• Published on Apr 28, 2018
  • We turn into golf balls and play some good ol' mini golf!
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Comments • 11 384

  • ilove food and da krew and Flamingo

    I beat my mom in every game on mini golf we play she played way before me

  • Regine Duroseau Colen
    Regine Duroseau Colen 7 hours ago


  • Pupcakes TDM
    Pupcakes TDM 17 hours ago +1

    Finally, Funneh has won for the first time 😀😀😀😊

  • Emily Pham
    Emily Pham Day ago

    If I was Rainbow I would think I winning!

    Love you guys 💝

  • Bear M
    Bear M Day ago

    I’m pro at mini golf

  • dreamerpbg
    dreamerpbg Day ago

    Im good a miny golf

  • Bill Orr
    Bill Orr Day ago

    What this sad

  • Bill Orr
    Bill Orr Day ago

    That could be me someday but I don’t have the game

  • Bill Orr
    Bill Orr Day ago

    Ice cream sandwiches

  • AJ Plays
    AJ Plays Day ago

    I can't vote because I've never played golf or minigolf in my life.

  • Madison South
    Madison South Day ago +1


  • taco cola kemp omg
    taco cola kemp omg 2 days ago

    im a pro at mini golf

  • Cherry Lennon
    Cherry Lennon 2 days ago

    I'm pro

  • Yubin No
    Yubin No 4 days ago +1

    Im a pleb

  • Erin Luck
    Erin Luck 5 days ago +2

    I've never played mini-golf

  • its _irisgamer
    its _irisgamer 6 days ago

    guys did u heard what funneh said in 61:27??

  • Pinky Tubale
    Pinky Tubale 6 days ago

    Funneh your a loserrrrrr you dont no how to paly

  • francis jeremy serna

    Hmmm seems like golf it lol

  • Cooper Dolan
    Cooper Dolan 7 days ago


  • Emiliano Avila Villanuevacnsd

    I Luve Gof.

  • rhowena estrella gacutan

    I em a Bro

  • akina chanzz
    akina chanzz 8 days ago

    I like it

  • zoey Ahmed
    zoey Ahmed 9 days ago

    Rainbowis bad

  • Zeke World Toys Review

    i never play mini golf

  • Zeke World Toys Review

    i like mini golf

  • janice janelle
    janice janelle 9 days ago

    Ive never played mini golf, but it seems fun!

  • Arlina GameZ
    Arlina GameZ 9 days ago

    Im a pro in mini golf 😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😝😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜

  • BlackVlogger
    BlackVlogger 9 days ago +1

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    I have a like
    Why is it blue?!?

  • Jess Chew
    Jess Chew 9 days ago +1

    Funneh:do not hit the wall guys
    Me:what? IT MAKES YOU WIN
    Me:I will YEET

  • Lena Jordan
    Lena Jordan 10 days ago

    I have to go to school

  • Lena Jordan
    Lena Jordan 10 days ago +1

    It's funny so it won't be here

  • GamingWith Sarah
    GamingWith Sarah 10 days ago

    Me is nub

  • savage jesus
    savage jesus 11 days ago

    I've never had tryd it

  • Rocco Gamer
    Rocco Gamer 12 days ago

    i have played mini golf before and i want to go again

  • Betsy Arismendi
    Betsy Arismendi 12 days ago


  • Umar Ramlee
    Umar Ramlee 13 days ago

    Im not good at it

  • Amalia Cuevas
    Amalia Cuevas 14 days ago

    Um... f-funneh i-i'm s-subscribed t-too a-all o-of y-you

    MATTN ABS 14 days ago +1

    I pro at mini golf 🏌️‍♀️ I do tick sots

  • Meijin Xue
    Meijin Xue 14 days ago +2

    I mean the last word is face

  • Meijin Xue
    Meijin Xue 14 days ago +1

    She looks beautiful with a real life sleft

  • Michelle L
    Michelle L 14 days ago +1

    I am PRO I hope the crew is to!!!!

  • Kira Gummy
    Kira Gummy 14 days ago

    Can you play tabs? Please

  • Silvia Perez
    Silvia Perez 15 days ago +1

    look I know this is very late but one time I beat all the grown ups at mini golf I got a hole in one almost everytime

  • Penny
    Penny 15 days ago

    Funneh I love mine golf 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Kayla Guymer
    Kayla Guymer 15 days ago +1

    I am a pro because I always get a hole in 1

    • Savior Playz
      Savior Playz 12 days ago

      Really??? U know everyone knows ur lying dude =_=

    • The Potato
      The Potato 14 days ago

      Every single?

  • Mimi Aaliyah Presley
    Mimi Aaliyah Presley 16 days ago

    funneh your pro

  • Mehmed Mehmedov
    Mehmed Mehmedov 16 days ago

    I'm Pro

  • alan blatch
    alan blatch 16 days ago


  • Stefanie Dillon
    Stefanie Dillon 16 days ago

    I went to a mini golf place at blackpool and then i got 3 hole in ones

  • It’s hamo0d Y
    It’s hamo0d Y 16 days ago

    I heard if you say a name of a youtuber you get pinned funneh

  • Amalia Cuevas
    Amalia Cuevas 17 days ago

    Funneh i like golf in real life

  • Liz Edwards
    Liz Edwards 17 days ago


  • Tiffany Hussey
    Tiffany Hussey 18 days ago


  • Jada Reed
    Jada Reed 18 days ago +1

    I am not a pleb or pro I am luner

    How did my comment get here I. Am glitching it says I have one at the top

  • Bennett Funneh fan
    Bennett Funneh fan 18 days ago

    u rock krew

  • Bridget Osei
    Bridget Osei 18 days ago


  • Miranda Slater
    Miranda Slater 18 days ago +2

    I will say LuNaR like that FIFTY times
    LuNaR LuNaR LuNaR LuNaR LuNaR LuNaR LuNaR LuNaR LuNaR LuNaR LuNaR LuNaR LuNaR LuNaR LuNaR LuNaR LuNaR LuNaR LuNaR LuNaR LuNaR LuNaR LuNaR LuNaR LuNaR LuNaR LuNaR LuNaR LuNaR LuNaR LuNaR LuNaR LuNaR LuNaR LuNaR LuNaR LuNaR LuNaR LuNaR LuNaR LuNaR LuNaR LuNaR LuNaR LuNaR LuNaR LuNaR LuNaR LuNaR LuNaR

  • Gigi Gigi
    Gigi Gigi 19 days ago

    God yes I love minecofll

  • XxMr.Chicken/Kyaanmm -Playz RobloxX

    Im a Nub at golf

  • Hillary Vienne
    Hillary Vienne 19 days ago

    PLUS golf i like them the krew the worst thing if you died 100000000 times a day

    • Hillary Vienne
      Hillary Vienne 19 days ago

      Well funneh i never play that game but i like it so much

  • Kayla Stout
    Kayla Stout 20 days ago

    I play golf ball and I like it but I am a posh at golf

  • penny surpris
    penny surpris 20 days ago

    Not pro

  • Jonalie Atienza
    Jonalie Atienza 20 days ago


  • izzy the animal lover
    izzy the animal lover 20 days ago

    im pro😎

  • Shannon Holland
    Shannon Holland 21 day ago

    Funneh:We Gotta Slide To Victory

    *Another person gets in a hole*

    *Slaps Golf Ball*

  • Ender Dragon prince
    Ender Dragon prince 21 day ago

    Sliding into your dm’s

  • Saradjine Jeune
    Saradjine Jeune 21 day ago


  • game time
    game time 21 day ago

    I gOod aT iT

  • Cozy Yuki 13
    Cozy Yuki 13 21 day ago

    Question, do you like “Golf It” or “Golf With Friends” more? Which ones your favorite?

  • Robby3014 Kongta
    Robby3014 Kongta 22 days ago


  • Mimi’s life TikTok/roblox

    Just saying you and aphmau went on to that chocolate hill

  • Kate De juan
    Kate De juan 23 days ago

    And kim wasn’t talking cause she is sad in the inside

  • Kate De juan
    Kate De juan 23 days ago

    Lunar you should have siad” this is a funel experience

  • Midnight_Wolf
    Midnight_Wolf 23 days ago


  • Midnight_Wolf
    Midnight_Wolf 23 days ago

    Lunar: good for you... GOOD FOR YOU!!!!!!! 🤣

  • Cookie Coco
    Cookie Coco 23 days ago

    *He IS, a bouncing, raging, golf ball*

  • Liam Duke
    Liam Duke 24 days ago

    I'm a pleb at mini golf

  • Fatima _playz
    Fatima _playz 25 days ago

    I just watched all of Minecraft daycare series and now all I can think about is Minecraft

  • Salaam Al-Maraashli
    Salaam Al-Maraashli 26 days ago

    I'm pro (LIES)

  • Mesmeric x
    Mesmeric x 26 days ago


  • z n
    z n 26 days ago

    I am a pro at mini golf

  • Chloe Mckenzie EP
    Chloe Mckenzie EP 26 days ago

    This hole time get it?

  • Alonso Loyola Molina
    Alonso Loyola Molina 27 days ago

    I love mini golf but I'm meh like if u agree

  • Abby Cone
    Abby Cone 27 days ago

    my papa taught me how to golf so im pretty good

  • Elva Wu
    Elva Wu 27 days ago +1

    I am a pleb

  • Maximum YT
    Maximum YT 28 days ago

    Lunar, can give me drawing lessons?

  • Nevaeh's Toy Chest
    Nevaeh's Toy Chest 28 days ago


  • Corbin Hobbs
    Corbin Hobbs 28 days ago


  • Jameson Syn
    Jameson Syn 28 days ago


  • James Collinson
    James Collinson 28 days ago

    I'm a pro

  • dizzyizzy Channel
    dizzyizzy Channel 28 days ago

    You make me laugh when you are so happy and I feel good 😅🤗😂

  • Trikhun Pruksa-ek-anan

    Did you hear rainbow say “YESS DOUBLE BOGEY”

  • tallwhtgrl19
    tallwhtgrl19 29 days ago

    Pleb what are you

  • Marius Tarnauceanu
    Marius Tarnauceanu 29 days ago

    not good but i love it

  • enya stiglicova
    enya stiglicova 29 days ago

    i tried golf in real life so i'm a medemer i'm seven love ur vids add me back i'n roblox pleas my name is sannaomg11 and pass is 5248 jk not telling you but pleas add me back thank you=ty plus thank you so so much=tyssm

  • Clara Curran
    Clara Curran 29 days ago

    I’m a rainbow and golfing - no offense lol

  • Wisteria Quinn
    Wisteria Quinn 29 days ago

    Im a plab

  • Lindienoelle Apurado
    Lindienoelle Apurado 29 days ago

    What kind of game is dat ?

  • J Hendricks
    J Hendricks Month ago

    I'm a pro at minigolf in real life.

  • Caitlin Hibberson
    Caitlin Hibberson Month ago +1

    When funneh says “so” it sounds like she’s Australian hahahhahahaha lol Draco’s a rager XD