10 Unsolved Video Game Mysteries BEGGING To Be Solved

  • Published on Apr 25, 2018
  • Video game culture has more mysteries than you might think. From the 80's to today, here are our favorite unsolved myths.
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    WHO KNOWS 7 hours ago

    Minecraft disks 11 & 13

  • ASCENTlX on Xbox

    It's ORE-GUN. Not ORE-GONE
    Sorry, Oregonians hate that pronunciation so bad haha.

  • C. Johnson
    C. Johnson 6 days ago

    thought you would have something new...

  • Colin Allesxandro
    Colin Allesxandro 8 days ago

    I've played Killswitch, it is just a really old second rate game that takes up too much space

  • Aust Gaming
    Aust Gaming 9 days ago

    The madden one is probably lack of training during photo shoots

  • Eric Z
    Eric Z 14 days ago

    Mt Chilliad mystery at #10?? Wtf?? That mystery is easily one of the most popular and influential of all time. Considering the fact that GTA 5 is the 3rd most bought game of all time I think it deserves a higher spot on this list. Its absolutely mindboggling

  • CoolBreeze
    CoolBreeze 16 days ago

    I've got a game mystery for you... Petscop

  • Jackson Mitton
    Jackson Mitton Month ago

    Me: Nintendo hasn't made any of that wierd shit
    Nintendo: the shadow people of hell valley

  • Thean Kotze
    Thean Kotze Month ago +1

    Minecraft disc 11 mystery is still creepy for me!

  • burnum
    burnum Month ago

    Why does it sound like you're saying it that way?

  • nintendians
    nintendians Month ago

    9. sound awful and cursed.
    8. maybe it is a joke.
    7. like # 9.
    6. okay.
    5. creepy.
    4. must be a extra game design.
    3. conspiracy.
    2. never anything like that.
    1. ea put curses on them.

  • Camryn Murawski
    Camryn Murawski Month ago

    5:38 if it didn't exist then where did that image come from?

  • ioi Dark
    ioi Dark Month ago

    That's crazy how you guys didn't mention hack.side

  • narkit
    narkit 2 months ago

    What about gman mystery

  • Nisvet Abdic
    Nisvet Abdic 2 months ago +1

    Awesome video. Subbed and bell on!!!

  • Phil Ill
    Phil Ill 2 months ago

    anyone saying "bigfoot isnt real" is a fuckin moron. there have always been bipedal hominids on earth all throughout the bone records we have. they may allllll almost be gone now bc of the advancement of tech and weapons. but rest assured, at ONE POINT, they were real.

  • INikeAir
    INikeAir 2 months ago +1

    I knew gta 5 was here before the video even started... it was the first. Thumbs up!!!!

  • EvakCorleone
    EvakCorleone 2 months ago

    the bugs in jars from Skyrim were left behind after a quest was cut from the game

  • Dr. Skulhamr
    Dr. Skulhamr 2 months ago

    I have seen bigfoot in GTA5, in the mountains around Mount Chiliad. He was crossing the road in a driving rain as I came up to a bridge. The rain formed a kind of cocoon around him as it bounced off his fur. His arms were down at his sides and he simply shuffled accross the road in front of me. It was dark but I wish I had thought to screen shot him. I just sat there with my mouth agape.

  • DR Straw
    DR Straw 2 months ago

    5:00 thats a myth.
    Think about it if it was so "popular"
    It would have been pirated, And it would earase its self on completion considering that someone probably would have heard about the games popularity bought it and distributed it, because money.
    Also the whole earasing thing would have been a great thing for illegal activities, and just because it erases itself doesn't mean its "erased" you can never truly erase something you can just cover it.

  • Ronald Fun
    Ronald Fun 2 months ago

    When will you people learn how to say Oregon?

  • Poor Lake
    Poor Lake 2 months ago

    USclipr Camelworks has solved the bugs in jars mystery from Skyrim check it out...

  • Johnny Flannigan
    Johnny Flannigan 2 months ago

    Madden curse is stupid. Nearly all football playerd get injuries, along with brain damage

  • Double Click
    Double Click 2 months ago

    lol....always with the "men in black"..."hey guys,we're doing this secretive,shady,government sponsored hush-hush operation unbeknownst to the public....so lets send out of place,conspicuous men dressed in black suits to collect data from a seedy hangout spot for teenagers...that wont arise any suspicious AT ALL,and they wont stick out like a sore thumb"

  • Liam J
    Liam J 2 months ago

    KillSwitch is a short story. Never was a game. Written in 2005 I think... Anyway google it its a short story that people now think is an urban legend!

  • MrLordbubasith
    MrLordbubasith 2 months ago

    3 people of 7 billion die... this game box must be cursed

  • Uncle Lumbago
    Uncle Lumbago 2 months ago +1

    Rockstar: There is something in the woods

    Me: Trees

  • Andres Gonzalez
    Andres Gonzalez 2 months ago

    I got an add to download BERZERK just before the video

    ...not really, you should have seen your face

  • Gonzo Gaming
    Gonzo Gaming 2 months ago

    Madden Curse? I think not. American football is a physical contact sport ergo injuries.

  • Dr Stabbyface
    Dr Stabbyface 3 months ago

    My dad has a photo of a Polybius machine in the background from when he and his friends took a group picture for his birthday in an arcade, I have put it on reddit

  • Alvar Fernández
    Alvar Fernández 3 months ago

    I love creepy pastas on videogames! But I would not like running myself into one, I'm a wuss. Cultural note, you can say runes, rather than runic symbols, since rune already means hidden meaning symbol.

  • chris wheeeler
    chris wheeeler 3 months ago +1

    We gonna find the poly arcade machine at Area 51

  • SoirEkim
    SoirEkim 3 months ago

    Slender man the arrival

    JACK RIPPER 3 months ago

    not at all how you say polybius

  • pokegeek69
    pokegeek69 3 months ago

    Torch bug? U mean firefly?

    • Sleepy Khajiit
      Sleepy Khajiit 3 months ago

      That was what it is called in the game, but you are right its just a firefly.

  • Deelyn Tilley
    Deelyn Tilley 3 months ago

    Shows someone’s senior pic from 2010 articles in 84 🤨

  • Major Aasum
    Major Aasum 4 months ago

    if you wish to know about gaming mysteries look up the orpg tibia :P theres plenty of almost impossiboe to solve quesrs that are still unsolved sines like 2000 or so. like the serpentine tower quest... that damn quest... it will probably haunt me forever. anyhu, number 1 is pretty obvious if you think about it.. if youre on the opposing team against one where the team star has been promoted and displayed on games and so on it makes them a target for both jealous teamies and opponents that seek to knock them down to steal their thunder(set aside they probably are better than the rest and pose a greater threat)

  • Lord Kek
    Lord Kek 4 months ago

    Wow madden cover people get injured playing American egg ball.......how could this happen?

  • Inujosha
    Inujosha 4 months ago

    Ok so the Madden thing can be kind of interesting, but when the object of the game is to slam into another guy with 300 pounds of man ass, it's more like a tally of who hasn't been hurt.

  • Nicholas Blume
    Nicholas Blume 4 months ago

    Portland-Oregonians* :(

  • wadim mallar
    wadim mallar 4 months ago

    weird ghost-children in silent hill 1

  • ezrub dell
    ezrub dell 4 months ago

    Ore-gone no Or e gun

  • LDNation
    LDNation 4 months ago +10

    But that’s just a theory, A GAME THEORY!

  • AverageKarma463 Xbox
    AverageKarma463 Xbox 4 months ago

    The far cry 5 radio sounds are from world war 3 happening like the nukes getting dropped at the end

  • A Person
    A Person 4 months ago

    The madden cover can easily be explained by a football player likely hitting the peak of his career and already racked up 4 years of high school injuries, 4 years of college injuries and at least 2-6 years of professional football to get the recognition to get on a madden cover. That’s at least a decade of training, getting hit by people at the peak of physical strength and your body starts to give out and is more prone to injury again. Look at the majority of pro players post retirement, they can hardly get out of bed in the morning without icing their legs for half an hour and taking a handful of painkillers. I knew quite a few athletes in high school who had torn their ACL, blown out their elbow, or gotten multiple concussions after just 1-4 years of playing sports

  • Andres Gonzalez
    Andres Gonzalez 4 months ago

    I have one, is there a "DanTheLion" somewhere in the witcher world that is actually a Lion???

  • grim6reaper6661
    grim6reaper6661 4 months ago

    Is there any darks souls 3 mysterys?

  • Future was yesterday Sub To Find Tomorrow

    Big foot is on sand Andreas Xbox 360 devs or people like my self that got into 360 beta program before anyone else because of via explanations on our service to Xbox live forums more often than not. That San Andreas big foot bugged by trees of all kinds if u where lucky like me was no more than screen shot worthy

  • God Itachi
    God Itachi 4 months ago

    Its american football ...people get injured all the time

  • Robert Werk
    Robert Werk 4 months ago

    The jars in Skyrim look like they have initials in them. I thought they could be for the people who made each one but apparently it's been solved. Read the below comments.

  • Mc Redstone Tutorials
    Mc Redstone Tutorials 4 months ago

    You say Oregon pretty weird. I'm from ore ih gin

    • Nick
      Nick 4 months ago

      Because the ore hasn't gone anywhere!

  • OddSocks UK
    OddSocks UK 4 months ago

    Polybius = probably B.S

  • Rey Max
    Rey Max 4 months ago +1

    why is the tagged game for this vid fallout 4?

  • NobodyNoMe ?
    NobodyNoMe ? 4 months ago

    For the farcry one you could at least play the audio

  • Mike Sweeney
    Mike Sweeney 4 months ago +1

    it's pronounced Po-LEE-Be-Us....not Poly Be Us

  • King Richard the Lionheart

    The Madden curse is easily debunked.....

    People get hurt; that's football.

    • Peter Durocher
      Peter Durocher 4 months ago +1

      King Richard the Lionheart eggfuckingzactly I was like how is that number one it’s a sport where people get injured for a living I’d be more impressed if all the title athletes avoided injury and loss

  • TruthHurts
    TruthHurts 4 months ago

    Thanks for the Panthers gameplay footage for number 1! ⚫️🔵⚫️🔵

  • Robert Wisdom
    Robert Wisdom 4 months ago

    Gronk shouldn't count. He's always hurt.

  • Salt The Snail
    Salt The Snail 4 months ago

    The berserk deaths are bullshit. The photos of the 2 kids were not kids in the early 80s era or photos from that time. I was born in 80. And kids and photos didn't look like that then. Horseshit

  • Leaphi Wyndraigon
    Leaphi Wyndraigon 5 months ago

    I've found house's in skyrim with the same symbols that are with the bugs in jars I'm playing skyrim right now lol but yes certain houses have those symbols