Rank Me From Most Attractive to Least Attractive (Amalia) | Lineup | Cut

  • Published on Aug 7, 2018
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    Rank Me From Most Attractive to Least Attractive (Amalia) | Lineup | Cut
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Comments • 7 159

  • Norma Medina
    Norma Medina 11 hours ago

    The girl in the olive is the most beautiful oh my goodness. Actually shocked Amalia ranked herself so high 😅

  • IceFox_FireFox
    IceFox_FireFox 16 hours ago

    0:55 6/10 not that he doesn't look good he AINT MY TYPE XD I love his humor tho "my mom says im a 10" lolol
    1:17 2/10 im sorry but the bowl cut-also he seems very polite though
    1:44 7/10 shes rlly cute!! im straight tho so haha. but her attitide when she walked away tho...
    2:00 6/10 i love his style and his chill vibes
    2:26 8/10 i mean honestly shes rlly cute and i love her voice and her attitude! I just think she would look better with long hair
    2:52 2/10 sorry im not into mario but the vibes XD i keep thinking of larray
    3:32 9/10 she's so cute and aesthetic omg!! i love her go with the flow vibes tbh
    4:00 8/10 i prefer tall guys tbh and also he seems so sweet and such a gentlemen!!
    4:38 4/10 plz dont get offended its just i prefer maybe hair thats a bit longer? her face is gorgeous tho
    5:10 4/10 i tbh rlly dont like his outfit its just the oversized shirt and the long hair....but his eyes are so beautiful! he's funny too
    Just would I would say if i was her lol

  • theweakbeast
    theweakbeast 17 hours ago

    That dude had a clean bowl cut

  • Gabriela Martinez

    4:45 damn baby come give me a kiss
    1:51 hey nena come slap my ass

  • Gabriela Martinez

    4:18 damn that man is 1billion papi come my way

  • Gabriela Martinez

    1:50 damn she fine

  • Summer Rose
    Summer Rose 2 days ago

    I think she’s adorable and super pretty and sweet, why is everyone hating on her??

  • Jeanclaudevanpwn
    Jeanclaudevanpwn 2 days ago

    The black girl is probaly the hottest girl ive ever seen that this girl can even put herself before her is absurd

  • Erick Hernandez
    Erick Hernandez 2 days ago +1

    This girl is annoying

  • Kevin Kinney
    Kevin Kinney 5 days ago

    Fucking bowl cut

  • RimoBG
    RimoBG 5 days ago

    She is lesbian or feminist. Low rating on men but height on women, even on that fat pig.

  • Animal Loverrr
    Animal Loverrr 6 days ago

    And the black girl should be the damn right first one

  • Animal Loverrr
    Animal Loverrr 6 days ago

    She should be ranked lowest than what she put herself at

  • Mons 93
    Mons 93 7 days ago +1

    She reminds me of Jane The Virgin a little bit😂

  • Ian R
    Ian R 7 days ago

    Amalias kinda hot though

  • i'm a sunflower
    i'm a sunflower 8 days ago

    She is so cute and funny😂 I love her reaction when she gives a 'grade' 😂😇

  • Hey It’s me
    Hey It’s me 9 days ago

    60% black girl mega pretty/black girls face when she walked off set
    30%girl is mega annoying
    10%girl was thinking highly of herself
    Me: idk the girl seemed pretty chill and idk I guess I ain’t judgmental? Idk I just thought she was loud😂

  • Multiapplecat
    Multiapplecat 10 days ago

    This girl is annoying

    ANIMAUL 10 days ago

    Ahaha I love how he said WOAH and she reacted by screaming at him 😂

  • kawaii_dreamerz_ 4eva
    kawaii_dreamerz_ 4eva 11 days ago

    can everyone stop judging her? she's just really extroverted

  • kawaii_dreamerz_ 4eva
    kawaii_dreamerz_ 4eva 11 days ago

    can everyone stop judging her? she's just really extroverted

  • hoesssaaayyy my name
    hoesssaaayyy my name 12 days ago

    Them ugly nigghas big mad

  • Bernard's Channel
    Bernard's Channel 12 days ago

    These people shouldn't be mad at her, they signed up for this. Also *unpopular opinion* bowl cut guy isn't attractive to me.

  • Wacky Wayne
    Wacky Wayne 12 days ago

    Annoying bitch

  • Michael Brousalis
    Michael Brousalis 13 days ago +1

    *HOW BIG IS HER MOUTH?!?!?!?!*

  • Michael Al
    Michael Al 13 days ago +1

    You look like a mini Shrek. I'm sorry but that's how I view you. If you wanna judge people, be ready to be judged by others.

  • Michael Al
    Michael Al 13 days ago +1

    Let me tell you something. You are the ugliest person between all of them. I'm sorry but truth hurts.

  • Maha a
    Maha a 13 days ago

    Amalia needs to fuck off

  • Rena Wang
    Rena Wang 14 days ago

    did she think braidon was straight

  • sb.adrian8x05
    sb.adrian8x05 15 days ago

    The one she put as the last one didn’t want to give her a hug 😭😂

  • MrFlyingSourcer
    MrFlyingSourcer 15 days ago

    The girls like a -5

  • 1bigass kpophoe
    1bigass kpophoe 15 days ago


  • Mateusz Sawicki
    Mateusz Sawicki 15 days ago

    Why tf is she screaming? Are those ppl deaf, or what?

  • Harald Arnold-Larsen
    Harald Arnold-Larsen 16 days ago

    Amalia is really cute and damn this was a harsh task

  • Hafsa Abdi
    Hafsa Abdi 18 days ago

    the black girl was beyond beautiful she's a 10, and when this shorty put herself in front of the black girl I was goneeee lmfao u can't compete where u don't compare!

  • h a n a n
    h a n a n 18 days ago

    lmfao the black girl is bad af, who’s she feelin like putting herself in front of her??

  • Sara Akslen
    Sara Akslen 18 days ago

    I hate people who make up for saying mean things by trying to act "cute" and "goofy" and then making the other person feel bad for them, by going "OommgGGG Im sOO sorrY"

  • Brian Crowley
    Brian Crowley 19 days ago

    Amalia’s thick I mean come on she looks like she can Yeehaw me all night...


  • Bles
    Bles 19 days ago

    This girl is such a leo. Everyone thinks she's evil but she's just misunderstood. I bet she has a great heart.

  • Olivia Lee
    Olivia Lee 19 days ago

    Wow she rated herself really high thats kinda of ignorant of her

  • Emman Castillo
    Emman Castillo 20 days ago

    3:27 one of staffs shades her and i couldn't agree more

  • uniwolf297
    uniwolf297 21 day ago


  • Elsa Agin
    Elsa Agin 23 days ago

    The guy with tattoos who was like a “theres a spot right here.” At the end. ohhhh 😆🥵😯

  • dizzy
    dizzy 23 days ago

    wow she really did carston like that. trimmed guy lookin fine as hell

  • Jason Moyle
    Jason Moyle 23 days ago +1

    1:19 what character did Jim Carey plan in dumb and dumber?

  • It's Me
    It's Me 23 days ago

    Why is everyone hating amalia

  • Paolo Azzarello
    Paolo Azzarello 24 days ago

    Yo never have this Amalia again just screms all the time and ugly af too lol

  • jada prioleau
    jada prioleau 25 days ago

    Wtf the black girl was the baddest one there and you gave her an 8/10 and placed her behind 4 other people including yourself in the line up, which let’s be honest you come in 5th place... I just don’t understand.

  • rainbow cupcakes
    rainbow cupcakes 25 days ago +19

    is it me or does amalia look like Gina Rodriguez

  • Reef
    Reef 25 days ago +2

    Amalia : if you didn' t dress like that.....
    Also her: i just put jeans on my night gown and came

  • ariahna hudson
    ariahna hudson 25 days ago +1

    she put herself before that black girl like girl boo🤣🤣 she needs to be in between the asian the the guy with the boots and shorts on

  • Matthew Waterton
    Matthew Waterton 26 days ago

    Wow the comments are straight up cancer. Cut is a great channel but god is their fan base atrocious. Guess what, no one gives a flying fuck about what you think of Amalia or any other person in this video. So grow up and go fuck you virgins.

  • Mia_Mor
    Mia_Mor 26 days ago +2

    Since when did it become a problem to be confident, if she said she was a one y’all would be bashing her saying she’s a ten but since she said ten y’all hating

  • Sadboigucci
    Sadboigucci 27 days ago +1

    Amalia is a potato
    Jane is a goddess

  • Sadboigucci
    Sadboigucci 27 days ago +2

    Amalia fit trash

  • jimmy hayden
    jimmy hayden 27 days ago +2

    You seem nice
    I haven't said anything

  • Peter Kaminsky
    Peter Kaminsky 28 days ago +5

    Epic eyeroll from the gorgeous black woman @ around 1:54

  • Seriah Unstated.
    Seriah Unstated. 28 days ago +1

    I love the first guy’s shirt lmaooo

  • hanna szczepaniak
    hanna szczepaniak 28 days ago

    Am I the only one who really likes her personality and the way she looks?

    • hanna szczepaniak
      hanna szczepaniak 27 days ago

      +Sadboigucci maybe I'm actually from Poland so English is not my language maybe I didn't catch something or idk

    • Sadboigucci
      Sadboigucci 27 days ago

      +hanna szczepaniak she was being very hypocritical & fake throughout the video

    • hanna szczepaniak
      hanna szczepaniak 27 days ago

      +Sadboigucci maybe but she didn't do anything wrong and she is just very cheerful and I like her energy. And everyone is beautiful in my opinion.

    • Sadboigucci
      Sadboigucci 27 days ago

      +hanna szczepaniak its not sad its just life

    • hanna szczepaniak
      hanna szczepaniak 27 days ago

      +Sadboigucci that's actaully sad lol

  • Jitters Geyser
    Jitters Geyser 28 days ago +1

    At the end they should have a list of how they all rated her.

  • Toya Mel
    Toya Mel 28 days ago

    shes annoying as hell

  • Jasintha Pillai
    Jasintha Pillai 29 days ago

    The Leo sign girl😂 from guess my zodiac sign

  • Sofi rodriguez
    Sofi rodriguez 29 days ago +1

    I would say Amalia goes behind the african american girl

  • xd Jaylon - Fortnite Mobile

    she made the video 10x more awkward

  • Imelda Tabares
    Imelda Tabares Month ago +1

    She is the ugliest one ,sorry for being mean but gosh she is so annoying ,would be amazed if she I la married or if has a boyfriend

  • Adrian
    Adrian Month ago

    The relax gringo guy is handsome, overweight or not. Probably top 3.

  • WiZZordツ
    WiZZordツ Month ago

    Why did she guess like all of the girls with high votes

  • Soccer Mex
    Soccer Mex Month ago


  • Soccer Mex
    Soccer Mex Month ago

    the cut fuck no

  • messi9991
    messi9991 Month ago +9

    The second guy "it's ok my mom says I am a 10". Respect dude, need more guys like you.

  • David Estrada
    David Estrada Month ago

    1:49 is for sure the prettiest person on there a 20 way better that that annoying girl

  • The Engineer
    The Engineer Month ago

    Great video with a great message but Jesus Christ bro lose the bowl cut

  • Lisa Martin
    Lisa Martin Month ago

    Amalia looks like Jane from Jane the Virgin.

  • Player Unknowm
    Player Unknowm Month ago

    Literally she is the least attractive out of everyone there, plus she's loud and annoying and obnoxious.

  • Sky
    Sky Month ago +1

    Actually though this would be so uncomfortable

  • anna
    anna Month ago

    she seems sweeter in this video than the full one

  • charlotte
    charlotte Month ago

    i get that she was kind of judgemental, but like, that was the entire point of the video. you can’t expect her to give everyone a ten and move on. this video is all about ranking peoples appearances. i don’t understand why everyone’s so mad.

  • Debo Datta
    Debo Datta Month ago

    she a 4 lmfao

  • It’s Britney Bitch

    Her ass left the chat

  • SpEnCeR MaLiNoWsKi
    SpEnCeR MaLiNoWsKi Month ago

    The curves on the African American girl though

  • Makaveli -
    Makaveli - Month ago

    3:42 jesus christ ugly as shit

  • JB flow
    JB flow Month ago

    She can't deal with a woman more beautiful then her xD

  • Lakin Bacon
    Lakin Bacon Month ago +1

    The girl's a mood let's be real. I'd just be laughing like an idiot too lmao

    • Vulaaa
      Vulaaa Month ago

      thats yeah like yeah lmao

  • Lucy lu
    Lucy lu Month ago

    Omg after this video i let the Headspace ad play bc i got a headache from this girl..

  • Korynael Na'Eyle
    Korynael Na'Eyle Month ago

    that was legitimately funny, not to make light of her profound stress, but it was funny...

  • Andreas Shabo
    Andreas Shabo Month ago

    Most of these aren’t even 5’s

  • Chloe Caulfield
    Chloe Caulfield Month ago

    Lol, she thinks she's more attractive than the black girl ? 😂😂😂

  • asvin soma
    asvin soma Month ago

    this girl is a 1

  • Jamel Johnson
    Jamel Johnson Month ago +1

    That tall girl with the short hair is beautiful

  • grand theft ana
    grand theft ana Month ago

    4:17 oh. my. god.

  • Hailey Vodron
    Hailey Vodron Month ago

    This bitch annoying

  • Kimmyanne Bakers
    Kimmyanne Bakers Month ago


  • MaroenskiiTrap
    MaroenskiiTrap Month ago

    hahaha the shirt of the man:

    ''relax Gringo i'm legal"

  • Jelani Hayes
    Jelani Hayes Month ago

    I feel as though the people getting rated were pussies, and have no sense of self. Like, who cares if some random girl who is clearly awkward af, and is seeing you out the context of your personality thinks you're unattractive? Like grow up, and appreciate her honesty.

  • Matt
    Matt Month ago

    Mushroom at the end was like 'nah'

  • avery stephany
    avery stephany Month ago

    everyone’s hating on her but like i find this kinda crap so funny lmao

  • David G
    David G Month ago +5

    Jane the Virgin, is that you? 😂

    • Sabrina Farah
      Sabrina Farah 27 days ago

      makes it even worse 😭😭😂😂😂 cos she ranked herself higher than the black girl and well....I dont need to say anyone.

      if you know you know.
      Hint: actress who plays Jane lol

  • Carterguy
    Carterguy Month ago

    Deadass this girl got no ass bruh and she look like a crackhead and she really ranked herself higher lmao, bowlcut man hotter than her ugly ass

  • That one Girl
    That one Girl Month ago

    People get mad but they wanted her to do it so don’t blame her but she is not more attractive than the black curvy girl

  • ignantassninja urrealdad

    Check out the dude with the bowl cut and pedo stash🤣🤣🤣🤣