Can Ridley Drag Someone FASTER Than Big Blue?! - Mythsmashers #6 (Smash Ultimate)

  • Published on Feb 13, 2019
  • I'm back with another episode of Mythsmashers! I'm sure you've seen or heard about the "Who can Survive Big Blue" videos. Today I want to see if Ridley can drag someone at a faster pace than Big Blue can fly. Find out this and much more in episode 6 of Mythsmashers!
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  • Mythos MUGEN
    Mythos MUGEN Month ago +1646

    "Big Blue is a jet"
    -Henke, 2019
    Big Blue is my favourite jet from the Captain Falcon series, it's almost as cool as Metroid's plane.

    • The Dragon
      The Dragon 8 days ago

      How come no one likes the invisible jet when a invisible jet could torture a regular jet easier

    • cloudythoughts
      cloudythoughts 23 days ago

      Nah, Palutenas giant spoon is way cooler

    • Sonic Tales
      Sonic Tales 26 days ago

      I think this is awesome

    • Joseph Stalin
      Joseph Stalin 27 days ago +1

      Or kirby's dragoon star

    • Link 47
      Link 47 29 days ago

      F-ZERO X

  • Unclebrandon and Fam Food Life

    I like using the mii characters

  • Umbrius_48
    Umbrius_48 Day ago

    Will sleep immunity spirits wake jigglypuff up after rest?

  • ShadteR
    ShadteR 2 days ago

    P.S you can counter rest but it cannot damage jigglypuff but it can attack other opponents

  • DarkDiamondgaming4257

    Ridley is obviously hypersonic, I have no idea what you're talking about

  • SpriteWRLD
    SpriteWRLD 2 days ago

    Um yes sonic can outrun big blue

  • Link [[[[[ssbu]]]]] Breath of the wild

    Actually taunt woile you do it

  • Link [[[[[ssbu]]]]] Breath of the wild

    Sonic can outrun big blue

  • james 926
    james 926 3 days ago +1

    I use miis for the fighters that has been rejected! like skull kid,and waluigi!

  • 2 headed luigi
    2 headed luigi 3 days ago

    Peach final smash

  • Derek Ly
    Derek Ly 4 days ago

    Does marth and Lucina’s special do the same amount of damage/Does Samus and dark samus’s special do the same amount of damage?

  • The9th Gamer
    The9th Gamer 4 days ago +1

    I already knew the last one because that’s how I beat an army of singing jiggly puffs on classic mode

  • Hypershadow45
    Hypershadow45 4 days ago

    0:30 my matt would say something about that

  • Simon Yang
    Simon Yang 4 days ago

    Can Marth still kill himself with his final smash

  • Lunes de comida
    Lunes de comida 5 days ago

    Sonic is faster then bigblue

  • Salt the Dog
    Salt the Dog 5 days ago +2

    “Nobody ever uses Mii Brawler”

  • Xerner Swipe
    Xerner Swipe 5 days ago


  • boruto uchidhl
    boruto uchidhl 6 days ago +1

    Bro sonic dont even try when he run big blue tho i saw it on a vid

  • Jon 1212
    Jon 1212 7 days ago

    When Kirby does the star taunt the power he inhaled will go away

  • Galih Kunarso
    Galih Kunarso 7 days ago

    Myth: ridley does not interact with another ridley that is dragging towards him by dragging

  • GuiltlessTheguy
    GuiltlessTheguy 7 days ago

    Sonic can outrun big blue
    Edit:every single dislike is the people that know sonic can out run it

  • Believe in the Shmoopie

    Can you counter/reflect Jigglypuff?

  • Daedric Cheddar
    Daedric Cheddar 8 days ago +5

    "Big Blue is a jet."
    No, Big Blue is the track, and the jet is called Falcon Flyer.

  • Specter N
    Specter N 8 days ago

    You can kill yourself vertically with Ness’s or Lucas’s recovery.

  • Meghan Dixon
    Meghan Dixon 8 days ago +2

    I think the Ridley and jet thing is a glitch some how

  • MeltingCGI
    MeltingCGI 9 days ago

    How did you get big blue on its own

  • PokeMaster9234
    PokeMaster9234 9 days ago +2

    I’m not no sonic fanboy, however when youI said sonic CAN’T outrun big blue made me curious. But he actually can!

    • foxboy64
      foxboy64 8 days ago

      he could in brawl. he cant in ultimate.

  • Hassaan Khan
    Hassaan Khan 9 days ago +2

    sonic can run faster than big blue dude

  • Litho
    Litho 9 days ago

    He still can't drag someone as bad as a gay person can tho

  • wimpy water
    wimpy water 9 days ago

    U know to break the sound barrier you need to Circle earth 🌍 7 times in under a second

  • joshua Diaz
    joshua Diaz 9 days ago

    Hadoken means fireball. Or fire

  • The Lost Prophet
    The Lost Prophet 9 days ago

    Mii Gunner is the shitty one.

  • Rubiks Pro
    Rubiks Pro 9 days ago +1

    Wait does slumber immunity make Jiggalypuff broken

  • Steve Crafter
    Steve Crafter 9 days ago


  • George McIlroy
    George McIlroy 9 days ago

    What about bunny Sonic

  • Sway M
    Sway M 9 days ago +1

    "What's good everyone" You sound like McLovin, dude. Stop starting your videos this way. It doesn't work for you.

  • Plushies and more
    Plushies and more 9 days ago

    I use mini brawler

  • iCrayz
    iCrayz 10 days ago

    holy shit my whole body cringes when you say "confirmed".

  • James Bourassa-Arvisais

    Mith a red pikmin can go trough Simon fire and not richter aura

  • ToXic
    ToXic 10 days ago +1


  • RandomAccessMisery
    RandomAccessMisery 10 days ago

    Actually, only Warlock Punch does more damage if started in the air. Falcon Punch, like Explosive Kick, does less damage if used in midair.

  • Jamie Graham
    Jamie Graham 10 days ago

    Sonic can out run big blue

  • EnderBlaze01
    EnderBlaze01 10 days ago +1

    0:31 He is the only I know how to play nicely >:,v (too much brawlhalla)

  • Odyssey Gaming
    Odyssey Gaming 10 days ago


  • DeoxysAndMew 2
    DeoxysAndMew 2 11 days ago

    I mean, eggman is even faster than Sonic, sooooo...... yeah......
    Nothing weird here.

  • Haitani
    Haitani 11 days ago

    Regarding peach and daisy's bob-ombs not hurting them... I think every character is immune to their "own" bob-ombs in Smash Ultimate now. You can throw them directly down onto your feet but you won't get damaged.

  • darkwear gt growtopia
    darkwear gt growtopia 11 days ago

    Ridley can drag some one throught the black hole

  • Vincent Paul
    Vincent Paul 11 days ago

    does sleep immunity work on jigglypuff's rest? :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

  • lord endri
    lord endri 11 days ago

    Sonic can out run big blue you just have to do it right

  • Iggy Koopa
    Iggy Koopa 11 days ago

    3:16 Pokemon Switch has more lag when used frequently.

  • Mr.Trout
    Mr.Trout 11 days ago +8

    Sonic CAN outrun big blue

  • hitr 23
    hitr 23 11 days ago

    Actually, Sonic can still go faster than Ridley's drag, but can not go to fast because he'll die from running off camera

  • Michael Hunsinger
    Michael Hunsinger 11 days ago

    5:53 you do know that neither of them are actually creating a sonic boom in this game right?
    (1: Sonic is on a small battle field and will fall off instantly, and the sonic booms would make him too op considering the effects of one.
    2: if big blue moved that fast the players would get motion sick and the game would get bad reviews, and the wind passing by would drag every character off the stage over and over.)

  • shadowjfd
    shadowjfd 11 days ago

    Peach has also a sleep inducing attack, her final smash

  • Darth Dink
    Darth Dink 11 days ago

    Please for the love of god just say “busted”

  • Mr. Luigi 6253
    Mr. Luigi 6253 12 days ago +2

    Sleep immunity spirit works for peach and daisy’s final smash

  • WhiteHazeGruntz
    WhiteHazeGruntz 12 days ago

    what is this crap. what am I watching. is this a hack video. cause ive never heard of this channel or what. yet 2 times I log on my account no one else has access to and it signs me in watching this from start. seems sketchy reported. u need views this bad kid? get a real job u bum!

  • TD Muck
    TD Muck 12 days ago +2

    I have one. Can you penetrate king k rool's belly armor, or does it break with Ridley's skewer. Or down b?

  • K B
    K B 13 days ago

    Snakes down throw also is sleep inducing

  • Feral J.
    Feral J. 13 days ago

    Sonic can outrun big blue with a bunny hat. Do it in a custom smash with just bunny hats.

  • Franco Zamora
    Franco Zamora 13 days ago

    Did you test the last one with peach's final smash?

  • khalil Washington
    khalil Washington 13 days ago

    I main mii brawler

  • Bigplay55 Epic
    Bigplay55 Epic 14 days ago

    I countered puff's sing once. I was so confused.

  • Isaac Sisk
    Isaac Sisk 14 days ago

    i have a myth, if you use k rools down throw on garden of hope's bridge and it breaks the person is still grounded in the air.

  • Stefano Rolando
    Stefano Rolando 15 days ago +1

    Uhhh normal bobombs don't damage you either. It's not just a peach thing.

  • seelcudoom1
    seelcudoom1 15 days ago

    ridley IS a space dragon capable of space flight, it makes sense he could keep up with a sci fi jet

  • The Blades Of Corruption

    Umm sonic can outrun big blue

  • John G
    John G 16 days ago

    Its not energy its matter?.....stop

  • Braden Uitto
    Braden Uitto 16 days ago

    Can you perfect sheild a mr saturn

  • Tala B
    Tala B 16 days ago

    Does a sleep resistant spirit also void Peach/Daisy’s final smash?

  • Aleandra Gonzalez
    Aleandra Gonzalez 16 days ago

    Cant sonic outpace big blue tho???

  • Sky Heart
    Sky Heart 17 days ago +1

    "sonic can't outrun big blue"
    what, yes he can

    • Ridley
      Ridley 16 days ago

      That was in Brawl.
      The vids I see for Ultimate has sonic with the bunny hood or speed spirits. Unless you can give me the source.

    • Sky Heart
      Sky Heart 16 days ago

      +Ridley no he out run it without bunny hood too. There's a video on that as well

    • Ridley
      Ridley 16 days ago

      Only with a bunny hood

  • Rebekah Mackenzie
    Rebekah Mackenzie 17 days ago

    Okay somethings Henke.... Learn the actual names of the things you cover before you make videos about them as if you are some sort of expert on Smash info, because it makes you seem kind of ignorant that you can't even call them by name. For example, the ship on Big Blue is Captain Falcon's Falcon Flyer and Ryu's "red" or "fire" Hadoken is called Shakunetsu Hadoken.
    Also, did you calculate the averages of Lucina and Chrom's damage without the 20% damage bonus from 1v1? You can do this in training by adding another CPU character. Also, Ganondorf's forward smash has a slight bit more horizontal range than Ike's, while it covers less verticle range.

  • Allmyf4ult
    Allmyf4ult 17 days ago

    Sing does indeed have a hitbox... infact it hits 3 seperate times, you can test this by simply shielding next to a puff. After the third hit feel free to drop shield and punish safely

  • Minoacraft /Npaul
    Minoacraft /Npaul 17 days ago +2

    Sonic CAN outrun big blue...

  • Hollow dude
    Hollow dude 18 days ago +1

    R.i.P. plant 1985-2019
    1 like is 1 seed

  • Sir Dino
    Sir Dino 18 days ago

    Ridley is the official quiet place monster

  • MLGiovanni vald
    MLGiovanni vald 18 days ago

    10:14 what dumbass doesn’t know this??

  • KahunaLagoona DX
    KahunaLagoona DX 18 days ago

    Why did people think the Ryu-Kirby thing was a myth? I've done it constantly as Kirby in Smash 4 - they have lines recorded for it as well.

  • Kyran Katzenbach
    Kyran Katzenbach 18 days ago

    Ridley is not right about sonic

  • KoonTastic The Gamer
    KoonTastic The Gamer 18 days ago

    #MythSmashers7 - Ike stays in the top middle of the screen, no matter where he is When using his final smash.

  • Meister Meme
    Meister Meme 18 days ago

    That was just cringe

  • lyingcorn
    lyingcorn 18 days ago

    Does the villager and isabelle glitch where they crash the game work on two copied kirbies

  • Omega Ridley
    Omega Ridley 19 days ago

    Some Of Us Smashed A Myth.....People Play As Mii Brawler.

    CHEESE CAKE 19 days ago

    I found another glitch you can make greenin janise float idk how

  • - Chipster -
    - Chipster - 19 days ago

    Will Jigglypuff still do rest if it has slumber immunity?

    loljk, ofc Jigg still can

  • Now this is epic can we hit 100 subs

    say that no one uses mii brawler to Vincent

  • JumpingBlockGames
    JumpingBlockGames 19 days ago

    Looked at the title and thought it said “Faster then a Jedi”

  • Damon Wargo
    Damon Wargo 19 days ago

    Snake down throw?

  • Josh Dichiera
    Josh Dichiera 19 days ago

    Sonic is faster then the jet

  • Dr. Doofenward
    Dr. Doofenward 19 days ago

    The Kirby Ryu one was confirmed in smash Wii U already lol

  • hoglanderYT
    hoglanderYT 19 days ago

    Sonic can taunt in the front of big blue, run all the way to the top again, and repeat
    A giant lizard drags as fast as a hover car

  • Pixle Shadow
    Pixle Shadow 19 days ago

    counters sing
    Lucina: SHUT THE HELL UP

  • Joshuwa Mckinsey
    Joshuwa Mckinsey 19 days ago

    5:38 um...

  • Joey Fenstermaker
    Joey Fenstermaker 19 days ago +1

    The moves staling when switching Pokémon on Pokémon trainer is wrong he charges squirtles attack a tiny bit longer in the first one causing more damage but if you do the math both times ivysaurs damage is the same

  • Elliot Sundström
    Elliot Sundström 19 days ago

    Does jiggly puff fall asleep after rest if you have slumber resistance

  • Zee Paladin
    Zee Paladin 19 days ago

    I actually used the sleep spirit thing when doing world of light vs the Chorus Kids. It was a pain otherwise...

  • DXO
    DXO 19 days ago

    Because they aren’t currently breaking the sound barrier

  • Grayson Murray
    Grayson Murray 20 days ago +1

    Myth: Grenijna’s Hydro pump deals more knockback depending on the opponents damage

  • YayapLives
    YayapLives 20 days ago

    A few corrections:
    You can counter both of Jigglypuff's vertical b moves. Jigglypuff just won't take damage from the down b counter. As a Jigglypuff main, swordies countering my sing makes an already hard match up hell. Also it's not like countering the down b is bad. You don't die... And find yourself next to a sleeping Puff.
    Also bombombs just straight up don't deal damage to the thrower in Ultimate. It's not just Peach bombs. As long as you throw the bomb you won't take the explosion damage. Peach still takes damage like anyone else if the bomb blows up from taking damage.