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  • Published on Jul 18, 2019
  • Watch the official trailer for Top Gun: Maverick starring Tom Cruise. In theatres 2020.
    Paramount Pictures, Skydance and Jerry Bruckheimer Films Present Top Gun: Maverick. Starring Tom Cruise, Miles Teller, Jennifer Connelly, Jon Hamm, Glen Powell, and Lewis Pullman. With Ed Harris.
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Comments • 37 489

  • Butthry
    Butthry 20 minutes ago

    I am waiting for this movie. #TopGun

  • Michael Hill
    Michael Hill 4 hours ago +1

    This looks pretty awesome...It would be even better with some F-35s.

  • Allan Sneddon
    Allan Sneddon 5 hours ago +1

    Love it Not Today!

  • Jakob Cifuentes
    Jakob Cifuentes 5 hours ago +1

    Your kind is headed for extinction
    Me who played ace combat 7, destroyed 2 arsenal birds and hugin and munin: * nervous laughter *

  • Devan Beadle
    Devan Beadle 7 hours ago +1

    Two more Mission Impossible movie left

  • Lorenz HB
    Lorenz HB 11 hours ago

    Shivers done my spine? Check
    Bubbling excitement? Check
    Summer 2020? Damn it... So long until then...

  • Ray Stev
    Ray Stev 12 hours ago

    i likeit but doesnt show the real ... our real europe or western brotherhood

  • Pzkpfw VI Tiger H1
    Pzkpfw VI Tiger H1 14 hours ago

    Anyone know the moment when maverick turn the plane into upside down and he said "Greetings"

  • xthene
    xthene 14 hours ago

    do we have a 50 aged in-service fighter jet pilot in real world?

  • Lonely planet Vibes
    Lonely planet Vibes 19 hours ago +1

    Waiting for this bravo

  • Richard Boughton
    Richard Boughton 21 hour ago

    Like most movies today, this won't be flying dog shit out of Hong Kong!

  • J Katt
    J Katt 22 hours ago +1

    What do we say to the god of extinction? ..........
    " not today" ....

  • Frank Garcia
    Frank Garcia Day ago +1

    I can't wait for this one

  • Weapons Free
    Weapons Free Day ago

    Because I was inverted

  • August Ceszar
    August Ceszar Day ago

    I like it Tom Cruise... its funyest and younguest

  • Andres Anibal Nuñez Cuello

    que likito

  • soncia the hedgehog

    Ha simmons lines from rvb

  • The last Queen of Rwanda

    Tom cruise looks like Akshay kumar❤

  • JDAnalog
    JDAnalog Day ago +1

    Look forward to this movie, the flight scenes alone will be amazing! And toms making it, so that means only one thing, he wont fuck with it like Disney would.

  • PlatinumState
    PlatinumState Day ago

    What a year for 80's nostalgia 2020's gonna be. Top Gun and Ghostbusters

  • Dietmar Feldtner

    Tom Cruise der Superheld?alles Schwindel.

  • 홍성호
    홍성호 Day ago

    I miss TOMCAT... T_T

  • Charaka Amayantha_CA

    Oh truely incredible... 🖤🔥

  • Esteban Rincon
    Esteban Rincon Day ago

    I like how they showed his wing man. Oh... wait..

  • Generic The Unicorn

    I'm more hyped than...than a Navy pilot launching in a F/A-18

  • Chaz Smith
    Chaz Smith 2 days ago

    The movie will be a 2 hour advertisement for Geritol.

  • Leo S
    Leo S 2 days ago

    Clássico ansioso pra poder assistir

    JOSEPH SORCE 2 days ago

    "He Went thru Naval Aviation Survival Training Prior to being in a 'F-14'' Prior to Making the Film !"

  • bggeryu ghjlkef
    bggeryu ghjlkef 2 days ago

    I wonder who will lose it and hand in their wings

  • bggeryu ghjlkef
    bggeryu ghjlkef 2 days ago

    Wow 13000 mig 28 pilots salty still

  • Nico Ellis
    Nico Ellis 2 days ago

    Dude.... goosebumps.....

  • Freddy Javier Ramos
    Freddy Javier Ramos 2 days ago

    I cant wait for this movie in IMAX

  • Vidal J
    Vidal J 2 days ago

    Who else had the sudden urge to play ACE COMBAT!!!!!😁👌🛫

  • Tom Dunwell
    Tom Dunwell 2 days ago

    This just makes me smile

  • Fede Cimbaro88
    Fede Cimbaro88 2 days ago

    Maverick just upgraded from Tomcat to Super Hornet

  • Lamar Martin
    Lamar Martin 2 days ago

    This looks as promising as fallout was count me in tom !!!

  • TranceParadise
    TranceParadise 2 days ago

    1:14 is Naval Base Point Loma in San Diego. Check on Google Maps. Thank me later.

  • BJB
    BJB 2 days ago +3

    PLEASE DON'T BE WOKE!!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • iceberg789
    iceberg789 2 days ago +1

    best pilots never get promoted ...#PILOTFORLIFE

  • jose piquer
    jose piquer 2 days ago

    Just skip to 02:08

  • Chasity Olsen
    Chasity Olsen 2 days ago

    Hope this is in 4D

  • Po Zaid
    Po Zaid 2 days ago

    KAWASAKI NINJA H2R carbon ..................the true Iron Horse ....manifestation and representation of the wild horse once lived on earth...................once again ROAR for the existance horse and superbike...

  • Norb Lisinski
    Norb Lisinski 2 days ago

    Looking forward to seeing this.

  • gaurav kumar
    gaurav kumar 2 days ago +1

    Top gun 2
    No time to die
    Wonder woman 2
    Black widow
    Summer of 2020 would be awesome

  • Ryan Olivier
    Ryan Olivier 2 days ago +3

    I saw a drone flying in the one scene, and the admiral is saying how pilots are going extinct.
    I'm calling it, this will have the same plot as Ace Combat 7. Pilots proving they're better than drones.

    • Atte Hosiasluoma
      Atte Hosiasluoma 9 hours ago

      As soon as I read that I just start to imagine Maverick and Trigger teaming up.
      And it would be awesome if there would be some sort of ac7 dlc when the movie comes out maybe add a new skin for the hornet or tomcat.

  • Ruli Surya
    Ruli Surya 2 days ago

    So who is the enemy this time? Rogue russian air force?

    • Winter Now
      Winter Now 4 hours ago

      @Freddy Javier Ramos you mean Hot Shots? I get the 2 confused. Top Gun is the one where Mav forces the Mig to overshoot using that maneuver he borrowed from Paula Abdul, right?

    • Freddy Javier Ramos
      Freddy Javier Ramos 7 hours ago

      @Winter Now Irak airforce? Sorry was in the parody jejejeje

    • Winter Now
      Winter Now 7 hours ago

      Who was the enemy last time?

    • Freddy Javier Ramos
      Freddy Javier Ramos 2 days ago

      China Airforce

  • CK Boulevard
    CK Boulevard 2 days ago

    Where is Optimus Prime, and starscream?

  • Guy Dallaire
    Guy Dallaire 2 days ago

    WHY and HOW the Tomcat at the end? O_o

  • 菊池東
    菊池東 2 days ago


  • wotchthiz
    wotchthiz 2 days ago +1

    I'm pretty sure he's actually flying the birds. And I'm pretty sure the pilots named at least one stunt he created after him.

  • coolbuddydude1
    coolbuddydude1 3 days ago

    Isn’t a Captain in the Navy , a Colonel ? Why is it bad being Captain?

    • coolbuddydude1
      coolbuddydude1 Day ago

      @GENERICNAMED Yeah but being a Colonel isn't a bad rank. He's acting like if Tom Cruise was a E-4 Lifer.

      GENERICNAMED Day ago

      Cause with his accomplishments he should have been a 2 star admiral. But either he did something to stay captain or he simply refused the promotion

  • Garage Masters
    Garage Masters 3 days ago

    Mihaly's back on the throttle boys!

  • JL D
    JL D 3 days ago

    Retiring at 33 years as a Colonel with a few meaningful combat awards is nothing to sneeze at....

  • Judah Cochrane
    Judah Cochrane 3 days ago

    Russia 🇷🇺 has better pilots

  • Kayla Schulz
    Kayla Schulz 3 days ago

    That's a firefly you dumbass

  • M. Know
    M. Know 3 days ago

    I am good with that

  • VersusARCH
    VersusARCH 3 days ago

    "Special thanks to...
    Islamic Republic of Iran Air Force"

  • Manuel Friend
    Manuel Friend 3 days ago

    I'm not one for sequels and remakes tbh...

    But fuck that shit this is Top Gun.

  • Dan D
    Dan D 3 days ago

    This trailer would be way cooler and more effective without narration.