I Make YouTube a Diamond Dislike Button (and then mail it to them)

  • Published on Dec 21, 2018
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    USclip Rewind 2018 hit over 10 Million dislikes and since USclip rewards creators with the diamond play button if they get over 10 million subs, I figured they needed a reward! So I made them one. I also shipped it to them, lol.
    So that I know they received it, it would be really cool if you would tweet a picture of it to @USclip and we'll see if they respond :) Love you guys
    Also, I wanna give a big thank you to my sisters for helping me with some sweet dancing. Here are their Instagrams:
    Ashfield- @ashfieldmay
    Annie Rose- @annieoftheroses
    And Eliza

    My Instagram @bobbydukearts
    and Twitter @bobbydukearts
    and Patreon www.patreon.com/bobbydukearts
    and P.O. Box
    Bobby Duke
    9463 Benbrook Blvd. #1135
    Benbrook, TX 76126
    #subscribetopewdiepie #playbutton #bobbydukearts
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  • Bobby Duke Arts
    Bobby Duke Arts  5 months ago +13997

    To all of the people saying that USclip can just turn it upside down to make a thumbs-up button. Watch till the end ya dingus. Also, if you would like to see more pictures of it, follow me on Instagram @bobbydukearts and Twitter @bobbydukeart yaaaaaay!!

    • gx7 gx7
      gx7 gx7 10 days ago

      Can you make one of those for me

    • Tori B
      Tori B 16 days ago

      YASSSS u said wood not wowd

    • Jude Bruce
      Jude Bruce 28 days ago

      @Lei Marcianoqwq

    • Jay Parado
      Jay Parado 28 days ago

      Subscribe to me
      Jay parado

    • Jay Parado
      Jay Parado 28 days ago


  • InfinityMaster01

    Yo bobby very nice and butifull dancing!!!! Like if agree

  • HariboHoney Gacha

    I disliked the video, not because I don't like it, because he gets to make one for himself

  • Edirtua
    Edirtua Day ago

    Make the demonization button pls

  • Catherine Kennedy

    Priceless! 😃😃

  • iiAmxzing
    iiAmxzing 2 days ago

    Note at 8:09

    "Dear USclip,

    At a hundred thousand, we thought: not bad. That's a pretty low amount of dislikes for USclip Rewind.

    At one million, we thought: wow, this rewind was worse than the last one.

    But 10 million? At this point we are actually scratching our heads. How on earth did you do that? 10 million dislikes isn't just a lot of people, it's more than the entire population of New York City!

    The fact is, people would have been less upset if you had just included the things the actually impacted USclip in 2018. Like- PewDiePie vs. T-series, Shane Dawson and his documentaries, the Logan Paul and KSI fight, Mr Beast, and the rampant demonetization of videos for no apparent reason lol.

    We hope you'll accept this diamond dislike award as a friendly reminder to remember the creators and events that actually meant something to all of us throughout the year.

    We know you will do better next time!
    Also, subscribe to PewDiePie

    *Bobby's Signature*
    Bobby Duke
    CEO, Bobby Duke Arts"

    Thank me later. All the grammar errors are actually from the note. not me.

  • Rajesh Gandla
    Rajesh Gandla 2 days ago

    Man, it is also a like button in reverse

  • /•SHIO•\
    /•SHIO•\ 2 days ago

    now we know how to make fake youtube badges xd

  • Royal XFgamer
    Royal XFgamer 2 days ago

    It looks sooooo much like the real thing

    FILM KITAKITA 3 days ago +1

    buat lucinta luna

  • 사롭이
    사롭이 3 days ago

    Legend says in 3 years, the video will get 5 billion dislikes

    • Lyah Box
      Lyah Box 2 days ago

      사롭이 i don’t understand why it has any dislikes

  • GøthGirł 994
    GøthGirł 994 3 days ago +2

    Girls: there’s one thing this video needs..................
    Girls: KPOP!
    Bobby: Uhh wait no we’re not going there.
    Me and girls: Aawwwwwwww :(

  • TheSecretiveGamerz
    TheSecretiveGamerz 4 days ago

    I’ve been watching u for about a year and u remind me idled Deadpool so much

  • Am I a Panda Or a frog?

    This is Johnny he is zero years old 1 like= one year older he gets

  • Sniffler The Niffler
    Sniffler The Niffler 5 days ago +2

    The 6.3k people who disliked it just want a diamond dislike button for them selves.

  • ChaosMarioBros
    ChaosMarioBros 5 days ago +1

    why would youtube give it self another play button?

  • Simply Cruddy
    Simply Cruddy 5 days ago +1

    Make a video on carving Pwewdipie’s logo out of wewd

  • Zurbzun FuZion
    Zurbzun FuZion 5 days ago +1

    Top 1 human that can defeat Thanos

  • Nathan .s
    Nathan .s 5 days ago

    5:18 WHY !!!!!!!!!!!!! Fortnite is trash and is for 4 year olds with there mums credit cards so they can waste all their mums money on micro-transactions smh

    Btw if someone comments on this which I know they will because for some reason toddlers are on USclip I’m not replying because I know it’s some kid saying fortnite is good and I’m dumb sooooooooo.....FUCK YOU

    • One Squarey Boi
      One Squarey Boi Hour ago

      I hate Fortnite too, but seriously. Shut the fuck up about it

  • Abigail Wendt
    Abigail Wendt 5 days ago

    The tiny meme is at 6:43

  • kris kajetan
    kris kajetan 6 days ago +1

    Flip it over for the dimond like button

  • 王兆成
    王兆成 6 days ago +2

    The most important part of the whole video
    = 8:04

  • moody fish
    moody fish 6 days ago

    Bobby: Buy nordvpn
    Me: no i dont think i will

  • max rariden
    max rariden 6 days ago +2

    I love that you carved it outta wewd

  • Douglasville Darling

    No backstory for us out-of-touch?

  • bad_wulf
    bad_wulf 6 days ago



  • mehmud
    mehmud 7 days ago +1

    subscribe to T Series not Pewdiepie.

  • lilSwan x3
    lilSwan x3 7 days ago


  • Shin Godzilla
    Shin Godzilla 7 days ago

    Guess we dislike the video then

  • jj unicorn
    jj unicorn 7 days ago

    Why no k-pop 😢😢😢😢. I wanna here some bts.

  • Dislike Button
    Dislike Button 7 days ago +1

    Now This Is Content

  • Kyla Gregory
    Kyla Gregory 8 days ago

    Hehee alrighty then frendo... good job!!!!! I admire your work and creative style, keep doing what you’re doin!

  • Zorymar Fernandez
    Zorymar Fernandez 8 days ago

    I love how legit this looks XD

    Also how u tricked me into thinking this was made entirely with resin

  • Alan Robinson
    Alan Robinson 9 days ago

    at 6:57 you can see the girl hair gust pause it

    • One Squarey Boi
      One Squarey Boi Hour ago

      @Lyah Box
      You cared enough to reply
      Its called a typo. Not spelling

    • Lyah Box
      Lyah Box 2 days ago

      Alan Robinson no one cares and learn how to spell

  • homie shogunking
    homie shogunking 10 days ago +1

    Well this is beyond science

  • re up
    re up 10 days ago

    Wait a minute just hold it upside down

  • Romi Matityahu
    Romi Matityahu 10 days ago +2

    The 6.3k dislikes are the people from the youtube rewind... Sorry, the ANGRY people from the youtube rewind 😏

  • Joe Victor
    Joe Victor 10 days ago

    "You're online right now"
    Ha! Shows what you know. I'm actually the only person to ever pay for USclip Premium so I'm watching this offline after downloading it.
    Oh wait, I wouldn't be able to comment if I was actually offline. Dammit.

  • Anime Sans
    Anime Sans 10 days ago

    Pew die pie is a clone of yub but with more subs

  • Ya boi me
    Ya boi me 11 days ago

    Sorry to be a downer but they can flip the dislike button to make it look like a play button

  • Kit Kat
    Kit Kat 11 days ago

    Petition for dukey to make a thumbs up button in 2020 if USclip rewind is good + thankyou note (I know I got to this video late Oof)

    TAHOKMUSIC 12 days ago

    Yo Bobby... You look like Tom Hardy

  • Taggart_02_07
    Taggart_02_07 12 days ago

    Even though it says this end up, they could still just flip it up side down

  • Grimm Reaper
    Grimm Reaper 12 days ago

    just turn it over and it’s like button

  • Jonathan Raborn
    Jonathan Raborn 12 days ago

    If you sell the artworks you could make a whole lot of f***ing lot of money

  • Kristofer Noelke
    Kristofer Noelke 12 days ago

    Much like the actual dislike button, this one won't change anything.

  • Classified Just Classified

    We all are A.I.

  • Bianca Nurnberger
    Bianca Nurnberger 13 days ago

    This is my favorite USclip channel

  • Terell Chapman
    Terell Chapman 13 days ago

    Wait did you actually send it to USclip 😂😂😂

  • IDKSomething
    IDKSomething 13 days ago

    We... Are... Groo- USclip..

  • Rhys Jackson
    Rhys Jackson 14 days ago

    If you turn it upside down it’s a like button...

  • Bud Thats My Real Name

    what movie is the will smith aw thats hot from?

  • Undertale Fandom!!! :3

    So I’m online at 2:13am in the MORNING

  • misa jones
    misa jones 14 days ago +1

    6:17 look at all the noodles

  • Blue Devils_4
    Blue Devils_4 14 days ago +1

    Well now it’s 16 Mill dislikes lol

  • Bacon Shreds
    Bacon Shreds 14 days ago

    Gets channel deleted

  • Reid Jackson
    Reid Jackson 15 days ago

    I haven’t finished the video yet... what if they open the box upside down and they see a thumbs up button?... never mind, just finished it.

  • CreepySquidStories
    CreepySquidStories 15 days ago

    as they said kpop it appeared on the tv :/ coincidence I THINK NOT

  • Tomato Soup Can
    Tomato Soup Can 15 days ago +1

    You could have just stopped at the block of wood and then sent it to them

  • Princess Luna
    Princess Luna 15 days ago

    Was I the 1% that actually liked USclip rewind 2018?

  • OwO Gang
    OwO Gang 15 days ago

    This is so petty. I love it.

  • OwO Gang
    OwO Gang 15 days ago


  • Orchade
    Orchade 15 days ago +2

    When everyone just ignores the pinned comment and proceeds to post a comment on how USclip would flip the button

  • CheckerTV100
    CheckerTV100 16 days ago

    Can someone tell me the Song Name at 5:00 ???

  • Unbelievable Gamings
    Unbelievable Gamings 16 days ago

    Can you give me that please

  • OGDogey
    OGDogey 16 days ago +1

    Do u mean...

    BAsS WeWD?

  • my favorite color is pineapple

    thank you for not thanos snapping my ears by playing k pop

  • Jose Martinez
    Jose Martinez 16 days ago

    USclipr sees it throws in the trash🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂

  • yy tt
    yy tt 17 days ago

    pu hahahaha

  • Edge Steel
    Edge Steel 17 days ago

    You and William Osman (idk if I spelled that right) would make a great couple

  • Mark Miguel
    Mark Miguel 18 days ago

    sub to pewds

  • Shakeel Ansari
    Shakeel Ansari 18 days ago

    They will be happy if they open it upside down

  • lila _
    lila _ 18 days ago

    They prob thought it was a diamond like button bc turn it upside down

  • David DIY RC Guy
    David DIY RC Guy 19 days ago

    I will not be subscribing to poopy pie. His content inhales vigorously!

  • Land Dolphin
    Land Dolphin 19 days ago +1

    Is that seth everman merch hell yeah

  • Stargamer
    Stargamer 20 days ago

    Take yours and turn it upside down becus you kann get a LIKE button easy

  • Kunal Saini
    Kunal Saini 20 days ago

    Goes To Justin Beiber Too.

  • _LuNAaa르나
    _LuNAaa르나 20 days ago +2

    I got rlly desappointed when he acctually didnt add Kpop😞😂

    • _LuNAaa르나
      _LuNAaa르나 18 days ago

      @boom no i do i misstyped it😂😂

    • boom
      boom 18 days ago

      Do u not like Kpop?

  • Dr_yang z
    Dr_yang z 21 day ago

    Crick bit

  • Harveybot3000
    Harveybot3000 22 days ago

    Just saying they could just turn it upside down to a like button and they would take it as a compliment

  • Kristy. B
    Kristy. B 22 days ago

    Wait does USclip have a USclip channel?

  • Joey Tognela
    Joey Tognela 22 days ago

    Shut up oh I wish USclip kick you out of the USclip

  • Ethan Jones
    Ethan Jones 23 days ago

    Can u ride that unicycle in your garage.

  • Aubrey Gale Pojadas
    Aubrey Gale Pojadas 23 days ago


  • ØreöDe Koøkie
    ØreöDe Koøkie 23 days ago

    Yaaaaaasss kpop

  • Sologuy 95
    Sologuy 95 23 days ago

    USclip said that they were proud of the video in their lil'tweet (smh), so they probably proud to receive this button

  • juego mriangel 115
    juego mriangel 115 24 days ago +1

    Qué es lo que haces con todas las cosas que construyes las vendes o las regalas Atentamente mariángel veo todos tus vídeos Me encantan

  • lucky D
    lucky D 24 days ago

    0:09 what the fuck

  • MohammadReza Bagheri
    MohammadReza Bagheri 24 days ago

    You know of you rotate this
    It changes into a like button?

  • Reptile lover3
    Reptile lover3 24 days ago

    Every dislike for this comment means another diamond dislike button

  • Ms. Maria
    Ms. Maria 24 days ago

    The only reason there are dislikes on this video is to show support on giving the diamond dislike button to USclip.

  • Samya Khanna
    Samya Khanna 25 days ago

    6:42 .

  • Robotic Raptor/DaDerpyCat

    USclip: * flips it upside down, and cries in a corner

  • Keuper
    Keuper 26 days ago +2

    the wᵒᵒd

  • XxMeower2008xX d:
    XxMeower2008xX d: 26 days ago

    What a madlad

  • Iliana & Cie
    Iliana & Cie 27 days ago


  • Jewelor
    Jewelor 27 days ago


  • Max’s life Conley
    Max’s life Conley 27 days ago

    Plot twist shoes the Jenny from alanta

  • Justin's gaming
    Justin's gaming 28 days ago

    LOL thats payback to the diamond playbutton