Liza On Demand - Official Trailer


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  • Leo Gorner
    Leo Gorner 7 hours ago

    Luv u girl but I'm not going to buy USclip red to watch some show. Does anyone know if she still makes USclip videos? Doesn't feel like it.

  • Sarah Nielson
    Sarah Nielson 10 hours ago

    For anyone who cant afford youtube premium (like me) I recommend as we wait for her to upload a video if not already watch and subscribe to her second channel Liza Koshy too . But if you already have I also recommend watching this other youtuber Thomas Sanders he is kind of like liza but you never know when he would upload (but it is worth it) and the other liza's that talk to him are Thomas ,they have names and also are having a debate about a problem. And he has some really funny friends. But if you have done all those then THE WORLD IS ENDING UNSUBSCRIBE BEFORE WE ALL DIE

  • Alexandra Muscaru
    Alexandra Muscaru 10 hours ago

    You go girl! Good for you for all of this, but we kinda miss Jet and dollar stores and your own beautiful content. Could you at least do one video/month or something? For us plebs that do not have access to youtube red for some reason or another...

  • Star Orange
    Star Orange 11 hours ago

    Is the girl that said get a hold of yourself from orange is the new black

  • Alexis Tex
    Alexis Tex 16 hours ago

    I came to comment this but I realized I'm not the first one. Ask anyone I know. Liza, u are my idol, I love u so much! And every wednesday night (more like thursday night😂) I would watch ur newest video. I watched ur 2 free episodes of liza om demand and they were amazing, but I cant get youtube premium. I miss ur normal youtube videos. Can u make another one soon? Its been almost 6 months. I love u Liza, I'm just hoping u will see this and post another video😊❤ u are my life!!!😁

  • momo's world
    momo's world 21 hour ago +1

    I wish she still posted normally

  • AboveArmour ._.
    AboveArmour ._. 22 hours ago

    I miss her videos :-(

  • Cloud10
    Cloud10 Day ago

    When the only five Star tears are because Liza hasn’t uploaded in months and you can’t afford USclip red 😭

  • Sophia Pollicina

    I want old Liza back ! I unsubscribed to you because you don’t post those hilarious videos anymore and then I thought ... I love Liza , even know you don’t post your old vids anymore it’s all about “ Liza on demand “ I will still just watch your old videos over and over again I guess :(

  • Lishwana’s Life
    Lishwana’s Life Day ago +1

    Liza is one of my most fav youtubers, but I am unable to buy Liza on demand and at the moment that’s all she posts, I miss the Liza where she normally post on USclip for Wednesday’s with Liza, I mean I used to wait till each wednesday or Thursday like it was a tv show, I understand she’s busy but I just wish she would post on USclip again cuz I rlly miss it :(

  • LovelylittlePandicorn Vlogs

    When are you gonna post more videos

  • Miguel Pinto
    Miguel Pinto 2 days ago

    Can you post youtube videos on Wednesdays because you haven't been i even bought youtube premium just so i could watch liza on demad but can u post plz

  • Dominic Valmonte
    Dominic Valmonte 2 days ago

    You bulked nik

  • Quality Cleanings
    Quality Cleanings 2 days ago

    can I plz post a reall video your subs need u

  • Quality Cleanings
    Quality Cleanings 2 days ago

    can I plz post a reall video your subs need u

  • Quality Cleanings
    Quality Cleanings 2 days ago

    can I plz post a reall video your subs need u

  • Sydney Obrien
    Sydney Obrien 2 days ago

    Liza pleaseeeeee go back to posting normal videos

  • Fancy milla
    Fancy milla 2 days ago

    Get back with David he loves you

  • The Precise Bullet
    The Precise Bullet 2 days ago +1

    Stop punishing us
    I need to stop

  • Cadence Stone
    Cadence Stone 2 days ago

    Here last regular spontaneous upload was 5 months ago😭😭

  • Cadence Stone
    Cadence Stone 2 days ago

    Where's wednezzzdays with liza??

  • Marie Huston
    Marie Huston 2 days ago

    No, YOU gave a kid Molly!

  • Commie Pastell
    Commie Pastell 3 days ago

    Om g yes batch

  • Kaleigh and Kylie
    Kaleigh and Kylie 3 days ago

    Who is watching in August or September 2018!

  • Mad Dog
    Mad Dog 3 days ago

    So now I have to pay to watch this?? Rather not... can’t lol

  • KornutEmie
    KornutEmie 3 days ago

    She on this show called freakish

  • Mc Maddog
    Mc Maddog 3 days ago

    When is she ever coming back to the channel

  • Sadie Mae
    Sadie Mae 3 days ago

    Why did you sell out? We can only watch you if we pay now? Doing all these weird interviews with big magazines? What happened to you? You seem so forced now

  • Sadie Mae
    Sadie Mae 3 days ago +1

    Love how we can only watch you if we pay now. We stan a sell out queen

    • Hanna Garcia
      Hanna Garcia Day ago +1

      Sadie Lou ah then I agree with you, you’re right. She had a great career regardless and she’s blowing it off

    • Sadie Mae
      Sadie Mae 2 days ago

      Hanna Garcia no it was a joke I was being sarcastic. What I mean is I think she is selling out, her humor has changed I think?, and like why stop your highly successful USclip career for one with less views that barely anyone can afford you know?

    • Hanna Garcia
      Hanna Garcia 2 days ago

      Sadie Lou
      Why would you love it? She gets paid either way only with one way, not everyone can afford to watch .....

  • Amelee-Rose Mitchell

    Where's little liza

  • richwjack
    richwjack 3 days ago

    So does this mean I can't watch you for free anymore? 😭

  • DuhItzShadow DuhItzShadow

    I miss the old vids :((

  • lorde ventos
    lorde ventos 4 days ago

    lizzza i'm so happy you'll be back on escape the night, it made my day

  • Its Angel
    Its Angel 4 days ago

    Are U In Season $ In Escape The Night Cause Joey Grabbs Gem And Blablabla And He Sees All The Dead People And U Say Joey Rescue Us Pls Well Leave Like If U Want Her In Season 4

  • FrostyStar
    FrostyStar 4 days ago


  • Soldier G
    Soldier G 4 days ago +1

    Who misses Liza

    MARIO'S IMPOSTOR 4 days ago


  • Ashley Nita
    Ashley Nita 4 days ago

    @Liza Your In Escape The Night Season 3 Ep10

  • Lily_Bean :D
    Lily_Bean :D 4 days ago +1

    Does anyone remember when liza posted things that everyone can watch :(

  • Nevaehs World
    Nevaehs World 5 days ago

    I love this and all but we don’t want these we want Wednesday with Liza

  • Eternally profound
    Eternally profound 5 days ago

    Liza on Demand?????? fuck you bitch

  • Eternally profound
    Eternally profound 5 days ago

    wtf now this bitch sells her shit??? fuck that

  • Tanner Choate
    Tanner Choate 5 days ago

    Liza Your really awesome and all but plz stop posting Liza on demand eps and go back to the good old days of making videos that make me laugh until I pee. no, I am not kidding (about the pee thing)

  • Alina Frank
    Alina Frank 5 days ago

    I miss driving with Liza also target and stuff

  • Panni Gyetvai
    Panni Gyetvai 5 days ago

    Why you no post no mo? 😞

  • Amber Danz
    Amber Danz 5 days ago

    Hi Liza I was wondering if you can start doing musical.lys again (or tik took)

  • Dulce morales
    Dulce morales 5 days ago +1

    I want to watch new videos not just liza on demand cause not everyone can buy that plz post nee videos plz liza and im so proud of you i l0VE u so much hope your doing great on yoir shows


    Hi Liza .I am Anna. I am Rasha. I love you video.

  • Jack Weir
    Jack Weir 6 days ago

    Hey, miss you we should chill I’m abit of a mad dog from australia lol

  • Tan & Wah
    Tan & Wah 6 days ago

    Comment on my vid if u want me to sub to you!!

  • Tan & Wah
    Tan & Wah 6 days ago

    Comment on my vid if u want me to sub to you!!

  • TarmaPlayz More
    TarmaPlayz More 6 days ago

    Is this on Netflix?

    • Tina Blub
      Tina Blub 6 days ago

      TarmaPlayz More no youtube premium

  • saaraah
    saaraah 7 days ago

    just like vsauce

  • John Vargas
    John Vargas 7 days ago

    Just found out my pastor is related to Liza I’m freaking out

  • LittleGloriousEmma29

    Thats my little brownie growing up

  • omar howard
    omar howard 8 days ago


  • x lia x
    x lia x 8 days ago +3

    Whers the puns and wednesday with liza I really miss those videos😭😭

  • Melva Rawlings
    Melva Rawlings 9 days ago


  • hazel star
    hazel star 9 days ago +1

    Ugh I miss her old vids I can't get permuium I'm a kid! But I'm happy for u

  • Emily Nice
    Emily Nice 9 days ago +4

    im tired of Liza on demand. I m happy for her for being successful but I miss and love her old vids. They were funny and cool.

  • Nitish Anand
    Nitish Anand 9 days ago

    This shit is disgusting

    • Tina Blub
      Tina Blub 6 days ago

      Nitish Anand you are disgusting

  • Pink Panda
    Pink Panda 9 days ago +6

    go back to old wensdays with liza please

  • Claire McCallum
    Claire McCallum 10 days ago

    Is the first episode for free?

    • Ioana Bunea
      Ioana Bunea 9 days ago

      Claire McCallum the first 2 episodes are free

  • Galaxy Girl
    Galaxy Girl 10 days ago +2

    Will you ever post actual videos again? Im keeping notifications on just in case

  • Amna Sohail
    Amna Sohail 10 days ago

    liza do "KIKI CHALLENGE " please

  • Wafflie :3
    Wafflie :3 11 days ago +2

    I miss the old liza.. now she only cares about money :/

    • Ioana Bunea
      Ioana Bunea 9 days ago

      Wafflie :3 no, she’s just keen on bigger things

  • Robin Hartman
    Robin Hartman 11 days ago

  • Sergio Hernandez
    Sergio Hernandez 11 days ago


  • Cami Gang
    Cami Gang 11 days ago

    I miss the funny Liza vids 😭

  • _JanuaryTheWolf _
    _JanuaryTheWolf _ 11 days ago

    I just finished watching boo, the movie you were in Liza. That was wonderful! I laughed. Loved your part

  • Graciee Barclay
    Graciee Barclay 11 days ago +4

    Liza I’m proud that you are getting this opportunity but are you aware that not all of us want to keep watching this kind of thing

  • Edgar Tello
    Edgar Tello 11 days ago

    LIZA!!! Is there going to be an Episode 9!??

    • Tina Blub
      Tina Blub 6 days ago

      There is, next season idk when

  • Jessica Xox
    Jessica Xox 11 days ago

    Does anyone think she looks like cardi b or is it just me?

  • Raven Carmichael
    Raven Carmichael 12 days ago

    liza, will your weekly youtube videoes come back since the show already has had its season finale. We miss our weekly liza!!!

  • Hepokatti Mavaja
    Hepokatti Mavaja 12 days ago

    I'm so proud of u Liza, but we miss your old vids :(

  • Blue Shirt Guy
    Blue Shirt Guy 12 days ago

    She is so cringey.

    • Tina Blub
      Tina Blub 6 days ago

      Blue Shirt Guy did you know what you are writing?

  • Blue Shirt Guy
    Blue Shirt Guy 12 days ago

    She is so ugly.

    • Tina Blub
      Tina Blub 6 days ago

      Dont talk about her on the internet

    • Tina Blub
      Tina Blub 6 days ago

      Blue Shirt Guy dont judge

  • The Chibi box
    The Chibi box 12 days ago


  • Sophia Draper
    Sophia Draper 12 days ago

    Can you please continue posting on Wednesday because I miss your videos and my parents won’t let me get USclip red to watch Liza on demand

  • Jaydah Reyes
    Jaydah Reyes 12 days ago

    Can you Liza Koshy do a fashion show video

  • Kate And Rox
    Kate And Rox 13 days ago

    Love u Liza !!

  • Joy Funny Times
    Joy Funny Times 13 days ago

    Hey bi herd u watch asmr so do I.

  • helenflute9
    helenflute9 13 days ago

    you should really watch this asmr video

  • 3 3
    3 3 13 days ago

    Liza now internet pop star and stops uploading 😭😭😭😭

  • UniqueDiversion
    UniqueDiversion 13 days ago +9

    I miss her old videos, I’m proud of her but not everyone can pay to watch her show plus I enjoy her old videos more

    • Sarah Brown
      Sarah Brown 11 days ago

      UniqueDiversion you can get it on free trial

  • Lexi Lane Bailey
    Lexi Lane Bailey 13 days ago +1


  • jada simpson
    jada simpson 13 days ago


    • Ryker
      Ryker 13 days ago

      jada simpson Ya exactly

  • Karla Carrasquillo
    Karla Carrasquillo 14 days ago +1

    Why SHE dosent upload more content?
    Answer: She's on a nickolodean program named double dare and they récord weekly or daily i don't know,plus her series and Grammys etc,thats why she don't post anymore,She's on her big bang lets support her now that she needs us more💗

  • Summer Mercier
    Summer Mercier 14 days ago

    i miss liza’s old videos :(

  • Adri719
    Adri719 14 days ago


  • Becca Scotton
    Becca Scotton 14 days ago

    okay i get being proud of your series you made, and i love her and am so proud of her, but she’s a USclipr meaning by watching her we pay her to make content. and now all she posts is said series. it’s so annoying because she’s paid to make that content that doesn’t even exist anymore. and not everyone can/wants to pay for USclip red meaning now everyone can even watch the dang series. she really needs to still make content for her fans that love her and would if they could watch it but can’t. i really don’t mean this as hate but rather constructive criticism. but come on man!

  • Marina Miculovic
    Marina Miculovic 14 days ago

    Will there be more episodes?

  • StonyZeus 1920
    StonyZeus 1920 14 days ago

    Where’s the uploads?

  • Ariana Young
    Ariana Young 14 days ago


  • ____pau____
    ____pau____ 14 days ago

    Are there only 8 episodes?

    • Tina Blub
      Tina Blub 6 days ago

      ____pau____ for that season yes

  • Liv Duffy
    Liv Duffy 14 days ago

    Your in the in my feelings video 😂😂

  • bella ray
    bella ray 14 days ago

    when are you going to upload your actual youtube videos??

  • Janina
    Janina 15 days ago

    tell me not to speak Russian.

    • Janina
      Janina 5 days ago


    • Tina Blub
      Tina Blub 5 days ago

      Janina what does all this say?

    • Janina
      Janina 5 days ago


    • Tina Blub
      Tina Blub 5 days ago

      Janina not to speak german.

    • Janina
      Janina 5 days ago

      Я просто смотрела её одно видео и она сказала досвидания

  • Melanie Cloutier
    Melanie Cloutier 15 days ago

    You need to make more regular vids cuz I can’t watch Liza on demand and I want to

    SAFARI LPS 15 days ago