Can Ridley Drag Someone FASTER Than Big Blue?! - Mythsmashers #6 (Smash Ultimate)

  • Published on Feb 13, 2019
  • I'm back with another episode of Mythsmashers! I'm sure you've seen or heard about the "Who can Survive Big Blue" videos. Today I want to see if Ridley can drag someone at a faster pace than Big Blue can fly. Find out this and much more in episode 6 of Mythsmashers!
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    Outro Music: Hydrocity Zone Act 2 - Sonic Mania
    Made with Elgato HD60 capture card
    Recorded with Blue Spark microphone
    Edited using Adobe Premiere Pro
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  • Mythos MUGEN
    Mythos MUGEN 3 months ago +1885

    "Big Blue is a jet"
    -Henke, 2019
    Big Blue is my favourite jet from the Captain Falcon series, it's almost as cool as Metroid's plane.

  • Dragonlover9000
    Dragonlover9000 3 days ago

    since your videos are a play on Mythbusters, why not add their "plausible" rating to myths? Especially when it is confirmed, but only in certain circumstances.

  • Zakary B
    Zakary B 3 days ago

    Sonic can outrun big blue tho

  • Om Nom Nom
    Om Nom Nom 4 days ago

    Fuck your clickbait bullshit. At least put a time stamp for the thumbnail myth.

  • ironwolf duwang
    ironwolf duwang 4 days ago

    Well he’s a dragon

    HEAD SHOOTER 5 days ago +1

    What happens when 2 ridleys grab to drag at each other will it cancel and try it with a player imbetween

    I_ULTIMATE_BOSS 5 days ago

    I use mii brawler...

  • VulcanFaux
    VulcanFaux 6 days ago

    Wait. I thought sonic could easily outpace big blue. Pretty sure that was tested day one too and he was the only one that could do it with out the bunny hood.

  • Elfy, The elf no one knows

    When I think of no sleep spirit and jigglypuff, I think of turbo mode jigglypuff spamming rest.

  • RetroPixelate
    RetroPixelate 7 days ago

    Since Corrin's counter is slower, can s/he potentially counter Rest?

  • wonderguardstalker
    wonderguardstalker 7 days ago

    The flower doesn't really look weird. In fact, I'm impressed it even works that way

  • dead channel
    dead channel 7 days ago

    Can I animate a smashed and a confirmed animation?

  • Andrew Laughhard
    Andrew Laughhard 8 days ago

    You just saw game theory’s video and put it in your title

  • Nyoom Akuma
    Nyoom Akuma 8 days ago

    Sonic can actually taunt with enough space to still outrun big blue

  • GhostRaptor17
    GhostRaptor17 8 days ago

    In League if Legends Draven can catch another dravens axes

  • OhHello
    OhHello 8 days ago

    I got one: since inkling can use shield + special to refill your ink, can Kirby refill his ink when he has the inkling copy ability?

  • Bastion Unit B73
    Bastion Unit B73 9 days ago

    But can you stack
    And witch time?

  • Marie's Real Husband
    Marie's Real Husband 9 days ago +1

    How can someone be so right but so wrong at the same time

  • CS cubing
    CS cubing 11 days ago

    Myth or smash, slumber effects rest

  • Game Insane
    Game Insane 13 days ago

    Can KIRBY Notch a second Link arrow?

  • Nintendo Wolf
    Nintendo Wolf 13 days ago

    7:00 Would it be technically confirmed if it was Lucario? Lol

  • oster mtg
    oster mtg 14 days ago

    sing has a hitbox, you can see this through the hitbox visualisation of melee

  • Wilhelm Divinagracia
    Wilhelm Divinagracia 15 days ago

    Myth: Sonic's speed is nerfed from brawl and smash 4


    • KirboWeebo
      KirboWeebo 14 days ago

      Wilhelm Divinagracia you just confirmed your own myth

  • Ariel Reyes
    Ariel Reyes 15 days ago

    Can you try making a ridley perform a side b on wario (dont ask why) where in the platform infront of him is a lava stage

  • Hamana
    Hamana 16 days ago

    "since sonic can't outrun big blue" he literally can though

    • Hamana
      Hamana 4 days ago


    • KittyTiaT
      KittyTiaT 5 days ago

      No he can't

  • Mimikyugigas
    Mimikyugigas 18 days ago

    Can you bucket Snake’s UpB?

  • chase orr
    chase orr 19 days ago +1

    Mat pat did the math for this

  • Gazer Spiral
    Gazer Spiral 20 days ago

    I use mii brawler.

  • Shiny Riolu
    Shiny Riolu 23 days ago

    "Nobody really uses Mii Brawler"

    Mar would like a restraining order

  • Taiku Altergrund
    Taiku Altergrund 25 days ago

    Um...Sonic easily outpaces the big blue stage

  • LuckyStar
    LuckyStar 26 days ago

    Sonic can’t outrun big blue. :/ 5:40

  • ShadeDragon
    ShadeDragon 27 days ago +1

    5:44 what are you talking about. Sonic EASILY outruns big blue.

  • Hayden Ganesh
    Hayden Ganesh Month ago

    You can roll through bumpers

  • Rob77niner
    Rob77niner Month ago

    “Both of which are capable of breaking the sound barrier!”
    Best line I’ve heard in my life.

  • Roronoa Zoro
    Roronoa Zoro Month ago

    I thought sonic can outrun big blue

  • BIO Ging3r
    BIO Ging3r Month ago

    Sonic is MUCH faster than big blue

  • im a doggo
    im a doggo Month ago

    I’m though that sonic could out run big blue 🤷‍♂️

  • Enforcer Ridley
    Enforcer Ridley Month ago

    Want to know why Ridley can drag someone faster than a jet and a supersonic hedgehog? Ridley can fly through space without the aid of a space craft, realistically traveling from world to world. Meaning, he's faster than anything that NASA has produced, faster than jets and a supersonic hedgehog.

  • candycane king
    candycane king Month ago

    I use Mii brawler

  • Sean Velez
    Sean Velez Month ago

    0:30 this man... This man has no respect for the Mii community. Why don't people actually act like mii's are proper fighters!? They are! Do you see my picture right now!?
    Edit: yeah I already made a complaint here didn't I? Yeah.

  • WeeGeeMitZ '
    WeeGeeMitZ ' Month ago +1

    Kirby could do all 3 of Ryu's Hadokens since before Smash Ultimate. How is that a myth? Idk why I got so tilted for hearing that.

  • de - spa - cito
    de - spa - cito Month ago +6

    Ridley: * drags someone *
    Tails: " HE'S FASTER THAN SONIC! "

  • Baris Celik
    Baris Celik Month ago

    normal Bob-Ombs dont hurt you either 7:22

  • Evan Laurence
    Evan Laurence Month ago

    It actually makes sense that ridley goes the same speed when dragging someone, because in brawl, meta ridley was attacking the same ship while at full speed

  • spooky chu
    spooky chu Month ago

    Sonic is faster than big blue without bunny ears you guys just haven't done it right yet

    • Superxav12
      Superxav12 Month ago

      Then how do you do it right?

  • Kristopher Fryer
    Kristopher Fryer Month ago

    Sonic isn't going at full speed

  • Yutub Plz Subscribe II

    0:33 Except for me, i main Mii brawler. He is my favorite character in smash

  • Robonikes
    Robonikes Month ago

    I thought Sonic could outrun Big Blue.

  • Angry wolf king
    Angry wolf king Month ago


  • Eleventy seven
    Eleventy seven Month ago

    With Myth 2 Bowser Jr's up b can't be reflexed either I think it's just vertical projectiles that can't be reflexed, unless pit's arrow when pointed up can be reflexed

  • Pootisusasesos No
    Pootisusasesos No Month ago

    Uncultered man not knowing what big bloo js

  • Charles Lowe
    Charles Lowe Month ago

    I’ll make the templates for free if you want

  • A Person
    A Person Month ago

    You're incorrect on ganons f smash.
    If you stand ike and ganon next to each other, just close enough to hit with the f smash, ganon will hit ike, while ike will miss ganon.

  • Yo The Profit
    Yo The Profit Month ago

    Sonic can out run big blue

  • SamuFinland
    SamuFinland Month ago +2

    So if K Rool's belly armor is tied to his defense, does that mean it breaks FASTER when he's inked?

  • InAnotherCastle The OTHER other account

    "Nobody uses Mii Brawler"
    Does this call for the Vincent kick?

  • ShadowVane335
    ShadowVane335 Month ago

    No sonic is faster than big blue

  • Cody Malicote
    Cody Malicote Month ago

    ..... big blue is the name of the course..... that jet had an entirely different name. Big blue is one of the original stages in f-zero so...

  • Benji Shimada
    Benji Shimada Month ago

    How do you get big blue to not have cars beneath it?

    • Pascha
      Pascha Month ago

      Turning off stage hazards gets rid of the cars.

  • Nelson Zhang
    Nelson Zhang Month ago

    Ridley chokes the shit out of a fucking plant then dies

  • aFinalNote
    aFinalNote Month ago

    I got recommended this. Title starts at 5:20

  • Deju Roy
    Deju Roy Month ago

    Ryu doesn't have to use the b button to perform true/fire hadoken

  • KalNut 3000
    KalNut 3000 Month ago

    You can meteor smash at 0 present

  • Alan Critser
    Alan Critser Month ago

    I mean sonic can easily out run big blue but you don’t wanna do your research that’s fine

  • Broken Door
    Broken Door Month ago

    1:11 ignore how both f-smashes do different damage

  • Best Pikachu!!!
    Best Pikachu!!! Month ago +1

    I like nocking things XD

  • Dallas Barker
    Dallas Barker Month ago

    I use mii brawler

  • Slappy Starfish
    Slappy Starfish Month ago

    Matpat already said sonic was slow. Not just a theory anymore

  • God
    God Month ago

    I thought sonic could outrun big blue tho
    He even outran a black hole

  • Memelord UwU
    Memelord UwU Month ago

    “Sonic can’t outrun big blue.”
    *Shows him video of Sonic outrunning Big Blue*

  • Aaron Rodriguez
    Aaron Rodriguez Month ago

    lol it'd funny if jiggly cant use sleep if she has sleep immunity

  • c
    c Month ago

    Miis aren’t characters don’t @ me

  • Kevin Zakowicz
    Kevin Zakowicz Month ago +1

    0:31 speak for yourself, man!

  • mint
    mint Month ago

    ridley dragging these hoes

  • Hey Baby!
    Hey Baby! Month ago

    Does smash throw still exist in ultimate?

  • SkyMewtwo64 Games
    SkyMewtwo64 Games Month ago

    I have seen two amazon music commercials here...

  • Annie Chavez
    Annie Chavez Month ago

    Myth:link can block any projectile including bowsers fire

  • Exoflexspaxgaming ?

    I use all the miis

  • luis olvera
    luis olvera Month ago

    You can't footstool piranha plant while he's crouching

  • My Plumber
    My Plumber Month ago

    it sound retarded when he says smashed or confirmed :|

  • The RedstoneDimond
    The RedstoneDimond Month ago


  • Kazsura
    Kazsura Month ago

    It also makes no sense that pushing something makes you go faster, in theory he is faster then sonic.

  • •Mp3Gam ing
    •Mp3Gam ing Month ago

    Is it possible to do a daigo parry?

  • Zersdan C12
    Zersdan C12 Month ago

    Wait a minute, last time I checked, Sonic can outrun Big Blue with no problem. Was that changed?

  • Nikki Ninja
    Nikki Ninja Month ago

    For sonic running slower than big blue is SMASHED

  • AllanJelly Vlogs
    AllanJelly Vlogs Month ago +3

    If you have a Slumber Immune spirit and you use rest in Jigglypuff would you not fall asleep?

    • onlinepanic203
      onlinepanic203 Month ago

      Rest is an animation and doesn't count as sleeping, it's not something you can mash out of either.

  • Curly Haired Weirdo

    If you wanna skip to the clickbait, 5:19 , yourwelcome

  • maro tim
    maro tim Month ago

    #mythsmashers does bowsers neutral b do more damage then charizards?

  • Ethan Rokos
    Ethan Rokos Month ago

    I’m new to smash and I dont rlly know what staling moves is pls help

  • Da Yoshi Gamer
    Da Yoshi Gamer Month ago

    These videos are awesome. I didn’t know that this stuff could happen( I guess that’s the point)

  • Max Zur
    Max Zur Month ago

    5:48 you clearly haven’t played a Metroid prime, have you

  • g grendzinski
    g grendzinski Month ago

    Try the last one with peach’s final smash

  • Sang Kim
    Sang Kim Month ago

    Sonic CAN pass Big Blue

  • Noice
    Noice Month ago

    Does this mean Ridley could have just killed anyone by dragging them and slamming them?

  • Mr. Sir
    Mr. Sir Month ago

    Ryu's "fire" hadouken is called
    "Shakunetsu hadouken"

  • Typical Ukraine
    Typical Ukraine Month ago

    To be fair, who mains miis?

    Exactly. No one, unless they want to main themselves.

  • Luis Romero
    Luis Romero 2 months ago

    What happens if you get golden into the water?

  • Gins Magic Lamp
    Gins Magic Lamp 2 months ago

    About the countering rest and sing its both smashed because you can't hit jigglypuff when you counter cause of the invincibility it still counters so it still has a hitbox

  • Tom Maxwell
    Tom Maxwell 2 months ago +5

    Falcon punch does less dmg in the air btw so I think you were wrong at the beginning of the vid

  • Crunchy
    Crunchy 2 months ago

    Ike arrested