What Tattoos Do You Refuse to Do? | Tattoo Artists Answer


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  • The Last True Patriot 69

    A confederate flag? Lol

  • Alba Pinfer
    Alba Pinfer 2 hours ago

    No wayyyyy

  • 6ixset
    6ixset 2 hours ago

    No confederate flags? I’m sorry but I’m Hispanic and from Texas and that flag ain’t racist. That flag is a symbol of southern pride and heritage.

  • Snickers My Dude
    Snickers My Dude 2 hours ago

    Whenever I'm older, Ima get three X's under my right eye... and maybe an X on my right wrist too

  • SlayerAOD
    SlayerAOD 4 hours ago

    Tattoos are for plebs

  • silver gun13
    silver gun13 13 hours ago

    I love the yellow Van's hoodie

  • W S
    W S 13 hours ago

    I had a coworker that had his ex gf’s name in big bold letters across his forearm 😬

  • Evropa Nazione
    Evropa Nazione 16 hours ago

    Those typical sjw libtards smh

  • Maryan Mohamed
    Maryan Mohamed 20 hours ago

    Why is this video so long wth I prolly woulda enjoyed it if it was shorter lmao sry

  • Ruben Tongiani
    Ruben Tongiani 22 hours ago

    3:10 "no way"

  • steffy laffy
    steffy laffy Day ago

    Such a relief that so many artists refuse racist crap

  • andrew tran01
    andrew tran01 Day ago

    dick on his face

  • The Interesting Carrot

    Im a non white dude who’s not racist at all and i have a Swastika tattoo on my Ankle... Yes, As an Ironic Symbol to trigger and confuse people. Sometimes you just gotta get it for a meme..

  • VSarius
    VSarius Day ago

    You couldn't grab at least 1 old timer? Fuck guys, this is like Liberal Arts Degree.mov
    But seriously? No arabic, political figures, dolphins, tramp stamps, [fad shit], "God" unless it's psychedelix'd to 11.
    Like shit, no swastikas? But it's fine to do a six-point star. No A.B but Marines is aight even if one has harmed 1/10000 then the other, yet one has to hurt to survive - while the other so rich fucks thrive?
    Oh. And don't even pretend those of you nooooon-racists aren't scared as fuck when you end up inna' hood.

  • Vee Vee
    Vee Vee 2 days ago

    I really love the blonde girl attitude and personality! She seems so down and sweet!! Lol “absolutely not get out of town dude” 😂

  • Cassie C
    Cassie C 2 days ago

    I have no fucking clue how you’d heal a butthole tattoo. When little babies need surgery on their backs, only way to keep infant diaper mess out of the healing wounds is to tape heavy duty plastic over the wound, separate of the wound dressing, so it can be disinfected or changed after every dirty diaper.
    Knowing that, I seriously can’t figure out how the hell you’d keep a butthole tattoo clean long enough for it to heal. It simply does not compute.

  • Senya
    Senya 2 days ago

    Whoever does an eyeball tattoo is retarded.

  • Parth Bhammar
    Parth Bhammar 2 days ago +1

    How pathetic that a swastika is seen as a bad symbol... It's such an auspicious sign...

    CUPGERM 2 days ago

    All these episodes and I still can’t figure out if “Rizzie” is a guy or a girl

  • Rawan A.
    Rawan A. 3 days ago

    Wtf! is eye tattoo a thing?

  • Nightwalker
    Nightwalker 3 days ago

    2:30 that fat chick has about a pound of make up on her face

  • Electronic AIDS
    Electronic AIDS 3 days ago

    I do not get why so many people refuse to do Swastikas.

  • mark robinson
    mark robinson 3 days ago

    something very important that i would like to mention here
    a swastika and a nazi symbol isnt the same,
    swastika is a auspicious symbol in indian culture and nazi symbol is a mirror image of swastika which was nazi symbol

    so please do swastika and dont do nazi symbols


    So I want suck toes get hoes in Chinese letters on my balls

  • Zack Boyle
    Zack Boyle 3 days ago +2

    First dude is wearing a shirt from a brewery in my area
    I like that dude

  • darkdoctor2017
    darkdoctor2017 3 days ago

    So u hate penis tattoos but not vagina ...aahhhh feminist

  • rai pika pi
    rai pika pi 3 days ago

    the butthole butterfly sounds awful to heal. you would have to use a alcohol wipe to make sure it didn't get infected and that thought was excruciating

  • Chris Chan
    Chris Chan 3 days ago

    Confederate flag isn’t offensive. Pussies

  • Color_Theory
    Color_Theory 4 days ago

    That DOOM shirt is hype!

  • Bobby
    Bobby 4 days ago

    I really want a ZoSo tattoo on my wrist to show my love for Led Zeppelin and especially Jimmy Page, but imma wait to i'm at least 18

  • Wany Boi
    Wany Boi 4 days ago +2

    Ok a lot of people see the confederate flag as southern history

    • deerturkeyfishgbaker
      deerturkeyfishgbaker 3 days ago

      Idc how some people use it.
      They can use it however They want,I know what it is and i use it to show pride of my heritage.
      I'm a southern native American and I can fly it high

    • deerturkeyfishgbaker
      deerturkeyfishgbaker 3 days ago

      Ummm.....because it is...

  • John FitzGerald
    John FitzGerald 4 days ago +1

    well, there goes my dick-slave tattoo idea. great, i guess i'll just get a tribal butterfly.

  • Donnie Brasco
    Donnie Brasco 4 days ago

    I just wasted nine minutes and 18 seconds of my life watching these dumb fucks talk about what they won’t do just tattoo and shut the fuck up crybabies😥

    • depressed walrus
      depressed walrus 4 days ago

      Judging by your profile picture you're just triggered those guys don't want to tattoo your fifth swastika

  • Dafydd Gaule
    Dafydd Gaule 4 days ago

    02:37 *iS tHe BlUe HaIr OnE mAnSpReAdInG ?!?!?!*

  • Sheila Sok
    Sheila Sok 4 days ago

    Look at exactly 6:05

  • Christopher Lucas
    Christopher Lucas 5 days ago

    Stay away from Kevin Boudreau, got it...

    C4MPx PUDGEY 5 days ago

    Girl with blue hair 2:15 is that character that’s megs best friend that Brian liked her for her body

  • Lewis McComb
    Lewis McComb 5 days ago

    He really just wanted a girl to tough his dick

  • Kawaii Toy Collector

    Anyone See That Flash At 6:05

  • Blanzy
    Blanzy 5 days ago

    Confederate flags arent even bad

  • zachf
    zachf 6 days ago

    Hate speech tattoos? You've got to be kidding me.

  • Chris Porter
    Chris Porter 6 days ago

    If Christian bakers are legally obligated to decorate pro-gay decorations on cakes, tattoo artists should have to tattoo whatever their clients ask for. You don't get it both ways.

    • Chris Porter
      Chris Porter 2 days ago

      +Nile Peoples Racists are morally superior to blacks. Racists are such a smaller minority than the black community, but blacks commit way more murder and rape.

    • Nile Peoples
      Nile Peoples 2 days ago

      Chris Porter dude, you just said that racists have done nothing wrong, my point is proven.

    • Chris Porter
      Chris Porter 4 days ago

      +Nile Peoples Neither have those "racists", you just don't want them to have the same rights as your average citizen. Do you have a counterargument to this issue of private enterprise and freedom of association, or are you going to keep yelling "Nu-uh!" like a petulant child?

    • Nile Peoples
      Nile Peoples 4 days ago

      Chris Porter its not a perfect comparison; racism has caused huge animosity, theres a reason why we are taught that its wrong. LGBT have done nothing wrong the way racists have, no comparison.

    • Chris Porter
      Chris Porter 5 days ago

      +Aloha Steph The Colorado baker is back in court for exactly this, even after spending hundreds of thousands of dollars the first go around.
      We're comparing two private business owners. It's a perfect comparison, you just don't like the precedent that's set.

  • Faith Leilani
    Faith Leilani 6 days ago

    The last girl was supper pretty

  • Fredrik Nordman
    Fredrik Nordman 6 days ago

    tattooing your pee is so fkn awkward... On a bed in a room with other people, on your back. Errect cus stencil has to be on correct. Hurts like a motherfucker aswell.

  • Tarif I.
    Tarif I. 6 days ago

    No way

  • Pete Marczyk
    Pete Marczyk 6 days ago +48

    "A Mickey Mouse holding a flag with a swastika…for my son.💀

  • rozdaję ciepłe bułeczki

    1:53 marek Pawlik? Dobre dobre bo polskie.

  • scud69er
    scud69er 6 days ago

    Holy sheeet! Jessa Bigelow is stunning!!!! I would do terrible things to her

  • Isabela LL
    Isabela LL 7 days ago +40

    To the people commenting about a swastika's former meaning: you probably wouldn't tattoo the word "Isis", and that's an ancient Egypt goddess

    • a c
      a c 3 days ago +4

      It's actually a fairly popular name. I feel bad for the women that have had it for 15+ years before it got a bad wrap. Also, a fundamentalist Muslim wouldn't get that tattoo. Tattoos are a sin.

  • Ben Hamza
    Ben Hamza 7 days ago

    Imma get a 100$ bill on my cock so my girl will have money to blow

  • rodezno53
    rodezno53 7 days ago

    Am I the only one that thinks the Mickey Mouse holding a flag with a swastika tattoo that the blonde girl in the first pair was describing was more of a statement piece maybe? Seeing as how Walt Disney was a huge anti-semite

  • Shivani Kuthe
    Shivani Kuthe 7 days ago

    Did anyone notice 6:06?

  • Charles Middleton
    Charles Middleton 7 days ago

    Any of advice for a senior in high school who wants a tattoo but everyone family wise disagrees

  • biggiesmartypants
    biggiesmartypants 8 days ago

    I have a penis tattooed on my penis.

  • sxintzz
    sxintzz 8 days ago


  • King_shawn165 TV
    King_shawn165 TV 8 days ago

    6:47 😂😂

  • Eragon Kvothe
    Eragon Kvothe 8 days ago +1


  • Filip Piłat
    Filip Piłat 9 days ago +4

    Why aren't all the people who think that a Christian baker can't refuse to do a gey marriage cake complaining about this video, huh???

    • Filip Piłat
      Filip Piłat 3 days ago

      +depressed walrus haha, sure whatever you say man

    • depressed walrus
      depressed walrus 4 days ago +1

      Because there is a clear fucking difference

  • Skills 1000
    Skills 1000 9 days ago

    Yo girl with the blue hair fine low key

  • Andrew Brown
    Andrew Brown 9 days ago

    I aim to be the last man on earth without a tattoo. People are such sheep

  • Real Clout
    Real Clout 9 days ago

    The guy with the eye tattoo was on David's vlog:)

  • ByootifoulLaif
    ByootifoulLaif 9 days ago

    I have no issue with BDSM relationships, but it is VERY uncool when couples drag other people who did not want to be a part of anything into a sexual situation.

  • L Nicole
    L Nicole 10 days ago

    Lol well Mickey Mouse is based off blackface. Everyone just thinks he is a mouse. Lol, i still like him though.

  • Urmum
    Urmum 10 days ago

    I would 100% do the swastika on the forehead just cusi know they're gonna get knocked out for it

    JM SAVAGE 11 days ago

    the confederate flag isnt racist

  • Andrew Whittaker
    Andrew Whittaker 11 days ago +1

    The Swatzika symbol has been around for tens of thousands of years. And the flag that most people consider to be a racist ( Confederate flag) is not racist. It was designed by a African American woman. Some of you need to full your heads out of your asses

    • depressed walrus
      depressed walrus 4 days ago

      Would you tattoo the word ISIS on your forehead?

  • Richard Shears
    Richard Shears 11 days ago +2

    If anyone want an eye tattoo they should be guided to the nearest mental health hospital

  • Shay Rayburn
    Shay Rayburn 11 days ago

    I love the Phoenix guy

  • Issa Supporter
    Issa Supporter 11 days ago


  • JMoney SnD
    JMoney SnD 11 days ago

    confederate flags are not racist fucking cunt...

  • Yee ItsTanGo
    Yee ItsTanGo 11 days ago

    Fat blonde bitch is sexy🌊🔥

  • Bloody Dior
    Bloody Dior 11 days ago

    The artist can get killed if they try to tattoo gang affiliated type of tattoos unless they get permission from the main head of the gang or go to a specific artist that do tattoos for that gang

  • Jackson Smith
    Jackson Smith 11 days ago

    1:34 don’t cram a whole bunch of stuff in a small area... says the guy with 7482646 tattoos on his body. each one side by side😂

  • Average Alien
    Average Alien 12 days ago +2

    Bet they would do a hammer and sickle, but no, the much milder swastika is off limits

    • Average Alien
      Average Alien 4 days ago

      +Stephen Pike retarded commie, communism is the epitome of evil, it is literally the most brutal and cruel ideology on the planet, and has killed tens of millions more than fascism ever has or could

    • Stephen Pike
      Stephen Pike 5 days ago +1

      Milder? Nazis are the epitome of evil...although shooting their goose-stepping selves in many, many video games is tons of fun...

  • Captcha Neon
    Captcha Neon 12 days ago

    The guy that has the foreign accent has me melting

  • Ben Dover
    Ben Dover 12 days ago

    The ' I don't do tribals' guys ithe real mvp

  • Cayleigh Geipel
    Cayleigh Geipel 12 days ago

    Did jessa work in newark California???

  • Scolioliolioliolisis boy
    Scolioliolioliolisis boy 12 days ago +1

    What’s wrong with the Rebel Flag

  • Scolioliolioliolisis boy
    Scolioliolioliolisis boy 12 days ago +10

    There’s a lot of people that don’t know what a swastika actually means

    • Victor Garcia
      Victor Garcia 2 days ago

      There is a lot of people who don't know that other symbol is not a swastika, and is not even called swastika.

    • Elva Mae
      Elva Mae 9 days ago

      Yea cuz my mums friend has that tattoo but it’s actually a sign of peace before the nazis took it over

    • 100 subscribers no videos we got this
      100 subscribers no videos we got this 9 days ago

      +Calhaora Lightsbane ...

    • Calhaora Lightsbane
      Calhaora Lightsbane 10 days ago +3

      No. But the Nazis sadly f'ed the Manji up. So yeah - they mostly want the Nazishit, not the aktual Symbol.

  • Nia Moore Smith
    Nia Moore Smith 12 days ago

    6:04 is that a hidden message

  • Ollie S
    Ollie S 12 days ago

    What about dick tattoos

  • Paul Lytle
    Paul Lytle 12 days ago

    Id do the swatizka tattoo but mess it up

  • Shelton Pinto
    Shelton Pinto 13 days ago

    Hit Like if you think *Jessa* *Bigelow* is *Hot* 😍😍❤️❤️

  • Martín Bruno
    Martín Bruno 13 days ago +6

    As always the comment section is full of nazis crying about people don't liking them.

  • Bob Sagit
    Bob Sagit 13 days ago +2

    Ya dude confederate flag is equivalent to a nazi flag LOL

  • Netheryk
    Netheryk 13 days ago +88

    It took horribly long for penis tattoos to be mentioned.

  • this_meme_Youtube _Channel_tho

    6:05 it says culture style art

  • this_meme_Youtube _Channel_tho

    3:12 just tell them you have a boyfriend

  • Toker420247
    Toker420247 13 days ago

    Stupid pc bullshit. Pink fish pussy type typical worthless american fucks

  • William DeLoach
    William DeLoach 13 days ago

    Gasp, the pearl clutching is unreal, from some of these people.

  • Miz Ali
    Miz Ali 13 days ago

    A sunflower around your bowl? What?

  • John G.K.
    John G.K. 13 days ago

    I made it to 7:05 before turning the video off after hearing the girl on the left refer to the girl on the right as "Them". "She" would have been the correct pronoun.

    • Honey Love
      Honey Love 9 days ago

      John G.K. Oh ok and I total understand and respect that I do hope you respect what I think 💕

    • John G.K.
      John G.K. 10 days ago

      +Honey Love sorry, your opinion of changing the lexicon due to others mental illness is not required. There's only so much I can tolerate... And this is coming from someone VERY open minded that has been in a long term relationship with someone who is transgender... not just transexual but full transgender.

    • Honey Love
      Honey Love 10 days ago

      John G.K. They/them are also pronouns that are valid. “She” would not be correct because those are not the pronouns THEY like. We need to understand they/them pronouns are just as valid and important but most importantly we need to respect them 💕

  • Kjca
    Kjca 13 days ago

    Comparing a confederate flag to a swastika...wow

  • Brian Chance
    Brian Chance 14 days ago

    I have a ass tattoo

  • P h o e n i x.
    P h o e n i x. 14 days ago

    Im offended

    INSECTICA 14 days ago

    Why you don’t make face tattoos?

  • Xi0N
    Xi0N 14 days ago

    If someone in New Jersey wants a swastika on their forehead, DO IT! LMAO
    Let the whole world know ur a Nazi, your funeral

  • 1GoldRunner
    1GoldRunner 14 days ago

    0:00 How the f*ck do you consider a Nazi sign a "little" too offensive. The way he said that make me think that he does them, but behind closed doors. That guy should never be trusted.

  • Damian Downing
    Damian Downing 14 days ago

    so a confederate flag is racist??