What Is The Deadliest Substance On Earth? Toxicity Comparison


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  • bowlingball194
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    Botulism is not directly found in canned or processed foods, if not preserved correctly the food becomes a breeding ground for bacteria, including Clostridium Botulinum. This bacteria produces the toxin associated with botulism when it enters you body.

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      bowlingball194 that’s some info I should get my head around that

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      Bellaisfunny 4 days ago

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    • BJGvideos
      BJGvideos 6 days ago

      Adam Soli That has nothing to do with GMOs at all.

      OYUN REHBERİ 8 days ago

      bowlingball194 thanks for that

    • VectorGadget25 Heh
      VectorGadget25 Heh 10 days ago

      The most toxic substance in the world are Jäger mains

  • Hamza Iftikhar
    Hamza Iftikhar 8 hours ago

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  • Turtle Mind
    Turtle Mind 9 hours ago

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  • Zero Allusionz
    Zero Allusionz 9 hours ago

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    Ed Evans 13 hours ago

    Government Lies??

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  • *_sunrise_ *
    *_sunrise_ * Day ago

    Isn't Polonium is the most fatal substance in the world?;) you only need a half a gram of vaporized substance to kill a country full of people;p

  • weazle22
    weazle22 Day ago

    No1 the Clintons

  • Dylan. DiMiG
    Dylan. DiMiG Day ago

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  • Jake White
    Jake White 2 days ago

    You just finished my science homework

  • Jaswant Kondur
    Jaswant Kondur 2 days ago

    in the case of mercury poisoning of that lady it was Organic Mercury which can penetrate easily while normal cant penetrate , however it is poisonous

  • MrHairyTeabag
    MrHairyTeabag 3 days ago

    Since when was 80 nanograms = 2 billionths of a gram?

  • steve shoemaker
    steve shoemaker 4 days ago

    Ricin is and still the #1 tool of assigns !

  • CalmDownAlex
    CalmDownAlex 4 days ago

    my mom used to play with mercury as a kid

  • Airsoftboss52
    Airsoftboss52 4 days ago

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  • Clayton Benignus
    Clayton Benignus 4 days ago

    Also deadly are Uranium, Plutonium, and Heavy Water.

  • Zerozone Zz
    Zerozone Zz 6 days ago

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  • JoeTop [GD]
    JoeTop [GD] 6 days ago

    Novichuk & VX are missing.

  • Lucie Riley
    Lucie Riley 7 days ago

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  • Carsten N
    Carsten N 7 days ago

    With Ricin I misheard it to say: "The toxin can be extracted from the pope."

  • Mr Bendy
    Mr Bendy 8 days ago

    That's great advice; If you think you are about to die, drive your car as fast as possible. Smh

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    Tomi Adewole 8 days ago

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    1:11 why the hell would ya even eat a pufferfish? Like. Seriously... Hank doesn't even do that to our worst enemies!

  • Sophia Kaczmarek
    Sophia Kaczmarek 9 days ago

    Kinda scared to eat anything now. Thanks. 😂

  • Mihai P.
    Mihai P. 10 days ago

    Botulism is actually easily treatable in a developed country...

  • External Crate
    External Crate 10 days ago

    wtf.. the first time in forever i eat nachos, i randomly click on a video about a man dying from them lol.

  • Vitalie Fuior
    Vitalie Fuior 11 days ago

    Arsenic-Watching Arsenal play in the premier league and champions league
    Fact:1000000 people died watching Bayern Vs Arsenal

  • Stephanie Wilkie
    Stephanie Wilkie 11 days ago

    Number 1: Ali A

  • amber
    amber 11 days ago

    what about vx?

  • 粘黏年糕
    粘黏年糕 11 days ago

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  • potato lord 77
    potato lord 77 11 days ago

    why was cyanide on here but not castor,castor is about 10,000x stronger than cyanide

  • Stijm van Dijk
    Stijm van Dijk 11 days ago

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  • Harry Man
    Harry Man 12 days ago

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  • Kodak
    Kodak 12 days ago

    #1:Siege Players

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  • Jeremy Kraft
    Jeremy Kraft 13 days ago

    What about Carbon Monoxide?

  • MAX Q
    MAX Q 13 days ago

    How are the following substances not on this list?
    Novichok Agents (some of which are deadlier than VX)
    You also failed to specifically mention:
    Dimethylmercury. This is what killed the professor described in No. 3.
    Botulinum toxin type H. 2 nanograms injected will kill an adult.
    Most people would not say that some of the substances in this video are the deadliest, but they cause the most deaths per year. You also failed to define what is meant by "deadly" before you start the list because this video clearly lists some relatively benign substances that only cause a large number of deaths because they are widely available, or people do stupid things with it.

  • ll Katrina ll
    ll Katrina ll 13 days ago

    2:31 So is that makeup?

  • Lee Ludtke
    Lee Ludtke 14 days ago

    5:50, its not normal mercury like he said in the video...its a different type of mercury called organic mercury....different stuff!

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  • Marcos Valencia
    Marcos Valencia 14 days ago

    What about anthrax?

  • Johnny Rico
    Johnny Rico 15 days ago

    I knew about ricin cuz of Breaking Bad😎😎

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    In the thumbnail does that thing remind of a mini shield?

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  • Ryan Angkasa
    Ryan Angkasa 16 days ago

    Look what Botulinum Toxin did to my face

  • Rajeev Rumale
    Rajeev Rumale 16 days ago

    All of them are very dangerous from my side

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  • Drogensüchtig mit 15
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    • TheBurningBlue
      TheBurningBlue 16 days ago

      Boi yesterday somebody from my sister's school spilled MERCURY

  • soulfreaz
    soulfreaz 18 days ago

    Whataboutism is a direct threat to everyone's health.

  • Paul Doan
    Paul Doan 19 days ago

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  • Brian G
    Brian G 19 days ago

    Mercury is #3 on the list, yet it's been used in dental amalgams for the past 170 years. How archaic it that?

  • Mr. 2006
    Mr. 2006 19 days ago

    Well, botulism has a cure, so does mercury, lead, and cyanide. The others might too but I cant remember off the top of my head. Most of the others you simply try charcoal and lavage and... pray.

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  • Kaduzinho BR
    Kaduzinho BR 20 days ago

    Tsunade uses botolinium

  • I'm not a wild child like David was.

    According to the thumbnail, 2/10^9 (2[10^-9])grams of the stuff is fatal.

  • nandakumar ramesh
    nandakumar ramesh 21 day ago

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  • Justin Char
    Justin Char 24 days ago

    What was the background music used in this video?

    R3VAN MSK 24 days ago

    I’m surprised jager wasn’t on this list

  • Horor
    Horor 25 days ago

    How about lead in fishing stuff so much people fish but none dies from it

  • Jack Voois
    Jack Voois 25 days ago

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  • ScaledSupremacy
    ScaledSupremacy 25 days ago

    Where is polonium?

  • General Poslije Bitke
    General Poslije Bitke 26 days ago

    I like the way how Gerard Butler use Tetrodotoxin in Law Abiding Citizen. Just awesome.

    Mr. EPICNESS 26 days ago

    One of the worlds deadliest thing


  • Kenneth Liang
    Kenneth Liang 26 days ago

    The lady who died from botulism bought nachos from a gas station. I never trust food from there.

  • Grinicide
    Grinicide 27 days ago

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  • g kumar
    g kumar 28 days ago

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  • Jim Ban
    Jim Ban 28 days ago

    When I was around ten years old I would play with a bottle of mercury. Pushing the Lil bubbles of mercury together they would form one big bubble of mercury. Also I would rub mercury onto silver coins with my fingers to make them shine. I’m old now and have been strong n healthy my whole life , go figure.

  • Edward White
    Edward White 28 days ago

    What about Uranium 238? The radioactivity is very lethal.

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  • Played Phone Games
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  • Sal Prive
    Sal Prive 29 days ago

    They forgot to mention the most poisonous substance on earth: DIOXIN It's found in small amounts sometimes in Milk, Eggs, and Fish. Viktor Joesjtsjenko was poisoned with this by the Russians.
    They also forgot to mention POLONIUM. It's found in small amounts in cigarettes. Alexander Litvinenko was poisoned with this by the Russians.
    They also forgot to mention the most poisonous substance on earth that is made in a lab. It's called VX. Kim Jong-nam, the half brother of Kim Jong-un was poisoned with that by North Korea.
    Then there is the other poison that was made in the lab called: NOVICHOK. Sergei and Yulia Skripal were poisoned with that by the Russians.

  • g kumar
    g kumar 29 days ago

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  • Alex Klonowski
    Alex Klonowski 29 days ago

    She died of organic mercury poisoning, not basic mercury.

  • Hualani
    Hualani 29 days ago

    Surprised no mention of scopolamine, while not well known in USA or UK, its better known in S.America where its been used in tiny doses for dastardly deeds. Angel trumpet flowering trees are still sold in parts of USA including the deadly kind. Look it up.

  • Ryoohk
    Ryoohk 29 days ago

    thanks... ill just live in a bubble now.