What Tattoos Do You Refuse to Do? | Tattoo Artists Answer

  • Published on Nov 9, 2018
  • 14 tattoo artists talk about the tattoos that they refuse to do, and share some stories behind why they refuse certain tattoo requests.
    Has your tattoo idea ever been rejected by an artist before? Let us know in the comments!
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  • Bill Land
    Bill Land 4 hours ago

    It's funny cause Walt Disney was a very big Nazi supporter so that tattoo kinda makes sense when you think about it

  • Talia Terrell
    Talia Terrell 12 hours ago

    They need to get someone on here who has a genital tattoo and anal tat cause I wanna know the healing process 😂

  • the creator
    the creator 14 hours ago

    Hate speech isn't a thing

  • Garrett Rodgers
    Garrett Rodgers 20 hours ago

    I don't get why people are offended by xthe confederate flag. It wasn't about slavery... It was about the union on Amarica. The south wanted independence. Yes slavery was involved but is was only one small part out of a major big event.

  • Elijah Galindo
    Elijah Galindo Day ago +1

    Confederate flag is a battle flag

  • rebecca vidal
    rebecca vidal Day ago

    these people sound like theyre so nice to the racists that request something racist... the instance they'd ask me that im telling them to fuck off and get out lol. 0% tolerance is the way to go

  • Sparkz Fortnite and More

    Did they used a clip of the lady with the blue hair and crop tip from another video called crazyest client stories

  • Carl Hicks Jr
    Carl Hicks Jr Day ago

    Uncle Carl's Rules For Tattoos
    1. NEVER get woman's name tattoo'd on you unless it's your momma or your child. Cuz, 'duh'.
    2. NEVER get a tattoo that says you're something you're not. More 'duh'. I know a guy that got his ass kicked for ink claiming he was a Marine when he was not. Now imagine what'll happen if a biker gang sees their shit on a non-member.
    3. If you want something clever in a foreign language scratched on you, get THREE *native* speakers of said language to confirm what you want says what you mean. If your Chinese ideogram that you think means 'thoughtful warrior' turns out to say 'Kung Pao Chicken On Special', you deserve all the ridicule you receive.
    4. No matter how much of a 'roid-fuelled gym rat you are, when you turn 60 your skin WILL sag. So that full back full color fire-breathing dragon riding a Harley down the Road to Armageddon is gonna look like a 6 year old took a lighter to a box of coloring pens. You have been warned.
    5. Any tattoo above your collar or below your wrist will one day cost you a job and/or a date.
    6. One for the ladies: Tramp stamps are REAL, ok? If you get the word 'Luscious' scratched across the top of your ass, every single loser in the bar will be on you like white on rice. BEFORE midnight, when it usually happens.
    7. There are several things in life you should NEVER, EVER skimp on... decide what you want, get what you need, pay for what you can afford, wait for good quality if you have to, and take care of why you buy. In my life, those things are: Cars, guns, tools, boots, and tats. YMMV, but I think that's a pretty good list.
    Remember, odds are you will not be the same rebel at 35 that you were at 22. Until you get an idea of who you really are, 'less is more' is a good philosophy. You can pull out piercings later in life if you decide it's no longer your thing. It's much harder to cover up or remove ink. I'm not saying that you can not or should not do what you want with your own body. Do your thing. But the choices you make will effect how others perceive you, for good or ill. But advice is free. You're gonna do what what you're gonna do.
    [note; In the spirit of full disclosure, I have three tats. One is the regiment I served with in the US Army. Another is the insignia of my reenactment unit (been a part of it for over 15 years) and the last is a custom tat my blood brother and I share.]

  • Arthur Read
    Arthur Read Day ago

    Why do tattoo artist seem very PC?

    BEERSCO 2 days ago

    Why does everyone put my brother in their thumbnail

  • Tapatio Armani
    Tapatio Armani 2 days ago

    Who the fck wants a girlfriend tatt??? That’s fckin stupid!!!

  • DrPsychedelic
    DrPsychedelic 2 days ago

    Like, like whatever

  • Just Smith
    Just Smith 2 days ago

    Hillary Clinton tattoos

  • MxEli41
    MxEli41 2 days ago

    The confederate flag isn’t racist

  • Nico Romero
    Nico Romero 2 days ago

    Confederate flag are a part of history.... A majority of people don't know the history behind it

  • Guillermo Sanchez
    Guillermo Sanchez 2 days ago

    Lol, honestly I don't get that silly position of "i'm not doing swastikas or blabla" like dude, be professional, tattoing a swastika on a random guy doesn't make you adopt the guy's beliefs. Imagine getting on a taxi and the driver tells you "sorry, i'm not going to take you anywhere because you have a christian cross and i'm against christianity" (switch the religion for whatever you want, you get my point).

    • BananaSpit
      BananaSpit 2 days ago

      Theyre trying to do whats best for the client, not themselves. They can drastically change that persons life in a bad way fromna swastika

  • Phil Hartmann
    Phil Hartmann 2 days ago +1

    @8:22 I can see why they ask you 😍

  • Sereen Qawasmi
    Sereen Qawasmi 3 days ago

    The blonde with the blue hair g next to her looks so high rn lol

  • Krithiga N.
    Krithiga N. 3 days ago

    OMG, Rizzie is soooo cute...
    Like really really cute

  • Spaceman
    Spaceman 3 days ago

    Are all these wome dykes? Whats so bad about tattooing a dick? At least the men are more tolerable and arent pussies to give the customer what they want.

  • Cthulhu Jankinx
    Cthulhu Jankinx 4 days ago +1

    Anything that has a face on my dad's body, has its eyes ripped out, and replaced on his left arm all gory like, with nails, toothpicks, and broken glass. I used to think it was super badass, and I almost followed what he did and got the art for it, but I recently kinda realized that as much as I like eyes, I cant put them on my arm. Kinda makes me sound like a fanatic

  • DyingRedHorizon
    DyingRedHorizon 4 days ago

    The swastika was the indians religious symbol until those Nazi stole it

  • Elle
    Elle 4 days ago

    This eyeball thing made me stop watch the video. I'll get to the video another time. Thats fucking scary and disgusting to imagine

  • Vane G.
    Vane G. 4 days ago

    The fat chick would be a 10 if she lost weight.

  • Tots NotAya
    Tots NotAya 4 days ago

    3:58 “i can’t wrap rice...”

  • Sarah Nickell
    Sarah Nickell 4 days ago

    The confederate flag is not raciest 😂😂😂 tf

  • Rachel Patterson
    Rachel Patterson 4 days ago

    Snowflake is diabetic! AH!

  • Teo Дора
    Teo Дора 4 days ago +2

    Does anyone knows swastika symbolism and real meaning? Hint: Hitler didn't invent it.

  • Nathaniel Bailey
    Nathaniel Bailey 4 days ago +6

    6:04 - 6:05 Nice little subliminal messaging 😄

  • Amy Gransden
    Amy Gransden 4 days ago

    I reckon if you're gonna get a matching tattoo with someone it should look good on its own too. So like a bow and arrow; Guy gets bow, girl gets arrow. Or a group of friends get different dinosaurs on them and together they look cool but they also look cool on their own. That kinda thing. I'm actually going to get a matching tattoo with my mum for my 18th, super excited! For those curious; it's gonna be a semi-colon :)

  • Will Camden
    Will Camden 5 days ago +1

    “Confederate flag” fat leftist slag

  • gonoslowr
    gonoslowr 5 days ago +1

    Holy nipples Batman 2:13 is a peep show of goods.

  • Kjeld Reijenga
    Kjeld Reijenga 5 days ago

    Idk if it's proper for me to say since I don't even have any tattoos, but if you "don't care for lettering" cuz you misspell shit you shouldn't (be allowed to) call yourself a tattoo artist imo

  • Fiji Water Bottle
    Fiji Water Bottle 5 days ago

    Why would you refuse to tattoo a swastika on a client who asked for it?
    We can skip the handshake with a racist and go straight to having nothing to do with them from 10 feet away.

  • Ecrypted 115
    Ecrypted 115 5 days ago


  • Kat Rose
    Kat Rose 5 days ago +2

    6:10 why did they feel the need to flash an inked logo lmao i spent 5 mins slowing down the video to figure out what it said smh

  • Sky
    Sky 5 days ago +7

    Idk why this was recommended to me 😂 but the Phoenix guy also briefly mentioned tribal tattoos and i wanted him to say more on that

  • Selfication
    Selfication 5 days ago

    Why are all tattoo artists Satanic? Im curious!!

  • Brian Jett
    Brian Jett 5 days ago

    Now I really want Mickey Mouse holding a swastika flag tattoo.
    That's fucken hilarious!!
    ....ya know, for the kids.

  • kaitlyn rose
    kaitlyn rose 5 days ago


  • XxxdlmbxxX 123
    XxxdlmbxxX 123 5 days ago

    Anybody going to talk about 6:07? Thought i was seeing shit until I replayed that part haha. Oh, and it says inked culture. Style. Art.

  • Lola Lola
    Lola Lola 5 days ago +1

    6:07 - 6:31 nipple 1, hair 0.

  • e b o n y
    e b o n y 6 days ago

    what was that message that flashed up????

  • Maddy628
    Maddy628 6 days ago +2

    ain’t nobody gonna talk about the inappropriate parts of the body? .-. honestly I would pass out myself doing that 😂

  • FisherFilms
    FisherFilms 6 days ago

    What’s wrong with confederate flags

  • abby yasumura
    abby yasumura 6 days ago +4

    i thought i was crazy but 6:05 they have a promotional subliminal second long image flash
    lol why tho

  • Zyklon B.
    Zyklon B. 6 days ago

    Since when have tattoo artists becomes such offended little bitches smh

  • Daddy LongLeg
    Daddy LongLeg 6 days ago

    Anyone else catch that screen flip 6:04

  • Robin Sharkey
    Robin Sharkey 6 days ago

    Big girls face is CAKED. Ease off that shit woman.

  • Justin Clark
    Justin Clark 6 days ago

    The girl talking about anus like your lesbian enjoy it

  • Nathan 475
    Nathan 475 6 days ago

    Since when was the Virginia battle flag racist or in kin to the swastika

    • Jon G420710
      Jon G420710 4 days ago

      Confederate flags have been seen as racist for a long time, why? Ignorance. It's a shame really it was even my highschools flag for the longest time till people started getting "triggered" and offended about it.

  • Rykytoonz
    Rykytoonz 6 days ago

    If you refuse to do penis tattoos speaking to the women then you should not be taking dicks in your pussy ass hole or mouth hole then if you ask alot of men tattoo artist if they would do pussy tattoos alot would say yes right away unless if they're married or they woman don't want them too etc...but yha alot of men would do pussy tattoos before a woman ask them too no problems if seeing or touching pussy or dicks is a problem for you then why do you fuck then i get if you ask a man to do a dick tattoo for you that's odd or a woman to do a pussy tattoo but most women would do a pussy tattoo and not a dick tattoo why's that odd world huh

  • Kevin Solo
    Kevin Solo 6 days ago

    Hahaha when she said penis I thought she ment people were trying to get tattoos of dicks on them.

  • Callie Casé
    Callie Casé 6 days ago

    6:05 anyone catch the screen pop up?

  • Yameen
    Yameen 6 days ago

    N O W A Y.

  • Azra  Nasuha
    Azra Nasuha 6 days ago

    Any reason why some tattoo artist refuse to do tribal tattoos

  • reggie furlow
    reggie furlow 6 days ago

    I would be mad as fuck if my artist said no to lettering 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣what?

  • Ruben Martinez
    Ruben Martinez 6 days ago

    The Mickey mouse one is historically accurate

  • Ella
    Ella 7 days ago +2

    bro the woman who wanted butterfly wings around her anus like wtf????!!?😂

  • SucmyCack nd lick my crack

    Lol getting a Confederate flag tattoo isn't racist I think it's stupid but it ain't racist

  • Rayshawn Wellington
    Rayshawn Wellington 7 days ago

    jessa bigelow can really get the work she’s soo sexy omg

  • Emily Everett
    Emily Everett 7 days ago

    Did anyone else see the weird flash at 6:05?

  • Juan Vicente
    Juan Vicente 7 days ago

    I'd like to know who did their tattoos or who they would like to get a tattoo from.

  • Gigi Haycox
    Gigi Haycox 7 days ago +2

    Uhhh did anyone else see “Inked” flash on the screen?!

  • nophunsarah
    nophunsarah 7 days ago

    I genuinely thought that when they were talking about “eye tattoos” they meant like on an eyelid. but then I realized they meant on the actual eyeball and I wanted to throw up

  • Pompey Loyal
    Pompey Loyal 7 days ago

    The fat chick at 2:15 got nipples like golf balls

  • Lia :3
    Lia :3 7 days ago

    At 6:05 why was there a flash

  • A M
    A M 7 days ago

    6:05 scared me

  • Tam's Travels
    Tam's Travels 7 days ago +4

    Even married couples should not get names tattooed! Symbolism people...

  • Khaella
    Khaella 7 days ago +3

    6:05, pause it and the Inked logo comes on in green. weird flex but ok

  • Irisht-raw 94
    Irisht-raw 94 7 days ago

    Idk if i would get a face tat im too sexy lol

  • King James II
    King James II 7 days ago

    I wonder how much of their talk is just bs

  • Drea DeMarco
    Drea DeMarco 7 days ago +23

    my dad is a tattoo artist and barber. he has no tattoos and hes bald.

    • Jeffrey Rubio
      Jeffrey Rubio 7 days ago +1

      I had the same thing only I grew it long and had it that for many years only to cut it off a few years back. Had a lot of appointments at the barbershop that my barber knows all my spots and how he should cut it. I'm not completely bald, but I have my share.

    • Drea DeMarco
      Drea DeMarco 7 days ago +2

      Jeffrey Rubio oh no he can, but he has a bald spot on his head and doesn’t want to show it so he shaves everything off😂

    • Jeffrey Rubio
      Jeffrey Rubio 7 days ago +1

      Geez couldn't grow a beard eh?

    • Drea DeMarco
      Drea DeMarco 7 days ago

      Jeffrey Rubio no can do, i only tell facts :)

    • Jeffrey Rubio
      Jeffrey Rubio 7 days ago +1

      Stop lying to me

  • Typical Centrist Apparently

    I wonder if they would refuse doing a hammer and sickle tattoo ... ???

  • pppgd
    pppgd 7 days ago

    Swastika and NAZI symbole were different

    • eva
      eva 6 days ago


  • Grim Reaper
    Grim Reaper 7 days ago

    Between 6:04 and 6:08, there is a split second that shows a GREEN "Inked" logo. LIKE IF YOU SAW IT! :D

  • Home Love
    Home Love 7 days ago

    Can a tattoo artist have zero tattoos? Or is that a taboo?

  • Rylee Smith
    Rylee Smith 8 days ago

    What’s wrong with the confederate flag???

  • saksham udaiwal
    saksham udaiwal 8 days ago

    I don't understand swastika in my religion is a sign of God which represents peace but just because of the misuse of the sign people hate it

  • charlie chaplin
    charlie chaplin 8 days ago

    how can you refuse gang members when they literally made it popular and you hipster fzazgs ruined it. lol fuckin posers.

  • May
    May 8 days ago +1

    So many of these chicks have their nipples just hanging out there in their shirts and it's making me uncomfortable..Like wtf. No one wears bras in these videos..

  • Secrecy
    Secrecy 8 days ago +1

    6:33 Holy Shit, I never knew G-Eazy had a twin sister

  • Pat
    Pat 8 days ago

    The confederate flag is not racist

  • YostToastSpaceGhost
    YostToastSpaceGhost 8 days ago

    Confederate flag is a racist, hate speech gang organization... *The More You Know...*

  • Raid Rimoche
    Raid Rimoche 8 days ago +4

    anyone going to talk about this? 6:04

  • A B
    A B 8 days ago +1

    I feel like it’s kinda cheeky to refuse to do a tattoo on someone if ur of age to get one then just because u disagree with the message. I understand not wanting to do genitals tho.

  • Djentleman
    Djentleman 8 days ago

    If I was a tattoo artist I'd do racist tattoos and stupid shit, me refusing to do a swastika won't stop them from being racist, if anything they'll be treated worse for having it. And besides if they don't get it from me, they'll get it somewhere else. I still respect other people's decisions not to want to have a hand in it though.

  • Marina DU
    Marina DU 8 days ago


  • Deborah not important

    No way

  • Prashant Kerung
    Prashant Kerung 8 days ago

    Dick tattooed ??
    Man that's some gay shit

  • Tatiquietaa
    Tatiquietaa 9 days ago +3

    The platinum haired girl looks like a mix of Corinna Kopf and Billie Eilish and I’m honestly so jealous

  • Adam
    Adam 9 days ago

    Pause before 6:05 or on 6:05

  • Humberto Vega Aguilar

    Did you guys catch the subliminal message around minute 6:05???

  • Jon
    Jon 9 days ago +80

    “I’m a stripper so when it goes like that 👐👐👐 i want it to look like it’s flying”

  • Piyush Sinha
    Piyush Sinha 9 days ago +1

    6.05 i see what u did there.

  • Dekster
    Dekster 9 days ago

    What is that Goat T-Shirt which Matt Truiano is wearing at 00:14 ??????

  • Ranjit Binning
    Ranjit Binning 9 days ago

    Swastika and Arian words like that from Sanskrit which is related to Indian history have been fucked by so bad by some part of European white people. Arian means noble in Sanskrit and white people start comparing it with their body features. We in India has big impact of swastika, until I talk to someone in Canada. Please European stop relating to yourself to Arian or swastika parts, Sanskrit is connected to our Indian roots. Nothing hate speech for us regarding it.

    S1L3NTA1ARM 9 days ago

    I think we’re all asking the same question: if one is doing a dick tat, hard or soft?

  • Yiu Ma
    Yiu Ma 9 days ago

    Does anybody else see that green writing at around 6:03 ? I cant stop the Video at the right time to actually read it

    • Yiu Ma
      Yiu Ma 9 days ago

      +Granny Zeldrath thanks ! I was curious 😧

    • Granny Zeldrath
      Granny Zeldrath 9 days ago

      Just the Inked logo in green

  • Michael Lee
    Michael Lee 9 days ago +1

    New Jersey got that hate!!!