I DID SOMETHING CRAZY (i adopted a cat....)

  • Published on Aug 11, 2019
  • i made him an instagram. its @declanchamberlain. go follow for beauty shots of him. he's quite photogenic, you wont wanna miss it.... lol....
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  • katie finnegan
    katie finnegan 14 hours ago


  • Ciara Fay
    Ciara Fay 14 hours ago

    I like the name Declan that’s my brother’s name so it’s weird that it’s for a cat lol but I like it it’s cute and Irish which is always good, but can u explain why/how you chose it?

  • Ava Parise
    Ava Parise 14 hours ago


  • Matilde Oliveira
    Matilde Oliveira 14 hours ago

    You should really name him Macaroni

  • mattDM 4643
    mattDM 4643 14 hours ago

    He shits in front of his food

  • Tiger Pop
    Tiger Pop 14 hours ago

    I think you should name it garefield for no reason at all.

  • Annie Nicole
    Annie Nicole 14 hours ago

    Name if fill, because you love fill’s coffee 😂

  • Terry McCray
    Terry McCray 14 hours ago


  • Amia Knowles
    Amia Knowles 14 hours ago

    Name it Parmesan

  • Literally No
    Literally No 14 hours ago

    I’m on two percent so that’s fun

  • K K
    K K 14 hours ago

    You should’ve named him Tigger

  • jessica baby
    jessica baby 14 hours ago

    Pumpkin spice would be such a cute name!🤧🤧

  • Laylah Jordan
    Laylah Jordan 14 hours ago

    ok some of yall boutta be real mad at me but i lowkey miss blonde emma (ps i like your new kitty💓🤠)

  • Gracelynn Cazier
    Gracelynn Cazier 14 hours ago

    people don't own cats... cats own people

  • Sunshine Jen
    Sunshine Jen 14 hours ago

    I preferred ryiley

  • Zakary Scott
    Zakary Scott 14 hours ago

    Name him Alfredo

  • Stephie O
    Stephie O 15 hours ago

    Please subscribe to my USclip channel I posted a funny af back to school haul go watch for a laugh😂😂😂

  • Payton Canter
    Payton Canter 15 hours ago +1

    who else noticed she got the same bowl as faze rug 😂💗

  • Sunshine Pastels
    Sunshine Pastels 15 hours ago

    My cats name is marble

  • StarandMoon_ii Roblox
    StarandMoon_ii Roblox 15 hours ago

    Vinny. Vinny Vinny Vinny. VINNYYYY

  • ilmelangolo
    ilmelangolo 15 hours ago


  • Rafaela Asoniti
    Rafaela Asoniti 15 hours ago

    name him Tod

  • No ugly hoes allowed
    No ugly hoes allowed 15 hours ago

    Did this really need to be made into a video though?

  • Addison Mundorff
    Addison Mundorff 15 hours ago

    I luv the name

  • Alex Williams
    Alex Williams 15 hours ago +1

    Omg wait I love the name!

  • Bridget Garrett
    Bridget Garrett 15 hours ago

    Call him kai

    JASMIN TALAMANTEZ 15 hours ago

    I think it’s very creative to name him Declan. I’ve never heard of the name Declan so that’s cool!:)

  • Bridget Garrett
    Bridget Garrett 15 hours ago


  • Isabella Hicks
    Isabella Hicks 15 hours ago +1

    You should name him simba

  • Pippa Chalker
    Pippa Chalker 15 hours ago

    Soooo cute ❤️

  • Delaney De Noronha
    Delaney De Noronha 15 hours ago


  • Nicole Tello
    Nicole Tello 15 hours ago


  • Gracie Love
    Gracie Love 15 hours ago

    Sunny ☀️ or blue or little or frappe or little frappe or Leo or bun(ny) or duck or muye or Mickey or

  • Kayla Adamo
    Kayla Adamo 15 hours ago

    emma don’t be a cat lady when ur old

  • Sophia Semo
    Sophia Semo 15 hours ago +1

    I watched one of your podcasts and you talked about how you couldn’t take Oliver with you to LA because your mom said you wouldn’t take care of him. Now look what your doing. Love that

  • Alexa Roblox lover
    Alexa Roblox lover 15 hours ago

    Name her/him Bella. Bella means beautiful in Italian

  • Riley Jeffers
    Riley Jeffers 15 hours ago

    when she wants to name her cat after me

  • Sophia Przybyloski
    Sophia Przybyloski 15 hours ago


  • Isabella Oliveira
    Isabella Oliveira 15 hours ago


  • Kamwick
    Kamwick 15 hours ago

    If you’re very busy and can’t be there all the time, adopt another one. They’ll keep each other company. Ask the shelter about a compatible kitten, very sad to have a cat all alone in the apartment most of the time.

  • SarahAesthics
    SarahAesthics 15 hours ago +1

    I have 2 suggestions.... First is Louis ( pernounced Louie), ( Like Louis Vuition) another name is Alfie I read a lot of the comments and i think alfie would be a cute name for him XD

  • Victoria Cruz
    Victoria Cruz 15 hours ago +1

    Name him pip

  • Honey Fox
    Honey Fox 15 hours ago

    i like deklen

  • Nevaeh Knowles
    Nevaeh Knowles 15 hours ago

    call your cat ginger

  • abbie garcia
    abbie garcia 15 hours ago

    how do her fans watch her videos without getting a migraine?? the editing is so fucking excessive and annoying lol

  • Olyvia Valenti
    Olyvia Valenti 15 hours ago +1

    Name him Fredo like from The Godfather 😂

  • Lucy Dunbar
    Lucy Dunbar 15 hours ago +1

    NAME HIM “Pumba” like from the lion king!!!!

  • Bethany Noonan
    Bethany Noonan 15 hours ago

    VERY IMPORTANT PLS LIKE THIS COMMENT SO SHE CAN SEE!!! essential oils are deadly to cats, please throw away any diffusers you may have!!

  • Leyla Godoy
    Leyla Godoy 15 hours ago

    Am not mad

  • Leyla Godoy
    Leyla Godoy 15 hours ago

    Can you stop saying bad words pls emma

  • Bethany Noonan
    Bethany Noonan 15 hours ago

    this looks like my kitty

  • Honey Fox
    Honey Fox 15 hours ago

    call your cat ginger biscuit

  • Madeleine Lage
    Madeleine Lage 15 hours ago

    name it guido

  • Aestheticdayzss Zzss
    Aestheticdayzss Zzss 15 hours ago

    That cat is lucky. I w/a be that cat

  • error
    error 15 hours ago +1


  • Patience Sinclair
    Patience Sinclair 15 hours ago

    that’s such a cute name 😭😭

  • Sadie Kemp
    Sadie Kemp 15 hours ago

    How about Enzo ?

  • Star Rus
    Star Rus 15 hours ago +1

    Chambie? It’s a cool one

  • marcello emanuele
    marcello emanuele 15 hours ago

    Me and my Bf just adopted a male orange kitty and names him lynxx

  • Shelby Erin
    Shelby Erin 15 hours ago

    That cat will stab you in the back.

  • Harper G
    Harper G 15 hours ago +1

    His name can be Eli.

    Get this to the top or comment Eli

  • Lou Han
    Lou Han 15 hours ago +1

    call him Fanta

  • Kayla_ Deltaco
    Kayla_ Deltaco 15 hours ago

    You should do a one day getaway to vegas and shop👍👍 Maybe this week?

  • Devin Boyd
    Devin Boyd 15 hours ago


  • Skyler Moore
    Skyler Moore 15 hours ago

    she bought a toy that was an eggplant 😂😭

  • Lara Poort
    Lara Poort 15 hours ago


  • Farissa An
    Farissa An 16 hours ago

    I have two black cats and their names are Mario and Luigi lol

  • Donna Garrett
    Donna Garrett 16 hours ago

    You should name it the original name feddichini or cup a noodles

  • Zoe Smith
    Zoe Smith 16 hours ago

    name him alfredo🤩

  • Zino Music
    Zino Music 16 hours ago

    name the Cat Spaghetti

  • Emily B
    Emily B 16 hours ago


  • Amelia Yhap
    Amelia Yhap 16 hours ago

    What about Oscar or maybe Peter

  • Rhea rodrigues
    Rhea rodrigues 16 hours ago

    love love love Declan!!!!

  • Mittenz Da Kitten
    Mittenz Da Kitten 16 hours ago +1


  • PaleRose
    PaleRose 16 hours ago

    Pleassseeeee for the love of god treat your cat like their your biological child and love them with all your heart!!