What Is The Deadliest Substance On Earth? Toxicity Comparison


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  • bowlingball194
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    Botulism is not directly found in canned or processed foods, if not preserved correctly the food becomes a breeding ground for bacteria, including Clostridium Botulinum. This bacteria produces the toxin associated with botulism when it enters you body.

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      mjuneoginn 11 hours ago

      How about the chemical composition for Nova 6?

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    • Oliver Queen
      Oliver Queen 9 days ago

      EmeraldSnowman you mean 35?

    • stuy fich
      stuy fich 9 days ago

      I work in the restaurant industry and i can back this up, every night we throw away foods such as garlic butter, because garlic butter is a known breeding ground, so any butter that wad used that night at room temperature is thrown away

    • Shark
      Shark 9 days ago

      FENTANYL... deadliest substance in abundance out on the streets

  • serasane
    serasane 4 hours ago

    Number 3 mercury. It is nice to have mercury fillings in my teeth. Bacteria in my mouth methylate it fast.

  • anthony romano
    anthony romano 7 hours ago

    So... If I ate 149 crushed apple seeds instead of 150 i wouldn't die?

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    extraordinaryking 11 hours ago

    BTW what is the background music?

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  • thesunexpress
    thesunexpress 22 hours ago

    I'd like to point out succinylcholine / Suxamethonium chloride as being particularly dangerous. Its nefarious quality being that it can kill really REALLY quickly, but that's just half the story... the compound breaks down very quickly, its metabolites are virtually undetectable and occur naturally in the human body; obfuscating what compound may have caused death.

  • Jessa McGeorge
    Jessa McGeorge Day ago

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  • Captain Language

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    This style is so similar to Kurzgesagt that I thought it was one of their videos when I clicked on the thumbnail.

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    The most deadliest thing is dart frog

  • Nicolas Hernandez

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    Who else feels lucky not to encounter these things?

  • Dominique 9325
    Dominique 9325 2 days ago

    That was dimethylmercury, it's way worse than elemental mercury as your skin absorbs it very well, plus it literally diffused through her glove and got absorbed by her skin, you could take a bathtub full of elemental mercury and dip your face into it and not much would happen.

  • Flykope
    Flykope 2 days ago

    Oh, my living nightmare.

  • Becky Rayz
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    I once had a really terrible illness and they had to inject small amounts of botulism inside my body because it was the only last treatment method left to choose from........

  • The Akward Channel
    The Akward Channel 3 days ago

    1. A mix of all of them.

    ITHEMoDI 3 days ago

    ‘You will pee, poop and have seizures.‘ Well that sounds fucking great

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  • Steven Neiman
    Steven Neiman 4 days ago

    It was actually a very special form of mercury called dimethyl mercury that was responsible for the scientist who died after spilling a bit on her glove. Regular mercury is certainly nasty stuff, but dimethyl mercury makes the stuff look like spring water by comparison. I think the botulism toxin sounds like the worst of those just due to the tiny dose required to kill.

  • Sabitri Sahu
    Sabitri Sahu 4 days ago

    I have heard of a poison present in a chrysophyte protist Gonyoulax catarrini which causes PSP (paralytic shellfish poisoning) which can kill you in 10 minutes and there is no cure

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    This animation is freaking amazing dude kudos to you

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    RazorJack777 4 days ago

    6. Cyanide
    6.5. Happiness

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    Jasmine Nemu 4 days ago

    How did they disguise fugu as salmon? Fugu flesh is white...

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    AJ PLACENCIA 4 days ago

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    I think I`m gonna ask my dentist for a lead tooth.

  • Connor Fraze
    Connor Fraze 5 days ago

    In my head I think #4 is most deadly.

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    This is really helpful, it actually teaches me something important unlike *cough cough* school.

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    Pixzles 5 days ago

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    Oxygen having zero oxygen will kill u

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  • Great Value Bleach
    Great Value Bleach 5 days ago

    Whoa 😲 this is scary. I remember as a kid taking apart a thermostat to play with the liquid mercury inside. I knew it was toxic but did it anyway. Luckily i didn’t touch it. Just watched it roll down the driveway.

  • Girl on YouTube O_o
    Girl on YouTube O_o 5 days ago

    NO THIS IS WRONG Jake Paul is the most deadly substance

  • MAYU
    MAYU 5 days ago

    Note. The scientist died after getting two drops of methyl mercury, not mercury metal on her hand, and the common concerns about mercury metal etc are often Over exaggerated , such as thimerosal which is not absorbed in the blood stream and flushed out through the kidneys, and considering mercury metal itself is not easily absorbed it's pretty well known to those who have experience with it you could probably drink a a few grams of the metal stuff and you'll shit like 99.999 % of it out and suffer no I'll effects although it's highly not recommended as a heavy metal cab get stuck in the digestive tract and cause severe pain
    And the mist common danger of metallic mercury is standing metal releasing mercury vapor which is a massive concern.

  • M.w. Canavan
    M.w. Canavan 5 days ago

    I can attest to the delusional bewilderment and physical consternation that a dose of botulism can do the human body, born of my own personal knowledge. As a descending paralysis, the botulism toxin slowly, starting with your vision, you have no muscular control of facial cranial nerves, suspends animation in a most cerebral consciousness. Vision blurs into an almost incomprehensible series of images. My tongue was hit next, I spoke on a phone for a living at the time and slowly over 8 hrs of speaking my tongue started to feel numb. Thought it was just numb from exhaustion, by the ride home it I could no longer move it of my own volition. 6 hours later my epiglotis was paralyzed, meaning I could not longer swallow. From that point forward I could no longer see, swallow, talk, walk, urinate, deficate, eat, drink or, eventually, breathe on my own again. I was stuck in my own body, unable to do much or anything. Most people with head trauma or the like, that result neurological paralysis, are usually in a medically induced coma, they are not wide awake while they slowly dim like I was. I was wide awake and fully aware of my frozen self. I was on a lung machine and in the i.c.u for months and then a nursing home after that. Not only was I highly aware of what was happening, I had a pretty good understanding of the reason why I had botulism and it was not from poorly canned apricots. I had Wound Botulism. If you are a healthcare professional or public health bureaucrat, you'll know or have a good idea of how I got the toxin. Let's just say I did it to myself. Suffice it to say that going from your autonomous sentient self to a bag of immobile flesh and bone, by way of the world's most deadly neurotoxin is a painfully horrid way to go.

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    Justin Y. 5 days ago

    It is said a man got anxiety from this content

  • Michael Reynolds
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  • Gamer_ Vinny213
    Gamer_ Vinny213 5 days ago

    Botulinum toxin....you didn't have to make a list you could've just told us

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    steve robbins 6 days ago

    i have never understood why the japs risk eating that deadly fish, why dont they just eat sardines

  • Taerus
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    Anyone else think the depiction of Colombian natives was in poor taste?

  • Atila Machan
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  • ??? ???
    ??? ??? 6 days ago

    Botulinum toxin is even more deadly if it’s type h only a few nanograms will be lethal

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  • Sai Manideep Katta
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    Really good and informative video

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    Better than bright side

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    Polonium 210 is by far and away the most toxic substance known to man (if ingested)
    Not even on the list. Decent/ crappy video :) Do your homework 2.3M sub dude. Peace.

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    Wake up!

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    The deadliest is poop.

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    The art and animation is so similar to Kurzgesagt

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    Cyanide and Happiess

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    The most deadly toxic thing is gossip.
    Don't listen to it.

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    What about Antimatter?? It can instantly kill you 😬

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  • Hype Channel
    Hype Channel 8 days ago

    Also mercury can enter humans food chains mercury from factory waste is sucked by algae and algae was eaten by shellfish and shellfish was eaten by fish and human eat the fish and shellfish this happen in the Japanese small town many people die because of the mercury

    HERAMB YADAV 8 days ago

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  • Paul Casil
    Paul Casil 8 days ago

    who' s the narrator of this show? James Charles? he sounds like his mouth is full of saliva or something + he speak too fast.
    but I really love this channel tho.

  • Alastaire McCullough

    when i was young i played with mercury i salvaged from an old boiler thermostat and definitely got it on my bare skin multiple times, but here i am, 16 or so years later and in college and only slightly insane. am i going to die randomly?

  • Eliad Buchnik
    Eliad Buchnik 8 days ago

    Plotonium few grams of this can kill millions, once you exposed there is no cure.

  • Marcus Casagrande
    Marcus Casagrande 9 days ago

    About mercury: "after spilling two small drops on HER GLOVES, she was doomed". WHAT?? Is mercury that dangerous??
    When I was a kid, like.. 15~20 years ago, I broke a mercury thermometer and the liquid spilled on my hands. I just washed it without any hurry. I felt nothing wrong... so far. Should I be worried about it?

  • amethyst8teen
    amethyst8teen 9 days ago

    There are quite a few that they skipped that should be somewhere between ricin and botulinum toxin.

  • Subx3r0
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    Does anyone thing the thing in the thumbnail looks like mini shields

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  • SammytheStampede
    SammytheStampede 10 days ago

    Cyanide is a molecule in vitamin B17, an anticancer vitamin.

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    W-w-wait. An infant died it Connecticut?? Where I live?? From lead?? Welp, I'm happy that wasn't me or some small child I know.

  • Kyra Elise
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    Y’all I literally just ate a meal and I am so paranoid like what if I die in 10 hours ugh

    • Kyra Elise
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      ugh my stomach is hurting I want to cry

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    "When your face is paralysed and you can't speak,drive as fast as you can to a hospital." - A genius,2017

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    Me: stops eating apples, noted.

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    Every of this videos just make me wonder: "why i am alive if the life its so dangerous. I got deppresed"

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    is it only me or who hear in background *Paladins* soundtrack ??

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    The Deadliest Substance On Earth?
    My ex-girlfriend's heart

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    Mercury is a metal

  • rrrrw999
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    Actually, plutonium is the most toxic substance.

  • Santosh Patapati
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    Is it okay to overeat

  • richard alvarado
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    plutonium 210 killed Alexander Litvinenko the size of a grain of salt

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    The most toxic thing in the universe is the Overwatch community

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    I live in CT. ...

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    To me the most deadly substance I think of right now is chlorine gas

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    The airheads ad I got for this video scarred me for life.

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    Omg I thought the thumbnail was a mini shield. LoL