MY 48 HOUR GLOW-UP TRANSFORMATION !! *spoiler still a 4*

  • Published on Jan 4, 2019
  • My 48 hour glow up.. what do y'all think ?? :)
    New videos Friday & Sunday! :D
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  • Sarah Fulton
    Sarah Fulton 4 hours ago


  • Bryana Cougar
    Bryana Cougar Day ago

    Damn Mia you look good

  • Zarfishan Mustafa

    I just love her

  • Callie Stacy
    Callie Stacy 3 days ago

    Uh wtf you look so good! You look older! I love the authentic Mia better though.

  • Jade Marie
    Jade Marie 4 days ago +1

    She looks like Rosie Huntington/ Kate Winslet (sry if I butchered the spelling) but she is GORGEOUS

  • Summer Bracamontez
    Summer Bracamontez 4 days ago

    Sooooo pretty!!!😭

  • Mollie Barnes
    Mollie Barnes 4 days ago

    I bet the color was blue

  • Mackenzie Bieber RP
    Mackenzie Bieber RP 8 days ago

    You look very pretty and much older slay it gurlll love ur vids! Love the outfit

  • Kris NowAndLater
    Kris NowAndLater 8 days ago

    Súper cute glo-up.

  • Marissa Cantu-Phillips

    I seriously just want to do my makeup like you!😭

  • Sarah Bisbis
    Sarah Bisbis 8 days ago

    Electric blue

  • Jennifer Schalk Miehm
    Jennifer Schalk Miehm 10 days ago

    A young Gwen stefani beautiful

  • Jennifer Schalk Miehm
    Jennifer Schalk Miehm 10 days ago

    Mia. I wanna know where you live in Canada 🇨🇦!
    We gotta shop for you soon!

  • danielle Natiga
    danielle Natiga 11 days ago

    if your'e a 4 then im like, a -5

  • Bri Ellegard
    Bri Ellegard 11 days ago

    You're so freaking beautiful, even without trying! I absolutely loved your transformation!'re so pretty!!!

  • Ethan Haltom
    Ethan Haltom 11 days ago

    I need the link to those boots plz and thx

  • covenkitten
    covenkitten 11 days ago

    A whole “swack” ?

  • Stacey Heart
    Stacey Heart 13 days ago

    I think ur nail color is gonna b a peach color w a mint of gold n whit 😁

  • Kimber
    Kimber 15 days ago

    Oh Mia you are just too beautiful ! You could put it dish rag on and still be babealicous ! LOL

  • Nyra
    Nyra 15 days ago

    Not to be weird but Mia ur lips look so good overlined like this ❤️

  • Talor Gilovitch
    Talor Gilovitch 15 days ago

    Outfit is SO cute!!!

  • Sylvia Stanley
    Sylvia Stanley 16 days ago

    This was definitely interesting and fun..
    If only to be younger again..

  • Kristy Lynn
    Kristy Lynn 16 days ago

    You look so beautiful

  • Kübra Öztürk
    Kübra Öztürk 17 days ago

    i wish you would do that when you dont have eyelashes and nails done already it would be a decent difference

  • Jimin Biased Otaku
    Jimin Biased Otaku 17 days ago

    you kinda look like teddy from good luck charlie

  • Regina Couoh
    Regina Couoh 18 days ago

    You look way better in your natural self!!! This is good but better the other way

  • kayley
    kayley 28 days ago +1

    OMG I WAS ACTUALLY RIGHT!! I GUESSED RED !! okay im a little too happy about this lol

    GILLIAN RICCI 28 days ago

    Girl u are so funny😂😂

  • Lindsay Kitchell
    Lindsay Kitchell 29 days ago

    Please stop saying u are ugly and a 4

  • ShOw-laf
    ShOw-laf Month ago

    Ratchet Mia is glam me tbh lol

  • Madeleine Caruso
    Madeleine Caruso Month ago

    I have those shoes from wish, same color and everything. I actually love them. I thought they were going to feel super cheap, I mean they sort of do feel super cheap, but they still look great haha

  • Alice Honey
    Alice Honey Month ago

    The alarm sound literally makes me want to be sick 😷

  • Kaylee Peebles
    Kaylee Peebles Month ago

    Ok but why do you look like Brittney Aldean with that makeup and hair

  • Kaila H
    Kaila H Month ago

    You are just flawless no matter what! I know u think your size isn’t great but gurl is gorgeous!

  • Nommee J
    Nommee J Month ago

    You look super amazing. I love your nails they look great on you. Also how do you care for your lashes?

  • clara sh
    clara sh Month ago

    why wake up 4 hours earlier just do 2hours

  • madeleine steele
    madeleine steele Month ago

    12:35 its cristines peel song

  • madeleine steele
    madeleine steele Month ago

    *spoiler* mia is gorgeous with and without makeup

  • Kawaii Helen
    Kawaii Helen Month ago

    You look soooooooo beautiful girl!!!

  • oh no.
    oh no. Month ago

    Mia those lips...... you shouldn’t have......

  • Summer Blackwolfe
    Summer Blackwolfe Month ago

    Beautiful ❤️❤️❤️

  • This_Is_Me
    This_Is_Me Month ago

    Kitties while you're getting your lashes done!! I'd get my lashes done soooo often!

  • Jo Long
    Jo Long Month ago

    You look stunning but you did before the makeover lol x

  • Mea Reye Osorio
    Mea Reye Osorio Month ago

    I think strappy heels or some pumps would go better with that outfit, but it was still cute

  • Taaylor Judson
    Taaylor Judson Month ago

    So beautiful always!

  • Ydome 9
    Ydome 9 Month ago

    I feel i’ve been violated by that alarm at the start

  • Jennifer Garcia
    Jennifer Garcia Month ago

    Beautiful like always but this transformation for sure made you look way older amd not like yourself. But still gorgeous I loved it!!

  • Fried Tempura
    Fried Tempura Month ago

    She playing that lofi hip hop

  • Milly DUNNING
    Milly DUNNING Month ago

    The lips were a bit too over lined

  • TheFemaleFoetus 23
    TheFemaleFoetus 23 Month ago

    Is that merch at 7:36? Is it released or not :v

  • Debbie Doll
    Debbie Doll Month ago +1

    Okay..I made the same video that'll upload later today but oh my good...I didn't do half the things she did......I think I did the wrong challenge 😅😅

  • Just Alex
    Just Alex Month ago

    11:46 *when your mom has said the same thing to you but you take it as a compliment nonetheless*

  • Just Alex
    Just Alex Month ago

    Honestly want to do this challenge

  • Just Alex
    Just Alex Month ago

    8:11 MEEEE I rarely go out anyways :((

  • Just Alex
    Just Alex Month ago

    that subtle band aid cover up tho haha

  • L. R.
    L. R. Month ago

    I love the outfit but I think the boots in black would look way better, I'm no hater just thinking, it's a awesome video😍

  • Sam Aikins
    Sam Aikins Month ago

    I want to do this so bad

  • soonchita chakraborty

    Am I the only one who thinks she looks exactly the same?

  • patricia mcnulty
    patricia mcnulty Month ago

    Very pretty

  • Noor Alaa
    Noor Alaa Month ago +1

    I think you'll get a shiny deep red nails
    OMG I'm right ! Great vid btw ♥️♥️

  • thisisoddful
    thisisoddful Month ago

    So pretty inside and out!

  • Emily Young
    Emily Young Month ago

    I really loved how you still keep your makeup pretty natural..u look just as georgess as you were before and your hair looks lovely ❤

  • Kiki Holly
    Kiki Holly Month ago

    Yasss Mia

  • Briana Bouvier
    Briana Bouvier Month ago

    I thought nude nails

  • Mia Marroquin
    Mia Marroquin Month ago

    Red or pink?

  • Denisa Ioana C
    Denisa Ioana C Month ago

    What lipstick you used ?

  • Adrianne Rogers
    Adrianne Rogers Month ago

    It’s so funny how over 40k people like your vid, and then like a hundred people are like, “nah, I don’t like it!” SO stupid. Are they just trying to be different?! Because they aren’t different. They are still watching the video! 🙄😜 ... Mia you are absolutely beautiful before & totally gorgeous afterwards. xo

  • Samantha Giboney
    Samantha Giboney Month ago


  • katelyn victorino
    katelyn victorino Month ago

    OMGGGG having cats cozying up to you while you get your eyelashes done seems like an amazing experience

  • Katelynn Perdue
    Katelynn Perdue Month ago

    Am I the only one that was thinking “but how are you gonna glow up if you already the prettiest natural girl on the internet???”

  • Lucky
    Lucky Month ago

    Girl, stop, you know you’re not a four.

  • Ayten Gamal
    Ayten Gamal Month ago

    Red p.s i didnt cheat

  • Laura Stafford
    Laura Stafford Month ago

    Yessss you were listening to panic at the disco 💙

  • Shelley Alvey
    Shelley Alvey Month ago


  • heyitzzcait 7
    heyitzzcait 7 Month ago

    You look like a boujee horse girl sksksksksk

  • Bean Kashin
    Bean Kashin Month ago

    She was such a cutie before all the work for the transformation, still pretty afterward though

  • I B
    I B Month ago

    that Gucci belt part 😂😂😂😂


    as soon as I heard the alarm I jumped...waking up early has definitely had a negative effect on me...

  • Celia Parks
    Celia Parks Month ago

    Literally when you do your lips I'm so jealous... Haha they look so good

  • Emma Swan
    Emma Swan Month ago

    Jaw drops! Gorgeous!

  • Savy Says
    Savy Says Month ago

    That bun tho

  • can you not
    can you not Month ago

    Bro I thought you were Tana Mongoose in thumbnail

    Oh yeah yeah

  • Rebecca Smith
    Rebecca Smith Month ago

    I wanna go get my eyelashes done now by the lady you do just to meet all those lovely animals

  • Olivia. S
    Olivia. S Month ago

    Mia ain’t even near ugly she is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kyra xx
    Kyra xx Month ago

    girl you a 10! somma a 4

  • BestiesLmao
    BestiesLmao Month ago

    Mia what lip products did you use!! I love it

  • Jendale Columna
    Jendale Columna Month ago

    you're already pretty

  • marissa pritchard
    marissa pritchard Month ago

    Her skin is literally flawless omg

  • juliannxo
    juliannxo Month ago

    ur gorgeous !! before & after

  • Beautiful Iris
    Beautiful Iris Month ago +2

    You look more elegant and mature in the end. I don't think you looked any worse in the beginning, just more young. Idk... lol

  • Korynn Dickey
    Korynn Dickey Month ago


  • Lexi Bentley
    Lexi Bentley Month ago

    I’m not tryna be mean but you got your hair professionally done and it looks like a style you could have done yourself. Like I don’t understand when white people get they hair done and pay all their money and it’s something that could have been done at home can someone help me understand

  • Rosaleigh Moulton
    Rosaleigh Moulton Month ago

    who thinks mia looks like bridget medler???

  • casi lj
    casi lj Month ago

    Soo glad that your on 1.7mil on this😘 can’t think about anyone else that deserves it better 😍😘❤️ x

  • Samantha Sweet
    Samantha Sweet Month ago

    Blue nails

  • Jorunn Eldegard
    Jorunn Eldegard Month ago

    You look like Lexi from TVD when youre glammed

  • Andrea Dovran Fossum


  • Maddison Louise
    Maddison Louise Month ago

    She looks like Kim from love island australia

  • Kayla Bagwell
    Kayla Bagwell Month ago


  • Alisha Mashburn
    Alisha Mashburn Month ago

    I just found your channel and omg I love you!!♥️♥️ You are so naturally pretty!