MY 48 HOUR GLOW-UP TRANSFORMATION !! *spoiler still a 4*


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  • catherinekaizen
    catherinekaizen 19 hours ago

    I'm so happy I'm subscribed to you Mia! you make my youtube worth watching!

  • Ahree Allen
    Ahree Allen 20 hours ago

    You look gorgeous 😍

  • Kessie Haynes
    Kessie Haynes Day ago

    how do you look so good first thing in the morning god your so beautiful !!!!!

  • Zhooch Co
    Zhooch Co Day ago

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  • Bobbi Dawson
    Bobbi Dawson Day ago

    Anyone who gets spray tans do you know if it ruins eyelash extensions??

  • Leah Ginsburg
    Leah Ginsburg Day ago

    Love your channel

  • Kateto Sh
    Kateto Sh Day ago +1

    She's prettier natural she don't need all that fake stuff

  • Taj Robinson
    Taj Robinson Day ago

    bad bitch ALERT!!!

  • Jane Boueri
    Jane Boueri Day ago

    The Barcelona towel at the start. I'm already loving the video just from that 😅

  • Sunny •
    Sunny • Day ago +1

    you’re so pretty inside and out💕love u mia

  • Sarah Wilson
    Sarah Wilson Day ago

    Literally stunningly beautiful at the beginning of the video already, Mia is the epitome of “I woke up like dis” 🙌🏼🙌🏼❤️

  • lanaswhitemustang

    Is that a real autograph from kurt/nirvana!!

  • Fun and Fresh!
    Fun and Fresh! Day ago

    When she said guess what color my nails are I literally said red and they were 😱

  • Kayraa L
    Kayraa L Day ago

    Omg spray tans are the best a more even natural look 😍

  • Ned Davis
    Ned Davis Day ago

    Wow best dressed made a very similar video 🧐

  • Lena DeathBlossom
    Lena DeathBlossom Day ago +1

    I mean she looks good in both tbh

  • Riley Anfeldt
    Riley Anfeldt 2 days ago

    green or red is what i think you chose

  • planet blu00
    planet blu00 2 days ago

    I looked up the price of the Gucci belt and actually gagged, omg lol

  • Marlie Rand
    Marlie Rand 2 days ago

    I am CRYING for that nirvana signed photo

  • Sandra Irenee
    Sandra Irenee 2 days ago

    You rocked that style and the closet finished scene had me dying 😂😂 but girlll you are always glowed up!!!! You slay everyday 🤓💕💕

  • Sandra Irenee
    Sandra Irenee 2 days ago

    Woot woot✌🏼✌🏼

  • Sandra Irenee
    Sandra Irenee 2 days ago


  • MassiveComputerTragedy

    I had a major anxiety attack when I heard the alarm sound in the beginning

  • Cristina Romo
    Cristina Romo 2 days ago


  • Briana Jenkins
    Briana Jenkins 2 days ago

    did the alarm at the beginning of this video trigger anyone else?

  • K M
    K M 2 days ago

    Will her nails be maroon edit: dang bright red

  • just me.
    just me. 2 days ago +2

    You look like morgan adams at the end😂😍

  • Claircy Pennngton
    Claircy Pennngton 2 days ago

    those shoes do not belong anywhere near that outfit

  • it's me
    it's me 2 days ago

    Jesus holy,you lookin‘ sooooo good😂🥵

  • kenzi badr
    kenzi badr 2 days ago


  • hailey c
    hailey c 2 days ago

    i wanna look thisss good

  • Chloe Thebear
    Chloe Thebear 2 days ago

    6:30 asmr much 😂

  • Kiri Rodway
    Kiri Rodway 2 days ago

    If i tried the waking up shot I’d end up falling back asleep and making a genuine waking up shot😂🤣

  • Ash Thompson
    Ash Thompson 2 days ago

    your intro (after the alarm thingy) makes me think of you as thee older sister I never had but always wanted xox

  • Kylie J. Dunmire
    Kylie J. Dunmire 2 days ago

    I’d drive to Canada to get my eyelashes done there. OMG

  • Jessicuh Ann
    Jessicuh Ann 2 days ago

    Girl your are so precious & gorgeous

  • Aryzona Moore
    Aryzona Moore 2 days ago

    You're so real and silly and so beautiful. Love your personality, just subscribed!

  • Taylor Walton
    Taylor Walton 2 days ago

    I relate to the "still a 4" part

  • ksizzle
    ksizzle 2 days ago

    u kinda look like molly eskam

  • Just ME
    Just ME 2 days ago


  • Just ME
    Just ME 2 days ago


  • Sofia Gr
    Sofia Gr 2 days ago

    4:00 i got the red nails correct!😍

  • omyo0yo0
    omyo0yo0 2 days ago

    You look amaaaaaaaaazing!!!! 💓💓💓💓💓

  • mads. ts
    mads. ts 2 days ago

    omg mia you looked so gorgeous before & after

  • Andrea Woods
    Andrea Woods 2 days ago +1

    You always looking all busted .. it would be nice if you’d up keep more often .. you look decent when you do

  • Bernice Juarez
    Bernice Juarez 2 days ago

    Your make up loots beautiful

  • daegu lovx
    daegu lovx 2 days ago

    I didn't think Mia could look even better than she already does but omg she proved me wrong, at the end of the video I was like "omg Mia doesn't look like Mia lol" but she still is the best looking youtuber in my opinion :)

  • Lily Faragala
    Lily Faragala 2 days ago

    For some reason your hair looks like a wig

  • Anna claire Tutor
    Anna claire Tutor 2 days ago

    I am not trying to hate on her I actually love her videos so if anyone finds this offensive it’s really not but in my opinion she looked like tana mogeau in the thumbnail!!

  • cristalyn murray
    cristalyn murray 2 days ago

    so is no one gonna mention she kinda looks like tana in the tumbnail

  • Anouschka Moka
    Anouschka Moka 2 days ago

    You look stunning!

  • Jess Colburn
    Jess Colburn 3 days ago

    you look so beautiful!! omg i love the way u did ur lipstick pls make a lil tutorial on how to get bigger lips with makeup!! i NEEd that in my life

  • Ashly Brook
    Ashly Brook 3 days ago

    What lipstick is this?? pls & thx

  • Gigi
    Gigi 3 days ago

    she looks like a house wife

  • Haley H
    Haley H 3 days ago +1

    Should have done your make up and then had your hair done..

  • Amke De Cleer
    Amke De Cleer 3 days ago

    Your tan is so even you can't even see it's a tan

  • Kelly Boyed
    Kelly Boyed 3 days ago

    Omg I loved this video. You’re such a funny person

  • Kelly Boyed
    Kelly Boyed 3 days ago

    Jeepers dark at 7 am? That’s crazy!!!!!

  • Peggy McNees
    Peggy McNees 3 days ago

    I guess blue, red, or cuz' your being glam-pink.

  • Peggy McNees
    Peggy McNees 3 days ago

    Who are you subscribed to?

  • Katie Hughes
    Katie Hughes 3 days ago


  • Corgi Bb
    Corgi Bb 3 days ago

    Oof I with I was a white girl whenever I see your vids 😆

    LE FAEK 3 days ago

    she turns from cute small girlie, to instagram baddie. we love a versatile kween!!!

  • Ana Clara Freitas
    Ana Clara Freitas 3 days ago

    OMG you look so different in the end!

  • Casey Wolken
    Casey Wolken 3 days ago

    0:26 Lol

  • Jacquin g
    Jacquin g 3 days ago

    her makeover lowkey looks like Sylvia gani. well in my opinion

  • Kyla's Life
    Kyla's Life 3 days ago

    Can we just talk about the eyelash ladys house for a moment, i mean who WOULDNT get an appointment there can you see all the FLOOFY ANIMALS!!! (If i was old enough and working and in the states i swear i would LOVE to get an eyelash appointment at her place...for the floofs)

  • 我看看妈丽
    我看看妈丽 3 days ago

    You look great... but the look... maybe just the makeup style aged you up like ten years, imo. But, hey, a thirty year old queen is still a queen. Way cuter than I might ever be...tbh

  • Maria Bruno
    Maria Bruno 3 days ago

    I like it!

  • Alex'sBeautyBash
    Alex'sBeautyBash 3 days ago

    Blue nail polish

  • Nelly Anahi
    Nelly Anahi 3 days ago

    ok but highkey I screamed at 2:11 when part of high hopes was playing

  • Nur Mawaddah
    Nur Mawaddah 3 days ago


  • Chris Lavergne
    Chris Lavergne 3 days ago

    Awesome video. For your wake up just be happy we aren't friends in real life you would get 1000 messages in the morning from me lol. You look good with out make up and with

  • _ morleyyy
    _ morleyyy 3 days ago

    you look soo soo soo good omg i love your look everyday you're beautiful and very niceeee glad my USclip made me discover youu

  • _ morleyyy
    _ morleyyy 3 days ago

    4:18 ima say all the words inside my head im fired up and tired of the way that things have been oh uuuuuuuuuu

  • Trá Trá
    Trá Trá 3 days ago


  • Bella Perez
    Bella Perez 3 days ago

    I have the same Brandy Melville striped long sleeve shirt as u from the beginning of the vid. i also luvvvvv u ❤️❤️❤️
    Edit: i wear it in my profile pic

  • Rylee Fischer
    Rylee Fischer 3 days ago

    PANIC AT THE DISCOI love them sorry

  • Tori Amondsen
    Tori Amondsen 3 days ago

    I LOVe your eyelash extensions and I really want some myself but don't want to have a first bad experience, if anyone has any places they could recommend me to :)) I live in Canada as well!

  • Alanka Yorn
    Alanka Yorn 3 days ago

    For all my french Canadian people, Can you relate she looks like a mix of Élisabeth Rioux and Lysandre Nadeau??

  • Ella Jones
    Ella Jones 3 days ago


  • Madeline Buckalew
    Madeline Buckalew 3 days ago

    Red nail polish

  • Paige Hankins
    Paige Hankins 3 days ago

    I see you with that James Charles pallet

    But the lips

    That ain’t it sis

  • Scarlet Clough
    Scarlet Clough 3 days ago

    MIA what was the lip color?? 🤩

  • Jacqueline Paytiamo
    Jacqueline Paytiamo 3 days ago

    I bet she's going to get the Mauran/purple color for her nails

  • sami justine
    sami justine 4 days ago

    Omg I would love to go to that eyelash place

  • Caitlin Stewart
    Caitlin Stewart 4 days ago

    Your hair looks stunning like that

  • Cora Miller
    Cora Miller 4 days ago


  • NICOLE Tietz
    NICOLE Tietz 4 days ago

    I do think Mia is pretty before the make over but I live for this make over! 😍 it wasn't crazy it was cute! I love the tan,hair,outfit with the make up! You rock it girl! 😘

  • S
    S 4 days ago +9

    *knows shes not a 4* still says it *to get compliments*

  • Diana Mauricio
    Diana Mauricio 4 days ago

    The towel ❤️💙

  • Rosaura Canales
    Rosaura Canales 4 days ago

    Aayyyee I got it right ! red nails 😂

  • Ruby Naadjele laryea

    That phone alarm tho , flashbacks

  • Ysabel Castillo
    Ysabel Castillo 4 days ago

    Ugly bitch

  • Krisi Idk
    Krisi Idk 4 days ago

    The iPhone alarm at the beginning of the video reminds me of how I wake up at 6 am everyday to get to school :0

  • Shari  Denson
    Shari Denson 4 days ago

    is nobody gonna talk about the signed nirvana poster on the wall??? R.I.P kurt ; ]

  • Honey Nash
    Honey Nash 4 days ago +23

    This transformation doesn’t work if yor already pretty before it

  • 11:11
    11:11 4 days ago


  • RainbowCactus
    RainbowCactus 4 days ago

    so beautiful😍

  • Blubber Fish arts
    Blubber Fish arts 4 days ago +2

    Still a 4out of 5 is that whatcha mean?