10 Unsolved Video Game Mysteries BEGGING To Be Solved

  • Published on Apr 25, 2018
  • Video game culture has more mysteries than you might think. From the 80's to today, here are our favorite unsolved myths.
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  • Alvar Fernández
    Alvar Fernández 2 days ago

    I love creepy pastas on videogames! But I would not like running myself into one, I'm a wuss. Cultural note, you can say runes, rather than runic symbols, since rune already means hidden meaning symbol.

  • chris wheeeler
    chris wheeeler 3 days ago +1

    We gonna find the poly arcade machine at Area 51

  • SoirEkim
    SoirEkim 5 days ago

    Slender man the arrival

    JACK RIPPER 15 days ago

    not at all how you say polybius

  • pokegeek69
    pokegeek69 21 day ago

    Torch bug? U mean firefly?

    • Sleepy Khajiit
      Sleepy Khajiit 20 days ago

      That was what it is called in the game, but you are right its just a firefly.

  • Deelyn Tilley
    Deelyn Tilley 22 days ago

    Shows someone’s senior pic from 2010 articles in 84 🤨

  • Major Aasum
    Major Aasum 24 days ago

    if you wish to know about gaming mysteries look up the orpg tibia :P theres plenty of almost impossiboe to solve quesrs that are still unsolved sines like 2000 or so. like the serpentine tower quest... that damn quest... it will probably haunt me forever. anyhu, number 1 is pretty obvious if you think about it.. if youre on the opposing team against one where the team star has been promoted and displayed on games and so on it makes them a target for both jealous teamies and opponents that seek to knock them down to steal their thunder(set aside they probably are better than the rest and pose a greater threat)

  • Lord Kek
    Lord Kek 25 days ago

    Wow madden cover people get injured playing American egg ball.......how could this happen?

  • Inujosha
    Inujosha 25 days ago

    Ok so the Madden thing can be kind of interesting, but when the object of the game is to slam into another guy with 300 pounds of man ass, it's more like a tally of who hasn't been hurt.

  • DaH8ter
    DaH8ter 26 days ago

    i have killswitch if you want it send me 1.5 bitcoin and it's yours.

  • Nicholas Blume
    Nicholas Blume 26 days ago

    Portland-Oregonians* :(

  • wadim mallar
    wadim mallar 27 days ago

    weird ghost-children in silent hill 1

  • ezrub dell
    ezrub dell 28 days ago

    Ore-gone no Or e gun

  • LDNation
    LDNation 28 days ago +6

    But that’s just a theory, A GAME THEORY!

  • AverageKarma463 Xbox
    AverageKarma463 Xbox 28 days ago

    The far cry 5 radio sounds are from world war 3 happening like the nukes getting dropped at the end

  • A Person
    A Person 29 days ago

    The madden cover can easily be explained by a football player likely hitting the peak of his career and already racked up 4 years of high school injuries, 4 years of college injuries and at least 2-6 years of professional football to get the recognition to get on a madden cover. That’s at least a decade of training, getting hit by people at the peak of physical strength and your body starts to give out and is more prone to injury again. Look at the majority of pro players post retirement, they can hardly get out of bed in the morning without icing their legs for half an hour and taking a handful of painkillers. I knew quite a few athletes in high school who had torn their ACL, blown out their elbow, or gotten multiple concussions after just 1-4 years of playing sports

  • Andres Gonzalez
    Andres Gonzalez 29 days ago

    I have one, is there a "DanTheLion" somewhere in the witcher world that is actually a Lion???

  • grim6reaper6661
    grim6reaper6661 29 days ago

    Is there any darks souls 3 mysterys?

  • Future was yesterday Sub To Find Tomorrow

    Big foot is on sand Andreas Xbox 360 devs or people like my self that got into 360 beta program before anyone else because of via explanations on our service to Xbox live forums more often than not. That San Andreas big foot bugged by trees of all kinds if u where lucky like me was no more than screen shot worthy

  • God Itachi
    God Itachi Month ago

    Its american football ...people get injured all the time

  • Robert Werk
    Robert Werk Month ago

    The jars in Skyrim look like they have initials in them. I thought they could be for the people who made each one but apparently it's been solved. Read the below comments.

  • Mc Redstone Tutorials

    You say Oregon pretty weird. I'm from ore ih gin

    • Nick
      Nick Month ago

      Because the ore hasn't gone anywhere!

  • OddSocks UK
    OddSocks UK Month ago

    Polybius = probably B.S

  • Rey Max
    Rey Max Month ago +1

    why is the tagged game for this vid fallout 4?

  • NobodyNoMe ?
    NobodyNoMe ? Month ago

    For the farcry one you could at least play the audio

  • Mike Sweeney
    Mike Sweeney Month ago +1

    it's pronounced Po-LEE-Be-Us....not Poly Be Us

  • King Richard the Lionheart

    The Madden curse is easily debunked.....

    People get hurt; that's football.

    • Peter Durocher
      Peter Durocher Month ago +1

      King Richard the Lionheart eggfuckingzactly I was like how is that number one it’s a sport where people get injured for a living I’d be more impressed if all the title athletes avoided injury and loss

  • ZebrahK
    ZebrahK Month ago

    Thanks for the Panthers gameplay footage for number 1! ⚫️🔵⚫️🔵

  • Robert Wisdom
    Robert Wisdom Month ago

    Gronk shouldn't count. He's always hurt.

  • Salt The Snail
    Salt The Snail Month ago

    The berserk deaths are bullshit. The photos of the 2 kids were not kids in the early 80s era or photos from that time. I was born in 80. And kids and photos didn't look like that then. Horseshit

  • Leaphi Wyndraigon
    Leaphi Wyndraigon Month ago

    I've found house's in skyrim with the same symbols that are with the bugs in jars I'm playing skyrim right now lol but yes certain houses have those symbols

  • James Tomlin
    James Tomlin Month ago

    Ive seen the bug jar runes in multiple forests when i was 5

  • Mystikman
    Mystikman Month ago

    I am the creator of polybits. Is my way to control the worl. Muhaaaaaa.

  • BastendorfEvergrass
    BastendorfEvergrass Month ago +1

    Polybius is pretty much confirmed a hoax.

  • Alexander Vandecar
    Alexander Vandecar Month ago

    Number 10 was solved in the doomsday heist, but I dont know if this is before or after that so yeah.

  • MeeseeksDK
    MeeseeksDK 2 months ago

    oooo so people who plays nfl gets injuries .... LOL xD

  • Andrew Evans
    Andrew Evans 2 months ago

    cursed or in Chicago?

  • Hangkiw
    Hangkiw 2 months ago

    The jars on skyrim: I used to think that if by putting them in one particular order I was abble to gain a new dragon shout, you know they have runes writen on it so I did try several combinations with not luck, I mean are 5 keys so there is alot of possible combinations.

  • Modern Day Mountain Biker

    Should be " 11 unsolved mysteries"..... Number 11 being - EA and why they include Lootboxes in every game, and release such garbage games"...

  • タンアントン
    タンアントン 2 months ago

    You forgot to include the 2K curse...

  • Omar' Commin
    Omar' Commin 2 months ago

    Fuck I miss WoW

  • Roberto Junior
    Roberto Junior 2 months ago

    Actually disappointed for not seeing that truck in Pokemon Red and Blue. Back when I was a kid everybody had their own theory of finding a Mew there under proper circumstances, like carrying a masterball or finding a key somewhere.

    FAMILY FRIENDLY CRAB 2 months ago +3

    100% people who live die, is life cursed? What a mystery

    • EngineerHeavy
      EngineerHeavy 2 months ago +1

      FAMILY FRIENDLY CRAB idk it’s just a crazy coincidence

      FAMILY FRIENDLY CRAB 2 months ago

      @EngineerHeavy im still subscribing, how did u find me here

    • EngineerHeavy
      EngineerHeavy 2 months ago +1

      FAMILY FRIENDLY CRAB 100% of people who breath air die. Air is probably cursed

  • Lazzy Boi
    Lazzy Boi 2 months ago

    The bug jars of Skyrim are from a removed quest

  • Ant112xx
    Ant112xx 2 months ago

    I was thinking about the Mt chiliad map and thought about the Marko Dragic mission on rdr2 where you are sent to place lightning rods on the Mt but that's just a thought

  • Indestructible7110/ MANYNAMESOFALL!

    The jarred insects could be that those where creatures the settlers or explorers thought were ancient animals and jarred them and probably the lid got put on the opposite side...

  • Stresa
    Stresa 2 months ago

    a note on the gold shire children.. had a friend running through gold shire near their house, didn't put the 2 together at the time.. but he was playing and all of a sudden a weird demon voice came through the speakers while playing... we could never get it to happen again

  • Kyle Abbott
    Kyle Abbott 2 months ago +1

    9:49 "for the **F**ollowing three seasons..."

  • jackmyth 67543
    jackmyth 67543 2 months ago

    you forgot the saints row merman

  • Jerry Blueberry
    Jerry Blueberry 2 months ago

    Yeah 3 deaths... Totally "cursed"
    Something like 100 deaths is what I consider cursed not 3.

  • Yotam Gutman Chen
    Yotam Gutman Chen 3 months ago

    what about petscop???

  • Joel Gonzalez
    Joel Gonzalez 3 months ago

    Number 9 was already solved I think

    MANGOSMADDNESS 3 months ago

    The hunters from Tom Clancy’s the division, who are they? Where did the come from, what is their objective?

  • Mixart Johnson
    Mixart Johnson 3 months ago +1

    Uhm number 1 spot. Football is a violent sport. Everyone playing gets an injury eventually. No matter how much padding is put on them, there is nothing to protect they're brain from smashing the insides of they're skull.

  • P
    P 3 months ago

    in skyrim i found a butterfly in a jar.... i.... i-i sold it...

  • Rowan Derks
    Rowan Derks 3 months ago

    The killswitch part was scary because my phone Just freezed at the title

    ADAM FARRA 3 months ago

    Lil bit spook

  • OpO Cola
    OpO Cola 3 months ago

    I spent hours looking for bigfoot with my friends

  • CreedofLegend
    CreedofLegend 3 months ago

    Burkowski was actually killed in a car crash multiple years earlier, and it's unknown how he was connected.

  • Marcin Hinc
    Marcin Hinc 3 months ago +1

    Who is a G-Man? :) HL2

  • Generic- ScreenName
    Generic- ScreenName 3 months ago

    I collected all those jars and just put them in my house.

  • Dajoker J
    Dajoker J 3 months ago +1

    Madden curse they get 25 million for being on a cover why would you work after making 25 million for having a picture taken

  • Doesn’t Matter
    Doesn’t Matter 3 months ago +1

    My theory on the madden curse is because players are on the cover that means the previous season they had a career year and pushed their body to the absolute limits, so the following year they’re more prone to injury

  • Memox TV
    Memox TV 3 months ago +6

    But the Polybius enigma has been resolved. Ahoy did.
    Btw I knew all of these, that's unfortunate... Also please try to talk slower, or at least not that quick that you eat your own words.

  • Aukion Makiro
    Aukion Makiro 3 months ago +1

    for those who dont know this was confirmed
    the jars were just left in quest items that no longer do anything no code triggers nothing

  • Jumpy Joey Gaming
    Jumpy Joey Gaming 3 months ago +1

    I've swear I've played killswitch

  • Chad Yaeger
    Chad Yaeger 4 months ago

    The jars have been solved, for anyone wondering. It was in fact a quest that had been removed, but they never changed the textures for the lids.

  • nhatkiem
    nhatkiem 4 months ago +1

    Please please please please... Its "Ore-gun", not "Ore-gawn". You don't pronounce it "Washing-tawn"

  • JR. Smith
    JR. Smith 4 months ago

    2k cover curse.

  • ScoopDogg1867
    ScoopDogg1867 4 months ago

    Death from arcade machine Berzerk is true, everytime I played it, I died, it cost me a fortune until I became good, yet last time I played it I still died, never played it since.