Fourier Transform, Fourier Series, and frequency spectrum


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  • Physics Videos by Eugene Khutoryansky

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      Braulio Mamani 5 months ago +2

      Physics Videos by Eugene Khutoryansky por favor como se llama el programa que grafica todas estas maravillas de la matematicas

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      Impossible Physix 8 months ago +1

      How you animated this

  • Araştırma , Saçmala & Eğlence

    I have just learned my brain lobes have their wings. I just can say the word fantabulous and adding with different phases fantabulous to it and so fort...

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    May I know what tool was used to created this animation? Thanks!

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    ARPAN DEY 2 days ago

    Really nice. SINE=Simply Intuitively Nice and Elegant. By the way, could you please tell where from you get the instrumental music for your videos? Thanks.

    • Physics Videos by Eugene Khutoryansky
      Physics Videos by Eugene Khutoryansky  Day ago

      Thanks for the compliment. The music in this video is from the free USclip audio library, and the names of the songs are the following.
      Stale Mate

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    best video of physics I ever saw !❣️

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    love it!!

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    And to think that you got your bachelor's in EE from the same University as me.. very impressive video and conceptualization.

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    Can you do this by MATLAB?

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    Holler if you dislike this video and love NASCAR!

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    Magnificent visualization

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    remind me of tom and jerry

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    Drink a shoot every time she says sine

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    Which tech you used

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    I have been looking for an explenation on the fourier series and the frequency spectrum for a while now... this IS an eureka moment!

  • Альфир Кужагильдин

    Эхх, почему нам в школе не преподавали с помощью таких аналогий.
    Насколько же легго воспринимается материал, если приводит всё в аналогию механики.

  • Colin Thomasson
    Colin Thomasson 18 days ago

    Wonderful , this is just wonderfully useful to my the wavelength is the height in one revolution and the frequency is the angular velocity, the time for one revolution about the third axis...what is the third axis ?

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    Ashish Bairwa 20 days ago

    This is dope!

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    Niteen Kolambikar 22 days ago

    Intellectual animation for basic concept......Thank You\

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    Can you please how you made this video? I mean the animation.

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    Your videos are truly a gift to humanity. Please keep up your marvellous work!

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    half way through the video, but already loving it

  • Definitely not Jeffrey Epstein

    Math grad student. I knew all of this and I still don't understand.

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    Abdullah Biler 27 days ago

    How to kill a gpu

  • Definitely not Jeffrey Epstein

    I feel like I'm doing math on the moon

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    curatron 24 Month ago

    at 1:09 somebody explain whats happening illusioned actually there .thanks in advance

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    Beauty ❤

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    U made great efforts towards entire universe ... thank god.. i found that god in your efforts

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    After 15 years, I finally understood it today.

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    Kc Kc2018 Month ago

    It's so beautiful explaination. Many of my coworkers were some of the best engieers and scientists. But none of them could explain the Fourier Transformer in such simple and clarity manner of yours. Thank you. Most engineers know that complex wave forms were the sum of sine waves. But it's visually difficult for me to grasp the concept.

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    Are you kidding me.. it's a whole new way of thinking... I don't have much use of it ..but it's simply amazing how it's ...

  • Aadhava priya Muthazhagu


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    Joseph Ward Month ago

    And to take this concept to its ultimate end, I'm a wave and you're a wave.

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    Joabe Costa Month ago

    Thanks for this presentation, that's amazing!

  • Тёма Мельник

    However, in reality, the concept of a zero signal as two opposite in phase sinusoids contradicts the law of conservation of energy. Therefore, the Fourier series can only be considered as a mathematical imaginary abstraction, but not as a real physical phenomenon.

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    Your every video impresses me

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    nice vid, very helpful

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    Wow, this explains sooooooo much. Wish I learnt it during the cramming process

  • Joseph Bredon-McFarland

    I am just starting to learn the mathematics of audio signal processing using Max 8, and this was one of the most helpful and informative videos I have seen!

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    Incredible cinematography for the sine wave's intro! :D

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    very helpful video.i have struggeled alot in dsp.but now i am like a clear stream witn running water

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    The last sentence looked more philosophical in nature.

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    Very good!!

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    Brilliant ! So much clear in 3D. Thanks!

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    Holy SHIT!
    It finally makes sense! It all finally makes sense! It’s beautiful! 😭

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    Uno de los mejores canales, y sin duda el mejor que encontré en cuanto interacción gráfica, amor eterno a los creadores!

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    This is my lullaby

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    I understand very little!!

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    [Mind Blown]

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    awesome video

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    I think the direction of rotation of different frequencies will not same....plz check once