The ULTIMATE $30,000 Gaming PC Setup


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  • Unbox Therapy
    Unbox Therapy  6 days ago +888

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    • Hina Tauseef
      Hina Tauseef 3 hours ago

      Please come to lucknow india

    • Asad Sohail
      Asad Sohail 15 hours ago

      Please upload a video of gta5 remastered version in this

    • Héctor Alcantara
      Héctor Alcantara 18 hours ago

      Y por estas cosas odio ser pobre

  • LoLxDMaČo_ GAMER
    LoLxDMaČo_ GAMER 11 minutes ago +1

    ❤Im in love❤

  • santy charamone
    santy charamone 29 minutes ago

    Que dice el gringo este?

  • Zoombah
    Zoombah 37 minutes ago

    U probalby die in it.

  • CZ crusaderCZ
    CZ crusaderCZ 37 minutes ago

    Lets play some tetris on it!

  • Ragoons GG
    Ragoons GG 49 minutes ago

    All it needs is a hole in the seat so I can go poopie and never leave

  • COD Master99
    COD Master99 55 minutes ago

    Unbox therapy should invite Ninja over to play in fortnite on this. Like so unbox therapy can see this

  • Blacksist editing
    Blacksist editing 58 minutes ago

    $30,000 Gaming PC Setup and stil play without skin at fortnut

  • TheGamer
    TheGamer Hour ago

    buys ultimate gaming setup...plays dota and fortnite

  • GhastLy PropheT
    GhastLy PropheT Hour ago

    Can you pls give me a gaming pc🙂😌 I've always dreaming to get one but I dont have the money😌

  • リンゴあか
    リンゴあか Hour ago


  • MixWell KAPPA
    MixWell KAPPA 2 hours ago

    30000dollars and still no skin at fornite

  • σvεяłσคd
    σvεяłσคd 2 hours ago


  • Космос Просто

    but can it do this?

  • Udhey Gupta
    Udhey Gupta 2 hours ago

    Everything is super dope !! but what about about neck support ?? Neckbreaker

  • Pieter Stübbe
    Pieter Stübbe 2 hours ago

    I'm pretty sure that the screens are a tad too close to your body.

  • Mr Iceman
    Mr Iceman 2 hours ago

    Need to be able to attach steering wheel and pedals. Have the front swinging arm interchangeable with a mounted wheel and shifter and have slots in the chair for mounted pedals.

  • Simeon Nikolov
    Simeon Nikolov 2 hours ago

    30000 and still suck at this shit game xD

  • Aaron Cubitt
    Aaron Cubitt 3 hours ago

    Some men spend 30k on pussy. Some spend 30k on making sure they get non at all. To each their own.

  • Andy Conda
    Andy Conda 4 hours ago

    This for sale on Amazon?

  • Ryley W
    Ryley W 4 hours ago

    honestly looks stupid to me

  • MrJunglewhite101
    MrJunglewhite101 4 hours ago

    80 GPS?

  • Robin Joel Rempe
    Robin Joel Rempe 4 hours ago +1

    ...what about going on the toilet? Or is this also integrated? xD

  • Dan Johnson
    Dan Johnson 4 hours ago

    I want one tooooo!!

  • jawbreaker
    jawbreaker 4 hours ago

    I have the central monitor only and it is good enough

  • Apurup Reddy
    Apurup Reddy 4 hours ago

    Fortnite is a stupid game i have ever seen with some disgusting graphics. I don’t know why youtubers are so obsessed about it. And Seriously why do you need such a expensive setup for such a disgusting graphics game.

  • Spunky12500
    Spunky12500 5 hours ago

    But the best part, the Ryu pixel pal..

  • nix
    nix 5 hours ago

    I like your videos very unique 👍

  • Ravi Patel
    Ravi Patel 5 hours ago


  • Sindri Joynton
    Sindri Joynton 5 hours ago

    do an ultimate VR setup

  • JackStez Savage
    JackStez Savage 5 hours ago

    when the future is beautiful

  • WaBisKa
    WaBisKa 5 hours ago

    need to go pee
    press button wait for the lcd to move up
    press button wait for the keybaods to move aside

  • Tyler_gaming0612
    Tyler_gaming0612 5 hours ago

    Here comes 10,000,000$ on a gaming setup

  • Jason Haddix
    Jason Haddix 5 hours ago

    Ha. Get out of here with the Steven Hawking.

  • Gina E
    Gina E 6 hours ago

    pretty cool setup ty

  • Darth venom
    Darth venom 6 hours ago

    All but pubg

  • JoJo Waffles420
    JoJo Waffles420 6 hours ago +1

    U wouldnt catch me leaving my room if i had this setup

  • JackStar
    JackStar 6 hours ago

    It's kinda ridiculous that the game was only running at around 80 FPS. Shouldn't it run at like 240 FPS?

  • Havoc Gaming
    Havoc Gaming 6 hours ago

    to show how good it is play BF1 or CS:GO. fortnite is not an insanely demanding game lol.

  • AviNay bhusal
    AviNay bhusal 6 hours ago

    The most amazing and an innovative one

  • SmeIIyO
    SmeIIyO 7 hours ago +2

    Has a 30000$ pc but still has a default skin.

  • Raymond Joannette
    Raymond Joannette 7 hours ago

    You won't get me into the pc gamer, I still have my 40-inches RCA old TV and my Nintendo 64 while playing Super Man 64 with it...... By the way, this Super Man dud on 64 is super hard to play with.

  • EvilLord37
    EvilLord37 7 hours ago

    Actually all you need except a bathroom..... wait who needs that

  • steffmeister
    steffmeister 7 hours ago

    Has all that master race goods plays fucking fortnite ...

  • Josh Hardin
    Josh Hardin 7 hours ago

    I really like that chair, but in order to make it really practical, I'd axe all the displays you've got there and mount the 3 40" 4k displays that I currently have on my desk. Also, no offense to steelseries because from what I understand they do make good stuff, but I *love* my classic IBM model M keyboard and my logitech g700 mouse... but that chair is sick...

  • Dani Valenzuela
    Dani Valenzuela 8 hours ago

    Toda esa presentación para "FORTMIERDA"???
    niño rata :v

  • W1kTor TeTeR
    W1kTor TeTeR 8 hours ago

    But, can it be given away?

  • Devil6
    Devil6 8 hours ago

    "Ultimate Gaming Pc"
    No VR anywhere.
    Plays Fortnite.
    Also fairly certain this was inspired by the setup the programmer guy in Grandma's Boy had

  • DerEntscheider
    DerEntscheider 8 hours ago

    I got a boner :O

  • Tryhard follower I
    Tryhard follower I 8 hours ago

    Dude please try pubg I double dog dare you.

  • Valerio Roos
    Valerio Roos 9 hours ago

    Please tell me you are going to raffle this huge set up please

  • stawbearmilk
    stawbearmilk 9 hours ago

    you clearly haven’t heard of a sofa and a gameboy

  • Deglel Tesfandrias
    Deglel Tesfandrias 9 hours ago

    make the ultimate gaming desk
    but.... make it ultimaterrrrrrr
    ya feel me

  • WristOnFroze
    WristOnFroze 9 hours ago

    30000$ pc only 80 fps on fortnite

  • quad op
    quad op 9 hours ago +1

    but can it run crysis

  • cVo
    cVo 10 hours ago

    30k setup $0 in skills

  • Victor Fidelis
    Victor Fidelis 10 hours ago

    Uma porra de pc de 30mil dólares pra jogar uma porra de fortnite tnc

  • Bashar Alsadam
    Bashar Alsadam 10 hours ago

    It’s not good for FORTNITE on pc if your a builder like me

  • Said Delic
    Said Delic 10 hours ago

    Mogli ste meni u Bosnu poslat jedan takav haha

  • Paymented
    Paymented 10 hours ago


  • reFLEX
    reFLEX 10 hours ago

    fortnite sucks...

  • Cactusben
    Cactusben 10 hours ago

    Shows 30k pc by playing a game that can run on almost anything

  • Maximus Play's
    Maximus Play's 10 hours ago

    play club penguin on it oh right club penguin is closed ;D

  • Jaishon Sanders
    Jaishon Sanders 11 hours ago +1

    No skin

  • Promethean Knight
    Promethean Knight 11 hours ago

    I actually kinda liked the curved display better and you playing too much Fortnite it doesn't deserve it.

  • darkpill
    darkpill 11 hours ago

    This looks gay as fuck.

  • I B
    I B 11 hours ago

    virginator 2000

  • xlneoMAXlx
    xlneoMAXlx 11 hours ago

    but what about your crippling depression

  • oorgledos
    oorgledos 11 hours ago

    $30k and can;t line up the monitors correctly?

    WALLY 12 hours ago

    buys 30000 $ pc setup has noob skin

  • Cyberon
    Cyberon 12 hours ago

    30000$ gaming setup still playing fortnite wtffffff

  • Mustafa Mülayim
    Mustafa Mülayim 12 hours ago

    ı love your videos you are so funny

  • gaming4life _
    gaming4life _ 12 hours ago

    Can you buy this as a whole thing?

  • ChazFilms
    ChazFilms 12 hours ago +1

    *spends 30k on a gaming setup
    *is a default

  • Double K
    Double K 12 hours ago

    ugh, muricans..... you people are gonna kill yourselves!

  • Daziryx
    Daziryx 13 hours ago

    He's frikcking rich lol,

  • Maryscats1
    Maryscats1 13 hours ago

    Monitors too close and wide

  • Joshizzle2323
    Joshizzle2323 13 hours ago

    O M G

  • Kingshari 23
    Kingshari 23 13 hours ago

    I like how he dies but still laughs😂

  • Pepesaur Bulbasaur
    Pepesaur Bulbasaur 13 hours ago

    It Has everything not a Xbox

  • Master Bellone
    Master Bellone 13 hours ago

    You re a trash

  • GD skazza
    GD skazza 14 hours ago

    30k but you have like 80-90fps :P

  • MrSofty yy
    MrSofty yy 14 hours ago

    10/10 setup 20iq gamer

  • andrewlekkas
    andrewlekkas 14 hours ago

    *H* E *A* V *Y* B *R* E *A* T *H* I *N* G

  • Astaziel
    Astaziel 14 hours ago

    you set up a fridge next to your chair and no mountain dew in it? And you call this a gaming station??

  • PanzerIV
    PanzerIV 14 hours ago +1

    Wtf 30,000$ setup and he doesn't even list the computer's spec lol. Looks like it's a 3000$ computer with a stupid 20,000$ custom chair, really bad food/drinks that ain't gonna help you game, then 2000$ of RGB lightning, 5000$ of monitors not even equal and all this to play casual noob games (-_-)
    At least play Quake Champion, UT4 or BF1 if you have this.

    • ice blade
      ice blade 10 hours ago

      Fortnite is not a noob game

    • O.Sayyid
      O.Sayyid 11 hours ago

      PanzerIV my money has 14,000$, will try to find Laptop MSI, The Shop computer doesn't have Laptop MSI :(

  • Alex Pronker
    Alex Pronker 14 hours ago

    Does that thing need his OWN powerplant or someting

  • Dark Vanguard
    Dark Vanguard 14 hours ago

    Nice my pc is 14 years old, do you have a cheap suggestion for a better pc, for people on a budget since I'm pretty much broke

  • Gamer Killer
    Gamer Killer 14 hours ago

    Best video amazing dude

  • Joel
    Joel 14 hours ago

    Pirate Peanut Butter Cookies FTW

  • io Games
    io Games 14 hours ago

    i am offended that ps4 triggers me u dont need it if you have that pc that ps4 gta 5 on that monitor 20 fps on the pc 1000000000000 fps

  • Dim TS7
    Dim TS7 14 hours ago

    PewDiePie's "But can you do This!?" Meme

  • micah goodman
    micah goodman 14 hours ago

    Id buy it

  • SnaggingKnave Gaming And Stuff

    Rather buy v bucks

  • whitey fisk
    whitey fisk 15 hours ago

    A gamers wet dream.

  • Donald Trbovich
    Donald Trbovich 15 hours ago

    Saw same one for 35 dollars on overseas website. China sold me interesting scope ACOG that even had a theft management system installed like they knew ahead of time what might transpire...

  • Saint Guardian
    Saint Guardian 15 hours ago

    The chair is currently unavailable SMH Even with the money i still cant buy the shit you review

  • SuperbroHistory
    SuperbroHistory 15 hours ago

    i am looking at heaven through hell

  • Jack Pearson
    Jack Pearson 15 hours ago

    Omg that’s insane