The ULTIMATE $30,000 Gaming PC Setup


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  • Mike Birkelev
    Mike Birkelev 17 hours ago

    can you make af set up for me

  • Edwin Beltran
    Edwin Beltran 21 hour ago

    this remind me of that one scene in grandma boy..

  • technical gamer
    technical gamer 22 hours ago

    I like pubg

  • R.V. BUSA
    R.V. BUSA 22 hours ago

    that's so amazing i wish i can buy that

  • msh3loon
    msh3loon Day ago +1

    But can it run Minecraft?🤔

  • Radu Domsa
    Radu Domsa Day ago

    THIS CHANNEL IS AMAZING!!!! I've taken all advices and I tried to put them on work! I've even just created an USclip channel to follow my process. I would love some support/feedback, so please hit the subscribe button and check it out. 👍

  • mmmmSmegma
    mmmmSmegma Day ago


  • まご
    まご Day ago


  • kirby obispo
    kirby obispo Day ago

    its look like dark vader chamber.

  • H2Fortnut TV
    H2Fortnut TV Day ago +1

    Yo I want to Make a Fortnite tournament and all players would have this 😂

  • Eddy Que
    Eddy Que Day ago

    plays fortnite


    Lucky I wish I a lot of money to buy that 🙁even a ps4

  • Zeo’s Channel
    Zeo’s Channel Day ago

    Time to sell my parents car

  • Inhuman Pro
    Inhuman Pro Day ago

    What if your 6.2 feet tall


    We’re the bathroom huh

  • Repotato
    Repotato Day ago

    can yo buy me one?


    My dream pc

  • VEnOL
    VEnOL Day ago +1


  • ii yabljiee
    ii yabljiee 2 days ago

    Can it run GTA 1?

  • Thiên Ân Vũ Hoàng

    But it can play pikachu and porn???

  • GamingBlues
    GamingBlues 2 days ago

    im on a hp pavillion 570-p064

  • Alpha-Dox
    Alpha-Dox 2 days ago

    Good setup 🖖


    nao entendi nada cadera masa

  • Kagisatu
    Kagisatu 3 days ago

    Can you adopt me?

  • Traz
    Traz 3 days ago

    Yes, it will completely ruin your eyesight

  • FuzeLink180
    FuzeLink180 3 days ago

    Get curtains on the side and that will just finish the whole thing

    GRENDAYZER TEAM 3 days ago

    i would buy one of this e is i was rithc dough no dought

  • Anthony Gamer TV
    Anthony Gamer TV 3 days ago

    That makes my setup look like two turds and a mouse

  • SyRiAnOo كلنا سوريا

    sadly noobs have great setups and pros like most of us have a potato lol

  • Яйцо Де Пардон

    Playing Fortnite on 30.000$ PC setup, hmm sounds good, why not?

  • SoulGate Kun
    SoulGate Kun 3 days ago

    This was insane

  • James Kelleher
    James Kelleher 3 days ago


  • Dr_Myth
    Dr_Myth 3 days ago

    Another joke!
    Me:Hey Look At my new gaming setup!
    Best Friend:*Collapses*

  • Kimmy Econas
    Kimmy Econas 4 days ago


  • iamahuman
    iamahuman 4 days ago

    As not very talented at the game as you are, glad you enjoy it.

  • AhegaoIsTheTruth
    AhegaoIsTheTruth 4 days ago

    All that pc gaming setup and you play fortnite
    I guess i commit sudoku

  • SupremeHunter13
    SupremeHunter13 4 days ago

    You have the most expensive gaming setup and ur a default

  • Paul J
    Paul J 4 days ago

    While I’m saving up for a rtx 2080

  • RayRay 9000
    RayRay 9000 4 days ago

    I would play fortnite and watch USclip

  • Rafael carlos
    Rafael carlos 4 days ago

    Alguém do BRASIL??

  • Alexgaming
    Alexgaming 4 days ago

    Omg...why am i watching this video, just fuels my jealousy and makes me feel poor...

  • liam charles
    liam charles 4 days ago

    Why are Americans so loud and mongy and annoying

  • liam charles
    liam charles 4 days ago

    Two minutes in this mongs comapny i would end up slapping him silly one Annoying bastard!!

  • KaMikaaze KaMi
    KaMikaaze KaMi 4 days ago

    this thing < VR headset

  • Camar Maruhom
    Camar Maruhom 4 days ago +1


  • Toitle Time
    Toitle Time 5 days ago +2

    Then there’s me with a 200 dollar pc trying to tell the difference between a green pump and a purple bolt sniper.

  • Markus Wright
    Markus Wright 5 days ago

    Please mom! I need it for school ..

  • A OH
    A OH 5 days ago

    Wait I just realized the whole chair is only $3k.. how is this whole thing a 30k setup?

  • A OH
    A OH 5 days ago

    I want this how do I buy this!!! Or even afford this!! What is even the maintenance cost on this!! LOL

  • SpwaG
    SpwaG 5 days ago

    When he got his setup ready I was like, please dont play fortnite
    5min later
    *playing fortnite*

  • Crusty Clops
    Crusty Clops 5 days ago

    Every twelve year olds dream setup

  • Clap LW
    Clap LW 5 days ago +1

    The massage just sent me over 😂

  • Traditional500
    Traditional500 5 days ago

    The junk food, the fizzy drinks, the sedentary life style; who needs crime when people can just soft kill themselves *rolls eyes *

  • Shamsadin Hassan
    Shamsadin Hassan 5 days ago +2

    Where is vr

  • Astrait
    Astrait 5 days ago

    have such an insane setup and use it to play fortnite instead of a game that actually have good graphics lol

  • sanjeev sanjay
    sanjeev sanjay 5 days ago

    Your eyes... will get ruined if you play PUBG in that shit

  • Gunga Vlado
    Gunga Vlado 5 days ago


  • PuLuBii
    PuLuBii 6 days ago

    All pro gamers starts playing on a low spec computer

  • Nathaniel Chappelle
    Nathaniel Chappelle 6 days ago

    $250 in gaming peripherals, but doesnt even use them

  • Ohlowki i
    Ohlowki i 6 days ago

    Mouse space?

  • Geo Dash
    Geo Dash 6 days ago

    Idk how I survived my life not having a computer for 1 decade of my life

  • владислав сидельников

    экран не цельный нах тогда вообще заморачиваться на эти понты

  • - M4gnix -
    - M4gnix - 6 days ago

    Fucking nerd
    Just let us sit

  • xDolphin - Tutorials and More

    I get 100 fps on roblox with fps unlocker and the maximum for the fps unlocker is 240
    on low settings
    my pc is better right?

  • slushy hulk
    slushy hulk 6 days ago

    Great video 👍

  • BioClone
    BioClone 7 days ago

    Im really offended that trying such a setup you only play fornite... its like rent a cinema and play The simpsons instead something better that makes the difference... for example I would be trying Bf1 and see how its inmersion... maibe also Metro or something like this... even Arma... buet fornite? god dammed

  • Douglas IRL
    Douglas IRL 7 days ago

    Backpedals like a champ....fake gamer, great unboxer, but BACK PEDALS

  • Matteo Tononi
    Matteo Tononi 7 days ago

    This brings the lazy boy on an other level

  • Jojo Agyare
    Jojo Agyare 7 days ago

    all of 'em

  • Kyouko Ascadsds Chan YT

    Hey What are we doing? We are watching a video that shows a PC that we can never buy ???
    if I tell of poor poor ah

  • Gavryndel
    Gavryndel 7 days ago

    Коносльщики соснули

    SHArAKoVA El MARInI 7 days ago +1

    If i could get this pc i 'll never stand up of him

  • Joe Anthony
    Joe Anthony 8 days ago screams Phillip your bagel bites are done!!!

  • Justin The Gaming Master

    I am getting nothing for Christmas because no money 😢😢😢

  • Dominic Motekaitis
    Dominic Motekaitis 8 days ago


    NASER KK 8 days ago

    We helped u to afford this 😂😂😂😂

  • Midnight Sparkle
    Midnight Sparkle 9 days ago

    30k pc, killed by noob kids.

  • Perfect Dude
    Perfect Dude 9 days ago


    MR LASER 9 days ago

    Stop flexing on me

  • *ËJĘX *
    *ËJĘX * 9 days ago

    I wish I could also afford like that 😢

  • Mcdaniel D.
    Mcdaniel D. 9 days ago

    Where do I put my coffee

    • Mcdaniel D.
      Mcdaniel D. 8 days ago

      Dominic Motekaitis hehe

    • Dominic Motekaitis
      Dominic Motekaitis 8 days ago

      On the glowy box on the back! If you put it upside down, it maximizes gaming performance.

  • Akram Ziadi
    Akram Ziadi 9 days ago


  • Venkat Tech Machine1505

    No use for all of this effort and money for a NOOB!

    DAZWWIN SHAWN KUMAR 9 days ago

    Yo,I bought that the day before this video was uploaded

  • erenbs1732
    erenbs1732 9 days ago

    ''cCc TÜRK cCc BOZKURT cCc'' desem kim beyenir?????:)

  • Jack Gamer
    Jack Gamer 10 days ago

    But can it run minecraft?

  • Rajat Kumar
    Rajat Kumar 10 days ago


  • Abhishek Ramkumar
    Abhishek Ramkumar 10 days ago

    This is dope

  • xan xan
    xan xan 10 days ago

    imagine finding out the default that killed you was on a $30,000 pc

  • Jacky Do
    Jacky Do 10 days ago

    sadly i must say, it can't be a true gaming PC when you have literally no mouse pad space..... YOU CAN BARLEY EVEN MOVE THT MOUSE, you need way more SPACE THAN THAT for competitive gameplay, how da fuck you gonna flick shots with tht much space and do full 360s lmao. The design is way too tight, if you look at the separation of the keyboard the mouse, it should have way way more space.

  • Ryan Cristian Sumugod
    Ryan Cristian Sumugod 10 days ago

    Not satisfied

  • IanGamerIG
    IanGamerIG 10 days ago +1


  • EveryDayVlogs
    EveryDayVlogs 10 days ago

    Make a 24 hour challenge in the setup

  • Wickedsavage666
    Wickedsavage666 10 days ago +1

    Grate now just sell my house my family and maybe my soul then i can get this badass setup

  • The Slayer996
    The Slayer996 10 days ago

    Fire hazard

  • ItzBlade
    ItzBlade 10 days ago

    All that money to play Fortnite an Xbox is $250

  • Оу Ыэ
    Оу Ыэ 11 days ago

    ебаный дебил

  • Beshoo H
    Beshoo H 11 days ago

    You suck at fortnite .