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  • LightningGaming ALB
    LightningGaming ALB 13 hours ago

    Smoking is gay lol 😂

  • DrippyDropJames YT
    DrippyDropJames YT 13 hours ago +1

    "Yes i checked. Its not bent." Me: Not bent YET.

  • guardain 159
    guardain 159 14 hours ago

    5:45 hahaha

  • Erik Susic
    Erik Susic 14 hours ago

    Why this gey has 600 thousand subs

  • GangGang_ Langley
    GangGang_ Langley 15 hours ago

    DONT press Read more

    Read more

  • MilkMan.
    MilkMan. 16 hours ago +1

    smoking rates dropped to %0

  • The Radio guy
    The Radio guy 16 hours ago

    I have that ipad lol

  • iDunnoGames
    iDunnoGames 17 hours ago


  • Streko Rodriguez
    Streko Rodriguez 18 hours ago


  • DocuTV Govea
    DocuTV Govea 18 hours ago

    Make new video!!!

  • The Wired
    The Wired 19 hours ago

    I just watched the hate comment video and I don't understand those people why they hate you your vids have logic because you spend 300$ on Ps4 and after releasing a video you will get 3 times more money BTW I subscribed Sorry for bad grammar

  • Frentzen Wiraja
    Frentzen Wiraja 20 hours ago

    Watching on the newest iPad Pro 12.9

  • Semih Aydın - semihproo04

    +Plainrock124 Bored Smashing Playstation One classic edition.

  • Noah Djeri
    Noah Djeri 20 hours ago

    iPads are gay you should have gotten a tab s4 but this video was really entertaining though I enjoyed it

  • Turbo Gaming
    Turbo Gaming 21 hour ago +1

    Editing is spot on

  • red eye gaming
    red eye gaming 22 hours ago

    great vid

  • I’m just a Wii
    I’m just a Wii 22 hours ago

    6:15 that eMac G4 looks 👍🏼 NICE

  • _ IsSef _
    _ IsSef _ 22 hours ago

    This Guy needs medical help

  • riley busse
    riley busse 23 hours ago

    Did this actually happened or is this just a skit

  • Anetomix Fortnite

    I just wanted to say that you have been a big inspiration to me and you have really changed the way I've lived, you have urged me to go out of my house more often and to get a job. I am only 13, but that wont stop me from trying to adapt to the lifestyle that you have, I just wanted to say yet again that you've been a big help to me and you've help me for a while to cope with things, I have been watching your account and videos for a while now but I have only just subbed maybe a week or two ago. I really hope your channel blows up more that it is doing right now, I wish you all the best luck you can get. Keep making funny nerdy videos for me to watch.

  • Phoenix vlogs
    Phoenix vlogs Day ago

    At first I was exited for the giveaway but at 7:47 not so much

  • Whale
    Whale Day ago


  • Addy Sywyk
    Addy Sywyk Day ago

    -xD- __xD__

  • Addy Sywyk
    Addy Sywyk Day ago


  • boiii nahh
    boiii nahh Day ago

    Smoking is gay tbh

  • Gaurav Singh
    Gaurav Singh Day ago

    1, 2 Ka 4
    4 ,2 Ka 1
    My name is Lakhan.... ....

  • Addy Sywyk
    Addy Sywyk Day ago

    5:38: 1 like is 1 bandage for king Liang/plainock124-Edit: Lol “GET UP BITCH”

  • Omar beast
    Omar beast Day ago

    40% of the comments
    DoNt cLiCk rEaD mOrE

    YoU hAve BaD luCk FoR 2019 LiKe To UnDow

    I spent 3 min don't ask

  • VincentSantellanoYT Boi

    That new white iPad I have it

  • Lucian Brando
    Lucian Brando Day ago

    Uggh stupid asian boy

  • Erci Awesome
    Erci Awesome Day ago

    Click here for good like in 2019

  • Matthew
    Matthew Day ago +1


  • Super Mario bro XP 9000

    I like your shirt the we bare bears one

  • Sphinx Dojo
    Sphinx Dojo Day ago


  • Liam The Llama
    Liam The Llama Day ago

    lmao gradeaundera uploaded

  • Elliot Botkin
    Elliot Botkin Day ago

    You should destroy the Souljagame handheld

  • The Phan Reader
    The Phan Reader Day ago

    King it’s time you stop USclip because your Chanel is age restricted

  • Quisys Official
    Quisys Official Day ago


    *_S M O K I N G I S G A Y_*

  • This is a Channel
    This is a Channel Day ago +1

    8:48 when I heard this I died of laughter

  • ItsZombieGamerZ
    ItsZombieGamerZ Day ago

    I like how in the beginning he was eating snacks without watching a video

  • JPlanet Katz
    JPlanet Katz Day ago

    Sonic owns iPad

  • Logan Clark
    Logan Clark Day ago


  • Marley Moilanen
    Marley Moilanen Day ago

    King make that iBook g3 green color that video has 15 thousand likes make that video

  • jasiulopl
    jasiulopl Day ago

    Your right

  • Gaming And Vlogging Movies

    I Got All Of The Apple Products.... I MUST SOLD IT!!!! (Probably.....)

  • nezar the gamer
    nezar the gamer Day ago

    8:48: .....


    Yes pls do more of these vidsssss 💯💯😭🇨🇭

  • Syon Cheung
    Syon Cheung Day ago +1

    into the drawer for eternity! YAY!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rusty Knight
    Rusty Knight Day ago

    I’ve been subbed since 180 subs

  • Nintu !
    Nintu ! Day ago

    disclaimer: smoking is gay

  • HatrickPlayz
    HatrickPlayz Day ago

    Do you have ring doorbell cuz I have a ring doorbell 2

  • Ham Khan
    Ham Khan Day ago

    No extra after the outro? I'm fine with that, but that is sad.
    Oh, my Kindle Fire 5th Gen is glad that he's my only mobile device.

  • egg
    egg Day ago

    this dumbass bought an ipad without a fucking headphone jack lmao

  • GD Rudy
    GD Rudy Day ago

    For those who are new here (no offense) its a loser that doesn’t treat his iPad Pro properly.

  • Draven Danum
    Draven Danum Day ago

    I am not going anywhere

    JASON SU Day ago


  • hi people what
    hi people what Day ago


  • TomCatGaming
    TomCatGaming Day ago

    I hope plainrock124 is okay

  • Ligit Lists
    Ligit Lists Day ago

    7 : 47 😂😂😂😂

  • Roxxy7 Int.K
    Roxxy7 Int.K Day ago

    Why did you leave Patreon King?

  • TwitchTv Chicago

    13:48 best part of video

  • Datboi Datboi
    Datboi Datboi Day ago

    Make more videos

  • EdReKLa δα Ʀεαl

    4:12 YES! Another year

  • AMCB1212
    AMCB1212 Day ago

    1:04 lol

  • Jimmy Minall
    Jimmy Minall Day ago

    please shout me out in next vid you dont have to i dont mind i also have somthing to say you dont waste money i know you make money from ads i hate all the people who say you waste your money also give me a sppeling book lol

  • Max Jordan
    Max Jordan Day ago

    Techrax showing up killed me 😂😂😂

  • Ratmanpl_1 wotB
    Ratmanpl_1 wotB Day ago

    *Edit: **3:34** THERE WE GO :D*

  • Renzo Neira
    Renzo Neira Day ago +1

    stop moving on u nerd

  • Whitcheef
    Whitcheef Day ago

    Don’t click read more

    You are saved from those “you have bad luck/good luck for the rest of 2018”, to claim ur prize u have to like or reply on this comment

  • byParzival
    byParzival Day ago

    Alguien español de españa xd???

  • great chan gacha

    What's wrong about being gay u cun

  • Zayd Ahmad
    Zayd Ahmad Day ago

    Get your bowl cut out of the way

  • Nyan Cat
    Nyan Cat Day ago

    痕痕奋爻厽厽厽疸奋耷略刷胃鬚胃里騾聽去聽 china shit that i wrote


    13:10 sanic

  • Nazi Doge
    Nazi Doge Day ago


  • thanh nguyen thi cam

    Are you from Japanese

  • Amy Adkins
    Amy Adkins Day ago

    I hate that you think to break everything

  • Ghosstyy_tv ?
    Ghosstyy_tv ? Day ago

    Your calling my dad gay even tho he isn’t he has a wife!

  • Its NightBoi
    Its NightBoi Day ago

    hEy PlAiNrOcKy124 WhEns tHe NeXT BorEd SmaSHiNG ViDeO?

  • Dmdmdjd Mdmdjdj
    Dmdmdjd Mdmdjdj Day ago

    Hi king

  • Oc d
    Oc d Day ago

    Do board smashing and smash the most strongest pc when you hit 600 000 subs

  • SuperYoshiFoxLogan

    1:02 TRUe

  • FrogieTM
    FrogieTM Day ago


  • Screechlo
    Screechlo 2 days ago

    How did you get the voice for the ipad

    • Aryan Kumar
      Aryan Kumar Day ago

      +Screechlo Probably with Premier Pro or Final Cut.

    • Screechlo
      Screechlo Day ago

      Aryan Kumar I tried but it didn’t work

    • Screechlo
      Screechlo Day ago

      +Aryan Kumar Also how did he edit the video

    • Screechlo
      Screechlo Day ago

      Aryan Kumar but at the part where King told Siri to turn off the lights and Siri’s voice was different

    • Aryan Kumar
      Aryan Kumar Day ago

      He told Siri to repeat the lines, recorded it, and then added it in the video with editing.

  • Your Name
    Your Name 2 days ago +1

    He got a whole ass barcode on his forehead

  • Jztvchannel
    Jztvchannel 2 days ago +1

    I got that Family guy reference

  • parzival 95
    parzival 95 2 days ago

    Pr124 are you canceling your patron ?

  • ric xd
    ric xd 2 days ago

    8:48 LMAO

  • Sondash Austin
    Sondash Austin 2 days ago

    Hey rockplain I am making sonic vs Mario so don’t forget to subscribe to me

  • I have to wait 90 days to change my name That’s me

    11:53 anyone else notice the actual real pencil

  • Isaias Aguirre-Mar
    Isaias Aguirre-Mar 2 days ago

    5:40 Peter Griffin eh?

  • Sanstheawesome8905
    Sanstheawesome8905 2 days ago

    are you going to do any more bored smashing

  • Startak
    Startak 2 days ago

    did u cut the cord off ur regular headphones?


    What will mom say if king falls

    Bad son
    If u saw generous gift to my parents
    iPhone 8

  • David Tang
    David Tang 2 days ago

    I like your haircut

  • Adam nguyen
    Adam nguyen 2 days ago

    Plainrock124, you’re one of my favorite youtuber but please don’t make fun of people because they’re poor, also, you’re cool and fuck up at the same time

  • Thiago Inácio
    Thiago Inácio 2 days ago


  • Nightian Industries
    Nightian Industries 2 days ago +1

    I'm so excited for the iPad Mini 5

  • shazzy61
    shazzy61 2 days ago

    Lol I have second oldest ipad pro

  • OpMarcus 7
    OpMarcus 7 2 days ago

    but it fixed