7 College Students Decide Who Wins $1000 | 1000 to 1 | Cut

  • Published on Jun 15, 2019
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    7 College Students Decide Who Wins $1000 | 1000 to 1 | Cut
    #Cut #Challenge #1000to1
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Comments • 11 647

  • FootPauler
    FootPauler 27 seconds ago

    I want to be friends with Danielle! we would be levels!
    you can tell shes a real af person and is always genuine with what she says. even her presentation was just really honest, no sugarcoating.

  • Ada Mendez
    Ada Mendez 3 minutes ago

    Really Parker was voted off first?..

  • Sarah Stack
    Sarah Stack 20 minutes ago

    parker has kids and wants to help indigenous ecuadorians and eluji needs a book. it shouldn’t matter if he got there late.

  • Giovanna Ramirez
    Giovanna Ramirez 22 minutes ago

    To be honest I feel like I was relating to everyone who got voted off and I am glad Danielle got the money because that other girl just ticked me off

  • ceiling fan
    ceiling fan 24 minutes ago +1

    linguini is so fucking irritating

  • Joelle Adeola
    Joelle Adeola 52 minutes ago +1

    ejuul looks like she's about to Danielle after she lost

  • Alonzo S
    Alonzo S 53 minutes ago

    I’m surprised eulogy made it to the last round

  • Junior torres
    Junior torres 58 minutes ago

    El luigi is probably a trump supporter

  • jvstliz
    jvstliz 59 minutes ago

    obviously college kids are more mature

  • arcticLeoGaming
    arcticLeoGaming Hour ago

    luigi is on crack

  • thatbrownguy
    thatbrownguy Hour ago

    If Andrew Yang is president this won't be an issue, everyone 18+ gets $1000 a month ...

  • Amanda Stanyer
    Amanda Stanyer Hour ago

    This video gave me second hand anxiety

  • hat birb
    hat birb Hour ago

    Jon: rent and stuff

    Eiluj: I nEeD bOOk 👁👄👁

  • lizzjanee
    lizzjanee Hour ago

    I literally hate that girl with the short hair she’s so fake and just pisses me off gtfo

  • caleigh orcutt
    caleigh orcutt Hour ago

    max was profusely sweating

  • Camera_kid007
    Camera_kid007 Hour ago

    HOW TF ELUJI MADE IT TO THE FINAL 3?!? She's the fakest one there lol

  • Mikaela Guerrero
    Mikaela Guerrero Hour ago

    Eiluj ... more like “I lose” ... ha

  • Chrystal Milo
    Chrystal Milo Hour ago

    I hate jon and Ryan

  • Florencia Leo
    Florencia Leo Hour ago

    why american students use flashcards for literally anything. its annoying

  • Lanie Vuick
    Lanie Vuick Hour ago

    No one:
    Absolutely no one:
    Elijajaja: ConGRaTuLatiOns

  • chloe’s corner
    chloe’s corner 2 hours ago

    johns rally cute and so is max or whatever

  • playboy baby
    playboy baby 2 hours ago

    i cant figure out the song at the end (the classical one) PLEASE HELP i need to know!!!!!!!!!

  • omar naseri
    omar naseri 2 hours ago

    11:01 is the funniest part of this vid, idc. His face

    • omar naseri
      omar naseri 2 hours ago

      Plus, why is it always the prettiest girl

  • Tejanth Pasumarthi
    Tejanth Pasumarthi 2 hours ago

    5% of the comments: Jon has 2 rents
    5% of the comments: Parker has kids
    90% of the comments: zucchini girl

  • Starr
    Starr 2 hours ago

    idk how to spell her name so I won't try.. but is anyone else mad that she made it to the last round when her only problem was that she needed a book. Like yes college books can be expensive, but jon had 2 rents pay, which she related to, but also belittled becaue "we've all been there " skkdkr what

    • Starr
      Starr 2 hours ago

      * to *because

  • Mary Ilori
    Mary Ilori 2 hours ago

    Oof someone make Max my hubby that honesty tho😍😍 "I voted for Danielle only because you're my biggest threat." I want thattttt.

  • Tejanth Pasumarthi
    Tejanth Pasumarthi 2 hours ago

    These name comments are the funniest of all time 😂

  • Tejanth Pasumarthi
    Tejanth Pasumarthi 2 hours ago

    So glad luileji didn't get her book

  • Tejanth Pasumarthi
    Tejanth Pasumarthi 2 hours ago

    So glad eulasagna didn't get her book

  • Tejanth Pasumarthi
    Tejanth Pasumarthi 2 hours ago

    So glad girl luigi didn't get her book

  • Starr
    Starr 2 hours ago

    when Jon started calling them out I was like yes king go off

  • bellaadigioiaa
    bellaadigioiaa 2 hours ago


  • Sky Garcia
    Sky Garcia 2 hours ago

    Spent half this episode thinking Parker was Darren Brass from Miami Ink. 🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️

  • debbie trammel
    debbie trammel 2 hours ago

    These kind of situations bring out the best and the worst in people

  • bellaadigioiaa
    bellaadigioiaa 3 hours ago

    ecuador is fucking amazing i love that guy. why the hell was he voted off first.

  • Patti Pets Are Peculiar

    People have been paying off rent and tuition as normal people for many many many years. They can live. The ppl Parker are helping might not be able to

  • Sylvia Fuentes
    Sylvia Fuentes 3 hours ago

    I can't believe the girl with the book stayed that long

  • Shandii Pandii
    Shandii Pandii 3 hours ago

    Cut be fucking with people's minds! Lmao but that grey sofa was hella funny.

  • emmy lindsey
    emmy lindsey 3 hours ago

    I’m starting to think no one voted eiluji off because no one knew how to spell her name

  • That1Dewd
    That1Dewd 4 hours ago +1

    By far this is my favorite series lol! Shit gets so real so fast!! I love it!!

  • Flouk TV
    Flouk TV 4 hours ago

    Man students and money.. that vibe I got trough out the video was a little.. tense I'd say

  • Jules
    Jules 5 hours ago

    Elkie juice is big dumb

  • Penelope Nealon
    Penelope Nealon 5 hours ago +1

    Lejuju needs a trigger warning

  • Jfarmer's watermelon
    Jfarmer's watermelon 6 hours ago

    how the hell that eiluj survive for so long??? her reason was weakest

  • Olivia Potter
    Olivia Potter 6 hours ago

    parker literally has 3 kids and was late because he was WORKING. how did he end up out FIRST

  • Green Aminé
    Green Aminé 6 hours ago

    The guys on the couch were so salty

  • tina
    tina 6 hours ago

    el juul was felt kinda toxic ngl

  • lolitaDavita
    lolitaDavita 7 hours ago

    Jon is completely right... the lawyer is clearly avoiding confrontation.

  • Jenna Moses
    Jenna Moses 7 hours ago +1

    the lawyer dude voting the same as waluigi actually made me mad

  • Maciya Smith
    Maciya Smith 7 hours ago

    Eyelash or however you spell her name was actually irritating... she wanted a book.

  • bella carvalho 彡
    bella carvalho 彡 7 hours ago

    eye luigi girl is just toxic

  • Sofia Fernández
    Sofia Fernández 7 hours ago +1


  • Sofia Fernández
    Sofia Fernández 8 hours ago +1

    parker didn't deserved to be voted off at all.

  • Julia :0
    Julia :0 8 hours ago

    Parker deserved it the most it’s unfortunate he got voted off first

  • bella carvalho 彡
    bella carvalho 彡 8 hours ago

    5:57 bottom right

  • Isaac Tucker
    Isaac Tucker 8 hours ago

    10:33 how the friggin frig does scissors beat rock? those people are big ole stupid

  • kens ss
    kens ss 8 hours ago

    max SWEATIN

  • Francis Lynch
    Francis Lynch 8 hours ago +1


    Not a single soul:

    Absolutely nobody:

    ejulegil:👁👄👁 I WaNT My bOoK 👁👄👁

  • emily wunderlich
    emily wunderlich 9 hours ago

    Danielle looks just like lorde

  • iamAX 830
    iamAX 830 9 hours ago

    $1000 book... A book! Sell that shit iPhone of yours and get it from that

  • iamAX 830
    iamAX 830 9 hours ago

    Dani cute

  • og. J
    og. J 9 hours ago

    These feminine people were last smh so rigged

  • iamAX 830
    iamAX 830 9 hours ago

    Anyone should get this money except that Elugi girl. Get in online jackass

  • iamAX 830
    iamAX 830 9 hours ago

    How TF does scissor beat rock? 10:34

  • Harman P
    Harman P 9 hours ago

    Who else could smell the fake waves radiating off of the Luigi girl

    Cuz same

  • Ben Jessup
    Ben Jessup 9 hours ago +1

    The most genuine people who are kind and nice like PARKERRR should get the money but always seem to get voted off first

  • lily dailey
    lily dailey 9 hours ago +1

    they voted off the guy with a kid first?? what the hell

  • Nadia Gridge
    Nadia Gridge 9 hours ago

    sorry why is the girl n red here did she ever say?

  • Burrito pug
    Burrito pug 9 hours ago

    Why Parker he seemed so pure and nice

  • April Acevedo
    April Acevedo 10 hours ago

    no one:
    extraterrestrial: HAHAAHAHAHAHAHA