Surveillance video shows Oregon coach disarming and hugging high school student

  • Published on Oct 19, 2019
  • New surveillance video shows a high school coach’s encounter with a student armed with a shotgun. The student brought the gun to Parkrose High School in Portland, Oregon last spring. Football coach Keanon Iowe saw the student and disarmed him. Coach lowe then grabbed the young man and hugged him.
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Comments • 2 037

  • bigbangnone
    bigbangnone 16 days ago

    Do not allow the NY Times nor ABC, CBS, NBS, or CNN FAKE NEWS to brainwash you.
    It is well known that there are budding psychos in every city. Kids can become very confused and psycho and like most would probably shoot himself first because he was feeling rejected by others as a result of psychological issues which can manifest and grow during the most stressful times in life....And counseling is often not known to those who suffer. But no-matter what the psyco-mindset is at the time (these killer or suicidal) persons are well known by the Democrat Law-makers that they are confused and even very bi-polar manic depressed psycho people in every city.
    What is not known by most is that these Democrat Law-makers are aware of the psychos in each city, which is why the Democrat Law-Makers voted to protect their own Government Buildings with AR-15's to create the necessary deterrent that prevents the psychos in each city from attacking Government Buildings.
    But at the same time, these insidious Democrat Law-Makers also voted to NOT protect our children's schools like Gov Buildings.
    The Democrat Pushed Law is called: THE GUN-FREE SCHOOL ZONES ACT. And it is responsible for all the mass shootings since Sandy Hook.
    This decision to take away the 2nd Amendment Right of all schoolchildren communicated to all "Psycho-shooters" in all the Democrat Disarmed school areas in each City - that children's schools are target rich, easy access, killing fields.......which is why we never see Democrats shot in their own Government buildings.....But we often see out children shot in their own schools.
    All Parents should begin Home "Teaching" their children until the "capable adults" in our schools are well trained and conceal carrying to protect our schoolchildren.....just as the Democrats force us to buy AR 15's to protect their own Government Buildings. WHY? Because this creates the missing deterrent to school-shootings.
    You cannot just weaken or take the capable rifles from good citizens......Because then the Government will become Tyrannical like China, North Korea, and Russia..... Now Venezuela.
    The total sum of all mass shootings is nothing compared to a Tyrannical Government disarming, then enslaving, then Democide !!!!!
    It is much better to study before expressing a Feeble-Minded observation on USclip like "Wow, he was a Hero".
    Because he was not. A real Hero will stand up against a real enemy......Not a confused 18yo who is trying to hide a huge shot-gun in class. It is more likely that he wanted to get caught so that he could get the attention that he needs.
    It is the Democrats, Libs, and those like them that should be caught and put under probation for 4 years with psych analysis.
    What kind of psychos would arm their own work place.....while forcing children's schools to be disarmed ? The Answer is: DEMOCRATS.
    And if you study your History, you will learn that Hitler did the same thing. Then after children were shot......Hitler said to Germany "Turn in your guns".
    And if you are not completely Feeble Minded.....You know what happened Next !

  • Alan Morris
    Alan Morris 22 days ago +1

    I graduated from highschool in 1984, and this crap didn't start happening until later. Teachers and parents need to come up with better ways to deal with school bullying so this crap can stop.

  • ZondaFRoadster
    ZondaFRoadster 26 days ago

    "The only thing that can stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun"

    • Spell_Whomstve
      Spell_Whomstve 23 days ago

      Don’t massacre anybody yet! Lemme give you a h- *gets shot*

  • Abdifitah Bosto
    Abdifitah Bosto 26 days ago

    And the cops arrest the black dude for unarming the student so sad

  • XpetraXpazlX
    XpetraXpazlX 27 days ago +1

    I live in Oregon & i never even heard this happened.

  • Your Common Narrator
    Your Common Narrator 28 days ago

    A glimpse of something truly good, in a very dark and scary time

  • Stealthmode The OG
    Stealthmode The OG 28 days ago

    We need more of this in the world.

  • SafeSpeeder
    SafeSpeeder 28 days ago +2

    I don't blame that kid given how horribly teens are treated today.

    • _Ursie Minor_
      _Ursie Minor_ 27 days ago

      SafeSpeeder seriously. I was bullied a lot and cut myself because of it and my principal said it was probably because I was “asking for it”. Disgusting.

  • Stay Puft
    Stay Puft 28 days ago

    Ok so why is every media outlet in the world not playing this none stop? Is it becuase you can't scare people to giving up there guns with this story? Not enough people dead? Cant blame Trump? What's the deal?

  • LaTavia Washington
    LaTavia Washington 29 days ago

    Maybe this is what a lot of these school shooters over the years needed . God bless

  • Jason Eaton
    Jason Eaton 29 days ago

    Police across the country need to use this as training video when dealing with unarmed black men and women

    • Jason Eaton
      Jason Eaton 28 days ago

      Your opinion doesn't count. Erase it

    • 0. .0
      0. .0 28 days ago

      unarmed citizens in general should keep their wits about them when dealing with law enforcement. its not news to anybody that you're at risk to be killed when encountering law enforcement, it sucks, but its the reality we live in. I wish i didnt hafta lock my door at night, but there are twisted minds in the world that want to break in. I wish people could feel safe behaving normally when around law enforcement, but its not the reality we live in. DON'T BECOME A MARTYR BECAUSE YOU'LL END UP AS A STATISTIC

  • GeographyGamerii
    GeographyGamerii 29 days ago

    The coach who did this’ brother was a star football player who graduated in 2018 from a catholic high school in the area. (i’m from portland so i’m familiar with all this) this one hits home and i remember the day too well

  • MemesAreDreams
    MemesAreDreams 29 days ago


  • Yo Mama
    Yo Mama 29 days ago

    260 Republicans disliked this

    • Yo Mama
      Yo Mama 27 days ago

      @Sgt D Do the world a favor and don't breed.

    • Sgt D
      Sgt D 29 days ago

      Liberals crying because it wasn't an assault rifle.

  • DreamWarrior
    DreamWarrior 29 days ago +1

    staged event

  • mastershokhan
    mastershokhan 29 days ago

    A true hero gets 36 sec on the news

  • nicholas8nj
    nicholas8nj 29 days ago

    Sometimes a hug can go far. Great coach. We always need good people to help out.😇

  • India Shanté
    India Shanté 29 days ago

    Why hasn't this made major news until now? It happened in May.

    • Sgt D
      Sgt D 29 days ago

      Because some evidence can not be released till after trial.

  • Chris Davis
    Chris Davis 29 days ago

    Last spring why are we seeing it until now

    • Chris Davis
      Chris Davis 28 days ago

      @Sgt D bahahah

    • Sgt D
      Sgt D 28 days ago +1

      @Chris Davis Candice joke get any funnier?

    • Sgt D
      Sgt D 28 days ago

      @Chris Davis candice whom

    • Chris Davis
      Chris Davis 28 days ago

      @Sgt D candice

    • Sgt D
      Sgt D 28 days ago

      @Chris Davis whose there

  • Benjamin Hill
    Benjamin Hill 29 days ago +1

    Huzzah! A man of quality!

  • Chili Badison
    Chili Badison 29 days ago

    Not one mention of the fictional sky daddy??

  • dlromero21
    dlromero21 29 days ago

    Good thing the coach Keanon was there to disarm and embrace him!!! How human this coach was. If cops showed up, total opposite would have happened and a life lost. Cops should use this in their training once they disarm a person, and be human. But I'm sure they still threw him to the floor and and aim their guns at him. Even tho he was already disarmed and someone ( coach Keanon) with self control and a authority figure had control of the situation.

  • atoc B
    atoc B 29 days ago

    God bless him and they boy!

  • Yahdig.solid _LeonHard

    Another yt kid with a gun who gets a hug & a sandwich !!

  • Steven Dezii
    Steven Dezii 29 days ago

    True Hero for sure.

  • Walker Nicholas Barr

    Doesn’t Oregon have some of the strictest gun laws???

  • Richard Vazquez
    Richard Vazquez Month ago

    I would have done the same.

  • Zach Peterson
    Zach Peterson Month ago

    Proof right here that it is the person not the gun.

    NUTTYBANGERS Month ago +1

    What happened to that student afterwards?

  • Debraval Reyes
    Debraval Reyes Month ago

    True heroes don't go on tv...

  • Unknown
    Unknown Month ago

    People are calling him a hero and a good man but even a evil man would do something like this. Would that make them a good person?

  • Vrusilov
    Vrusilov Month ago +1

    That wasn't a shotgun it's a 9mm carbine, and I think this kid was wearing a trench coat and hat backwards most likely inspired by Columbine, sickening how they look up to it..

  • Terry Jackson
    Terry Jackson Month ago +1

    Difference between cops and brave folks

  • Johnston Steiner
    Johnston Steiner Month ago +1

    Should have flipped it around and blown his head off then teabag the crap out of him

  • Choking Doberman
    Choking Doberman Month ago

    Disarming and hugging a female student... if it was a boy...

  • Greg Brightwell
    Greg Brightwell Month ago

    This man....he saved that kids life.
    Yes he saved others lives too.
    But it was that boy, that one...that he was there for.

    LUCCI CAPONE Month ago +1

    The greatest "feel good" story I've ever heard in my life.

  • Benito Carmona
    Benito Carmona Month ago

    You see people what a hug can do.
    Today both of them, the coach, and this boy were chosen by God to send us a message.

  • Nick Kohlmann
    Nick Kohlmann Month ago +1

    Who was that guy who was thinking about ARMING teachers again?

  • Unidentified Butter

    I know how we can fix these shootings. MORE GUNS YOU HAVE A GUN YOU HAVE A GUN AND YOUUU HAVE A GUN

  • Thomas Myers
    Thomas Myers Month ago

    Ok then

  • Justice Served
    Justice Served Month ago +2

    THIS HERO deserves the Presidential award. Yet only people like Ellen Degenerate and Robert De Nero are the ones who receive those, for contributing zilch, and doing nothing like this.

  • Marvin Flatt
    Marvin Flatt Month ago

    Good Man!
    Need more like him!

  • Brian Morrison
    Brian Morrison Month ago

    All of these shootings started after common core curriculum hmmmmmmm

  • OnePunch Man
    OnePunch Man Month ago +1

    America has such good gun control

  • paulimadonna
    paulimadonna Month ago

    everytime there's a masive shooting the responsable is a man (mostly the times young) born in america. i wonder what are the parents doing wrong about how they are raising their kids. what bothers me is that then some people think the immigrants are criminals (specially latins)

  • Maxim Kuznetsov
    Maxim Kuznetsov Month ago

    Bush did it.


  • elige brown
    elige brown Month ago

    Hats off to this coach. God Bless you sir.

  • Dominic Lovato
    Dominic Lovato Month ago +1

    Wait was this man black. A coach. What about the white officers who are cops. Your telling me that a white man can't disarm a kid in need. All I've seen is killings. Now this man does the unthinkable. 👏

  • James Davis
    James Davis Month ago

    Not anymore.
    Life in prison isn’t a life worth living.

    • Sgt D
      Sgt D Month ago

      36 months rotation.

  • Connect us to the Cosmic Family

    I wish I could have a hug from him too. He seems to be an amazing Human. We need more of him.

  • Amazing Supergirl
    Amazing Supergirl Month ago

    It’s probably the first hug he’s had in years

  • alex ojideagu
    alex ojideagu Month ago

    The police or a "Good guy with a Gun" would have shot this man dead without blinking an eye. This is why I'm glad most of our police in the UK are not armed.

  • Eric Golden
    Eric Golden Month ago

    Darn we some hugging MFers. I thought black folks were some thugs and leaches on the system. Y as black folk we so open to others considering the way we have been treated by all? Black people have a beautiful spirit. We do have some lost brothers and sisters that r casualties of war. We need to HUG and pray for them. Lift em up so they can fight. We dont battle against flesh and blood but principalities. He didn't beat the brakes off that kid he embraced him. He trusted another white student with a loaded weapon LOL. That some xmen ProfessorX type shhh. His super power is hugging. That takes alotta heart and thats what america and the world needs for change. If we all hugged one another indiscriminately the world would be a better place. We need to start a hugging movement HUG IT OUT AMERICA#

    • Eric Golden
      Eric Golden Month ago


    • Sgt D
      Sgt D Month ago

      Hispanic kid

  • Michael Blyzes
    Michael Blyzes Month ago

    Or. You could have shot him. Just saying. Lol

    • Sgt D
      Sgt D Month ago

      He was there to commit suicide

  • Daniel D
    Daniel D Month ago

    Heroes save themselves; Legends save others.
    He is no Hero! Legendary baby!!!!

  • Queen Fu Fu
    Queen Fu Fu Month ago

    I bet he is happy he isn’t white

  • Edward Kitchens
    Edward Kitchens Month ago

    🙏 Great job now this should be played on every news there is but guess what it want only bad news get showed too the world way to stand up brother keep up the good fight your reward will be in Heaven

  • Carlos Avila
    Carlos Avila Month ago +1

    Wow!! This is the America I’m working on having too. Thank you for making America great again brother!!!

  • TheHylianJuggalo
    TheHylianJuggalo Month ago