Phone HACKS You Never KNEW About! (iPhone Hacker)

  • Published on Sep 12, 2018
  • They call me the phone hacker.. I call it phone hacking!
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Comments • 5 645

  • emily Garland
    emily Garland 3 hours ago

    You are soposto tie the balloon so it will work

  • Jr Ruiz
    Jr Ruiz 5 hours ago +1


  • Randi Beal
    Randi Beal 7 hours ago +1


  • Randi Beal
    Randi Beal 8 hours ago

    MMMMAAAAAGGGGGIIIIIIIIIICCCCCCCCC!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I mean magic why does that have to do anything like you can't put a phone inside of a balloon but you can use it as a phone case if it works and that's not even real magic but when you put water in the freezer it turns into ice

  • giselle Meza
    giselle Meza 9 hours ago

    U need ...lunges

  • Kevin Clayton
    Kevin Clayton 10 hours ago

    do a nother vdeo

  • OkAy Sisters
    OkAy Sisters 11 hours ago


  • Nicole Cheng playz
    Nicole Cheng playz 11 hours ago

    and i just try using a batterry on my phone

  • Hmong Girls Channel
    Hmong Girls Channel 11 hours ago

    you are funny🤣 this is my first time woching

  • Nicole Cheng playz
    Nicole Cheng playz 11 hours ago

    sometimes a watch 5 minutes craft

  • Dark Spirit
    Dark Spirit 11 hours ago

    5:27 did you see that hole on the back of the phone

  • Dark Spirit
    Dark Spirit 11 hours ago

    Ligma balls

  • Serenity Martinez
    Serenity Martinez 12 hours ago +1

    I think you need to tie the bottom

  • Doge Sniper
    Doge Sniper 14 hours ago

    Ligma= Ligmaballs sorry for saying THAT

  • Kirsty Jackson
    Kirsty Jackson 18 hours ago

    Your getting inappropriate for the young kids go back to you we’re along time ago and then I can finally subscribe to you again

  • Kirsty Jackson
    Kirsty Jackson 18 hours ago

    Your becoming worse each video

  • ItzSoSimple
    ItzSoSimple 22 hours ago

    how long have the guava juice photo been yellow?

  • Play Time
    Play Time Day ago

    guys I have a cat and it's kittens are missing....😭😭😭😭
    1 like= 1 kitten found
    100 likes= all kittens found

  • Emil Preston Eismel

    Im watch 5 minute crafts

  • ShadowGirl InLife

    sorry roi but during this I nearly fell asleep

  • Riza Ramirez
    Riza Ramirez Day ago


  • evil115
    evil115 Day ago


  • Poptart
    Poptart Day ago


  • Candy Playz
    Candy Playz Day ago

    I thought you said it lama reacts

  • Matthew Kanefsky
    Matthew Kanefsky Day ago +4

    I hate when people say like if you agree

    Like if you agree😂😂

  • HellGamer DX
    HellGamer DX Day ago

    You play clash royal

  • HideN Seek gamer

    Guava juice is your bro market market?

  • Steveyqeooyoqq Quintanilla

    No I don’t

  • Geometry dash RealBikas

    5:27 uhuh its surely inside the ballon... nothing suspicious at all!?

  • Alondra Velazquez
    Alondra Velazquez 2 days ago

    5m dose not work

  • meme guy
    meme guy 2 days ago

    Suck on these foods guava juice

  • Panda Gaming
    Panda Gaming 2 days ago

    why the coments are 1 like 1 age

  • Moh Adiel
    Moh Adiel 3 days ago


  • Moh Adiel
    Moh Adiel 3 days ago


  • R choudhury
    R choudhury 3 days ago

    Guava juice put a iPhone in a balloon

  • zachary barrette
    zachary barrette 3 days ago

    Ligma balls

  • zachary barrette
    zachary barrette 3 days ago

    Ligma deez nuts

  • Simon Jacob
    Simon Jacob 3 days ago

    ligma my bals

  • Dylan S
    Dylan S 4 days ago

    Project zorgo is watching...

  • Natalia Granados
    Natalia Granados 4 days ago

    The phone case with a ballon didn’t work because you were pushing it on your hand isn’t stable so you have to use a table or something

  • Danna Albarran
    Danna Albarran 4 days ago

    “I can give u a deal!!”😂

  • Nauris Radvilavičius

    When you use a bateri on your phone i see a game who is caled clas royale.In what level you are???

  • Dylan Chavez
    Dylan Chavez 4 days ago

    How do you not know what’s ligma

  • PuzzleHead
    PuzzleHead 5 days ago

    Nice life hack's

  • Myra C
    Myra C 5 days ago +1

    Roi: *steals battery from walmart*
    Employee: wth does he need one battery?
    *employee follows roi*
    Roi: *silently beats up phone screen with battery*
    Employee: why on earth...😶😑😐🤭🤔

  • Shalveena Jeet
    Shalveena Jeet 5 days ago

    Wow the balloon hack works you just have to press it hard enough 😊😊😊 really I've tried it

  • DogsWILLtakeover
    DogsWILLtakeover 5 days ago

    This is jeff
    He absolutely hates these type of comments
    1 like = one please stop making these comments and get a life

  • Nehemiah HUDSON
    Nehemiah HUDSON 5 days ago

    Hi roi

  • Latifa Simpson
    Latifa Simpson 5 days ago

    It does working big dummy


    I tried a Powerade bottle and it works u got to use the bottom

  • Natalia Lyan
    Natalia Lyan 5 days ago

    You half to press harder to do the iphone cacsh

  • Zack Finch
    Zack Finch 5 days ago

    Balloon part so funny😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • mrbean gamer
    mrbean gamer 5 days ago +1

    Why u have Two channel?? Can u say about that? 😏

  • Victoria and Genesis Lit

    The sun is not going to go away but it don't let me go on the road for you cause I'm going back to you and I can't use it all

    • Victoria and Genesis Lit
      Victoria and Genesis Lit 5 days ago

      The sun ☀️ said i and dad was going to sleep on my bed and Netflix my brother was going

  • Naveed Saleem
    Naveed Saleem 5 days ago


  • Philie Gomez
    Philie Gomez 5 days ago

    hahahahahahahahahahah wowowowowowowowowowowowowow

  • Alan Mosso
    Alan Mosso 5 days ago

    Batteries do work !!I even typed it in with the battery!

  • Cutziesurprise Miah
    Cutziesurprise Miah 5 days ago

    1 like if I trick you?

  • Elena Perez
    Elena Perez 6 days ago

    I sub because your photo AWESOME

  • Ellyeletty Taruc
    Ellyeletty Taruc 6 days ago

    I know that you are Filipino I watch your video

  • Ellyeletty Taruc
    Ellyeletty Taruc 6 days ago

    I live in Hong Kong

  • Ellyeletty Taruc
    Ellyeletty Taruc 6 days ago

    I am also Filipino

  • Ruby Robles
    Ruby Robles 6 days ago

    Wow this video so cool🤔=_=

  • JasonStrickerTR
    JasonStrickerTR 6 days ago

    Suck on deez nuts lol

  • Mandy Shaw
    Mandy Shaw 6 days ago

    You are so stutiy

  • Toaster Man
    Toaster Man 6 days ago

    Read more

  • Kapten Acura
    Kapten Acura 6 days ago

    I’m actually a kid 😁

  • Mollie Loy
    Mollie Loy 6 days ago

    The balloon hack worked for me

  • Robin Cloud
    Robin Cloud 6 days ago


  • ninja boy jr
    ninja boy jr 7 days ago

    R b

  • Fate
    Fate 7 days ago

    ? did you leave alex

  • albert leon
    albert leon 7 days ago

    How did you do that 🙉🙈🙊

  • Cinnamon Ktsz
    Cinnamon Ktsz 7 days ago

    10:22 suck on these nuts!

  • Yanira Sandoval
    Yanira Sandoval 7 days ago

    Who noticed the toy in the backround moving its head left and right?

  • sassafren
    sassafren 7 days ago

    Don’t press


  • Sans sss
    Sans sss 7 days ago



  • MRRith Gaming
    MRRith Gaming 7 days ago

    guava to do the balloon case u need to use a little bit of your energy

  • Tristen Sutter
    Tristen Sutter 7 days ago

    Wow so cool

  • Fartnite
    Fartnite 7 days ago

    Zorgo Diffuse 17:28

  • night day 1
    night day 1 7 days ago

    Fake,pls make an other video the nice one roi

  • The_ Kosmik_Craft 08

    Ho Saw clash royale on roi phone

  • Ella PAet
    Ella PAet 8 days ago

    Do you know what’s ligma? LIGMA BALLS

  • Leona Kwong
    Leona Kwong 8 days ago

    I will press read more🤣

  • TJ Willz
    TJ Willz 8 days ago

    I Cherie the battery one and It works with a iPad to

  • Siddhant Singh
    Siddhant Singh 8 days ago

    Trash gat m3 1n trubl3

  • Adelaida Rivera
    Adelaida Rivera 8 days ago

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  • iiOmq_XxUnicornXii
    iiOmq_XxUnicornXii 8 days ago

    New sub ;)

  • vlastimir z
    vlastimir z 8 days ago

    zorgo si watching

  • Pok Semonsn
    Pok Semonsn 8 days ago

    lol i tryed all this stuff

  • Rathika Vijendran
    Rathika Vijendran 8 days ago

    Hope u get ur old yet back

  • abdou gamer
    abdou gamer 8 days ago +1

    plez play roblox and add me freind plez

  • Juan E
    Juan E 8 days ago

    Suk on thise nuts he seid

  • Trisha May Macabanti

    Bobo ka!!!

  • Ian Torres
    Ian Torres 9 days ago

    I tried it and it worked the battery one so cool

  • Ejhisen Eros Tabilisma

    Sub to Pewdiepie

  • The Pumpkin God
    The Pumpkin God 9 days ago

    Guava juice everything on USclip it’s real

  • Priyanka Jaiswal
    Priyanka Jaiswal 10 days ago

    Thank you so much I have to go pick it out and Sunday morning I can pick it tomorrow and Sunday lunch and

  • Michele Shelly
    Michele Shelly 10 days ago

    I tried the 🔋 thing and it works

  • Vinny Cruzate
    Vinny Cruzate 10 days ago +3

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  • M. SAIFUL Hoque
    M. SAIFUL Hoque 10 days ago