I Try To Quit Smoking in 3 Days

  • Published on Jan 9, 2019
  • Amro meets with the "Cigarette Whisperer" to try and quit smoking.
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    Rocky Rosen

Comments • 5 919

  • 3kul59
    3kul59 7 hours ago

    Guys guess what I have not smoked in 11 years

    I’m 11

  • Panicnew
    Panicnew 9 hours ago

    i quit smoking in 1 day

  • iman Chia
    iman Chia 17 hours ago

    If you can quit smoking, you can stop masturbating

  • Asa Thurstone
    Asa Thurstone Day ago

    Rocky is a GENIUS!!! Unfortunately, my aunt smokes 😢😢😢😭😭😭😭😭

  • 5Head
    5Head Day ago +2

    Just dont smoke lol

  • Mario master maker June 28th

    To quit smoking, you shouldn’t vape. No one has Seen long term effects because vaping hasn’t bean around that long. Vaping could actually be worse than cigarettes. And when you vape, you could still get addicted. You shouldn’t smoke or vape. That’s my advice.

  • CupOf Joe
    CupOf Joe Day ago

    Stopped smoking started doing cocaine! Keep going strong hoooooowooww ☝🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • ThasMazed
    ThasMazed Day ago

    13 fuc*ing dollars for a pack of sigs? holy hell :O

    • ThasMazed
      ThasMazed Day ago

      in estonia we could buy 3 for that price

  • Sheisty Soulja
    Sheisty Soulja Day ago

    This guy smokes cigarettes guys , start a gofundme?

  • Sus_Tj FN
    Sus_Tj FN 2 days ago

    That forehead and haircut

  • TG
    TG 2 days ago

    Its all willpower. Alot of people have weak willpower. I smoked cigarettes for 11 years and i just woke up the next day and decided not to have a cigarette anymore. Its been 2 years since i last had a cigarette. Never again will i let my weak willpower take control over me.

  • VxHd -_-
    VxHd -_- 2 days ago

    I quit cigarettes, but started smoking weed never been happy to quit

  • Ranj Hama Salih
    Ranj Hama Salih 2 days ago

    cigarette whisperer :D :D :D oh god i love the us

  • Dope Lama
    Dope Lama 2 days ago

    If you really WANT to quit you can just do so. People that don‘t really want to quit just take addiction as an excuse.

  • CaveReer
    CaveReer 2 days ago

    So what? After 14 years heavy smoking i quit in single day...it all comes to you if u rly want quit u will quit immediately

  • Shaggy has Cancer
    Shaggy has Cancer 3 days ago +3

    I hate the smell of cigarettes. They’re so toxic smelling. When I’m around a smoker i feel unsafe.

  • Venkat s
    Venkat s 3 days ago

    Jogging regularly helps

  • Nasty shiz
    Nasty shiz 3 days ago

    Help me stop smoking CRACK !!

  • Ouldali Boualem
    Ouldali Boualem 3 days ago

    Its been 5 days for me never going back to smock

  • Lokai Fu Lung
    Lokai Fu Lung 3 days ago

    I think the laptop is a mac not toshiba .

  • Guf1js
    Guf1js 3 days ago


  • Tanori
    Tanori 4 days ago

    if u smoke or smoked ur gross idc

  • BallerAnd Actor
    BallerAnd Actor 4 days ago

    Well, do how to quit biting nails😂

  • XSHEEP 12
    XSHEEP 12 4 days ago

    I smoke weed illegally and I’m 13🤦🏼‍♂️

  • Daniel Elvis Atwater
    Daniel Elvis Atwater 4 days ago +4

    July 1,2019 will be 8 months of absolutely no nicotine for me after smoking over a pack a day for 7+ years

    • Cali Cake
      Cali Cake Day ago

      Congratulations! Hey is it true what they say about erectile dysfunction and cigarettes? Can the damage be reverse?

  • Daniel Elvis Atwater
    Daniel Elvis Atwater 4 days ago +3

    Bottom line is once you quit you CAN NOT under any circumstance have nicotine. If you want to keep the monster at bay you have to keep it out of your system all together. One cigarette is too many and one million is never enough

  • CuzImLeuart
    CuzImLeuart 4 days ago

    I don’t know why but this smoker annoys me.

  • ItzSnippz
    ItzSnippz 4 days ago

    nice /T/O/B/I/S/H/A/ Laptop

  • Jordan Airgfb
    Jordan Airgfb 4 days ago +1

    Haircut on fleek

  • Serens Life
    Serens Life 4 days ago

    Fun fact: you can quit smoking within a month if every time you feel the urge to smoke put salt on the tip of your tongue and you shouldn’t feel the urge anymore and by 1or 2 months you shouldn’t want to smoke anymore

  • Top's 3
    Top's 3 4 days ago +5

    Who else was smoking watching this video?😂😂🤷‍♂️

  • Mustafa Wayes
    Mustafa Wayes 4 days ago

    For some reason i wanna bet that he got back to smoking like two days after he shot this video. Unless he switched to vape

  • Sonja
    Sonja 5 days ago

    Amro is incredible. Seems like a great person. Congrats!

  • Squad52
    Squad52 5 days ago

    Smoking whilst watching

  • Jaiox
    Jaiox 5 days ago

    finally he quit smoking tobacco now try weed

  • Roj Kovli
    Roj Kovli 5 days ago

    No i love nicotine i love cigarettes i dont wanna quit it even if i can i wont ..i quit for a couples of months then return back because i love it

    • Rocky Rosen
      Rocky Rosen 2 days ago

      so don't quit. i'm only here for people who wish they didn't smoke. have at it.

  • Damian Hemstra
    Damian Hemstra 5 days ago

    Im smoking a cigarette during watching the video.

  • Aimal Khushal
    Aimal Khushal 5 days ago +3

    Plot twist: he has been smoking behind the camera all these days

  • Openload
    Openload 5 days ago

    This video makes me want to smoke

  • Matt D
    Matt D 5 days ago +1

    Thats not true that the erge never goes away! I loved smoking! I smoked 12years straight! I quit cold turkey 3 years ago and ive never smoked again and i live with smokers and i quit well being around smokers and i dont get an erge at all ever! Its a miracle and blessing from god! So im here to tell u it can happen! Its possible! Its like ive never smoked b4 with how strong i am against it! But the damage from smoking will be there for a while! For those of u who think u cant quit. U CAN! u just need to get fedup and make a real serious choice and be ready to quit! 😎👍👍

  • DeadPixel
    DeadPixel 6 days ago +1

    why even censor the Toshiba logo? lmao if you're going to do it, do it right!

  • Jeffree Grant
    Jeffree Grant 6 days ago

    I sparked a cig after watching this

  • Samba Kiedrowicz
    Samba Kiedrowicz 6 days ago +1

    TOSHIBA computer

  • Caleb Huskey
    Caleb Huskey 6 days ago +1

    Idk if he's wearing makeup but just after two weeks, his complextion already looks drastically better.

  • Cosmic PW
    Cosmic PW 6 days ago

    Iv Quit In 3 Days..For Me Its Not That Hard

  • Drake Ortega
    Drake Ortega 7 days ago

    amazing thank you for sharing this journey

  • Abigail j34
    Abigail j34 7 days ago

    Anyone notice how they would have the computer brand blurred sometimes, but then they would un blur it other times. It’s like they got lazy while editing


    Just smoke Newport cigs it’s way better

  • Martin
    Martin 7 days ago

    The first week trying to quit smoking it's the worst part

  • Tolkien Nerd
    Tolkien Nerd 7 days ago

    God he’s sooo cute ugh 😍🤤

  • Topher Dog
    Topher Dog 7 days ago

    Congratulations on quitting. The craving never goes away but goes away quick, the longer you have quit smoking. I quit for 2 1/2 years now and I smoked for many years.

  • Nichoals Nastari
    Nichoals Nastari 8 days ago

    Dude weed

  • lol bad kid
    lol bad kid 8 days ago

    Once a smoker always a smoker.

  • Terri rainwater-branch


  • SHELUHHMAXXO Kyler The Creator

    Had my juul in my hand the whole time I watched this video. Dab pen right next to me😂😂 then the part where hot insecticide came, took a huge hit threw everything away. Followed this guys advice. Now I’m clean, for nicotine that is.

  • GGKINGdel -
    GGKINGdel - 9 days ago

    What is this jits hair

  • gvidokas
    gvidokas 9 days ago +1

    I first smoked when I was 10 I smoked one cigarette a day then after couple of weeks I quit bcs I didn’t have any and I was not addicted and after 2 years I started vaping 5 mg for 4 months like three times a week and I’m not addicted does dis count like a superpower

  • jay_black
    jay_black 9 days ago +3

    I am going to use this method from now on...i know i can do it

    • jay_black
      jay_black 6 days ago

      @Scarea yo bro..i havent...it's actually a good method. I was close 2 times. But i kept strong.

    • Scarea
      Scarea 6 days ago

      This was posted three days ago, have you smoked at all since?

  • Mimi Messelles
    Mimi Messelles 9 days ago

    I smoke but I don't have an addiction

  • Blair Henry
    Blair Henry 10 days ago

    Last year I stopped for a month due to rehab but now I'm trying to do it again and also no vaping. Stress is my biggest trigger so I mean. Woo, let's see how this goes again.

    THUNDER 10 days ago

    He look like gal gadot

  • Elias Desrosiers
    Elias Desrosiers 10 days ago

    The fact that he agreed to have his last cigarette is the trap that his mind set for him. He should've not agreed to that and admit that he has already had his last cigarette.

    ESTAR XD 10 days ago

    Last time i smoked was in 2015

  • Mas Bejo
    Mas Bejo 10 days ago

    I am indonesian. I am smoking 2 pack/day.very difficult to stop smoking,because our country have tasty ciggarette.
    But i am not drink alkohol and i not use drugs.😊

  • Zolytik
    Zolytik 10 days ago +1

    He’s the male version of Gal Gadot

  • Td Touchdown
    Td Touchdown 10 days ago

    3:53 it shows the brand

  • LethalAmbition HD
    LethalAmbition HD 11 days ago

    when I stop smoking I get angry, aggitated, restless and then Sleepy and just wanna sleep all the time.... can't really do that with 2 kids, work etc

  • Aristidis Aristidou
    Aristidis Aristidou 11 days ago +1

    Can a 30 year, 2 packs per day smoker quite....? The is NO

  • V Beatz
    V Beatz 11 days ago

    I quited smoking and then i started smoking weed. You guys should do that too.

  • Nightmare the hick
    Nightmare the hick 11 days ago

    If hes the cigarette whisperer I want to see what the dip/chewing tobacco whisperer looks like bet you their name would be something like jed or larry

  • D’ken Castillo
    D’ken Castillo 12 days ago

    A thing I don’t like about people smoking is all the polution in the air

  • Proxima
    Proxima 12 days ago

    Dang, they are not good at blurring out that toshiba computer

  • Louise Flynn
    Louise Flynn 12 days ago

    I wanted a cigarette the entire time I watched this

  • TheRealFeck RealKingHeelWest

    try vyping

  • Amar Fawwas
    Amar Fawwas 12 days ago

    I watching this while smoke a Syn.
    You know, smoking Syn make you lazy to smoking a Cigarette.

  • Sweet pee
    Sweet pee 13 days ago

    I used to smoke a cig every 5 minutes. Now I just smoke weed cigs. I go threw 5 weed cigs a day. *But it beats cigs*

  • Sweet pee
    Sweet pee 13 days ago

    I just smoke weed now 👌💨🤙

  • Yuu Otosaka
    Yuu Otosaka 14 days ago

    i thought he meant weed, i was like how tf can u stop smoking in 3 days?

  • kyle phan
    kyle phan 14 days ago

    Yes. You can vape nicotine free

  • Andy E.
    Andy E. 14 days ago

    I quit smoking because I need to quit. My last cigarette was a paul mall menthol. I didn't even finished it I put it out about halfway. I remember the struggles was real. I was anxious, sweating, getting angry and agitated. But now I'm a non smoker for about a year and a half now. Quitted since Dec. 2017. Only method I used to sub for cigarettes to quit were mainly vaping on nic juices and occasional nicotine losages and slowly afterwards cutting myself off from that.

  • Android Trigger
    Android Trigger 14 days ago +10

    It's been 48 hrs since I've smoked. I feel ok tbh just mild head ache. Proud of myself 😎

    • Jeanie Loves you
      Jeanie Loves you 10 days ago +1

      Android Trigger yes! Be proud honestly it’s really hard 😊

  • gtx420ti
    gtx420ti 14 days ago

    Just do acid

  • Tuxedo Gaming
    Tuxedo Gaming 15 days ago

    To quit vaping I started smoking

  • Yashwant Singh Chauhan

    He'll come back eventually. Sorry for him.

  • AmooBeast
    AmooBeast 15 days ago

    Anyone smoking while watching?

  • A
    A 15 days ago

    0:22 *thanks messed up*

  • Casey Greyson
    Casey Greyson 16 days ago

    Lmao have fun getting lung cancer😂

  • spencer james
    spencer james 16 days ago

    This just made me really want to have a durry

  • Syed Haider Shah
    Syed Haider Shah 16 days ago

    22 years smoker. Clean since 3 weeks.

  • Bee Phenix
    Bee Phenix 17 days ago

    Honestly, I’m just thinking of Augustus from the fault in our stars and his pack that lasted a year.

  • Keily Sanchez
    Keily Sanchez 17 days ago +2

    Can he help me stop eating 😂

  • Logan Thomas
    Logan Thomas 17 days ago

    Get a toker

  • Guunvy Singh
    Guunvy Singh 17 days ago


  • lie
    lie 18 days ago +1

    Smoking gives me so much anxiety, knowing you are messing up your body, this video really gives me motivation!

  • beuph ofc
    beuph ofc 18 days ago

    i just stared at Amro’s hairline

  • Ordinary Asian Boii
    Ordinary Asian Boii 18 days ago

    I quit smoking for a whole month, and my cigarettes is an indonesian cigarettes....

  • J Hood
    J Hood 18 days ago

    fucken loser

  • Tim and Marian
    Tim and Marian 19 days ago +9

    I tried for years to quit by tapering off a little at a time but it never worked. I had to make it a spiritual battle and went cold turkey. I smoked two packs a day for over 30 years but I did it. I haven't had any tobacco products in over 11 years now.

    • lol bad kid
      lol bad kid 8 days ago

      Tim and Marian congrats man, all mind over matter just like most things in life

  • HSS
    HSS 19 days ago +15

    Who else quit smoking? 180 days without touching a cigarette!

    • Isx _*
      Isx _* 13 hours ago

      T-Mak813 well I did order an 80 dollar smok

    • RC RACER 88
      RC RACER 88 Day ago

      Truth is i dont even want to quit

    • Isx _*
      Isx _* Day ago

      T-Mak813 ah thanks, going to keep that in mind

    • T-Mak813
      T-Mak813 Day ago

      @Isx _* Keep pushing bro. Vaping didn't help me, I coughed every time I hit it. Went back to cigs a month later

    • Isx _*
      Isx _* Day ago

      T-Mak813 4 for me 😓 however I am ordering a vape so hopefully it helps

  • Mohamed Alnajjar
    Mohamed Alnajjar 19 days ago

    Well done.