100 People Share Their Worst Fears | Keep it 100 | Cut

  • Published on Aug 7, 2017
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    100 People Share Their Worst Fears | Keep it 100 | Cut
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Comments • 5 250

  • John Paul
    John Paul 7 hours ago

    I only fear God...

  • HAS
    HAS 12 hours ago

    What are u most afraid of?
    Ludimila : fall of a motorcycle, get hurt
    Only Brazilians will understand

  • A.G
    A.G 19 hours ago

    Dying in hospital because of deasese when your old have no family

  • o pluto o
    o pluto o Day ago

    Finding my dad

  • Penelope Tremblay

    “zombies” 2:39
    i lost it😂

  • American Senpai
    American Senpai 2 days ago

    “Being by myself. I’m scared of ending up alone.”

  • Lid Lad
    Lid Lad 3 days ago +1


  • Splatoon 2 News!
    Splatoon 2 News! 3 days ago

    pretty sure the girl who said "im afraid of getting bullied" said her biggest regret was being a bully so like wow a majestic change in attitude i stan this

  • Lizzie
    Lizzie 4 days ago

    My worst fear is letting fear get to me. I want to live life effortlessly and be able to let things go. I get so worried about stupid things that don’t even matter that I’m really wasting my life.

  • Christbelle 22
    Christbelle 22 4 days ago

    Im scared of the kool aid man

  • tara. b
    tara. b 4 days ago

    -painful slow death
    -small spaces
    -not losing my virginity 😭
    -being around a lot of people I don’t know
    -thts all I can think of 🤷🏽‍♀️

  • Rebecca Jones
    Rebecca Jones 5 days ago

    I am terrified of mold
    And closing my sister's bedroom with the light ON i dont know why I just got so terrified of her room that one time

  • TheColdFlame13
    TheColdFlame13 5 days ago

    Fear God

  • Meelzdawg
    Meelzdawg 6 days ago +1

    wouldn't it be boring having to explain a question to 100 people all day tho?

  • Olivia Bradley
    Olivia Bradley 7 days ago +2

    That the name Olivia Bradley will emerge to have no value when I die

  • TrinTrin
    TrinTrin 7 days ago

    My worst fear.....


  • Mikayla
    Mikayla 7 days ago

    I feel like my frat is losing a loved one and death.

    LILACINDY 8 days ago

    “that we are not living in a stimulation and this is real” bro i felt that

  • Elisa Arosti
    Elisa Arosti 8 days ago

    1) worms
    2) heights
    3) not being at the top

  • RoaX Slayer
    RoaX Slayer 9 days ago +1

    Getting old

  • RoaX Slayer
    RoaX Slayer 9 days ago +1


  • Nate Gemz
    Nate Gemz 9 days ago

    What’s the girls name at the end in the black and white stripped shirt

  • Leah Fulkerson
    Leah Fulkerson 9 days ago

    0:40 maui

  • mila d
    mila d 9 days ago


  • mila d
    mila d 9 days ago

    life/the whole universe

  • Supreme Fayon
    Supreme Fayon 10 days ago

    I’m afraid of letting my parents down
    Whenever I let them down I feel like they aren’t happy and I want them to always be happy

  • Lil Trigger
    Lil Trigger 10 days ago

    I have so many fears i would take up the whole video.

  • FUDG3Y128
    FUDG3Y128 10 days ago

    What’s the bottom yogurt?

  • Isabella Tornabene
    Isabella Tornabene 11 days ago

    Death??? That’s very scary as hell.

  • vale fsorza
    vale fsorza 12 days ago +1

    1) Failing
    2) Losing my loved ones
    3) Google earth & streetview

  • Angelie Noelle
    Angelie Noelle 12 days ago +6

    “Sucking at life” * nervous laugh to wash off the pain*

  • megan davis
    megan davis 12 days ago

    being restricted

  • Savannah Dean
    Savannah Dean 13 days ago +1

    "It's like space....... bUt oN eArTh."

  • Oh Yeah Yeah
    Oh Yeah Yeah 13 days ago

    Am I the only one that’s not afraid of death?

  • Allyson Fawley
    Allyson Fawley 14 days ago

    boy. i was waiting for people to say death. I am so afraid to die. I would live forever if i could

  • thankunext xo
    thankunext xo 14 days ago

    I fear bee’s, needles and insects but mostly not finding somebody

  • xxx Uzi
    xxx Uzi 14 days ago

    Getting my throat slit 😐

  • Igor
    Igor 14 days ago

    I am afraid of weddings where “A Lannister always pays his debts” song plays

  • Sunflowers And daffodils

    Anyone else afraid of living forever

  • VfrVctryz
    VfrVctryz 16 days ago +1

    But public speaking though...

  • C. C
    C. C 17 days ago +1

    2:46 She's so pretty!

  • C. C
    C. C 17 days ago +3

    1:00 We must protect her at all cost😭❤

  • Can we get to 50 subscribers with no Videos?

    I’m scared of watching my family get older

  • Aamna Ughhh
    Aamna Ughhh 18 days ago

    0:30 the old man that likes donald trump.... 🖕🏽

  • Mr Krabs
    Mr Krabs 18 days ago

    1:10 I mean I don’t get short of breath but it hurts my brain aha

  • PopularMMOsFan4ever 159
    PopularMMOsFan4ever 159 19 days ago +1

    𝚃𝚑𝚎 𝚐𝚞𝚢 𝚝𝚑𝚊𝚝 𝚜𝚊𝚒𝚍 𝚍𝚒𝚜𝚜𝚊𝚙𝚘𝚒𝚗𝚝𝚒𝚗𝚐 𝚖𝚢 𝚖𝚘𝚖 𝚊𝚠

  • soneelita
    soneelita 19 days ago

    Afraid of sleeping in the dark.

  • let me live
    let me live 20 days ago

    dying alone
    getting stabbed(i’d prefer to get shot honestly, imagining a blade going into me for whatever reason sounds so much worse)
    being dropped in the middle of the ocean
    getting in a car accident *knocks on wood*

  • Introverted Bookkeeper

    I'm most afraid of failing.

  • Elisa Ann
    Elisa Ann 20 days ago

    I’m afraid of
    1.) Financial and Educational Failure
    2.) Childbirth
    3.) Being trapped or cornered.

  • Briggham Calder
    Briggham Calder 20 days ago

    yall afraid of the dumbest shit, you should be afraid of the future

  • KrimsonJ
    KrimsonJ 20 days ago

    What are you most afraid of?

  • Cryler
    Cryler 21 day ago

    Damn the last guy is spot on

  • lilashtray 420
    lilashtray 420 21 day ago

    yeah my biggest fear is probably being forgotten. doing so much and making so many memories with someone but you’re just a distant fragment of their past, but somehow they had an impact on you. scares me.

  • lilashtray 420
    lilashtray 420 21 day ago

    the girl talking about her little brother !😩 every time i see a scary movie to news about a little boy i start to cry it reminds me of my brother, i’d kill anyone for my baby bro 🚫🧢

  • Serenityy F.
    Serenityy F. 22 days ago

    The girl in the thumbnail is queen

  • Momo Thenightaway
    Momo Thenightaway 23 days ago

    It really got to me when that Japanese lady said "earthquake" for some reason

  • The Grad School Guru
    The Grad School Guru 23 days ago

    Being mauled by and animal or burning to death: my two biggest fears

  • Astro_ Box
    Astro_ Box 23 days ago

    The ocean. The dark abyss underneath you and anything can pop out .. hell no

  • Soban Shakoor
    Soban Shakoor 25 days ago

    0:52 I feel same 😶

  • summer bradley
    summer bradley 26 days ago

    1) the unknown
    2) losing my family
    3) being alone forever
    4) being forgotten

  • Creature Corner
    Creature Corner 26 days ago

    My biggest fears are the dark and school shootings

  • Doglover96gamer Pro
    Doglover96gamer Pro 26 days ago


  • wanda s
    wanda s 26 days ago

    Why put Chan in these videos? He never actually answers the questions. If its ALL a joke to him then stay behind the camera.

  • Aji Priambodo
    Aji Priambodo 27 days ago

    2:26 i feel that, introvert peeps struggle

  • ioan na
    ioan na 27 days ago


  • Coffeekupp
    Coffeekupp 27 days ago

    Honestly the thing I'm most afraid of, is growing old and really only _then_ understanding how fast time goes by.

  • Royal Griffin
    Royal Griffin 28 days ago +3

    That my ADHD is going to ruin my life
    The fear of losing my family
    Failing in school because of my ADHD

  • TyLaQuil Jones
    TyLaQuil Jones 28 days ago +1

    -The eventual deaths of my parents
    -The possibility that no one really likes me and people just pretend to be my friends because they either feel sorry for me or are playing a cruel joke on me.
    -Never finding that person I love who loves me back...I don't have a problem with being single, but everyone has thoughts/ideas in their head about life with that distant, faceless "forever person", the assumption being that you'll find them sooner or later, but the fact is some people just...don't. Ever.

  • Humpty Dumpty
    Humpty Dumpty 28 days ago

    then there is me who is simply afraid of the dark

  • Jatin Rustagi
    Jatin Rustagi 28 days ago

    Dying at an early age like before 60.

  • Wendy's-chicken-tendies

    Trump not being impeached!! Hahaahahahahahahaha

  • Gbc B
    Gbc B Month ago

    Trump is a good president that old ass man is an idiot

  • Aviva Blustajn
    Aviva Blustajn Month ago

    I am fucking terrified of Momo.

  • Pearson Boys Productions

    Hey i loooooove sloths

  • Ghassen Ben Abdallah

    to cut my dick

  • Threelly AI
    Threelly AI Month ago

    www.threelly.com/ Threelly uses state of the art A.I. to analyze videos for key insights: topics, scenes, people, sentiments, and much more.

  • imadragonsz
    imadragonsz Month ago

    i'm scared of losing the one i love lol

  • Kain Wolf
    Kain Wolf Month ago


  • Carrot Top
    Carrot Top Month ago

    Some of them got some puss boy fears. Real niggas are scared of lizards


    A serious talk:
    I'm scared of being misunderstood and losing everything. Others often see me as a quiet person. They even think of me as being disciplined child just because I'm quiet. But the truth behind that is because I am scared that people will talk about nasty things about me. I even keep quiet when people talk about me or put a fight with me because I think they will just get my point the wrong way( and sometimes they really get me wrong even if i explain ). Even now, I feel like I am caged because of that fear. I can't express myself properly and I don't really share things like this when my identity is not hidden. I think no one understands me and no one will ever. I can't even get sympathy because I'm not as lovable as the people on tv and basing from the way I understand people, they will just blame me for being like this cause I myself cannot explain my situation. I don't trust people.Not even the people considered close to me. I don't really have a living diary.

    So sorry if this ruined your day. I'm sorry if you think I'm immature.

  • Isabella Waller
    Isabella Waller Month ago

    Getting old... it scares me!!

  • Dakota RayGun
    Dakota RayGun Month ago

    Losing people close to me

  • Jo Nas
    Jo Nas Month ago

    Being afraid of death and dying is the most deluded thing ever since death and dying are the only certain things. Dying and death will happen so make them your friends :)

  • Matt Powell
    Matt Powell Month ago +1

    No one said heights

  • Teal0wl
    Teal0wl Month ago


  • TheFangirlMusician
    TheFangirlMusician Month ago

    My biggest fear is the Koolaid Man

  • Courtney Erwin
    Courtney Erwin Month ago

    I'm afraid of going over a bridge because I fear that the bridge will collapse under me😨

  • silence kill
    silence kill Month ago +1

    2:55 bees fuck them haha

  • Jugdjay
    Jugdjay Month ago

    Here's some themes that seem to stand out in this video:
    - Lack of self-confidence (failure, not being good enough...)
    - Fear of the unknown (Outer space, infinity, death, the unknown itself...)
    - Fear of loss (Death of a loved one, separation with a loved one...)
    - Fear of being forgotten

  • Cameron Densmore
    Cameron Densmore Month ago

    think of this, nothing no life no earth no space no matter nothing, what would that look like, black? white? I think it would look like less, transparent but for something to be transparent it needs light so I ask you this what is nothing

    oh and I'm scared of existentialism

  • Miles Chacon
    Miles Chacon Month ago

    Mine are heights

  • Gacha Honey
    Gacha Honey Month ago

    Alright where do I start ahem.
    -being buried alive
    -being shot
    -being murdered
    -losing my family
    -having a brutal death
    -never finding love
    -losing my dad
    -being kidnapped
    -being jumped/beat up
    -Getting severe depression and having the idea to commit suicide (I know it’s strange)
    -that were living a lie (you know exactly what I mean)

  • Galaxy Blobs
    Galaxy Blobs Month ago

    1. DYING (i’m totally cool with death as itself but it scares me that one die i’m just going to stop breathing and i worry about that)
    2. Being abandoned or loneliness (i’m afraid of people leaving me basically)
    3. Being seen as I see myself

  • Allison Lauryn
    Allison Lauryn Month ago

    Being sex trafficked

  • Zebra Scar
    Zebra Scar Month ago

    0:16 scared of the bottom of yogurt? Sorry but that is funny, although thats probably not what he said

  • Elle Mcsweetie
    Elle Mcsweetie Month ago

    I have this massive fear of not being famous, like I NEED to make history or I will get really panicky so if I get famous remember a laura :))

  • Irina Feygin
    Irina Feygin Month ago

    Am i the only one whos afraid of throwing up..?

  • niccovouk
    niccovouk Month ago

    "new things are pretty scary... but also being homeless"