Top 10 Scary Toy Story Theories

  • Published on Jan 10, 2019
  • Top 10 Scary Toy Story Theories
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    Top 10 Scary Pixar Theories
    At the time of recording this video - a lot of people are getting very excited for Toy Story 4 which is set to come out this Summer - 2019. Toy Story is one of the biggest movies franchises of all time. People older than me grew up with it and there will be little kids who are about to experience Toy Story for the first time this year. Its great. We all love toy story - but how well do you know it? While I was reading about the latest movie I stumbled across some pretty strange theories about Toy Story. The more I looked - the darker they got - I thought Id pick the best 10 out for you today - my name is Danny Burke and this is the Top 10 Scary Toy Story Theories.
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  • MostAmazingTop10
    MostAmazingTop10  7 days ago +387

    Top 10 Disney Movie Mistakes 👇

    • Mateo Johnson
      Mateo Johnson 18 hours ago

      I think a male Karen took the kids

      ERIKA CAVAZOS Day ago


      ERIKA CAVAZOS Day ago

      +i love animals especially pigs,cats, dogs ,hamsters hhgg

      ERIKA CAVAZOS Day ago


    • MrSpanky
      MrSpanky 2 days ago

      The theory which talks about Andy's father is true to some extent. The story of Andy's dad is on USclip

  • Jolie Garcia
    Jolie Garcia 11 hours ago

    My childhood is ruined!!😞

  • Eliyanah Diaz
    Eliyanah Diaz 11 hours ago

    ITS LESLIE BURKE’S (from bridge to Terabithia) BROTHER CAUSE HIS NAME IS DANNY BURKE!! 😂😂😂

  • Hacker Hint HD
    Hacker Hint HD 11 hours ago

    All in the list is scary theories.

  • Junior Garza
    Junior Garza 12 hours ago

    The toys in toy story are all just dead parents who were put into toys to spend the rest of their days with their kids. This explains why Woody loves Andy so much because he is actually his father. For all the other toys it is simple because they are parents of children from long ago, buzz being new obviously was the father of a new born and ended his life after the infant died that's why the other toys had to help him figure out that he was a toy because he had just become a new father. When Andy starts to like buzz more than Woody he begins to become depressed that his son is no longer his little boy, so when the two find out that they have been stranded they both feel they need to be reunited with the child they had both lost, in a way, before. When Andy goes off to college the toys are given to a little girl with an imagination and probably background much like Andy's. This is how they live forever and move from child to child. Maybe when the little girl from the new toy story will treat the toys as Andy once did and they will continue to fill in the role of parent to other children forever

  • The RemakeS
    The RemakeS 12 hours ago

    I’m crying

  • Greninja Star420
    Greninja Star420 12 hours ago

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    • Greninja Star420
      Greninja Star420 12 hours ago

      My parents had no idea it ever happened. I was sneaky af

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  • koba fox
    koba fox 12 hours ago

    TOY STORY 4!!!!!!??????!!!!!!

  • Nikki Wilder
    Nikki Wilder 13 hours ago

    I'm Waiting For Descendants 3 To Come Out This Summer

  • Light Lorraine
    Light Lorraine 13 hours ago

    Nooo haven’t pressed play yet but this better not ruin toy story for me

  • Olivia Mayes
    Olivia Mayes 13 hours ago

    Omg my schools called sunnyside wonder wat the back story is?...

  • Megan Cousins
    Megan Cousins 14 hours ago

    The 1st and 2nd theories are one of the same kind of. The animation of the father was just too expensive at the time because their was so many characters so they just didnt involve him. This could also be why all the children look the same i guess

  • Nidel Carter
    Nidel Carter 14 hours ago


  • Just Me
    Just Me 14 hours ago

    Part of number 1 gave me chills because "Sunny Side" is the name of an insane asylum where I live, and the corpse thing ruined Toy Story

  • Zer0
    Zer0 14 hours ago

    Let's play: How many ads can we fit into an 11 minute video?

  • DarkGengar94
    DarkGengar94 14 hours ago

    At a daycare with security cameras and windows to look into the toy rooms dont you think some adults would know the toys are alive? Like you walking down the hall, the kids are outside playing, you take a look into the playroom and see the toys moving.

  • Adame Nanez
    Adame Nanez 14 hours ago


  • Uma Magic
    Uma Magic 14 hours ago


  • Magikus612
    Magikus612 15 hours ago

    theory 8 is kinda obvious and not even a theory

  • Izuku Midoryia
    Izuku Midoryia 15 hours ago

    *whatchs video*

  • Snoi Med
    Snoi Med 15 hours ago

    Theory 9 is pretty darn good tho

  • Yusuf Kaya
    Yusuf Kaya 15 hours ago

    how to ruin your childhood in 11 minutes

  • Andrew Escobedo
    Andrew Escobedo 17 hours ago

    What if Andy’s dad died and his spirit is what went inside woody that made him alive and he was just going crazy and thinking that the other toys are alive but there really not that he really actually is the only toy alive but

  • Bibiana Blarasin
    Bibiana Blarasin 17 hours ago

    *Sees thunbnail*
    Me: OMFG!!! *Throws little brothers woody toy in the bin*

  • jordan pol
    jordan pol 17 hours ago

    I am in 2019

  • Midnight Uke Man
    Midnight Uke Man 17 hours ago

    And finally at number o... And finally at Number One.. xD

  • Daniel G . Fresh guy
    Daniel G . Fresh guy 17 hours ago

    I have a theory what if andys ghost dad is stuck in woodys toy body? And thats why he loves him so much.

  • Brianna Martinez
    Brianna Martinez 17 hours ago

    once he said number 6 my heart skipped a beat and my body got heated XD

  • Hatsune Miku
    Hatsune Miku 17 hours ago

    Actually, woody was Andy's father's toy. There was an event in finding a cowboy woody. Andy's father wanted to get woody but the event was over and he was very sad. His parents got him a copy of woody. After sometime of playing with him, he died. Andy was sad and his mother tried her best to make him happy. She gave Andy his father's toy, woody. And this is where it gets creepy. The toys think that the child (Andy) that has been playing with them is the child's (Andy) father!!!!. DO you know that somewhere in the toy story 1 or 2, they said that Andy's birthday was a day after than the day Andy celebrated it. It was actually his father's birthday. Creepy.

  • Foxy_crew 1221
    Foxy_crew 1221 17 hours ago

    Now I’m never going to sleep again

  • Kate Lps
    Kate Lps 17 hours ago

    ????? Illuminati ????? Paramount and he put him on top ?????

  • Jennifer Dutka
    Jennifer Dutka 18 hours ago

    You know who is the prettiest person in the world?

    Read the first word again. ;)

  • berniemcdaidtwo
    berniemcdaidtwo 19 hours ago

    Who’s excited for toy story 4

  • triple kittens
    triple kittens 19 hours ago

    i think number nine is true because in (most) kids movie a parent hast to die

  • UniGirl 200
    UniGirl 200 20 hours ago

    Fish Theory remind me of Chucky

  • Mr tubby fan
    Mr tubby fan 20 hours ago

    If you remember jesses life story when they where in a chickens guy house Jessy had a owner that used a red hat that Andy uses when Andy plays with woody maybe Andy’s mom is jesses owner

  • Calico Gacha
    Calico Gacha 20 hours ago

    Wait... *He's not woody???*

  • Jill Gilmore
    Jill Gilmore 21 hour ago

    Plot twist : he was paid to do this so that people would watch the movie.

  • NumberGamer
    NumberGamer 21 hour ago

    Its scary

  • Peppermint Snowdrift
    Peppermint Snowdrift 21 hour ago

    If the HUMANS are the TOYS, and the TOYS are really the HUMANS, then how does that explain....SID??? : O

  • Best Gamer ever
    Best Gamer ever 22 hours ago

    Like if it using air pods

  • Dorin Loubel
    Dorin Loubel 23 hours ago

    XD, its been forever since I've watched this channel.

  • Ph@tMantv
    Ph@tMantv Day ago

    Toy Story 5 is an apocalyptic wasteland after people go extinct.

  • Jack mendecino
    Jack mendecino Day ago

    So I'mma say that Sid the savior is actually really closer to the truth but off by a smidge. I can't tell you exactly who said it was, but I'm currently working on the camera system for Pixar.

  • lffy
    lffy Day ago

    Whats going on?

    They to lazy to make new models

  • Juliette Birtchet

    The fishing rod with great legs is a hooker lol

  • Hannah Unknown
    Hannah Unknown Day ago +1

    These aren't exactly 'theories' but good video anyway! It was creepy even though I've heard all of these, XD.

  • Cool Music
    Cool Music Day ago


  • Dj Carl Pemberton Junior Pemberton

    Hello I don't like you DJ

  • John Newman
    John Newman Day ago


  • itsallgood today

    That tweet ruined Toy Story for me too. Can you imagine the grief & horror the other toys would feel having to be in the same toy box as a dead toy? Girls make their dolls kiss & hug. What if one of the toys has to snuggle with a dead toy? That dude should've just kept that to himself.I will never watch a Toy Story again without thinking about that.

  • Anti- Civilization

    At finally at number on- at finally at number one.

  • Cupcake Gamer95
    Cupcake Gamer95 Day ago

    A week ago comment vs. a day ago comment.
    They're both old.

  • Nova Kitty
    Nova Kitty Day ago

    Hey y’all,where is the person who will cure my nightmares

  • Melon Man
    Melon Man Day ago

    Ok i have a theory

    Maybe when they stop walking when andy gets there,they put pressure on themselves til they die,like putting pressure on your head if anyone knows what i mean. Then they resurrect themselves. Maybe they did a ritual and it gav them that ability ever since

    I call this theory : The Resurrection

  • Javier Garcia
    Javier Garcia Day ago

    I got a question to toy story how is all of the toys will alive

  • Fortnut is broken Kc

    It’s cuz the husbands wife took the kids

  • Ariel Friend
    Ariel Friend Day ago


  • Rivet Rainbow Wolf

    I love this video and don't want to burst anyone's bubble, but you can only have so many unique looking characters before your animation budget says you have to copy paste faces. I do like the theory but it personally just gets debunked for me, since as an artist I know how hard it is

  • Kittiez Aspect
    Kittiez Aspect Day ago

    Tbh i never liked toy story, as a child they creeped me out.

  • DrewCrafter
    DrewCrafter Day ago

    #9 is actually true. At least Woody being all that was left if Andy's dead father is true.

  • MoMoPlaysMinecraft 5575

    Actually, toys don't believe they're toys until they've been played with as someone they're not, as in whenever Andy starts playing with Hamm, Hamm turns in Mr. Evil Dr. Porkchop. Basically saying Hamm's playtime alter ego is Mr. Evil Dr. Porkchop. Buzz didn't believe he was a toy until he was played with by Hannah. When Hannah played with Buzz, Buzz's playtime alter ego was Mrs. Nesbitt. So, toys have to have a playtime alter ego in order to realize they're toys.

  • Amanda Funk
    Amanda Funk Day ago

    Click the like button to be a savage

  • sans 1234
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  • Amanda Funk
    Amanda Funk Day ago +1

    It is true

  • DaNO1Cookies animations

    3:53 wall e it’s pronounced whallie

  • Shadowking
    Shadowking Day ago

    Immortal makes them sound like horcruxes from harry potter

  • Connie
    Connie Day ago

    Scroll down, I got a suprise.

    Read more

  • MagicalWolf Creations

    Wait.... There's gonna be a toy story 4?!? The hell

  • Joselynn Schmidt

    Five Nights at Freddy's

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  • WildForest 11
    WildForest 11 Day ago

    Imagine time!
    Imaging the toys we play with play with toys, and we are controlling their life, and SOMEONE is controlling us using us as toys...

  • moondraws _
    moondraws _ Day ago

    1st theory, they used the same children because the kids were most likly not gonna be a big part of the movie, it's a like less than a minute scean so they probobly reused andy's sprite and put him in different clothes

  • Mordecai Froehlich

    Heheheheh, memes ar coming for you

  • Odali Romero
    Odali Romero Day ago

    They have the same face because the person that drew them only knew how to draw those faces I don’t know okay

    I don’t no

  • ForniteOl5 Gaming

    Wait Wait... I got a theory, Sid kills toys right? Then he might be sacrificing them... I back my theory when he laughs when he’s about to kill them

  • Michaela Lane
    Michaela Lane Day ago

    I don’t know to say...

  • Jalen Deathtrail

    My theory is that woody is andys dads ghost possessing a toy and the other toys are just illusions of woody so he dont go insane and that is why woody cares so much for andy

  • Janice Dillon
    Janice Dillon Day ago

    Wow toy story is worse then I thought

  • Michaela Lane
    Michaela Lane Day ago

    Oooooooh godddddd

  • Janice Dillon
    Janice Dillon Day ago


  • Janice Dillon
    Janice Dillon Day ago

    ohhh yeah very scary

  • Gl1tchy 76
    Gl1tchy 76 Day ago

    *I'M nOt wOODy*

  • Janice Dillon
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  • ThatRandomDitto
    ThatRandomDitto Day ago

    Andy : Hi Andy!
    Andy : Hi Andy!
    Andy : Hi Andy!
    Andy : Hi Andy!
    *several Hi Andy's later*
    Andy : AAAAND Hi Andy!

  • Mr DOG
    Mr DOG Day ago


  • Artistic Chocolate

    I love scaring myswlf to the point of 'I can't sleep until the lightbulb burns out'

  • Elijah Duran
    Elijah Duran Day ago

    Nope toy story is true horror

  • Wolf Gaming
    Wolf Gaming Day ago

    toy story reminds me of Annabelle, think about it, its toys that are alive

  • ShanteYouStay
    ShanteYouStay Day ago

    Kind of dull.

  • Jessi MtZ
    Jessi MtZ Day ago

    For number 4, I have something to add:
    In Toy Story 2, Pete explans to Woody that cowboy toys were popular, but “once the astronauts went up, children decided to play with space toys.” Looking at that same movie, one can decipher that this took place around the 1960s, from looking at Al’s car and the black and white tv that the toys used to show Woody his tv show. During the 1960s was around the time the space race began, thus explaining the fanaticism about astronauts. If that was when it took place, perhaps the programmers behind Buzz’s spying code were the Russians.
    It’s a possibility ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • Bella Matten
    Bella Matten Day ago

    Does he remind anyone of tanner from dope or nope

  • Tammy Russell
    Tammy Russell Day ago

    If you read this comet then I hope yall have a good day

  • Selton
    Selton Day ago

    The humans in the movie had a very small role, the animators were just lazy m8

  • Joshua Silva
    Joshua Silva Day ago

    lol y am i eating crackers and drinking sunny d while watching this

  • Blue Toad Gaming

    I caught this video at 666 dislikes.

  • natalie grantham

    This sound like chucky

  • Dragnmastralex
    Dragnmastralex Day ago

    number 3 was confirmed and number 2 was the original plot of the movie that was changed.