I Try To Quit Smoking in 3 Days

  • Published on Jan 9, 2019
  • Amro meets with the "Cigarette Whisperer" to try and quit smoking.
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    Rocky Rosen

Comments • 6 463

  • Riley Zzz
    Riley Zzz 14 hours ago +1

    I watching this while smoking ....

  • foysal roy
    foysal roy 15 hours ago

    Im smoking while watching a video about quiting smoking... Who wants a Cigarette,,. Like if you agree

  • CHballer1
    CHballer1 17 hours ago

    the blurred toshiba sign is tripping me out, ugh

  • David Burge
    David Burge Day ago

    Spoiler alert: he gets lung cancer

  • M
    M Day ago

    I’m trying to quit too

  • Sohaib M
    Sohaib M Day ago

    The way I quit smoking was switching to vaping. I continued to vape for 2 years, gradually lowering my juice's nicotine till it's zero. Then I just quit because I didn't feel like vaping anymore. It's been 3 years so far and I've never smoked or vaped. Zero cravings. Vaping is good ONLY if you think of it as a smoking cessation method.

  • nina los
    nina los Day ago

    U now actully vaping is much more safer then smoking

    • Rocky Rosen
      Rocky Rosen Day ago

      U now - lol - yes, I know, vaping is safer than smoking, but it is not safe. saying vaping is safer than smoking is like saying a heart attack beats a stroke.

  • Milan Mazić
    Milan Mazić Day ago

    Don't try to censor that laptop we can see it's TOSHIBA

  • Prince Jules
    Prince Jules Day ago

    Just give the guy a juul 😂😂

  • s l u r p
    s l u r p Day ago

    I flused my 200 dollor juul down the toilet

  • InfinityTo Victory
    InfinityTo Victory Day ago +1

    Tbh my friend is probably won’t ever get addicted to cigarettes cuz he said he that he had one and it was disgusting and you may be asking who he got hold of cigarettes well he asked them from someone.

  • Steve Tranajo
    Steve Tranajo 2 days ago +1

    after this video he went outside and had a cigarette

  • estuardo charres
    estuardo charres 2 days ago

    He looks like YNW melly

  • xdMattBoss2234
    xdMattBoss2234 2 days ago

    The computer says TOSHIBA

  • Dr. Kenny
    Dr. Kenny 2 days ago

    that hairline tho eh?

  • Undying Games
    Undying Games 2 days ago +2

    i love how badly toshiba is blurred out of the laptop

  • Hayden Wallace
    Hayden Wallace 2 days ago

    It is easy to quit smoking.. well not really lol. The only reason I managed to quit so easy is because I was in hospital for a week and a half after have an operation and I couldnt make it downstairs and outside to have a smoke. So after a week and a half in hospital and getting released it never worried me about smoking again. I was so surprised but felt so much better for it

  • Jesse
    Jesse 3 days ago

    Whoa. I watched this video two weeks ago. Everything that Rocky Rosen said actually resonated with me. It hit me.
    I've now been smoke-free for two weeks, deciding to quit immediately and destroy my packet without the 'final cigarette'. I feel a new sense of empowerment; I've never felt so committed to giving up this habit previously as I do now. 15 years of smoking 20 cigarettes daily with the cost now at an average of $29 per packet in my home country. I have an app to track financial savings and I'm currently at $460 after 15 days and 21 hours - unbelievable. The smell of a burning cigarette now puts me off and I'm grateful that this negates any cravings I get.
    To those of you still fighting the battle: Don't let any TEMPORARY set-backs affect you PERMANENTLY. I was guilty of constantly making this mistake and felt sorry for myself while continuing to progressively smoke more. Pick yourself up and keep on trying - you can do this!
    Thank you so very much for this video and to Rocky Rosen - you are a legend. Thank you, sir.

    • Rocky Rosen
      Rocky Rosen 2 days ago

      Humbled and grateful for your kind words. If you simple don't take the next hit of nicotine you will never need to quit again. F*** cigarettes.

  • maakusu mn
    maakusu mn 3 days ago

    I just started smoking again, why?

  • Julius Kamii
    Julius Kamii 3 days ago +2

    I’m only 15 and I’ve been smoking for 2 years, started at age 11 but stopped and got back into the habit at 13.

  • Omar Bubteina
    Omar Bubteina 3 days ago

    why am I watching this? I don't even smoke lol

  • Marco Vargas
    Marco Vargas 3 days ago

    wait 2 more months and see if you are very happy like in that video XD

  • Tristan N
    Tristan N 3 days ago +5

    You forgot to include saving money as one of the benefits

  • Tristan N
    Tristan N 3 days ago +1

    1:30 old ass laptop

  • Bobhig The Onion Wizard

    Lol. Take shrooms, clinically proven to help some quit smoking, greatly reduces the urge to smoke in people; Open your eyes people.

  • Kyle Norcliffe
    Kyle Norcliffe 4 days ago

    Am I seriously watching a video on how to quit smoking in 3 days even though I don’t smoke

  • lucasa x
    lucasa x 4 days ago

    I’m only 10 and I keep thinking I’m gonna some when I grow up but I’m telling my self I’m am never going to smoke

  • God Ofshows
    God Ofshows 4 days ago +2

    IS HE GAY?!?!?

  • Brown Gamer
    Brown Gamer 4 days ago


  • Djidanee
    Djidanee 4 days ago

    i actually quit smoking when one day i was in a festival and i saw the girl that i really liked flirting with some buffed muscular guy and then they started making out and that´s when it hit me really hard , i was in no good shape whatsoever and i got tired by doing 5min of jogging . so from that moment i thought that i needed to do something about my body and kind of used that event as a motivation for me to go to the gym and stop smoking . i´ve been going to the gym now and also smoke free for 2 months.

  • Overdoze Exp
    Overdoze Exp 4 days ago

    watching this while i'm smoking thinking about quiting after this cigarette

    • MysticZ8
      MysticZ8 4 days ago

      Overdoze Exp try and try again

  • Valentina Gonzalez
    Valentina Gonzalez 4 days ago

    Make a one about how to stop bullimia and binge eating

    BUH BUH 4 days ago


  • Kicsny1125
    Kicsny1125 5 days ago

    NOT 3 DAYS

  • Ascetic Popoclips
    Ascetic Popoclips 5 days ago

    I’m glad you guys are making things on genuine problems within modern economy.
    Use your platform for good things your voice counts for more than ours does.

  • Eddo Reyes
    Eddo Reyes 5 days ago

    I quit when I had my wisdom teeth removed, I ignored the dentist and smoked anyway. Got a dry socket. That pain had me so paranoid about getting another dry socket, that I didn't smoke until my mouth was fully healed by which time I had lost my cravings. I was cured.

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    “ *Doctors start to use me* “

  • Onkel skrue
    Onkel skrue 5 days ago +1

    WHAT? Skype in 2019? Come on

  • slater gator
    slater gator 5 days ago +1

    لن تخدعنا يبو مصيير

  • jaqro
    jaqro 6 days ago

    just smoke weed

  • Breanna aaa
    Breanna aaa 6 days ago

    Help my mom. Lol.

  • Almighty RMB
    Almighty RMB 6 days ago

    Honestly, you lack discipline if you can’t just put them down and not smoke. Cigarettes don’t control your body. You do.

  • Momčilo Uzunović
    Momčilo Uzunović 6 days ago

    I smoked for 10 years. Last 5 years before I quit I smoked 2 packs a day. I quit two years ago and I still can't believe I quit. My life has changed.

  • marlboromenthals
    marlboromenthals 6 days ago

    We could clearly see that laptop says toshiba

  • Devante Edwards
    Devante Edwards 6 days ago

    his head rush is going to be crazy when he start back

  • juanma santos
    juanma santos 6 days ago

    this video makes me want to smoke

  • Josué Isaí Huerta Rugerio

    Great, now I really crave a Cig. Thanks for that.

  • Basantigautam80 Gautam
    Basantigautam80 Gautam 6 days ago +1

    whenever I think to quit smoking , I need cigarette to think

  • pink toes
    pink toes 6 days ago +1

    i quit smoking cigarettes!
    so i started smoking cigarillos.
    do a video ' i quit smoking cigarillos '.

  • Alberto Orduña Ferrer

    Smoking mints 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  • Šiš miš
    Šiš miš 6 days ago +1

    Im 14 and im smoking -_- i feel so bad

  • Dark_zr gaming
    Dark_zr gaming 6 days ago

    مصري واحد

  • Dark_zr gaming
    Dark_zr gaming 6 days ago

    did he teach you how to stop masturbating too ?

  • Luke Porcher
    Luke Porcher 6 days ago

    I wonder what brand that laptop is

  • zander strong
    zander strong 7 days ago

    I just to smoke dozens a cigs everyday just for the smell and buzz but I can control it now.

  • Awesome Alie
    Awesome Alie 7 days ago +1

    They quit smoking, then they start on weed. Kidding! Proud of you!

  • Stay Human
    Stay Human 7 days ago


  • Grunon
    Grunon 7 days ago

    Bruh... Just smoke a pipe.

  • Ra Li
    Ra Li 7 days ago

    He looks better.

  • FBI
    FBI 7 days ago

    Good choiсe...

  • Isaac freyta
    Isaac freyta 7 days ago

    let me guess he cost 20 dollars an hour or 60 a daay to see him

  • Dark Vulcan
    Dark Vulcan 7 days ago

    Why do they blur out the Toshiba logo on the computer?? We can clearly see its a Toshiba computer, whats the point?

  • Eternity
    Eternity 7 days ago

    I really struggled to quit until I asked god and I quit like that I had no issue with doing it. It was actually easy I replaced the habit with chewing gum or something else to keep my hands busy

  • NoH8
    NoH8 7 days ago

    Just Smoke Weed and get healed

  • BlazeEpsilon
    BlazeEpsilon 8 days ago

    now I crave cigarettes even though I don't smoke

  • Evan Winn
    Evan Winn 8 days ago

    Who else doesn’t get addicted to cigs but does with weed

  • JosephCecilHorne SmithJunior


  • Luca Bocseri
    Luca Bocseri 8 days ago

    *Doesn't smoke for a few hours*

    "Guys! This is the first time that I have slept through a full night without coughing, wow, not smoking is the best!"

    You're meaning to tell me that less than a day without smoking a cigarette caused his terrible coughing and breathing problems to go away!? Do better BuzzFeed :/

  • Galaleelee
    Galaleelee 8 days ago

    Is there one for video games?

  • Hunter Allen
    Hunter Allen 8 days ago

    Why does buzzfeed always have to hire either gay guys or feminine fruity guys? I don’t get it.

  • Narwal FAN
    Narwal FAN 8 days ago

    Am I the only one who's smoking a cigarette right now while looking at this video?

  • Amy May
    Amy May 8 days ago

    Watching this while smoking 😂

  • Assassin playz!
    Assassin playz! 8 days ago +5

    i have quit smoking
    few months later
    can i have a lighter

  • priolo videos
    priolo videos 8 days ago +1

    Human cigarette

  • Abdurhman elyami
    Abdurhman elyami 8 days ago

    I Try To Quit from 3 month and im happy

  • reventions
    reventions 8 days ago +26

    9:59 respect on not making any money

  • Lewis Williams
    Lewis Williams 8 days ago

    On that laptop hey really badly blurred out the toshiba logo

  • yurafarquit
    yurafarquit 8 days ago +1

    this guys head is huge

  • Daddy Duck
    Daddy Duck 8 days ago

    Fix yo hair

  • Alex Ball
    Alex Ball 8 days ago +1

    $30 for a 20 pack in New Zealand

    • Grunon
      Grunon 7 days ago

      In Poland like $5 a pack.

  • lul
    lul 8 days ago

    His teeth is so white for a chainsmoker

  • Christian Rostata
    Christian Rostata 9 days ago

    whenever i pull out a stick i would always say to myself, nobody is asking you to smoke, you will feel terrible after, why do you have to do it.

  • James Wameling
    James Wameling 9 days ago

    Maybe its just me, but in the times where I've quit smoking, I still cough A LOT. Im coughing up all of the trash and gunk in my lungs for the first few days. This doesn't seem to be a real representation of someone who smokes.

  • DerpTank
    DerpTank 9 days ago +3

    wonderful blur on the laptop there
    I wOnDeR wHaT bRaNd tHAt iS
    Is iT tOsHiBa?

  • High Score
    High Score 9 days ago

    its just cigarettes :(

  • Stefan Alexandru
    Stefan Alexandru 9 days ago

    0:55 whoe else tought he had no hands? o_O but earlyer he had'em and btw u don't need all these shits to help you quit smoking..u just quit and that's it , depends on your pure will

  • Wise Man
    Wise Man 9 days ago

    8 months smoke free, feeling much wiser

  • Jeremy Buenaventura
    Jeremy Buenaventura 9 days ago +1

    You can’t blur that Toshiba product placement from me

  • 777 jonas
    777 jonas 9 days ago

    plot twist he secretly smokes

  • My Friend
    My Friend 9 days ago

    This girl really had a tough time quitting. Good luck to her

  • Papa Oompsi
    Papa Oompsi 9 days ago +5

    Um i cigarettes are so 1900's these years people smoke French fries from McDonald's

  • VincentVanGeisha
    VincentVanGeisha 9 days ago

    so why are u gay

  • Abbbaassz
    Abbbaassz 9 days ago

    ``Weed is from the Earth. God put this here for Me AND YOU..... TAKE ADVANTAGE. MAN. TAKE ADVANTAGE!!!!!``

  • big smoke
    big smoke 9 days ago +1

    33 33mro

  • LSD TRiP
    LSD TRiP 9 days ago

    fix that hair boi xd

  • Owen Bates
    Owen Bates 9 days ago

    I’m gonna help you quit smoking *hands him a bong*

  • Ms11111952
    Ms11111952 9 days ago

    3 months clean ✔️☺️

  • Lucky S
    Lucky S 9 days ago

    I don’t even smoke and want to smoke now LOL

  • tphx
    tphx 9 days ago

    This pretty much describes me. Quit for a while once but then started again. Gonna give this a try next time I buy a pack.

  • megapollys
    megapollys 10 days ago +2

    im so inspired and so proud of u ! : takes a hit of my juul