What Is The Deadliest Substance On Earth? Toxicity Comparison


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  • bowlingball194
    bowlingball194 10 months ago +7683

    Botulism is not directly found in canned or processed foods, if not preserved correctly the food becomes a breeding ground for bacteria, including Clostridium Botulinum. This bacteria produces the toxin associated with botulism when it enters you body.

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    • Faith Bailey
      Faith Bailey 2 days ago

      Thanks, usually these guys get something wrong so its good we got fact checkers

    • StrokeMahEgo
      StrokeMahEgo 5 days ago

      If regular cooking isn't enough to actually kill the spores just from heat alone, would a microwave interact with them in such a way to kill them?

    • JaDa sPiCy ChEeSe
      JaDa sPiCy ChEeSe 7 days ago

      Wow you are smart!

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      GiraffeEggs 14 days ago

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  • Stefan Æsir
    Stefan Æsir 10 hours ago

    "when your face starts paralyzing and you can't speak, drive as fast as you can to a hospital". Drive as fast as you can, that sounds like a sound advice, 🤔

  • TrapToBeTriggered

    what about 0.000,000,001?

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  • That edgy Jew Nissim אלעזר

    uranium and l fentanyl i have a few friends who were killed by fentanyl laced Xanax

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    What about chlorine?

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    Ammonia lol 2 days ago

    I Have 0.000,000,001g,

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  • Drew Layton
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    You got mercury and organic murcury mixed up. The scientist in question spilled organic murcury over her hand. It's an important distinction because the element murcury is mostly harmless. Organic murcury is always fatal.

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    liam weckman 2 days ago

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  • Gabriel the gamer's Hub

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  • Scott Henderson
    Scott Henderson 3 days ago

    As a kid in the 70's, my brothers and I cracked open a thermometer and played with the mercury with our bare hands, none of us died.

  • Luka Andric
    Luka Andric 3 days ago

    Ok idk if you are retarded or just stupid. As you mentioned at the n1 spot , you get pariliezd so why tf would you want to drive to a hospital ????

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    TNT MASTER 5 days ago

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  • Meowy Sheri
    Meowy Sheri 5 days ago

    Botulinum toxin type h is the most toxic substance that there even is. A *VERY* tiny bit of it in water can kill a freaking city

  • Ramboghini Balboni
    Ramboghini Balboni 6 days ago

    80 nanograms. 2 billionths of a gram is that right? I thought 80 nanograms was 80 billionths of a gram.

  • sirwilliam51
    sirwilliam51 6 days ago

    None of these are nearly as nasty as botulisims cousin. Clostridium Difficil commonly called C. Diff which generates basically the same toxin as botulisim but in your intestines, turning your guts into an over saturated Swiss cheese mush that needs to be removed before it goes systemic and kills you within 48 hours.

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    So how much do we have to wait for death?? Hours, minutes, seconds? This video is vague

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    I was chewing lead battery in my childhood ! Idk if it has affected me

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    When your face is paralyzed and you cant speak, drive as fast as you can to a hospital so you can get completely paralyzed or die on the way there, and crash. Love the advice.

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    • PulpFreeJuice
      PulpFreeJuice 11 days ago

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    So basically don’t eat cheese sauce and you’ll be fine

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    This makes me never wanna eat canned food ever again

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  • Colton Collingwood
    Colton Collingwood 13 days ago

    Not a very accurate video: VX is way worse then Sarin, Polonium 210 is the deadliest substance per gram known to man and mercury and lead shouldn't even be on this list

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    Just did a project on arsenic

  • Mario Mario
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    What if oxygen slowly kills us. But it takes around 70-100 years

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    Note: A one gram bag of cocaine is not a commonly consumed item.

  • swankmosquito
    swankmosquito 15 days ago

    you can shove your hands in mercury all you want and nothing will happen if there are no open wounds, there is no way in hell that woman died from just that she probably had a cut on her arm it got into or got a splash in her mouth

    • swankmosquito
      swankmosquito 4 days ago

      oh i was thinking metallic, this guy does a really bad job at explaining things past surface level

    • McAkkeezz
      McAkkeezz 5 days ago

      She spilled organic mercury on her hands which does get absorbed

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    They coated arrows with a toxin. And shot birds from the sky. And when they fell, they say it's because of the toxin? WHAT ABOUT THE ARROW THAT PIERCED THE BIRD?!

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    Number 1 is...

    Morning breath

  • Luminous Space
    Luminous Space 15 days ago

    ermm... while i was doing my final year project finding for chemicals and there is a ton chemicals lying around without label, and then I am accidentally touch spilled mercury without glove i had no idea what it was then i lift the bottle it is heavy af, so it was mercury why i didnt die yet lol

  • Lets Make It Sexy.
    Lets Make It Sexy. 15 days ago

    Why are more toxic substances taking more time than less toxic to kill?

  • Potatoes are good
    Potatoes are good 16 days ago

    Antimatter is pretty deadly, and since we’ve technically created a few atoms of it, that means it’s been here on earth. When it comes into contact with normal matter, they both destroy each other and convert into 100% energy. The lethal dose is in like the billionth of a gram range, probably less tbh.

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    ennis rubio 16 days ago

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  • Keyoor Dave
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    Pure Mercury Isn't dangerous at all you can touch it with bare hands.

    TEMPAR 16 days ago

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    You said 10 tixic compounds that kill you......right?
    Then why is lead there? And arsenic? How about mercury

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  • JudoP
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    How about antimatter? ~10ng of that would instantly release about 10^5J of energy on contact with any part of your body (about 10x the muzzle energy of a 5.56mm round).
    It would be a fast acting poison at least.