I Trained Like A Pop Star For 60 Days

  • Published on Jun 4, 2018
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  • Michelle Khare
    Michelle Khare  11 months ago +4932

    You guys mentioned that you wanted to see longer-term, more meaningful content. This is a video I've wanted to make for years but have never had the courage to do, and took 6 months from start to finish to complete (beyond the 60 days of training). I was so scared to do this because of the criticism so many singers face. I hope that you'll listen to my first ever song (eek!!) and enjoy it - it's a song for you.

    • Jay Mar
      Jay Mar 17 hours ago

      Please train like a k-pop star!!!!! Diet and all!!!! Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!😭💜BTW LOVE YOUR VIDEOS IT INSPIRED AND INSPIRES ME SO MUCH!!💜THANK YOU!!😂💕

    • DragonLordMJM
      DragonLordMJM 23 days ago

      Will you make more?

    • Beth Webster
      Beth Webster Month ago

      Michelle Khare this was really interesting. Just subscribed.

    • it's samia
      it's samia Month ago

      Woww i love it

    • Candy 108
      Candy 108 Month ago

      lol I’m late just discovered ur channel. THAT WAS THE BOMB girl u smashed it

  • Darienne Lambert
    Darienne Lambert 14 hours ago

    You have such a good voice

  • Amanda Lockridge
    Amanda Lockridge 16 hours ago

    Think of the voice as a muscle- because it is one. When you want to have strong stability, the ability to sing without going sharp or flat, and the flexibility to do runs and such, you train. You train as hard as a gymnast or a bodybuilder. And you let the strength develop before the sound.

  • Jay Mar
    Jay Mar 17 hours ago

    I want you to train like a kpop star pleaseeeeeeeeeeee!

  • Twin Flamey-ness
    Twin Flamey-ness 17 hours ago

    When is your album out?? 👌😍

  • Dustin Nolan
    Dustin Nolan Day ago

    i think, have you trained a like Vietnamese Pop=))

  • Ur doin great sweaty

    her vids get me emotional but dang i legit teared up with her end message, something i needed to hear

  • Chi Slay
    Chi Slay Day ago

    shes gonna be like barbie who has 100 jobs lol

  • Raederle Phoenix
    Raederle Phoenix Day ago +1

    I love this song so much. I keep listening to it over and over again. Please make more music! You can totally be a popstar. I want to see the music video too!

  • Ziyu Gao
    Ziyu Gao Day ago +1

    I love this song so much!!!! You need to make a music video based on this song! I really love you and all the videos you make!!!

  • Nou 0306
    Nou 0306 Day ago


  • leon moon wolf
    leon moon wolf 2 days ago

    Train like a astronot

  • Slytherin JJ
    Slytherin JJ 2 days ago

    P!atd- the good the bad and the dirty
    Rebbeca black- the good the bad and the ugly

  • Chim chim
    Chim chim 3 days ago

    Michelle, I want you to train like a kpop star.... Can you??

  • Pethie
    Pethie 3 days ago

    she fears to sing in front of her and then takes a song with the widest range possible!

  • Amanda Murillo Torres

    I feel so connected to the lyrics in your song... it just feels powerfull because it reminds me to all the time that I (or anyone) has overcome a wall that was put there by the people that didn't belive in our potential. In school, in high school, in music, in life... It just feels like a jar of emotions that has been bubbling up and it isn't gonna keep all of this in anymore.
    Hope one day I am free enough to do the type of things that you do.
    Congratulations , you should be really proud.

  • The Fabulous Unicorn !!!

    Can you make a music video????? I know it is a lot of work but you should!!!!!!

  • Kavya Jain
    Kavya Jain 4 days ago

    You need more subs ASAP

  • Crystal Edson
    Crystal Edson 4 days ago

    how about smoking weed ?
    dance classes ?

  • MM Earlene
    MM Earlene 5 days ago

    this is so cool i wanna cry watching this, please makeup Music video of it!

  • Yuvanes Yuva
    Yuvanes Yuva 5 days ago

    Omg your song amaizing😍😍😍😍

  • potatrash
    potatrash 5 days ago

    You should try animation

  • Strawberry’s Place
    Strawberry’s Place 5 days ago +3

    I just got her song and I love it!! 💕 great job!

  • Mária Szabó
    Mária Szabó 5 days ago

    I love it!!!

  • Jaci V
    Jaci V 5 days ago

    I love singing so much that when I'm sick, my parents have to get a doctor's note to give to the teacher to make sure I don't do start singing and remind me if I do. They also tell my best friend because she is always within 10 feet of me and the child instructer.

  • Bailey Anway
    Bailey Anway 5 days ago +2

    Oh my god Michelle!! I'm lost for words... this was absolutely beautiful, amazing and SO meaningful. Please make more music. I absolutely LOVED this video!!

  • Insta Fruit
    Insta Fruit 6 days ago +3

    When you want to sing, but other people telly you to stop screeching....🤣
    Can't sing for the life of me....

  • Santika Phothiphrom
    Santika Phothiphrom 6 days ago +1


  • Arland Diaz
    Arland Diaz 6 days ago

    I really connected a lot to this bc this is big insecurity of mine tbh and knowing u can do it really helps cuz all I want is to be able to say stream my new song on iTunes 💕💕

  • Sara May
    Sara May 7 days ago +1

    Omg you should train like a Kpop Trainee (workouts & diet but the less extreme ones!)

  • Cindy Cahalan
    Cindy Cahalan 7 days ago

    train like a dancer

  • Crystal Honey
    Crystal Honey 8 days ago

    I really wanted her to mess up more actuallyyy but she’s good

  • IsabelleMorganYT
    IsabelleMorganYT 9 days ago

    ive always wanted to make my own music, this was really good inspo.

  • Yami Shi
    Yami Shi 9 days ago

    I'm literally crying
    I Love It sooo much
    Its sooo catchy😍

  • Mhd111 Mhd
    Mhd111 Mhd 10 days ago +3

    You were actually really good at singing!!

  • Centennial
    Centennial 10 days ago

    Michelle!! Wow.

  • Naomi Ly
    Naomi Ly 10 days ago +2

    ok so Michelle hasn't sung for 8 years and she is this gud... i sing everyday and tried to get better but im worse.


  • Emma Ottesen
    Emma Ottesen 10 days ago

    You have to make more songs!

  • Lilli Romig
    Lilli Romig 11 days ago


  • Allison Fox
    Allison Fox 11 days ago

    Rewatch 2019

  • Safiyyah Stewart
    Safiyyah Stewart 11 days ago

    I gotta say I rarely comment on videos cause what are the odds you even see this, but if you do I hope you know I had goosebumps throughout this journey with you, YOU SOUND SO BEAUTIFUL! you are beautiful and you’re a smart strong bad assss bitch who will go on to conquer her dreams and her fears! (Amen 🙏🏾) anywho I love you girl stay blessed 🌞🌞

    • Safiyyah Stewart
      Safiyyah Stewart 11 days ago

      Mind you I’m only just realizing this came out last year 😮 girrlll get it 😂👏🏾🙌🏾

  • Kat Joyce
    Kat Joyce 11 days ago +5

    In my school we had this singing competition called Voice Quest and I started to compete in it when I was in second grade. I lost and I haven't won a single one since then. I'm in highschool and I still haven't won. Hahahahah.

    P.S You sound soooo good!

  • MarinaADTR
    MarinaADTR 11 days ago +4


  • Erika Schneider Moreno
    Erika Schneider Moreno 11 days ago +1

    Totally using Spotify for the first time just to hear your song!!

  • Taija Hanson
    Taija Hanson 11 days ago +1

    gabbie’s reaction is amazing i literally love this

  • Hayley Wigerz
    Hayley Wigerz 13 days ago +1

    Yes! Taking voice lessons can change your voice completely. I joined choir last year and my voice has changed drastically!

  • Hayley Wigerz
    Hayley Wigerz 13 days ago

    Why break musical theatre habits, why can’t she learn pop and classical?

  • •-•
    •-• 13 days ago

    I literally was crying while watching this video
    I'm so proud you did great job!

    • Mona
      Mona 10 days ago

      why would you cry

  • Sydney Fleming
    Sydney Fleming 14 days ago

    To sing a cappella on a tough song in front of a vocal coach is amazing. Kudos to you, Michele

  • Isabella Clenry
    Isabella Clenry 14 days ago

    when you Sang LIKE A WARRIOR i got shivers DOWN MY SPINE!!!!!!!! I wish i can sing like that my voice is Sorta Creepy Powerful and Wellll thats how i explain it.

  • Alejandro
    Alejandro 14 days ago +3

    i'm cringeijn
    sooooooooooooo frickin hard
    not saying shes bad but shes bad

  • Isabella Clenry
    Isabella Clenry 15 days ago

    Omg i just watched an add with you in it AND IM WATCHING YOUR CHANNEL WHAT AN AMAZING COINCIDENCE!! 🤩🤩🥳🥳🤩🤩❤️❤️🔥🔥🥳🥳

  • wheresmypotatosalad
    wheresmypotatosalad 16 days ago +2

    God, Michelle is so beautiful.

  • Jacqueline Huang
    Jacqueline Huang 16 days ago

    Omggg you're so good at acting!! I also did a snoopy musical as well!!!

  • Musical Sadeem
    Musical Sadeem 17 days ago

    can you train to be a k pop star

  • Yuno Playzz
    Yuno Playzz 17 days ago +1

    I got an ad and you were in it XD

  • Danielle Shepherd
    Danielle Shepherd 18 days ago

    I’ve had a lot of trouble with people calling me names, going behind my back, stealing and ruining my school stuff but when I heard this song everything changed. I only just heard it and it’s changed my point of view on life. I was diagnosed with coeliac decease not to long ago so I can’t eat wheat, rye , oats, and barely which has been really hard. I can’t eat things like bread, pasta, cookies, pancakes and even some chocolate. Lots people say oh you can’t have that whoops in a really rude way and I’ve always wanted to change what I eat but this song made me happy again. It tells me it’s fine to be who I am and not care what people think, I can wear what I want I can do things like wearing making not have to like girly things but still be me. This song really has changed me and I thank you personally for making this song and showing me its going to be ok, just keep fighting.

  • JbmMCGaming
    JbmMCGaming 19 days ago

    OMG sooooo happy for you! I’m getting it right now! Please continue with singing you are so powerful!

  • Madalyn Miles
    Madalyn Miles 19 days ago

    Now you should train like a Kpop star. That's a whole new level of challenge 😂

  • Danii Bella
    Danii Bella 20 days ago

    I loved getting to see this all come together and the final result!!

  • Ella Faith
    Ella Faith 21 day ago


    TTSAVAGE 43 22 days ago


  • LeoLonderLand
    LeoLonderLand 22 days ago

    Your videos always manage to make me so emotional

  • Dibyanita Panda
    Dibyanita Panda 22 days ago

    Michelle! you inspire me a lot. Thank you for what you do. love you 😍

  • LeoLonderLand
    LeoLonderLand 22 days ago +9

    From the jump you can really tell she really does have a Musical Theatre voice

  • Krissy Leinen
    Krissy Leinen 24 days ago

    That intro definitely made me think of my high school to college experience - putting it aside to focus on a career felt so sad

  • William, Rodriguez
    William, Rodriguez 24 days ago

    loved it,

  • Vicky
    Vicky 24 days ago

    Just saw this video today...Decided to add this song to my Spotify playlist :)

  • Panda Girl
    Panda Girl 24 days ago

    The song sounded so good!

  • Beth Jimenez
    Beth Jimenez 24 days ago

    Totally listening to it! I live for it already

  • Fer Zaragoza
    Fer Zaragoza 24 days ago

    I just love how you challenge yourself

  • Melanie Sefa
    Melanie Sefa 25 days ago +2

    Is it just me or does she look like Jazz from I Am Jazz

  • Smiley 3.0
    Smiley 3.0 25 days ago

    How do u meet all these famous people? I really like this series and I hope you'll keep on with it.

  • Celuui
    Celuui 26 days ago

    Every time I watch Charlie Brown I think of her playing lucy now

  • Purple_Giraffe Lily
    Purple_Giraffe Lily 27 days ago

    OMG this is so good look it on Spotify it's so good

  • Anamaal Amoakoh
    Anamaal Amoakoh 28 days ago

    You make me want to go for gold . No one can relate cuz I’m in Ghana but I’m balling my eyes out right now

  • Sage Lohman
    Sage Lohman 29 days ago +2

    This was cringy but love her lol

  • Lucie D.
    Lucie D. Month ago +1

    Hey Michelle, I would like to challenge myself and do a cover of yours.
    Could you please make the karaoke accessible again for me?
    I haven't sang since about 10years after a tromatic exp. Gotta get back to it ;)

  • Cassie Best
    Cassie Best Month ago

    you should train like a ballroom and latin dancer for a month

  • Amelia Day
    Amelia Day Month ago

    You should be a voice actress for a disney princess!!! :D

  • konjo melat
    konjo melat Month ago

    Kpop star for 60 days please

  • Sarah Schaarschmidt

    Make a music video uh uh uh. Make a music video uh uh uh :)

  • NP Nina
    NP Nina Month ago

    Train like a kpop idol. Whole different level.

  • Ainsley Nelson
    Ainsley Nelson Month ago

    This gave me 2nd hand anxiety 😂😂

  • Hello its me
    Hello its me Month ago

    This girl need more subscribers!

  • Diamond Wolf
    Diamond Wolf Month ago

    Sooo where can I get that song?

  • She's Tuga
    She's Tuga Month ago

    I remember "everyone" making fun of the song but i don't even remember the song atm...

  • Charmaine Rebello
    Charmaine Rebello Month ago

    Now I'm jealous

  • Lakshita Sudhakar
    Lakshita Sudhakar Month ago


  • Kate Stories, Songs & More

    I went from listening and singing more poppy songs (which I sung my entire life until summer of 2018) to singing folk/soul/indie songs very quickly and I instantly saw a difference in my ability to sing. Pop songs don't work for everyone especially if you're self taught like me. To those of you that see this, experiment with the genres you sing to find what genre fits your voice best.

  • OMAR
    OMAR Month ago

    You should a video “trained like an actress” that’d be cool tbh

  • 민수박
    민수박 Month ago

    If you get to debut I'll be the first fan!!!

  • Yellow
    Yellow Month ago

    I feel like everyone I know is amazing at singing and I sound like a dying chicken

  • myself
    myself Month ago

    Wow! When she sang at the beginning, it was great! DEFINITELY NOT PERFECT, (no hate here, I sound like a dying rat) but really good!

  • Bright Trials
    Bright Trials Month ago

    I know this is an old ass video but I just watched it now. I've been singing my whole life and I love my voice. I know I really have something but I've never had training. I have a new job and I'm able to afford singing lessons. You inspired to reach out so some coaches. Thanks Michelle! You sound amazing and I'm glad you did this.

  • hccney
    hccney Month ago

    michelle is legit a barbie in human

  • Yuniza sanjuan
    Yuniza sanjuan Month ago

    Try to be a k popp plss #challengeaccepted

  • jookieskookies and cream kookies

    I want to do it toooo ;((

  • keyara Lewis
    keyara Lewis Month ago

    I love it😍😘💋💕💖💗❤💘💙💝💚💞💛💟💜💓👑👑

  • Von Legend
    Von Legend Month ago

    Love you