I Try To Quit Smoking in 3 Days

  • Published on Jan 9, 2019
  • Amro meets with the "Cigarette Whisperer" to try and quit smoking.
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  • Johnny Lim
    Johnny Lim 2 minutes ago

    Ooooooh the laptop is a Toshiba.

  • Moonman رجل القمر
    Moonman رجل القمر 8 minutes ago +1

    i quit for year and half and then i start smoking again for three month and i want to quit again :(

  • LT Shadowes
    LT Shadowes 10 minutes ago

    "Amaro smoked 3 cigarettes after this video..."

  • GameFlexx
    GameFlexx 19 minutes ago

    Hello there!

  • Fabian Alexander
    Fabian Alexander 22 minutes ago

    lol 3 year smoker here,stopped smoking after being sick and havent smoked since...

  • Monica Geller 2.0
    Monica Geller 2.0 23 minutes ago

    I smoked my first cigarette at 12 years old. Then I went from an occasional consumering routine, to a damn whole pack a day. I'm 17. Since the end of the 2018 summer, I took the biggest decision of my life to destroy on of my biggest demon : To stop smoking.
    I really struggle a lot but I'm so happy than now the maximum I smoke a day is like 7 cigs and not a whole damn pack anymore. I feel waaay better, I can breath and sing better. In 2019 I will stop. I'm convincing myself that cigarettes are not my friends and even tho they "helped" me through all my rough times, they are not my friends. I have a toxic relationship with nicotine and I will stop it. Guys, you just should know that the first step to recover from an addiction, from any kind, is recognition and acceptance of tooling a decision to change your life for the better.

  • Ayyoob Dawoodji
    Ayyoob Dawoodji 27 minutes ago

    I just had the best cigarette watching this video

  • Emre Özyurt
    Emre Özyurt 33 minutes ago

    Call Tyrone lol

  • Josh L
    Josh L 36 minutes ago

    Oh yea oh yea

  • Zatchwen
    Zatchwen 38 minutes ago

    how i felt during NNN

  • AdailyJayloss
    AdailyJayloss 41 minute ago

    His teeth look a lot whiter after only two weeks.

    WALKING PUG Hour ago

    yoo is this guys barber a 90 year old blind guy with a lawn mowere?

  • horu05
    horu05 Hour ago

    Oh yeah yeah

  • CooPlayz Cooper
    CooPlayz Cooper Hour ago

    Look at his hands 9:31 9:31 9:31

  • Gus D
    Gus D Hour ago

    just smoke a joint...

  • Y L
    Y L Hour ago

    See you in a year

  • James Kawasaki
    James Kawasaki Hour ago

    Good job blueing the computer name...lol

  • I Smash Like King Kong

    Oh yeah yeah

  • Larry Shipper
    Larry Shipper Hour ago

    My grandma started smoking when she was 14, but fortunately she's still healthy ❤️❤️

  • Grafitty Graphics

    In the beginning he said he quit smoking for a month then smoke again, and now in the ending he is happy for beeing smoking free for 2 weeks , it made me giggle

  • James Willis
    James Willis Hour ago

    wtf is his hair

  • JMR
    JMR 2 hours ago

    No tricks no gimmicks, hes obviously a magician

  • 10,000 Subscribers With No Videos

    His hairline tho 😂😂😂😂😂😀😀😂😂😀😂😀😂😂😀😀

  • Mischievous Murrry
    Mischievous Murrry 2 hours ago

    Our empire is growing

  • Envious
    Envious 2 hours ago

    What's the laptop brand?

  • Cameron Wical
    Cameron Wical 2 hours ago

    You started smoking you can stop it

  • Aerochalklate
    Aerochalklate 2 hours ago

    Quitting cigarettes is easy.. I quit cigs over a thousand times

    • ImNord
      ImNord 2 hours ago

      Then you were never addicted.

  • lil shark
    lil shark 2 hours ago

    Good job I love this video and I need help to

  • Jack Lee
    Jack Lee 2 hours ago

    they haven’t ruined your past 13 years... you have.

  • please pass the suga kookie

    i want to try a cigarette but i'm wayy to scared to.

    • witchy bitchy
      witchy bitchy 8 minutes ago

      if you really wanna know i guess

    • witchy bitchy
      witchy bitchy 8 minutes ago

      they're gross, not even people who smoke like it, but you should try it for yourself

    • ImNord
      ImNord 2 hours ago

      Try one, might aswell.

  • TrixYogurt711
    TrixYogurt711 2 hours ago

    I smoked a cigarette before, during and after this video

  • TrixYogurt711
    TrixYogurt711 2 hours ago

    I smoked a cigarette before, during and after this video

  • osman abdi
    osman abdi 2 hours ago

    who else is smoking while watching this

  • Harvo.com
    Harvo.com 3 hours ago +1


  • jordan gilliz
    jordan gilliz 3 hours ago +1

    The laptop says Toshiba btw

  • Cris ̇
    Cris ̇ 3 hours ago +1

    Bruh, they tried to blur out Toshiba on the back of the computer. How do you fail to blur something out?

    SERGMERCS TTV 3 hours ago +1

    Bro I was smoking since I was 13 and I quit when I was 17 and i never got addicted lmao I just enjoyed smoking, I’m 18 a year without cigarettes, sticked to Juul because why not just got tired of the sticks and they would cost me a lot of money through out the years , but I think it’s bs about the whole addicting thing, I literally went to quitting to dip and quitting dip whole 4 months without nic felt the same , just wanted a Juul because of the trend lol

  • santosh p
    santosh p 3 hours ago +2

    Its been 22 days since i touched it

  • ClasiX Stars
    ClasiX Stars 3 hours ago +1

    Smoking at 13? People smoke weed at that age, cigarettes at 13 what!

    • ImNord
      ImNord 2 hours ago

      I smoked at 10.

  • daniel kinsella
    daniel kinsella 3 hours ago +2

    btw my dad doesnt cough

  • daniel kinsella
    daniel kinsella 3 hours ago +1

    i want this guy to help my dad my dad started smoking when he was 10 and now hes 67 im afraid my dad is gonna have lung cancer

  • aryan chowdhury
    aryan chowdhury 3 hours ago +2

    Why is this in my recommend, what is USclip trying to say

  • Anar Borgil
    Anar Borgil 4 hours ago +1

    Now i want to quit breathing air.

  • FollowTwitch
    FollowTwitch 4 hours ago +2

    Oh yeah yeah

    • ImNord
      ImNord 2 hours ago

      Oh yeah yeah

  • Besim Yucel
    Besim Yucel 4 hours ago +1

    This is so gay it is literally impossible to quit an addiction in 3 days. This is a joke

  • Tollef Vikerødegaården
    Tollef Vikerødegaården 4 hours ago +2

    A video 9:59 minutes long. A miracle

  • Julian Lopez
    Julian Lopez 4 hours ago +1

    I just quit smoking cold turkey lowkey kinda easy

  • xWeak
    xWeak 4 hours ago +1

    which exact cigs is he smoking?

  • Twin Gaming
    Twin Gaming 4 hours ago +1

    I feel so bad that this isn’t 10 minutes

  • SuniperGamer
    SuniperGamer 4 hours ago +1

    Why blurring Toshiba? Its obvious lmao

  • Paultastic
    Paultastic 4 hours ago

    They failed stretching the vid to 10 mins

  • GlyNkà
    GlyNkà 4 hours ago +2

    Smoked for more than 7years, believe it or not, one day i said i will never smoke again, this was on january 2018, since then i smoked 13cigs, now in 2019 i didnt smoke once

  • ElectricWolf87
    ElectricWolf87 4 hours ago +5

    I have been smoke-free since the day I was born.

  • Hey Ya!
    Hey Ya! 4 hours ago +1

    Very inspiring ,and I’m very happy for you , congratulations. Good things are ahead of you on your non smoking trail ❤️🙏🏻

  • David Cleland
    David Cleland 4 hours ago

    I was keptical

  • Depression Power
    Depression Power 4 hours ago

    _you still uh dumass_

  • Liam Carruthers
    Liam Carruthers 4 hours ago

    I quit smoking 100 times and this is what happened

  • bilal Juma
    bilal Juma 4 hours ago +1

    Plot twist: he was smoking more than usual during the session.

  • JayJay
    JayJay 4 hours ago +1

    Oh yeah yeah

  • zCosminutzu
    zCosminutzu 4 hours ago

    Still smoking

  • suicide squad
    suicide squad 4 hours ago

    i havent smoked in 21 months

  • Dr. Dyzen
    Dr. Dyzen 5 hours ago

    1 month free of Smoking bois.

  • Mc Bruh
    Mc Bruh 5 hours ago

    Cigarette should be banned every single country

  • George Bueno
    George Bueno 5 hours ago

    this dude has a big ass head

  • Cozyonion
    Cozyonion 5 hours ago

    I my longest I went with smoking is my life time

  • Kenny Rogers
    Kenny Rogers 5 hours ago +1

    Results anyone?

  • papa mito
    papa mito 5 hours ago +1

    somehow I never believe someone who says "no tricks no gimmicks"

  • George Payne
    George Payne 5 hours ago +1

    All I could focus on was the blurred Toshiba logo. If you don't want branding in your video why not just cover it up rather than going to the effort of blurring it out.

  • NaDDo
    NaDDo 5 hours ago +1

    that's clearly a toshiba

  • ewa castasy
    ewa castasy 5 hours ago +2

    Just broke all cigarettes, will update next week and every week

  • South African Voice
    South African Voice 5 hours ago +1

    You need to make it through a month. Enroll in your local park run and see the type of people passing you. You will be motivated to get stronger.

  • Mythical bro Hgh
    Mythical bro Hgh 5 hours ago +3

    Oh yeah yeah

  • zaki ros
    zaki ros 5 hours ago +2

    Day one starts at 7:03

    10B Views 5 hours ago +4

    I've been smoke free for two years now.

  • Free Realestate
    Free Realestate 5 hours ago +3

    Oh yeah yeah

  • 사디아Sadia
    사디아Sadia 5 hours ago +1

    Good. Now stop kids flossing in 3 days.

  • cre8tivj cre8tivj
    cre8tivj cre8tivj 5 hours ago

    I wish he could talk to my grandmother because she is old and still smokes. I just don't want to loose her.

  • louis alsters
    louis alsters 5 hours ago +3

    Oh yeah yeah

  • omer eendje
    omer eendje 5 hours ago


  • Sad Person
    Sad Person 5 hours ago

    Ive quit smoking for my whole life

  • YourDadsUnclesMate
    YourDadsUnclesMate 5 hours ago +4


  • Stowve
    Stowve 5 hours ago +3

    Oh yeah yeah

  • Thomas Cheung
    Thomas Cheung 5 hours ago

    8:50 deffo no looking at a script

  • DaveandJen Ball
    DaveandJen Ball 6 hours ago

    Hairline has left the chat.

    KISHAN BHARTI 6 hours ago

    Need masturbation whisperer...

  • aly 377
    aly 377 6 hours ago

    I'm 17 and I'm addicted to cogarettes

  • TheWinterBeez
    TheWinterBeez 6 hours ago

    9:59 HAHAHAHA

  • why did shane give weed to his cat

    I don't smoke all the time, I used to smoke at least 6 cigs a day and now I just do it occasionally when I'm out with my friends or when I'm feeling really sad

  • I smell like beef
    I smell like beef 6 hours ago

    Respect. The video is at 9:58, they could of pushed another 2 seconds but didnt

  • Ahmad Atbash
    Ahmad Atbash 6 hours ago

    Their blurred toshibaaa

  • Real One
    Real One 6 hours ago +2

    This video made me quit smoking ciggarates

    Now i just smoke weed😂

  • Carson Gollatz
    Carson Gollatz 6 hours ago

    *just don’t smoke*

  • Fardin Islam
    Fardin Islam 6 hours ago

    Lmaooo I used to smoke camel too! Then I switched to Juul.

  • TheGamingGuy
    TheGamingGuy 6 hours ago

    Wait... This is buzzfeed?

  • Mr. Fortnite
    Mr. Fortnite 6 hours ago +1

    Ohh yeah yeah

  • Waie Khairul
    Waie Khairul 6 hours ago

    smoking is bad oh yeah oh yeah

  • Vann Helsing
    Vann Helsing 6 hours ago

    Im now 7 days off tobacco

  • Cum Stain
    Cum Stain 6 hours ago

    16 years smoke free

  • Max Daun
    Max Daun 6 hours ago

    My dad smokes 2 packs a day

  • Shadow Levy Lord
    Shadow Levy Lord 6 hours ago

    I got a stop smoking ad before the video started