No means no.

  • Cory Mills
    Cory Mills 12 days ago

    What’s her last name yo

  • Tricia honeywell
    Tricia honeywell 12 days ago

    What a shitty mother

  • Tricia honeywell
    Tricia honeywell 12 days ago

    What a shitty mother

  • grey
    grey 12 days ago


  • Victoria Landa
    Victoria Landa 12 days ago +1

    Is anyone gonna acknowledge that fact that yes she is a minor but 17 is a year away from being a grown adult ... so no there’s not much they can do... she’s gonna do what she wants now or in a year 😂

  • Don’t-hate- Appreciate

    Another bragolii

  • ma ya
    ma ya 13 days ago

    *you are a failure*

  • Anoxidized qwq
    Anoxidized qwq 13 days ago +1

    I know your child more than you do. - Dr. Phil

  • Josiane Lessard
    Josiane Lessard 13 days ago


  • Gavin M
    Gavin M 14 days ago +1

    She's just a teen with no guidance if someone would actually care and really talk to her she'd probably change a lot

  • TheMongolat
    TheMongolat 15 days ago +1

    Ohh I see several divorces in her future.